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  1. KrimzonStriker
    2015-02-15 21:30
    Okay then, will get my full response in tomorrow night. Prepping for my Photoshop certification test in the meantime.
  2. KrimzonStriker
    2015-02-15 16:12
    Eh, let's just confront her on tbe dance floor, let her live and do common work later. Though not until the Grey Wardens are done. Speaking of judgements have you done the Avaar quest yet?
  3. KrimzonStriker
    2015-02-10 20:31
    Well that's my thinking, how often will people be going back to that gas station I mean. Plus she's nice to look at, be a shame to waste all those design hours by not showcasing her more True, though these fireside chats had better be REALLY interesting or really short so as not to drag things out. And it figure there'd be drawbacks. <_< I'm sure we'll get more details/and idea around or when the demo is out. It's not going to take you that long to complete so it makes sense to get it out of the way first. Speaking of is the power situation okay on your end to actually play it when it comes out?

    I'll look forward to seeing a full gameplay trailer/demonstration then. Same, persona gets a lot of appeal through the its diverse cast after all. Well I'm just glad the setting will be in a big city after the quaintness of Inaba. Well that's my point and why I'm hopeful they might change things up, interesting they seem to have modeled him in terms of looks on Vincent from Catherine btw. Could always be both a transformation (might not even be magical and this is just the MC's real personality) and an avatar, and I'd miss the crazy shapes/figures the personas take if that's the case.
  4. KrimzonStriker
    2015-02-10 20:21
    Good good, and a good reason why fans shouldn't get the final say on their series, it's not taking into consideration at this point what that would do to the whole thing however noble their sentiment might be. Yeah, I wouldn't expect they would for awhile as well. I'll leave them to mourn like the rest of us and figure out what to do on their end. Right well, let's move on until we get more solid news on the state of RWBY.

    Well, Mass effect anyway had the advantage of a generally linear type of combat system, you only needed to aim straight forward, plus AI control in general was always limited. DA requires more finess in terms of positioning and the like, hence why you can jump between each character. But let's hope they manage to figure something out in any event.

    Oh yeah, I've met some people who loved it and others who absolutely hate it, it's mostly a Japan/East Asian thing. Not my favorite either but it was interesting to see.

    Eh, I never really take those things as a total, I compare their highs and who had probably the best dish in general and Morimoto really killed it with that spice racked side of yellow-tail. Liked how they brought in a specialist, the salt stuff was really interesting. Plus Morimoto had an inside man in his old baseball friend

    That's what I love about cooking competitions, the versatility afforded to do whatever one wants in order to win, so many options and angles and ways to just make things right. It's been a while though but I do think Anglerfish in general tastes fine even if it is a bottom-feeder fish.

    Look forward to the cod-roe battle and its fantastic ending

    Indeed it will be the last one, which leaves me a bit worried given how much George still needs to wrap up, things need to start coming to a head with this next one before anything even looks like it can be resolved with the last book. Eh, I think it's just people being sentimental, I'm very much still of the opinion Jon should be the one to sit the Iron Throne but we'll see what happens. Right, and she's never even SEEN Westeros and knows only superficial details about it as well, plus if Meeren showed her anything it was this Emancipation thing of hers needs to a firm hand behind it, plus Essos has a long history of no dynastic monarchy, if she really can't have another kid then a system can be put in place to rule after her.

    Which I got, though it never made much sense HOW they got to that future in general. Hey, if it gets things done I'll not complain. Yeah but there's such a thing as pushing that too far, I mean he's just wearing a bandanna... Say what you want about the last Daredevil movie but at least the costume looked good. Do they have the budget to edit in a glowing fist for that one? That too though I expect Batman vs Superman won't be out for awhile longer, I do wish they'd just call it the Worlds Finest instead of this cheesy Dawn of Justice title <_< There is that. I doubt it, Johnny Five needed to be hit by lightening for that but it would be nice Huh, well counting that off my reading list then, I hate awful endings to good series, bad taste all around. Don't get familiar with it, I had to sit through an absolutely torturous 20 minutes watching one of the Jem episodes during a retro cartoon event at a local theater and I literally feel dumber after watching it... God I hope not, if they can't pull off speed racer then that should tell them to just stop. Okay, putting it on the watch list then, always good to know I'll get a few laughs out of it at least It's usually three to four years in between movies, according to wikia the next one is scheduled on July 2016.

