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  1. Kusaja
    2008-09-26 23:37
    No problem, sorry for the delays.

    It's a little ambiguous, in parts, since you'd really need to know Japanese to figure out the nuances behind the lyrics. Roughly speaking though, I still think "Continued Story" is more general and less specific, considering this isn't just Lelouch saying goodbye to someone (singular or plural) and promising to meet again, but it can also apply to the entire series if you want to interpret it like that (the story ends here, but the future is left open and "we'll meet again" is a fairly generic way to close the curtain in that context). It's probably a song with multiple meanings, but without context it means...everything and nothing.

    Well, I don't know, so your interpretation is absolutely valid...I'm just open to other possibilities.

    I know that's what you think...but in little more than a day this will all be over, one way or another.

    Until then, something like trying to brainstorm your way inside the staff's heads to find their true intentions is...premature and potentially confusing, for any of us.

    Yes, something like that could happen. Perhaps that feeling of "what comes next?" is what Taniguchi wants to give us, after the major plot lines are resolved and we learn only the immediate fate of the characters. Hard to tell.

    The idea sounds crappy on paper, but we don't know how it will work out if that's what they choose to do, so I'm just commenting on it. Considering Kallen doesn't really know what is going on inside Damocles yet, from her point of view it makes sense to stop Lelouch, in principle. Well, the staff will probably leave a fair amount of things up to interpretation, so whether you want to use anything said by Lelouch, C.C. or Kallen as a confession is up to you, unless the events only leave one avenue open. Interesting but sad is better than sad, in my opinion, as far as endings go.

    That's up to you, really. The best advice I could give is to keep your emotions in check until it's over, and see whether the ending warrants anything more or less.

    Ougi as a teacher would be a nice way to make him come full circle, I suppose, and that probably would allow Villetta to work near him in that capacity too, now that she's really got no titles and ranks to worry about. Jeremiah's already accepted "Orange" as the "name" of his loyalty, so...if he survives, I'm sure he'll be fond of it. Cornelia as Empress gives me mixed feelings, since she's still a figure from the past, representing an orthodox idea of Britannia that may not be possible to uphold now that Lelouch has brought down the old system. Schneizel has similar issues, but having him as a good peacetime king, or even a democratically elected leader if the monarchy itself falls, could work as an long as he's still under the effects of Geass and has received specific orders. Otherwise... Nunnally might also be eligible, but the general issue here is what happens to Britannia as an entity, so...these are all guesses.

    And it's generally been a positive change, for I think a more human C.C. is a more interesting character, at least in an endgame scenario like the one we have now.

    True, not everyone will like the ending, but like I told you at some point...there are ways of making less people angry...and ways which lead to exactly the opposite thing. Macross Frontier, yes. A lot of people expected the ending to resolve certain things, didn't. Maybe R2 will be similar, but I don't see that as a necessity, since they are very different shows.

    Some of them should expire in a couple of days if they were temporary, if they are permanent...well, nothing we can do.
  2. Theron
    2008-09-26 21:08
    No it doesn't. She was 1) a solder and an ace pilot 2) fascinated with Zero. Leloush himself wasn't even something to consider. And that she had found out who Zero was. That everything just has gone under the hill. I don't get that development at all. When she started to fall for him, why? It a complete mystery why they choose to persuade this.
  3. Theron
    2008-09-26 20:29
    Irritating? Really? It always rather amuses me.

    It's kind of sad that they'll never go with something not traditional. I know that ménage à trois actually did came up repeatedly, but I don't expect most people to take that option seriously. Not because it’s not possible on the contrary, but because it is not of the conventual morals. To display something like that on TV would be like a suicide of both Taniguchis and Okouchis careers. Yeah. Still is sucks that the majority isn’t prepared.
  4. Theron
    2008-09-26 20:07
    That is exactly what I so love about psychology: you can never say what is and what isn't. Did you misinterpreted those scenes or is your currents analyze an act of desperation? Are those people that in the same facts see proof for LXC or those who see proof rof LXK? Or those that on the same basis exclude any chance of Suzakus victory? Or the ones that see the opposite?

