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  1. KrimzonStriker
    2014-11-20 13:28
    No worries. It's giving me time to sort through various paths and other walkthroughs. Ah, then just follow my posts as I put them up then. And I figure, gah I'm going to have to sort through other walkthroughs for private and minor dialog choices to better squeeze out as much approval from all of them as possible to buffer against the backlash of the inevitably divisive big decisions. Gotta track Vivienne's after offering the mages a full alliance now. Be sure to have Blackwall and Varric as your part members for that scene btw to make sure you get their approval.

    There IS a Skyhold recruitment scene for Cole after you get him so that might be it, though perhaps your approval with him also has to increase. In any event In regards to the Cassandra romance be careful when you get to the love scene, set all the age filters and stuff but maybe tweak with a slightly higher lighting to get past the censors. At worst maybe upload that specific part up on dailymotion? In any event once you become intimate with Cassandra can you re-ask the investigation question about herself, regarding her brother, she seems reluctant at first and I'm curious if that changes when you become closer. Also make sure to take her to dance at the Winter Ball

    Edit: Oh, uhh, during the romance scene itself I'd go "No room for fun?" then "You don't like it?" then "Which do you believe?" and finally "I love you"

    Oh, human noble conversation origins are up here . Go first the "Curious about the Trevalyans?", "Yes, they're very religious", "I'd call us disorganized" (Normally I'd say the "we're a puzzle" option but some variety is called for since we already see this option plus you are a critical/progressive thinker who advocates order and there's some merit to a more centralized Free Marches) And then either "How do you find it" (If that isn't a romance option but a question) and then "At least the isolations safe" . In your second Haven conversation with Josephine about your origins say "I enjoyed my freedom" since we want you to be a progressive believer after all that shares Cassandra's disdain for unnecessary pomp and ceremony over effective action even if you do know how to play the political game (part of that Free Marchers attitude and part of your determination not to rely solely on your title and privileges).

    Edit: Oh, in regards to if anyone actually asks if your the Herald say "I don't know" cause really despite the character being a believer he shouldn't be big-headed and unthinking in his faith to assume that's the case. Except when Cullen first asks and lets you know you're being regarded as the Herald, then choose "It's unnerving" which it is since this is more of an opinion of how other regard you rather then your own opinion on being the Herald itself.

    Edit: Oh and err, go with "You think I did it" for your first response. It feels more natural in the flow of the conversation.

    No prob, can't wait to see what all the big options are.

    Damn straight, Doom's sold it well afterall given he's one of the most popular and controversial villains between his surety of purpose and arrogant certainty combined with the contrast of being both a benevolent ruler and a megalomaniacal tyrant, the dynamic makes him so intriguing especially in how others try to deal with him.
  2. KrimzonStriker
    2014-11-19 21:01
    Okay... this is new, I've been seeing this video going around involving Cassandra, but this is the first time I've seen this part but COLE somehow got involved in this scene when previously he hadn't shown up... any idea in the guide on how to add him?

    Edit: Saw the final result for the Cassandra romance. It was sweet and rather funny in a cheesy way. I'll wait to see if more videos with different responses show up before settling on the right order. Make sure to set an age filter on YouTube for it, it's a bit graphic nudity wise and I'd hate to see the scene ruined with censors.

    Also, they've basically committed media suicide with this nonsense about Doom......<_<
  3. KrimzonStriker
    2014-11-18 23:44
    Also let me know ahead of time regarding some big decisions in the future, like of for example you can pick the next Divine of the next leader of Orlais, etc. I've got some opinions based on some of the spoilers I've read. Speaking of Orlais and the Chantry after that scene where the Templars punch out the reverend mother and then denounce the Chantry, when you go up to talk to her while she's still recovering down on the ground, ask your investigative questions first of course but for your final end response pick the one that says "We can still work together" I'm curious as to what her reaction to that proposal now will be. Oh and when you go to negotiate getting the mages on your side for the final time choose the option of including Fiona in the discussion, while also questioning what the Venatori are. Also this approval rating really confuses me. I think just to be on the safe side make sure to take Varric and Blackwall as your immediate companions for the mission in order to ensure you get their approval (especially Varric). And finally when you offer the mages a full alliance and then your advisors are all arguing about it please choose the 'Consider this their probation' option, I'm curious to see if that does anything to alleviate some of their concerns. Oh and make sure you do whatever side-quests you need to do in order to ensure a supply of lyrium to close the breach with the mages afterwards, that might be important.

