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  1. KrimzonStriker
    2013-05-20 15:40
    Ssssswwwweeeetttttt, we should be licensing agents for anime Dann

    Edit: Fun tidbit for the new game while we're talking about BlazBlue Dann, the new character Kagura Mutsuki is voiced by the same guy as Holland. Gonna be an awesome game when it finally comes out
  2. KrimzonStriker
    2013-05-18 22:42
    Heh, good to hear, you got to see the rest of the 5 part opener though right? Oh yeah, I can tell you that much though the increases are only incremental unfortunately.

    It was a good twist I felt, and helped fortify that link between Earth and Cybertron. Eh, got to have one character who instigates stuff unfortunately, but yeah I've generally been happy with the Human cast for the most part

    No surprise to me, though I've come to really like this one character with a well-known voice who comes later myself Huh, never saw him, haven't seen many spider-man things since the Edge of Time video-game to be honest. Oh yeah, definitely do agree with you on that part, though to be fair he often seems to mess himself up more often then not due to his arrogance and weak spine (which hardly engenders any sense of loyalty) Oh I have no doubt that sooner or later Starscream would have been back to his old backstabbing tricks and gotten kicked out regardless if he had joined or not, he's really not worth the trouble and fits in even less with the Autobots then the Decepticons given his ambition

    Still, moving on from Transformers how's Roughnecks going for you, are you liking it so far and what do you think of the characters and story overall. Much better am I right? No more Federation hacks, we're riding with SICON now my friend. And did you finish up with Reboot btw?
  3. KrimzonStriker
    2013-05-18 22:23
    Gah, I'm probably going to go back to anime full time after Korra and Prime are finished, the only exception I'll make will by Kaijudo and that'll be it now, just because of this mess. Don't remind me, but hopefully Japanese conservative culture will actually work in our favor to keep CG from running as rampant as it has here in the U.S... God, now a days I go back and watch pirated old disney movies like the Lion King just so I can get some nostalgia back Yeah, well, I don't imagine it'll be quite in ime to do us any good, but hopefully someone learns so that future generations don't have to suffer like we have. Gah, let's get off that depressing topic

    True that, and it'll likely be another month before the next chapter comes out from egscans, much less a new volume from Japan at this rate, which we can only HOPE is near the end of this year in the fall...

    Oh no doubt, stuff is just going to happen, but I think he'll be able to adapt for the most part either way. He's like 28 according to one of those extra information pages last I remember, so they should be around there as well. Well, just judging by that preview picture I don't imagine it goes to well for him and his cavalry happy troops Bah, if they stick to a GOOD schedule it'll be another two months unfortunately, not that I can blame them for taking their time while they have to wait for volume 5 as well Yeah, but I'm glad, I don't know how comfortable I'd be with him visiting such places now while Helmut's around and there's a small possibility something could come from that angle. Hey, if it helps keep him alive it's all to the good

    A very good point, and an indication that I hope Bernd get's a bit more authority soon to be able to better exercise that independence soon. Like they say, in hardship is opportunity, let's see what Bernd makes of it Oh yeah, makes me think Baselland isn't the only country that could use a shake-up of new ways of thinking now either Well at the very least that bit is in the next chapter, so hopefully it won't be too long before we learn about it.

    Well, the critical part of the story now is to try and change that mindset, both within and without Baselland to where the people can take a more prominent role in the International Stage. Yes and no I suppose, since I imagine that working relationship with Bernd will prove just as helpful in raising his profile as it will Ryner. Got to change that mindset, hopefully the railroad and its benefits become evident enough to start changing their views on Ryner just a bit, along with other new industrial introductions along the way. Helping to throwback Holback will no doubt go a long way... maybe I suppose, well I'll just wait to see how this next chapter translates, it might surprise me and prove very informative, but it'll likely be the only one for awhile given the war so I can endure it in that case.
  4. KrimzonStriker
    2013-05-18 21:53
    True that <_<

    Yeah... well hopefully Man of Steel puts a bit of confidence back into DC again, especially with Marvel eating up all the movie advertisements. He certainly has the credibility to do whatever he wants at this point Me too, I just don't think it'd work, not with the way things are now in any event (If they could do a good adaptation for ANY of the other heroes like Aquaman or Wonderwoman then I'd have more confidence) so at this rate I think they might just want to focus on Superman and Batman....

