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  1. Guardian Enzo
    2013-07-15 04:28
    Guardian Enzo
    I'll definitely check it out. What about the other Nasu OVA - is that worth watching?
  2. Guardian Enzo
    2013-07-15 03:04
    Guardian Enzo
    I will, but stuck with Over Drive - it's quite good. The cycling itself is well-portrayed, and the lead is agreeably strange. I regret to tell you Yawamushi Pedal focuses on the same age group, but I hope that's not a deal-breaker - I like the manga a lot.
  3. TheEroKing
    2013-07-13 03:10
    What about people who starts watching this show about few years later it ended, and at around episode 2 they decide to read the Dengaroppa thread from the last page, and in turn spoil themselves?
    "Regardless of these exceptions, any comment that discloses an event, character, plot or other information before it is revealed within the specific work being discussed is expressly forbidden whether or not it is behind spoiler tags."

    I thought the forum rules clearly have rules for that. If it's animated and someone is checking the anime discussion thread without even watching it then clearly they are risking themselves. Now I'm the one confused about the rules since I thought I had a clear understanding of it
  4. TheEroKing
    2013-07-13 02:39
    But it spoils the ending of the show doesn't it? Is that even allowed? That's like posting
    "What I didn't like about the Makoda anime was that

    well imagine someone posting that if it had a source material and while it was being animated you came to know about it in like episode 2.
  5. TheEroKing
    2013-07-13 02:13
    TheEroKing Already reported it, please take care of it before more people get spoiled >.<
  6. CrowKenobi
    2013-07-13 00:08
    My first reaction was "do I want to know" then I saw that I was busy making new threads all over the place.
  7. relentlessflame
    2013-07-07 11:03
    Thanks for the birthday wishes, and I look... forward?... to the tasty treats, I think... with a bit of trepidation.
  8. Natsuki Hyuga
    2013-06-21 11:09
    Natsuki Hyuga
    Mumu? Weird, is it the cache...? It shows up fine in my computer...


    Sorry; dynamic content not loaded. Reload?

  9. Urzu 7
    2013-06-17 09:51
    Urzu 7
    Thanks for telling me what anime series that is.
  10. Natsuki Hyuga
    2013-06-11 08:13
    Natsuki Hyuga
    Growing up fast...? I'm still wishing that would include height addition as well ;_; *looks at her 170 cm sth friends surrounding her and cry at the about 20 cm difference*

    And present from monir...? Bishie...?

    ( •_•)>⌐□-□/Fangirl glasses

    *What Nat sees:
    Sorry; dynamic content not loaded. Reload?

    KYAAA~~ Thank you for the ossan gift monir~~~

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