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  1. Theron
    2008-09-18 08:51
    Yeah, I guess it’s one of those things that aren’t that important, but still nice to know. ^^

    Meh, there was more than enough fan service already. I feel that the major thing that any interactions between Moe-C.C. and any other character except for Lelouch were left out. So how you can have any impression if the character practically doesn’t do anything? I still think that there wasn’t enough time to develop this part to the fullest. There was a huge potential and very little screen time to show that.

    Yeah, it’s all VV’s fault! Charles just went nuts after his wife was killed by his own brother. But she wasn’t really killed. And C.C. went into hiding. And than he probably found out that his wife became an under aged child. Yeah. That’s not really good for your nerves, now is it? ^^

    Well, I new a long time ago, even before I registered here and was just reading the forums that we think a lot alike. Except for the depressing part. ^^ I mean, in real life I’m very cynical and sarcastic and I’m relying above all on logic and laws of physics. But I’m also a hopeless romantic deep inside so I need to channel that part somewhere. Why not fiction in all and any form? So here it is – I will try to hope for the best until proven wrong. ^^
  2. Narona
    2008-09-18 07:46
    I suppose that could be the case, though I dislike how it sounds so similar to Kallen's question which went unanswered. I expect Lelouch to say something to Kallen though when she shows up. I would think C.C. would try to save Lelouch from dying though since he saved her.

    It was just a mere assumption from me, I didn't say that it will necessarily happen like that.

    You have to admit it would actually be something of a twist since there were no indications at all of it really happening. And I guess that would mean both Lelouch and C.C. would be immortal in the end if it did happen.

    If it happens, yeah, the two of them will be immortal. Is it something good? I don't know. The quetsion remains, is immortality a blessing or a curse....
  3. Narona
    2008-09-18 07:30
    I was joking. Anyway it seems that C.C. questions herself about what she is to lelouch. So i guess she will want to talk about some things before going to fight. She will want some answers in case that Lelouch could die.

    At least that's what I think.

    About the theory, we will see. A lot of theories make sense but that doesn't mean that it will happen like that
  4. Theron
    2008-09-18 07:18
    That gum business just cracks me up every time. It’s the same story as it was with the previews. One line taken out of the context is precisely like one frame taken out of the scene. Who knows what the circumstances were at the time those words was, or rather will be, said? To make some long term suggestions based only on some gum line is pretty silly, don’t you think? It’s just a nice thing to note to recognize while watching the actual scene when it will be said.

    I personally liked episode 15, it was nice to be finally officially proven right. ^^ I think, I even mentioned once in one of romance discussions something very similar to her being born as a slave in solitude and than after that being made an immortal against her own will in quite an young age. So that was nice. The idea of C.C. loosing her memories was pretty neat. It was great to see how it influenced Lelouch and at the same time added a lot more depth to C.C. character in a sense of her history, actually showing this poor slave girl from Middle Ages. I mean, all her life was ruined first by society, than by Geass and like that wasn’t enough she became immortal with no one around to help her trough all that. For me that all just screams that she deserves a happy ending – she never had even a chance to have a happy life. Kallen on the other hand had a normal life, happy childhood, warm family and friends and so on. C.C. had none of that by default so to speak. She didn’t have a chance from the beginning at some sort of happiness or at least some part of what people consider normal life.

    The subtext about her true wish was really good too. I hope it’ll come up in the future. I mean, it wasn’t such a good logic – if no one loves me and my live isn’t really good, than I should just die. That’s kind of stupid to do that instead of trying to do something, to somehow change things for the better. I blame such ideas on Marianne & co. They had very strange ideas.

    Having said all that praising, I still not completely satisfied with that part of the plot. But I guess it’s mainly because of the fact that the whole story seems a bit rushed. Her memory loss and all that chunk of the Geass plot either should have happened earlier or reinforced more. Taniguchi just didn’t have enough screen time to press in that direction a bit more, as I think he would’ve wanted. Overall if there were 30 episodes in this season everything would’ve made more sense.

    As for the scene in 23, I liked it. It reminded me of the first episode of R2. Remember the moment where Lelouch meets C.C again? When she got shoot at that time she murmed “Lelouch” with the same intonation. If someone spoke my name like that I would’ve just melted right away. ^^ And the whole scene – them sitting like that, and confide in each other it hold such an impact. I doubt that even the long awaited by the Kalulu society kissing scene was at the same level it terms of impact. I don’t know, but to me they seemed so much better together in terms of mind and soul so much unlike Kallen case. Yeas, they would’ve looked very good together, Kallen and Lelouch, but only looked. I kind of feel that theres something much deeper between Lelouch and C.C., much more serious. So yeah, I liked that scene a lot.
  5. Kusaja
    2008-09-18 00:52
    I'm on the other end of the scale for this, since what would have been a perfectly good ending for a shorter series might not cut it this time, unless Taniguchi has something I can't fathom in mind. It may not meet my expectations, I know.

