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  1. KrimzonStriker
    2015-06-07 02:19
    Don't bring my hopes down just yet now Be a waste if they didn't but we''ll see. Yeah, I've always been cool with that... so long as they don't make a big deal about something REALLY old in turn like Final Fantasy VII HD, damn am I still pissed about that; Why couldn't they have just done a steam download or something, I mean seriously? <_< Arrgh, moving on from that topic because it aggravates me... I am curious to see how much CP Extend fleshes things out if any even though I am still impatient for a sequel there. I'll take your word for it, just rather care about my characters is all, Biowares done a good job of that more then anyone I think in terms of giving a real sense of a personality on top of allowing players to make their own decisions.

    Agreed, so let's hope they do it right then No I understand, so just remember staying power is one of the key aspects of video games, and at least you'll know stuff like Witcher 3 sounds like it's worth getting, which btw has looked great so far based on the videos I've seen. He, Legion, and Miranda were close ones for me though I generally liked everyone and the diversity they brought. True that, lord knows I banged my head a few times whenever I saw people go that route, though there ARE times where it's called for and very satisfying instead of the cream-puff paragon can be sometimes as well, though obviously those are only exceptions. I think so, and yeah that did irk me but the others work out in the end, I thought Miranda was great in that role for instance. So here's hoping they improve on that on a personal aspect for the main character (7 seems a bit small for a max party so I hope they bump it to 9), while bringing along many or all of the main familiar race along with us on this expedition to Andromeda where we can see how the interact with any new native faces we meet there as well

    I see for myself at some point then. Indeed, I'm sure Tales will be worth it when you do get around to it comparatively in any event, but I'll let you know what the reviews say about the Mad Max game once it's released. Well let's just see what if anything E3 and Gamescon bring us then.

    Well I'll check it out when I can later regardless. That should make things smoother at least. Also, if you want to then tack on your response to our recent conversation on FFXV here.

    Just have to see, there's been surprisingly little about the actual plot relvealed so they could throw anything at us at this point, I hope they focus more on the power the force can do though, the Sith Emperor draining the life out of planets was pretty cool in the Old Republic game for instance. Well I hope you're right, I'd once again hate for them to just push him into the simple bounty hunter category. God, I got go download the Thrawn Trilogy at some point I'm missing him now, him and all those blue-skinned red eyed Chiss <_< I'll be nice if/when we get some actual news about ME4 in that case to fill that scifi quotient...

    Bah, players don't care apparently so long as they've got their harem, however unrealistic they came about it. Let's hope PE5 manages to dissuade that in the future <_<

    You and me both, there's a lot of interesting nuggets I'd lost track of here which Volume 2 is giving me, though I wonder what they'll have left to explore for a Volume 3 if they choose to go forward with the collection after the next DA game comes out.
  2. KrimzonStriker
    2015-06-07 01:55
    True, I hope we move on from Kuga though after this arc to get a feel for the others personalities a bit more. And of course as of 121 Soma has to take the most extreme and audacious approach to achieve it. Indeed, I found Soma's reaction when Erina told him about the consequences rather hilarious given you'd think he'd be used to this by now Interesting they did a call back of the breakfast test now that you mention it. I could see Soma getting a moral victory out of this though where his stand does edge out Kuga slightly, even if he can't get/win a Shokugeki yet. Or, and here's my theory, Eizan swoops in out of nowhere to steal the Shokugeki out from under Soma and knocks Kuga down a rank to take the 8th seat instead. Yeah, especially that Number 2 girl Rindou, she seems the mischievous type

