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  1. vel
    2008-08-04 10:49
    Zoan-type didn't out in these days for appearing so much like zoo in the piece of CP9. I want to see his middle type between human and dinosaur. Hawkins not only change straw man but may curse someone. Apoo looks strange but has a good power enough to counteract Kizaru ,though he can't be lost, and maybe fight Brook.

    Kuma's existence often infers Dr Begapank. Will he pop up in Shabon land?

    Suzaku's brutal act is breezy in a sense. ( ̄□ ̄;)!! He has played hard since Second season or Yuffy's death. The madder Lulu is, the more interesting the story is. Sorry Lulu.(ToT)ゞ Recently knightmere is more cool. I eager to see the rest of machines specialized by Nights of Rounds.

    Yea, I'm glad no matter what.(●⌒∇⌒●)
  2. vel
    2008-08-03 14:49
    Oh, at last all the captain's ability are revealed. But I can completely understand only Dreak's one,which is cool.
    I'm astonished that the production model? of Kuma are unexpectedly too strong and that the thing happen in the last scene. The protractive way is marvelous.

    Have you watched new Code Geass? I'm satisfied with this week's works. Suzaku make me angry too while he is kind of better than before. The result of meeting is,,,,.

    THANKS! I'm really happy and appreciate it that you celebrated my birthday . Though I turned 20, I idle in moratorium .
  3. vel
    2008-08-02 10:44
    I image Bepo have zipper on his back, which is surreal . Your thought is fresh. Wining the nickname as mortal surgeon, Law may be able to do the operation. Finally either Kizaru and Teach I think will battle Luffy.

    Will C.C. remember all things in this season. I would rather doubt Code Geass can finish in the one ^^;. Of course, I willing to accept the third season as long as it continue quality. Lulu spend the half second season on deceiving Suzaku, so that I feel like next episode suggest an answer of this series. Their relationship seem to never make up at least on Suzaku side.
    Tomorrow both Code Geass and Jump is released, so let's enjoy them XD.
  4. vel
    2008-07-31 09:57
    I'm interested in that Killer is treated as different compared with the other crew and his mask have covered yet, therefore I expect good surprise like Duval . I also expect Bepo because I wonder which he is human, stuffed bear or real one?
    It's said Kizaru's ability is shine. His is completely opposite one and natural enemy of Teach. But their battle will not be happen in high probability ^^;.

    I wonder where C.C is in first season. She plot a plat to get new fun XP. Finally Lulu revealed his identity, Zero. We can't avert the relationship between Lulu and Suzaku, which struggle jointly or break away decisively .
  5. vel
    2008-07-30 08:16
    Good movie's trailers make us go to the trailer ^^;. Seeing the ones of Ponyo I feel a kind of nostalgia. On the other hand, Seeing the ones of Sky Crawler, I feel adolescence .

    From the looks of it all captains have each ability. But there are finally three which haven't revealed theirs. Moreover my cautious is also inclined toward sub-character, Killer, Bepo and Leilee? .
    His height is symbolic of his power. Ultimately is his ability logia-type ?

    Yes, it's crazy and always make me surprised. Of course I've watch the new ep ^^. In Code Geass recently I'm sad to continue melancholy time but on another front I'm having a fun to expose the concealed case. This week's ep was not very dynamic. By just that much I expect next new ep .
  6. vel
    2008-07-29 09:18
    The movie is only introduction. All character are totally different person, even The God Warrior, after you finish reading it ^ω^.
    It may be a different work that I want Miyazaki to create XI. But I expect him so much that I may think so.
    In this season I probably go to watch Sky Crawler.

    I enjoyed new chapter as one of the OP fan. I laughed a good deal because of imaging mass-produced Kuma. It's fascinating that the lest of captains show on their ability XD.

    Thanks, I returned Code Geass pic again ^^. Speaking of it, do you watch it?
  7. vel
    2008-07-27 08:56
    Nausicaa of The Vally of The Window fit such a manga in my experience.
    I knew only the movie till lately and believed it's original. However, when I read the manga,I burst into tears Xd. Though Miyazaki's works are apt to be extreme naturalism, which I like them including.
    Now his new movie is on air. It's said Ponyo is not as good as his older series. But it's so interesting I go to watch if I have a chance.

    It sounds great. I want to see Samurai Champloo more and more. When I see a kind of Samurai anime or manga I'm excited in that It have a sense of affinity .

    I want to read Jump, which is sold today at dead of night, as early as possible. But I postpone my reading time for I'm so sleepy XO.
  8. vel
    2008-07-26 08:01
    The original piece is usually better. It's hard to pick out the anime superior to it.
    The manga or anime based on rare material clearly divide into good,bad or incomprehensible. The author of FA treat the material good. I hope new cartoonist use eccentric base we have never seen.

    Thanks for your kindness but I found your recommended songs ^^. They are calming, cool and beautiful.
    It seems he win admirers not only in Japan but abroad. I'm beginning to understand why he do.

    It's a shame I don't find the store early selling the Jump XO. I may read it tomorrow.
  9. vel
    2008-07-25 16:10
    That's good. It's said the end differ between the anime and manga. I think you can really enjoy them (。-ω-)σ.
    They are said two major series in Gangan. I'm a big fun of Fullmetal Alchemist. It's interesting it based on an alchemy more importantly. Soul Eater is very popular in this forum, however I read the few so I haven't been serious about it yet .

    You must enjoy Karaoke XD. Every time I try to sing a first song, I'm nervous firstly but gradually get used to it ^^;.
    To tell the truth I didn't listen to hip-hop and It's the first time I listen to his song. Feeling good to listen to some of his song,mystline or the song of season, I begin to like hip-hop more. Which one is his best song for you?

    As is often case with me, I haven't get any information yet XP. But I think Luffy and the straw crew cannot keep it down, thus the something interesting will happen .
  10. vel
    2008-07-24 13:27
    When the time comes I recommend some of my favorite store ^^.

    I think so too. It's cool to come to the end how we expect the future.
    I regrettably read the manga version though I'm interested in anime. Anyway it just come to a climax so I look forward to releasing next volume.

    I get it. It's one of good point in manga or anime almost all of people empathize through it. It differ from novel or poem.

    Yeah, thus I sing it in Karaoke yesterday XD.
    Hmm, I listen to variety of music. Yet I particularly like rock, such as Sum 41 or Green day. How about you?

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