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  1. KrimzonStriker
    2015-10-04 13:01
    Should be fun to see them again in any event whenever this dang LOGH's remake comes out, until then though I think we'll end the conversation here, unless you want to talk about how they're finally doing a sub release for the series here in the U.S, you thinking about getting it as well? I honestly hope they do the original version instead of the updated one, the inconsistency of the footage from the old and new is just off putting.

    Cool, but let's move on to discussing about Orphans itself now that it's been released. Include that in our dedicated Gundam post will you? I'll just say I thought it was really solid and showed off its potential, and once you've confirmed that you've seen it as well we'll go into the details in the PREVIOUS dedicated Sunrise/Gundam post, so yeah, moving on right now.

    Edit: Oh, here's a link to the opening of Orphans as well that didn't air with this first episode. Some interesting details, let me know what you think

    Bah, nothing we can do about it now, though at least they keep releasing teasers for Rebels, but until it and other series actually do resume let's move on.

    That's just a rip, and why the digital transition needs to happen sooner rather then later, and DVD/Blue-Ray should move exclusively to Collector Edition status and be treated as such given what they're charging. Hmmph, it's conceited if they do think this model of overcharging is fine, more then one anime import company thought the same thing until it was too late. I think they do actually, at least I heard that was the case with Shokugeki when they bundled the DVD's with new manga volume releases or something to that effect, honestly that doesn't peeve me off so much for JAPAN where they have daily access and deflation going on at least. GundamInfo? You might be right since I noticed it's connected to the Bandai, Sunrise, and Funimation channels as well, though they have taken down videos before, the seven minute dub preview for Origin's I comes to mind, but hey, I'll take any news we can get however I can. Basically my thinking, either that or an online access purchase anyway, either one would work so long as they don't keep doing these unnecessary extraneous processes to deliver the content.

    I heard they were though I haven't really had a chance to do any research on the RWBY Japanese VA's to know how talented they actually are.

    Oh man, you really need to clear some time up and watch it yourself or with family members, the first 4 Rocky films at least really pump you up in any event and it'd help you appreciate Creed more if you do. Should be interesting to see that transition with him in Pan, along with who the actual villain of that movie is and where he came from. Guess we'll shelve any further discussions unless something new comes up, I'll let you know if that happens with Dawn at NY Comic-con this week anyway.

    Hah, someone uploaded footage of that RWBY preview from RTX on youtube, quite hilarious seeing Blake out like that But yeah, I've always been curious what's going on in Weiss' background given the prominence of her family in Remnant, so it'll be interesting to see. True, likely we'll get more of a glimpse of the plan as the tournament proceeds, maybe even catch Team Cinder participating in a match or two.

    Well, guess we'll leave it there until RT does, I'll try to let you know if anything new for RWBY pops up at their panel in NYCC as well though I expect it to be popular/packed so we'll see.
  2. KrimzonStriker
    2015-10-04 12:16
    True, and I'm not saying it didn't, but it was really cool/refreshing to have a system that could actually change/impact the overall world, if they can take that to the next level with interactive battles between war-bands or outright control of armies to seize territory/win battles or prevent Sauron from doing the same to you. Stuff like that would finally deliver on that 'organic' feel so many open world games promise. You're probably right, I could pinpoint a couple of other examples but then it'd get too long so moving on from MSG finally.

    Pretty much, that was always kind of weird/disconcerting honestly but a big part of that with Citadel had to do with the ending, etc. Oh that I'm pretty sure we can book that based on the ending for Trespassers, and hopefully they will do the same for our Warden/Hawke, especially the Warden. Will do.

    I've only been able to look up a few pieces from the Moana movie myself but you are right about that. Pretty much, so we'll leave off both Moana and the Remake discussions until said news updates do happen.

    Okay, cool, hopefully I can track that and the other two novels from the Thrawn Trilogy down soon. And yeah I knew about that. Speaking of Zhan's works did you hear about the new deal between Blizzard and Random House? Zhan's going to be doing a Starcraft novel, and it's supposedly set to take place AFTER the Starcraft II trilogy ends in order to move on to the next chapter of the franchise! Good on him after LucasArts/Disney basically kicked his trilogy to the curve. Oh, and my favorite Warcraft character Illidan is also getting his own novel on March 10 next year! It's good to be a reading fan Dann You might be right but I wouldn't hold my breathe when it comes to Disney/Marvel, guess we'll see if they do branch out, for now it's all about Batman v Superman next year for me. I don't dislike the lack of teasers either actually, especially not with the movie this close to a release date, but that also might be because I'm still apprehensive about the whole notion of continuing off from the original Star Wars trilogy.

