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  1. KrimzonStriker
    2015-04-04 10:24
    Hey, if you weren't going to bring it up I was. Take your time, we've got a whole week between now and the next episode
  2. KrimzonStriker
    2015-03-30 21:59
    Indeed, they used 112 well in showing the logical progression Souma would have needed to make in order to compete in the original menu design contest despite having less knowledge/experience in French Cusine compared to the others so I'm looking forward to seeing what he, and the others to an extent, bust out for this week. And I'm giddy for the first episode on Friday even if it will be a few more weeks before they get to some of the more intriguing parts most likely

    Yeah, I hadn't seen that until right after I made my post. I was certainly glad for it, people were clamoring to be able to play Lady all the way back in DMC3SE, and Trish will be a nice bonus since we'll get to see how her Marvel vs. Capcom moves translate in the actual game. Well I'd certainly appreciate THAT if it is the case, since figuring it'd be nice to finally get a definitive answer on his connection to the DMC4 storyline if you know what I mean. If they do go prequel version with Vergil MAYBE they might do some original content for him at least, we'll see. All good signs and a way for Capcom to finally get back to their roots with their fans after the finger of DmC... Hah, that'd certainly be welcome, a lot to look forward to E3 then, in addition to some new titles hopefully and updates on upcoming once I'm looking forward to this year like The Division and of course FFXV if they finally announce a release date along with news on KHIII.

    Bah, let's move on, I'm depressed now about MCL <_< It'll be worth it, and speaking of 2D titles I'm glad to hear the point and click adventure game Broken Age is finally getting Act 2 released, so many mysteries to solve with that one... Well leaving those things out definitely changes a lot of different aspects to the experience, I'm sure it'll work out well in the final release version and we see all those in action. Targeting and camera angles are the biggest concerns in live action-rpg games, so much info to register, but hopefully the KH series and recently Type-0 will show them a way to at least mitigate those concerns even if can't be fully addressed. You're right, plus demos meant to help sort through hiccups like those to help smooth out the final releases when they do come. I've actually been okay so far with most of them provided they manage to sync the lines and lip movements as well as they have in the past (some earlier trailers of the dub had me worried on that front) and I like Gideon Emery too much to be overly concerned about Ignis, so long as he captures that stoic Spock-like (rest in pace Leonard Nimoy) intellectual persona he should be fine. Cool, let me know how you like it once you do, I've been a bit busy to watch but it's also allowed for more Type-0 walkthroughs to pop up so it's all good. Yeah, it's supposed to take place at least a decade, if not several, since Prime ended, and CN are still being dicks and putting up at 6:30 AM for new episodes on Saturday. Honestly they introduce a new action series in for like ever, and this is what they do with it.... *sigh* guess it's back to streaming videos if I can't bring myself to wake up that early on the East Coast. This and what happened to my favorite Belgian fries place (it caught fire after the sushi restaurant next door blew up from a gas leak with two fatalities at the sushi place itself unfortunately) has really soured this last week for me Dann <_<
  3. KrimzonStriker
    2015-03-30 21:33
    Yeah, had my interview last week so now I'm just waiting for the response. Good luck to you man, right now I'll be happy with anything that can put some money back into my accounts instead of siphioning them. Not a bad idea all around. I keep most of mine on hand though, mostly in case of long travel scenarios where recharging will be more scarce. That and I need to actually purchase an e-reader at some point, though not before FINALLY getting a new PC instead of the laptop I'm working with, maybe some games so that I can finally play some while I'm at it... <_<

