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  1. Rising Dragon
    2009-10-15 17:07
    Rising Dragon
    Hey um, I was wondering if you were ever going to respond to Paladinoras about his pilot tier thread idea for Code Geass. You did say it was up to him to make a viable opening post for it, and he did make one... at the start of the month.
  2. Irkalla
    2009-10-15 16:56
    But of course. I take you have a hefty collection?

    Uf, haven't really checked out a lot. I'm having a semi anime abstinence time right now, to catch up on Heroes and House XD But from the first glance at the upcoming anime list, I checked out first old shows with a new season and the shows with a good art design-summary ratio. That including Darker and Black, Inuyasha and the Book of Bentorra. I have to check out Aoi Bungaku too, lots of great artists working on the design deam(Obata and Kubo!) and Letter Bee (got it recommended by Zu Ra, so I take it's good) Darker than Black was a great letdown though, at least the first episode. It's like a school life anime breaded with a loli version of Hellsing's Victoria, woooooot

    What are you watching?
  3. Irkalla
    2009-10-15 16:31
    Ouch, no need for twisted panties, it was just a noble offer And poor thing, you must have been terrified right before the movie started Thank you, you are as kind as always :,)
  4. NightWish
    2009-10-14 13:12
    Never let it be said that monir reneges on a promise.
  5. Leinad4Mind
    2009-10-14 06:47
    Fairy Tail is licensed? LOOL is airing in Japan and it's licensed? Are u kidding me?
  6. Daniel E.
    2009-10-14 04:43
    Daniel E.
    Oh yes, I no longer watch the anime or read the mangas for Naruto and Bleach, but my friends tell me the occasional big event from those every once in a while.
  7. Irkalla
    2009-10-14 01:34
    Oh, sorry that your "diet" didn't work out as desired xD Well, the main theme was anal bleaching and waxing, so hair wasn't expected neither desired. But if you really wanna see the said hair, I can gladly direct you into the right direction I apologize for spoiling the movie with my yaoi posting though, haha. And yes, extremely romantic ending, I almost cried
  8. Evil Rick
    2009-10-13 11:27
    Evil Rick
    Thankyou very much again!

    Mulitilanguage birthday...
  9. Daniel E.
    2009-10-13 06:08
    Daniel E.
    Originally Posted by monir
    Since Daniel is speaking spanish I won't hold back with the broken Nihongo: Tanjobi omedeto gozaimasu!
    It would be nice is this were to become a tradition for birthday wishes....... multilingual greetings

    And I noticed you went back to your old avie. Been a while since the last time you used it, no?
  10. Irkalla
    2009-10-13 00:45
    Glad to hear that you are well and kicking

    Blasphemy!!!I enjoyed the movie enough to go see it twice in the span of a week, and I don't usually frequent cinemas that much even in half of a year It definitely had lots of shock & wtf factors, and they kept me laughing through the whole movie. So I can say that I personally enjoyed it immensely.The highlight was of course the spiritual seance, lol. It was also very educational, particularly about how disturbingly homophobic hillbillies can get. Horror. Your friend must love romance then, the ending was soooo romantic

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