    Also, video's out with Morrigan and her Warden son. Let's just say it validates all my feelings in picking her as my Origin romance. Let me know just before you start a conversation with her. There are one or two different dialogue choices I'd like you to ask Morrigan from the video I recently saw. I'll post it here but it contains some spoilers so I'd avoid clicking on the link until at least when you actually meet Morrigan for the first time, then I'll fill you in on the variation choices you might want to make to get some other response/elaboration in her part.

    Edit: Okay, I thought about it and I suppose these aren't too spoiler-ish. On your first response choose the comment that "He's a bit...odd" regarding Morrigan's son (which he is btw) and then choose the "You have a husband?' option for the second. You don't really need too on the second one given the Warden and Morrigan probably aren't married but it'd be funny to see her reaction

    Oh, forgot to add one more thing. Saw the default name of the male human and Maxwell as a first name is just too gaudy, plus I 'm getting too many flashes of Xillia thinking about it so can you change the name to Marcus instead. Combined with the last name it sounds similar to the great Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius

    Edit: Saw some new scenes that'll net you more approval from Cassandra. When offered the role of Inquisitor select "I'm honored" and then choose "I fight for order, not faith". I generally think those answers the most in keeping with what the character would be feeling at that time. Generally speaking if anyone asks if you are the Herald then you should answer truthfully, you don't know for certain, which balances your flexible mindset with your faith/convictions as well. Oh and in the scene prior to that when Mother Giselle is consoling you after the confrontation with the Elder One could you select "I believe, but is that enough" or "We need more then faith". The latter I already saw on the first playlist I gave you and liked as a response for the Inquisitor we're putting together but I am curious what the former response says as well so if possible go with the "I believe" option. Oh, but do remember to ask the investigate questions of her first of course.

    Edit: Oh cool, after you get Skyhold you can talk to Fiona. A few hints here and there about Alistair Stay in character though and just say "mages are useful" when the option shows up. No need to go all full approval on the rebellion, they did make a serious if understandable mistake with Tevinter after all.

    Edit: Okay seriously, is there anyway to remove that hat off Cole, it gets distracting really fast in his cutscenes...<_<
  4. KrimzonStriker
    2014-11-18 23:40
    Dang, over the limit, breaking this up into two parts

    And it won't cost you anything to do so either accept her disapproval, so why not just give it up. They're be big character decisions you'll have to make at some point which is going to inevitably take a hit with Cassandra's approval, so avoid losing any or not making it up on non-important decisions when you can.

    Hopefully some of them dessert, but I think you should go with siding with the mages, the demos by the devs all showed off that questline for example and I looked into the reasons. Cassandra and some others won't be happy if you give a full Alliance to the mages though others will approve (make sure to bring Varric along for that mission) but it feels too tyrannical if you conscript them so we'll just have to live with it. Plus I looked into the Templar siding quest, and while the mages were clearly making a mistake it was one they recognized and born out of simple desperation, the Templar's are just stupid and too full of their own self-righteousness to see their downfall, this means you won't be able to stop their conversion and have to face them as Red Templar's but I'm of the opinion they truly brought that on themselves.

    That's cool then, so feel free to side with the mages in this one, lord knows we've done that already and we'll be helping Alistair/Anora/Ferelden by doing so, not to mention Bethany and Conner and so many others we saved in the past most likely. Is the guide complete in terms of what nets you approval and disapproval from what dialogue choices you make, even in personal conversations at Skyhold? Does it provide a clear road-map to make sure you get the romance with Cassandra? Cause I can tell you, those tricky dialogue balances . Along with her faith going for the direct approach works as well, always have her present while you ask people to join the Inquisition, or choose her special dialogue options to convince them to do so over the other characters, like this chantry sister was also doubling as a smuggler, don't go with Varric's option over hers, she disapproves of Varric's choice of words to convince said smuggler/sister to join whereas Varric doesn't seem to care if you do pick Cassandra's option over his in that case, little things like that. In the personal dialogue conversations as well when you investigate to get more backstory, like asking her about herself, do NOT hit the first flirt option, she'll disapprove, instead go for the "Just trying to be friendly" one instead, do hit the Second Flirt option saying she's delightful however. It's confusing I know. Let me know if the guide has all the approval ratings for the personal conversations, otherwise I'll insert more tips when I find them. Such as when she asks if you consider the Free Marches Home say "wherever I am is home" from approval. Or like in the investigation question where you ask her about the Seekers you'll eventually ask why the Seekers/Templars rebelled against the Chantry, go for the "I understand how you feel" or the "I agree with you" options depending on which one the guide or you might think gets you approval, don't hit anywhere near the "mages were oppressed option". Oh and if you ask what the Vigil is say "It sounds wonderful" after Cassandra explains, appeal to that religious side one more time. Some of the characters like Vivienne need a bit more finesse to work around for example, too many things she would approve of are a bit too harsh, so you'll need to be sneaky and find practical compromises that can appeal to her while still staying in character without coming off as conservative and belligerent as she is. I have no doubt Sera will also come with her own headaches as well.

