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  1. Asleep
    2008-10-09 00:30
    It's better than being confident he is dead though.
  2. KrimzonStriker
    2008-10-09 00:27
    It's kind of strange though, if you think about it, there were questions about mistranslations and such. Plus, you never know, whose making this statement anyway? If it is C.C though, I think I can write that off in any case, its nothing cohesive nor do I think it a bad thing, a nice poem and montage
  3. Asleep
    2008-10-09 00:24
    He would still have "died" only he was revived because his is an immortal

    Let's just wait for the whole interview before jumping into conclusions, however it may seem now.
  4. KrimzonStriker
    2008-10-09 00:19
    I like it, doesn't contradict my point of view on the matter, especially adding the forever part. I do argue that he is 'dead' in a sense to the world Dann in my scenarios, whether he stays physically dead is another matter entirely. Really, you need to calm down on these things honestly >_>
  5. Asleep
    2008-10-09 00:15
    Okouchi said he needed to pay a price, to be punished, etc. He didn't specificcally say Lelouch is dead. So I am going to wait till I read the whole thing. Lelouch might not have planned to surive and become immortal. He might not have been aware he had Charles's code.

    That honestly looks like the magazine's opinion. I doubt they told them to print that. A lot of people think he is dead if the magazine thought so too, they would print it.
  6. Asleep
    2008-10-09 00:09
    Isn't that something the magazine posted? I'd wait for Taniguchi/Okouchi's word.
  7. Narona
    2008-10-09 00:04
    I understand how you feel, but we have to share it no matter what ; )

    Thanks for the link, Dann
  8. Asleep
    2008-10-09 00:02
    I thought LxS was more developed than LXK. So I prefer her to Kallen. But C.C. is my fav

    I hate that they left it interrupted. Nothing ever came of it, at least if he died...but if he is alive...

    I want to read the entire interview.
  9. Narona
    2008-10-09 00:01
    Seems so ^^

    Can I post it in the thread?
  10. Asleep
    2008-10-08 23:50
    He seemed to like Shirley but I still prefer LxC. And I don't know if he is dead. Maybe we should wait till we read the whole thing?

    In 24 when they are walking towards each other(right where Kallen had to interrupt!) and C.C. calls him a man(instead of boy) for the first time

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