    I thought it was rather cute honestly, just got to appreciate silly moments and laugh along with them Dann They played the full song in an extended version after Soma and Erina finished humming the first part. Certainly Shokugeki seems to have learned that lesson given how often they pull that cliff-hanger (especially that last one wow) on us so I'm not overly worried that in this case if it's only 2 seasons Indeed. True, that's what engrossed me about this series as well, and yeah that was a big complaint, most people think that's the difficulty of transitioning from a Light Novel series into an anime format, the lack of time to properly go over or present things in a more exciting way. Same. And yeah, those moments where he ventures out of his comfort zone are among his saving graces, though as for how OP he is well, I generally think of him as a force of nature and care more about how people react to him then what he actually ends up doing, it's worked for me for the most part so far. As I said, it's that context surrounding his character more then he himself who is the interesting, because then things get into some Ghost in the Shell espionage level esque stuff, which is pretty neat, and it is pretty sympathetic when you do learn about his circumstances. Yeah, I share your sentiments on that front which is why I'm rooting for the MayumixTatsuya pairing personally, as things stand I just treat Miyuki as a plot device in terms of keeping Tatsuya vaguely engaged with the rest of the world and that's about it. You'll get your wish soon enough I think as you progress further into the series, like why Erika has a problem with Mari, along with a few more interesting characters that will be introduced later. Well I hope you grow to like it by the end, fair warning though it does end at the half-way mark of the series so we'll have to see if they pick it up for a second season. That being said I'm never going to claim Mahouka is some great masterpiece but it's intriguing enough to me anyway to warrant being a decent time sink that makes one mildly curious to see how it all ends. Well I'm ecstatic to see two of my favorite Japanese mangaka's joining forces like this so I can't wait to see how it all turns out with Arslan.

    Sounds a bit too game breaky, they still need to take down the boss responsible for all this plus reveal what the heck the warrior village is all about. We'll know once the new chapter comes out which direction we'll be moving in soon enough I guess.

    Going to move the video game stuff into the next post.
  3. KrimzonStriker
    2015-06-06 00:38
    There was no helping with a couple of documents that were too image heavy for me, The World of Thedas stuff for example. Same, though it's probably only a matter of time before we'll have too with mangas, I can't really get to read the volumes I have too often without adding more wear and tear which is why I stick to online readers even then and just collect volumes for the most part. I know I know, it's a problem trying to fill actual interactive content like that in general but at least the open world feels alive, which Shadows of Mordor probably has done better then most now that I think on it and I hope they take that process further in the sequel. Indeed, we'll just have to see how they do in that attempt. Yeah, that'd probably be the best thing they could do in terms of just making these NPCS act as alive as possible even if they aren't directly tied into the story, though Biowares always been okay about that at least with previous ME games, we'll see if they can improve on it I guess. True, it HAS been 3 to 4 years since ME3 so nobody can say they've rushed the process at least with this one, hopefully it turns out well.

    Yeah, that'd probably be the safe bet. I still try to add calcium/vitamins wherever I can so milk and natural fruit juices are still in my fridge as well. Glad to hear, and I'll be here whenever you need help digesting through said materials. They WERE pretty big volumes as you saw Dann so that's still likely 6 to 8 normal volumes of material for them to work with, so far though they've done a good job keeping everything in the final production. Nah, it's not just you, no scanlation groups want to take on that challenge at this point I think. As for those official online licensed release you mention it'd be nice if it's true, cool as the hardback covers are they'd be a pain to store/maintain as well so I might consider the online route to simplify things if it's available. Huh, I'll have to go through that again, I only ever recall Amuro/his Dad and Fraw making appearances in the prequel chapters of Origin but it'd be cool to find a Mirai cameo at Texas if true. I think it'll be good regardless so I'm looking forward to the Mobiles Suits debut this Fall, especially since based on the trailer Ramba will get first crack as the test pilot Maybe that's why they've had such a delay in terms of tying up Akito's story, but hey I won't complain, too many series cut things too short so it's good to see the reverse for once. In that case I might give the next episode a whirl just to see how a Seventh generation Knightmare renders in CGI, we'll see though. Allocation of resources to other projects maybe? CG's pretty old by now, I wouldn't think they're in any rush to to rerelease it, at least maybe not until Akito finishes but that's only a guess.

    Yeah, no word thus far though so maybe the end of this year or next we'll get a new project in the works hopefully from Sunrise. Sure, no rush as I said, Arslan's hasn't even reached the halfway point and I still gotta pencil in Aldnoah for myself now that I think about it. Yeah, the second season of Sidonia is currently airing right now actually, another 4 more episodes till it finishes so I'll probably start sometime after though it'll still be taking a back seat until I finally get around to finishing Try Fighter. They have gone with a lot of OVA stuff with the U.C universe now that I think about it. True that, last one I can think of was Sword Art Online though there are some recent series with potential to go further if they're ever picked up for a second season, we'll see. I'd be surprised if they don't honestly, there's potential for growth of their GoT game with events in season 5 rolling around, which thankfully had some GOOD deviation from the books in the latest episode. True, we'll see if that hold up after these last two episodes. True that as well, so I'm REALLY hoping GRRM manages to keep his schedule of getting it out early next year. Well like I said, they seem to have won people back after episode 8, let's see if they can keep them. Bit of both honestly, some stuff drags on while other stuff just comes out of nowhere leaving us scratching our heads but we'll see if it factors into anything, they've left out a bunch of characters this season which has also been a pain while we all wonder what's going on with them.

