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  1. KrimzonStriker
    2014-12-16 15:46
    Oh snap, something to add to that conversation with Vivienne after recruiting the mages. Let's redo the order then, first "keep them hidden", then the "You don't like the rebel mages?" to avoid any blowback and outright contradictions with your character, and then "Templars aren't the solutions" which nets you slight approval again and finally "Mages should be in the Chantry" to finish the conversation off. I'm curious about her reaction to "They don't in Tevinter" but I'm too worried about loss of approval and she'll be hard to manage as is so eh...
  2. KrimzonStriker
    2014-12-15 23:34
    Okay, I checked, they didn't confront Gaspard, Briala, or Celene after acquiring the evidence. This is definitely our chance to either break them or make them see the light. Do a test run where you try to be positive and see how the respond when you do confront each of them. Remember to try and do it twice with Celene, one for the amulet and the other regarding the evidence against her as well. If it doesn't look good we go the bribery method I suppose, but let's see if it's possible that this might work. The whole thing feels so subjective there HAS to be a way to make them cooperate in the epilogue I feel. Also, see if you can't spread your perks evenly among all three branches of force, subterfuge, and diplomacy, I'm curious if it's possible to change the depiction of the Inquisition in Morrigan's epilogue beyond if you lean heavily on one area over the other two.

    Edit: Oh and btw, see what happens if you bring Cole with you to the Winter Palace, I haven't seen his introduction during the hallway walk yet

    Edit: Nevermind, doesn't seem like it works on him. Bring whoever I guess, as long as Cassandra is one of them for you to dance with
  3. KrimzonStriker
    2014-12-15 23:25
    I saw, all and all pretty good. And eh, Ignis' english VA's got the studious mentality down pat at least, I can live with it.

    One thing I think is fundamentally important in affecting their respective attitudes is the need to immediately confront each of them after you acquire evidence against them. From what I can tell certain scenes like the reconciliation can take place, but I think stuff like that can also be used depending on the dialogue to turn them submissive if you choose to blackmail them, like this one ending I saw that had people claim Celene was your puppet, or that person's statement on the forum I mentioned earlier that had Gaspard be a quiet adviser. If that's what it takes then leverage/blackmail them, but if there's a way to make them see a good path when urging them to reconcile and cooperate this might not be as hopeless as it seems. I'll have to go over some of the videos that went along this path to make sure they did/didn't do that when they got the bad ending slide. In any event, I recommend two saves to try and test this theory of mine out. If we have to then go the blackmail route on all of them, but one way or another we are getting them to put an end to this nonsense whether they like it or not.

    Also, be sure to check with me prior to sealing the breach/getting to Skyhold. I'd like it if you made sure to visit the cells before you make any judgement, to see if you can confront/talk to the prisoners before sentencing like in some cases I've seen, and by then I should have all judgement decisions mapped out and which ones would be the best to enact.
  4. KrimzonStriker
    2014-12-13 20:46
    Kay. And I've been looking up and down over this damn epilogue for what was the best outcome regarding Orlais. I'm TRYING to find a way to make the three-way truce work but it seems to end in disaster. That said I did find out that you can reconcile Celene and Briala, which seems to be the best ending so far, but I'll keep digging and see if there's not some way to include Gaspard in there without them bickering. Otherwise go with the Celene and Briala reconciliation scene, you need to follow some very specific steps however.

    Edit: Okay of the things I know so far maybe there are war table missions that can make it work, like how you can broker peace between Orlais and Ferelden if Gaspard is made Emperor alone. But the only POSSIBLE positive ending I can see from the truce so far, and this one is a stretch, is if you state plainly that the three of them work for you now on your last statement when Celen asks what you want. Gaspard apparently ceases his plotting and goes on to be a quiet adviser while Briala's still plotting, though no elven revolts at least. Let's try this one I suppose, I've already seen the reconciliation ending for Celene and Briala anyway. Do confront them about the locket and be encouraging about their past relationship though, let's see what comes of it.
  5. KrimzonStriker
    2014-12-12 22:09
    I know it was awhile ago when I reported it but I thought I scouted ahead on what conversation points to use with that arse Lucius. It's not a big deal but are you still having trouble sorting out my posts? Cause I can try to organize them on a word press document or something if you need it just in case so that we can make sure to avoid certain approval landmines or make sure we get certain approval marks/results etc.
  6. KrimzonStriker
    2014-12-12 13:53
    No prob, and actually looking at Vivienne you should be able to get almost all her approval without being too controversial about it so long as you go the restore order option on that one conversation with her. Remember that it's incomplete though, special reaction scenes after major missions or how they'll react all the time out on the field are still unknown for the most part.
  7. KrimzonStriker
    2014-12-11 19:33
    Sure, and oh, some incomplete approval guides are up on dragon age wikia, here's Blackwalls but the other are listed there as well. Don't need to always subscribe to it if it goes out of character, especially with Vivienne, but at least it'll help avoid landmines hopefully. That Ironbull one after the marriage dialogue might get you slight approval, but I'm more curious on his thoughts regarding not knowing his family, I'll leave it up to you though.
  8. KrimzonStriker
    2014-12-11 00:48
    Oh, just fyi in case you were still having troubles with the war table here's a list from the wikia. Be sure to keep scrolling through the full messages and all your options before making your selections though. Enjoy

    Oh, and new tidbit with Iron Bull but go ahead and say "Perhaps I should be leader" when he asks about who's in charge of the Inquisition. After that select the "Someone should, I'm willing" for twice the slightly approval gain from him.

    New tidbit from Blackwall but when you ask him the investigative question "Thoughts on the Inquisition" follow up with "Wars are won many ways" Gets you slight approval from him. And keep pestering him on his thoughts on your advisers and companions until he starts repeating himself completely, it takes a few tries to get it all out of him it seems.
  9. KrimzonStriker
    2014-12-10 20:17
    Will get a response in for the other two points along with some other new items I want to mention but in terms of the bugs for DA:I be my guest, the main point is to see as much content as possible and things like the necessary perks, gold, and influence are semantics. So long as you don't skip the cut scenes, side missions, codex entries etc I'm good with whatever way helps to get there.
  10. KrimzonStriker
    2014-12-09 22:06
    Okay, here's the Dorian video.

    Of course prior to this tell him the truth of where the message comes from. Then, start off with either "Would he do that?" or "I won't let him" either one works. Next, ask the question "What's the issue between you two" followed with "You should talk to him". After that go "Your family's reaching out to you" or "Fair enough". Moving on to the next scene, provided you told Dorian the truth then select "Just talk to him". In the following investigation question of "In the company of men" I guess go "I had my suspicions" or "Spare me the details" though "No women?" is pretty funny Onwards then, finish up with the second and last investigation question "Why is it an issue?" And finish with either "Give yor father a chance" or "That's what this is about?", I prefer the former but the latter gets a good line out of Dorian. Alright, next go "Don't leave it like this", avoid 'you didn't let him speak' line, I like it better but it gets disapproval from Dorian unnecessarily so we'll have to pass on it

    Okay, back to Skyhold for the follow-up conversation. After the investigation questions "What did he do exactly" and then "Would it have worked" are asked select "Are you alright" for more approval. After that end it with "You're brave" for even more approval.

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