    Well yes....Lelouch doesn't usually contemplate that sort of thing, except perhaps about Nunnally. I think there are ways to make Kallen's screen time not a complete waste, without having LxK be the one possible ending for the depends more on her getting to understand him and what he's doing now, I'd say, or otherwise affecting him, even if any actual possibility for romance may or may not stop short (on his/her end or due to circumstances). Resolution doesn't always mean they need to be lovers. I can't quite say it for sure, but you could be underestimating C.C. here.

    She might, but...I'd think C.C. would probably try to comfort him, rather than seek comfort for herself, at least during 24. Schneizel could say that line if Lelouch doesn't actually kill him, maybe. I think Lelouch, if he's honest and doesn't just stay quiet, may try to say that he does care for Kallen (and is interrupted by her gum line), but I don't know if he'll say "love"...this show would need to give him a reason to take that step, after so much time has been spent not letting Lelouch say things that clearly, and his own feelings aren't that set in stone either (again, the line between loving and caring for someone).

    No, losing to Geass and loneliness has no satisfaction involved, but some people argue it would be in line with the show's premise and would call anything else a cop-out. I'm thinking that would be too bitter as well, and unlike Taniguchi's usual endings.

    I used to wake up a couple of hours after the episode ended or so, but for this last episode or two the stream seems like a better idea, if real life allows. Good or bad, I probably prefer to see the results myself, if I can, due to all the built-up tension. If 24 has a non-cliffhanger end (yeah right... ), I might not feel the need to catch 25 live. Podcasts are just the current equivalent of radio, not much else, but they do help me burn time. I actually enjoy reading, and read a lot throughout the years, but unfortunately I haven't been doing much of it offline lately.

    Just kidding a bit there. If her death is the only way to save him, I wouldn't put it past C.C. to try...but he might save her and still get the point. Possibly, though I don't really mind if Nunnally reconciles with Lelouch, at least in spirit, and survives this current situation.

    I'd think Toudou has a greater death flag than Ougi and crew by this point, not to mention Xingke. That's what I was thinking about Suzaku-Ray, pretty much, but I know it's not necessarily what we will see. Yes, it seems we would have seen the end of the duel and jump right back into whatever Zero did next, no time skip. To be honest, Lelouch's "memory loss" via Charles isn't that bad of an idea on paper, but it did take things a little too long to get back up to speed.

    Curiously though, OVAs aren't that high budget these days, and less of them are being released than in the 80's-90's. Movies are the main outlet for the highest quality animation right now. Quality can fluctuate in Code Geass, but at least some fixes end up in the DVD release. I expect 24 to look good, from the previews, and 25 should probably be on that level or a little bit higher. Creepy up close, but also a bit hilarious.

    I assume Lelouch is prepared for that, or trying to be anyways, while Suzaku is urging him to go on...but again, it's one thing to speak and another to go through with it and cause her death. A fake death for Lelouch is a possibility, and wouldn't be surprised if it's already part of the plan. That speculation would be a bad result for CxL, of course, but actually sounds nice in terms of tying up loose ends. It may sound weird, but I'd like to see more of that kind of logic, even in an actual CxL end: bringing together plot threads that seemed to drift off. Nunnally and Kallen could still be friends, say, and resume their talk.
  6. Kusaja
    2008-09-17 20:03
    That was it, yes. I guess there's that, but a little too much of the battle in 25 would make the ending (as a series ending, not just for R2) almost certainly...unsatisfying, even on its own merits, because it would be too short.

    Guess so. The scene in 15 showed that Lelouch was thinking about what C.C. meant to him, but didn't find the close and yet so far. Yes, but if he doesn't end up with anyone, I think we'll at least get a final sign that Lelouch does care about both C.C. and Kallen, one way or another. Maybe, but until we see the can pretty much bet for or against it.

    I'd think someone would need to do something else in order to earn or expect hatred. Right now, there's nothing I can really point to. C.C. seems to be back to working with Lelouch as usual, so why would she think he hates her, just because of the Marianne/Charles plot? Yes, but we don't know what kind of reply.