    Indeed, Indeed, well I might check in once or twice to see if how exactly its all supposed to work now with Desmond gone and the ending the way it was, but for the most part I'm ready to move on as well and hopefully Watchdog will be the first step in helping us do that. If they stick to what they've shown so far, then Versus will be fine, especially when it comes in comparison to XIII, that said if SONY does help it'll all be to the good then. God I hope Noctis comes out before Lightening does, hopefully XIII-2 will have knocked some sense into them to move away from that for awhile... ah well, at least we have Kingdom Hearts Dann >_> Heh, good luck to her then, try to make sure it doesn't scar her from trying Versus if it ever does come out Dann I always make exceptions for RPG shooting games myself, which Metro falls under, like Fallout. Yeah, I'm more encouraged now after just looking at the second trailer for LOS2 (can't believe I missed it for 5 months ) Oh me too, I was always kind of iffy on Infamous 2 myself so it'll be good to get a fresh start with some new powers and gameplay, plus it being set in Seattle is interesting to me whose used to seeing most settings in major metropolis' and the like.
  5. KrimzonStriker
    2013-05-18 19:44
    Same here.

    Well, hopefully the manga versions do in fact give us a little bit more in any event. Which is fine for novels I guess, but for an anime it's all about pace and while many anime's end too quickly others might just go on for too long, so yeah, good call with SAO, but moving on. For me, it's largely about comparing the length/budget of the anime verses the manga, depending on how long they both run is whether or not I feel they'd be able to do an adaptation justice. Dang Dann, you missed out, it's a very somber and bittersweet series but definitely something you've got to watch at least once.... I feel the same way, but I've also seen so many anime versions that just ruin the whole experience for me as well, so that's why I'm cautious nowadays unless the series is really popular and will this generate the viewership to give it the necessary number of episodes. I think so as well, but we could definitely use a few new ones to freshen things up a bit.

    Not is they went in after seeing the promotions, which were very clear about where the series was going, and the ending of episode 1 should have disabused them of that pretty quickly. Uh, white-gray huh? So generally good with some moral-ambiguity/bitter-sweetness involved? About what I should have expected, especially with the Hideazue making an appearance last episode, though in what context is still to be determined. I felt the same way as well, now it's a question of was this all one of those tragic misunderstandings in a war that could have been avoided? I thought so, I actually made an observation of that on the forums about how I thought the disjointed fanservice of the first dance was supposed to represent the turmoil and confusion of Ledo during that tense atmosphere in the restaurant.

    Bah, those are probably just the whiners that complained about too much Zeon and would have been happy if the new enemy were space vampires <_< Oh I agree it's not always for the better, but I certainly won't complain if they do eventually do it to all U.C works set after Unicorn in this particular case Only ever watched the anime series, and it was too short in my view for what they were going for, left me as unsatisfied as I was with Fate/Stay Night, though that was mostly cause I wanted a happy Saber ending. Still didn't Garden a great fighting game either though. Oh I know it'll have it's issues, but I really do believe it'll make a better adaptation then most. Heck I'd be okay with an OVA style release if that's what it takes. Which is why I wish Funimation to Live long and Prosper Oh yeah, I'm definitely not counting on that, which is fine since I think the sub groups did a pretty damn good job for the most part, I'm certainly not going to complain about not needing to shell out for 150 episodes plus OVA's and movies

    Maybe, but now we've got enemies with real faces and personalities to them, likely with tragic back stories, so it's going to hurt no matter who might win at this rate. That'd be bad in my book given how dependent his friend and adopted sister are of him, and if anyone deserved a happy ending after everything they've gone through it's Eren. Eh, I might have been okay with it if it wasn't for those stupid grins on the Titan's faces mocking them at every turn, that type of taunting makes me want to rip the veil of secrecy behind them that much more. but like I said I'm looking forward to hearing the full story about the Titans from the horses mouth in this case. Not surprising, so putting Seed Destiny back in the grave.... I'll get to commenting about that in my fourth post then.

