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  1. Guardian Enzo
    2012-02-23 13:12
    Guardian Enzo

    Hmm - "gained some support" seems to indicate the feeling that she hasn't really been embraced yet. Or maybe that's the bias of the blogger, who clearly isn't a fan.

    For my money, Yuki and Tomatsu Haruka are the best of the current generation of female seiyuu. KanaHana is very good at playing herself, but those two are actors.
  2. Flower
    2012-02-21 16:25
    So - have you had the opportunity to watch Kemono no Soujo Erin yet?
  3. Malkuth
    2012-02-21 11:40
    Thanks for the link, I will check their builds later today... have to get over the lazyness somehow

    As for the signature, it's worrisome that the forum's ethical standards are tightening, instead of relaxing. Probably I should have avoided the general chat thread while having that signature (the sisters from Nise sleeping together), since it is where the majority of non-otaku that can get butt-hurt hang-out
  4. Pocari_Sweat
    2012-02-21 06:57
    *turns fanboymode on*

    Episode 7 of Aquarion... lololol. Kawamori/Okada trolling/pervness knows no ends. Stripping in a mecha = increase power? Lawls. Usually I hate these ecchi fanservice like this, but Okada does it in a manner where it seems like an intentional troll that I love it. This anime just keeps getting better and better... This is True Tears with mechs (somewhat).

    *turns fanboymode off*
  5. Ledgem
    2012-02-19 17:56
    Thanks! Yeah, Avenger was... I don't really remember anything about it, except for noting that the settings seemed a bit crazy in the beginning. Despite having seen it much longer ago, I remember much more about Noir.

    Enjoying Another quite a bit - thanks to Reckoner for getting me onto it while it was still airing. I haven't watched a series while it aired in quite a while; it's pretty fun to be able to discuss it and go through it with other people who are watching it at the same time.
  6. Triple_R
    2012-02-19 15:34
    I just watched the promo YouTube video for English dubbed Madoka done by Sarah Williams (Sayaka's voice actress) and yeah, I think she has a really good understanding of the character, and probably the perfect English voice for the character. I also have to say that I approve of how some lines were redone to make it sound more natural in English, given what I just listened to.

    It's been a long time since I've listened to an English dubbed anime, but I might make an exception for Madoka Magica.
  7. Katapan
    2012-02-19 10:47
    Punaise, t'as de l'espoir, surtout pour Puzzle. Enfin, faut y croire, je rêve bien d'un Bonne Nuit Punpun sur ce créneau un jour, donc bon. C'est vrai qu'il n'y a limite que là qu'on peut s'attendre à des grosses surprises du genre, même si noitaminA semble remonter la pente.
  8. Katapan
    2012-02-19 09:34
    Nop, toujours rien d'annoncé. Je crois qu'il ne reste vraiment que Shirokuma Café pour occuper le créneau, mais la série s'annonce quand même bizarre donc j'ai aussi du mal à l'imaginer ... après, le créneau a perdu de son envergure, et il est déjà arrivé (après Kimi ni Todoke S1) qu'il n'y ait tout simplement pas de nouvel anime dessus pendant une saison, juste une rediff' de KimiTodo justement. Ils prévoient p'têt de faire la même chose avec Chihayafuru pour en faire une S2 derrière ? Si seulement.
  9. Malkuth
    2012-02-19 01:00
    someone mixed up cicadas with seagulls there
  10. Flower
    2012-02-17 16:45
    Okey dokey - np.

    Well, if you enjoy the series you might give that one a look-through afterwards. He makes a good summaries and points.

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