    In the meantime I'll keep sniffing around for anything useful to add on the net. Again let me know if you think the guide is sufficient conversation/decision wise, it feels like you're going to be walking a tight-rope to keep everyone on the same page without being a total a-hole in some cases, so I just want to make sure you're fully set and won't walk into any unnecessary pitfalls, lord knows you're going to piss some companions off during the big decisions regardless so best avoid saying the wrong thing to them in private.
  5. KrimzonStriker
    2014-11-18 23:33
    No prob. Just keep me updated on how things progress on that end.

    True. Indeed she is, no idea what her end goal is though. I hear that, at most the harem routes probably our only option but we'll see, treating her more then just a background character would be nice. Amen, Saber is technically the flagship character after all.

    Yep, maturity, grace, understanding, and a firm set of convictions should be the end goal depiction, though don't be afraid to joke or have fun when it seems appropriate like during this card game scene I recently saw between you and many other companions. Sure, likely most of them will be fine but after seeing some of the demo/walkthrough vids I am curious as to how some responses (non-important ones) here and there would have gone. Definitely been a plus from what I've seen of the combat thus far. As did I though the story could have been more involved, I would have liked for a much deeper exploration of the hinted feelings from Amita for example, though Pagan Min is quite a fun if still horrible man I saw its ending but it's only a superficial connection, it's never revisited again despite its semi-influence on Arno. On a positive note I do like Napoleon being Arno's best friend now

    Yeah, given he's got Ryouko, Megumi, and Shun that's a bit of a brain-trust he's working with to figure this one out, but one more chapter could do it, should find out this week in any event. Well I always felt Fairy Tail was a bit funky that way animation wise as well but it's still ongoing so hopefully things turn out alright. Indeed, well it's a bit away so until the next promo comes best put it out of our minds, hope we see the other characters as well at some point. Well, it'll be interesting to see what transpires with Toph now to say the least. It'd be interesting if they did but I figure they're just going to disassemble and break it up to form smaller weapons on a mass produced scale to spread throughout the army. Well there'd be no drama if they did care and were inclined not to use it. I think it's supposed to be a symbol of loss and regret to really drive the emotional anguish into the audience while emphasizing what's at stake through that personal connection we all have with the tree. Only time will tell, I'm inclined to say yes and not in a good way for those spirits. True that. It did have a bit of a "Hail Hydra" moment to it didn't it?
  6. KrimzonStriker
    2014-11-18 10:44
    Okay, I'm looking at some of these dang missions regarding recruiting the mages versus the Templars. Go with the mages since from the looks of it that's the only way to get you Dorian (plus I like them better then Templars anyway).

    Edit: Okay, the whole Dorian/Cole recruitment thing is confusing me, but I'd still go with the mages. At least the Cassandra approval/disapproval will be consistent unlike the Templars where apparently she disapproves if you disband the order but voice that she agreed with you in a later dialogue <_< Seriously, you're going to need to walk a fine balancing act to be tolerant and still get Cassandra's romance done it seems. To start off choose the "you must choose soon" option when discussing whether to side with the Templars or mages. And gradually start taking on this mantle of being the Herald just in case, she is religious after all.
  7. KrimzonStriker
    2014-11-17 21:35
    Hmm, some conversation options I'm noticing in these demos I'd like to see in the beginning would be the Inquisitor showing remorse for all the people that died in the first conversation wheel, and in the second agreeing to disarm for Cassandra since that would likely increase her approval. Think that would be good?

    Freaking heck, look at this video, this Templar commander is an a-hole, don't bother reasoning with him, try the option of appealing to the Templar members directly to join you like Cullen did instead. Cassandra's right in that we have to cause doubt among the orders more open-minded.
  8. KrimzonStriker
    2014-11-17 09:21
    True, though I'm really liking the animation direction for the most part and would hate to see that end prematurely, but nothing I can do but hope now Oh hey that entity I was talking about shows up in episode 7. Will do. That's a draw back on the Saber argument I don't much care for since backstory is often key for romance opportunities, but we'll see I suppose.