    That's WAY too generous a timeline to let someone sit pat on it. Shame they couldn't put themselves out of their misery. They won't do it at full price I know that much though. Here's hoping but not really, let's just see where it goes from here.

    I think so as well, I do hope we get a peek in on the other characters but as it stands this should be entertaining as a short of break arc for the time being, I'm guessing maybe 8 or ten chapters at most like that summer vacation arc was. Good they're branching out and getting Hisako more development, she's only been here since freaking chapter 2 I mean

    Yeah, and I was right, they kept this secret out of some sick way to control the remainder of humanity. Guess Erin NOT being one of the royal blood might have been a good thing, we'll see though. Well that's convenient, armor in a jar
  5. KrimzonStriker
    2015-02-06 22:36
    Looks good, bit or a tease as always, kind of hope we see that gas station chick beyond that one repair stop apparently. I'm still trying to wrap my head around the road trip aspect, and we're stopping to camp? What is this, the more advanced version of FF9? Agreed, that was a nice touch on their part. Let's see how it looks when the demo is finally released along with Type-0.

    Well I'm definitely intrigued now. A very phantom thief-esque feel to it which I like in terms of adding a dynamic feel to it. Hope we see more cast at some point, and that the main character can capitalize on that with any actual personality
  6. KrimzonStriker
    2015-02-06 22:29
    Yeah, I'm fine if they take their time with it given everything that's happened. Not people on the staff I hope? It'd be a poor way to honor Monty to take out a key piece of his story, especially his character, along with all the hints that we were going to develop Ren next season. Ah, that's good to hear. Don't think I have the heart to listen to it though, not right now anyway

    Automatic chain stuff? Yeah that would be nice, though it'd be a big of an upgrade to make because of targeting for the AI, especially in AOE situations.

    True true, most of them don't have to worry about lip-syncing as well admittedly in this case. Ah, I've heard a few, mostly old Chinese martial arts movies like Jackie Chan's early stuff. I know, a lot of episodes for you to pick and choose from when you're bored

    Well, an early draft of his came out, and while it's definitely VERY different from the current story he did illustrate that Jon, Arya, Tyrion, Dany, and Bran, were all the critical point of view characters. Most people tend to think so, and as I said in that early draft proposal from GRRM he did originally have something about Jon's heritage having a secret truth to it, so we'll see. Well, it's not like the incest barrier is going to be that big a deal. Unlikely given they know nothing about one another, I also believe Dany will never have a child again to carry on her line, so I feel that she might ride to Westeros' rescue she'll stay in Essos to see her emancipation process through.

    We'll simply have to see. I suppose you have a point, though getting to rewrite so many things/conveniently forget stuff with X-men doesn't seem much better as an alternative. Probably not, I mean, this Daredevil seems really cheaply made for the looks of it, I mean webbing alone might be too much for their budget Well I won't judge Affleck until the product is actually released in any event. Indeed, though I'll be looking forward to their performance this Season in the meantime Well I just watched the trailer, bit confused as to what's going on but here's hoping to works out. Saw the trailer for Chappie and I can see your point, don't know if I'm compelled as I was with Johnny Five's personality though. I also keep debating if I just want some mindless sword play action enough to go see Seventh Son. No, no, no, no, no, Jem and the Holograms should stay buried in a nuclear desert and carpet bombed over, they aren't and never will be GI Joe <_< I don't either, but I do need a good scifi movie, I haven't seen a serious one since Star Trek Into Darkness -_- I hope so as well, it SHOULD in any event now that Hiro's come to terms like he did by the end of this one.

    There's got to be an expiration date at some point though I would imagine. You're further along then I am, so I guess we'll see. Agreed, a bit more in trying to market Doom would be nice though. Cashing in seems like the general reason these days, that's what I don't like sometimes, they don't respect the process/art itself to develop it fully. But moving on from FF...

