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Lets be reality

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  1. BleachOD
    2008-07-19 21:22
    Oh...So you finally said something. You could have picked a better lyric than that. You must not be from NY (Only we can understand hip-hop).

    So you wanna see me? Bring it! I just want you know what I think because I was tired of people getting me mixed up with other people!

    You know ...once you did that. You were just as childish.

    Now I will finish by tomorrow and after I dash your hopes *I hope you guys are in denial so I can show and laugh my ass off too.*

    I will see your whole fleet if you want me too
  2. Eurys
    2008-07-14 07:36
    Ah, you noticed?
    Bout kissxsis, I heard about it, and saw some scans... Come on, no matter how many "s" there are in the title, where would be my integrity and dignity as a woman if I enjoyed that kind of story?

    I don't mind a bit of fanservice and harem, but there's a moment I have to draw a line
  3. ani_d
    2008-07-13 18:29
    Seriously. Kanda and Alto are clones of each other
  4. BleachOD
    2008-07-11 14:51
    Putting me on ignore? Oh don't do that. We are about to become bitter rivals and great buds. I delight in watching you and the frenzied Sheryl fans rip the hearts out of my camp.

    Tis why I want to post in there. (That's Major) I am always the Dream Crusher. I want to be on the other side...(Even if I am starting to really believe...My ship has %80 chance) I have been doing Bleach debates for years. I actually have to watch all the episodes. Because I have to go through hundreds Screenies for this post. God I thought it took me forever with Bleach. Jeeszus. But it's worth it... Just thought I'd say that...

    I really came here to tell you to tell the other Nome-ers that....

    Sorry I posted in you guys fan club (What's worse me posting or havening that damn fan club on my profile<--don't know bout you...but I am dying)

    Say something...You can even say FUCK OFF. I liked your other Avatar, better...the pic you had matched your post. It really put a bite them.

    *Young Westly I like you* Your attitude and if wasn't for you and two others. I wouldn't have loved Macross forum.

    I am going to grow on you..if you have to die of dislike for me while I'm trying....
  5. BleachOD
    2008-07-10 21:19
    Hmmmmmmmm. Visited me to see who was this nut case, eh?
  6. BleachOD
    2008-07-07 20:16
    Yo! I just want to tell you. Before I post my post. I challenged you because you gives some of the best arguments in there and me calling you out was not an insult but a compliment. I ignore people I think are stupid. I might say that to people I am arguing with but if I really thought that...that would make me just as dumb. ...

    I know you love Sheryl but just read it and try to understand my PO
    V and then talk. I trash talk users if we debate but thats usually the people I am the most cool with. You don't me so you don't know that I am not serious and it's all good. You are allowed to take shots at me too. I don't care who you ship...I will only be your enemy if you are other camp in that thread...once we leave I don't give a shit. I just want you to know that...okay

    You don't have to agree just try and understand my POV and I will do the same.

    So let me get some sleep because I am going to do something I never did before. Pull out a POST like the Macross forum has never seen...but first I have to get some sleep...

    I don't expect you all to don't have to. I don't need adulation not at all. My ego is big enough

    so I don't need anyone to boost it for me. I really never meant to debate seriously only opine... But you are so good at what you do...I want to debate and your it's not because I am's just because you can give as good as you get so I can be myself. I usually use the "Black Woman, American, NY-er" as ice breakers because of the stereotypes...but you don't know me so you all took it the wrong way and not as I intended...I am a smart ass by nature. But I am really cool once you get to know me. You will see...because thanks to you and two other users...I want to post

    *progress for me ...I threw everyone in Bleach forum in shock because I only see one word one the entire page. When I long on.. I don't even know what the other forums here are. if you offered a million dollars I couldn't answer... But lately Macross is visible to me*


    P.S. ..I am tired so if I had a typo or left something incoherent...I swear to god I am not normally like that...

    I always smoke the peace pipe...then set out to destroy you...

    *This time I am on the underdog side so it's really challenging*
  7. Manji Midou
    2008-07-03 04:14
    Manji Midou
    Lulz, that's just wrong , still the situation isn't the same so I say "ha!" to whoever made that!
  8. germanturkey
    2008-06-30 13:15
    haha. thats excellent. especially since there's a huge divide between the ranka fans and sheryl fans. I take it from your avie we're supporting the same intergalactic diva again?
  9. ani_d
    2008-06-30 05:29
    lol! Whatever white album's all about, if you stick to first impressions, there won't be any battle.
  10. Manji Midou
    2008-06-28 22:54
    Manji Midou
    Ranka finally made a move of sorts, her chances have improved don't you think?

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