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  1. KrimzonStriker
    2015-09-15 15:33
    Guess we'll find out when the remastered/remake version comes out but I'll just be glad to see LOGH again, illogical horse drawn carriages, battles axes and all

    You're probably right, guess we can look forward to more Gunpla next year in that case

    Given how often series get canceled I'm pretty sure they're algorithm is wrong, and I once again wouldn't be so peeved off about it if they actually gave same notice WHEN the series will resume. Otherwise people are just going to forget/miss it when they do reair, I know that happens with me all the time.

    Pfft, just stupid, sweetening things with useless junk isn't going to make high prices easier to swallow. Bah, any decent native consultant should have been able to inform them of their mistake, I seriously am wondering when/if ever the other companies will learn. God, that was so stupid, so I suppose we should be thankful for some small favors. They've already done it now with the original and Zeta I believe so why not seed or wing or any of the other older alternate timelines? I think it's the best balance for something like Seed but we'll see. Oh for pete's sake really? Can't they get it in their think heads that even hardcore collectors are generally limited in their income? They should try to expand their customer base with cheaper in-bulk sales. Bah, ah well, at the very least though they should have the entire collection of episodes available where it's a one-shot purchase usually.

    That's the hope, I think RWBY will do well in any case, the Japanese VA's sounded pretty good so that's an indication they're on the right track.

    Huh, didn't know about Creed, got to mark that down, Pan's interesting even though I always found the Wendy cycle aspect sad and kind of weird, but at least we won't deal with that in this prequel anyway. Ah, my mistake, all the promo's keep making me forget Dawn is next year and yeah, 2016 should be fun in terms of cinema releases.

    Either way it'll be interesting to see how it plays out for Weiss, her sister's presence alone pretty much guarantee's family drama Well they've got an entire list that happens to include Pyrhha so you figure there's a much wider plan/offensive in the works, just have to see if it's a capture or destroy list.

    Pretty much, and the arena in HG: Catching Fire would rotate and force the tributes (that's the players) to randomly fight in the various environments. The 5 month delay though might push them to try and get it as soon as they can, but I take your point, well I'll look forward to whenever Volume 3 comes out regardless.
  2. KrimzonStriker
    2015-09-15 14:00
    *Sigh* just have to hope they keep improving I guess, Mordor seems like it was the closest to getting that right honestly. I'll be here if you do, looks like things seem pretty clear if we ignore Phantom Pain and it's MORE convoluted plot-lines, I mean a virus to kill English speakers ?? I'm done.... Basically, I've liked some of the directions they're going for next year though but we'll have to see if they pan out.

    Yup, it's essentially the Citadel DLC from ME but more open-ended. Makes sense considering it's set in the future.... Definitely some interesting implications but given what apparently happens at the end I doubt that about the Inquisitor, if you either watch or eventually play it you'll see what I mean, and it sounded more like we're going recruiting anyway... It's cool, but we've got to start consolidating a bit.

    I thought it'd be a nice avenue to explore anyway but we'll learn soon enough. They SHOULD have a trailer out soon if they plan for Moana to come out next year... Damn straight, and at least with the Remake it DOES look like they're somewhat on top of it, but we'll see.

    And my number one acquisition is the Thrawn Trilogy! Hopefully they have the reprint with the additional Thrawn short story available. Well, hopefully the movie is fun if nothing else, I'd kind of hate to see a repeat of the prequels after all... Yeah, I'm hoping they taper off a little after this next wave of Marvel movies as well.... No, I understand that worry, honestly we really won't be able to tell until we DO know more about what the overall story is, including Ren's.

    Oh of course, but the Persona series almost always does well so I'm not too worried about P5, but it's true it took them quite a few years before all these recent spin-offs for P4 got churned out. Hah, true that, Golden's anime was better in that department but very disjointed because it kept following Marie around. P5 looks pretty good anyway, but as always we'll just have to wait and see, one thing going in it's favor is that people might be P4 exhausted anyway.