    Well I get that, but Japan's always been a bit iffy when it comes to live action movies I find, it's usually either animated from them and live action from China. And we don't really know the setting for the story for this one yet, too little information to judge at this point. That could be it, I don't think we know enough to say whether it'll be good or bad so let's let it play out and see.

    Spoilers out for Soma 105. New arc is out, looks to be relatively short, maybe 10 or so chapters at most. It's got an.... interesting start based off the spoilers I've read on mangahelpers to say the least. Should be fun to see

    Trust me, I understand, I looked at library school as well though between money and time and apparent grade requirements plus how hard libraries are feeling the pinch here in NY... for now I'm just applying for assistant positions with them at this time and seeing where it takes me. Indeed, so as I said before let's move on until something positive finally happens on that front for us.
  7. KrimzonStriker
    2015-02-03 19:56
    That's good to hear. I don't know if anyone will ever be able to do what Monty did but I hope they can, to do justice to his work and for his memory/legacy. Get a new VA sadly, we'll see how it turn out. Yeah, let's leave it for awhile until more news comes up, try to settle all this uneasiness in the meantime.

    Good to hear.

    I have too, on the one hand I do like the visceral feel that the faster pace gives things. Maybe they should increase health and stuff to prolong/increase strategy? We'll see where they go with it in any rate.

    And why my own expectations of dubbings are often disappointed when I compare this to what other production companies have done importing product here <_< Well, be prepared as you watch more episodes with him, Morimoto really can come at you side-ways From 1993 to 2000, with a few special episodes a few years later...

    Right, well, some I do think are too/more important then others in terms of viewpoint for GRRM to risk cutting off. Only after Winds of Winter are out as far as I know because two new view point are confirmed within that book as I recall, though I don't know if that includes the prologue and epilogue chapters where the viewpoint character always dies. Oh yeah, after reading through everything I'm basically set on the common held theory regarding Jon, the one where he isn't Ned's son etc. Mostly cause if said theory is true I would love to see Jon sitting the Iron Throne

    Especially in regards to Doom though we'll see if this new version has ANY hope of living up to the character, despite my lack of confidence with this ones premise. I said the same thing when they brought out Amazing Spider-man, honestly I don't know if they can do this right given their past record but I suppose it's better then nothing. As weird as a non-Christian Bale batman is going to be paired with Superman? Have to see what they do with it, though I'm glad the Game of Throne stars are using their new fame to propel their careers. I've been wondering about Kingsmen, though I didn't know they were doing another Mad Max movie, I only know about the game they have coming out. Huh, have to look into that one, I liked Short Circuit. That does indeed seem to be the trend, that and book to movie conversions. Because Sean Bean is in it what do you think about Jupiter Ascending? Yeah, they could have used more development but I understand why they put so much focus on Hiro, Baymax, and his brother to get that emotional connection.

    Hah, either they succeed or it bombs and they give it up? Sounds like a win-win then Likely, though you hope they learn the lesson about never giving too much of the actual movie away as so many other trailers seem to do <_< Oh jeez, who makes these business decisions when their past work leaves little in the way to actually COUNT on enough success to justify sequels?

    I haven't really seen much in the way of promotional materials to judge now that you mention it.

    That it is, my family has suggested home care attendant courses a few times for me as well, though I'd seriously rather not. Thanks, and you. Ah, well my sympathies, at least one good thing about my expenses is that even though I'm dirt poor I don't have any loans or outside debt to pay interest on unlike other members of my family, so that's something. Plus whenever that damn inheritance thing clears up and my family stops holding it in reserve once I'm settled and they're confident I can maintain it. Boy do I hope the economy picks up... and now I'm depressed again, let's move on from reality, it's really given me little to rejoice over now on top of Monty <_<
  8. KrimzonStriker
    2015-02-02 21:46
    Yeah well, nothing to think about/do about it now. The family still deserves compenstation if he died in their care though so they'd best be getting the alimony payments out... Bah, I don't want to think about/talk about it now, it's too depressing. Let's let it go until we hear word on what they'll be doing with RWBY and everything once the mourning period is passed <_<

    I saw, it's fine honestly, we don't have any context on how it turned out so let's just move on from it. Hope everything's okay, the snow storm here wasn't as big a deal as people made it out to be.

