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  1. Kusaja
    2008-09-20 13:06
    I agree, but keep in mind we don't even know if Cornelia is actually dead yet, you see?

    Their stubbornness will either be rewarded or punished very soon. So we won't be too surprised if Lelouch "dies" this episode or the next, I imagine, and the Code activates. That's the point, I would say: if Lelouch becomes immortal through the other Code, C.C. wouldn't mind staying with him from then on. Which is an ending I don't find impossible.

    Thanks, but my view is simple: having an open mind is probably the only way to survive all the tension this show builds up, right before it throws plot twists in your face. The entire story began with the contract C.C. gave Lelouch and it looks like their relationship, romantic or not, will be the key to the ending as well. Perhaps, like many things on the internet, there is some exaggeration...but there are plenty of fans, as show by Newtype's polls and others, while C.C. is still featured prominently in artwork and advertising, which at least shows somebody appreciates such gestures or else Bandai's marketing strategy absolutely sucks. I believe that artwork and merchandise don't have an impact on the plot, by themselves, but they do show how popular a character is thought to be.

    I understand that. The thing is, Kallen was actually very independent at the beginning of season one, but she quickly became Zero's most loyal follower and her character arc in R2 took off from there: she initially questioned Lelouch and then began to learn more about him. Now she's in a strange position, because she's acting on her own, but her thoughts are definitely centered around Lelouch. It doesn't mean that they will end up together, necessarily, but the matter does need to be resolved. I do wonder why nobody has created a C.C. club, it's rather strange...and don't tell me you think she's not popular enough. It is, actually, a little funny. Let's just wait.

    Charles didn't really give us much to work with, only the general idea and his objectives, leaving many questions in terms of the exact details. But still...we know more about his plan than Lelouch's and Suzaku's. Since the plan's nature seems to require their self-sacrifice, literally or figuratively, I suppose that's normal.

    That's a bit of a relief, yes...until those few deaths actually do happen, and it's very likely we will get some of those later today.

    I'm thinking Tamaki may get swatted like a fly by Suzaku or someone else, but will still survive...his luck is seemingly infinite after all.

    Maybe not a lot of information, but enough for us to get a better idea of how the staff looks at R2 and what happened in it, for better or for worse.

    The thing is, we also need to see a Suzaku vs. Kallen battle, and that might take up more screen time...or not.

    I just can't spell anything related to that show. If it's not used today, whatever you're fearing will be hard to see by 25, I imagine, unless we go the direct cliffhanger route. But 24's preview should be pretty clear about that, I hope.

    That's too bad, but I understand your position. We can only hope otherwise, but nothing else.

  2. Ring
    2008-09-19 23:27
    Well, not much we can do it about it right now besides review speculations. Only one more day until we find out. Maybe something against the majority opinion will happen.

    He might be bringing that with him at the same time when he goes to confront Nunnally. That would depend if Nina finished it by that time though.

    I agree, but if it does happen, maybe we'll finally know how Geass is connected to the existence of mankind.

    Nunnally has a better chance since I don't think the public knows she's associated to Schneizel. Suzaku's associated with Lelouch, so his chances are likely to be intertwined with his.

    Perhaps. We have her saying it to Lelouch, to C.C., or to herself as the candidates. I think it's safe to say Gino's out of the equation as a candidate at this point.

    Koshimizu posted this with Fukuyama's comments for Ep. 24. Something "cruel" with that laugh makes me wonder what's going to happen. But his "haaa" sounded positive for some reason.
  3. Kusaja
    2008-09-19 23:12
    That's a good choice, but I wouldn't mind O2 for watching 25, I guess you'll still watch it if C.C. doesn't die next episode. If she does, I'd understand if you don't (unless it turns out to be a fake death).

    I agree, for the most part. Denial it may be, but until the defeat actually happens, it's natural. It's up in the air, for me at least. There was some recent theory about Lelouch having received Charles's Code, but that it wouldn't activate until his death...pure speculation though.

    So basically my point just leads you to conclude LxK was meant to be all along? Seems a bit of a leap to me though...but alright. I disagree there, since even if I'm not against KxL per se, I also think CxL fits the overall story and its themes better, at least without seeing R2 24 to 25...and you know there are tons of CxL fans still out there, it doesn't really need to be argued.