    Yeah, just watching can be frustrating but I learn to make do and it's not as big of a time sink on my end anyway since I'm just waiting for youtube video uploads, at the very least I learn quickly what is and isn't worth playing.
  3. KrimzonStriker
    2015-09-14 19:10
    You're right, suppose I shouldn't complain too much and just be glad Central Fiction is coming out at all. Not a bad plan/idea, I've always leaned more towards RTS's though in that department, so Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void, Total War: Warhammer, and the Battlefleet Gothic:Armada games have my eye whenever I can actually play them anyway. Thanks, it's not much for 5 days, only 300 dollars, but it's more then I've had in awhile. Best of luck man, I basically have no savings right now but managed to at least avoid any debt after college. Good luck in that case, I've been looking at hotel positions myself and like I said if you ever arrive at New York my place is open to you. It'd be tough, I wouldn't envy your schedule but understand the logic, so just do the best you can.

    Welp, latest AoT chapter came out and you can see for yourself which of your predictions was true, but that being said it was mostly more build-up and traveling to Shiganshina District. Can't expect an operation this big without some loses unfortunately, but regardless this mission WILL succeed I feel, whether we like it's cost is another matter though. Well, technically Eren did a bunch of tests in caves before making the guillotine, but Hange had it printed in the newspapers so it isn't a secret by any stretch. Well after this last one it looks good that the next chapter will see that confrontation finally. Probably not, we'll see what preparations they have in store for Eren and the rest soon enough anyway.

    It's something to consider but also risky considering they'd have to be in human form to do any following with Survey Corp members all around them.

    I don't know, the relationship between the main fighter and the builder just felt rather lopsided and I couldn't help but feel bad the kid couldn't actually pilot his Gunpla himself based on what little I've seen anyway. Oh, then that works well I think, though I could have sworn those were still going to be movies but I'll have to check the Space Yamato page to be sure. More like too much focus on teen angst, along with a clunky introduction of convoluted plot points, I actually like space opera stuff if introduced in a controlled and understandable matter. That's my thinking as well, and it'll streamline the plot along with time management. Yeah, it's hard to explain, I've basically had my worst fears confirmed and they're going to do an anime original ending ala FMA instead of all over again for Arslan unfortunately instead of sticking to the source material, honestly Dann I think you'll be better off reading the manga despite the slow monthly release. But yeah, definitely forget Arslan and put the first season of Utawarerumono in front, it'll be MUCH more worth it and more conclusive if you want to fill in your medieval fantasy quota, while prepping for the sequel this Fall.
  4. KrimzonStriker
    2015-09-14 14:40
    Primarily I think the other stuff was about character development/establishment which it did well, but yeah, this is definitely moving things forward anyway. And with the recent development we'll likely see get more of Tsukasa in action like you were asking about since he'll be the biggest obstacle next to Azami himself. At least this last chapter some major development actually happened versus just teasing again, more of a drop the mic moment than a cliffhanger. Yeah that one... I'd put that off, I've only skimmed a bit so far and you're going to need to prepare your mind and your stomach for Hannibal when you do watch it, plus it's pretty time consuming because it leaves you in suspense A LOT, and there's no rush anyway given that the series finale finished last month. Oh I know that, which is why I'm going to attribute most of the blame to Azami over Jouchiro, and whenever he shows up I'm sure he'll manage to undo those preconceptions of Erina's he inadvertently caused versus making them worse as is the case with Azami.

    English release is out today. This latest chapter seems to indicate he was forbidden to use the name and that he is Senzamon's son, I likely think that they changed it on the records since they couldn't leave the third seat blank, if it is him anyway. Yup, and it should be fun to take him down to wipe that smug look of his Hopefully we'll be more soon, though recent events may push that backstory a bit further while dealing with the present crisis. He at least left when she was 9-10 ish even if it was later after 5 when he began teaching her, based on Hisako's introduction age when she asked about him and Erina's when she met Jou and got some of her pep back. Well, you were basically spot on based on that look of his to Soma, I can pretty much guess whose on Azami's cut-off list going by it, provided he gets that far in his reforms of the school . I generally thought it was something serious given Jou's comments that "a lot of things happened" when discussing his non-graduation. Definitely not, Gin probably would have been acceptable but given Jou's personality even back then I could see that getting on Azami's nerves, if he really is the third seat of their generation anyway.

