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  1. KrimzonStriker
    2015-09-06 21:07
    That is a problem, they need to start working on filling those kinds of environments with more interactive aspects, NPCS both friendly and hostile etc. One thing I really wish they could implement is to have random/large scale battles between various factions happening out there which you could intervene in among other things, really make everything feel alive (something I wish/hope Shadow of Mordor can make the next leap to.) Sounds plausible, I do hope like you just said though that the random planets don't turn out to be big empty worlds, in which case I'd rather have fewer areas to explore if they're also a richer environment that were personally designed. Well if you need to talk about anything else in Witcher 3 just let me know. Well, as long as the future Bioware games, like Andromeda, manage to strike that kind of balance then I think we should be okay (admittedly SWTOR can get away with it because the Dark Side can justify however insane some choices seem) I don't know, a lot of decisions can and will end up like that, there's only so MUCH variation they can make in terms of telling an overall story after all, just got to plow through sometimes.

    I think there were some things we could definitely still explore, like the origins behind Elsa's powers etc. Huh, didn't know about that one, haven't been back to a tropical setting since Lilo and Stitch, should be interesting. Oh no, Disney is doing it, I just don't make much of a distinction anymore since the merger and Disney started adopting 3d rendering as their new movie norm. So let's hope it DOES work out for Sony and Square, we'll know soon enough anyway. And that effort is why I'm generally optimistic for the time being. Good point, and hopefully they learn to avoid similar mistakes in the future when they do.

    True, I need to start getting on securing digital copies of that now that I think about it. Some of the book arcs did get redundant but it would be a pretty tall order for one movie to offset 20 years worth of material. Well that's a worry with almost everything Disney does isn't it? At most I think this is a new trilogy but likely not beyond that at least. Few villains (*cough*Thrawn*cough*) ever have or will probably match Vadar, we'll see what Kylo Ren can do since he's apparently trying to walk in Vadar's footsteps.

    You're probably right, and I won't oppose an anime adaptation of P5 if it does happen (I do hope it gets a little more orderly then P4's sometimes random moments were though) Hah, true that, at least it'll be a little while if P5 does go down that route considering they're STILL churning out P4 spin-offs

    Well, like I said before provided I can get a decent PC next year I'll try and test it out then, in the mean time I'll make do with youtube walkthroughs once Knights comes out this fall.
  2. KrimzonStriker
    2015-09-05 16:47
    Yup, you just lose some context however good summaries are compared to reading actual dialogue. Under the Night, also by Ark Systems intrigues me if you want any suggestions, but I'll leave that decision up to you, at least until I get a decent PC and/or a console finally. First pay check from my training periods should be coming in and I'll be starting my part time gig next wednesday so we'll see if there's anything I can get from my new, meager income next year.

    Well, Bert and Reiner can't stay at Wall Maria THAT long can they? Historia is a good indicator on how they'll build off any future success but let's see them win said future before planing that far ahead. I doubt that, there might be heavy losses but an actual reversal would just set back plot development too far, plus that one military guy basically said they're overworking the economy to support the reclamation of Wall Maria, they HAVE to succeed if they don't want to go broke and face all kinds of instability against the new government. They might need more serum if the village Bert, Annie, and Reiner has more Shifters, unless Eren can get a handle on his Titan controlling powers. Hopefully we'll find out once his motives once the basement is open. Erwin did have a lot of dark foreshadowing, if he does go down perhaps that motivates Historia as well. Hange MIGHT be able to crack it, well see, but hopefully the outlawed tech they recovered helps their scientific development on other fronts if not the serum itself. Not surprising, it WAS awhile ago since Armin or Eren mentioned that book. Here's hoping for some answers about her soon. True that, and likely be a long arc given how important this will be, some people might expire from sheer impatience Exactly, and why I think however costly they will take that first step towards the rest of the world starting with Wall Maria. True, though Ape man could theoretically have scouted things out for them in all that time, certainly Eren's use of armor isn't a secret. Depends once again if a person is able to control the Titan, so we'll see.

    He shouldn't know where it is, neither do Reiner and Bert and Eren's house like many others is rubble now, not something you can find easily in that haystack. If you think people getting concussions banging there heads with yet another delay for answers is funny

    Heard a few things, basically it was... different and came to a semi-average score for most people.

