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  1. Dean_the_Young
    2008-11-30 22:51
    You want the outline for the backstory that would have been filled in, as well as the Season 2 divergences?
  2. Narona
    2008-11-29 18:08
    Oh right I forget. You don't have access to the old episodes, well in episode 17 when Celestial Being meets Trinity Nena runs off on the Plometimas (who lets a suspicious Gundam team wander your battleship is beyond me) and is caught by Tiera hacking into Veda.


    Me neither. I am happy with this episode, all though my brain is about to explode with all the interactions I never thought possible, I.E. Soma/Feldt, it is just weird that back in season 1 those are two people I never thought would meet.

    I thought it would happen, but not so early in the season. I really wonder if soma and halle will survive.

    On another note I went out and bought Nena's gundam throne model from season 1. Ali's red enact and Exia's Seven Blades. I am planning to collect all the 1/144 models from season 1 before moving onto season 2.

    I don't have any of that kind of figurines ^^. Maybe I will buy one someday XD.

    Oh and I finally got a job. I am working at a lan-gaming center up at the mall.

    Congrats ! Hope you like your job so far ^^
  3. Narona
    2008-11-28 19:44
    Well Nena had something in her already because she was able to access Veda she met Wang. Speaking of Wang that girl is setting herself up to be a antag.

    Interact with Veda? Are you sure? I thought she can only use Quantum Brain waves. Just like Halle and soma ^^

    So did you see the newest episode?

    Of course! And I can't wait for the battle between setsuna/tieria VS Ali
  4. Dean_the_Young
    2008-11-24 23:01
    Which writing?
  5. Narona
    2008-11-24 07:27
    I don't think they will live to be honest. Otherwise they would of pushed there reunion the end of the series. I am glad they resolved this early so we can free time for more important arcs.

    We will see. The one, imo, who is on death list so far is Sergei. But yeah, I have the same feeling as you.

    In the op it seemed they were test-tube babys so maybe they are humans with robotic implants. It makes me wonder how Nena fits into this though since Johann said they really are blood relatives.

    Nena was a normal human, same as Louise. During those 5 years, someone implanted something in their brain. Ribbons > Louise, Wang Liu > Nena.
  6. Narona
    2008-11-18 18:30
    Really I love HallexSoma. This is the first time in a while that I have felt so good after watching an episode of Gundam. That moment near the end nearly made me gush with joy. But then again I am a sap. Now I just hope they both live to the end of the series.

    I am not interested in this pairing, but I hope they will live. However, it's weird that their reunion happened so soon. Me, I don't see that as a good sign... On a side note, Sergei is awesome. I hope that we will find out what happened when Andrei was young and about sergei's wife.

    I did as well, but again I miss good ole' American pilot Graham. Then again I kind of miss the first season in general for alot of things.

    I just like how Graham is not crazy. He just want a fair duel against someone that he admires as his opponent. He don't want to use any tricks. He is a bit obsessed by Setsuna, but not crazy to the point of doing something very wrong. And imo, he was not ok with the A-Laws when they used Automatons against unarmed people.

    I didn't have any doubts to begin with really. Around episode 10 is when it really started when he said something about humans and there foolishness. Plus Lockon confirmed it when he commented about his inhuman like actions. Again when Setsuna remarked how he hasn't aged a day.

    Yep, but what I meant is that a Robot would not have any DNA. So the Innovators are something else if they have a DNA...
  7. Narona
    2008-11-17 16:20
    ? The sub were not out yesterday?

    Me I watched it this evening and it was a good episode. TBH, I am not really interested by HalleXSoma, so ........ ^^""""

    I liked Graham's reaction XD And The comment of Lockon when he saw halle and marie near the end of the episode.

    Also, now I have doubts that Tieria is a robot XD. Regene talked about DNA and stuff, so I guess the inovators are a kind of humans too...
  8. Narona
    2008-11-11 18:55
    Yes I did. And there was not enough Ali! I am glad they have enlighten us on the incident with Kujo, I am curious as to how she knows Billy if she is in the AEU at the time.

    I don't have a clue, but at least, now we know that Sumeragi and Cathy know each other. Also, Sumeragi will have to deal with her past. About Emilio... and cathy. Something tells me that they will work together somewhere near the end of the series.

    Another thing was the Wang and Hong relationship being revealed as siblings; I honestly didn't see that coming. I just thought Hong was a simple bodygaurd that has worked for her family. Speaking of Wang it seems like she is building herself to be one of the main antag's. I think it's possible Hong is going to be the one to stop her if she goes to far.

    As I said to rising. Me, I think that Mang Liu is starting to trust Nena, even more than Hong Long, because Nena is more useful. However, I don't trust Nena at all and I think she will betray Wang Liu sooner or later. As for the siblings, I think they will come with a cliché. Hong Long will save Wang Liu by sacrificing himself.

    Also if Saiji actually kills Louise (which I seriously doubt he will end up doing; I don't think a central character would be killed off that early.) I think it would justify a cheer for Sunrise showing us that they can surprise us with a Gundam show!

    It's a gundam show, it's sunrise... So from what I've heard about this series and sunrise, I don't think that Louise will die. (and I think that if sunrise wants to bring back lelouch, they will, no matter what happened in the ep 25 of code geass).

    Also, it seems that Andrei has an interest in Louise <_<

    Speaking of character deaths is it possible that Soma is going to die next episode? It sorta of sounds like she is either going to die or go to Celetisal Being; the former being odd and the latter being unlikely.

    Not that early XD, imo I don't think she will die. Something tells me she will end up with Halle in the end. But I would like to be wrong, just to be surprised. The one who will die imo, is Sergei, for the sake of Soma.

    the note of Kataron I am glad to see Klaus live. Also I rather hope the SetsunaxGraham conflict doesn't get dragged out; I miss the old Aker, not this fugly mask wearing-samurai-wannabe guy.

    Mister Bushido is awesome, XD. Well, I hope that Graham left the battle because of the use of the automatons, and not only because Setsuna was not present.
  9. Narona
    2008-11-11 17:31
    Ah okay. And thank you anyway. New episode is out tomorrow I can't wait.

    So, did you watch the new episode?
  10. Narona
    2008-11-08 21:23
    Thanks for the friend request

    As I said, I hope you will find a job ^^.

    Rising is a he I was about to send you his reply, but you came ahead

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