    It was a surprise but I wasn't in disbelief by the development because as Isshiki has said 'cooking is everything' in that school, so that kind of authority would be the next step in proving the truth of that statement. And I kind of figured Azami had something up his sleeve to justify being there in the first place given that he's supposed to be banished. Yup, I'm sure we'll learn their motivations going forward, though I'm not surprised unscrupulous Eizan is up to his neck in this and I look forward to the confrontation between him and Soma that's long overdue, but it's on the first years to try and save the situation and displace the sitting members I think, provided not too many JOIN Azami as well....

    Sure, let me know what you think of the anime when you do, looks like we're on a break next week anyway before the finale.

    I thought so as well, and as previously stated hopefully we'll get opportunities to see more from Madan soon. Pretty much, and that's a good thing in terms of giving adaptations some leeway if/when they can continue. I give it a 3 year waiting period for any new season of an adaptation generally, so I'm applying it to both Madan and Mahouka as well considering they DO have a lot of material to use for a second season anyway. Oh, I figured that out since they kept not explaining anything over the course of the series, I was just frustrated with it since things like the gate and what not WERE the objective we were going towards. Amen, so moving on from DTB. I recently went back and rewatched 2nd gig actually, mostly cause I was looking up the Major's english VA's after it was revealed that Winter Schnee was voiced by the prequel Major, and I can basically the ethnic divide and suspicions were very similar to the refugee crisis which if you learn about the leader of Chinatown's background explains why. The author for Mahouka is very detail oriented based on the fan translations I've read, and it was hinted Japan's status rose after the Scorched Halloween attack by Tatsuya at the end of the anime and a new world ending mage was officially revealed.

    Not surprising given it's still a relatively recent development as computer technology improved and became more affordable. Probably why Disney's made the switch among others in their movies.
  5. KrimzonStriker
    2015-09-14 12:35
    No prob. Well, you usually don't see dead companies come back from the grave, so I can hope Tokyo Pop finish what they started, otherwise it's back to making crunchyroll suggestions to see if they can get the license from them. One Piece or Fairy Tail cause I only am semi-aware about Fairy Tail right now. If we're talking about Fairy Tail the timeskip happened awhile ago actually, as for if it's close to a finale well... maybe? I can see the endgame conflict on the horizon but how long it'll take to get there is anyone's guess. That's what I thought would happen, well there are always other manga series for her to look at, I'd recommend FMA and/or the Brotherhood anime if she hasn't already.

    Basically, and then there were the sequels and then alternate timelines etc, Sunrise was busy and thought that they could give the original series a rest I guess, but demand is still very much alive apparently. Pretty much, and yeah it's sold in Japan, the model industry kind of demands it and i think they publish and updated version every year, as for reconciling the timelines well you can look here and look at the related to other Gundam series section and decide for yourself. You're probably right, I definitely woudn't mind it though *cough* 0081 *cough* and you have to figure some U.C project will be in the works again once Origin is finished. You're probably right that he did but it's ultimately Sunrises decision I think in terms of what's officially canon, lord knows they've changed plenty of things from Tomino's novels to suit the anime version.

    A welcome familiar territory anyway, a lot of these recent series just got way too weird eventually. Well, October is only a month away so it won't be much longer until we do see what she and all the other characters are about soon. Same with the main character, we'll know if he has any more similarities to AoT soon enough. But hopefully seeing it's progression will make whatever God Mode Barbatos eventually obtains make more sense and easier to take in. Bah, that doesn't count after Freedom came around, and even then there was a set limit to each switch out with Strikes, Barbatos looks like it'll incorporate everything as it moves forward, but we'll see exactly how the mechanic works soon enough. You're probably right, so let's just wait patiently for more news. Exactly, and if we wanna stretch things the Build does have 2 seasons technically, so yeah, here's hoping and that Reconguista didn't cause irrevocable harm to season lengths. A lot of factors if productions follow the general rules of buisness, but yeah, we can only speculate as to their thinking in the end.

