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  1. vel
    2008-08-19 12:56
    I add magma to your thought. Let's look forward to show his real power.

    Actually, I didn't like Lolo so much. We suspected he would die like rag sometime. But finally my favorability rating for him increased dramatically, I watching his good last showing. I hoped Nuanally survive. However, it may not come true. That's because it's written by official cite that she was dead. It make us and Lulu go crazy that main character died in turn. I expect what Lulu do after the last scene he decided something.

    Yea, he has Geass.(It's joke.) But his character is little like Lelouch so he is a kind of dark hero as far as I finished reading it. Both of your guess are right. It's anime information and supposed to release the fall season. I intend to read the manga firstly.
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  2. Meirin
    2008-08-19 04:04
    Awww, yeah I felt bad for the little girl. ;_; That was a poor choice on the organiser's part.

    USA is still leading in the total medal count~ China's caught up a few times but it's hard to break that 70 barrier. Hopefully we'll reach 40-43 golds if things go well! I'm a bit worried about London's eight-minute performance in the closing ceremony though.... not to mention in four years time. -_-;;

    Oh, I placed a huge order for figures and doujinshi from Japan today. I hope the order goes through soon. <3
  3. vel
    2008-08-15 12:11
    As far as the other generals are concerned, it's highly likely that Akainu ate a Devil Fruit of Logia type, which is concerned with red(aka). I associated red with fire but it has been used yet,,,, Hmm. It would be a waste that such nice Rookies disappear. If they don't become mere enemy but friend to fight navy I feel like to be more sensational.

    Yea, all mangaka is afraid of having the plug pulled so Obata and Ooba also wanted to give us a big impact. I haven't enjoyed reading this kind of manga. For this reason I want it become very good works.

    I willing to be deceived about their living. I like both humane type machine and non-humane type one, in which some kind of Siegfried is only non humane type so I cheer up him and of course Orange. Guren-Seiten...something, his name is too long, is so strong as if Lancelot is baby. He and Galahad seem to rise above the other knightmare.

    Do you know Linebarrels of Iron(Kurogane no Linebarrels), mecha action anime? I happened to read the volume 1 today and immediately was addicted to the world-view.
  4. vel
    2008-08-13 13:03
    I conjecture in order to defeat Kizaru a opponent may use Kairouseki or Kizaru maybe go down during night. I think Oda describes rookies is rookies all in all and successes to define the balance of their power. Sentoumaru seem to be based on Kintaro, which is a Japanese popular legend and is also a model of Gintoki Sakata in Gintama. I'm sad not to see Jump in next week.

    They make the most of masochistic humor, which is so funny. I have a good feeling toward their attitude that try to challenge new category.(▼∀▼) I can't image future plot, which is fascinating point but likewise anxious one.

    This anime killed some important person without hesitancy so far. But Nunnaly, Sayoko and incidentally Lohmeyer weren't described as directly dead, which is little hope. Hey, Official Code Geass HP was updated, Garesu is cool though he is idiot... The knightmare of Orange, Sutherland-Sieg is on, we want him being more active by talent.(*'ー'*)
  5. Meirin
    2008-08-12 10:15
    Hey, what have you been up to lately? Did you watch the Olympic opening ceremony?

    I've become so addicted to a new (for me) game on the DS lately that I've been neglecting MGS4 and FFT completely. ^^; It's called Puyo Puyo (ぷよぷよ) - have you ever played it? It's like a moe version of Tetris/Bust-a-move with story mode and hidden characters to unlock. The final stage gets pretty speed-crazy.
  6. vel
    2008-08-11 12:45
    The power of Kizaru is above one of Enel in nature? And Kizaru is no less invincibility itself in that he has regenerative action and speed as light. Enel and Crocodile have their weakness while I can't image Kizaru's week point except for dark. So eventually it boot the odds that he vs Teach may happen.(    ∇  `  ) The Strawhat managed to defeat a productive produced Kuma. But it's horrible powerful team comprised of him is made.

    A new serialization, Bakuman, start and is written by Deatg Note's team. We feel easy to read the picture but I'm little anxious about the material.

    I think so too. Nunnaly is all for Lulu.(/□≦、) But the most important point is that did Nunnaly really die. Suzaku and Nina will be touched with remorse, but otherwise they are blamed more than ever. I want them to be regretful. Orange turned from gag character to faithful helpmate, which I can't believe considering him of the first season.O(≧▽≦)O
  7. vel
    2008-08-10 13:34
    Capone and Killer may poll more than Drake now, because his appearance is very little. It's funny Urouge is dial itself.('-'*)
    I haven't read new Jump, so let's talk about it in next go around.

    Oh nooooooooooes.(ノω・、) Lulu is sure to be far from his happy ending more and more. I can't judge who lead this consequence. If Lulu hadn't geassed Suzaku, Suzaku had believed Lulu, Karen hadn't won Suzaku or Nena hadn't invented Freyja, it wouldn't happened. Many a bad thing make Lulu suffer from isolation as if C.C said "the power of the King will isolate you". I'm interested in next title, so I feel to late to use it.(゚ー゚;A
  8. vel
    2008-08-08 11:35
    I saw who is the most curious person in rookies before they act, the questionnaire of which was had in this cite. We can have expected from first to third, but hey the fourth is Drake. I knew many waited for him to show on. Urouge may use Dial, but at the moment his ability seem to be only counter-type, which is exercised when he is attacked or blame enemy on. It's my guess.

    Betrayed by Code Geass's plot in a good and bad sense, I can't but think the incredible ending. Once Orange was tough to beat, It can't be complain that Gawain is sacrificed. Now such Orange become great friend with Lulu, I'm surprised. I not doubt that fielding him and the Siegfried enjoy us in next chapter. The Shinkiro and Gawain are similar in some ways, especially invincibility. No one is defeated in Knight of Rounds, he may become first person to be lost by Black Knight.
  9. Meirin
    2008-08-06 13:11
    Ahh, sorry for the late reply! I've started playing MGS4 but oh so slowly. Just gotten to South America and saw Laughing Octopus. Pretty disturbing when she has Old Snake's face on... but utterly hot aside from that. Hmm, the whole thing with the gun shop and buying equipment is pretty cheap. I guess it makes the difficult levels more doable. Does Sunny's cooking ever improve during the game?
  10. vel
    2008-08-05 12:22
    I don't think all the rookies go all out, so they will entertain us more and more. Drake was out in a while he become popular after this. And he is ex-marine and besides Urouge is from Sky Island, do which foreshadowings relate the main story?( ̄ω ̄ Yea, all we want is much information and preferably it's good we watch their face and battle in next chapter.

    For now it's said Vegapunk has a supreme brain. Any his inventions are important and deeply related to the adventure of Luffy. XD

    Lulu is good antihero and cursed by god, though which the emperor said. It's difficult this story come to a happy ending, but I hope not.( ゚ー゚)/ Galahad is as cool as Gawain, which I like the most in first season. When I heard Gawain don't appear in second season, I felt so sad. On the contrary, I feel Knight of Ten is a little shoddy character. Anyway, we can see his real power in next chapter ^^.

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