    Hey, least we'll have final episode of Unicorn to go with it <_< That's exaclty what I think, and much as the action can be good I just find some of the mecha designs really awkward here as well. Yeah, but it'ls a nice, seamless blend used to supplement the hand drawn art as is the case with Unicorn, there's no overuse for beyond what it's supposed to do like in illustrating the NT-D system. Gah, that'd be pretty dang sad and such a waste too, nobody will care about them after that and ask what the point of the OVA was, at least give them their own story and ending <_<

    Yeah well, good points or not I just got really tired of it after that. And thus a tragic Shakespearean ending for him unfortunately Which is why I said you needed to watch Roughnecks, remind you what the heart of the story is and scrub your mind of all that other junk. Alright, will get back to you on Prime in later posts.

    Gah, don't remind me... well, hopefully they managed to get one animated movie deal or something at the very least if the episodes aren't enough <_< Bah, don't jinx us!! Well, until the series actually starts I suppose we'll put that aside for now.
  6. KrimzonStriker
    2013-05-11 22:29
    I blame Disney-Pixar for this, digital animation while having great flexibility will never look as good as hand-drawn animation to me. Yeah, at least we still have Japan in that regard Strangely I think we're heading in the exact opposite in this day and age with the need to specialize, almost wish we had an apprenticeship program in the U.S like in other countries now.

    I guess we'll have to wait until after the conflict though and see how well he does before we can think about that

    I've seen it as well, but I honestly hope for his sake he can balance it to where everyone can benefit (besides Rudolph). I didn't really think they looked all that much younger, but in any event those two will prove to be a big help given the current situation. Holback's commander does seem competent and effective, but I have to wonder if his confidence might just prove to be his downfall once he faces Bernd with his Calvary. Me neither, ah well, when we get a proper name for the thing we can look it up later should the details from the manga on the gun prove a insufficient. Yeah, according to one person's comments/ translation on a forum thread in Gunka's mangafox page. True, but at least he doesn't have anything to distract him from his work now

    Too bad said sympathetic officer isn't here right now to help him Me neither, but it's put Bernd in quite a predicament seeing as how he and the Baselland cohort look to be the only intact force standing against Holback at this point. Won't that be fun? Oh, undoubtedly, I suppose they thought those rocks would have given their army proper cover, but it looks like they failed to properly see the advantage those angled guns on Holback's ships gives them. I'd get a better sense of whether he'd be in any danger if his star rose too high though depending on how that conversation he had with the Army Chief went on that one page.

    Yeah, all he can do is all he can do at this point, try to prove his worth and the worth of Baselland and get the higher ups in Weiben like the Army Chief to see the benefits of mutual cooperation. I think you're slightly off Dann, nobody really cares about Baselland the people at this point, it's strictly about the territory they occupy and the strategic position it offers that draws the other nations at this point. Hopefully this campaign will do some good in adding to Ryner's fame... though it also might have the exact opposite effect and make people think he's a militant dog under Weiben's control, only time will tell.... You have a point, I think it's all about results at this point and proving the worth of Ryner's cause to both his people and the Army Chief. Exactly, though I hope they don't do another focus chapter on one character only, it feels a little forced. Mainly the author should just let it all happen as events come and see how the characters adapt to it, Helmut learning to fight like an infantryman in those few instances for example.
  7. KrimzonStriker
    2013-05-11 21:29
    Hit the word limit, so I had to break up my first post again. Hopefully I'll have the next bit up soon.