    Suppose you're right, though I did like how he interwove the graphics and live acting together, that being said it THANKFULLY won't involve the same thing in Orphans from the look of things, he just needs to focus on explosions and mecha combat coordination/piloting and that should be it, which wasn't all that bad in his series The Last Ship which recently finished it's second season as I watched a submarine and destroyer duke it out. Maybe, but ignorance might be better in the end so long as Bay doesn't screw the series up.
  6. KrimzonStriker
    2015-09-13 22:37
    Pretty much, which is why I'm hoping Horizon and the other new titles do well in order to vindicate that mindset. Bah, even if they DID get someone different they'll just recycle the mechanics, God of War has always been very one dimensional <_< That's actually a lot, being happy means you're more productive and motivated to get it right so I wish Guerrilla the best of luck.

    Yup, especially compared to Twilight Princess. Yeah, but that was right at the end when you start to figure out the implications so impact was lacking. You barely see Zelda to get any emotional stake with her on the matter, and Fi never shows up again to any reincarnation, on top of her being incredibly lifeless and annoying. Oh I understand that, I just thought they should have left MC's to Nintendo and waited for VR sets to BECOME viable because they didn't have any interesting games to go with it. Oh man, you don't know what you missed. When I was a kid Starfox, Mario, and Zelda just blew my mind on the N64 after years of only Sega Genesis. Kay, let me know if anything interesting comes up on that front or just with Nintendo in general. Oh my bad, I was thinking in terms of a 3D Super Mario platformers, haven't paid attention to one of those since Galaxy, but they always felt more like RPG's to me, don't recall Square making any Mario games though.

    Same here, I'm watching the Division with both anticipation and dread. I'm not surprised either nor am I a huge fan, I just pitied him and was excited for a throw-back video-game concept movie but ah well, if it didn't it didn't, moving on.

    Well, Inquisition was their first fore-ray into the Frostbite for an RPG so I'll give them that much but I'll be watching when Andromeda comes. I suspect you're probably right, certainly all those instances suggest balancing for the last gen consoles did hamper development. Oh I don't disagree on that either, I'd personally prefer something like an investment system where you manage colonies and they produce the resources for you over time to make you feel like you're really building something, a more organic version of war assets from ME3 basically.

    Which is why you probably want to keep some aspect of that for people who do invest time and energy into leveling their Materia in order to break the game, but we'll see how things go. No doubt, especially if they adopt more of the real-time aspect of KH, FFXV, and Star Ocean though I'm PRAYING they don't lock us out of switching to other characters like in the former 2 if that's the case.

    Basically, I'll likely pick up a handheld (or 2, I like a few Vita and Nintendo 3D titles) myself because of that once I get a decent PC, a console will be a LONG way away if ever just because I don't know where I'd find the time even if I did have the money. Huh really? I know Witcher 3 is causing you problems but given the ambiguous ending I might skip Arkham Knight for a newer release.

    Oh, didn't know it was that soon, should be fun to see what comes out of TGS then

    You're probably right, and so far KHIII does look fun. I don't think you should worry too much, for one at least it shakes things up, and for another San Fransokyo was pretty different in its own right despite being a modern setting it's also in the future That's basically my mindset, so let's look on the bright side of having options, but I wouldn't be surprised if it's the Remake given that KHIII was announced first and has actual gameplay footage.

    I don't know, a LOT of livestreamers just heaved skepticism at CG trailers with no game play, but we'll see if it has any actual affect. So let's move on.

