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  1. Ring
    2008-09-28 03:41
    Kallen is going Ashford now, Viletta's belly has grown, etc. It's pretty much a hopeful ending for all the other characters. Yes... it seems so for C.C. even though she was smiling on the wagon. Ah, and no name for her. Not really the greatest of closures for some of the plots.
  2. Kusaja
    2008-09-28 03:40
    Yup...well, I'll give it another chance with a translation.

    I'm not happy, but I would lie if I said there's nothing good about it. The huge problem is it does leave too many things unresolved, such as the name and all that stuff.
  3. Ring
    2008-09-28 03:34
    Yeah, looks likes like the person to be commemorated was Zero (Suzaku) for killing Lelouch playing the role as the villain. And I believe he said aistheru to Nunnally again. Hm, I don't think Kallen's gum line was said at all unless I didn't hear it.
  4. Kusaja
    2008-09-28 03:33
    C.C. did not die, so you can rest easy there.
  5. Ring
    2008-09-28 03:27
    What a twist! :O Lelouch's and Suzaku's Zero Requiem was apparently to have Suzaku be Zero and kill Lelouch.
  6. Guilford
    2008-09-28 02:38
    Sorry for the late reply

    For starters, do you think that the only possible way this could end for Lelouch in the event he doesn't die would be for him to not be able to live among normal people anymore after all his crimes?

    IMHO, he has to leave everyone and atone for his sins, even the ZR had enough people dying so a normal life with his friends would be kind of ridiculous. There is no way I would expect people like Xingke and Toudou forgive him even if they hear he did it for a better world. He killed many OotBK members with the Sakuradite explosion and even Toudou and Xingke themselves nearly died, so...

    And despite all this mess, how should the whole romance plot be dealt with in your opinion from what we have seen?

    IMHO, they should have focused on ONE woman and have the other be concluded early in the story. But they developed Kallen in R2 and had C.C still being there and even getting development in 15 and in the recent eps. On the other hand Kallen's development in the recent eps was shit so if we sum that up, if Kallen now ends with him the last 3 or 4 eps did shit with developing a reason for that and if C.C ends with him they have wasted a lot of time in the first half of the show^^
  7. C.C.
    2008-09-28 02:35
    Ok, ok, at least, now it's sunday... T___T Less than 30 minutes at the end! We will see who's right!
  8. Kusaja
    2008-09-27 23:49
    If things play out as an exact parallel, like you assume, which I don't think they will. Suzaku can be overcome by Suzaku in multiple ways (or he'll just let her live), and C.C. doesn't need to be removed from the picture so arbitrarily.

    Indeed they are, and that's why we are speculating so much: we lack details.

    In a little over 3 hours by now.

    I guess re-watching Stage 1 and whatever movie comes across my PC or TV will have to do.

    Maybe,'s one of those things that a lot of people argue: that Suzaku needs to live so that Zero Requiem can be accomplished, so he can't lose to Kallen. Depends on what Lelouch says, how Kallen reacts and what each person takes from it. Well, there are still enough C.C. or CluClu fans, and even Kallen or Kalulu supporters aren't exactly scathing their tummies. They are just as worried as anyone, and I think that's natural.

    Precisely, Villetta and Ougi are now an item once again, and her position no longer matters to her, even less so with this Britannia "reformed" by Lelouch. I'd say Nunnally will either accept or reject Lelouch's plans, which means if she assumes any leadership position, it'll either be on her own or as part of what Lelouch wants (even if that requires using Geass on her, maybe). Lelouch doesn't blame C.C. for giving him Geass, appreciates her presence near him, saved her life once and has promised to make her smile. It doesn't spell anything out, but I think that's beyond friendship and a little closer to love, even if there isn't anything explicitly romantic yet .

    Well, I think there's a chance we might see her live...her death is just another option, in my book, not a sure bet.

    Yes, but they don't know if it will be a recap or a continuation of the story. It would be pretty coincidental if we somehow got a movie announcement for Code Geass after the episode airs. Yup, time keeps moving forward.

    Nobody can blame you for thinking that, that is your opinion, but it's probably better to be prudent.

    That's most of what we will see, but we need to find out how it's all going to happen. Like Narona said, more or less...if you have nothing to lose, things can only get better, if you get anything good at all. I don't know, really.
  9. Theron
    2008-09-27 23:27
    And I don't get it either, but plenty of people do hate her and think she deserves to die for all she has done.

    And what exactly so horrible has she done? I mean, she never actually hurt enyone on the show. She did gave Lelouch Geass, but it wan't her responsibility what he did with his power. THe better part of both seasons she didn't cared about much. Her main goal was to protect Lelouch so that he could fulfill her wish. Also she bounded with him in the process. She even started to care about Nunnally and Kallen to some extend.

    The one and only one she has hurt was Mao, but that was understandable. Still she tried to spare him till the end. It was absolutely clear that being forced to kill him at the very least made her sad.

    I really don't get how someone can hate a character that haven't done anything bad on the show, always was by the main characters side giving support and has such a tragic back story. THere's something seriosly wrong woth those people.

    Anyways, I'm going to call that a night. Want to sleep through the better half of sunday so that when I wake up Eclipse will be already released. ^^
  10. Theron
    2008-09-27 18:19
    Yeah, redeeming of Rolo and his heroics at the end were totally out of the blue for me. For example Ninas redemption didn't annoyed me at all, even though I wasn't found of her character at any point prior. All that was kind of only anime stuff: in real life mentally ill people with such problems are either killed or imprisoned in the end. Killers and maniacs just don’t become all good and fluffy. Rolo should have died as a cloth - exactly as Lelouch have planned.

    Yeah, Suzaku needed more sharpened motivation from the start to the end. No, not motivation because it hasn’t changed much, but rather behavior.

    No, no, no, I agree entirely. What's particularly sad about her is that she had never met anyone like Lelouch, who would genuine care about her. Poor girl was deprived of even a slightest chance of happiness for her whole long life. Honestly, she's the most tragic character in the show. I really can’t understand how anyone could not sympathize her situation and even hate that character...

    All the potential was unexploited. Well, I doubt they could go with Geass plot to the fullest with that much screen time.

    Exactly! There was always this multitude of little details. I bet CG S1 was the first anime that came that close to portraying mechas as more or less realistic war machines. Also Shinkirou wasn't so powerful. There was just this shield witch a) couldn't sustain constant attack for long time and b) needed to be lifted for Shinkirou to use it's beam weapon. So there are flaws as well.

    Both Seiten and Albion are on a completely different level. They are like untouchable. Anyway, we'll see how that battle will go.

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