    I'm sure you'll make it work. Maybe it's the transition, I don't know, the faster combat always put a cramp on your ability to manage them unfortunately. No doubt. Let me know how they proceed as you experiment more.

    Hey, I grew up with that dubbing, I always found it hilarious that they were so lively in their casting, they do a better job then a lot of animation companies Oh, that's just for exotic effect I think, sometimes they did dub him though. Yeah, that rice dish of his especially was what I remembered when I read the latest chapters of Shokugeki Hah, and did you see that hair-dryer? Priceless I think it was the natto one, here's the link anyway. After that was Yellow-tail, angler-fish, and cod roe though I'll have to recheck.

    Yeah, though there's still SOME hope depending on who you root for anyway, things have gotten very interesting since the middle books with new characters entering the game. Sure, as I said let me know if you have any questions, I'm more then happy to help and have little else to do. I could also use the distraction after Monty

    Bah, either they do or they don't, either way the world will be better off without them making any more movies on this subject matter at least <_< Hey, I'd do it if I was Marvel given how they've butchered the name and Spidey's consistent popularity. Well, I heard the girl playing Sansa Stark is going to be young Jean Grey so I'm not so sure we're getting out of the past just yet, but we'll see... Oh really? Gotta check that out then, anything you think I should be on the look out for? Btw, you see the movie Big Hero 6? Really enjoyed that one for filling some of my western animation void

    Ah I see what you mean. And yeah, though after the last few movies it might be time to go in a different direction. I'm just not sure in Doom's case this is the right one but we'll see. Same here, you figure they'd have too just to help promote it.

    Yeah, completed an HTML&CSS computer coding course, now I'm working on a Photoshop&Indesign program along with a QuickBook accounting. Some of them are attached to various job programs so maybe I'll run into something soon hopefully, we'll see. Just got mine now, I wonder what they'll hit me with now that I'm not a student... <_<
  9. KrimzonStriker
    2015-02-02 19:27
    goddamit... whatever hospital that botched that up had better start shwlling out the alimony to take care of Mothy's family for life. They robbed us of a treasue...
  10. KrimzonStriker
    2015-01-31 01:52
    Oh.... well, let's let them work it out then, she didn't outright leave him just yet did she? As we don't know the outcome let's go with the truth. Maybe the reconcile, and as long as that's possible we may as well cash in on some approval

    We'll see how it goes, I didn't imagine Inquisition when it first came out, so I can't really predict anything at this point. I suppose they could do an improved expansion pack, but we'll see.

    Which is why it's a good support class, but primarily that. Especially in games with AI controlled characters I never like not being more involved to control the flow of the battle. Well yeah, but that's not my point, I mean in terms of entertainment value I'm glad it doesn't seem like it'll suck up all the attention. I was kind of hoping for more of an impression since it's the summoning class technically right? How be the undead thralls and what not that you wield?

    Let me know when you want to see the next one. Any thoughts on some of the dishes and techniques they put out? I told you Morimoto is quite unconventional

    Speaking of stuff so far how's game of thrones and the like treating you? Did you get the World of Ice and Fire? Cause trust me when I say it provides so much context whenever someone references something. I mostly asked cause the Season 5 trailer for the series came out, having read the books I can't wait to see it in live action

    Don't look at me, I never could make heads or tails about that whole ownership mess. I certainly hope so, that'll likely be the last in the franchise you'd figure right? I mean it'd be the third since they rebooted everything going back to first class.

    Hey, Doom's hammy but nothing he ever does is silly. He carries it out with too much style, flair, and confidence (along with ruthless deadliness) to be otherwise But no ones really coming to mind for me in terms of live action people. We'll see how this hacker dude does in any event <_<

    Nah it's cool, nothing to really look forward too on a regular basis on my end otherwise, taking a bunch of training courses and getting ready for tax season is about it. Waiting for Aldonah to finish before I commit and sporadically watching some of the other animes in the mean time.

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