    You say so, I'm just looking for something to relax with honestly. Hopefully Barbatos emulates that in its evolution when October comes. Understandable, let me know how 2199 goes when you do. New series for Yamato? I know they were doing a new movie but that's... interesting considering the remake is only a few years old. Oh no, that's just my pet peeve, the story progression was just clunky and disjointed, a lot was just drawn out and over dramatic with some questionable plot decisions, I recommend the Macross movies in that the stream line a lot of those issues but it's your choice. Yes and no I guess, they're doing different adaptations from existing material of previous Arslan medias. No prob, but like I said please put Utawarerumono after Macross and even Arslan given how much material that series might skip over or end on a cliffhanger with.
  3. KrimzonStriker
    2015-09-05 15:58
    I think it worked out alright, I felt it was too soon for him be poking the Elite Ten bear just yet so using this as a learning experience works out. Boy, I shouldn't have been surprised but dang Tsukasa's got every single detail in his food down pate. I do wonder just how good he can be if he ever does manage to install his own personality in some of his dishes. I'm getting kind of tired of these cliffhanger chapters lately, hope we get some interesting development next week I heard and been repeating this a lot lately , but the guy bears a scary resemblance and even a surprisingly similar attitude as the television version of Hannibal Lecter... and be careful to avoid having eaten if you ever click the Hannibal cooking video on youtube, and err the murder scenes for obvious reasons Well recent spoilers seems to indicate it's both her father and Joichiro's fault because Erina's trying to raise her standard cooking enough that it'll attract Joichiro to visit her again one day.

    That's what the spoilers say, and going back he has the same first name as the Third Seat alongside Joichiro and Gin, though a different last name (Nakumura) so I'm curious to get some back story about that. Oh, he's got the pitiless eyes of a man who believes he's FAR superior to those around him (again just like Hannibal <_<) I think a lot of the reason why he got thrown out stems from that but there's likely some specific incident that eventually pushed the family that far in casting him out. Some spoilers on his last lines have him saying it's been 10 years since he taught Erina how to cook so now he wants to see how she developed, if that's any indication of how long he's been out of her life. Oh, he's definitely not beating Azami in cooking anytime soon, but Soma's got a pretty resilient and flexible mind that I think he might be able to score a philosophical/moral victory that will help reassure Erina that her father CAN be stood up to. It's possible, most people are betting there's an interesting history between those two (I think it's possible he might be the root reason why Joichiro never graduated) and that's only been reinforced by the Third Seat name debate. Agghh, next week can't get here soon enough.

    You'll probably enjoy it when you do see him. The pacing been a bit fast but we should get through the preliminaries alright, probably end it at the Polar Star party or something. Agreed, maybe they can bring it back at a later date hopefully, but at least we're moving forward. Hopefully news about a second season will arrive sometime by the end of this year.

    I thought so as well, overall anyway. They also had these little recap videos on the Madan anime website where chibi Lin points at a map going over troop movements/actions from previous episodes, so hopefully a few more extras are available to fill in gaps in any future season. Pretty much, hopefully it gets a chance to do a lot more adapting. I'm never going to accuse Mahouka of being perfect if that's what you mean, but it can get a bit more intriguing once those future elements are added. Oh yeah, that part was obvious when Tatsuya first commented on it, but it was quite hilarious to see how she and Erika were connected that way. Mmmh, yes and no, there's been some volatile plot movement recently that may push Tatsuya to reexamine certain things, we'll see what happens in any event. Then DTB shouldn't have been so indepth/involved, making it out to be a big mystery/conspiracy in the background we'd finally get to the bottom of by the end. And that's not really the point, they might not have questioned it but they were working towards some kind of conclusion that had no real context/understanding behind it and the revelations/ending just left me confused and wondering what exactly did I just watch and how am I supposed to feel about this? That's not so different from the refugee crisis in GITS 2nd Gig is it? It is pretty funny, but I think one of the main points of the current series is moving Japan to have a greater presence on the world stage because of all these outstanding mages, plus it makes some sense they've been mostly a reactive/defensive power it took this long given the whole no warfare treaty thing Japan has to work around, but with the defense treaty with the U.S void conserving and buffering their strength takes on a lot more prominence to deter acts of aggression.

    It's basically the same thing with mecha animes these days as well, it's about saving some costs and time for animation sequences that would take a lot of work otherwise. Sure you wanna keep the important characters animated in the old school pencil drawn way to add character, but otherwise throw away scenes like faceless crowds and dance parties just aren't worth the effort.

    Everything being hotly contested right now, and I think there's still definite hope for the MayumixTatsuya ship but we'll just have to see how things develop. Moving on then.
  4. KrimzonStriker
    2015-09-04 18:59
    Ah sure, let me finish these posts though and I'll send it via PM, gotta did it up from my memo's on my phone. Cool, hope they finish some of their older series, I REALLY want to read the rest of Gingacho Best she gets in what she can then. Yeah, I just can't, as weird as the story has twisted and turned itself I have too many favorites amongst the Fairy Tail cast to give up on it, so I'm just bracing myself to grind through it once it's further along. Pah, I bet, hope she enjoys them because I sure as heck am never going back.

