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Sanae moe over 9000

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  1. Chaos2Frozen
    2008-06-30 04:26
    This Sunday to be exact, right?

    Koihime†Musou would be this Thursday... Along with Strike Witches. But I got to be honest, the... 'Armor'(?) design for Strike Witches is a total turn off for me =_= Anyway, the week after next would also have Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu.

    World Destruction would be next week Monday... Along with Natsume Yuujin-chou.

    Natsu no Sora would be this Wednesday and Sekirei would be on Saturday.

    P.S - No, I've completely forgotten about it
  2. Feitolicious
    2008-06-29 14:25
    so, what kind of anime are you into?
  3. Feitolicious
    2008-06-29 12:37
    lol, I like your moe dance icon :3
  4. minhtam1638
    2008-06-26 12:50
    I haven't tried voting in Saimoe '08 yet. And I think I missed Shana's turn, so I might hold off until preliminaries.
  5. minhtam1638
    2008-06-25 16:46
    Oh, Certifibly Insane is your blog? I'll keep that in mind.
  6. Crisu
    2008-06-25 04:40
    You have so many initials. :O C.I.?
  7. Deathkillz
    2008-06-24 19:08
    Btw, if you are interested, the article is up ^^
  8. Chaos2Frozen
    2008-06-24 08:42
    "Also, Utawarerumono-Class Gold? THAT'S IT, I'M IN!"

    I don't know Atm, my animal instincts' ringing warning bells in my head...

    In the mean time though, I found the ending theme to the game, it has a nice shot of the main lead and his harem... But the important thing is, the music is beautiful


    "Saito? Punch Louise? Not going to happen, but he did slap her, THAT made me go LOL."

    Saito's too 'nice' to punch a girl, though in any case, I heard Louise has tone down alot in the current story...

    Unfortunately, Siesta doesn't have much of a role in those =_=
  9. Deathkillz
    2008-06-23 19:33
    That's great XD

    Kaio would be happy to know

    Though I still haven't had time to watch it yet...damn...but when I wake up tomorrow it's going to be the first on my list ^^ (and it's going to be great to watch on my brand new screen ^^).

    And no...void loli isn't epic
  10. Chaos2Frozen
    2008-06-23 03:04
    "Zero no Tsukaima 3, mainly to see if J.C Staff can do a much better job of adapting the Novels, and for the Fanservice, which it TRULY EXCELS at."

    I cried at the lack of Siesta/Saito make out scene from the last season...

    Putting that aside, I don't know how they could make up for all the crap they did last season... =_=

    "Seikirei, 'cause it looks good based on art direction."


    "And world destruction. Because the title is just epic."

    Lol That I agree...

    "Telepathy Shojo Ran, 'cause it' got one of Clannad's scriptwriters on it, and it looks warm and fuzzy. ^^"

    Heh? I didn't like the art though...

    "Thanks also for the Koihime†Musou reccomendation. ^^"

    Np... Though I should tell you, the series is base off from the Romance of the Three Kingdom... Gender-Blend style

    All except for the main character... If all goes well, I'm expecting it to be Utawarerumono class gold

    In addition, it has the best character design out of all the other series.

    As expected of a H-game

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