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  1. Theron
    2008-10-14 06:28
    I got the expression that he recognised her somehow. Remember, she got out of her GN-X to help Sergei? I thought All saw her face back then. As for why he thought he knew her... I'm sticking with the theory that they were together in the beginning of Super Soldier Program, but something happened afterwards resulting in either one of them or both to forget some part of their past.
  2. Theron
    2008-10-13 11:12
    At least that would be more interesting than stupid Freya plot, witch really irritated me in the end, but we'll not go into that. Anyway I thought that only this name wasn’t used - we got Lancelot and Galahad and Gawain and so on, but the coolest character of the Arthurian Legends wasn't included! Merlin - a wizard to begin with - that's who could deliver the most haxiness or so I thought. ^^

    It needs to be noted that I kind of thought up a whole alternative story for CG witch implied three seasons of screen time. With everything good that R2 accomplished witch wasn’t so much included as well as bad ass mecha and technology based main plot and of course the major overwhelming Geass plot. I’m still not sure on many details and there are lots of plot holes, but…

    The thing that always makes me sad is that I can’t draw very well so I can’t draw all those images that I created for those mechas for instance. T_T

    Yup, that's exactly my point. Sumeragi's the one that looks out of the picture where as everyone else seems pretty appropriate for their age.

    Although I lean more towards them not being blood related, we still can't count it out. And as bizarre that may sound all of the Super Soldiers could be related. Maybe Soma was initially right and its Alle whose memories were altered thus making them all experimented children. Clones carried by surrogate mothers? Or even grown fully in tubs so to speak? We really lack the information to speculate any further.
  3. Theron
    2008-10-13 08:55
    Wouldn't it, right? Just imagine Siegfried with arms and claws and Hadron beams coming out of the center of it hands. Or another one I imagined for Emperor Lelouch - larger than Gawain, with white-golden color scheme, surrounded with floating generators like Siegfrieds (witch would make it very fast) yet retaining humanoid-robot-like shape, equipped with some high tech craziest things and controlled with nerve synchronization by C.C. And above all that named Merlin.

    Try to compare the two models - her old presumably younger self and her new presumably older by 4 years self witch I find to be the other way abound if taken out of context. It’s like she grew her hair in this time instead of cutting it and did a plastic surgery. Although her face didn't changed much I really liked the close up shots - very reminiscent of the first season.

    I completely agree! Although judging from the ending theme I'd doubt Kuroda has gone with siblings plot. From my prospective that seems really unlikely. On the other hand they could have known each other only before Alle escaped from Super Soldier Program and was rescued from that hovering in the space pod. And I recall that he was rather small at the time. So it very well could be some sort of a childhood friend thing if I may reference that. Still I'd expect from 00 not to go standard in almost any prospective or side story. So far it was reminiscent of at least three other Gundams so far yet not copying anything as well as bringing a lot more depth to the settings.
  4. Theron
    2008-10-12 22:50
    No worries, there are other places to talk about games and such.

    I agree, it's just I was just thinking the other day, how awesome it could be if KMFs development as lest partially went in direction of developing Gawain and Siegriried types. I even draw an image in my mind of those KMFs or rather Knight Giga Fortresses. ^_____^

    Kuyaaa! It's not like that! Don't misunderstand! ^^ *akhem* I mean, it's kind of weird because she looks kind of different now. With short hair it almost seems like she shrunk or something. The main thing is that she looks much younger now. I don't like when characters feel different because of the new design, not like some time passed, but really different.

    Hm... I'm to it favor of Alle and Soma turning out to be siblings because yet again that seems cheap. What will play a major role in their interactions in the future is their ability to link to each other to some extent. They could recognize each other on the battlefield right away, can talk while fighting that kind of stuff.

    Oh, yeah. Remember that awesome scene in Empire Strikes Back when after Luke is rescued Millennium Falcon flies by the Destroyer and Vader on board of it talks with Luke? If that sort of communication could be implemented between Alle and Soma that would be absolutely awesome.
  5. Theron
    2008-10-12 21:39
    Yeah, but I'm a die hard Starcraft and Diablo fan. Also I hate WoW. -_-'

    In CG last Guren/Lancelot battle was nice, but nowhere near the level of great mecha fights. CG centered on pilots a lot more than on the machines themselves and while I really liked this part - for instance we've got an absolutely amazing scene when Jeremiah defeated Anya - it still was less and less exiting to watch. Remember last half of 00 season one battles and of course the appearence of 00 in this one? Those mechas are flying in space and are giants in comparison to KMFs and they use lasers, beam sabers and annihilating GN bazookas - all of this is hugely overpowered against normal Mobile Suits and even against those with Tau Drives, but! It is entertaining and really exiting every time. In R2 most battles had almost nothing to do with KMFs and a lot more with plot itself. Now that I look back I clearly see that the strongest point of CG battles was always either Lelouch himself and his genius or some plot twist/necessity to move the story forward. And all KMFs were just a substitute, no more like a plot tool. People tried to make CG top notch in every aspect - drama, all sorts of action, mystery, comedy and hell-knows-what-else - and naturally they failed. If only CG had more time to work with...