    True that, it does still have to be good for it to be noteworthy so hopefully some previews will show up soon to let us know how it's coming along though hopefully doing the remastered versions will give them the experience to handle it. Always an interesting scenario to face, like during Tactics Ogre, I'll look forward to checking it out once I finish up with some other series. I have faith it will, only a month till it hits and we see for ourselves. I think the movies, so far at least, and based on what I remember reading of Origins when I went to the book stores or comic book shops, have mostly stayed faithful to the source material in almost all aspects in its depiction, humor included. Things might be interesting and vary a little for the second movie though based on the new trailer with a couple of cameos of certain characters we've discussed before, check out the video once you've gone through the first movie and let me know what you think It's something to get used too, though I admit it suits the faster pace they seem to want to go at and serves better in terms of depicting the wide scale battle they want. I still like Unicorns combination of drawn and some CGI inserts, mostly as highlights for the animation, but I understand why they went this route considering it IS a full features movie. Surprisingly I think the CGI worked well with the slow action scene near the end, once you get that far let me know if you agree. Oh I can definitely relate to that, generally speaking after I go through a series the first time I'll take a break from all other entertainment to recover from the burn out, except for occasionally going back to rewatch certain episodes so that I can better reflect and understand their integration into the wider story that I didn't see before as was the case with Yamato, though at a more leisurely pace for only short intervals, like maybe one episode on one free day until I fully recover. It'll always be good to see more of of how that family dynamic works, especially if it does justice to what I've read in the manga, more Gihren never hurts except when he's dropping colonies Meh, I won't complain if they do one day go the full reboot route with the rest of the series, there'll be plenty to tide us over with this in the mean time.

    That's always true, I'm eager to see what if anything they'll pull once all the current series run their courses this year. Let's hope the next ones don't turn out as badly as I've heard Reonguista is turning into and Sunrise realizes they need to pull stuff out of the U.C universe like 0081 to save their bacon after this no matter how much Try Fighters is doing to support them. Is it sad that I think the exaggerated fighting robot versions of Gundam seem to have been the best received of all the alt continuity's so far? <_<
  4. KrimzonStriker
    2015-03-29 20:15
    Eh, who knows. I was actually a little disappointed there wasn't more then just Corypheus personally though. To much hope on that Dragon being Dumat reborn I guess, possibly getting some dang answers about what happened in the Golden City.

    That last part regarding the companions might be due to you not having completed the game and the possibility of you dismissing them, but we'll see. But yeah, let's hope so, otherwise there seems to be little point on the matter. Hey, when you're done send me over the file would you? I'd like to see if it'd work on my end if it simply needs the progress to be registered.
  5. KrimzonStriker
    2015-03-28 20:56
    Gonna get the main response in tomorrow Dann, hopefully after an update/translation for Shokugeki 112.

    Been poking around a few walkthrough videos. I certainly don't mind more worldbuilding and lore. The main enemy feels a bit generic though, don't know if I get the sense of personality on how dire its threat is, and the dialogue/additions of the companions seems superficial.

    So basically only once you've cleared the game/taken that option it'll reveal itself or is it only only regarding the class/character and you can choose all the paths right away once you complete the game the first time? Cause there are some paths I probably would never take but would like to see what all the options were.
  6. KrimzonStriker
    2015-03-24 18:51
    Eh, he can't run from it forever, go Josephine.

    Cool, I'll do that. Btw any thoughts about this Jaws of Hakkon DLC? Does it look like it'll be worth getting?

    Edit: So unless you're registered save file/copy of the game does something different there doesn't seem to be much of anything to do on the Inquisition side of the Keep, most if not everything is saying Hidden right now and not showing what any of the image panels are or allowing me to select them.
  7. KrimzonStriker
    2015-03-24 11:05
    He probably can do more as a noble then as a loner in the woods, give the evidence to Clara. I like Josephine's option for his related war table mission. Cullen's is also appealing but I don't know what his rewards are so best to go with the diplomacy route I think with him.
  8. KrimzonStriker
    2015-03-22 20:27
    Sorry Dann, been working on taxes and trying to get a new job along with all my training classes

    I think the reward of finally having a new addition to the series after all these years will outweigh the fears of it being a flop, at least at this stage anyway. Well I'll see for myself soon enough, thanks for the heads up. It was more about pace with Harlock I think, it just needed I don't know, more action or something to really showcase the gorgeous graphics? Thank God Avengers will be out soon to cure those woes Well the new Origins trilogy is only around an hour ten to and hour fifteen anyway so don't worry on that score Cool, let me know when you do. That's no good, at least when it'd a finished product I tend to binge watch during a spare day or something to get everything done because leaving it too long makes me anxious wondering what happened next. Well, also the Zabi's don't forget, and I'm mostly basing this on the general length/amount of material they have to cover within three movies, I doubt we'll see Char's attack on Side 7 by the end at the current rate.

