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  1. Last Sinner
    2012-09-14 09:15
    Last Sinner
    Don't worry, all good.

    I had an Accounting exam today, came home and fell asleep, woke up at the start of the 3rd quarter and liked what I saw. Looks like Adelaide was smashed in the 1st quarter but after half time, they realled steamrolled ahead. Walker was just brilliant, Reilly was carving them up at half-back, Rutten utterly shut down Pavlich. Sandilands smashed us in the ruck - of course - but the defense held up well until the engine got going. Thompson and Dangerfield got decent possessions this time. Porplyzia had a 'combeack form the wilderness' game. 2010 he was amazing but he missed all of 2011 wih that freak injury and took much longer than expected to fit into Sanderson's system this year. Fremantle were gallant and maybe if they hadn't copped two 6-day turnarounds in a row, they'd have won. They just crumbled and did some ridiculous mistakes in that final quarter. But I'll take it. Adelaide in a prelim final after 14th last year? Yes please!

    Well, we now have Hawthorn. Intimidating task, but...who knows. Even Hawthorn are capable of messing up under pressure.

    Ratten looks likely to get the Port Power job, actually. He said publically he wants it and the mail in Adelaide all week is that Rodney Eade isn't after it anymore. I don't see who else they could get aside from Ratten, honestly. Roos won't be available until 2014 and there's not exactly tghat many notable ones around after the coaching change frenzy last year.

    The Essendon 99-01 team was formidable. 2 things lowered the legacy - that prelim final in 99 where they should have won but somehow let Carlton through to get smashed by North Melbourne in the grand final. Then Brisbane came along in 2001-2003 and get three preimerships in a row and would have been 4 if not for Port finally growing a spine in a finals campaign. Frankly, that 99-01 Essendon legacy is better than Port's in 01-04 where they wasted so many chances. That 2000 Essendon team - less than a goal away from an undefeated season and win the grand final by plenty - that's impressive. Hird, Fletcher and a few others get 2 premierships over a decade - still darn good. It goes up there along with Adeliade in 97-98 and North Melbourne in 96 and 99. I think Essendon's dominance in 2000 was a trigger for teams taking on flooding tactics more after the Bulldogs inflicted your only loss that year by using it.

    As for anime - lately I've been watching City Hunter and Nadesico. Rewatched One Outs over 3 nights and Yosuga no Sora over 2 - I find those shows very easy to watch for some reason. As for currently airing material, Sword Art Online is my only title and definitely my fave for 2012 if it avoids stuffing up like Fate/Zero.
  2. fertygo
    2012-09-14 07:56
    I hope the bulls tanking tbh

    Rose - Shabazz backcourt legggoo
  3. Natsuki Hyuga
    2012-09-14 06:05
    Natsuki Hyuga
    Also, will read OreShura sooner than latter... After I finished completely my DR0... Few dozen pages to go...!
  4. fertygo
    2012-09-14 05:46
    Well my friend finish Muv-Luv and Alternative in just about three week with playing 3-4 hour per day. I gone further than that and venturing into the untranslated extension too lol.

    Yeah, Noah's flaw is too big to close than Ibaka's for me, Noah is defensive anchor that can't protect the rim if that make any sense.

    Being bandwagon ain't too bad though.. I wonder who that I'm gonna jump on bandwagon since Rose still out
  5. Natsuki Hyuga
    2012-09-14 05:39
    Natsuki Hyuga
    Have you forgotten how much they said 'give up' and then in 2 days they brought up new shipping debacle topic? It's cycle of life, Westy, it is.

    Yup next year should be the last! I'll have to take summer course for the slip of fails I got last year though, that's why I'm working hard this semester not to get fails (and actually get good Disctinction mark lol). And shush, how did you know my sis is trying to put up with meeee? SheisnotItellyou /denial ;-;

    And that's good to hear~ You should search for something new, old-man-Westy~ If something seems lacking, just find out what that something is, no? <-Simple minded thinking.