    Will get the rest up tomorrow.
  4. KrimzonStriker
    2015-06-05 21:32
    Well she still has the last name and shares the origin country story too so she's likely still a princess, that's something, and she was mentioned tied in the epilogue movie for the demo so maybe she and Noctis still share the death world thing while showing what I think was the biggest change in that she no longer looks like she's on the antagonists side so that's something. We'll see though, it'd be a shame to lose all her strong female character traits, certainly I'd wanted to see her in combat if still possible. Ah well, Gamescon is in 2 months so we'll know then.

    Let's not think that far ahead, I'd rather focus on making XV as successful as possible to start bringing Square's reputation back.

    Gah, NO!!! Or well, I don't really care if they don't let you swim, that isn't a present game mechanic and doesn't seem very necessary anyway. But they HAVE to keep the Leviathan
  5. KrimzonStriker
    2015-06-05 19:06
    I was curious about that from the last trailer. In that case I'd be disappointed if she still didn't at least share some of the same characteristics like her ability to fight. Based on the previous trailers/demo I'd be okay if they've just changed it to where she's actively helping Noctis versus reluctantly opposing him, don't know why they had to change her name though even if they wanted to rework her character. We'll see I suppose.

    I'm cool with that after the long wait.

    Eh, disappointing, guess we'll have to pin our hopes on KHIII for any Square presence.

    Response up tonight, sorry for the delay.
  6. KrimzonStriker
    2015-06-03 15:44
    Can they patch that in for the game console versions? Cause I know that was a big concern for you.

    Also will try to get a response either today of tomorrow after spoilers for Shokugeki 121 are out.
  7. KrimzonStriker
    2015-05-26 10:31
    You're probably right, though I do worry this one is too much of a rehash of Road Warrior but I'll take your word for it that it was good. Same, an expansion on the cast certainly wouldn't hurt either. Cool, though honestly movie-based video games have had a bad track record so be careful before you invest and have Tales in your back-pocket but good luck then and let me know what your thoughts are if you do play Mad Max. That's fine, Ori isn't going anywhere and just based on everything I've seen it'll be well worth it when you do finally get to sit down and enjoy it. Yup, might as well just watch the cutscenes on youtube for a short film if single-player is the only thing that matters to you. I hope so, it's not a priority for me given how early it still is but it would be nice to see for all the KH lovers out there.

    Huh, have to put that on the watch list at some point. Didn't know about an update and the timing works out perfectly so it makes sense, anything major they're adding like magic etc or is this just small glitch fixes?

    Yeah well, their last few works haven't left me with a ton of confidence so I'll be holding my breath until December in the meantime. Dang straight and it'd be good to see them change things up with that if they have to bring in dooms day weapons at all. My greater fear is that they cut Fett and the Mandalorians out completely though, and boy do I miss the Chiss already by the way. True, but you often came up with gems from authors who created Thrawn along the way. Yeah, it doesn't happen a lot but I could see it occurring like in the early part of the month as well, we'll see. Of course but after Dragon Age they could really use a non-fantasy work to change things up again.

    In most cases yeah, and especially when the involved parties would normally get hurt and jealous, I mean I'm not going to judge people if a harem if it's an actual option and all parties are okay with it/involved but just plain cheating is stupid to me. Oh yeah that's the individual scene but I'm talking about like the group valentine at the school with everyone, it gets SUPER awkward between all the competing girls and if/when you have to turn them down for that beach scene with the selected girl.

    As I said between Thedas and Ice and fire I'll be here if you have any more questions. And yeah I had to do some searches on the wiki to find out which war table missions involved her. Does make a lot more sense how she got a hold of that jewel thing back in DA2 though...
  8. KrimzonStriker
    2015-05-25 16:45
    Based on this latest chapter they seem to basically be saying they're extremely busy with their research and furthering their cooking knowledge, so they'd rather be focused on increasing their standing and perks versus anything else, kind of like professors at college who'd rather do research instead of teaching classes. You were actually very close with that suggestion, which leads me to wonder what Soma is actually planning for the festival in order to prove he's better then them in one aspect of cooking, it's an interesting way to have a Shokugeki like competition without the actual Shokugeki. Well, that Kuga guy is talking so much he might be asking for it now, even though I do want to see Soma and Eizan facing off after all their build-up. Yup, he was the 1st seat, he's a bit different then what I was expecting but he seems like a very deep and philosophical person as well dedicated in his pursuit of knowledge.