    Yeah, after Green Lantern I'm not so confident, plus Nolan says he'd never direct something like that so... best I think they stay away for it, or maybe a more limited "World's Finest" movie where only Batman and Superman team up together, maybe Nolan will reconsider then. It's also dang irritating at the same time though... ah well, no use complaining with the movie about a month away so we'll put that aside anyway.

    Yeah, the Black Flag release felt like way too much, hopefully Watch Dog helps them break out of that rut. Heh, you should look at Square Enix, I'm just praying the rumors about Final Fantasy versus 13 coming out for PS4 are true and we can FINALLY get the game the fans have all been screaming for and put the abomination of FFXIII-2 behind us. Good good, the Last of Us, Metro Last Light, and Castlevania Lords of Shadow are the only things I'm really looking forward to on the current consoles anyway, which makes it perfect for new releases in the next gen to come out for me. As to sequels, I do agree, which is why other then Watch Dogs I'm curious to see how Infamous: Second Son turns out as well of the known titles so far.
  8. KrimzonStriker
    2013-05-11 21:27
    It's cool, I've been a bit busy myself lately

    Meh, didn't really watch, but I've seen a manga version of the series that did have a similar look as I said, but once again I really just preferred the other and I'm happy with sticking with that manga version myself when it comes to Mayouu, moving on though. I thought so, and I really hope they don't because as I said SAO ending it there just made the most sense, and from what I've seen the novels after the second make very little. Yeah, once again a good argument for me to only wait on stuff like this until I hear what the endings were like, if they don't look like the have sufficient episodes to do the story justice like FMA: Brotherhood I really just can't get into it and why I prefer originals, or at least original adaptations of the source material, like say Casshern Sins. People have to know how to branch out and do something different, not just wait on manga artists or novelist to pad the field then cash in before the products even finished...

    It's got such great novelty to it though, I liked RandomC's reviews and how they point outs its a different take from what we're used to where civilians are thrust into war, whereas in this case a soldier is thrust into relative peace. I heard about that, so that leaves me just a bit optimistic... at the same time I'm still leary of how much I can believe a sadist like Uro, and also that uncertainty about where this will all end up that has me worried. I see two possibilities for an ending if they want to shake things up. The Alliance manages to escape the Hideazu and find refuge back on Earth... or the Hideazu finds all of them and wipes out all life... I really hope it's the former if they go for some kind of dramatic ending.

    I refuse to acknowledge any of the post-Zeon war works Dann, and by and large I think Sunrise is too. So if they really want they can hand wave it off as non-canon and reboot the whole series without it, just like how they rebooted with the Origin manga/anime series. <_< That's what I thought last time with episode 5 though going into 6.... again not that I didn't like it myself, but I see the point of balancing out some of the action just a bit more in the finale so that everyone in the audience comes away satisfied, but yes I am hopeful we'll get a good amount in this last chapter as well. Huh, never new what made Garden of Sinners so popular myself, I thought it was just alright, certainly I think BlazBlue would make a MUCH better anime then Garden did as a fighting game. Bah, they probably didn't get that lesson at all unfortunately, still we can only hope someone with a bit of sanity in the English adaptation comes through. Enough about that though, it either happens or it doesn't and we stick with pirates in that case like we do with Legend of Galactic Heroes

    Whatever the case may be I don't think I'll take any chances, I've read a few manga chapters of it recently though just to see how things were progressing, and it still leaves me leery that it's going to be depressing given all the betrayals that seem to be happening (though we finally might make sense of this nonsense about the Titans in the first place after the latest chapter...) Only watched the original Seed myself, it wasn't great but it wasn't nearly as bad as to what they did to it in Destiny which I stayed clear away from, so I'm okay in terms of art in that case. Sounds good, and like I said take your time to enjoy them. By the time you catch up you'll hopefully have the rest of Season 3 of Game of Thrones and a finished Prime by the time you're fully caught up.

