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  1. Theron
    2008-10-01 14:31
    I doubt that he could do that. I'm more and more leaning towards the idea that he was sure that he'll die. And if he were to resurrect that wasn't a part of his plan. Anyway, if he did taken her Code I'd prefer he stayed dead - this idea just gets rejected by every part of me.

    I'm pretty sure that C.C. did as well. The fact that she never said that out loud is just so much like her. She's not that type of a person to confess her feelings in dramatic manner like Kallen did. Kallen is more passionate person where as C.C isn't. She is much more prideful and still isn't freely enough after centuries of seclusion. The ice hasn’t melted completely jet.

    For me the scene in 24 and some of her scenes in 25 were proof enough that she loved him as well.

    What article? And in witch group? I haven’t seen anything like that…
  2. C.C.
    2008-10-01 12:10
    I'm relieved! At least you believed in what you were looking for! ^-^
    And you can stop to be depressed... I hope! *_*
  3. C.C.
    2008-10-01 09:07
    Ohi, Dann! There's no way I can't think that Lelouch is dead. He IS alive, and is with C.C.. Kallen ended up with Gino even if she will always carry Lelouch in her heart.

    This is my final conclusion, it was very, very hard for me, but this is the truth. If you still want to continue to think that he is dead, you surely can, but I not agree.
  4. Asleep
    2008-10-01 01:21
    I think he got his code from Charles. That way they both can spend eternity together
  5. Theron
    2008-09-30 16:06
    Again concerning romance plot: I honestly think that Lelouch can very well have loved both C.C. and Kallen. Romantically. And in thins hypothetical Project 50 years into the future after CG ending he still will be with C.C. Again romantically.

    It's the same thing like it real life people loose their loved once, but mange to fall in love once again and again and again. It doesn’t make any of the previous feelings less real or meaningful. People just need to move on or they will cry over the past the can not be recreated for the rest of their lives. People need to move on - simple as that. I'm absolutely sure that Lelouch is able to do that or he would be like Charles or Sheneizel. He has chosen tomorrow. So in a situation where he can not peruse something he will be able to move on.
  6. KrimzonStriker
    2008-09-30 14:51
    Basically that is what it boils down too

    Really, haven't noticed until now

    The odds are pretty stacked, defeats the whole scene where she's living her life now, and in which Zero Requiem would go on, if he's alive then he needs to go into hiding and stay dead, hence why remote countryside as a cart driver fits that context best I think. And her song is fine, reflective of what everyone who thinks Lelouch is 'dead' are probably thinking, well those who know the true meaning behind his actions now anyway.

    With Taniguichi and Sunrise? Hell no, ambiguity is what they thrive on for the most part

    Exactly Dann, positive thinking does you wonders, so go with it I say, you certainly need it more then any of us I feel
  7. Theron
    2008-09-30 14:44
    I really doubt that we'll get any conformation about anything. At least for some time. If someone were to tell something it would simply destroy ambiguity of ending.

    What I'm hoping for is Sunrise's nature and history. Those greedy business sharks know how many possibilities this ending has opened. I bet they are thinking about the future right now. Gundam source will sooner or later be sucked dry and CG was more popular that latest Gundam series. So I'm betting on their greediness and their ability to take everything from one giant concept.

    By the way, do you go with the Highlander immortal theory that you have to die before it activates?

    Yes. I was thinking to do a compilation of everything we know and don’t know about Geass including all possible explanations about Code transfer.

    The best way to do a follow-up movie or new series will be to skip a substantial amount of time. Say like 50 years may be? This way writers can let many old characters go from the start. Also that wouldn't destroy the ambiguity of CG ending that much. They can simply mention some things and not go into details. Zerozaku by that time could be killed in some heroic action when he was already old. Everyone else would be either dead or really old.

    By the way, a cool thing would be to make Jeremiah sort of an immortal as well. He's a cyborg and he was created using Geass Cult data. Just an idea.

    Also concerning the thing with Kallen. I get the feeling that Lelouches heart is big enough for more that one person. Isn't it? He practically sacrificed himself for the love for the whole world. No one can say that he didn't cared deeply for Nunnally and C.C. and Kallen and Suzaku and so on. So in 50 years C.C. could still tease him about his affection with both her and Kallen. ^^ Nothing concrete, jet still nice and satisfies everybody.

    Also sadly I doubt that Lelouch will be the protagonist of this lets say Project. He will be one of the main characters along with C.C., but his story was already told. Still he will be great in any role. ^^

    And by the way those eye shadows don't mean a thing. Why? Because we still don’t know anything definitive about Geass, Codes and immortal bodies. Something like "Oh, those dead people have eye shadows and those don't. Let's guess witch ones are really dead. You have three try’s." won’t work.
  8. KrimzonStriker
    2008-09-30 14:25
    Uh basically yeah, I think they did it on purpose you know. And regardless of that, one thing I need to make clear, C.C can not actually talk to the dead through the world of C. Marianne was special in that case if you go back in Turn 1 and she explains it that her existence between life and death is what enabled her to do so.

    Maybe, I like to think they lean toward the positive notes myself

    Why would he? He's supposed to be 'dead' so I doubt he'd ruin that now, and that would just cause unnecessary burden on everyone since he would have to likely be immortal now to have actually made it out alive. Anyway, her scene shows that she's moved on, going to school and living her life now I mean there's only so much you can bend things Dann, you have to fit into the context of what we have. Cart Driver for the win now!

    I have faith Dann, they could have but did not do things in a way that would have absolutely guaranteed his death, thus I think the ambiguity is the general goal at this point in time

    Uhh, no worse then the rest of the world Dann, for pete's sake she's happy, she's living in the new era he brought about to its fullest now. She's fine, certainly it would not be worst it he wasn't actually dead anymore then if he really was I think. And yes, good old C.C, let the interpretations commence!!
  9. KrimzonStriker
    2008-09-30 10:17
    Dann... she was speaking about a line she said in the past tense then moving on to a present tense by saying it wasn't quite right and then she asks, Right Lelouch? I've got just as many people saying it was spoken in the present tense as well, the whole thing however is just very ambiguous, and once again how I advocate that the whole thing is left ambiguous on purpose, and that plays into our hands

    The ending? Nicely played

    Dann, I imagine the open ending just leans heavily on C.C at this point >_>

    I think not, if they have any sense they will leave it as is so that they can have material for some extra features later on... OR to just keep us guessing

    Uhh, no Dann, no, we already know about Kallen's feelings but when a person 'dies' in this case, said person who lives will undoubtedly move on as Kallen is showing. And you know what, the path in this case that Kallen says she is following is one in which Lelouch laid out for the entire world, the path to peace and all that snazz... now C.C's character song just leaves me far more confident about how things were indicating
  10. Guilford
    2008-09-30 07:37
    So just what we want to think then?

    Yes, more or less.

    So you don't think that Lelouch could have possibly survived

    Ah, sorry I didn't mean it like that. The possibility is there and I hope he did survive, since if he didn't the purpose of his actions and his "death" would be rather short-sighted since now that he is dead what keeps mankind from fighting again, say in 200 years? The symbol of Zero will fade as other symbols have over the time and so it might just all start again somewhere in the future...

    So not only for his own sake (and perhaps C.C's) it would be better for him to still live and somehow watch over the world and make sure that this really won't happen again.

    Still, he could just be dead and the writers want us to accept that either from now on love and peace is everywhere til the end of time or that this doesn't matter since the recent conflict is now over which should be enough to be happy about.

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