    Which was why I was glad they did come out with Golden and even the Arena games in the meantime, honestly the PS3 feels more and more like a stop gap generation then anything now. Pretty much, I hope based on the fact that the P5 MC seems to have more of a personality with his whole phantom thief identity that if they do adapt this to an anime it'll be a bit more consistent. True, and it looks like they'll have even more time to speculate with the delayed release. I do hope they're are more characters then that recent intro trailer for P5 indicated, only one new guy showed up in that one.

    Oh yeah, trust me on this youtube has saved me from pulling my hair out trying to recall things like old vintage games I could never play now among other things. Heck, I've even gotten to see the levels I could never get to as a kid from Sonic 3 or Earthworm Jim, etc.
  3. KrimzonStriker
    2015-10-04 00:58
    No, you're right, the release of actual sequels though just feels longer because of those remastered versions of the previous iteration of the BlazBlue franchise, I swear Kingdom Hearts must have infected the BB somehow with that particular illness <_< No, you're right again, that is to be expected, I just dislike how it creeps up on us like that. But at the very least BlazBlue does a semi-good job of incorporating those side-stories into the actual games via Visual Novel style in mini-recap movies. I'll likely never do competitive multiplayer, but the intricate strategies and unit control plus the world building aspect always fascinated me to try RTS' even if I may not be all that good at them. True, that kind of wage wouldn't last long at all if I was living here by myself so the hunt for a full-time position is still ongoing, for now almost everything I'm making is going into my saving aside for pocket change purchases every now and then like what I might get during Comic-con. You talked to anyone about restructuring or government assistance in offsetting some of the cost? Just let them know you're willing and or able to make a location change in your cover letter if you get the position, that's really all you can do to ease those concerns, hopefully I'll have something myself to make that 'able' aspect a reality. Well, as I said, have a priority list ready in case you may or may not have to get rid of/delay certain games of anime's next year.

    Well, I suppose we'll know one way or another how things fall into place when the new AoT chapter comes out in a few more days.

    I probably could too, but you can see why I'm gravitating toward Build more as even though they're a team they're working to support one another to succeed on their own as well as together. When you say gets over the mental block is the Sei actually a match for people of Reiji's skill level or no? Guess I'll have to look into it again to see if it's not just more movies/OVA's but if a full-blown episodic series for Yamato comes out then sign me up. As I said, the Macross Frontier movies at least streamline the process for the most part so go with them instead of the actual series. Actually my fears seem to have been unfounded and they did exactly as you said, still no idea if a sequel for Arslan is on the way though so probably still keep it on the back burner and read the manga instead in the meantime, it'll be awhile before the manga releases catch up where the anime leaves off/much less surpasses it anyway so you'll have plenty of time to do the same. Yeah, I heard about that, usually that kind of anime adaptation decision it to cut out/streamline certain plot points they couldn't reconcile from the manga, but as I haven't read/really watched Tokyo Ghoul I can't say that definitively was the case. Glad you think so, I thought you'd enjoy it and I think you definitely will as you get further into Utawarerumono.
  4. KrimzonStriker
    2015-10-02 20:06
    Quite a lot I would think, the battle with the Ten was hinted from the very beginning, but this business with Azami only ups the stakes I think, plus it's not like Soma can go after Azami directly with any prayer of winning. As of 136 it seems he and Gin are aware of what's going on, I wonder if/when they'll arrive to take on their old Elite Ten comrade, I'm very interested in their backstory anyway.

    Well, now we've made it clear he married into the family, and while we didn't get much into Jou's involvement the Erina backstory was definitely interesting. Plus the recent chapter from 137 is offering growth potential for her future, whenever you get around to it, while also setting up the future conflict moving forward. Let me know what you think of the new scenario when you read it, I can't wait to see what kind of shenanigans come from it

    I think maybe one or two of the current pro-Azami group could be turned back but I'll let you see 137 before you make an opinion on that. I readily hope Eizan is the first victim off the Elite Ten Council though, he's come off as pretty irremediable of the lot. Interesting to see the reactions from Kuga, and Isshiki along with that other look at the council in 137, but I'm also curious Yeah, well, ingredients aside it still doesn't change the fact that he's an elitist snob even if he is a different kind of elitist snob, look at murder happy human eating Hannibal as my prime example

    Well, the finale for the Shokugeki anime was interesting, though I'm kind of afraid what it may or may not mean for a sequel, but hopefully this downturn in choices let's you catch up soon.

