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  1. Kusaja
    2008-10-06 17:36
    I see. The rumor is here, roughly translated, but most people also tend to agree it's looking pretty fake at the moment (apparently from the Chinese side of the fandom, not the Japanese) so it's best not to take it too seriously. It hints at a continuation. Just something people can speculate about. Not worth it until a real source is provided and confirmed.

    Agreed. At the very least I'll probably re-watch that show sooner or later, it's definitely worthwhile. I'm kind of the same here, for the most part I tend to think a lot about open endings, and this one was no exception.

    I'd hope they do reveal it in one of the later Picture Dramas, that would be the least "artificial" way to introduce it into the storyline, without just leaving it as purely trivia material in a book or interview.
  2. Kusaja
    2008-10-06 13:45
    There seems to be a new rumor making the rounds, something about the producer's blog, but I don't really believe it without a clear source. Have you read it yet?

    Isaac and Miria were hilarious really, for all their stupidity... That show really had a wonderful cast of characters, in many ways. I wonder if we'll ever see the rest of the Baccano! novels animated (or even just translated, officially or not), it would be interesting to see how those continue to portray immortality. Anyways, open endings have that benefit of letting people use their imaginations, but to a certain extent they can also be seen as irritating, if they fail to meet expectations.

    Speaking of something slightly different...apparently Yukana has been receiving many questions about C.C.'s real name, but she's not spilling it all. Makes one wonder if we'll ever know, but it's interesting to see that Japanese fans aren't dropping the matter and will put pressure on the staff, one way or another. As long as they do so respectfully, of course.
  3. Ring
    2008-10-05 20:06
    I think the place being Marianne's place and the position of the crane are reasonable speculations. With that speculation, I wonder if Nunnally met with C.C. at some point before the time skip in the epilogue.

    That's possible. I'm not sure if they think they owe Lelouch, but maybe the collective unconsciousness felt grateful for Lelouch enough to grant C.C.'s prayers.

    Yeah. It would be interesting if they show the piece in a picture drama during one of the time skips, but the chances are probably not that likely.

    That's a rather pessimistic outlook for C.C by her. It would be silly for her to have this development just to revert back as if it never happened, so I disagree with that fate.

    It was part of the first sound episode of R2. C.C. cares about cosmetics in this. The miko one was the second sound episode.
  4. Asleep
    2008-10-05 13:54
    Do you think they will ever reveal what Suzaku's scrapped out plot was going to be? I was very interested in finding out the reason for his super abilities, but they had to drop that...

    Newtype comes out this week in any case.
    It better have something good!
  5. Asleep
    2008-10-05 11:01
    I don't think I want to know her name anymore. It's better that only Lelouch knows I guess. And I don't want it through some interview in some magazine. If it were given out on the show itself, I'd have been elated but not in this manner. But I do suppose, in time, they will tell us.
  6. Theron
    2008-10-05 03:01
    Yeah, CG ending dwelled over me for few days, but it's time to let go. As I stated in recent CG discussions with the absence of new info there's nothing to talk about. Now almost everything is up to Sunrise and in lesser extend to Okouchi. I and Vakir exercised the possibility that Sunrise may very well make Geass into a franchise. Now as an aftermath conclusion on all things CG concerned, I'd say that the only question that remains is what the Sunrise executives want to do with CG concept. Have planned something for the future already or will they come back to CG in a few years? Sunrise has the rights so everything now is basically up to them.

    As for Gundam 00, yeah, I'm a fan. And I have very high hopes for the second season. It's a very straightforward mecha after all and Sunrise has proven on many occasions that it can deliver excellent mechas. Well, with the exception of Wing of course. Than again G00 was probably one of the best mechas made thus far so there's hope 2nd season can live up to it’s predecessor.

    By the way, speaking of Lyle, what you think of replacing Neil-Locon with Layl-Locon? I was kind of exited about the resurrected possibility of LoconXFeldt. ^^ Not that G00 has much to do with romance - witch is a good thing - yet it does have some potentially interesting character development in that regard.
  7. demon_god04
    2008-10-04 23:48
    I mean something more concrete, cause I can imagine the debate about who the "Luke" is at the end and stuff.

    Yeah, plus it enforces for new viewers that Natalia is a key player and not a side character. I can't wait to hear Yukana sing the grand fonic hymn XD

    Give it a read if you are inclined and let me know what you think.
  8. Asleep
    2008-10-04 23:47
    Not that. I meant the entire track. It reminded me why I liked her character to begin with. Despite being one of the main characters, she barely had any spoken lines in R2.

    They must have changed their mind about her name. They said it would spoil us if we knew it, so maybe there was something more to it, but I guess we'll never know.
  9. Jeffry2009
    2008-10-04 23:22
    Um, you couldn't do any of that? If it's that severe I recommend cutting yourself from anime completely because that sounds extremely dangerous.

    Sorry about this late reply bcoz my hometown doesn't have the line so now i'm being writing this somewhere in internet cafe in uptown i mean it does have the line there.

    Well, It. Happens. Since september last year i've been looking for some answers bcoz my mind was filled all that CRAP called IM@S xenoglossia by Sunrise. That show was the biggest dissapoinment til some theories are left wondering what happened to me. until all happens to me that i've been suspended for 1 week due of my sadistic feelings. Bashing some characters whatsoever. Now i've really should get rid all over those CRAP because everything was already passed.

    Well then, i'll see you later that the new season will be air in few hours away. I should get rid all over those tragics about last season like Bashing some characters (Ali Al-Sachez & the douchebag alejandro corner who's already dead) to fight my feelings and so on. so i need to look forward this season not past seasons bcoz i want to see the green hair Ribbons Almack who could become an EVIL character ever not just Graham Acre.

    See Ya.
  10. Asleep
    2008-10-04 22:55
    I know. They already have that comfort level since they are so close. And I prefer relationships to be on an equal level.

    I read that too. I love C.C. even more now and I am glad to be a CxL fan!

    A lot of things were left out like C.C.'s name, Suzaku's relation to geass, etc. I am open to another version in the future perhaps. This season really felt rushed especially the last episode. There are so many things unresolved maybe they should do an OVA? I don't know... but I think this is the end.

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