    This July according to myanimelist. And I like them too (though once again I could have done without the overuse of digital animation to make the knightmares this time around) but I honestly don't know with as to whether they'll make it in the end, Code Geass always has me wondering if we'll get a tragedy or bittersweet but at least good ending.... >_>

    Feel free to do so, the cliffhanger aside I rather liked those last four episodes after Daemon myself. I did too, though I wasn't really satsified with the conclusion given the sequel to Beast Wars and everything... plus I really liked Dinobot and was sad he didn't make it Oh, that's pretty good, and did I tell you or what that this was definitely the best incarnation of the Starship Trooper franchise? Let me know what you think about the story and characters when you get a bit further. Oh that's not good, you need to go back and finish the opener then, it's pretty important in terms of setup. Animeflavor should have it all available last I checked.

    Yeah, and it's only 13 episodes last I checked. Here's hoping the creators didn't get screwed with being able to give a proper ending in such limited time I was thinking the exact same thing... uggh the new season can't get here fast enough, I want me some old Zuko already!
  9. KrimzonStriker
    2013-05-07 18:07
    I'm hoping it's starting to get taken a bit more seriously these days but you never know. *Sigh* what I'm really worried about though is that people might take this a sign to replace hand drawn animation entirely with digital instead. I almost feel sympathetic with that one Baselland citizen worrying about the replacement of the age of the craftsman for the machine process in that respect. Given what we can guess from Volume 4 that does indeed appear to be the case.

    Going by that preview shot for volume 5 I'm think we're going to see a lot of issues revolving around calvary and how to counter it (good old square formation ). Which can be useful in and of itself when you combine it with artillery positioning and the like. One problem with all of that is this is all significantly above his pay grade and rank to influence, he's got quite a few limitations in that regard

    Add into the mix is his own conflicted loyalties, and how far he's willing to bend the fact that at the end of the day he's there for HIS country's best interests, not necessarily theirs. Yeah, they had one flashback scene of the coup, so they must be academy survivors and friends of Bernd from the looks of it. I think they've been attached to Bernd's unit to give him some experience officers given how he only has six students from the academy with him so far. Interestingly I think they're possibly supposed to be in charge of that unit of Baselland regulars which might be why Bernd selected them, despite being so much younger, though being from the Academy may give them the proper rank above simple enlisted men. Said leader seems to also favor Calvary quite a bit, so it'll be a good chance to test Bernd's theories on how outdated Calvary truly is. Yeah, never seen that design before, could be a modified Gatling gun or something, but we'll just have to wait on the translation for more details. Well, based on what I saw I think Bernd was supposed to raid that place in the first place, but I think he got a bit tempted to sample the wares. Luckily for him it looks like following orders got him and all Weiben soldiers banned from brothels from now on, so no need to worry about him diverting himself from his job (or a potential romance) from now on :P

    Oh undoubtedly, the guy needs a break somewhere, am I right? But I think volume 4 just goes to emphasize my own point, because based on reactions alone I can tell that the commanding general from Weiben seemed to dismiss a lot of what Bernd said. I think based on the preparations from the village Bernd wanted to fight Holback further inland, rather then trying to ambush them on the coast near their ships, or something like that, and we can see the result obviously. I think all that depends once again on how he rises, if he becomes indispensable then they'll have no choice but to acknowledge him in this case.