    I understand with highly anticipated titles, you don't want to spoil the experience, at least not until you get to explore the world initially, or dread how others are enjoying it and you're not, but in regards to titles that you're interested in but not as passionate about I think waiting is the best option until you can free up some time. Eh, that can work depending on your save point, Ori is one of those games to relax and enjoy I think, like a Miyzaki film, so one hour a day isn't a bad idea. I think you need to just set one free day to concentrate on getting through one serious thing at a time instead of trying to piecemeal them. But Lord knows I don't have the exact solution to that problem. Just got to do the best we can I guess until some kind of break occurs.

    For that it has my respect, and I wish Shenmue 3 all success, because it was interesting based on the footage I've glimpsed so I'm curious to how far they can push with current technology. I think so, though it could drag a little which is why I suggested Titan Fall by inserting players on the opposite side during said campaigns, but we'll see. I'm curious as to how For Honor's story plays out given it's an alternate world.
  7. KrimzonStriker
    2015-09-13 20:31
    Understood, Until Dawn is more of a rental though, once you save all the characters there really isn't much more to do, so I'd put that on a back burner until it gets super low and there's a lull in releases. No I get that notion, at least in terms of really big games that eat up a lot of time then the sooner the better usually, so I'd save it for really anticipated releases with loads of content though, to get the most reward out of paying full price. I myself am marking down Total War: Warhammer and the Battlefleet Gothic: Armada as something I might jump on as soon as I get a decent PC. But yeah, you don't need to worry so much at least within a 3 to five year window about releases disappearing I feel. I've basically singled out Horizon: Zero Dawn, FFXV, and ME: Andromeda as the must get console titles myself next year.

    In other news, they're making an Odin Sphere remake. They've revamped a lot of things too, boss fights, stages, combat moves/finishers. Nice to see a classic get that much love and not just a graphic update to milk more money on the next gens.

    I'm just trusting they have a shred of logic in them Dann, after all these delays and changes to try and get this right I have to at least HOPE it wasn't completely wasted. I won't say it'll be perfect, the Stella/Luna thing still pisses me off, but I think it'll at least turn out WELL in the end regardless. I didn't say they still wouldn't be greedy pigs now in terms of business decisions, just that the learned in terms of game DESIGN. I know you weren't the biggest fan Dann but I went through enough board discussions after Crisis Core to know there's a definite curiosity on where all this was going and I just don't think it'd be right to leave things hanging after having already started, so I'd like to see it through to its conclusion myself. Which fits into my scenario in terms of actually finally doing a sequel game/media to wrap up the FFVII story line, something to advertising and lead up to it. I see, well it was only an option honestly, the Remake by itself would be enough should they go down a formal sequel route to really bring the Compliation's loose storyline ends to a close.

    Sounds about right provided no new news pops up even sooner at the end of this year with the upcoming events from Sony and Square. Same here, PAX's recent FFXV car mechanics trailer doesn't count I don't think, so yeah, here's hoping TGS I was always excited about that feature going back to Versus, plus if we don't get to play Pronto then at least we'll get his gun along with the other's skills hopefully. Ah, okay, I thought that was the case but that gun revelation gave me a tiny bit of hope, but yeah I'll be okay with a gambit system as well.

    Interesting, guess we'll have to wait for more info about that then, I do seriously hope they don't waste a lot of time making a new engine like with XIII again though <_< Well it won't matter much if they don't announce/release some new info at said conference so we'll see. Hey, give how little we do know about the Remake I'll take that, at least for this year anyway.

    Here's hoping, I do want Last Guardian to do well regardless so every little bit helps. Probably a good plan given it does seem to be the final installment of the Uncharted series.

    Hah! It was a nice thought though, but it won't break my heart if we move on from the big stupid jellyfish jokes Here's hoping, diving into their viewpoints and watching them make new discoveries was always fascinating, as intelligent and powerful as they are there was always a childlike quality to the AI's I found endearing. Yeah, the problem is that someone on the staff dismissed that notion when it was brought it, I'm HOPING they were dismissing the option based on making a new character in the Eternal Empire though, and that JOINING them will be one of those nice surprises they were hiding but we'll see, as we've talked about before this really would be the time to break the mold and allow for alternative timelines etc, now that Disney and Lucas Arts opened the floodgates with the new movie.