    One can never tell with absolute guarantee to be right. People don't even know themselves what they think. It's fascinating.

    Sorry, got a bit sidetracked. It was always kind of a hobby of mine.

    I don't really know what could surprise me. I don't really cafe if there will be any unexpected things with the romance. I just generally only want everything to end at good terms for a few characters that I like the most. Everything else can go as the authors decided - I won’t have any problems with that as long as it's not some absolute nonsense. For some character to act completely uncharacteristic for instance.
  5. Theron
    2008-09-26 18:50
    Reverse psychology again, huh Dann? I'm not sure that it'll work this time. Something like Lelouch and Suzaku "dying" i.e. are trapped in the World of C and C.C staying to wait for them is also possible. I mean, that kind of an ending would surprise me. But I starting to lean towards the possibility that the ending will be something that no one could have predicted including you or me. Something as unexpected as spectacular.

    The gum line is one sentence cut out of an episode. Without the actual episode it couldn't even existed. Without the episode it has no meaning. The only impact it has is to produce more questions. It was meant to be a reminder of the episode in the first place.

    Hmmm... And after 24 was aired you wasn't so negative. Succumbing to the pressure, ha? ^~
  6. Theron
    2008-09-26 17:40
    It seems this is one of rare ocasions when we don't agree. I don't see everything including the romance plot as already decided thing. If there's something definitive so far it's only that Taniguchi & co. can pull anything up their sleeves at the last moment possible. Anything could happen.

    I repeat what I've been saying since R2 has started: the only thing that I find convincing enough is the episodes themselves. Everything else is nice to know, but it isn't evidence by itself. All that stuff can be viewed only with the episodes, not as a standalone thing. They compliment each other.

    So far I haven’t seen or heard anything that would hold any value without the episodes. Not the songs, not the gum lines, not anything. The stories are being decided in the episodes and not with everything that goes with.

    Dann, you sound so sure of everything, but I know that you're not. And I'm sure that Taniguchi & co. will surprise even you.
  7. Theron
    2008-09-26 16:18
    You know, I'll take the actual scenes from the actual episode over any lyrics, songs, gum lines and any other crap that people dig up and starting to almost worship it. All this things are nice and interesting, but they do not deserve to lay all hopes upon.

    I'm sorry Dann, but I can't see anything more tan desperate people making up stories without any strong proof. It isn't justified to trade reasoning for some questionable explanation to either still have hope or not to be disappointed in the end.

    I'm gonna be rooting for both C.C. and Lelouch to get through this and hopefully be happy in the end. I also wish for Kallen to grow up happy with her mother. I wish that many characters will have a satisfying ending, not fulfilling ally my dreams and fan-based urges, but a satisfying so that I could go "Ok, that was a decent ending, everything makes sense, moving on" That's all I want.

    Really Dann it is not worth it to dwell over these tiniest pieces that very well could have nothing to do with the progression of the episode itself. There are just another couple of days. It's better to go over everything that we've witnessed so far that keep guessing without anything to base it on. Just let it go and wait peacefully. Or remember all the great moments that we already had in CG.
  8. Kusaja
    2008-09-26 15:57
    Sorry for responding very briefly, but I'm in a hurry.

    I think the lyrics could even be, roughly interpreted, a reference to all of Lelouch's friends as a whole, including but not just Kallen.

    If you're right, so be it...but well, until the stream comes around, I will not set that in stone.
  9. Asleep
    2008-09-26 15:47
    No she doesn't need to die, but they will kill her anyway. And how are the polls wrong? She is also ranked highest in all magazines or after Lelouch.

    I don't get what was the point in telling us she really wants to live and be loved though
  10. Asleep
    2008-09-26 15:37
    How is that everyone getting what they want? LxC are winning the couple poll and by a big margin. C.C. is also most people's fav character other than Lelouch. That kind of an ending would really suck. But her name might be revealed that way awful awful awful she doesn't need to die!

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