    Yeah, or it could just entrench that whole Weiben against the world mindset the Army Chief seems to have going on. Just have to see if this whole thing can pay off for Bernd, which I hope it does, he has so many problems besides having members of his own side suspicious of him... I think so, unfortunately that may or may not come about by Ezreich and Weiben turning their country into a battlefield, hopefully Ryner and others of the Baselland elite from the Academy and other places can avert the need for that, even if the people themselves are ungrateful for it. Ryner's coup will likely have to happen sooner rather then later in order to pull that off though... I think so too, well hopefully Bernd can find the right incentives for both in order to get the Army Chief to let up just a little. Well I'm hoping that doesn't become an issue now that we're in the main crux of a conflict, and yes it would probably be better in a extra chapter from now on. I thought it was rather interesting, the blond artillery guy mght have been trying to feign an illness or something and Bernd gave him the option. But it's a good perspective to have, a lot of people would normally be scared about being called up to war. It might have been a bit much to make a whole chapter about it, but I appreciate how every character is bringing a different perspective and background here, from the industrial mogul's son, to the noble-born aristocratic girl, to the low-educated grunt trying to make his way in the world, and now full circle we've got just your average, middle-class Joe with a normal life thrust into an extraordinary situation and how he reacts to it.
  10. KrimzonStriker
    2013-05-07 12:50
    Okay, so moving on from that topic....

    I do try, but sometimes it's just about whether it feels 'right' to me despite wheter the art adaptation has merit, like mayouu from last season where I really like one particular manga version but the anime chose to use another versions art style instead. I'm liking it too but from what I've read in terms of summaries it feels like the novels are TOO long versus where as SOA's anime version ended it at just the right point. That's disappointing to hear, and probably why I've delayed on Accel World given the reported jumps in its story and how its novels are also continuing.

    This is why I'm more comfortable with anime original series despite how gorgeous adaptations can look, you'll at least be able to plan accordingly in terms of story. Speaking of, I'm caught up with Suisei now and I got to say I'm loving the introspective, easygoing nature of it all, it takes itself more seriously then I had hoped but is also incredibly relaxing. Hopefully this will be the exception to Uro's other works or the director reigned him in because I don't think I could take a grimdark twist right now <_<

    Generally, yeah, it's always been one of those running themes in both real and the U.C's history. I really hope so, Amuro wasn't perfect by any stretch but I got really tired of him having to save the Federation from their own screwups, about time the sane individuals not from Zeon said enough is enough. Yeah, hopefully it will be able to sate those who are a bit impatient with the lack of decisive action in the last two episodes. True that, though noe that you mention aniplex I'm reminded that gundam collectors aren't the most fiscally responsible people going by the model's so that may be too tempting to pass up for them, so here's hoping on funimations part....

    I've heard about it... and I think it'll be awhile before I'm up for something like that, at least until someone gives the all clear that it ends alright.... Speaking of giant monsters I really nee to watch Heroic Age... oh and finaly catch up on Last Exile.. so many series I keep putting off.....

    Yeah, you're missing two or three more episodes after the Daemon Arc there Dann. I think has the entire cartoon list from veoh available if you want to check it out. Surprising most of those old serires do have dvd releases, which just proves they made a mistake canceling them in the first place. Remember to go from top to bottom except for thye last two videos, basically star with Pluto, then Hydora, Tophet, Tesca, Zephyr, Klendathu, and then Homefront. Let me know what you're first impression is of the series, I'm still dumbfounded they did so well with 90's digital animation technology. Alright then, we'll shelve the Prime discussion until you're at least done with the first season.

    Ah, defintely cannot wait for it to get here, especially with YJ gone and this being Prime's final season well, at least according to his grandson he's got the quotes and sayings down so here's hoping. Bah, let's just put off that speculation until the next book comes oout for now, no use worrying about it with so little to go on.

    Which is why I'm very optimistic that this movie will be the one to resstablish the Superman franchise in theathers finally. Huh, did not know that about Zod and the Heat Ray... ah well, we'll table this topic until it finally premiers in theathers then, too many uncertainties to continue on this point.

    I know, it might finally be Ubisoft's answer to those demanding a modern Assassin's Creed finally. That sounds pretty good, though I do remember how a lot of things get taken out of Alpha premiers, but hopefully it's far enough along that the demo verson gives us a good enough idea of what to expect when it comes out. At this point, while I'm hopefully I just need to see more developers come out with releases that really help showcase what the new hardware can do before I come one way or the other, best hold off until then I think, maybe when the price becomes a bit more reasonable as you said.

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