    I'm a C.C. *and* Kallen fan, thank you very fact, if there was a C.C. fan club in Animesuki I would join it. Notice I'm not in the KxL club though. It's not about "kindness", but what the story really does with these characters and we are not sure how it's all going to come down, are we? You have that opinion, but mine is a little different. I won't mention it again fact, I hope I don't have to.

    Well yeah...but I'd like if it does make a tiny bit of sense. The plan itself is in fact very important, since it will either improve or destroy many people's opinion of this last arc.

    I was trying to be exaggeratingly depressing on purpose, so I'll take that as a compliment. Don't think it's likely at all. I still do, but we can both tell it's possible we'll either see a couple more deaths, a few more or...none at all.

    Ougi and Tamaki too, don't forget...and the rascals are still alive.

    You know, I really hope he and Taniguchi give an interview after this is all over, maybe in next month's magazines, so we can finally clear a few things up, regardless of what any previous statements said.

    I'm thinking that, if the story continues into 25 without resolving the final battle, it's entirely possible Kallen won't even be sure about what to think and may still be seeking answers if she overhears something about the "Requiem" or the promise between Suzaku and Lelouch. We can agree about that then.

    Sherys (if that was her name) and C.C. or even Ryohou and Lelouch? I guess there is some similarity, but even then...the contrasts are quite big. He might not, but I'm not expecting, say, an unconscious Lelouch being revived through C.C.'s sacrifice.

    I expect that any good news and the quality of the overall episode are enough for me to tolerate anything bad that happens...whatever it is.

    Taniguchi better say something, and if he doesn't then fans will hound him for ages.
  4. Narona
    2008-09-19 22:31
    Don't worry about that, me i am too sleepy and worked up about something to have a proper discussion right now >o<

    See ya
  5. Narona
    2008-09-19 22:25
    Okay................... then good night
  6. Kusaja
    2008-09-19 17:34
    In that case...from the 2nd season themes, which one would you expect to show up again in the end? I'd probably like to hear either of R2's OP themes.

    I guess that's the price to be paid for not making any of them the one and only focus. If KxL were that clear, we wouldn't have CxL or anti-pairing fans, writing something else on the forum...and I think Lelouch didn't want to lie to Kallen, but that may not be equal to romantic love...just liking and caring for her as a dear friend. Not if both C.C. and Lelouch end up being immortal or mortal, for example.

    About Narona's opinion...if the ending isn't CxL she might be right. We should also keep in mind that FO, if you remember, had talked about how Kallen's scenes were heavily cut in late R1, including a kiss from Zero which would give her "courage", but the cut wasn't for "negative reasons". I have several of those old translations by Celiss Galvea, you might want to check them as well. I don't know much, but Lelouch/Zero giving any kind of kiss to Kallen would have led to some sort of romantic tension for her in any case. If R2 gives us a KxL ending, maybe they did change their minds, but there were some Kallen x Zero/Lelouch ideas even during the original production of R1. The kiss in R2 was very different, of course, but I think they moved the subplot from one season to another.

    I definitely wouldn't be in infinite joy, for the record...since I don't want C.C. to die. I've talked about the subject, yes, because it's a real possibility, but that's not what I want...even if we get it. Same thing goes for Kallen dying, though you think that's almost impossible.

    It's a pretty big gap, but at some point either Lelouch and Suzaku will die for real, secretly hide or they'll fake their deaths, like we already talked about...unless it's so bizarre of a plan we can't even get that part right.

    A lone Lelouch with a Code on his forehead looking over the ruins of Damocles and thinking about how everyone (and I do mean "everyone") is dead, but that he'll keep them in his memory, I don't know...or something equally dark. You're right, a number of deaths would be enough to make it look bittersweet...but the "sweet" part also needs to be present, for balance.

    Then I hope you'll be wrong in similar ways, honestly. If not, then it's tough luck for both of us. The thing about death flags is that they can be real and they can be complete misdirection, even in the same show.

    Okouchi couldn't really talk about the future, without spoiling things...if you notice, what he said about Rakshata and Kaguya accepting or understanding Lelouch=Zero was overridden by events larger than themselves. He tricked us.

