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  1. Kafriel
    2009-11-27 12:42
    Can you edit Rob's post in the naruto anime thread? I'd say it's hint-heavy...
  2. saffy
    2009-11-23 17:38
    Sorry that post was so rude of me. So I edited it - Urr I want to discuss romance in the Bleach forum! You can sort it out for me can't you ? I'll make it worth your while *waggles eyebrows*
  3. felix
    2009-11-12 20:55
    red = relentless

    Now that's just weird... at one point long ago he even went all the way as to delete posts on the topic (this topic), even though he was participating on as a supposed non-official stand, well at the time that's what he said. Apparently he didn't agree with more then one person agreeing to the same point?! (I like not to think about it anymore) But anyway besides that, he answers every post on this topic, more then any other; in fact more then any other member of staff has done to any topic (combined), its strangling any discussion to death. He's also very protective; most of you have said something or other at some point but he just makes it his mission to attack any opinion against it, again and again and again. This is way beyond "we (the staff) don't want it changed", he's not letting any discussion on alternatives actually develop into anything. I know there's only maybe a 1% chance for the topic to go anywhere, but heck, with the way he's posting (he is a moderator and member of staff!!) a discussing in the community (not as a request to the staff) about it can never start... its now as in the old days all about "who can convince relentless" really.

    I find it really hard to believe this isn't something personal. He was a moderator for 5 months (out of those 8-9) before the policy came to be... its not like it predates him... bah I have some work, I'll accept it as coincidence.

    cya monir

    [edit] err, right remebered... I'm not allowed to post in that Feedback section (lol) oups

    ps. Incidentally, its this discussion stomping attitude of his (regarding this topic) why I feel like being mean to him each time I get the chance.
  4. felix
    2009-11-12 19:53
    This is going too off-topic but as far as I know red is the one who came up with the spoiler policy; no matter of the later process that lead to it coming to be.
  5. Kafriel
    2009-11-10 09:16
    Oh cool, needed to make sure...thanks Monir^^
  6. Kafriel
    2009-11-09 17:01
    Evenings, I was about to report a new suggestion thread existing in the general anime section, when I noticed the sentence below the report box (This should only be used to report violations of the rules or bad behaviour such as spam, advertising messages, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts), but then again, a wrong section isn't any of the above, so does that mean I shouldn't report it? Oh, and sorry for posting at this time, the hour difference makes communications hard
  7. Hunter
    2009-11-08 14:47
    I keep forgetting that how bad you are at properly using VM. Which were the two that got themselves banned? What a wasted opportunity for betting. tsk tsk tsk Btw, I've registered my second post in the Naruto's Romance thead.
    I know, I can't help it, this feature doesn't work as it ought to be
    I thought Ajnas and his clone on the other side of the shipping fandom would got themselves banned within the next 24h hours after the spoiler of the Naruto chapter came out last week but it was a done deal barely a few hours later...
    Even if I did use VM correctly (and we both know I probably never will) it would have been too late.
  8. Gin
    2009-11-04 22:36
    You don't need to flame, you have the ban hammer, thats way more fun.
    I can't wait until I can fondly reminisce about yesteryears on AS.
  9. Gin
    2009-11-04 22:16
    Ooohh an absence of the no flame-rule sounds so good right now I would love to make better use of the smillie.
    I get the feeling that the ASS never disbanded and are in fact running Animesuki now behind the scenes, similar to the Freemasons of yesteryear.
  10. Gin
    2009-11-04 22:01
    I hate to pry into your deep, dark, personal secrets, but would you mind telling me what the ASS is? I have been wondering for awhile now, and I just cant figure it out. Clearly you have come up with some uncrackable code.

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