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  1. RWBladewing
    2011-12-12 21:55
    At 136 hours I have now beaten the game. Poor Alduin. 2-shotted. (I decided to craft one last set of gear for the hell of it and ended up with a 409 power axe lol). Now it's time to play an evil version of my character and go do all those daedric and thieves guild quests I refused to do earlier, lol.
  2. Mr Hat and Clogs
    2011-12-12 21:41
    Mr Hat and Clogs
    lol, I havent done the wedding yet. But at least they fixed the corpses from turning up!
  3. RWBladewing
    2011-12-12 20:13
    Man that Skyrim wedding quest sure was funny. My guests included Lydia (obviously), that one bitchy companions girl who hates you no matter what you do, and some random orc chief I beat the crap out of in a brawl once. No idea how the game decided THOSE guests, lol.
  4. RWBladewing
    2011-12-11 20:38
    Unless your friends all live far away from you you really should try to get back into it. So much fun. I recommend Arkham Horror for a game to get people really addicted. It's a co-op board game (really) based on the Cthulhu mythos. The game will kick your ass so many times you will keep playing just because you don't want to let it beat you.
  5. RWBladewing
    2011-12-11 19:28
    Oh yeah, forgot to mention. I fought Alduin (for the first time at least). It didn't end well....for him. Down in 3 hits, very little damage to me, lol.
  6. RWBladewing
    2011-12-11 10:09
    Maybe it was hard for me to recognize that second bit as I haven't really played online games in general in years, or with my friends basically ever, so the "same room" thing is kinda just default for me lol. It's mostly turned into board games over video games lately though. Everyone already knows they can't beat me in almost any game, haha.
  7. RWBladewing
    2011-12-10 08:12
    Hilde was broken because she had a combo that was a 100% guaranteed ring out that could be performed from just about anywhere.

    Aside from from the very rare cases where the term actually applies (like the above) though, I tend to hate when people say "bullshit victory" (or "cheap" or "spamming"). Those tend to be uttered by bad players who can't overcome simple tactics and refuse to admit they aren't the best, who just decided the other player isn't winning the "right" way to convince themselves they are still the best. I'm sure it's more just a friendly rivalry in the case you mentioned but I'm just saying in general.

    I don't think I'd call Gauntlet Legends similar to a fighting game lol. Fighting games are actually VERY complicated and require crazy reaction time and memorization at the highest level. That's why I stopped trying to be competitive at them, just couldn't cut it and it stopped being fun to me.
  8. RWBladewing
    2011-12-09 20:07
    Ah no I didn't mean that lol. I meant the Fus meditation ongoing effect that you get from Parthunax (I am sure that is spelled wrong but you probably know who I mean lol.)

    Funny enough Hilde was actually by far the best character in SC4 at the competitive level. So good she was actually banned in tournaments and that contributed greatly to the decline in that game's popularity. SC is my favorite fighting series and I'm really looking forward to 5 even though my only choices for offline opponents are world-class players or my friends who have no idea what they're doing, lol. The one guy I know was runner up in a high profile SC4 tournament that aired on X-Play at one point and got to play the developer in 5 at the latest tourney. My losing streaks of trying to play against him are legendary. I am king of the bad players though. I have stomped so many people who think they're competitive because they beat their friends and then they think I'm good. They should try playing someone who's actually good before they say how good I am, lol.

    DOA is a pretty fun series to play casually though. It's not made to be competitive to begin with so it's easier to just go with the flow on that one, lol.
  9. RWBladewing
    2011-12-09 11:12
    Haha...I just got the "Fus" word meditation yesterday, +25% stagger to my already extremely high chance. If I end up being able to stunlock Alduin I will lol so hard.

    You're looking forward to Skullgirls huh? Fighting games have kinda been ruined for me. I was playing with a highly competitive crowd (they play at EVO and actually win matches, etc) for a few months and even though it turned out that wasn't for me and I stopped, that mentality has kinda stayed with me. Like, when I see people talking about single player mode or how cool characters' appearances are, I find myself thinking "man these guys are bad, I bet they know nothing about frame data and punishes" even though I don't want to. Probably can never go back to having fun just playing them casually not knowing what I was doing because now I know how to be better at them. Same thing as how WoW was so fun when I was a noob and had no idea how to play. Can't ever go back to that, haha. Like, I guess I can still play Mortal Kombat casually with my friends using characters I don't know any moves for, but I won't feel the same excitement they do because I'll know it's extremely low-level play all around and I won't be trying my best. Ah well.
  10. RWBladewing
    2011-12-08 23:49
    I don't think that would be enough to kill me; I'm pretty sure the numbers you're using are not factoring armor in, as I can say with certainty that a frost dragon has never melee'd me for anywhere near 150, lol. I'm only on normal difficulty though. I don't think what I'm doing would be possible on Master lol. I may set it to that difficulty for a second playthrough.
    (Also you've probably noticed by now but you left your last message on your own profile, haha).

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