    Physically strongest, mind you! As per the super MC rule, she is the second strongest in the trio is Aladdin if you take that he is the most magically awesome guy. But yeah, given a good adaptation characterization, Mor-san can really get popular, imo

    Y no listening to Nakki's fujoshi rambling?! :v And bzzzt. I told you the waifu guy is Ja'far~ The one with freckles and white hair and... What-you-call-that-head-cover-thing. 8Db Okay, technically Ja'far is the antagonist in Disney's Aladdin, but Judal (the antagonist-like guy) is in this verse

    HAHAHA, WELCOME TO FUDANSHI WORLD, WESTY. *sprinkles pink confettis* Half joking aside, Kise is incredible anyway--go continue your Kuroko campaign and watch his match with Midorima and Aomine in the latter part, and see yourself squeal like a fangirl! (Btw, Kurokocchi is awesome-sauce, fail on you for not realizing the Generation of Miracle members are estrogen-filled! )

    Ooh, you watch Muv Luv as well? I'm on episode 2 at the moment, and it's pretty nice, actually! Is the next episodes good? And yeah, there is a reason for the lackluster reception, despite what the guys in anime thread is goading you... The characters are egocentric, to describe them at worst, and is very one dimensional compared to S;G. Just... Don't hold much. S;G is good, but Robo;No is sub par at best... And lol, KEY fanboy-girls are always KEY fanboy-girls: they want the perfect of the perfect, else it fails so hard despite the story pacing might be good or above average good

    Not sure about Lyfa, but Shinon is on par with Asuna iirc. Shinon's story in Phantom Bullet arc is really good, by the way, shame that we are not getting that and ALO arc instead... ;-; Part of the Asuna hatedom is fairly from the ALO's damsel in distress position she is snicked into, now that I think about it... :v

    *Nat pictures the mathematic of work schedule in her mind* ... That work schedule is totally not fun. Not fun at all :s And hey, watching a movie twice is kind of my daily movie watching scheme! I actually got dragged into Avengers THRICE, and TDKR twice If you want, I can make sometime next Saturday and go watch Wolf Children with you~

    Ah, there is a redheaded tsundere (aka Kougyouku) in Magi, actually. I thought KugiRie would be typecasted to her when I saw her character going tsundere, tbh And I'm thinking that the seiyuu that is already confirmed to be interviewed for Magi section in some magz next month is gonna be Alladin's. No idea about Mor and Alibaba, but high chance Miyano is filling for Alibaba despite my preference for other CVs /sob
  6. fertygo
    2012-09-14 05:25
    Well you can take a look to this chart.

    Basically there is 2 primary game, one is Muv-Luv which is cover (Extra and Unlimited) and the sequel Muv-Luv Alternative.

    You need to got Sumika and Meiya ending in Extra to access Unlimited, mind you Extra is goddamn boring.. I'm playing eroge and galge too, even with that standard Extra is goddamn boring... gosh.

    But you need to read it seriously for at least in your first playthrough, after that you can skipping it to the death.

    After you open Unlimited, you can go to Ayamine route too if you still want litlle more detail for later. And then goes to Unlimited, choose whoever route.. Finally you can play Alternative, and become one of us lol.

    Well I don't have much to say at NBA-GAF in offseason, although they kinda have weird reception to me after I'm saying I rather have Ibaka than Noah.. LOLOLOLOLOL

    Maybe I will post more often when season started.
  7. fertygo
    2012-09-14 04:55
    You know the usual place? or can access it.

    Luffy nakama bay. just enter the keyword there.
  8. Natsuki Hyuga
    2012-09-14 04:12
    Natsuki Hyuga
    C'mon, at least they provide more fun in the busy hectic days! Take a popcorn and see how they dug their hole so much that it hurts your stomach in the process~

    Accounting (CPA subjects) and all those crazy business law units. They really sucks out my time in second year ahah... I mean, can you believe how much statutes I have to mark in my dictionary sized tax books (see the 's' ;; ) alone? And the lecturer believing some things about how critical thinking is good is not helping with how confused 90% of us in the seminar is lol And Wes~ stop acting like an 'in the blue old man'! Where is the positive Westy I know?! Move it or mommy Nat will have to fujoshi slap you or send you her R-18 BL pics!

    She is a key member--in fact, she got about the same screentime with Alibaba (though I think Alladin is the most featured, being the key of the key characters and all), which means that she will hog awesome battle scenes~

    And @Comparison with Nami: Should be about right (definitely in screentime though)... Though I'll say that Mor is the most physically fit for battle of the trio, which really differs from Nami in that point. I think if handled correctly, she could go into Newtype's popular character poll female division, but we'll see!