    Same here, and it really should, I hate it when they do a teaser trailer and fail to follow up with actual gameplay in the next one, especially after month long waits but I'll trust in Betsuda not to screw about like that with Dishonored 2. Oh, replay-ability is just one of those in-case of emergency contingencies when you do get free time, to justify the self-space it occupies along with spending that much money on it versus selling or trading it in. Probably a wise idea, they'll probably come out with a remastered edition once all the DLC follow-up stuff anyway and it's not like the next Fall Out game won't be MANY years away after 4.

    A lot depends but if the majority of the new titles can live up to the bulk of expectations I think it'll be a fair bet. 2015 had a good but not spectacular year, while 2016 can be.
  8. KrimzonStriker
    2015-09-10 08:04
    Spoilers are out for 134 if you want to add/edit anything on your Shokugeki post Dann.
  9. KrimzonStriker
    2015-09-08 22:13
    Woah, new DLC for DA:I was released today called the Trespasser. Takes place two years after the ending and finally reunites us with Solas for some answers. This would probably be the DLC to pick up over all the others I think...Let's try to incorporate this discussion in one of the gaming posts, I'd like to start consolidating some of these if we can
  10. KrimzonStriker
    2015-09-06 21:30
    Yeah, sounds about right. While we were talking about that whole no modern devices like cellphones in futuristic settings it was primarily sparked by a discussion on the LOGH remake as I recall. And on that note hopefully they take that into account and add cellphones in, it'd be such a small feature in light of the horse drawn carriages that will remain on the Empire's side

    We'll see if Sunrise does anything new next year on the Gundam fighter like series, it seems to be popular enough that another spin-off/variation will come again at some point, but I'm just as glad we're moving on to newer and hopefully better things on the serious drama fronts.

    Tell me about it, I've tried to be supportive and watch them live when I can but I've basically been reduced to checking streaming sites to catch any updates to those series. Uggh, let's talk about other things, nothing else to do until updates ACTUALLY happen on Nick/Disney. At least Hasbro had the decency to announce when they were going on a hiatus, and MLP is set to return this week along with the new Equestria Girls movie at the end of this month.

    Suppose you're right, I don't really know the details regarding said detail to make a judgement on that. Good lord, it's gotten that bad? Pffftt, guess those yen inflation strategies aren't working so well in Japan, but they really need to get their act together with companies that know how to actually market and sell this stuff in the U.S Eh, at MOST I'd set them up on some kind of streaming service, Seed lost a lot of credibility that I'm hesitant to gamble on a DVD/Blu-Ray release. The manga or the movies, because the most of the Origin movies haven't been released yet so I'm wondering how exactly they're being bundled together at this point?

    Well it's good to at least get this out of the way, guess we'll see how they choose to wrap things up finally with Akito. Moving on then.

    I'm fairly certain that there were no original plans to dub this in Japan but it caught so much intrest over there that the demand just pushed them to do it, so I'm fairly confident it'll do good in any event, and nice of Warner Bros. if they did, I'd like to know the details as well but with a big company like that I expect something at least decent for those licensing rights.

    Speaking of Warner Bros, anything interesting on the movie front for the remainder of this year besides Dawn of Justice?

    The files Weiss picked up from the CCT maybe? Winter might also be trying to bring her home since the Huntress thing doesn't seem to have necessarily jived with the family plan based on her conversation with Oobleck. Nice to see them getting together like that, hopefully JNPR will do well in their matches too.

    The theme of having multiple environments at one time in the arena gives my serious Hunger Games: Catching Fire vibes. Can't wait to see it all in action. You think RT can get the first episodes for Volume 3 at the end of the year as some projections have proposed?

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