    Very good episode this week I must say, they really upped the quality and effects department and I generally liked the flow of everything with the introduction of the Aldini's. I am with you there, I'm actually somewhat okay if they end at a decent arc point since some series just don't have the budget etc to keep going but that should always be kept in mind for every adaptation so they don't just cut off mid-way in an awkward transition, makes me wish people had more sense like the creators of Babylon 5 who didn't have the best ratings but kept things well under cost to ride the series out to its full conclusion. Yeah, Tatsuya is basically hit or miss for people, I like him and Mahouka in general mostly for the world-building and the fact that I prefer cool-headed mature male leads so I don't mind him as much, but as I said you can judge for yourself. The artist is the same one for FMA but the story is adapted from the works of the author who did LOGH so hey, two geniuses in one work with Arslan this season

    It'll be interesting to see if all these last two arcs will make it into the next season and if/when they'll continue beyond it, guess we'll know/get an idea with this next chapter anyway.

    I hope so, on both those scores, but we'll see depending with the new DMC announcement hopefully. Hah, true that, and at least this wasn't only a year or so after the original release, people HATE shelling out money for the same thing they bought before only to get a little more extra, ESPECIALLY if it feels like it's delaying a sequel, lord knows the release of BlazBlue CP Extend will have people grinding their teeth because of that. I'll take your word on it, haven't really checked Dragon's Dogma out because of said issues and you know, lack of a personality for the main character.

    Good attitude to have. Well, I'm not so much in love with original things as I am with something that simply works well, period. Here's hoping. Maintain that pace, video games are something meant to be fun after all. Not really, it's been stated that it might not ever be possible to reverse the damage to their immune system, even with the Geth's help it'd take decades and at most a whole new generation before they got stopped needing the suits, even in the case of non-death it's still incredibly inconvienent and she still suffered from quite a few symptoms I think after her romance in ME3, not to mention the whole Dextro-chemistry issues. Same, Garrus deserves a pet on his head after being our bro through all this mess. Yeah well, full renegade never actually makes much sense for anyone I'll grant you that, but as I said I think Shepard just needed more support/encouragement versus having to hold everyones hands all the freaking time and honestly I don't think Tali had all that much anyway for ME3 given how late she is to the party. Yup, Citadel helped a little but not enough to make up the disappointment for having less stuff to work with my favorite girl, which is largely why I think I've come to terms with and settled with Liara as the next best option after Miranda. AND with more options for every gender/sexual orientation, DA:I really felt like they boxed in people with its limited 2 person per grouping/category, but we'll see how they do with sort-of fresh start and I really want to see some Asari again, it's been too long Well, have fun with whatever you decide.
  9. KrimzonStriker
    2015-05-24 23:02
    No problem, take care of what you need to before anything.

    Yeah, I haven't tried but I THINK that comics and mangas come in picture based formats like PDF's though which is why it works on them, not epubs or mobis anyway. Well I'm glad to hear it, ME should have a different overrall feel in the end. We'll know soon enough, about another month to go before E3 after all. Oh I understand, I just find it more annoying you CAN'T really interact with them in general cause they never move around and at least in AC you can grab the npcs or use them as cover etc. Well, yes and no, plenty of NPCS weren't important enough for them to stand in place all the time, certainly it'd help the lounge room feel more like a lounge if they hung out in there more often or something like that. But we'll have to see, I do think it will be good regardless and it'll be nice to reexplore the ME universe in general.

