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  1. monir
    2014-02-06 00:23
    Hi there. I see you are back from your hiatus. How have you been?

    Yeah, I've seen the first couple of episodes, but these days it's almost impossible to watch any TV. Aside from watching a few anime here and there and a bit of sports highlights now and then, I've hardly watched any TV. The impression that I've got about that show after watching the first two episodes was positive. I'm probably going to catch a few more later time permitting, but I agree with the sentiment that Fox might cancel the series before long for whatever inexplicable reason based on ratings and it's-not-stupid-enough. The last TV show I adored was Serenity, so obviously FOX canceled it. Network channel doesn't care about the quality of the content if it is failing to deliver the rating to drive the advertising. An expensive budget also doesn't help the cause, so yeah... you are probably right about Almost Human as I thought the first two episodes had movie like production, so I'm sure an axe is hanging above it the minute it fails to meet the number-requirement the executives live by.

    Good to see you back!
  2. ForwardUntoDawn
    2014-02-02 21:46
    Long time no chat; how're things going for you?
  3. ForwardUntoDawn
    2014-01-06 23:26
    I am looking forward to that greatly
  4. ForwardUntoDawn
    2014-01-06 18:18
    Welcome back!
  5. ForwardUntoDawn
    2013-12-05 23:41
    That's because the mods are like, not me and stuff, you know?
  6. ForwardUntoDawn
    2013-12-05 10:45
    Oh, that entitlement problem is huge...a large number of anime fans and gamers think they know better than everyone else. I'd only complain if something did not satisfy the functional requirements (e.g. a BD that wouldn't play on my player despite it being region appropriate, or a game supplied with a CD key that didn't work). The gripes about a song are a little sad, but what can we do?
  7. ForwardUntoDawn
    2013-12-04 21:44
    If that reputation system still existed, I'd give you a +1 for your post in the Girls und Panzer thread It's not worth worrying too much about whether or not a single song can make or break a BD purchase; the anime can easily stand on its own merits. That said, it should go without saying that the resident ojou-sama's rudeness to others is problematic.
  8. Sheba
    2013-11-29 03:36
    You should watch Log Horizon. It's by the author of Maoyuu and the characters are a bit more genre savvy compared to their SAO counterparts. Also, Akatsuki.
  9. monir
    2013-11-25 12:13
    One particular scene that stuck to me was when he was calmly applying the first aid kit to the rookie as she kept staring away in awe. People like him are born to thrive in chaos.
  10. monir
    2013-11-25 11:50
    The reason I've stuck with this forum for so many years is because the moderators always have been stellar at how they performed their duties. 99% of the forums, anime or otherwise, can use the model for moderators displayed in this forum.

    Speaking of Dredd, have you seen the re-made version? I personally think it was probably one of the all time best action film to date.

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