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  1. kingzero
    2010-01-29 14:39
  2. Irkalla
    2010-01-29 06:22
    Wow, seriously, the only one? I guess it's not that mainstream? You absolutely can't party out late here without eating either a hot horse or burek. I'm not a fan of fast food in general, but I just can't say no to those two.(not that you have much of a choice at 4am anyway) And as opposed to you, I very much love horses as animals and "sport", used to have one too! I guess we can say horses are handy in many ways Have you ever tried a kangaroo?
  3. Irkalla
    2010-01-28 04:33

    How about a hot horse then?
  4. Liwyn
    2010-01-28 03:20
    The food isn't the reason for my hate towards your country. It's more the whole "I'm an American, I'll live a life with this awesome "American dream" in mind and step on whatever needs to be stepped on on my way to the top!" Want to see class differences irl? Go to America! I've never been treated with that much fake respect before in my life. I still remember the LULS episode at the airport where my dad, who is sick because of three years of cancer, was holding a bottle of water - because he has half a lung and doesn't have much breath, and the security mongs were like "OMG, IS THAT DRUGS?" (no joke). I couldn't help myself and called them idiotic assholes who thought they were from the CSI. Though I said it in Norwegian, I think they understood the CSI part. Woops.

    I doubt I'd like America even if I went to NY, I don't like the people there. Gross society. Also, on the first trip on the cruise the captain was Norwegian, and because there was like 7 Norwegians out of the 5k people on the boat, we got to dine with the captain. On the second trip we also had a Norwegian captain, but because they had changed the rules the following year after the first trip, we couldn't dine with him even if we were the only Norwegians. Because rich Americans had BOUGHT their way to his table. I don't care if I couldn't eat with the captain 'cus I don't really like fancy food (picky!), but the fact that they bought a seat at his table with money pissed me off without limits. Don't you think a Norwegian captain would rather sit with Norwegian people and speak his own language instead of faking an act among Americans? The captain we first ate with sure didn't fake anything around us. We even had waffles with jam at the bridge. Typical Norwegians. Loved it. Oh, and the rich people also had the best tanningbeds. They were reserved for the wealthy. Newsflash shitholes, Norway is the richest country in the world! Even though we don't prance around like asshats with our wealth doesn't mean we ain't rich. Sigh.
  5. Friday
    2010-01-28 02:35
    this is regarding on "Hellsing Ultimate OVA" I put a posting saying:

    Walter traitor

    why was it deleted????
  6. White Manju Bun
    2010-01-27 20:02
    White Manju Bun
    Yeah Im thinking the editor for Baka to Test is also the editor for Hetalia, makes me facepalm
  7. Amirali
    2010-01-27 11:54
    I noticed your comment to Liwyn about visiting America. I'm heading to a doctoral program at University of Utah this fall - I'll finally see the promised land! My first ever glimpse of women in bikinis await....and good quality education to boot.
  8. Liwyn
    2010-01-27 09:17
    I was in Florida, twice. 2008 and 2009, around February both times. We spent one week in the states and one week on the Freedom of the Seas! Us Norwegians were devestated by the lack of healthy food in America. We usually eat crunchy bread for breakfast, but all they had was soft buns. There was no crunchy bread at the malls, on the cruise or at the Disney resort! And if it was crunchy, it was white bread. It's not like you had a healthy version of anything, nnnnnoooooo. Uff. What do you eat for breakfast?!
  9. Irkalla
    2010-01-27 05:29
    Noup, I have to disappoint you, they are just pads And I can't help but wonder what I'd have to post to get you in the mood for this
  10. KiNA
    2010-01-27 00:13
    ^^ thank you .. name prolly decided with janken tourney between me and her XD.. little fella wouldnt come out till May, so it will be a very nice birthday present for me.

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