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  1. Asleep
    2008-10-07 11:52
    I don't think it says Taniguchi says so. No one has translated it properly yet. We need to wait for a proper translation/source.
  2. Asleep
    2008-10-07 11:32
    I think they are telling he is dead But I'll wait for some official information as well.
  3. C.C.
    2008-10-07 09:33
    I don't hate the staff xD I just hate the character of Nunnally. The members of the Black Order died all in that episode. They were just sheeps, nothing more. When they had the chance, they betrayed the man that lead them where they arrived. And they became Schneizel's sheeps. I really can't stand that, is worse than Nunnally, of course!

    I know that the opinion is not the fact, or there won't be so many persons saying that Lelouch is in love with Kallen and that they love each other! XD I think that Lelouch and C.C. are a couple, I don't care if people say that it isn't true, because I trust what I saw in the anime and all the connections between the two of them.

    No, the second picture drama is related to the Knight of Rounds. There are Gino, Anya, Suzaku and Cecile! I liked the story, but the images were always the same! XD If you want to watch it, there's the video in youtube. Why should Lelouch be dead if they make a picture drama about the two months? o_O I saw an image of the next one and is with Milly and Kallen... I didn't get it, but they didn't see each other, I hope that it wouldn't be something invented as the Sound Episode's dramas tracks. ;_;

    The one with "Requiem" is fantastic, I really love it and I can't wait to see a HQ image of that! Lelouch and C.C. smiling... And I love Lelouch's smile in the one with Nunnally, he had that expression so rarely... T__T It's so cute I'd like to hug him too! _

    Since I expected many things from Code GEASS, for example, more romance, I don't want to believe that in Gundam 00 it will be the same! XD I'm sad because Allelujah will come just in the third episode ;_; but at least in the sixth we'll know Sumeragi's past, and I want to know what she did with or without Graham (that mask is really nasty). I'd love to have more Alle x Soma (as in the opening ) and Louise x Saji. I'm afraid that these two will fight against each other! ;_________;
  4. Asleep
    2008-10-07 09:26
    Shut up Dann you are being silly. He is NOT dead there. It's a nice picture with him resting on her lap. You should be happy!
  5. C.C.
    2008-10-07 09:06
    I know it was just because Lelouch was pretending to be evil with her, but she had to follow him no matter what. She did the thing that she felt, but I don't approve her decision. I can understand her feelings but I don't agree.

    In fact, Lelouch's feelings for C.C. were of romantic nature, I'm sure even if it was not that much explicit. They shared to many moments together, they REALLY knew each other. They trust themselves, and that is love. I thought too that could be Kallen's line, but who knows, it could be everywhere since feelings were the only reason for Kallen (up to a certain point).

    I hope we'll know something more about those two months, maybe in a picture drama (I really don't like the second one at all -.-), I'm really curious to know what they did with all that free time!<3

    The image I don't like is the one I posted, the others are great, especially C.C. by CLAMP and the one with Lelouch and C.C. together.<3 How cute the one with Nunnally hugging Lelouch.. T___T

    I'm happy for Gundam 00 too, but I don't want to deceive myself this time! XD
  6. Asleep
    2008-10-07 09:02
    What new images did you see?
    Edit: nvm. Isn't C.C. smiling? He is resting
  7. C.C.
    2008-10-07 08:15
    I can't really see from the PoV of the cast, since I think that if I were Nunnally, I won't ever betray my brother, whichever thing he decided to do. Then, she said she would be happy just living with him... she was so desperate that it was far better killing him? O_o And after this... she was blind, she could understand better human feelings, so, why didn't she understood that her brother was telling her a lie? I won't ever understand.

    Sure, but the thing she wanted to know was what he proved for her (let's say it, if he loved her). I don't think that if she wanted to know other things, she would ask C.C. if she loved him. I can't understand why Kallen's line that was in the gum wasn't in the episodes! X3

    Makes me hope things go well for them and that they leave the ending open.

    The end is still open, and I think it will be like this forever! But I'm sure that they were happy at the end, or at least, they were together.

    I'm pissed because I can't find the images of the magazines T__T I found just one and I don't like it! It's sad that people already forgot about Code GEASS...
  8. Vallen Chaos Valiant
    2008-10-07 05:33
    Vallen Chaos Valiant
    About your question on the possibility of making more Code Geass for the sake of the market; don't count on it.
    Unlike something like the My-Hime franchise, Code Geass is too close to the Gundam market to be of much benefit to Sunrise in the long run. They wouldn't get much new customers.
    The Sunrise Executives never expected anything from it, and my expectations is that Code Geass will go the way of Nadesico and Vandread as series that "could" have a sequel, but no one bothered because it is too hard.

    At most, the novels and manga will last a little while longer. And if you are lucky, there would be a few special ovas released like My-Otome did. But more full-length series wouldn't be made until the next time Sunrise run out of things to animate.
  9. Guilford
    2008-10-07 03:54
    I don't know, right now I don't have much time so I haven't heard much about CG in the past few days. Only the rumor about a possible movie or whatever and that's it, I hope I'll have some more time at the weekend to read the most important posts/threads on AS...
  10. Airi
    2008-10-07 02:56
    Ok ok.... I forgive you!

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