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  1. alarmadadna hadi
    2010-08-23 19:40
    alarmadadna hadi
    Just wanted to let you know that I was blown away by W&W-2, it was just so much fun and looks like you put a lot of effort in it, the final blow in mammon's challenge was nothing short of genius.
  2. Kaisos Erranon
    2010-04-23 19:23
    Kaisos Erranon
    That's... that's pretty awesome of you.
  3. Kaisos Erranon
    2010-04-23 17:11
    Kaisos Erranon
    I don't like LOVE in my mysteries. I generally agree with Van Dine more than Knox.

    I understand what you're getting at, and I also understand that my impression of Ep6 as being terribly written and heavy-handed has a lot to do with /jp/'s initial reactions, and that I'll probably enjoy it when playing it a lot more.

    But I just do not like the stuff that's revealed in Ep6. The crap about Featherinne and Shkanon makes me physically uncomfortable.

    But, again, you're right. I'll probably like it more when I actually play it.
  4. Jan-Poo
    2010-01-15 03:07
    I've seen the first episode, seems interesting and very similar to Higurashi, I'll keep watching it and see. BTW Ryukishi is involved but it isn't his project. It's hard to tell how much he was involved in this
  5. bereal31
    2010-01-14 21:38
    Did you see the new anime: Ookami Kakushi? Made by the same guy as Umineko + Higurashi, Ryukishi07! =)
  6. Kitsu
    2010-01-14 16:59
    Yup, it just screams Shkannon.

    Well, a lot of people already said that it wasn't denied because the parlor scene wasn't in erika's view so the only thing that "denied" it was that Kanon and Shannon were amost always together.
  7. Jan-Poo
    2010-01-14 01:33
    Ah so it isn't just my impression that the whole first half paves the way to the shkannon theory XD

    What a joke after EP5 almost completely denied it...
  8. Kitsu
    2010-01-13 18:31
    Ah, thanks^^
    Yes, the conversation picked up really fast. I hurried with my translation so I could join as fast as possible (which worked out I guess) cause this episode was kinda confusing and send me into the land of denial. We all mostly talked about Shkannon and the end riddle so I don't think it will be that hard to get into the discussion. (I dunno what they talking about now though since I kinda stopped for a while colletcting my thoughts and stuff)
  9. Jan-Poo
    2010-01-13 18:15
    Not yet... I'm very slow at translating... but I should end it in a few days, when that will happen I will tell you ^^;
    it is kinda sad though that I couldn't join the conversation so far... I feel like I am missing a lot... How am I supposed to read all those posts now......
  10. Kitsu
    2010-01-13 17:33
    Uhm hello there, I just wanted to ask if you have alreasdy read episode 6 of Umineko? I kinda wanted to hear your opinion on some of the riddles and mysteries that pop up there, ypur posts in the Speculation thread were always were enjoable to read and sometimes helpe dme to think of new theories. (You know a little push and suddenly your mind thinks of a new one pretty fast)

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