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  1. Guardian Enzo
    2012-03-19 13:07
    Guardian Enzo
    Yeah, but offsides being missed in soccer (or being incorrectly called when a player is onside) is hardly news!
  2. Arabesque
    2012-03-19 12:06
    (about your previous question, I don't think I'm the same person, sorry )
    You think so?Now I admit I'm stalled at episode 12 of Guilty Crown but I'm stalled because I thought that on the contrary the guy was holding himself back,I saw his flashiness pop up from time to time but that's all.
    Oh sure, this isn't like Death Note where he had Latin music playing while the characters were dueling with laser pens and eating crisps in an overlay dramatic fashion, but there is still the trademark Araki violation-of-personal-space watermarked all over Guilty Crown. Even if it's not as noticeable as his past work, there is still all those up-close-and-personal shots of the cast's faces, boobs, and crotches attacking the camera all the time. It might be a bit more subdued since this is an original work or because it's airing on noitaminA, but it's there.

    And lol, Araki makes me usually go after Death Note, I thought that he would never surprise me. Oh, how wrong was I

    Aquarion EVOL ... I will never forgive Katapan and Triple_R for getting me into that show it exceeded my expectations to levels I hadn't thought were possible on televised anime. I want to make a post, but I think I'll wait and see if the mods decided and make a sub-forum for the series. Needless to say, and I don't blame you for sticking to it instead of Guilty Crown (one crazy show is more than enough for a normal person lol)

    About Shu not being a typical Araki protag, I get what you are saying (not being able to put him into situations where he pulls off crazy stunts since Shu isn't really the larger than life sort) but I still think that the shows problem lies more with how cluttered the plot is and other questionable ... content (episode 3).

    On a completely unrelated note I'm happy to see someone else is enjoying what Sanzigen and Imaishi are doing with BRS,watching the report on that was really fun.Especilaly love the part where they say that they start out with something really smooth and then purposefully take out frames to make it less smooth and more like 2D anime and particularly Imaishi style since Imaichi isn't known for smooth animation but rather making very good use of a small amount of frames.
    What CGI also allows him to do is really long shots where the "camera" just travels all over the place,he already used it in Panty and Stocking but in BRS he's taking it to extremes,for exemple the first scene of the show is basicly one long sequence shot.
    Yeah, too bad the ratio of Real World = Otherworld segments is so unbalanced that we never manage to get more than a few Imaishi goodness lol

    But really, the CG in BRS surprised me. I would love to see more anime use it from now on.
  3. Pocari_Sweat
    2012-03-19 10:55
    Hisaya apparently pulled out. GG.
  4. Pocari_Sweat
    2012-03-19 10:23
    You know, I'm actually glad Okada isn't working on this because she will likely troll it and put unnecessary pervy shit on it, which will just make me beyond furious.

    EDIT: As for HSI sequel... hmm. They'll probably have to push it back to at the earliest fall, but more realistically it would probably be earlier next year. PA works tend to do one show every 6 months iirc.
  5. Pocari_Sweat
  6. Ledgem
    2012-03-19 09:40
    The series that I ended up returning to anime with was Moshidora. It didn't have any eccentric characters that I can remember, and it was pretty well-grounded in reality. It connected well with me at the time. From there I went on to Aria, a series that I had watched about halfway through years ago but never ended up finishing. Aria is presented in such a manner that it has just enough anime eccentricities packaged to make the transition to other series easier, yet it wasn't off-putting to someone no longer used to them.

    Maybe when Guilty Crown ends I'll give Steins;Gate a second try.
  7. Triple_R
    2012-03-19 07:22
    Thanks for the rep! ^_^ It leaves me curious though - How far into my Madoka Magica fanfic are you, and what do you think of it so far?
  8. Pocari_Sweat
    2012-03-19 05:21
    And I present you with two hilarious pics . I added them to the Mari Okada club thread.
  9. Undertaker
    2012-03-19 03:24
    Which is fine, and its the same as "does the opinion of the few really equals quality?"

    Again, I don't have problem with criticism as long as they states the it's their personal opinion. It's the ones that don't state the said criticism as opinion and don't offer their own reason that I have problem with. Even worse, some would even drop one-liner and which they claimed as fact that is simply not true.

    Again using the same AW thread as example, in earlier comments someone just mention that they can't stand Yoshino and how Yoshino is overrated and the example he gives are Guilty Crown (which is fine) and SEED Destiny. when others and me mentioned that he was only involved in a handle of episode, the dude disappeared.

    Another poster had problem with Yoshino because he "ruined" the anime adaption of Seikon no Qwaser. when people mentioned that he is the writer and creator for the manga as well, he disappeared.

    Those are the types of people that I have problem with. Is is really hard to just acknoledge that they didn't know or made a mistake? If they want they can even pick another of his work instead, but they don't. They just disappears...
  10. Ledgem
    2012-03-18 20:08
    Anime (and science fiction, fantasy in general) is fiction, and we all know it. Sometimes they make everything up; other times they have a bit of reality as a base and then build up a lot of fantasy on it. I know this, and appreciate it. And before Steins;Gate, I never had a problem with it.

    But Steins;Gate just pushed the science domain too much. It wasn't just the fantasy science, but their drawing on the scientific community. It reminded me too much of my reality. The problem with that is that, the way I was trained (and the way all of the scientists around me behaved), is that you accept nothing and are skeptical of all claims. You're not out to tear everyone down, but the way that we go about the process, it certainly seems that way. A lot of my peers hated giving oral presentations, because they felt like the question and answer session was akin to going before a firing squad One of the post-docs I worked with warned me when I started that the skepticism ingrained into scientists from the training doesn't make them very popular, and it's certainly true! Already a few times my wife has gotten flustered with me as she recounted a news story or a presentation that she heard, and I would retort with questions and skeptical remarks. I have to remind myself to keep it to myself.

    Given all of that, here we had this character who's behaving like a jerk (IMO) and who is making all of these grandiose claims. The more grandiose the claim in science, the more people look to disprove you (unless it's too grandiose and clearly whacky, in which case you get ignored). With all of my scientific senses triggered, it was just too much to bear.

    And I also recall thinking to myself, "every single one of these characters should be on psychiatric medications" Almost all anime characters have weird, quirky behaviors, but it had been so long since I'd watched something that the mannerisms exhibited in Steins;Gate were difficult for me to watch. I had to slowly get back into anime with a series that had more normal-behaving characters.

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