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  1. Narona
    2008-10-08 20:47
    That you should not jump the gun. But you are Dann after all XD

    I hope you will be nicely surprised when the full translation will be posted.
  2. ashlay
    2008-10-08 20:31
    him or Saji.

    depends on how things develop.
  3. KrimzonStriker
    2008-10-08 20:30
    Well, technically they couldn't have met at the time of his death, I'd imagine it would be bit of a while beforehand. I still think it leaves a good chance that it would be him, if it is then it could also be infered that she's waiting for 'someone' aka possibly Lelouch to say it they way she had wanted since he did technically say it at the time etc etc. Lots of possibility here Dann, I think we're fine because of it

    Really? Ah well, glad that got cleared up the
  4. Narona
    2008-10-08 19:34
    Tssssssssss xd
  5. KrimzonStriker
    2008-10-08 19:25
    Its in your nature to worry about everything as you said, especially to make things seem worst then they really are to be honest. And c'mon, we're still waiting in general on the matter as well, I think it opens up the possibility that it is Lelouch who she is waiting for possibly, since we didn't see them together yet at the time of his death etc etc. all I'm saying is that its subject to all kind of interpretation that could go our way I feel, especially since he is still the only one who knows her name anyway. Maybe she's waiting for him to say it the way she wants, like a lover would, who knows at this point?

    He's the title character and protagonist, as far as I could analysis this series did revolve around him as did all the aspects and characters of the story I feel. We're fine, calm down and breathe already >_>
  6. KrimzonStriker
    2008-10-08 18:49
    I don't think its a lie, honestly it suits Taniguchi too much to leave the whole thing up in the air really. And what, how many times have I seen Lelouch hold a seemingly dead C.C in reverse, but she's still kicking from what I remember... and in reference to Yukana that aspect doesn't dismiss the possibility that Lelouch is alive, which leaves the option once again open to him being the one to say at and such and such.

    Uh, yeah, he's the center of this universe, you didn't already clue into that? Seriously though, in terms of what we actually can interpret we already have the general gist of things in regards to everyone else, Lelouch being alive on the other hand seems about the only thing that would really require much imagination on our parts I feel. We're fine Dann, honestly, you're always so quick to jump the gun on everything
  7. KrimzonStriker
    2008-10-08 18:08
    Dann, calm down, honestly what does anyone care about the other characters really, they are living well and happy and this whole is Kallen a doctor or is the Order still around bleh bleh bleh as is small potatoes when we already have this general view on the matter, the main question is the one concerning Lelouch and the implications now surrounding him and as befits Taniguichi's style I feel that this matter was amongst his meaning to leaving it up to our imagination. He's the director Dann, BTW, what he says eventually goes, Okouchi's main job is to carry over themes in the story, but even within the details of that theme which I have acknowledged I can still work through it in this case where the scenario of Lelouch still being alive will still stand, and that the directors statement on the matter along with the portrayl concerning the epilogue is one that allows it, so calm down already, geez >_>
  8. KrimzonStriker
    2008-10-08 17:48
    Uh, Dann, calm down really. Its a writers job to refocus on such themes in general, the scene itself was pretty darn centered around Lelouch's death etc etc. however, I now know that the elements that led to the doubt of his death were in fact real and intended to give us a reason to doubt, as said by the director himself, so since Taniguichi is higher up then Okouchi on the whole matter and gets the final say I'll go with him >_>
  9. Kusaja
    2008-10-08 16:36
    I guess so.

    In my 100% made-up scenario, you could say they wanted to emphasize different things: perhaps Okouchi wanted to focus on the themes, and wrote the story accordingly, while Taniguchi wanted something else. Both of them are credited as the "original creators" so it's a joint effort. That's why his position is also important.

    Either it will be revealed much later on, or he wants to leave it a secret. C.C. would keep the name to herself even if she was together with Lelouch, I'd imagine, because it's something she cares too much about if you recall her reaction.
  10. Kusaja
    2008-10-08 16:23
    Then all you can do is wait.

    It's hard to say. But, to throw out some speculation (so don't take it too seriously) may be that Okouchi, for example, wrote the script thinking of Lelouch's death, but Taniguchi decided to introduce some elements that allow doubt. The final result is a combination of the two. The Director is also an active part of the production, and his intent would also be important, so if he wants the audience to think for themselves, that is a valid option (to doubt Lelouch's death). You can certainly do that.

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