    Not in the least. Do some variations here and there though from the with non-important answers in the demo though since we've already seen some of those answers now, come off as enlightened like if some of these conversations with Josefine, stating that you understand how the Free Marches independence can unnerve the Orlesians or when she asks if they should contact your family for support state that yes they should since they're very religious (which is true according to canon descriptions) Be inquisitive and non-confrontational unless its needed, in which case be firm and resolute. I'll trust your judgement to do what seems best in any case. Ah good to hear. I've liked what I've seen for the most part, some very advanced/fun looking gameplay, Far Cry 4 is also out and while the story feels a little slow at times though it does have some neat upgrades even if not quite as far reaching from the previous Fary Cry 3 one. Ah, that's good, I'll probably get around to looking at it at some point though I'm in no rush given we're still in the America's <_<

    I could see another 2 or even 3 chapters, which btw new spoilers are out for 95 on mangahelpers, with an interesting approach it looks like from Soma as always. Also new promo for the anime is up here . Illustrations look great but I hope the animation is faster then in this promo during the cooking process like real chefs are and I'm still undecided if Kirito's VA will be able to capture the arrogant confidence of Soma just yet. Good build u all around in any event. No doubt, but I always did have a bad feeling regarding Toph's fate when it was mentioned she'd be revealed <_< It's probably going to be futile even if they do I feel, they wouldn't be building up this superweapon thing if it wasn't going to translate so the Vines and the tree have got to go unfortunately. True which I expected but the one thing that will probably save her is if the common people also share that devotion as I said before, but we'll see.
  9. KrimzonStriker
    2014-11-14 21:05
    I think so but you never know with these animation studios so we can only hope for the best, the way they're rushing it still leaves me anxious though but if they're smart they'll leave it on a good note to expand upon once the novels are a bit further, we'll see though. Read over the Bahamut premise again, still somewhat confused by it but will give it a shot once I catch up on Fate/Stay. I'm a little skeptical on the stealth Saber romance pull given what UBW is based on and Rin is quite focused on as well, but I hope you're right, likely they might go a modified Rin normal ending with both of them if there's any merit to stealth Saber but I have to see the last few episodes before I can make that judgement.

    Essentially being a more benevolent/curious/openminded version of Cassandra herself if probably the best way to characterize what we're looking for in this Inquisitor, a person with strong convictions and a willingness to do what is right and in turn what is necessary when pushed. I just sent you a friend invite on the Keep, I think you need to respond to that for us to link our accounts as friends and then I can share my world state with you then. Let me know if that works. Also any impressions of Advanced Warfare and Unity, overrall I've liked what I've seen on their ends.

    Recent raws seem to suggest slow progress though Souma does look like he's figured out something, or at least has an idea on what he wants to achieve. Moving on, Korra was also equally slow this episode, good character development and set up for next episode as well though I'm a bit worried about Toph now given where we left off
  10. KrimzonStriker
    2014-11-14 13:58
    No he hasn't, though he should be making an entrance fairly soon I would think, we'll see. And no the Dragon Gears don't talk, they do actions and illicit emotions but never actually speak, the voice comes from something else, we'll see if they reveal it here or some other time I'm sure.

    Early demos are out, take a look to get some ideas. From what I can tell being a bit religious/Andrastian gets you points with Cassandra so throw that in as well for the character, nothing too overboard and obviously your character should be flexible enough to think about and even suggest reforming matters concerning the Chantry in regards to things like mages (Cassandra herself would approve), but I see no harm in being a believer in the good aspects of religion especially since you will be the Herald. That being said don't feel pressured to cater to Cassandra's desires all the time simply because you'll be pursuing a romance with her, do what you think is best/suggests the best outcome generally, for one agree with taking the mountain pass as your first major tactical decision to rescue that stranded patrol, you'll have plenty of opportunity to make up any slight setbacks later on and you should keep in mind to spread/gain approval all around the party to strike a proper balance. And I'm sure I don't need to state this but just in case don't be like this walkthrough player and feel free to investigate/ask further questions, we want to see as much lore and information as possible

    I heard, he's good though I hope he can do a good job conveying the crazy confidence Soma has Ikumi, Erina, and Megumi's VA's are also announced though I'm not as familiar with their works, hopefully this proves to be some great break out performances on their parts.

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