    And yes, dat boss-like guy is Sinbad. Aka, the guy who gets the fujoshis sweeping and kissing the floor he walked on. (No, no, no. I have Ja'far's legs to droll upon, fue~! <- not better, Nat, not better...)

    Shush you, fujoshi pandering is gooooooooood~ Look at how Kurobas had that awesome pass animation! And dat sales figures! And gimme impression on Chuuninbyou--I really love the eyepatch girl, but 3 animes is my maximum slot for this season orz

    Robo;Notes... Don't hold your breath in this. I managed to get a friend feed me his playthrough in exchange to assist him in getting the story... But I just raged at the characters quite a lot Plot was okay... Around the end of the stuffs anyway--the middle was full of robot fangushing that I nearly slept lol But yah, basically don't expect a S;G out of it--horrid characters for me

    And yeah, LB bitching turned my interest in the anime off. Think I'll go watch it when it is finished, though from spoilers, I really have no idea why LB is so worshipped... (But then I don't get why Rewrite is good despite being a cluster of different writing style so 8D;;; )

    Same, I have no idea why people bashes Asuna and saying Liz and Silica are better since blah blah more human and likeable. If it's Shion, I can understand, if it's Kirito's little cousin slash cousin, I can see why. But seriously not Liz and Silica -v-

    As for OreShura... *Points at Masuzu camp flag she put in Oreshura thread* Haven't read the novel, sadly, I'm plundering the heck out of BL novel collections and Danganronpa 0 (nearly done... God, awesome stuffs there ). Actually haven't read the trans as well, but ah well! Masuzu's hair >>>>> translation.

    Eh, I wouldn't say that anyone has better chance than another. While Ayase had confessed to Kyousuke in the previous volume (and no, I haven't been to OreImo for the latest novel spoiler so Iunno about now), developing and end it with Ayase and Kyousuke would be too cut out since Kuroneko and Kirino. It's either the triangle, or author burned by the majority fans...

    Will do! \o/ I'll have the word with you in Saturday or Sunday--double viewing for HoshiOu and Wolf Children, yosh! (And what, no love for Subbed between your friends? You should have told me and join our group viewing--going to cinema alone is ronery ;o; )
  9. Natsuki Hyuga
    2012-09-14 03:05
    Natsuki Hyuga
    It was so awesome about how you did a complete smackdown on that and how the tails are showing from the other side (or rather, the poster, but small details!), honestly

    Ahah, been trapped with works what with double subject (marks? What marks?) being an overkill It's mostly done now, so I think I can get some gears into watching animes and go spam forums before reviewing stuffs on midnight. And lol, I seriously wonder what's up with you as well XD

    Been in Magi fandom for a loooooooong time, way before you do, yo! And no worries, there are people who love Mor enough (including me wwww Not on the level of Mor drolling or Neko (K) drolling, but you get the point...), and the mostly popular fujoshi pair(s) do(es)n't include Alibaba and Hakuryuu... Okay, there is gonna be a good portion of fangirling Alibaba with Cassim, but it's not gonna overshadow Mor-san

    (And before you points finger on me on my awesome fujoshi self, waifu Ja'far ftw.)

    Same here! I think I'm gonna be in Magi, K and Psycho Pass thread whenever I can post ahah, so fanboy there Westyyyyyy!!

    LMFAO, as much as I am a lolicon and flat chest lover (wait what, when did that happen... ), have no worries that I am team Asuna since Day 1. I never get the hate on Asuna, to be honest. And episode 10: ffffyeah!!.jpg

    I ARE STILL AT KURONEKO FACTION, NO MATTER HOW THE WAVE IS TRUDGING THE SHIP RATHER FRANCTICALLY ;; And cheesie will have to stop her incestuous delusion by the last vol...! :E

    (Btw, FINALLY there is something like Aus Reel. /;;/ Gonna go watch Wolf Children and HoshiOu on Saturday *Throws away stupid assignments* ^o^ You?)
  10. Natsuki Hyuga
    2012-09-13 06:57
    Natsuki Hyuga
    I seriously loved the Ranks fans in Takky's thread. Bringing up the dead horse, and then claim it's not a shipping fodder in a post later, but just a fact.


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