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  1. wingdarkness
    2010-02-19 18:24
    Not a biggie, but I was curious to why I don't have a 7th rep dot when I have over 620 rep points? Just thought it was odd since you get 1 for joining and an additional 1 per 100 points...
  2. Liwyn
    2010-02-19 06:03
  3. Haak
    2010-02-19 03:45
    Lol thanks. It was a freebie over in the Railgun subforum. Luckly enough i was there to catch it first.
  4. mangatron
    2010-02-18 14:24
    Hey there monir, just wanted to say thanks for commenting on my blog. Lately it's just been replies about my game FAQS that I wrote or... people wanting to buy my Gundam model kits? (seriously lol)

    And wow, look at that post count. Several years back a bunch of us were reaching 1000 but man, compare yours to mine I really did fall of the face of planet Earth.
  5. Liwyn
    2010-02-16 05:56
    You make me sad in eye.
  6. milan kyuubi
    2010-02-16 03:43
    milan kyuubi
    Hey can i add you to my friends list.
  7. Liwyn
    2010-02-13 20:01
    That's you? Dude, you look good. No really. Get me a real one or face the might of the epic snowhidge. (see what I did there?)
  8. wingdarkness
    2010-02-12 17:15
    WE did DAT!!! Geaux Saints!!!^^
  9. Liwyn
    2010-02-09 13:40
    Who says I was fooled, baaaaaaaaaaaka! He does indeed fit in America. Unhealthy food, idiots who spoil their money, egoists, you mention it! A great match!

    Haha, Snow White and The Grudge. Epic comparison. I want a picture of you so that I can compare you to horrible characters and smirk in my sheltered den which is also known as my room.
  10. Liwyn
    2010-02-06 17:32
    Ok ok, I'll let the "I hate Americans" thing go for now since you may not be one of the stereotypes. I'm still gonna be over you like a hawk if you turn out to be one, though! Oh and btw, if you end up on Cops, be sure to go "Hi Liwyn" so that I can recognize you. That'd be awesome. I love Cops.

    And your weather travels over to us, not the opposite! When we have harsh wind it's your old hurricanes who've come to visit Norway And uh, Norwegians are pretty pale I'm like a mix of Snow White and The Grudge! Pretty damn sexual, don't you think?

    I'm not the typical "I love my friends and family" type. I'm more of the "I don't have to love you even though we're related if you suck" type! It works pretty well, you should try it out. He's pretty annoying. Annoying, disgusting, egoistic, childish, the list goes and goes and goes. No, no curfews. Asshat.

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