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  1. Kunagisa
    2014-03-19 13:12
    If you drop by the LN thread, it's pretty much filled with complaints about how the anime didn't do some scenes justice or just plain axed etc. I read them so long ago that I don't remember all the scenes, so I find them acceptable. Just some scenes feel less epic than I'd imagine them to be personally.

    This is not to say the anime didn't do a good job, because my friend who hasn't read the novel loves the anime. How you liking Log Horizon by the way? I stopped somewhere back when the princess first appear. I felt the story's great, but reading it would seem like huge infodump that the anime presented pretty well.

    Also, any bet on the king of sales during summer? Mahouka, MC/KG, or any other contender? I'm still hoping Tokyo Ghoul would do well, too bad I don't really keep up to date with manga sales. People keep saying if it's done well it could rival Eoten (I love this name haha). I find it interesting that people credit bad animation to Korean studios in the TG thread, even though Pierrot was shafted in favor of Mir for Korra.

    PS: DRRR season 2 whattttt? Kasane prpr.
    PPS: Talk about delusional, I totally forgot that TG is not next season. Orz.
  2. mewvampire
    2014-01-01 21:10
    Happy New year
  3. Kunagisa
    2013-12-09 13:59
    >that avatar
    Hahahaha fabulous taste sir!
  4. monir
    2013-10-18 22:26
    Happy birthday!
  5. ultimatemegax
    2013-10-16 04:54
    It was rude of me to point out that post directly and make the follow-up comments I did. For that, I apologize.

    For the rest of your points, I comment that I disagree with your thought processes and will leave it at that.
  6. Natsuki Hyuga
    2013-09-10 03:30
    Natsuki Hyuga

    I'm completely busy with my last semester courses lol, it's a miracle I don't turn bald at how much I have to do in less than 5 weeks. Everyday is all about catching up since at least two of my courses are insanely hard to understand ughhhh... ;-;

  7. Kunagisa
    2013-08-05 13:23
    EDIT: Dawww it's not this fall. Oh well, something to look forward to next year.

    With that out of the way... Here's a bit of fun trivia(?):
    Spoiler for Nana and Hikasa:

    Anyway, yeah I like Iwasaki's score in Crowds, here's the transformation scene at the end of episode 1 if you wanna check it out. I still like Sawano cause of AIMER's RE:I AM from UC, the lyrics are just amazing for that song. Recently, I haven't really notice his work elsewhere though. I agree on Kajiura and Katou. There's a new guy iono if you've noticed him: Fujisawa. I loved his work at LL and he's been absolutely amazing with Uchouten so far, maybe he'll get some recognition and he can show some talent with more flamboyant type of BGM.

    As for Monogatari ... maaaaayyyyyyyyyyybbbbbeeeeeeeee. I dropped almost everything from this season already, not that I dislike any of them but ... I don't really know why I dropped them. I did end up around 10 episodes of Inazuma Eleven Go Galaxy and pretty much laughed my ass off while doing so (just watch like 3 minutes of this and you'll understand why).

    I like TR a lot, one of the few LNs I still bother to keep up with, but the REALLY fun and crazy stuff don't start until volume 6. Vol 1-3's probably a "B", 4+5 are shorts that I skipped, vol 6 is definitely a solid "A" in terms of just action and plot, then vol 8 is just "S" level. If the anime's one cour then it's just going to be average, will probably check out cause of 8-bit but other than that ...

    I know next to nothing about MF Bunko J's new adaptations. I read Vol 1 of Madan like 2 years ago? It was great, then next vol got insanely boring that I dropped a chapter in or something. Rest I haven't read or even heard anything about. I pretty much hate Mahouka. It's so dumb, nuclear bombs going off everywhere that don't have contamination. MC basically can do E=MC^2, and it's just too DEM/Mary Sue/Whatever-you-call-that even for me (I love DEM), and the infodumps are 100x worse than Horizon because they come out of nowhere and you're forced to read them when there are no needs.
  8. Kunagisa
    2013-07-14 03:35
    Symphogear's sakuga level went even more (Ő‿Ő✿) in season 2. Glad you're joining the fun! Chris seems to be the most popular girl, though I was massively butt-hurted that Conan died so early on in season 1 (excuse my VA obsession). Season 2 should have awesome songs now with all those new girls all being able to sing pretty well.

    By chance, have you watch Gatchaman Crowds? Episode 1 has freaking 12 anime supervisors hahaha. I hope they won't have schedule issues cause it was pretty awesome episode 1. The moment Hajime put on her suit oh man. So bloody stylish! Not obnoxiously fabulous! Just pure style. Iwasaki's hitting all my G-spots as well too.

    Also, I still haven't watch a single episode of Monogatari, wonder what's wrong with me? Fall continues to look even more crazier still, I hope I won't lag behind because I know the moment I do I won't watch it as I don't keep a backlog anymore.

