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  1. Liwyn
    2010-01-22 06:12
    Harr harr, okay okay. I'll try to cut back on the Twilight references, I just felt a great need to mention Edward's name as he's so hot. I'm clearly not joking. Or am I? Clearly not.

    Do you like your country? I bet that your job must make it fun working there, I feel that the "I'll - you" sentence is used in almost every single American movie I see. Does that mean that's how it really works over there, too? You work a lot? Enjoy it? Doesn't your people piss you off...? Gah, I know I'd probably facepalm my desk tons of times.
  2. Irkalla
    2010-01-22 05:17
    Oh gosh, good thing you pointed me to the image thread!!! And yes, I'm puzzled by Kitten's post too, need to remember to add her to my occasional pm yaoi newsletter. And MaQi-sama isn't taichou of the the ecchi brigade for nothing! And yes, that was totally ecchi

    A hat you say? Be careful what you wish for, that's all I have to say
  3. Irkalla
    2010-01-20 09:43
    Haha, ok sorry for laughing, but that must have been fun afterwards! I just hope that wasn't a mountain ride or something, but you definitely sound like a fun bunch.

    I can relate to the "waking up" in snow thing, though it wasn't really that cold outside, definitely above 0°C. It happened on my first and last pirate day, an experience not easily forgotten neither by me or my parents. Me and my friend of that time, decided it's time to get super drunk on rum-cola for the very first time. (we were about 13-14) We headed to the most back alley store we could find, hoping to obtain rum without having a fake McLovin id.(you must have watched Superbad, no?) Anyway, we were successful, and just moments later, we were pouring down that rum cola like water, laughing our asses off from momentary joy and fake warmth. Until it was time for my last bus to leave, so I had to abrupt our happy time together and head home. This is where the fun begins. My bus left at about 11pm, and last thing I remember was me sitting down on it. Next thing I remember, was coming back to consciousness with my cell buzzing and ringing in my pocket (what woke me up most probably), not yet aware of my surroundings. I didn't answer at first, second, or even third, thinking what annoying bastard is disturbing my sleep. It was then, that I had noticed that I was kinda cold, wet and lying in some bush, unable to stand up properly. Naturally, I got kinda worried, managed to pull my cell out of my pocket to answer my life savior. It was my brother, hysterically asking me where the fuck I am, claiming it was 1am and just about time for me to come home (oh really) My answer was of course, "I don't know, but I need you to come pick me up here." I could hear occasional cars driving by, so the logical explanation would be that I was near a street. Naturally, with just that, it would have taken ages to find me, with me most probably freezing my limbs off in the process. With his coaxing, I managed to somehow lift myself up and crawl up to identify my location. Luckily enough for me, it wasn't that hard, I was right across a graveyard(pretty ironic) I had ridden/cycled/walked past a millions of times before. So from there on, it was a piece of cake to find me. After that, I remember him picking me up and throwing up in his car from pure comfort and bliss. Then I blank out again till morning, when I find myself home in my lovely bed. And surprisingly, I didn't even catch a cold, just had the worst hangover of my life. But the hangover wasn't really as remotely severe as my supposed grounding for the next month, but it's not really like the executers were there to regulate that.

    The most horrifying and funny thought was how the hell did I manage to walk to my location or how I ended getting off the bus there to begin with. It was about 100m from the nearest bus stop and about half way till home, not to mention that I was on the other side of the street. I can just imagine how I waltzed left and right on the street while on my journey. On my bad or luck, that street doesn't get much traffic at such hours, but a few cars definitely had to pass me I guess I can be thankful that no rapists or serial killers operated that night there lol Overall, definitely a lesson I will remember forever, gotta know your limits, or at least have friends with you at such times. Sorry for the long rant! xD

    Hm, haven't you been checking the ridiculous image thread lately? Kubo has gained a lvl up in story telling lately. Here be the evidence with manga spoilers. But yes, will get to the awesomeness of Aoi Bungaku as soon as I finish with the first season of Fringe. I'm hooked on that right now, its a fun sci-fi crime drama.
  4. Liwyn
    2010-01-19 16:23
    Oh I see, so you're a hustler! Nice. Give me a call any day! If you're gonna pretend to be a superhero at least be like... Edward Cullen or something alike, teenage girls will pay you millions just to be able to hold your hand. Best put it in a freezer or something before you touch them else they just might want their money back!

    Haha, will try that one out. Unfortunately for me I have to start cutting back on the coke, I now have a cavity half the size of my tooth. A big, black hole.

    ... Ok, ew. That reminded me o... Nevermind.

    Yeah, I was mostly leaning on the fact that you're stupid enough to bomb yourself. Hoping it'll happen. Stupid Americans. No offence.


    Penguins are cute though! Those people should have to live with some horrible, disturbed and gross person. I say we throw them in Josef Fritzl's basement and send him back down there to take care of reproduction. Or the lack of it... Uhh... Where was I? Oh right. Move.
  5. Liwyn
    2010-01-16 18:58
    Ohhh. Studio apartment... Stupid question, but what do you do for a living? Learning how to share? Ew, I hate sharing. Not when I feel like it, but when someone lives in the same house as you there's kind of no choice. Even if you don't feel like it, you have to share... Take my cold coca cola for instance, I never want to share that yet people still take as much as they like all the time Damn the person that invented living together.