    No doubt, I certainly would have in his place considering how long ago and overdue an update for the series was. I'm pretty sure you're right because I know for a fact some type of encyclopedia expanding on the world, characters was written, providing background information on characters like Johnny Ridden for the first time along with various Mobile Suits, both shown and not in the U.C timeline. That attitude was definitely shared by Tomita given his subsequent novels, that being said if they ever want to try to do ZZ right I'd wish them luck, but if they can't then let's just move on from it and regard it as the footnote it was. True true, I'm pretty sure unlike the original Gundam Movies they never made Zeta's canon, probably because of that reaction and how much they veered off some of the original decisions from the actual series.

    Well, after suffering such a setback from Reconguista there's definitely more of a need for it to be successful, I certainly get the same sense given how much more grounded the concept for Orphans seems to be. We'll see what the series has in store with her. Hah, I doubt that, because as you said based on the disposition of her looks and her stated goals of declaring independence she doesn't comes across as is not a power-puff princess type and that will be a relief I must say He is short/young/ has very big/determined eyes so no, I see where you're coming from, the military disposition also lends to an AoT feel for him. Nicely put, having a Gundam that actually functions like a machine instead of an unscratchable god is a different and good start. Right you are. Should be fun to see where the salvage mechanic take Barbatos and how it shakes up each individual fight as the series progresses. Yeah, but that's balanced by my impatience and excitement to see it now so it works out Well, like game developers I hope anime studios eventually learn and adopt that lesson for all our sakes. Let's hope that Orphans merits said length then, I certainly won't complain given how rare 50+ series are now a days and if any franchise warrants them it is Gundam. Exactly, and that's why it works so much better, I wish more studios understood that in their planning before committing to their productions and having to slap on weird/out of place endings because of inappropriate season lengths.

    Well, he's here whether we like it or not, so hopefully he can channel what mediocre talents he has to make the most of those kinds of sequences. Eh, it got redundant in the sequels but the first one didn't seem too bad in terms of choreographing a battle in the middle of a city. I guess, and hopefully that is the case this time around if they do ask for any advice, though even then he bends military regulations a lot for the sake of over-dramatic moments, so I hope it IS just about the military aspect if they go to him at all.
  5. KrimzonStriker
    2015-09-03 19:54
    I don't mind when that happens if A) the sequel is good and actually expands on the previous mechanics or b) a complete revision/overhaul is done of the previous games. Constant rehashes are just lazy. That being said things were getting very stale in terms of the new game genre's so hopefully Horizon encourages others to push into new territories. Cool, I'll be on the look out for it when that comes around.

    I played it once at my brother-in-laws. Very superficial, scant details, uninteresting mechanics, and lack of depth for characters/stories. Damn straight, they should have focused on VR stuff first before trying to pull this motion controller crap. Amen, and Nintendo really does need it, I've missed Star Fox myself personally, one of the first 3d games I ever played. Me neither, well let's hope for the best for them. It would, but so would seeing some of those great franchises just meander about, one thing that might come of it though is another Mario RPG FINALLY. But regardless I hope they get their act together as well.

    Exactly, so once again let's hope they FINALLY learn their lesson because they really need to break out of their own new IP rut. I can't really think of an alternative myself though, not if they want to exposition the story on top of demonstrating the team mechanics. That's kind of sad, since I do like Adam Sandler and with Dinklage involved well... *sigh* I know I know, I would have liked this one to break the trend and take this someplace special but *siiigghhh* Nice to know, I'll look forward to seeing it soon then.

    Certainly wouldn't hurt, they were on a good track with ME3 but more diversity on that front won't hurt. Huh, hadn't considered that aspect but you might be right, certainly I hope they learned some lessons about rendering on Frostbite after DA:I and getting to take the gloves off with the hardware will help with the graphics. That's good to know, hopefully more details arrive soon about those changes. For sure, and especially if they don't turn into the grind fest like collecting minerals turned out to be in ME2.

    I can see a need to balance Materia a bit more, but people really did like leveling that stuff :P Exactly, shared experience is one lesson they can actually keep from recent games like FFXIII. Right, let's see what they do with XV before getting too far ahead with VII Remake just yet.

    Yeah, I've generally found that to be true, helps that you can just carry and play them wherever you go Understandable, like I said just have certain titles prioritized and work steadily from there, shorter/one-off games can be handled when an actual gap period does come around.