    If Lelouch does go with Kallen or is even in a position to choose in the first place, which is hard to tell. The ending as a whole will need to be somewhat rushed, out of necessity, but I hope that it's less rushed than that. The minor characters can stay in a montage though, I don't mind.

    I remember what happened in s-CRY-Ed, but the character personalities and situations are very different...for example, if it happens, Lelouch would no doubt try to stop C.C. from doing that, even if that is her intention. No, it doesn't matter at all, but until we get some picture dramas or official information, it's just a way to speculate a little.

    One day and less than a half is left, so 24 should give us a limited idea of what direction everything is going to take, good or bad.

    In other words, we still have to wait. Having that sort of "life line" to the world through his friends would make Lelouch's ending pretty good, since his isolation would not be absolute and unavoidable, whatever else happens. Unless they come up with something in official materials, the same thing goes for whether Nunnally remembers C.C. at all by now, if they even have a chance to meet. It could just be a forgotten subplot though.
  7. Narona
    2008-09-19 15:48
    You should also post in the thread, so some other people (c.c. fans) will write some comments too.
  8. Narona
    2008-09-19 14:54
    I will be honest, I think that Okouchi planned to have C.C. as the love interest since the first season, but for whatever reasons, Taniguchi changed that. That's why Taniguchi said that Lelouch has no romantic development in R1, because him and okouchi changed their mind between R1 and R2.

    He had romantic developpement imo, so it's a lie from taniguchi, but he said that because he wanted to start again from 0 (with kallen) in R2.
  9. Narona
    2008-09-19 14:32

    I don't know, but C.C. is not the kind of girl to show her feelings easily, so I guess she never showed anything to kallen during this whole year.

    C.C. is not a teenager like kallen who can't hold back her emotions.
  10. Kusaja
    2008-09-19 00:58
    Surprising but fitting if it did, and I suppose it wouldn't be too hard to use them since Colors showed up in the Lost Colors PS2 game, for example, and probably I guess it's not impossible.

    Having several girls as love interests, you mean? In terms of story purposes, it depends on what the character dynamic leads to, but love polygons definitely attract a wider audience, I suppose. That is one valid interpretation, at least in terms of having a "pure" love...everything else is far more complicated than it was with Shirley, so it's still possible that no pairing will happen. If we end up with nothing at all, could all be a waste of everyone's time.

    Nobody, but I imagine the situation Zero Requiem seeks to create needs to go above and beyond Schneizel, otherwise Lelouch could have come up with a different plan...defeating Damocles should not be the ultimate end, only the way to end the one true military threat that is placing the world in peril. What comes next? Something else. It may seem evident now, but it'll be confirmed or dismissed in a couple of days or another week. I'd hope, just like I also want that for Lelouch and C.C.

    A truly bad ending with no hope is extremely unlikely, but a bittersweet is a little more realistic...even if it could give me mixed feelings.

    If you were surprised that C.C. and Lelouch were shown to care for each, did that disappoint you or did it not? Ah, I can see why you would think that, about C.C.'s chances of living, but's still an open issue right now.

    Wouldn't that mean something good must happen in exchange for all those bad things? I'd think so...If you're right about that, I guess the confrontation with Nunnally will be handled well, but the epilogue will be rushed. Somehow, I prefer if Nunnally's immediate resolution is a little rushed and the epilogue is better paced, that way it wouldn't just be closure for her and we'd have more balance.

    The audio commentaries and DVD booklets for R2 should give us some details, I'd think. It does fit, generally speaking, and the Nun's death works well with that image we saw in the season one ED, but some parts of C.C.'s story are still a little when did she meet Marianne and how did the Geass cult come up. I imagine Lelouch would either be a prisoner who later escapes OR he'd manage to continue his rebellion elsewhere. But still, at least we don't have to deal with it now.

    A "screwed up" ending, for me, isn't one I don't like but an ending that feels forced and doesn't flow well with what came before (even with the things I already disliked), or one that leaves too many things open and isn't even a proper "end" to the story.

    C.C. is the most likely candidate due to her situation, Suzaku's line about the "shield" and so on, but I was just throwing other options out there. As long as some of his friends still suspect or know he's alive, I think that would work. Yes, death would be too sad indeed. The alternate preview from the DVD magazines, you mean? Forgot about those...might be good to revisit them and see if they led to anything in the other cases.

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