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  1. Kusaja
    2008-09-21 14:18
    The RAW was confusing, but I tried not to read too much into it, which made things a little easier than when you can understand almost every word.

    That also happened with Turn 21's summary, which was actually more fitting for Turn 22.

    Well, they've hyped that battle enough, and there's no way Lelouch is going to deal with Nunnally without a long, rhetorical conversation even if he uses Geass on her.

    No, she doesn't seem like it, but if she's not convinced...things could go wrong. Sayoko is probably just following Lelouch's final orders and playing along with the whole "he's an evil villain who threatened us" act. She, Lloyd, Cecile and probably Nina too must know the truth.

    I guess how well that situation is handled will either make or break the ending.

    I've been getting some of that feeling too, which I wouldn't really like to see. Gino's Tristan Twin was little more than a joke against Lancelot Albion, other than throwing himself into the middle of the fight he's got nothing to do. I hope that as well, but mostly about Kallen, since otherwise her development would be a waste...though at least she cried a little even if she didn't hesitate to attack Lelouch. And for all that jealously angry attitude, I guess she had the sense to not kill C.C. Though she would have survived anyways, it's pretty painful to get blown up by the Guren and it would have made Kallen look completely sadistic.

    If Lelouch dies with her too, at least they'd both die happy, I assume...he's not the kind of guy who would fulfill that promise just by making C.C. smile on the surface, I hope. Yes, there is that issue as well, but I have no clue where it's going to lead us.

    I guess his lameness and ultimately indifferent nature gave him a tiny bit of originality, instead of taking things seriously all the way to his end. Diethard disappointed me, but I'm not sad to see him go. Serves him right. Guilford's return is the only one which has bothered me a bit, even if he is apparently blind...I'm fine with Cornelia's, though it did cheapen her already cheap death, but I guess it rescued her character from that ignoble fate.
  2. Kusaja
    2008-09-21 13:33
    Just finished watching one of the translations for this episode, so my thoughts are a little mixed up.

    I'm thinking that Turn 24's summary may actually be a better description for Turn 25, while 25's is probably more of a statement on the end of the show as a whole.

    The epilogue may be shorter than I hoped it would be, unless we get a time skip and one of the characters summarizes the end of the battle. Something along those lines. It's probably more likely we'll get half and half, or one-third battle and two thirds epilogue.

    Damocles is no longer a threat, provided Schneizel does de-activate the self-destruction mechanism, but Nunnally has everything in her hands right now.

    That said, Lelouch will either have to convince Nunnally or get her out of his way, using Geass or worse.

    Kallen will fight Suzaku and..I hope the writing staff finally lets her understand the truth instead of painting her like a vengeful and jealous ex.

    C.C. will definitely come back and I'm sure she will smile.
  3. C.C.
    2008-09-21 12:28
    I'm faithful, after the scene of this episode, if the final turn won't be wonderful, I will think that Code Geass is a series without a sense... but if no one of the characters that were fighting died, I suppose that no one of them will die. I'm so happy that Guilford is back.

    I think that there will be a happy end and Lelouch will remain with C.C.. I think that their feelings are clear enough now, no? u_
  4. C.C.
    2008-09-21 12:19
    Hi Dann! I hope you thought a bit about the things you wrote to me some days ago... are you still this unsure about Lelouch x C.C.?
  5. KrimzonStriker
    2008-09-21 11:55
    Makes for good suspense eh? We'll see how it flows now
  6. Airi
    2008-09-21 10:44
    You know, this anime is so unpredictable...and this could be a good thing! I mean, we expected a lot of deaths today... and almost nobody died! _
    Perhaps we are too pessimist! This is Sunrise after all... main characters usually don't die! >_<
  7. KrimzonStriker
    2008-09-21 10:35
    Good good, try and calm down some more Dann <_<

    Schneizel? Nah, he was a good boss, unfortunately even if he would have won straight up Lelouch does the smart thing, he cheats
  8. Airi
    2008-09-21 10:25
    Not sure on how Suzaku's chances of living are.

    Are you not sure because you think chances are low, or because you don't know what to say about it?? _ I warn you that your answer will affect my mood... >_<

    You are right about Shneizel: his "ending" was lame >_>
    I was disgusted by Diehard so I don't care about him! He deserved it!

    Lelouch goes down in history as the villainous Emperor?
    I don't know... I think Narona's theory could be right. They defeated the "real" enemy and now they want to atone their sins by letting the others kill them...
  9. KrimzonStriker
    2008-09-21 10:13
    The hell did you read from that, she got her ass kicked, that's what happened in a Knightmare battle of all things. Give her a break Dann... >_>
  10. Airi
    2008-09-21 09:40
    I think Kallen's line is referring to Gino: maybe he will try to protect her from Suzaku. He will end up hurt and Kallen will ask him why he did such a thing...
    Let's wait and see

    About Nunnaly...I don't undestand why she wants to be geassed by Lelouch... What does she want?? _

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