    Not surprising if they did. Kay, let me know if anything else on the XV front pops up, been a bit out of it because of all these documents and training I'm going through right now. <_<

    Well, so long as you can get transformation modes along those lines then I'm fine with it. Certainly the new worlds they're bringing in should help diversify said arsenal, can't wait to see what Big Hero 6 will have in store for us btw Eh, worst case either one gets pushed back to early of the next year, enough time to finish the first one that comes out for gamers.

    Eh, it probably won't change too soon but I hope gradually they get the hint. At MOST you do one teaser but have some gameplay ready at least within the next few months afterwards. Bah, let's move on, bellyaching won't change that trend any time soon <_<

    Exactly, if you're not really appreciating the game then there's no point, I mean it's not like they're going anywhere and what's the worst that can happen, they drop the price in a year or two? Sounds like a win. Yes and no, the stages are small enough where maybe two or three days of solid gaming should cover everything in Ori, and you can always look up guides online if you get stuck. Yeah, it is a struggle, things have been so hectic for me that I haven't had time or a fixed schedule to organize around anyway

    I've gotten through some of it, it's a bit slow but I can definitely see why the detail caught so many peoples attention. Same here. Not very likely given that the Division is open world, and stories can just come about organically as you explore, I'm thinking they'll probably emulate Dynasty/Samurai Warriors set stages given For Honor's format
  6. KrimzonStriker
    2015-09-03 13:53
    Uggh, finally a break.

    2 games aren't bad for the remainder of this year, especially lengthy ones like P5. True that, rest up while you can for 2016 Sounds good then, it wouldn't hurt to delay on one or two if things get overwhelming, at least unless previews and teasers make it too enticing.

    Missed opportunity then, and you and me both about Platinum adding him at some point, hopefully the figure out, but let's more on from Transformers.

    I doubt that's the case, they've certainly taken long enough to ensure that quality control aspect for XV. No it isn't, which is why I'm focusing more on them trying to reestablish their reputation with these releases more then anything, and they must be aware how badly they need it, I mean their stock was on the decline for the last couple of years which I'm blaming on how bad FFXIII and its sequels flopped. Certain scenes we undoubtedly will, but that's because it was appropriate in those moments as it was for Advent Children as Cloud was trying to find his resolve again, SOLDIER Cloud won't have many of those issues until well into the game. It's more of creating that conclusive sequel, I'm sure they've moved on from games like Dirge and what have you but they do probably need to tie up the loose story ends finally. And hey, FFX and X-2 not to mention a TON of Kingdom Hearts games got HD remakes, so why not CC, it wasn't that long ago in comparison and it might help advertise any planned sequel to end the Compilation like I said before.

    Cool, he should after all the delays involved, I'm certain everyone in the States will appreciate it rather then gnaw at their teeth for several months scouring for footage from Japan. Hmm, too bad, did like the emotional rendering of the trailer though, good display of expressions at least. Now incorporating the PAX stuff from FFXV the gun holding from Noctis sounds familiar to what happened in FF versus XIII builds so I don't think you have much to worry about in terms of additional content to the gameplay system. Still haven't delved into magic or the team combat aspect (might still let you switch between members?)

    Exactly. Any word on that btw? I remember reading on some uncertainty regarding what engine they'd employ for the Remake. Yeah, on top of the Square's own conference at the end of year, just have to be patient for news. There's a lot to look forward to in any event, between Deus Ex, FFXV, we'll have plenty of content to keep us occupied for the next year while waiting for KHIII and FFVII Remake. That'd be nice, I'm a bit doubtful in the Remake's case without a proper story trailer out quite yet.

    A good point probably, still they could clean Last Guardian's appearance up a bit, I don't think that should be too much to ask for even if the gameplay stays relatively the same from what we've seen so far. Exactly, so just move Uncharted around in your schedule if you need to.

    Same here. I think that was always going to be impractical since they can't fire a gun outside of the Blasto movies I wouldn't be surprised if they included one, it's a whole other galaxy so there's bound to be other AI there along with new species. Hopefully anyone new we meet in Andromeda will be equally coloful as those two were in the original trilogy. For now, looking forward to seeing what comes of the new Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion from Bioware this year before worrying about ME, I'm REALLY praying they give us an option to join the Eternal Empire and really change history, especially now the the previous material they built upon like the Mandalorians, Exar Kun, and the Chiss have been de-canonized.

