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  1. KrimzonStriker
    2011-05-02 14:50
    Sorry for the delay once again Dann, will try to get something in tonight, promise. Also, have you seen the new lately, crazy right?
  2. KrimzonStriker
    2011-04-17 22:27
    Damn, I got to look into it, I was distracted by the hype on the HBO series The Game of Thrones this Sunday. I've heard a lot of good things about the books.

    Will try to get a response in tomorrow Dann.
  3. KrimzonStriker
    2011-04-11 18:39
    Dann, good news! The latest gameinformer came out with a sneak peak into ME3. Check out this link of the scans and let me know your thoughts!
  4. KrimzonStriker
    2011-04-11 00:02
    Ack, sorry about the delay again Dann

    Its mostly about the graphic scale of the whole thing, and seeing it animated that excites me, likely emotional drama/impact could put us well onto the path of the modern era Colony Drop I think. Well I hope so, its going to be a pain waiting until the fall for the next episode with something like that around the corner <_< Well, hopefully they step it up so that fans can stop grumbling so much about said pacing since episode 3 aired.... I'm not sure to be quite honest, I only really know about the ending/final confrontation which is already a given as you point out, besides these miscellaneous side plots that lead up to it anyway, primarily with what happens to Marida. God, I really wish they had made Gundam UC 0081 into an anime rather then a game, it would have made the weight much more bearable, as it is I'm rather enjoying the series now that I've found a user on youtube who made a rough translation for it. That and these Valkyria Chronicle 3 footages that are up right now, hoping they import that game over to North America soon btw, I think it has probably the most interesting storyline of the series with its much darker angle and everything

    You're right, UC just has this way of setting up the atmosphere and sucking you into it that I haven't had with any of the other universes so far. I REALLY do hope they manage to improve somewhat with the latest alternate Gundam universe soon, think we'll learn/hear about it this year at all maybe? Hopefully things will calm down soon in Japan anyway <_<

    Probably the ideal time if you're going for something as long as Yugioh 5d's, no rush in any event. Heh, I found her more like able anyway, but I think she'll do enough to distinguish herself once you get to know her I think so, probably the most popular one anyway, everybody seemed rather pissed that they left it unresolved, much as we might have expected from Yugioh though <_< Hey, they made the series cool again in my book, taking it to extremes I never thought of, just give it a shot and you'll see True that, and yeah I heard about the sequel, I also heard they bumped it up from 14 episodes to 26, so that should be way sweet, even if it will be until 2012 before we hear anything. More waiting *sigh* Still I'm really looking forward to seeing how the world's change and any background on what happened to the other characters. I hear you, but the way things are you might as well get as much fun as you can manage, just take it easy and space things out appropriately and you should manage anyway. For now that only anime I'm really concentrating on is The Money of Soul and Possibility Control, other then that I've been on the lookout for these new snippets I've heard about for ME3. Going on what I know so far, you'd best finish Arrival soon so that you can be ready, as the events there will directly lead up to the beginning of Mass Effect 3 from what I've heard so far.
  5. KrimzonStriker
    2011-04-01 21:34
    Indeed, well putting stuff we can't control aside...

    From everything I've heard it sounds pretty awesome if they stick to the novels, horrifying, but awesome nonetheless so I'm really hyped right now for this one. Well I hope they'll at least have a name soon, perhaps a preview with an insert from Bright will help abate the waiting. I'm not a hundred percent quite sure if the progress so far will leave a movie open just, its hard to measure but titles alone, but yeah I do hope they take more time and care with it if they do indeed have that kind of fall back.

    True that, god I can't believe how much I've missed this timeline after such a long absence, I didn't even know I was such a fan of it until now. Damn straight, something this polished and fleshed out in its story telling of the UC timeline in general should more then be enough to get people familiar and pique their interest, I really hope this somehow translates into a truly worthy alternate timeline when this is done.

    154 episodes, by far I think my favorite of the 3 so far, I even kind of liked the dubs (horrible censors and scripts aside as is typical of 4kids) I had such hopes after all the teasing though, they really can't do that to loyal fans, especially if they want any to return for the new one, which looks ridiculous by the way. Eh, I'm laying low on anime for now (and likely for longer if the spring line-up is any indication) Finished Avatar:The Last Airbender awhile ago, good series, you should check it out if you haven't and ready, so I'm mostly keeping track of the gaming scene right now.
  6. KrimzonStriker
    2011-03-31 16:47
    Thanks Dann, appreciate it, I also need to start focusing on the issue at hand as well. For now I'm kind of unwinding, just a little anyway. True that, hopefully by the time I get out things will be better here at home (and the rest of the world, things are really crazy out there eh?), but that's for then I suppose.

    Yeah, about the only downside, which is why I'm hoping the payoff will be big and they do extend the length for episode 4, should be awesome to watch in any event. Whoever it is they'll have their work cutout for them, I'm quite sure, but so far I've been pretty impressed with the VA cast and the series in general so I'm not too worried just yet. I think so, chronologically I think it can work, but we'll see, hopefully they'll do right by it regardless.

    That's mainly the vibe I'm getting generally, mostly from the old schoolers who are UC die-hards, but it definitely appeals across the generations I'm thinking.

    A bit sad just recently though, Yugioh 5D's finally ended, I raged somewhat at the ending for a lack of romantic conclusion somewhat though I kind of expected it given that its Yugioh and everything <_<
  7. KrimzonStriker
    2011-03-31 12:01
    Nah, just trying to sort out what to do in the future. Economies scaring the hell out of me, might try graduate school after all.

    I saw a preview image actually, here's a link Includes an image of the Shambolo and Bright (wonder who'll they bring in as his VA?) Rumors are that because of the length of Dakar they might extend episode 4 to 90 minutes, and that they'll wrap up the finale after the first 6 OVA's have aired with a movie. Rumors for now, but interesting nonetheless and they'd go a long way to alleviating my time length concerns.
  8. KrimzonStriker
    2011-03-30 22:40
    No no Dann, I'm sorry I haven't gotten back recently

    So, how's everything and have you gotten the new ME2 DLC? Also, thoughts on Gundam Unicorn 3 now that it's subbed?
  9. KrimzonStriker
    2011-03-11 20:10
    Just checking in Dann, how are you finding Dragon Age II so far? Seems pretty sweet all in all in my opinion, though I do hope they elaborate more with some kind of sequel and or DLC soon
  10. KrimzonStriker
    2011-02-26 22:12
    Finally, we get some news. This should be good, thanks for the heads up Dann, will try to get in a response tomorrow Demo's out for Dragon Age 2 btw, from what I've seen on youtube I'm really liking the fast action of the Rogue. That and the snarky neutral comments of Hawke

    Edit: Woot, 8 minute preview for Gundam Unicorn episode 3, you can check it out here

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