    No idea who Rush Limbaugh is, as I tried to hint by my words I detest America and so I couldn't give less of a shit what goes on over there. For all I care you guys could get nuke'd off the earth Sorry to say.

    You should move. Really. Move.

    So yeah, I'm glad I've managed to figure it out myself. If there's something I hate (even more than America!!) it's people who don't have the ability to treat people as equals. I LOATHE them. They can disappear along with your country. Then we'd all be happy! Oh and spiders. America, people who don't treat others as equals and spiders can disappear.

    ... Yep.
  6. Kakashi
    2010-01-16 13:44
    That's a fair assessment, and I'll tell her she can PM you. I guess it's up to her. She does have some rough edges, and I can see how for a moderator it's challenging, but she's also worth giving a chance.

    Anyhow, she'll appreciate you at least lending an ear for this one. I don't think it's such a big deal if she does end up having a short-lived return, after all I did put some effort into persuading moderators to even *consider* unbanning her. That's worth something. And it's on the premise that she'll change her behaviour to comply with the rules. We'll have to see if she can convince you of that, so the ball's in her court now.

    I watched from 120-123 (thanks for the reference) and it reminded me of the good ol' days of Naruto. Just, THIS.

    And errr, I was packing my bags until you threatened me with your last sentence there. My cousin actually moved to the states, so I'll get to see what it's like soon enough!
  7. Irkalla
    2010-01-16 11:11
    Oh dear, you did not just mention a bicycle in my presence! But no, sadly I don't have any drunkard stories on it, but I assure you it's far more entertaining trying to drive with flat tires, without a seat, handlebars, or catching the ones responsible for the lack of those. Especially the last one, I enjoyed that the most. Besides, I can manage to almost kill myself by foot (or even worse, high heels) in that state, and not remember a thing about it afterwards, no need for a bicycle at all. You seem to have experience with drunkard cycling, do tell how that worked out for you

    I have Aoi Bungaku on my watch list, just need to get back into the anime mood. I was intrigued by the artists involved in the character designing + the fact that Madhouse is making it, so it caught my attention really easily. Eve no Jikan sounds interesting too, and it's short too, so no harm in checking that out. Thanks for the tip!
  8. Liwyn
    2010-01-10 13:18
    Ambushed? Lol, sounds dramatic! You had a studio apartment? Do tell O_O We also have those slow idiots, I drove in 30 km/h behind an idiot on a road that usually has the speedlimit of 70 km/h. You can guess how fun that was! Oh, and don't forget the scolding we got from our teacher when we were late. Trying to explain what happened? Forget it. God, you gotta love school

    Republican, gahh! Such words are deleted from my vocabulary! You silly, silly American, you. I can't believe you're staying in that silly country of yours. Move! Move before it's too late No really.

    But yeah, don't worry about the thing at work, I already knew what I was doing when I started working there so I won't really feel sorry for myself over such a thing. I chose it, didn't I? And I have the chance to stop doing it whenever I like, too. But the boss is a jackass. I'll say that. Thank God for my "You just insulted me so I don't care wtf you're talking about" look which I tend to give him when he doesn't treat me with respect, it really works! Makes him stare at me, go "...Are you listening? " and when I end with "mhh" there's like an invisible lightbulb popping up above his head! Haha.

    Hahahaha, terrifying talent God, I love that girl. She's amazing. I'll check it out, thanks You go check out Kuroshitsuji! I demand it...!
  9. Kakashi
    2010-01-10 11:49
    Yeah the Greek girl, she is a character, which I like. Unfortunately she gets easily offended and when she perceives something to be an insult, she'll get snappy. I drew up a list of conditionals which would keep her out of trouble and wrote to NightWish asking him to consider unbanning her/giving her a pardon.

    He said he would get back to me because he was busy (it was a while ago, seems to have forgotten). I did this mostly because she was missing the forum and all the friends, and heck, she is a good friend of mine so it'd be nice to have her back. A man can dream.

    And wow, 20 episodes is pretty damn good streak. I remember a lot my favourite Naruto arcs were less than that (favourite was Mist, Zabuza arc). I agree Naruto has always been better in storytelling, Bleach is more character driven, but overall Naruto is the better anime regardless. To me the Bleach anime has fallen apart since the Grimmjow fight and never properly picked itself up...

    Ocean view eh? Now that must be nice to have. Something you won't find in London! Some of the coastal spots in America have always seemed surreal to me.
  10. Irkalla
    2010-01-10 09:18
    Yes, bukkake on Spock, one of the two primordial fiction characters that have been filling steamy yaoi fanfictions for decades. I didn't even make that up!

    I will take that as a compliment! I do try to suppress my incurable clown syndrome while dealing with normal people, but sadly, I have already labeled you as a kindred spirit. My bad yo. I don't think you could fully appreciate my kind of ideas, but you would certainly learn a lot And I'm always up for parties, providing there is enough booze for me to drink and enough music to mess my hair on :>

    Haven't really been watching a lot of anime as of late, but I have certainly had more than enough adorable fluff while watching silly anime/cartoons with my nephew. Good thing he prefers watching music videos to that. I'm currently waiting for the new season of Nodame though, I just adore that. Gyabooo

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