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  1. Theron
    2008-10-21 17:51
    I was busy with stuff for some time. Actually I still kinda am so there's not an awful lot of time for online activity. T_T Also I spend the better part of the weekend + some time before and after watching Heroes. I don't know how, but I haven’t watched it before. And now after finding a nice divx source I was instantly mesmerized by it. One can say I was completely absent from reality until I watched the first season.

    The ending pictures are more of displays of the most important connections the main characters have. Each picture capitalizes on the current circumstances, on everything that let to the point we are at right now. I can’t really see anything beyond that. Even the symbolism of certain pieces hints more on background, past stories surrounding the character that what the future holds for them. Alle/Soma picture for instance portrayed their connection and the undeniable threat that A-Laws represent to any kind of relationship those two had. There is a possibility, but one that could very well sunk at any moment.

    I'm thinking more like he newer knew his real name. Or wasn’t ever given one? *need more info* ^^

    That's pretty much the same things that I and Ashlay came up with. Neil wasn't a really good guy who pretended to be nice and Lyle will be a nice person acting like a bad guy. The reverse acting. It's a little bit stereotypic to be done with siblings, but it works pretty well.

    As for Kataron I'm not sure about those guys. This leader guy - what's his name again - creeps me out. I wouldn't be surprised at all if he turned out to be not so noble really soon. And Shirin was way too worried that CB will intervene in Kataron doings. Also the role that Kataron seems to be taking on currently - freedom fighters with the ideals of democracy and fluffy rabbits in mind - is very uncharacteristic for Gundam franchise. There was never any pure good guys. All of this combine makes me very suspicious about Kataron.

    I don’t really care for characters survival that much. I would definitely like if for example Feld, Alle and Soma got a nice and at least to some extend happy endings. But if not - there's no problem. The only things that I do care at the end are consistency and believable either logic based of emotion based final decisions. If everything is solid plot-wise I won’t have any complains. If on the other hand there will be for example some questionable choices that are completely unbelievable than it’s a different story entirely.
  2. Theron
    2008-10-21 10:24
    What I found interesting was that it seems that Soma also has multiple personalities. Alle mention something that let me to believe that her current personality suppressed the older one i.e. "Soma" replaced "Marie". That little detail opens up a whole lot of possibilities. Like did she do that herself, on purpose or unwillingly? Or were the ones in charge of SSP responsible? I'm quite exited about that particular plot and how it will unfold.

    On a side note: what kind of name is Parfacy?! Couldn't Kuroda cane up with something better?

    I suspect that Lyle will be in huge trouble very soon. Sumeragi already suspects him of something. I don't understand why he couldn’t come clean about his connection to Kataron from the start. Well, Setsuna did know that he was a Kataron member, but right now it seems Lyle leaked CB information to Kataron. That makes him a double agent of some sorts witch always ends up in tears.

    Right now he doesn't trust CB: he didn't said anything about his training witch he obviously had, he insisted that he never piloted a MS - yeah, right! He tries to act like he's all good buddies with CB, but keeps everything a secret. I bet he will try to get even closer to all of them and then after his double dealing with Kataron gets discovered he'll be like "I have done what I thought was right" and blah-blah-blah something like he's loyal to Kataron - the only true freedom fighters and CB sucks and so on. It will not end well.
  3. Narona
    2008-10-18 04:38
    Gundam 00 S2 is quite entertaining so far :O
  4. Narona
    2008-10-17 17:51
    Besides, you'd could just say that Lelouch's death is so convincing that he managed to fool even the staff.

    ROFL. yeah XD. TBH I think I successfully moved on, so either way it's ok
  5. Theron
    2008-10-17 10:29
    Hmm. Now that I think about it very well might be a reference.

    I suppose the best thing A-Laws can do at thins point is to equip their aces with customized Aheads and take in a whole lot of grunts. They don't care about normal soldiers thus making them take the role of a meat shield for the ones actually capable to battle Gundams. However lot GN-XIII's will be destroyed, however lot of low ranked soldiers will die it still will be highly effective. Exactly like it was in season one when Meisters survived only because of the Thrones appearing at the nick of time.

    Every truly oppressing organisation with no regards to human lives and using any means possible to achieve the results behaved just like that. And while I have to agree with the extreme effectiveness of such tactics we are watching an anime. Anime about idealists who want to change the world for the better and because the damned controversial morals they will win. They will stop the evil oppressing A-Laws however effective their tactics are. I doubt that it this concrete example of present media we'll get an honest display of the absolute fact that good rarely if ever prevails over evil.

    Well, at least we don't get the disgusting absolute of "good". Gundams are not that much better than anyone else. Witch is only logical: good can not battle evil in any way without becoming evil itself.