    EDIT: Damn it, Tokyo Raven's actually this Fall. I was so hoping I was wrong ... 2ch seemed to have already gave up before the PV even came out. Orz.
    EDIT2: Just opened! Now to wait for PV!
  9. Natsuki Hyuga
    2013-07-12 08:53
    Natsuki Hyuga
    Ehhh, does getting fever, strapped to bed and coughing and sneezing in sleep for more than 4 days count? It gets worse by days lol... No meds are working, even the drowsiness inducing meds I'm still on and offing until now... /-/

    Symphogear? Funny that you mention that since I was interested in checking out the sequel, but probably will hold that off for marathon in next season. XD;; But lol, just check VVV when you have time, dat cliffhanger. Dat homo and yuriing *goggles attached*

    Really?! That's very promising! /o/ I'll be getting the limited edition from Japan (since it is obvious that at least 2 of my top 3 favourites are so gonna win the polling for the goods for ebten w), be giving you the breakdown if you are interested in getting the Vita version! But yeah, sad that the English version is not releasing SDR2. It's one of my top favourite games in 2012, why NISA. ;;

    OTOH, I'm not really happy with how the game players are gonna trash the adaptation now because "mfgskad NO MURDER MYSTERY SOLVING INVESTIGATIONS FOR THE ANIMU? FAIL ADAPTATION" >_< I never thought the murder solving should be the main concern in DR, really... There are far more memorable reasons why DR is held as great series in between its fandom... (which is why I said despite I know it will be rushed and sacrificing the mystery build up, it can still be successful...)

    LOL@ebay XD; That is a good move as well if you have 3DS. AND STAHP MAKING ME JELLO, I WANT PW5 AS WELL BUT NOES NO 3DS. ;; As for the Miles Edgeworth spinoffs, just go through PW series first. If you like Edgy's character, you'll definitely enjoy the spinoffs. Still much easier than any of the PW games due to Edgeworth being really clever unlike Phoenix though wwwwwww

    Seems so, indeed. Didn't you wish for anime original end back then though? :x And yeah, not seeing the manga ending soon either. Seems like it has long way to go, probably even more than 3 years of run... (I still feel mixed with the current development though, so I might just wait until the current arc is over and marathon read it--seems better that way...)


    OH YEAH I ACTUALLY WANTED TO GO LOLWTF AT UTAPRI'S MONSTER SALES LOL. Being sick make me forgot about it wwwwwww /shot/ That ticket really calls out the obsessive 2D fangirls, indeed, even more than Love Live or Im@s currently Btw, I think UtaPri's major buyers are female fans not specifically fujoshi, Wes. Perhaps 30-70, fujoshi:non-fujoshis? At least in the way that some of the fujoshis are not shipping za BL in UtaPri, anyway, and just scream lungs at their favourite idol instead? Analyzing idol-animes are dem hard, especially since this is the only successful idol-anime aimed to girls wwwww

    As for Free!... This may be affected by my own perception (I'm not shipping anyone in Free LMAO, have a fav character though), but it seems that their reaction is "standby"? As far as it goes, they are enjoying the anime but from what I see, most of them have no incentive to buy Free! BD/DVDs in the way that they are still not planted on shipping any of the males in Free!... Kind of hard to express this, but it's like "one more step to ring the bell, but that one step is essential" thing when your incentives and dedication are also fueled by shipping?

    Anyway fujoshi-fandom wise, at least, Free! do lack the dedication as of now, kind of like... K I guess. It IS getting attention from fujoshis, but doesn't exactly hold 'MVP place' ala KuroBas or T&B. Eloquent shipping fuel needed ASAP if they want the incentive. (I can't really compare Free! with SnK though since I think the major buyers for SnK will be casual anime fans at least for BD/DVD vol 1, and the real lock in or not for fujoshis will start next episode. Well, I DO know that the fujoshis are locking on BD/DVD vol 6 though w)

    *This is Japan only though, you know how Tumblr is like Free styling now (<- bad pun AGAIN SOB)

    /Nat dead writing this all \(._.)/


    Eh, haven't seen that--no one wants to see it with me :sob: Is it really that good? AND HAIZ THANKS FOR TELLING THE VOL 4 HAVING BEEN TRANSLATED.

    /still has yet to read the last 3 volumes here myself lol. By the way, vol 6 is uber good w Zaregoto > Bakemonogatari to me by then www
  10. Natsuki Hyuga
    2013-07-11 06:15
    Natsuki Hyuga
    FINALLY MANAGED TO CONNECT TO INTERNET YESTERDAY (DNS failure is fail). And me be fail, I fell to Summer flu. '.')

    Anyway, did you manage to finish watching VVV? And to answer that, I think it just ticks those who have prominent dislike for that kind of twist (or in particular, the exact action) ~_~;;

    1 cour will be rushed. Serious. I haven't been able to dl DR anime (just manage to open my comp 30 mins ago and have been checking mails in sickness lol) so no idea how ep 1 is atm. But rushing is definitely a yes. Still, I think it can manage to be a good series if done right even with the rush--actually that may be better, though it would sacrifice mystery build ups lol

    And nope, it won't ruin the VN I have a feeling that teh characters will not be delved as much as the VN so that is one incentive if you are gonna like the characters. And the class trials are fuuuuuuun to play~

    AND HOLY SHIT YES THOSE ANNOUNCEMENTS KILLED ME ON SPOTTTTTT *A* I think NISA (it's NiSA right? Or was it Atlus?) will localize the PSP version though? The Vita revamp (unreleased) is gonna add and fix a lot of stuffs so it's kind of sad if the version localized is the PSP version...

    @PW: Play all the trilogy. You'll LOVE it. I mean it's just 17 bucks in total! <- Nat obviously bought the iPad version wwwww Just be sure to avoid using guide to enhance the entertainment~

    Also, Newtype interview confirmed that AoT has no anime original plot development = me gusta at no anime original end

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