    Huh, interseting to note, but yeah it's generally been well-received in Japan from what I heard so if any anime breaks that rule of Madhouse it probably would be Mahouka, but we'll see. Hah, I doubt it, but yeah, moving on from DtB. It would have been nice but she probably sounds a bit TOO old for someone Winter's age, should be interseting though even if it is Arise Major (probably should watch those movies at some point, a new Ghost movie is coming out this fall anime season too). I'll let you know if anything interesting happens via the VN books with Mahouka on those fronts anyway, character or global politic wise.

    I'm willing to make this compromise with CG if this makes them focus on hand-drawing on the really important features and highlighting that beautiful artistic detail where we most see it.
  5. KrimzonStriker
    2015-09-29 23:48
    The Concerto thing? I have no idea what it could be about so yeah, wait and see. I could do Noragami (have to watch its first season though) if Bones is the thing, since Snow White with the Red Hair's first season is done. But yeah, now would be the time to catch up with any series you're delayed on.

    Edit:Sorry this is taking so long, schedule is a bit hectic right now but hopefully I'll get everything in by Friday Evening after the next Shokugeki spoilers.
  6. KrimzonStriker
    2015-09-29 18:27
    Just that and Utawarerumono: Itsuwari no Kamen is on my definite list. And Gundam Origin II on Oct. 31st of course. I'll give Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry (this is a more comical/less Overpowered version of Mahouka) a shot since the manga was a little intriguing and played things for laugh enough to let me not take it nearly as seriously as I did Mahouka. Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai is SOMEWHAT intriguing for me and I've heard good things about its novel and manga versions so I'll give that a shot since a military unit of witch hunters has to have something for it. Sakurako-san no Ashimoto ni wa Shitai ga Umatteiru could be hit or miss, I know nothing about it but a good mystery could be nice, we'll see. But yeah, pickings be slim this season.
  7. KrimzonStriker
    2015-09-23 15:04
    Well as I said, either they pick up their old IP's or I request Crunchyroll and see if they can work something out like they have with Kodanshi for AoT, Arslan etc, especially for the publications Tokyo Pop won't be continuing. Kay, and nah, I think we're like over two hundred chapters since that occurred. I guess, but who knows if the 'final arc' will drag on as long as Bleach, but we'll see. She should check out the Brotherhood anime adaptation at some point then. just to see the manga translated into gorgeous animation sequences.

    I think they're moving closer to giving it a close though with Unicorn, but I hope they keep giving us UC nods from time to time after Origin finishes. Oh I didn't either, about it connecting all the timelines, I'm just bringing it up as an example of how Sunrise released production bibles/lore encylopedia's like the one involving Turn A, even though it's out of date, hopefully they make/we learn of a new one at some point. That seems to have been the formula since Char's Counterattack, and for now it's working, so I certainly won't mind more OVA style formats, either it'll save me from Reconguista purgatory or hopefully compliment a potentially good alternate timeline series like Barbatos. Some of those changes by Sunrise for the anime adaptations I did agree with, like Riddhe shooting Lohne instead of Banagher and moving Darkar back to a ZeonxFederation conflict versus some random jihadist movement. But then we have the decisions regarding Sayla, so yeah a give and take and one where we just have to deal with it the best we can.

    Hah, so let's leave Recongusita safety in the grave and embrace the new. Exactly, I mean I wasn't all that bothered by the end of the OVA with Unicorn after all thanks to its gradual progression and the fact that it limited it grounded its God Mode into a more utilitarian feature. I know, and I appreciated it until then (and the stupid Flay nonsense) but my point stands they we can see a real mixing and matching of abilities with Barbatos rather then a constant switching in and out with Strike. True that, if there was anything to take from that debacle it was what NOT to do so hopefully Barbatos gets a clean break and an appropriate amount of episodes.

    Yup, and while I definitely don't think it was the greatest of series I did enjoy how he incorporated real tactical/military procedure during his ship to sub combat scenes. So yeah, not the worst thing in the world so long as Bay keeps himself limited to what he knows best.