    I think so, certainly they have plenty of world material in the Dishonored universe to work off of so I'm looking forward to their expansion on that. If they both have different mechanics then that should actually encourage trying both characters out even more I would think. Same, replay-ability is always something people look for in any game. Worst comes too if you're really curious about base defense it's something you can come back too at a later point, Fall Out's got enough staying power that if you let it for a year or two it'll still be fun to play.

    Yeah I saw the video, interesting stuff now that you assign groups to help different sections of the ship. It's definitely a different take on XCOM the franchise, encouraging a more proactive involvement and I look forward to seeing it in action.
  7. KrimzonStriker
    2015-08-30 19:13
    Uggh, been pretty exhausted with my training session to be a tutor this week Dann, also had to take care of quite a few forms/applications so I'll see what I can do about getting a response tomorrow afternoon/evening. Hold off on any new responses, and instead just edit your older post below me if anything important comes out in the mean time.

    Edit: Good lord, they want me to do MORE training sessions on top of all this last minute scrambling on my part to get the necessary documents in time. I'll have to push this to Thursday or so Dann
  8. KrimzonStriker
    2015-08-21 22:45
    Thanks, between you and me I'm hoping some job offers come through over others but we'll see, at least I got one position secured even if it is only a part-time gig for one year. If I have some time next Friday I can go over those with you and see where you might be able to improve it, though I'm only just starting to consciously try to shorten my cover letters, but I'll do what I can if you need it

    Still some things to wrap up (like where the heck Eizan is, are Soma and Kuga going to have a match or not, what will this meeting with Eiishi Tsukasa result in) even before we jump into that interesting tangle. Erina's been due for some serious development for awhile though, so looking forward to talking more about it with you, along with next week's chapter
  9. KrimzonStriker
    2015-08-21 15:34
    No it's fine. I'm pretty swamped myself right now, I'm getting processed for a tutoring position while also applying for various other posts and attending other information sessions. It's going to be a pretty busy for me next week so take your time.

    Please do, as you said the latest developments from this chapter are very interesting.
  10. KrimzonStriker
    2015-08-15 22:27
    I think I'm losing track of things, was this conversation regarding cellphones about the LOGH remake? Cause I can't find my post that you responded to regarding it but I'll try to improvise. I suppose that's true though LOGH could justify that somewhat given they were from the early 90's, and that they use a lot of antiquated/retroactive technology. Still one hopes they figure out how to take that into consideration in said remake. But yeah, other series were a bit off putting, at least Sunrise seemed to slowly begin adapting that idea going back to 00, though UC could justify it somewhat given Minovsky particles. Just have to see how Iron-Blooded Orphans handles it.

    Mostly likely, I mean the second season did only end this year. We'll look to see if anything new for Build or in general comes out from Sunrise next year.

    Damn straight. It DOES seem like they're moving closer to releasing the other episodes though, they're finally reairing that premiere for Season 2 of SW:Rebels so we'll see. Nick hasn't been much better as well, the Kung Fu Panda series has completely disappeared, while Ninja Turtles seems to be in hiatus. I can only pray KFP finishes its third season once the third movie comes out.

    Hah, don't remind me, honestly they need to get their heads out of their butts and just license this mess to someone who knows what they're doing like Funimation. I for one can do without Seed but I understand the frustration with the delays regarding the other series/franchises. We'll just have to hope for the best, but if they're going to charge that much they should have done some kind of bundle package with all the episodes if only to get the price down based on bulk purchase.

    Edit: Eh, I haven't seen anyone dispute whether the Code Geass Uncut ending was legit, so I'll just take it for granted, I think it always made sense just based on that whole C.C raising her voice for someone to hear, but people will continue to interpret the ending how they please. For me, I'm satisfied seeing my view vindicated regardless of it counting or not after being cut.

    Moving the RWBY Stuff here. They've released the Jap Dub online, saw it, loved it, thought the VA's matched well. I wonder how much RT licensed that for? Ah well, should do great in Japan regardless

    Sounds like a nice scene, and HAH to the fish for Blake Hmm regarding Weiss, the Schnee Company just concluded a development project with the Atlas military for the Paladins so I can't imagine they're doing that badly regardless of the Dust robberies by Torchwick and the White Fang. Given Winter is there and how... questionable their attitudes have been hinted as, the cutting Weiss off thing would fit better. Good on Pyrrha, and Jaune wanted to join them for food I take it? If so, he sure knows how to mooch

    Yeah, they leaked that scene on youtube, was a bit grainy but it looked cool. Most of the concept art for that scene was also available so I have the gist for the arena/rules and the opponents regardless. Still, not surprised by how recent they completed that clip given that they only started production around the beginning of July.

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