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Lets be reality

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  1. Shiroth
    2009-12-13 04:33
    That's good to hear. I planned to start it a few months back, though so many shows from the new season so i didn't have time. Can't wait to start it in coming weeks.
  2. Shiroth
    2009-12-12 18:43
    Your post reminds me that i really need to start watching Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari..
  3. MrTerrorist
    2009-12-09 04:26
    Thanks for the pic.
  4. stray
    2009-12-08 05:27
    God help me... after abou a 3.5 year hiatus I somehow decided it would be a good idea to play WoW again... what was I thinking?
  5. MrTerrorist
    2009-12-07 13:48
    Nice Sig. Is that Koyomi but who's that other girl? Do you have bigger picture too?
  6. Natsuki Hyuga
    2009-12-04 04:37
    Natsuki Hyuga
    I think I'm shipping a 21 yrs old femalex14 years old boy.

    And I'm beginning to understand the appeal of cheesie eccentric ships. Which in any means, is trouble.

  7. Shiroth
    2009-11-30 11:35
    Wanna help me decide which Olivier avatar i should use?
  8. Natsuki Hyuga
    2009-11-30 08:50
    Natsuki Hyuga
    Got turned off by thr first volume since I was really getting sleazy when reading it :/ Meaning, I have no hope of checking it second time for what it worth OTL

    ... Unless you're talking about other manga and/or I mistook Yankee kun to Megane chan Which I THINK I DID. OTL Checking Mangaupdates nao!


    On a side note, why am I always drawn back to BL when I am fangirling het oh-so-much?! *wails*

    Side note 2! What with the AruShery fanboy(s) reactions to BreraxSheryl? FAIL.
  9. Kunagisa
    2009-11-29 00:15
    The first volume of Zaregoto will not end in a cliffhanger; however, it barely introduces the complexity of the world these characters exist in.

    I actually retyped my response like 4-5x because it's hard to talk about without giving away cliffhangers/surprises, but an example of how vast this world: there are literally over 100 mentioned characters (I counted them in the Japanese Wiki), and around at least 30% of these characters are of importance (either in a given arc or overall plotline).

    What is amazing is that each of these characters have an unique personality of their own, and for me, around 20% of the aforementioned 100+ characters are extremely memorable (I do think I read a ton of light novels and manga that are not translated into English). I do not want to give you too much of my opinion because you might get disappointed later on if your interest differ from mine. Because of such, keep in mind this is totally of my own opinion, but Zaregoto is definitely A TON more interesting than Bakemonogatari will EVER be, and you would not get this feeling if you just read the first volume.

    I really hope Zaregoto will be animated as part of the NisioisiN Anime Project.
  10. Natsuki Hyuga
    2009-11-28 23:05
    Natsuki Hyuga
    S.Y.L.V.E.T.T.E <3 Not that I hate Niche, but SylvettexLag is such an adorable pushy-dere!Sylvette pairing <3333

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