    The point is he'll either succumb to the curse of loneliness or finally break it, as you say. I believe it's more likely that he'll survive and win against the Geass, but there's still a small chance that he won't, even if it doesn't mean much.

    That tends to happen to me as well, when I'm tense...but if I wake up shortly afterwards, for example, I'll probably run across spoilers, since I won't resist the temptation to browse a bit while the episode becomes available. Reading is always a very good option, though I'm more into listening to podcasts these days, which is a sign of the times we live in. Really need to get some reading done though.

    Ougi and Villeta's baby would be an old man too, come to think of it. I've been thinking, and posting a bit, that C.C. may not want to stop the Zero Requiem, since she agrees with its necessity after all, but is worried about its effects on Lelouch, so she could try and prevent him from going over the limit, while still achieving his objective. Opposing and lying to Nunnally is fine, but I wonder what would happen if killing her becomes a real issue.

    I'd add C.C.'s name also has a good chance of coming up in a non-death scene, in a very hopeful or happy moment, or at least after overcoming something bleak. Near-death, not just death, is a possibility for a number of characters...Ougi and the Ikaruga crew, like you mentioned, is already a good example. Ray's end does seem to suit Suzaku and Euphie a little, doesn't it? They even share the same VA, Ray and Suzaku. I don't think they had the entire show planned out, probably just a couple of episode scripts and the general direction they wanted to follow. Even in R1, from what I remember reading, lots of things were only decided on the go. Which means R2 may be following some of those ideas, just in less episodes and not as a well as it could be.

    That's what I've heard too, so as long as Taniguchi keeps things away from either of those, I'll probably find a way to like the ending even if there are some regrets.

    That's fine then. OVA or movie quality hand drawn animation, especially, like in Akira and many other productions. TV shows are usually more conservative. Now that I think about it, Code Geass seems to be somewhere along the middle in terms of quality: a lot of transition / medium shots aren't well drawn, but there's still a reasonable animation budget for close-ups and battles. CG per se isn't really abused and doesn't usually stand out badly...maybe with the exception of the Emperor's Ragnarok Connection columns. .
  7. Narona
    2008-09-17 19:36
    She will confess
  8. Narona
    2008-09-17 19:25
    Nevermind. Sorry.

    What was the message you deleted <_< ?
  9. Theron
    2008-09-17 17:20
    Ok, so Sheneizel sucks. I'm really glad that we agree on this point. I personaly hope he'll die a painful death - both physically and emotionally. Right no he's the only cheracter I want to see dead. The others I disliked somehow redeemed themselves. But Sheneizel really needs to be slapped.

    [...] Kallen that doesn't seem very well developed at all to be honest beyond having Lelouch regard her as a dear friend from what I have seen.

    Exactly! I feel kinda sorry for those who somehow manage to see something beyond that. Ok, I agree that Kallen might have fallen for him, but people once again simple add his feelings to the fold. It doesn't matter what he actually thinks or feel because if Kallen express an interest than it's a closed deal. I'm constantly amazed at how people can fatasize something that they like instead of accepting the facts. Also its funny: I was the one who constantly reminded people to not get ahead of things. I was gone, now I'm here again - and things exactly like they were. ^^

    I honestly do not understand why so many people, not that you are one of them ^^, are so obsessed with the name. Name, name, name, does it matter anyway? She stated herself that she's actually C.C. She was born somewhere in Europe in Middle Ages and probably as a slave. I have no idea what her name might be, but I don't realyy care. C.C. was her name for most part of 600 years that she lived. She is more C.C. than anything elce right now and I can not understand why she would want to go back to her original name at this point. Yes, it was nice to hera it again after all those years, but to use it, being called that way repeatedly? I doubt.
  10. Asleep
    2008-09-17 16:28
    Yes Schneizel is a possibility too I guess. But does that mean he would regret what he did?

    I am positive it will be with Lelouch with her saying it to him as some warning for him not to lie to her or anything like that, though perhaps she is trying to get him to say it to her.
    That would be the most obvious thing to conclude but will they do that? Why would she even think he is going to tell her such a thing?

    I don't really get how anyone could actually believe that Lelouch is in love with Kallen since there has certainly not been enough development for him.
    I know. He is with C.C. all the time so at least that will be believable. With Kallen it would be just a crush (at least that is what it is from her side). Kallen doesn't know Lelouch enough to love him and vice-versa.

    I really want it to end well for C.C. She should at least make it alive

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