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  1. Nobodyman9
    2009-07-29 14:57
    All right, fair enough. BTW, just one more question, where were you guys when FruitPunchSamurai was trolling the sh*t out of the Code Geass forum?
  2. monir
    2009-07-29 14:53
    I've know Xris for a long time. He is very fair and never makes it personal even if there are grounds for it. I know I won't second guess him. The fault here lies with those posters and not the other way around. There is a certain group mentality at work here and they have been getting away with it most of the time. You can talk to him if you want to, but as far as the comments I've seen, I personally agree with Xris assessment. As for Incorrupts, she has been given so many chances in a forum that is probably one of the strictest out there. Others will just have to get over the fact that she has been banned. The forum is for everyone and not just the playground for a select few.
  3. Nobodyman9
    2009-07-29 14:42
    Oh trust me, the last thing I want to do is get banned. But I'm still not totally satisfied and I don't think they really deserved to get banned. Whereas I think there are a number of people out there who DO deserve to get banned, who haven't been. What do you think I should do? Should I talk to xris about it? (he's the one who's been giving out the bans and infractions?)
  4. Nobodyman9
    2009-07-29 14:27
    And to be honest, I think it's all unwarranted. I suspect foul play.
  5. Nobodyman9
    2009-07-29 14:21
    Well, it's a practical genocide over here. Everyone's getting bans and infractions left and right.
  6. Nobodyman9
    2009-07-29 14:15
    Hey monir, have you seen what's been going on in the Code Geass forum?
  7. Guido
    2009-07-23 19:37
    Thank you! I apologize if I couldn't reply back your message on my birthday, but I was entangled with work at the office and had scarce access to internet at that time.

    Greatly appreciated!
  8. Irkalla
    2009-07-22 17:57
    Wow go me, and go you. Embrace your other side No seriously, the vid is hot and all but I found the singers facial expressions really hilarious. Also his shiny waxed chest can't be missed either. Oh Miro!

    Another one across the far bride puddle. Fufufuf oh that one, lol. You are a very evil person sir, I hope you succeed

    YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES HE DID IT! And in a very very painful manner too, painful in many ways. And I wholeheartedly agree, he was the highlight of the show well manga. Who is going to be all pervy now (( And you guessed it! He made a rasengan all-right..A good one, and some other things that made him actually look cool for the first time. READ THE MANGA GOSH!The whole thing was really sad.

    Well what can I say, I can understand both of them from their view. Manga and comics in general are a tough market with hardcore competition..If you get lucky enough to score you just wanna try keep it up as long as you can. From a consumers view, yes it is annoying. Especially if the story doesn't have, well a story. Mostly referring to bleach just doesn't have any tension anymore. It's just about power lvl now. But I guess that's shonen XD
  9. Irkalla
    2009-07-20 09:57
    You are too kind Here something for the lulz My coworker said it made him wanna wrestle somebody

    You are American :O I kinda thought you were a Brit, don't ask me why. I imagine this friend is one of those who most appreciates such humor? I do that too, well as much as I go to the cinema. It makes the movie experience much more exciting.

    Uf darkest past, don't make it sound so bad. Naruto is not that bad, at least for me right now it's better than Bleach. Kishimoto at least makes an effort to connect the overall story, Kubo on the other hand is more like Deus ex machina.Whatever great idea he gets he will use it no matter how little sense it would make. Element of surprise I guess. But he is a better artist.

    Kakashi gaiden, right. Almost forgot about that, it wasn't animated yet o_O I'll also make sure to watch it when it comes out..My inner Yondaime and shota kakashi fangirl can't let this pass. Well a lot of people died, a lot of people came back to life...Overall I don't wanna spoil..But my fav char was on the good side though, and he was one of a kind(well kinda)...In white in case you wanna know despite being a spoiler =Ero senin (((( And yes, I agree. He at least kills good people, only side characters though XD
  10. White Manju Bun
    2009-07-20 00:57
    White Manju Bun
    Yeah it was a thrill since they go so fast in a blink of an eye. Never been to Indy but I have friends that go to NASCAR events and watch from the pits, they say is so much better then being in your seats.

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