    Also funny thing about Sumeragi. Have you noticed... how do I put it? She’s kina not as huge as she was before? -_-'

    I wonder who was he calling while in his car...? That was made really ambiguous. If he turns out to be a spy for A-Laws that'll be extremely disappointing in a sense that it's really cheap. Although Kuroda didn’t disappointed me so far, even once. What now worries me as well is the ending scene (yes, I watched it) where he holds hands with an unseen character. That is so ambiguous almost like it's screaming of a hidden plot twist like Lyles background - for example, he may be in love with Shirin. I know it's a stretch, but who knows...

    I guess, I just want him to grow up a little bit faster. Or is he needs to be persuaded by every single Meister and Ptolemeus crew member? I really hope that those facts will be enough, still taking into account how much of an emotion driven person Saji shown himself to be recently, I have to doubt whether he can listen to reason.

    I doubt that Soma remembered him/her past life already. But I bet we'll se some pretty interesting interactions between the two. Like Alle will be telling her stuff about herself and calling her Maria and intimidating her by that. She on the other hand might go from confused to irritated because she doesn't want to know about her past i.e. she's afraid find out. It's a classic way to deal with lost/surpassed memory plot and it's very realistic thus giving the character a lot more depth. I'm very much looking forward to that. Also I think that Kuroda might throw us a bone with a hint of more sorts of what kind of history Alle and Soma or should I say Maria have shared.

    As for Aeolia, I still hope that the old man still has something up his sleeve. I think that Eifman understood that there is a different plan witch there was only it wasn't Aeolias but rather Alehandro and Ribbonses.
  6. Theron
    2008-10-12 18:34
    Wooh!~ I just watched. Was busy with stuff for couple of days and it was Blizzcon time as well.

    The very first reaction: wow, why the hell only Gundams can came up with such epic mecha sequences?! The mechas themselves, the launching, the battles - everything is just unsurpassed by any other anime. Now, why is that? CG for example had only once come near to the level of epicness: in the first season with Lancelot two launching sequences and Gawain/Siegfried battle. Macross had entirely different set of animations so one can’t even compare the two...

    Anyways, I very much liked the 00 after seeing it in action. Also I suspected there would be something along the lines that Setsuna is the only one who can operate 00. It’s kind of a bit hilarious, but it's more or less of a tradition for the main mecha character.

    I don't think we got the whole reaction for Billy though. I wonder what he'll do after the initial shock wears off...

    And Sumeragi absolutely depressed trying to hide from things with drinking - that was surprising although not totally unexpected. Still I'm yet again not sure what she'll do from no on.

    What makes me anxious about Lyle is that he jumped the train that easily. He appears to still have loyalty to Kataron yet he named himself Gundam Meister. I fear this might become a problem later on.

    Edit: Speaking of Lyle as Lockon that's how it'll go.

    As for Saji I really wish he manned-up already! This I-can't-see-anything-around-me-exept-for-myself-and-my-personal-tragedy attitude starts to really annoy me. "Are you going to start your interventions again?! T_T" What do you think, you idiot? The best part of his little speach was that people are going to get hurt in CB going to intervene, but it’s OK for A-Laws to slaughter and oppress and do whatever they want. Damn, I would have slapped him already if I were Lasse! Not that Lasse did badly in that scene I really liked how he just punished Saji with bare facts, nothing more. Truth really gets to people.

    Well, it’s understandable. Aeolia's program erased everything helpful (like Meisters identities) and gave Meisters even more - Trans Am and Twin Drive theory. So he should be frustrated. The genius man got them even from his grave!

    Oh, and I haven't really watched the ending yet. Want to wait for Conclave-Mendoi subs to download.
  7. Ring
    2008-10-11 18:24
    Is it? Searching Koshimizu's posts, there was never direct confirmation by Okouchi or Taniguchi and the general consensus among the Japanese community is that the ending is open. I've been out of the loop for the past few days and haven't been following the forums, so fill me in on the latest if you can.

    Btw, what shows are you following for this season?
  8. Vallen Chaos Valiant
    2008-10-11 18:04
    Vallen Chaos Valiant
    Indeed, those who believe Lulu needed to die to make the show work, don't actually care about Zero Requiem. They want him dead because they personally hate him, and they attempt to justify their position by claiming Lulu killed himself out of guilt.
    I can't agree with that, simply because we already have a character who try to kill himself out of guilt the WHOLE series; Suzaku. And not once did Lulu believe Suzaku has the right to do that.
    Which is why I don't believed Lulu deliberately killed himself to atone for anything. His intended suicide was merely a side-effect, and not the intent. The whole point about Zero Requiem, is that someone who isn't really guilty is punished, so that those who ARE guilty can get away with it. And the effect is that he breaks the cycle of hatred and revenge. As an example, Ougi did horrible things, but if a Britannian was to assassinate him then war would break out again from counter-assassinations.

    And in the end, since Zero Requium is never about the Death of Lelouch, but Death of a non-existent evil dictator in the hands of a non-existent good Hero, Lulu can survive in the end without making ZeroRrequiem any less of a lie than it ALREADY IS.
  9. Narona
    2008-10-11 16:13
    :O glad that you like it

    Still I don't understand that kind of behavior...

    No idea =(

    Will you watch the stream of gundam 00 ep2 ?
  10. Narona

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