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  1. Rising Dragon
    2008-11-08 21:13
    Rising Dragon
    No problem. Glad to have been of some service.
  2. Narona
    2008-11-08 18:55
    Yes but you have to admit he makes a good antag. I like him far better than Ribbons. Is that really a Throne btw? I thought it was just some new Gundam.

    I assumed, sorry. Maybe it's a new gundam, but Setsuna recognized it because it has the same color as the Throne. He is a good antag, and imo, he could be the final boss.

    Ehhhh, I think I will save myself on spoilers. But I was curious would you or Rising happen to know who Ali was talking to back in season 1 right after he killed Kinue? I can't place that voice he was talking to in his car.

    I don't own the first season anymore, so can't check. Anyway, I will ask it to Rising.
  3. Narona
    2008-11-07 18:19
    Good luck about finding a job

    Ali is plain evil XD. What I want to know is how Setsuna and Marina will deal with him. I mean, the Gundam Throne can destroy that plane so easily...

    Check my conversation with Rising Dragon if you want some spoilers about what will happen.
  4. Narona
    2008-11-07 17:31
    Long time no see =p

    I'm fine, and you?

    Yes, I am watching Gundam 00 even if I don't post a lot in the gundam forum ^^.
  5. youngde
    2008-10-27 10:41
    Hey thanks for the belated Birthday wishes. If it makes you feel any better, you can still wish my mom a happy birthday on time (the 27th) and wish my parents a happy anniversery (the 28th). Last week of October's busy in my family.
  6. Sol Falling
    2008-10-02 06:03
    Sol Falling
    :P You're assuming that it's ambiguous though. I didn't think the episode was ambiguous at all when I watched it, and just about every piece of evidence for Lelouch's survival has been discredited now (if only those thousands of people would come read it).

    Although certainly Shirley didn't recieve much screentime in this episode, she did get top billing in Lelouch's dying thoughts. Add this to the implied meanings and motivations for Lelouch's death, and I think LuluShirley has been given its place. To put my stance another way: I am confident that had Shirley lived, Lelouch would have lived as well; and since she died, he died with her. That is to say that Shirley was Lelouch's fate, his destiny (as their song says ), his tomorrow and his happiness, who could have inspired him to fight for his own future, but died, and thus he didn't.

    Starting with Shirley's death, Lelouch's dream of a final gathering at Ashford was shattered. It was only with that loss that Lelouch fell into chaos, and it was with that loss first in his thoughts that he left the world after redemption. If you realize that Shirley was the first one to have spoken of tomorrow, and that Lelouch only allowed Suzaku to kill him to atone for the deaths which were 'his fault' (Euphemia and Shirley, as per Turn 17), and remember that Lelouch's dream for a gathering for fireworks was originally Shirley's wish set in a crane, then the impact she had on Lelouch's life cannot be made more clear. I am confident that Lelouch could only close his eyes so peacefully because he left no regrets: he was thinking "If I can't realize the tomorrow I dreamt of during my time on this earth, then I shall rest and join it in another time and place." For me, although I do wish that the end of Turn 13 had never happened, for Lelouch to have joined her in a grave in this manner is more than enough.
  7. Sol Falling
    2008-10-02 02:53
    Sol Falling
    :P Hmm...? I've been posting all over the place! Currently I'm occupied discrediting "Lelouch lives!" theories in the 25 discussion thread as well as trivializing Rolo in the Rolo thread. Though on that note, sometimes I'm a bit nasty about those opinions, so it might be a good thing you haven't seen me around.

    As for the end, anyway, I love it. Lelouch's death adds so much to his character. The way he died also makes LuluShirley more meaningful in my eyes. The way I see it, Shirley was Lelouch's happiness--his tomorrow, which he had lost. Lelouch died in the end for everyone's tomorrow, but it was never a punishment for him. Rather, it was a final expression of his convictions: Those who shoot must be prepared to be shot. The strong musn't abuse the weak. Become evil to overcome evil. Geass is a wish from one person to another. The generalization of "I mustn't bend Nunally's will" and "I'll bear all of [Shirley's] sins" to all people. All of these come together with his death, and then we see his dearest memories. Shirley whom he's lost forever, first. A time with Nunally and Suzaku which can never return, last. He can finally join his happiness in rest.

    Suffice it to say, it's a better ending then I could ever have imagined after Turn 13. I am incredibly satisfied, even if I am a bit miffed that Suzaku got irrevocably left behind. Lelouch has finally gotten me behind him as a character, though, so in the end, it's all been worth it.
  8. Narona
    2008-09-29 21:39
    I still think it's him! She is happy and raised her voice when she said "Right, lelouch?"
  9. FoxxFireArt
    2008-09-29 16:00
    My former avatar was a C.C. drawing.

    I just hate how Kallen never just admitted her feelings. Kallen did get the last kiss in. Even if it was just to herself. I hate it when a anime ends with more questions then answers.
    I think the only way they would do a movie or OVA is if there is enough demand from the fans for one.
  10. KrimzonStriker
    2008-09-29 08:09
    If my own inclinations are to be proven true then a modification of that theory is still viable for good old Lelouch

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