    You had to figure this was the case when they said they were doing a trilogy movie series instead of a full reboot, let's just see what happens after Origin in any event regarding what they do with U.C afterwards. I'd like to see that, I've got a long list myself actually like a series featuring Johnny Ridden finally Which is why I think 0081 makes the most sense for that, combining the best of both 08th and 0083 in giving us the common soldier perspective with dynamic battles. We'll just have to see though.

    So 111 came out, interesting challenge for Souma to complete the requirement of Stagire this time, since he's not technically trained in French Cuisine persay. Can't wait to see how he overcomes adapting the management of a high-class restaurant like Shino's and showcasing his skills to earn the staffs respect, especially Able. Oh, before I forget a new commercial showcasing the opening song for the anime came out, it's looking pretty good from the looks of these new scenes Dann

    I think we've basically exhausted Shingeki and DMC Dann. For MCL gah if that's the case, leaving it at a cliff-hanger is no fun <_< For Ori it'll be worth it once you do find the time, it's something to be enjoyed at your leisure, you'll see soon enough I'm sure Now I'm moving on to the real meat of the past week and that's Final Fantasy Type-0 and the XV demo. Based on what I've seen so far XV looks fantastic, gameplay, story, characters, and visually. Please tell me you've gotten to collecting and upgrading your phantom sword ability all the way? Type-0 I'm really digging as well, deliving deeper into the story and world, when I can find channels not getting stomped on by Square copyright anyway <_< Oh and did you hear there's a new sequel for Prime called Transformers In Disguise? Good old Bumblebee and his VA is back Seems more of a casual series though, not as much drama as Prime so I wouldn't get too committed to it at this point, the visuals are pretty good though all things considered.
  9. KrimzonStriker
    2015-03-14 19:07
    Homeworlds been on the shelf for so long you figure people won't be that choosy especially as said original company is no longer around. Speaking of I gotta look up Infinite Space now It's all about the balancing aspect of ship combat/customization and rpg crew characters, the limits on The Old Republic give you a hint at how difficult it must be to work in and still be compelling. It was okay I guess, a little slow and muted though, looked great but it probably wasn't worth going full 2 hour movie with given the expense. That's fine, it'll still be when you have time to just enjoy it at your leisure and I'm glad you like it, about time for another space opera to praise even if it hits you in the feels at certain points like they all do... <_< Well nothing for it now, just gotta enjoy her return during Origins while we can, Char too of course and seeing the inside of the Zabi family has been intriguing, hope to hear Gihren give another big speech

    Quite a long while I would think, I don't imagine we'll hear word of something like that at least until Gundam's 40th anniversary year. Personally I would just be happy if they animated 0081 all the way instead of just teasing with the short OVA for their video game and give us the average soldier perspective again.

    Bascically confirmed on the father bit now that 109 is released. 110 is mostly build-up but it's nice to hear on how Shino's changed since the training camp though his staff members based on recent spoilers in mangahelpers.

    I don't know, I'd have been cool if they could have wrapped this up in fewer chapters though I prefer a proper ending to this arc versus the offscreen alternative of course. Here's hoping in any event and that it means we'll get to jump straight back into the basement without needing a long assortment of testing/training of this new ability. Only the newest chapters seem to be free to read though, they do have a free trial but it likely won't last and you'll have to do paid subscription. Still I'm putting a list in my head to suggest to them in terms of licensing, especially of discontinued licensed manga no one has picked up recently, particularly from Tokyo Pop. I think he does, or at least I think I head he does have the answers ready and now it's just a matter of how he gets there. It'd certainly HELP if Grisha did because I'd certainly like some answers already <_< That's a though, for now best not to worry about it since we don't know where to get more serum at this point. Well of the Titan shifters we know of some vary in size quite a bit despite being around the same age, so I'm still guessing it has to do with the type of serum they ingest. I'd be a little sad because it'd make Grisha seem much worse to put this on all on his son like this without a good reason, plus Eren HAS shown some signs of wielding the power, plus you have to figure there was a reason Bert and Reiner tried to convince him to join them first, even if they wanted Historia as a backup. Hopefully indeed.