    Edit: Gonna wait to see if there's a new chapter of Shokugeki on Thursday Dann, otherwise I'll save the next post for Friday after the anime airs the last episode.
  8. KrimzonStriker
    2015-09-23 12:28
    It was Kara for Weiss, but thank you for the heads up. I'll bring both my posters, the original for Lindsay and the one you sent me for Barbara and the rest of the gang. This makes my day in any event, especially with NYCC coming closer and closer. Okay, now I'm gonna see if I can knock out these next posts.
  9. KrimzonStriker
    2015-09-22 19:54
    Agreed, and the fact that repetitive sequel fatigue is kicking in with a lot of the existing IP's as well. Hey, I understand, I was pretty impressed when it came out as well, I was a history junkie before I was anything else and greek mythology always fascinated me, but they've milked this cow as far is it can go I think, so I'm praying that they've done something to shake things up with this new one, otherwise let's just move on, from this topic and this series.

    It was clunky, but workable, and yeah the Gamecube was always an option, honestly still one of the best Zelda games to ever come out. Pretty much, glad we got out the origin stories out of the way but I'm ready to move on. She's definitely no Midna, I'll tell you that. It was too bad, I never got good enough to really compete with my cousins, so I mostly played Mario Party of Mario Kart Battlemode That's good to hear, keep it around, could be worth a lot at some point. Yeah, lot of Sonic at my house I'll tell you that, but those were some of the most gorgeous background settings I've ever seen and it's a shame that hasn't carried over for the franchise. Guess we'll leave Nintendo there until something interesting comes around. Man, Mario 64 was the eye opener for me as a kid, a revolution of video games from being something I had a casual interest to one I became hardcore in love with because I'd never seen such an immersive world before, once again it's a shame to see that hasn't been carried over with Mario very often. Huh, well both companies could do with a renewal of their partnership, especially Nintendo but Square could use a cushion to supplement XV, VII Remake and KH III.

    I'll be on the watch for the Divisions beta then, I'm looking forward to seeing some bits on mechanics/gameplay of the open world clarified. True, true, though Ralph was a parody and not a direct reference. Also isn't Wreck-it-Ralph supposed to get a sequel btw?

    True that, and I'm DEFINITELY interested in seeing a new corner of Thedas in the next DA game. Let's hope they listen, hopefully something new will come up about Andromeda before the end of the year, but we'll see.

    And consider the fact that a lot of the characters have their own iconic playstyles and move sets, not to mention their limit breaks. I for one would LOVE to see real-time Tifa beat-em-down action. So yeah, I'm not going to worry TOO much but if they're smart they won't limit us like that, but we'll see if any news comes out about the Remake before the year is out.

    Well, I'm in no rush anyway, so until Vita does get a price drop I'll just save up and prioritize over it. That's too bad about the memory card expense, I hadn't thought about it, but if it doesn't (and I afford it) I'll deal with it. Too bad if that's true, but like I said I'm in no rush for any of the handhelds, not until I get a new computer anyway, and it'll give systems like the 3DS to stock up on titles I'd actually be interested in. Speaking of did you hear from TGS that they're making a Phoenix Wright 6? The Meiji Era prequel for the franchise just came out and hasn't even been released in the U.S. Wonder if the new anime they have planned for 2016 is the reason why they're rushing a new sequel (which btw is pissing me off by being in another country with a whole new cast AGAIN...). Wise man, regarding AK. Sounds like a good plan, though did you ever have a chance to try out Fire Emblem: Awakening?

    I think so anyway, should be fun and hopefully we'll get to actually see examples in the next KH III trailer for San Fransokyo, they did do it briefly for Tangled after all.

    That's good to hear, hopefully things won't be so pressed for time as you initially feared and you'll be able to get through everything at a steady/enjoyable pace for next year's releases. Well yes, that's always the concern and probably a good plan, like I said there's no rush to get things on the release date so if something changes or reviews for certain game titles are too bad then you can always move things around to work with your schedule. Suppose that's true, and save points aren't always in ideal places so you have to use the limited automatic saves wisely. Well, I hope my suggestion works out for you then, with the more limited number of titles for the remainder of this year it'd be a good time to designate any free dates you'll have in the future to get some of those titles out of the way before 2016 in any event.

