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  1. izmosmolnar
    2009-05-04 10:05
    Buona sera.
    I went through them threads but I haven't found your theory about it yet. I ask it here instead (it's not important or anything, I'm just curious what do you think about it).
    What's your take on Umineko's 07151129 clue? Do you think it's a biblical reference addressed to Battler or you reckon it's something else?

    Ps: didn't wanted to revive that debate in those threads again, hence the Visitor Message.
  2. izmosmolnar
    2009-04-25 12:11
    Oh yeah now that you mention it, even when it's finally going to be out, we still have to wait another 2 weeks to understand it with subs. Damn, those are the times I wish they could have taught me japanese in the school instead of silly german I don't even use anymore. I agree with you on ep1 (not enough Ni-pah for me to consider it enough fanservicish ), however I loved ep2 and it restored my faith in higurashi. I definitely anticipate the rest of the series myself (anyway feel free to disagree with / comment on my theories in ep2 thread ).
    Yeah CG was silly really, I stopped taking it seriously after one of the first episodes. Nevertheless, it is a textbook example of how to make something ridiculously popular (idolized as you said too), despite having a really inconsistent story. The execution and the cliffhangers kept everyone interested, even though everyone knew it is a shitty plot.
    Anyway check out the first one or two episodes of Sengoku Basara if you haven't done so yet, it's really worth it for the laugh in my opinion.
  3. izmosmolnar
    2009-04-25 07:33
    I agree Eden of the East is actually the best this season so far (no wonder the creators almost all the same as in Ghost in the Shell). Too bad it's only one cour, but hopefully the story gonna be finished in such a way, where a second season might be made.
    I dropped K-on after this new episode, because I'm disappointed in it. I didn't expected it to be Lucky Star 2.0. I would have preferred it, if it actually involves the music aspect a bit more, because currently it's entirely not focused on it, and just tries to capture everyone by moe overdose. That's not my thing unfortunately. It's a shame, I was anticipating that series, being Kyoto Animation and their Haruhi concert.
    For some reason 07 ghost reminds me too much of the gay side of Code geass, and it seems it's not going to focus on the things I liked in CG (the unintentedly hilarious, badly written plot and it's execution), so I dropped it after halfway through in ep1.
    Well I can't really grasp Valkyria so far though. It's enjoyable, but there are several inconsistencies in the execution I dislike (not realistic etc), however the viewer has to take it seriously. I'm still following, but depending on the story I might drop it later. I'm not familiar with the game though.

    I'm following Asura Cryin' too for now, but I'm not impressed with it so far. It explains so little that I have to stop it every once in a while to ponder, wtf is that supposed to mean, and it tries to involve too many genres. It's quite possible the 4. episode going to be the last I see, unless things drastically change in it.
    So far I'm positively impressed with the Requiem of the phantom, because despite being made by Beetrain, it's actually faithful so far to the game, which I played few years ago. Some scenarios in it are quite enjoyable, and I definitely gonna follow it, until it's clear which route the anime is going to animate.
    So far I'm following Tears to Tiara too, but depending on the later episodes I might drop it too. I know the game's story, and if they animate it in such a way I'm not gonna like, then I'm not gonna follow it just for the already familiar story.
    I'm watching the new FMA too, because I'm curious about the manga's plot, and I've found the the first series pretty good few years ago, apart from the last twist involving Nazi Germany and their robot army in 1933 .
    I just noticed you might don't know Sengoku Basara! I recommend watching at least the first episode. It is hilarious. It's like someone animated my dreams of history when I was a kid, with a high budget. I'm laughing on it so much. Of course it's not to be taken seriously, but it's such a great manly show, my beard grows out full length, everytime I watch an episode .
    Of course I'm patiently waiting on the Higurashi OVAs, it's a shame they come out so rare.

    Have you tried these? If yes, what are your impressions about this shows?
    ps: damn, why is it not possible to put spoiler tags in visitor messages? :/
  4. izmosmolnar
    2009-04-25 06:41
    Which series you following by the way this season Jan-poo?
  5. izmosmolnar
    2009-04-24 07:02
    Bon Giorno than! Scusi per assuming it lol . Myself speak spanish, so if I really stretch myself, I can comprehend some very basic grasp in Italian though (provided I hear/read the similar words), but obviously other than swearing, I don't really know much how to answer it . Ciao amico!
  6. izmosmolnar
    2009-04-24 06:43
    Hey Jan-Poo! I'm just wondering which country are you from. I could see you speak french to a certain degree, but I'd find it surprising that I'm not disagreeing too much with a french . (truly no offense intended).
  7. Goose Boy
    2009-04-22 15:38
    Goose Boy
    I also learned by myself, because I speak spanish I read a very very very complete mexican page with all the theory. I get the kanjis from this site: I memorize them to disting them too. Im learning kanji as the noryoku system.
  8. Goose Boy
    2009-04-22 10:53
    Goose Boy
    Me too... I already know 325 kanjis ( I count them) and I started from august... Also, I can read somewhat a visual novel, but I only get a very general and not specific idea.
  9. Goose Boy
    2009-04-21 22:44
    Goose Boy
    Hm, are you also learning japanese?
  10. Jan-Poo
    2009-04-06 18:48
    Uhm? I don't think i fully understand ^^; you mean the image is not visible?
    The full link is as follow:

    Maybe hotlink is disabled, i will modify the post.

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