    Ah, that could be it, some stimulants would help like tea or sports drinks etc. Hey, I understand that completely, it's tough to adjust things on the fly but you try and manage, the important thing is to remember to take things one at a time and work your way through them steadily and with pace. Yeah, just one or two of those volumes based on the rate of progress the Origin movies are on right now. Eh, just got to enjoy the ride when dealing with prequels Dann, it'll be an interesting one watching Char and Garma interact with one another for the first time regardless. Smart plan, and yeah I'll probably try to space it out that way as well if it comes to it, I'm in no rush to blow what little money I have on them anyway so long as I can keep reading them for free at the stories for the time being. Not too long from now though, I think the latest release here in the U.S has them before the Battle of Solomon so we're winding down on that front. I honestly don't know, the latest trailer had Mirai in it along with Amuro and I don't recall her appearing in the prequel story of the manga.... I don't know if it'll get that far, we'll likely only see schematics/skeleton of the Gundam as Amuro's sortie was the first time it was used in battle, for now we'll just have to let Zeon enjoy doing that to the Federation first with the Zaku. Yeah, and good for Akito I guess though I'm really not going to pay much attention to it until it finally finishes, I'm really not interested in keeping track of it after all this time and will just let it come when it comes.

    Well, just have to hope they listen and see what they put out for said next Gundam. Good point, honestly all this talk of FMA makes me want to point you to take a look at Arlsan to give me your impressions on that one as well Yup, which is why I've been hanging back on Knights of Sidonia until I think I have too, my eyes would start to spin too much with how flashy they're being sometimes <_< Which is why I say they need a new main series in the U.C again, Unicorn and Origin are probably the only recently successful serious Gundam dramas and for good reason. Basically yeah, it made sense for Telltale to do it when they did, give them some space while Season 5 is rolling along. Basically since the beginning, they changed a lot of paths for different characters so it kind of had to happen that way so for now I really don't know what to expect even with a basic idea of the framework they're working with. Oh I hope so, this Season's been very controversial as it is so they really can't afford to be making this up on the fly. Same here, it always makes things easier when trying to learn/understand such large spanning franchises so as I said I'll be here whenever you get around to it.
  10. KrimzonStriker
    2015-05-18 22:46
    Mad Max seems like a quick-one-off based on the reviews I hear so it shouldn't be a big investment. Yeah, not going to hold Atlus to that on P5, early 2016 seems more realistic but we'll see. I'd hang back with the Mad Max game myself and see how it looks for a little while, get some realtive info on things like length and mechanics before taking the plunge, Tales is probably the safer bet as you'll likely get more for your buck. Yeah, those still seem a bit a ways away, guess we'll have to see if something new pops up Oh and don't forget to give Ori a whirl at some point! Yeah, FPS' usually should go on the back burner if you're not a competitive Multi-player. Rainbow Six Siege though does keep piquing my interest. Not going to really even think about Black-Ops III btw unless they make some more seriously reveals, otherwise I'll wait for Deus Ex based on current storylines thanks. I guess, a storyline cutscene trailer for KHIII couldn't hurt though.

    Wait, is this a documentary about Final Fantasy in general then? Well we'll know soon enough, I'll look forward to whatever we can get at E3 on FFXV at this point regardless. WE had that after Prime though so I'm a bit perturbed this was all they could come out with, so until something significant happens I think we'll move on from Transfomers now.

    That's my biggest fear really, but we'll see. Oh lord, and there were so many interesting doomsday devices in the Extended Universe novels if they REALLY needed to use something like that. Yeah, but in that sense I appreciated the prequel in trying to create distinctions and clear evolutionary patterns for the technology at least. True, but we never really dig into the Mandolorian culture and just focus on the Fett's bounty hunter aspect where they're not even really developed as characters. Pfft, he was a throw in given how young he was, much like Anakin was just along for the ride in episode I really. Oh man, the Extended Universe just expanded so much on Boba's history and that of the Mandolorians which helps endear him to everyone, you get the sense of that in the Old Republic games as well what drives his character. Tch, wouldn't surprise me if they did to capitalize on Star Wars fever. Maybe a bit after the release then once the hype has died down but interest is still high? Yeah, probably, but it'll have to be on the shelf again unless this new IP can boost Biowares scific section a bit.

    Oh they just want to get the feeling of having a Harem even if it does happen, the jerks <_< I've found only Chie and Yukiko as of this moment and ONE solo Rise scene. Well yes, you can technically select her but scenes change depending on relationship status, like I said with the Valentines thing AND if you take a solo romance to New Years you get a different fortune when picking the unclean one which is much happier instead of a sarcastic comment about the MC being a philanderer if he is in multiple relationships. But as nothing else can be done let's move on.

    So let me know how you're finding all the material I sent you. I'm running into a few surprises as I read through Thedas, didn't even notice Hawke's cousin was part of the Red Jenny's for one or even in Inquisition. And if there's anything from World of Ice and Fire you need clarified let me know.

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