    Well with that, and until news of the development for Shenmue III comes out I think we can safetly move on. It's the only possibility that's come to mind for me right now but we'll see what Ubisoft does. Well yes, I know that, but For Honor's apparently going to have named characters, not just designated classes available, so I was thinking more in the micro sense of these individuals development within the greater story, but once again we'll just have to wait and see what Ubisoft does.
  10. KrimzonStriker
    2015-09-21 19:53
    Yup, we'll just have to live with and enjoy them the best we can. Okay, good luck with that though it's a bit longer then you'd think and can drag if you don't dedicate a steady amount of time to it. You COULD always rush/skip certain things and proceed more along the main story if you're that concerned with time I'm not surprised, I'm kind of a Warhammer lore junkie, so between a Total War version for the fantasy setting and a Homeworld Remastered version for the space one I'm kind of giddy Oh, that's definitely not mean, I'm more a utilities guide, so long as any new gaming PC I get runs well I'll be good. Treat yourself to something nice when you can I always say, so let's both hope for the best that we'll have some nice hardware sometime soon Yeah, that's certainly not true with internet shopping at our fingertips now, just keep that in mind and put in anything you're interested in on a bookmark for you to come back to later. Yeah, I figured that was going to happen with P5... ah well, you can push Andromeda to basically 2017 given it's in December anyway. Never had the pleasure with Gravity Rush though, I'll check it out though though to see if it makes the list.

    I thought Odin Sphere looked too beautiful to be on a home system game console instead of an art gallery, so yeah definitely happy for the remake. Definitely adding this to my if I ever get a Vita wish list along with P4: Golden. You might have an easier time managing Odin Sphere on and off with the Vita while traveling, though I see the appeal with seeing it wide screen HD on the console. Errr, can you be a bit more specific, who's making a new game involving mechs?

    And hope is all we have at this point. Yeah, after seeing the Dawn 2.0 trailer, she looked tougher then my initial fears so my hopes of them translating some Stella aspects to her remains and I'm slowly getting over it, provided they deliver of course, the prospect of her being an opponent was one of the more intriguing aspects to Stella and one I won't mind they keep with Luna. Err, Genesis waking up and that rather then as an antagonist he woke up to protect the world from... something that was coming.They can definitely make up something enough for a sequel simply based on just that, once the Remake is out anyway, it'd make the most sense as a transition in any event, more so then the FFXIII nonsense anyway.

    Yeah, looks like it, ah well I won't complain too much, that dish from the fishing trailer looked really delicious anyway Guess it's all on Square event at the end of the year for our last chance at a release date announcement. I would certainly appreciate it if they managed to keep that aspect of the gun play should they choose to include it at all, actually don't we kind of have that already with the melee gameplay as is, I mean when certain places are hit determines if they do more or less damage etc? Same here, and once again why we'll have to bank on the Square end of the year event it seems.

    Well, it's a good sign, I'll give you that much so I'm not too worried about KH III in any event. This KH 2.8 thing is just a prologue/teaser right, not another full game? Here's hoping we get even that amount at Square's end of the year event, again.

    That's a double edge sword though, if it doesn't at least moderately meet expectations the backlash could be terrible, but as you said the anticipation is there so I'm not overtly worried about initial sales for Last Guardian, at least for now. Good, that was the one worth playing, Uncharted 1 was kind of fun but Uncharted 3 you can take it or leave it, I honestly wouldn't bother unless you don't have anything better to do.

    Oh, I wasn't saying they shouldn't do THAT, ME would lose its charm without something new to be silly with And why he was probably my favorite character out of the ME2 cast. Yeah, in the trailer, the Emperor of the Eternal Empire seems to give your character a choice but it's still up in the air if you can ACTUALLY do it. Yeah, that last bit is generally what's always limited Bioware, but dammit I REALLY hope they can pull it off this time and give us a genuine new plot option like that.

    That would be enough for me, one additional trailer to give us a little indication that progress is being made is all I'm asking for the remainder of this year. Suppose you're right, though I generally don't diverge So much from my choices in games, Bioware or otherwise, so it'd only be one or two more tries for my anyway. Certainly there'll be plenty of content to keep us busy in the mean time, Fallout usually always manages that especially for more casual gamers, plus the inevitable DLC releases.

    Cannot wait, if 2016 can somehow match the anticipation I'm sure gamers will be set not just for that year but possibly the next several.

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