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  1. Liwyn
    2012-04-24 19:43
    Ok, Monir, I'm giving you a quest.
    I want to start watching a new anime because I currently have no life, but I don't know which one. I want to be able to
    Spoiler for ILLEGAL, DONT LOOK!!!!!:
    all the episodes and I want understandable subtitles. I would love something well drawn and not something too sexual or violent. Something a lá Spirited Away if that's possible Can you think of anything!? I'll repay you in nude pictures. Not of me, of course, but hey; nude pictures are nude pictures.
  2. Liwyn
    2012-04-24 10:36
    Major wat. Thanks for the pudding! I'll pass on those fireworks.
  3. Liwyn
    2012-04-21 06:55
    Japanese people play hooky?
  4. Arabesque
    2012-03-31 12:23
    Originally Posted by monir View Post
    I wonder if Arbesque is still alive for uttering such blasphemy.
    To satisfy your curiosity, I am in fact very much alive and well I managed to survive the attempts on painting me red with rotten tomato for two days straight by carrying an umbrella with me, which was regrettable since our often awful British weather had been lovely and sunny these last few weeks, and I honestly wanted to enjoy our ever elusive sun without having to worry about being smacked with a flying fruit.

    In any case, I really need to use more similies from now on when posting in a semi sarcastic style, since the point of my post was that the speculation about the studio's had been going on baseless grounds and that people were more or less picking a name and dropping it in the hat to the point where it's very likely that someone had gotten it right in the thread since they just listed the names of the majority of Japanese animation studio's.

    I mean really, why would Shaft ever consider the job of animating LB when they could be doing something more unique or interesting. LB falls so far below Shaft/Shinbou's nonexistent artistic standard that it's laughable to even bring it up as an option, which was my point!

    Really ...

  5. Lord of Pandemonium
    2012-03-26 22:51
    Lord of Pandemonium
    why do people keep asking me that?
  6. Lord of Pandemonium
    2012-03-25 15:06
    Lord of Pandemonium
    Hi. I have a question, I was hoping you could answer for me...Since you're the friendly moderator for the Aquarion forum can you please tell me if this sample image in the spoiler tab is against the rules? There are no nipples but she's topless and I want to know if I can post the high quality vectors and png renders of this image in spoiler tag. Can you tell me please?

    Oh yeah that image is NSFW and if you're a healthy heterosexual male or a hot blooded lesbian female...there is a nosebleed warning Just so you know
  7. Liwyn
    2012-03-22 12:58
    I have to admit that I enjoyed this weeks manga chapter
  8. Liwyn
    2012-03-20 22:19
    I heard. He should have just stopped when they finished the Aizen arc. I'm glad someone has enough brains to realise that this is just too shit to continue. Hopefully it'll just be scrapped.
  9. Liwyn
    2012-03-17 20:34
    *pokes back***
  10. Ridwan
    2012-03-13 08:26

    In case you've forgotten, I'm the one who posted "History and Counterfactual Discussions" thread that you've moved from General Chat to FanCreation

    As I said myself in that thread, initially I intended to post it in Fancreation. However, since this thread is essentially not related to anime, and Fan Creation is part of Anime related topics, I decided to post it in General Chat, which should have more history enthusiasts dwelling around, being General Chat and history is essentially off topic for this site.

    At first I agreed with your decision. But now I've changed my mind. It's been 3 days and no frequenter of Fan Creation section has shown any interest for my thread. As said, the thread being off topic in nature, may seems weird to people to see in Fan Creation, which frequenters I've convinced not interested in my topic, and I can understand that. They're there certainly not for talking about history to begin with.

    I understand your reasoning for moving my thread to Fan Creation. It will indeed, involve creating fictional altenate historical universes for settings of stories, sometimes maybe even some drawings, especially maps. However, creating alternate history setting requires a lot of efforts to collect facts and datas, in which process will include receiving a lot of feedbacks and (ideally) constructive criticisms from commenters, and in the end, it will boil down to discussing real life history anyway, since that is the very reason why some people gets drawn into alternate history to begin with. Therefore, that thread is to function not simply for discussing writings, but for discussing history in general, to which history-based fanworks discussion is simply a secondary element of. In other word, that thread will serve to pool plain questions about RL history and What ifs (which will not only inevitably end up, but require touching RL courses of events), and thus that thread will be more about information exchanges rather then fanworks discussions. And for that thread to serve its function, it needs to fall under the radar of history-fans.

    Therefore, I would like to request for my thread to be moved back to General Chat.

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