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Lets be reality

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  1. cheesie
    2011-10-08 06:07
    Persona 4 Animation fangasm, all those fanbits from the game is making me teary with Nostalgia.

  2. Natsuki Hyuga
    2011-10-06 09:09
    Natsuki Hyuga

    99% chance of Medaka anime failing expectation, just like... Countless Shonen Jump adaptation :V

    Honestly, I want the anime to speed up until flask plan arc begins lol, the "Medaka being a Mary Sue" is really grating rotfl.

    P.s: Lol, your Zen('s-uber-awesoming-fans) hatedom is showing in the manga thread (<-Zen's fan here, though on weird, distorted reason connected with shipping and fujoshiism aye)

    EDIT: *Looks at Cheesie's Korean fangirling gasms* /sighs and shakes head. And yea, Blood-C gets better after 5... Though after a certain episode, I certainly think it's better off as a joke series 8/ Seriously, this is the first time I facepalmed in an animu as a whole... Because of only one episode!
  3. cheesie
    2011-10-03 08:55
    And nope, Umineko is on the back of the shelf for now, the series I'm focusing on are A Thousand Kisses, Hooray for Love and City Hunter, oh wait, those are Korean series KYAAAA.

    By the way, if Majikoi goes for Momo route, then I'll even forgive those aggravating childhood scenes, might even find myself under the same banner as Dragoonkain of all people.
  4. cheesie
    2011-10-03 03:51
    Watch all in one go! It's all a build up that'll pay off around the Ep 5 mark.
  5. Kunagisa
    2011-10-03 01:43
    Both good. Speculation that final, FINAL events of SAO led to the beginning of AW (but no hard evidence, all circumstantial).

    SAO was written online before AW, and when he first submitted the story for the dengeki bunko taisho contest (kinda like the one haruhi won, but for dengeki instead sneaker and was called something else back then), story was too long and got disqualified (haha I know right). He then wrote AW and won it, then he began serializing SAO next year. Since then both works have always been simul-promoted (both got 2 mangas at the same time too, 1 regular, and one 4-koma, though anyone who reads the regular SAO manga will tell you it doesn't exist ...).

    • SAO is basically your .hack but traps a bigger pool of player, and after the main "beats" SAO, there are other vrmmos like ALO, GGO, and UW (ALfheim Online, Gun Gale Online, Underworld); reason why the series can be called SAO is because the "seed" program for all the other MMOs is based on SAO.
    • There are a ton of sidestories, making adaptation very easy in terms of pacing as the sides vary in length too, so you can just grab random ones to fit in the schedule.
    • Though people who has read the final arc, Alicization will tell you that SAO is at best a detail written series without Alicization. The final arc is what pushed the whole story into god tier for them.
    • Very few really can prove or disapprove that as this final arc ... is so crazy long that it's approx. 10 - 13 light novels in length (I believe they are around 300-400 pages regularly for the published version). I need to check back on the statistics on this but that's the idea. Alicization arc is for online only, so the bunko (book) version hasn't got that far yet.
    • AW explores a concept that is mostly unexplored in SAO until very end: time acceleration. In the Accelerated World, things happen at 1000x normal speed (30 minutes = 1.8 seconds in real life).
    • The whole system is point based. Imagine street fighter, every time you win, you get points. You can use these points in real life (allows 10x speed increase, burns 5 points each time, lasts 3 seconds). Once you hit level 4, you can access the Unlimited Neutral Field (free for all deathmatch with no time limit; I always call it Infinity Stage in my head) as opposed to the Connect Battle Field (1v1 with 30 minutes cap).
    • The catch: you lose points if you lose 1v1 or in unlimited stage, once you hit 0, you lose all memories of AW and can never be attuned to enter it again. Only certain kids are compatible with the program chip since you have to be connected to a neural linker at birth (there are all sorts of terminology that I'm unwilling to get into at the moment as this post is already going way too long haha).
    • Once you hit level 9, you can burn all your points and go into 100x mode in real life (the acceleration in real life doesn't magically happen, the author explains it really well with the communication network so it's all logical).
    • To beat this game, you have to beat all the level 9s (only 7 in the game) to gain enough exp to hit level 10, which is the max, or you beat the toughest dungeon in the game (the monster level are fucking insane for this max dungeon). Also, each of the 7 kings lead their own legion and battle each other in the unlimited stage for territory conquest (there are "lowbie" monsters in each territory that you can farm for points). Think of each legion as a guild.
    • Now to put things in perspective. All 7 kings entered a truce to never kill each other, and the entire Nega Nebulas (black) legion tried to take down one of the guardian monster in the highest level dungeon and got wiped within seconds.
    • Oh yeah, all the damage taken in game = actual mental pain (monsters usually kill pretty brutally when compared to players). Since you always respawn in infinitey stage, you can potentially spam pheonix down on a guy and just repeatedly kill him to torture him while draining his points... at 1000x speed, so if you asked someone to prematurely unplug you to get off the stage, think about in like 2 seconds, you've already been killed crazy many times in 30 minutes ... Keep in mind only most of these people are kids ... none are older than 15 years old at the very very max (most of 'em are still in elementary school, but mental age is way beyond that, hence why I call them 'legal lolis'). There are some fucked up shit in this story and I haven't even gotten to the equipments yet.

    I personally like AW (which has absolutely no end in sight) more than SAO, but yeah ... this turned out to be a huge wall of text ...
  6. Kyouka
    2011-10-01 14:37
    No avatar?
  7. CrowKenobi
    2011-10-01 11:34
    It was the portion that got Kaioshin's attention, and (as it turns out) one of those things that doesn't change the meaning of the post when removed.

    Does that make sense?
  8. cheesie
    2011-10-01 05:19
    Watch it in one go, it really does make a difference contrary to the tripe from those watching on a weekly basis lol.

    Come back when you're done with Ep 12!
  9. cheesie
    2011-09-30 07:01
    I... I... I... Blood c 12. Σ(゚Д゚|||)
  10. Natsuki Hyuga
    2011-09-30 06:41
    Natsuki Hyuga
    Lol just managed to continue Medaka Box (starting chapter... Uhhh, 30? 50? Whatever) on Monday and nearly fell asleep...

    Until Kumagawa appeared and rocked the whole story 8Db Still not sure about the lolis appearing now and Zen shafted so dem hard, but I suppose for Kujira oneesama and Kumagawa I will forgive Nisio for the dull, zzz worthy 70-ish chappies

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