    Meh. I hate to use those idiotic terms like "good" and "evil" because there is so little one can actually call that. People are different, human world is complicated. The overwhelming part of the planet population is extremely dumb. The other such part doesn't care. Etc.

    Akhem... Sorry, sometimes I can go on like that for hours without any idea where I'm going with it. ^^
  6. Narona
    2008-10-16 16:58
    We should wait to know if what was posted on the mobile website is from the Cg staff or from biglobe or a no-name webmaster.
  7. Theron
    2008-10-16 01:14
    I'm thinking along the lines of massive space battles. Remember in the opening there is a scene of Sergei, Andrei and soma? There are spaceships in the background. Those ships are bigger than A-Laws current one.

    Also one interesting thing to note: in season one there wasn't one organization that CB had to fight, there were multiple plots, multiple threats and a whole lot of enemies. Not to mention plot twists.

    Because of that I'm not convinced that it will take a lot of time for CB to take down A-Laws. But according to the laws of fiction as one enemy goes down the other much more powerful rises.

    As for A-Laws themselves I'm starting to think that Ribbons had created or manipulated the other into creating them to be a simple meat shield. Does he care how many A-Laws die fighting Gundams? No.

    Anyway speaking of A-Laws strategy I'd say they rely on numbers and good pilots. They have the most advanced machines in the Federation, those machines can very well stand up to Gundams (excluding 00) and they have a whole lot more people. 4 Gundams versus 50 or 100 or even more? How ever superior Gundam tech is, it can't help with those numbers. So yeah, they pretty much have a chance right now.
  8. KrimzonStriker
    2008-10-15 16:19
    Well, from the looks of it the marriage thing didn't work out to well, nor did the family if his son was anything to go by. What I meant was that it isn't necessarily out of any romantic feelings that he would propose something like this either I feel, I think they were more paternal then anything else really, but in my opinion even that relationship can breed the option of marriage as simply a means of security and mutual comfort even if there isn't any real romantic development. BTW, Lelouch came off to strong for me to think he needed a maternal figure for the most part, a lot of the times he took care of C.C in turn, which gave me the impression they were more equals then anything else

    Meh, having both eyes is a good sign to me anything, as I'm hoping it'll transition back to when he made the reveal in Season 1 by combining rapid combat instincts and reflexes with tactical analysis and comprehension to match, if a bit more restrained and calculating then the war crying Hallelujah

    Anyway, yeah we'll see, would like a love interest though with Allelujah and I'm not a big fan of pedo-bears so hoping for a more romantic direction then a sibling relationship personally

    Meh, I can't tell at this point, the mass-production models are handling themselves a bit better but if anything this also shows that CB is working on the development front as well. I'm expecting though for them to start coming back a bit stronger once the aces start making their appearance as they'll likely have stronger custom mobile suits then the A-laws grunts, especially from that wicked image of Ali's mech in the opening... hoping that guy bites the bullet BTW, either by the new Lockon or Saji. <_<
  9. KrimzonStriker
    2008-10-15 15:45
    Well, I think a lot of marriages are based on that, much in the way when friends get married etc. etc. it becomes somewhat of a natural next step to add security to the relationship, because its comforting for the pairings that do it even if their is no real romantic feelings involved, though her hesitation gives me a good sign that they won't be pursuing that direction now and instead I believe indications are pointing toward her shifting towards Allelujah now. Andrei's participation is a bit of an X factor I agree, but from what I'm reading it'll probably have a negative effect that could push her more and more to Allelujah as the series progresses.

    I'm of the same opinion now that he has both eyes showing at the same time, it marks a new beginning for Allelujah though I am anticipating with ample curiosity this new shift has had now that Hallelujah seems to be gone now on Allelujah and how he'll develop from it. Oh, yeah, I personally agree with you on that last point, they play the sibiling card a lot in this series and many others before it, and I'd like to think the recent indications and context what with the somewhat implicated push from Sergei and the arrival of Andrei to strain her previous relations, especially in the ending shots could be more romantic in nature, as I feel it would give off better drama and a more interesting scenario in general
  10. KrimzonStriker
    2008-10-15 09:59
    Yeah, my main motivation for that though is I just don't get the whole Sergei angle on the matter, I feel they are more father and daughter and I don't think that gap will really be breached even if they make the effort towards it as was the possible interpretation of Sergei making some sort of proposal that embarrassed Soma. Makes me think they want to close that gap off now personally, especially with the introduction of Andrei. Overall, I feel that the greater depth of exploration and focus of her relationship and Allelujah's will be with each other at this point, and I think this leaves a very wide possibility indeed between the two depending on the nature of their connection.

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