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  1. KrimzonStriker
    2008-09-28 14:32
    Then I'll drop it, though I know they won't given how they love ambiguity, but the very creation of that ambiguity is one in which I believe they would lean toward Lelouch's survival in this case. Anyway, there are a number of options, them being getting it from Charles or C.C being the most likely, though I like to think Charles in this case. And as for Orange, he doesn't simply listen to Lelouch, he acts in accordance to what he thinks is in his best interest, hence when he restrained in Turn 19 despite his protest to find Nunnally. Why do they know he's dead? And even if they think that, it would only help them move on and move forward, though with him silently in the background should they possibly ever need him again, I doubt that though since the world now seems able to fend for itself. And honestly, the idea wouldn't doesn't have as nearly as many holes and uncertainty as the ones surrounding whether Lelouch is dead or not right now
  2. Narona
    2008-09-28 14:13
    I don't know. About the episode, I keep thinking that lelouch is alive. Despite what some people said, nunnaly doesn't have the power to read the mind of the people.
  3. Narona
    2008-09-28 13:57
    My interpretation? If they removed the gum line scene, I think they also removed the scene about the promise between lelouch and c.c.
  4. KrimzonStriker
    2008-09-28 13:53
    Uh, the only way I can see him making it out through that would be the only one available, he was immortal, he faked his death for awhile then got recovered afterward and is currently with Jeremiah who was still smug and confident throughout that entire ordeal and carting C.C along there after they meet up later, given the travel bag. You know, this also implies duel Immortal ending if it proves true right? As for Kallen, what? I thought she did fine, she had her faith vindicated and she was able to find peace/move on with her life, good for her
  5. KrimzonStriker
    2008-09-28 13:45
    What, we're good, I think he's alive, and if he is the only one he is logically with is C.C. Cheer up Dann, we've basically won if we stick to that implication, and Kallen can't back under these circumstances either way though I'm glad she resolved her feelings and got to live in the new world built by Lelouch, as he would have wanted for them all on this matter
  6. Kusaja
    2008-09-28 13:33
    I guess this time I'm closer to agreeing with you, really. For practical purposes, Lelouch does seem to be dead as there's only a very small window open for his survival.

    I'm not saying that Nunnally seeing the truth is "important" in itself, but how she did it: touching Lelouch's hands. Why would that work?

    I can understand why you would feel miserable, and even I'm quite a bit down as well.

    I don't think so...C.C. could be speaking to Lelouch through the World of C (they were linked by Geass until the end, and the show has demonstrated it's not impossible to talk to dead people). His sacrifice to create a better world may just be enough to make her "smile" as a human being, regardless of her immortality, so I guess that's an ambiguous way to fulfill the promise (but not a very good one). I understand that too, but from a story perspective, they did spent a little too much time on Kallen and the ending (while it did clear up her "understanding" everything) didn't fully live up to that.

    Maybe not, but the DVDs and anything else along those lines are the only thing we're missing. It's up to the staff if they do or don't want to use the Picture Dramas as the last opportunity to correct anything. If Taniguchi and the staff do an audio commentary for the last episode, I think he might at least give some hints about his intentions.
  7. ashlay
    2008-09-28 13:29
    meh, it's merely that he's dead because you wish to believe he's dead. Regardless of what you decide to be what happened, you're going to have to interpret details in those last few minutes to match your view.

    Though in the end it is, again, a personal decision, so it's yours to make.

    well anyway, off to see if Setsuna's gonna start talking more, he was showing some real progress at the end of last season.
  8. Guilford
    2008-09-28 13:20
    If it's up to my imagination, then Lelouch is still alive being an immortal but since there isn't really much evidence I won't cling to that but just accept the series with him being dead for now, since if he's still alive they did a terrible job in making that clear and I don't want to add more points of failure to it than it already has^^

    The chance IMHO is there but it doesn't really matter to me anymore TBH...

    To be honest, I WANT to watch another anime now, just some mindless fun to raise my mood^^
  9. Kusaja
    2008-09-28 13:11
    I've just seen a translated version of the episode.

    The ending is still left very open to interpretation, but I'm starting to think that Lelouch is indeed dead, because the only thing that makes me doubt is how Nunnally managed to see the truth by touching his hands.

    If it weren't for that detail, I'd say he died for sure. Unfortunately.

    From a critical perspective, this season and this episode suffer from trying to do too much in too little time, and left many things out.

    The main problems I see here are the lack of resolution to C.C.'s promise, and the fact that Kallen didn't get to talk with Lelouch and say her gum line (even if it's hard to say under what circumstances).

    If there is some way to fix this, partially, in a DVD Picture Drama, then I'd feel a bit more satisfied.

    Other than that...I'm still disappointed with the episode on a personal level, but I can see it as a very valid way to bring closure to Lelouch's story.

    I'd say the episode may deserve a 7/10, if I'm generous, and a 6/10 if I'm not.
  10. Guilford
    2008-09-28 13:07
    Yeah, I still don't like the ending^^ Everyone is just happy and the world is fine, pink rainbows everywhere and so on and Lelouch is the only one being gone. It kind of fits the entire season I guess but still I'll remain disappointed...

    Now I have to look for a series that entertains and enrages me like CG, I'm not sure that Gundam 00 will be able to do so, I wasn't that impressed with its first season but who knows...

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