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  1. Irkalla
    2010-01-10 09:18
    Yes, bukkake on Spock, one of the two primordial fiction characters that have been filling steamy yaoi fanfictions for decades. I didn't even make that up!

    I will take that as a compliment! I do try to suppress my incurable clown syndrome while dealing with normal people, but sadly, I have already labeled you as a kindred spirit. My bad yo. I don't think you could fully appreciate my kind of ideas, but you would certainly learn a lot And I'm always up for parties, providing there is enough booze for me to drink and enough music to mess my hair on :>

    Haven't really been watching a lot of anime as of late, but I have certainly had more than enough adorable fluff while watching silly anime/cartoons with my nephew. Good thing he prefers watching music videos to that. I'm currently waiting for the new season of Nodame though, I just adore that. Gyabooo
  2. Liwyn
    2010-01-08 15:14
    Oh, congratulations with the new house! Moved in with anyone, or? I understand your hate of snow, but if it helps I'm sure we've had it worse... Norway is used to snow, but this really threw us off. I could hardly get home from work and the roads were unbearable for weeks, some still are. Been harsh on people, this sudden weather... But what can I say? Global failage

    My Christmas was as it always is, cozy and calm. New Years was spent inside my room, listening to Haha To Ko - Ranka no Aimo whilst my cat was scratching my thies leaving me with huge marks. That was about it... I had work from 16:00 -> 22:00, and everyone, and I mean everyone who worked that evening / night except for me got 100% for it... Fucked up company, but then again it is American, kukuku ;3

    Kuroshitsuji is epicness. Even for straight guys, it's epic. The music, the mood, the humour and the plot is all well made, I absolutely adored it. There are also straight scenes with some ecchi going on! I'll have a look at Shangri-La, if Zaseka recommends it it's always good. Take my word for it! Though I'm sure you already know
  3. Irkalla
    2010-01-08 09:53
    I'm most humbled by your praises, I was afraid I wouldn't grow up to your expectations and bring your merciless wrath upon me somehow, rakki! Oh, that is hardly a happy ending. The greatest happy ending is when you let the bulls run free on the street ala encierro, now that is what is a man happy ending.

    Oh! You are younger than I had imagined! :O

    Yep, it's actually a very subtle way of advertising bukkake, but you didn't hear that from me. But I guess it's all normal before you realize that it's actually the actor who plays the new Spock (or Sylar) I hope the revelation him being Spock brought you some extra joy. (presuming you are a trekkie) And yes, purely a material for the fangirls and fanboys to amuse themselves with I need a new avi though >.<
  4. Kakashi
    2010-01-08 07:06
    Hehe, my pupil? Still trying to get her back but outlook not so good on that one. Whoever unbans her would have to get Ojisans consent...and he doesn't think too highly of her methinks...meh. As for me it was more a matter of life making me do stuff and certain anime not being what they once were that kept me away. Though I've heard Naruto anime is rocking hardcore, so can't wait to catch up.

    Nice to see you're still around too, you've been busy lately with a house move so it seems. Hope you've relocated to Bel Air and not any kind of slum. :P

    Thanks for the wishes!
  5. Gin
    2010-01-08 01:46
    Well this arc has sadly taken a nose dive as of late, and the manga has been getting good again. And I hate to be the one to tell you this, but Naruto is heading back into fillers soon so you can say farewell to the good storyline again. I will agree that the canon Naruto storyline is superior to Bleach, but I still enjoy the Bleach anime slightly more, since Bleach gets interrupted by terrible fillers slightly less often.

    Hope you had a good New Year's and a good birthday.
  6. Aimingan12
    2010-01-08 01:12
  7. Gin
    2010-01-03 19:02
    fyi, there was no Bleach last week so you don't have to make a 253 thread this week.
  8. Crimrui
    2010-01-02 08:50
    Happy New Year! I wish only the best for you and may you stay and be even better Bleach narrator in every year! Respect.
  9. Gin
    2010-01-01 19:20
    Happy Birthday!!!! I guess I have to find a picture of a slightly older (but still adorable) cat that I can pretend is you.

    Happy New Year !!!
  10. Liwyn
    2010-01-01 12:33
    Happy Birthday! ^_^

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