    Patriots? Sorry, only thing that comes to mind right now is Metal Gear for me when I hear that word and video games in the same context. Yeah, I'm still not touching it so bring on the DMC4SE already. Very longshot, Vergil's still kind of dead and Dante already got to be played, this just seems more in the vein of DMC3's SE version though I do hope they give a prologue clarifying Vergil and Nero's relationship already. Oh, I pray that's the case then though I hope he's also working on the next Mortal Kombat Legacy season while he's at it. Well let me know what you think when it comes out. For now I'm just browsing through Ori videos, this truly is a magical looking game Dann
  10. KrimzonStriker
    2015-03-10 00:50
    Oh, I meant the original version itself had a lot of in-depth story. I do know the new owners are working on a prequel version for the series though. Most generally settle for going full RPG and leaving the ship aspect as just decoration or focus on tactical action gaming with only the ship. I saw that film and it was full CGI, other then that I think I only ever saw a cameo of Harlock in the Galaxy Express movie which was one of my earliest encounters with anime as a kid. Yeah, you can officially cut that out of Yamato now, probably for the best honestly even as cool as it might sound. Harlock does better in a dystopian wasteland kind of setting like a more simplified version of Cowboy Bebop. Speaking of Yamato how you liking it so far? Which is the only explanation, and still one of the most maddening decision I've ever seen since every OTHER character from the Original series played at least some role in major events after the One Year War. Yeah, in one novel series Hathaway killed Quess himself instead, if they'd followed that route at least it would have worked so much better for Sayla. But if I had to choose in a sad kind of way then I'm glad Chan took the bullet for Sayla on that, at least she made herself memorable for being a one-off character while getting to join Amuro in the afterlife, and she cut off that whole weird Beltorchika storyline (what a mess, I mean THREE separate alternative storylines just for Amuro's love interest?). Look I get not everyone needed to come back but Sayla was pretty damn important during the main series, the least they could have done was give us a check up on what and how she was doing like the others rather then these mysterious one-off moment that seem to just randomly occur with her in ZZ and Zeta. Also I completely failed to realize she had a cameo during that flashback sequence in Unicorn episode 7 in a core fighter... thanks a lot for teasing us again Sunrise <_<

    I don't think Sunrise is going to go full rewrite as previously hoped going by how the divided up Origin to basically only encompass Char and Sayla's life growing up before the main series.

    I hope so, but I'm still excited with what we have in store already regardless with Soma and Shinomiya, can't wait to see what kind of level up Soma will get from this experience

    While I'm also glad it's not offscreen, having Reiss threaten the entire walled cities seems a bit much in terms of dragging things out. There's only so much you can make more convenient then 'hey, instant armor in a jar' <_< Probably this encounter against Reiss will help Eren test it out, they'll need it in any event. I used crunchyroll since they're using the official english releases I think, though things going over your head is still understandable considering how vague and how much context we still lack for everything Well, like I said, Shingeki's still as vague and unhelpful as ever, with the answers that only lead to more questions That bag only had one jar come out of it, maybe the shots involve special cock-tail mixes which determine the type and variety, why else have a jar with armor if you're not going to use it in a shot later? Eren's initial Titan was also different and smaller compared to his fathers, who likely wanted something big and nasty enough to increase his odds of taking the power from Frieda, and likely why Reiss is so different. Yeah, the reason seems sound considering all the drawbacks of the Royal family holding on to the power, trying to make sure they couldn't take it back and continue to damn humanity. I still say there's something about Eren, possibly in regards to his own bloodline seeing as how some of the nobility also had special properties that allowed them to resist the First King's power or increase their physical capabiltiies like with the Ackermans. If there wasn't a much better chance either way I don't see why Grisha would sacrifice himself unnecessarily and let Eren carry this burden instead. I think I'd rather not go that far hopefully, more serum would help against the Titan-shifter villagers though and the Beast Titan whenever we get around to that.

    Eh, I'm too spoiled with the future scenarios from CoD to care much about Battlefield, the upcoming Rainbow Six has me more intrigued just cause of how differently you have to approach it of any of the near release shooters. Bah, never touching DmC, ever, no matter how much I like Vergil, and that's only the ORIGINAL Vergil btw (love his VA Daniel Southworth), who I'm looking forward to seeing in the canonical DMC4 version.So yeah, Bloodborne would be the only other thing I'd be concerned with, and don't ever get into Dark Souls, it's mainly soul sucking grinding through and through from what I've observed <_< That'll be something to look forward too, and hopefully the story will be as intriguing as the universe seeing as how this is mainly a single-player campaign game with only one hero/character.

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