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  1. KrimzonStriker
    2008-10-03 17:05
    Meh, I still think that context we have leans more in our favor anyway Dann. And meh, Taniguichi doesn't strike me as the type for real finality in any of his series anyway Dann, giving us hope is his style whatever else even if he may have been dissatisfied with things here and there, and I'm sure a chance to revisit the world on the matter would still be a tempting offer in that case.
  2. Ring
    2008-10-03 02:24
    Yeah, lack of details for some things is good for the open ending aspect. Yep, it wouldn't hurt if they filled some of the gaps with some other sources like the picture dramas.

    Oh, the ending picture with C.C. looking over the hill. It's a picture from her past and it was in the memory museum in Ep. 15, but perhaps it was symbolic to show that Nunnally's crane flew to C.C.? Nunnally in the OP was shown throwing the crane from the castle that C.C. is looking at.

    Yeah, what happened to Lelouch's body is something that would have been evidence in whether Lelouch lived or not, but they decided to leave that out. Maybe she was praying to the gods to forgive Lelouch for his sins and also for good fortune in whatever fate that awaits him?

    Ah, the close up zoom to the a giant king piece. Since the sky was looking bloody, perhaps it was to show how he captured the world in that scene? Lelouch did say he would make more blood flow and conquer the world before executing his plan.

    I disagree that either pairing was meant to be clearly displayed as canon with the current script. Reading Koshimizu's post on the possibility that Kallen's line was toned down makes me think they didn't intend on intensifying the romance subplot for the finale, which sets up an ambiguous end. That, or they figured that this line would have lead to a negative reception by Kallen fans if they used it in that scene, which seems to be the case looking at the replies to Koshimizu's post.

    Have you listened to the new sound episode yet? If you haven't, you'll like it since C.C. and Lelouch who's with Rivalz are hilarious in one of the tracks. Here's a summary. It was surprising too. That cover was deceiving since I expected Lelouch and Kallen to be messing around along with her character song. This makes me want them to make a lighthearted series like FMA Fumoffu.
  3. KrimzonStriker
    2008-10-03 01:11
    Meh, even we have a context to work with Dann concerning Lelouch still being alive. I do think that the more likely of the two was still LelouchXC.C anyway given how Kallen was portrayed as having gone on with her life in the new world and as she should do under the circumstances. Anyway, yeah, I think we'll be fine though in regards to any official statements on the matter, but lets still enjoy these moments as you say
  4. KrimzonStriker
    2008-10-03 00:52
    Nah, we're facing some stiff opposition in the forums from the more stubborn lot who want Lelouch thread, but overall we're growing in strength and setting up our positions pretty well I feel. Oh and yeah, love those C.CXLelouch reactions, they get along so well I don't see why everybody else can't see the beauty of the pairing. Ah well, to each their own, and in the end I think we've still got the best case out of any of them, so its all good
  5. KrimzonStriker
    2008-10-03 00:30
    Eh, most of it seems pretty light-hearted, what we have incoming and what we know anyway, so we should be good I think. Just relax and enjoy the moment of bliss Dann, right now the trenches are getting pretty rough but overall I feel we're making good progress on the front
  6. KrimzonStriker
    2008-10-03 00:08
    I say enjoy the possibilities to your hearts content Dann, enjoy them because you do and because you can, it'll do you some good I feel
  7. KrimzonStriker
    2008-10-02 14:24
    Pfft, you're just being pessimistic as always Dann. If he's alive, I believe high probability he is anyway, then we're good, and we are Dann. We're fine as we have always been, you need to quit being so paranoid already.

    Thanks for the link anyway
  8. KrimzonStriker
    2008-10-02 13:44
    Ah no, I didn't get to see the info on the Sound Episodes. Got a link?
  9. KrimzonStriker
    2008-10-02 13:38
    Dann, you have a very large community right here on the boards telling you the exact opposite. However, I say we look at the facts and the context, despite whatever feelings Kallen may have had, she already is starting to move on with her life as one can plainly see. Honestly, I rather doubt she won't try for a relationship later on in her life, she's only 18 and being a nun doesn't suit her really. Dann, if you hadn't noticed, we're in the majority, C.CxLelouch is basically the only viable route left now and the pairing in which we were given the last impression of together. You don't hear us shouting or in this case, whining like the Kallen fans are on this matter, because we don't need too, and they are simply speaking quite pissed at the moment about the whole matter. We're fine Dann, as we have always been, we made the smart bet and it will payed off, at least better then anyone elses bet on the matter.
  10. C.C.
    2008-10-02 13:00
    Bah, I think that, at this rate, the site won't update that chart! XD So everyone can think what he wants. But it's sorta annoying when you talk and the other says "Stop saying that Lelouch is alive!". -.- I'm already satisfied like this...

    In fact, I said that for me, the only one that proved something was Kallen. Not Lelouch. The only thing that is sure for his feelings, is that he loved Nunnally, but she is is sister, is normal (at the end I really hated her! ;_____; she was to mean with him). I'm more than sure that C.C. was in love with him (even if she never said anything about), and Lelouch was starting to think something more than a contract, or at least, this is what the last episodes told me. And their last scenes were really touching, especially in 23.

    I'm not really sure that was why she wanted to kill him.

    No? I'm sure, because if, when they were talking in 22 and she kissed him, he said something like "Oh, Kallen, I found out that I like you" she would surely follow him as she always did. But she didn't. Why? Because he didn't reply. And more. Why does she need to ask C.C. if she loved him during their fight? The love for Lelouch was her only aim at the end of the series, she can't have it and she fought against him. I think that things went like this. And so, what Kallen proved was not love. When you love someone, you desire just his happyness, and not his death.

    I found a fanart a bit... with that scene! XD It's quite funny! I finally menaged to download it!!! *__* I'm currently listening to it! XD It's amusing, especially for Lelouch's voice!<3

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