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  1. Theron
    2008-09-17 14:27
    Maybe. I feel like Sheneizel's overall performance was kind of two-dimensional all this time. I had the feeling that hes prepairing to make his move against his father, but I was always sure that it will not be such a great challenge for Charles. I thought that Sheleizel will rebel, than Charles will crush him with ease and than there will be an epic duel between Charles and Lelouch. Oh, well... Nothing can be perfect. ^^

    On the other hand right now Sheneizel seems rather weak as a lead character. There is just not enough charisma for him to even stand at the same level as Lelouch. Also I just thought about it: is seems funny that the only subtext, only history that Sheneizel and Lelouch have is that Sheneizel never lost in chess to Lelouch. That’s it. And look at all the history the father and son had! Yeah.

    And I agree with you about intentions. Sheneizel just wants to nuke the whole planet. Accentually he planned genocide on a planetary scale. It's like all the reasoning and logic of the royal family in decades was inherited by Lelouch alone. ^^

    As for romance, I cared a lot at the beginning of R2 and of course before that. But after some time into R2 I realized that I was completely wrong to approach anime romance plot with conventional logic. If you can remember I was always pointing out the basis for the characters to act on their own. But even if this can happen in good books – the feeling that the characters becoming alive acting as they want, not as the author wants them to behave. Unfortunately, it is clearly not the case with CG. Okouchi and Taniguchi are in control of everything it seems so there can be no talk about ‘what C.C. would have done’ or something along those lines. It’s more like how the story will turn out in the end.

    Recent plot twists and unexplainable in matters of normal logic behavior makes it impossible even to speculate on the matter. I mean there was development in every direction, all around the characters and often as I suspect with the only intention to screw with fans. At the end I stopped to really wish for our beloved pairing to prevail, I just hope they will not screw the ending much. I mean, if there won’t be any resolution to the romance plot or if there will be something unclear or, I don’t know, something completely uncharacteristic from any lead character. Something along those lines, that would be horrible. But as long as they will not totally screw up the ending I hope I can take it.
  2. Asleep
    2008-09-17 14:12
    I don't expect her to die until 25, although I don't want her to die at all. But she probably will. When else will Lelouch use her name kindly and with warmth, etc.?

    You mean this right? That must be it.

    Several people have sort of mentioned this, but is it supposed to be important with the way C.C. is holding her arms behind her back? Is that an odd action or something?
    What are you talking about over here? Where is she holding her arms behind?
    Edit: Oh the preview...I never noticed that I thought she was walking away but it does look like her arms are behind...
  3. Asleep
    2008-09-17 13:31
    I always thought it would. At least that decreases C.C.'s probability of dying in the 24th episode. I think the three of them Suzaku, Lelouch, C.C. should be alive for it, since they were all present when the plan was formed.
  4. Theron
    2008-09-17 09:58
    Here you go, Dann:
    Only my post, nothing more.
  5. Ring
    2008-09-17 01:13
    Yeah, their conversation looks serious from the other screenshot in the preview. I wonder why C.C. has her hands behind together like that.

    I see what you mean. If it's said in Ep. 25, the chances of her fate being a positive one is higher.

    Yeah, I can see them doing that if they go that route.

    There could be an anomaly in all of this. Looking at the trainwreck blog, could this be a hint to Nina's plan? I can't believe we overlooked this. It makes me wonder if those lines provided by Animedia for Nina actually had some weight in terms of the idea: Nina: "I'll do it! Euphemia, please look over me!" Then again, we have some that look unlikely: Millay: "Hmm... perhaps it's my duty to watch after Lelouch right till the end.." Schneizel's line had the right idea but not exactly: "If that's the case, I will be god! Let's bring the sword of Damocles into realization!" I think one thing that is for sure is that they aren't actual lines for the show. Koshimizu made a post of what she thought of the Geass. You might be interested in reading that.

    I can't really say if the Geass will be involved. I wonder if Suzaku's speech about being Lelouch's sword will foreshadow anything in what he does in Ep. 24. I don't think he would be cold-hearted enough to kill Kallen if she stands in his way. He did spare Gino. I think it'll also be Lelouch or Lelouch + Suzaku if they choose to do that.
  6. Asleep
    2008-09-17 00:06
    We can't be sure of anything unless we have more information. It could go either way really.

    Although...I really doubt Kallen has any chance of dying, unlike C.C.
  7. Kusaja
    2008-09-16 22:28
    Yes, I still think the implications of that are a bit vague, but at least it looks like the plan isn't going to stop, whether its modified or left intact along the way.


    That's why I said if it's directly contradicted by events. If not, then...that isn't always necessary.

    Yes. I also agree with you about C.C.'s development, no questions there. As for Kallen, I'm not talking about exclusively "romantic" feelings, mind you, but feelings in general. Lelouch does begin to show signs of caring for her, at the very least as a friend *and* subordinate (not in the utilitarian definition...more like "comrade-in-arms", with C.C. being his accomplice and partner on a different level), and in general as a person. Yes, Kallen's side of it is the more "romantic", evidently. I'm not arguing that Lelouch is necessarily in love with her, mind you, just that he cares. That's not my point.

    Yup, we could stare at that title all day and not come up with a good answer.

    Depends, really. The thing is, I was expecting 25 to deal with the Zero Requiem's result, not its "beginning", so...I guess your interpretation of the line makes a little more sense than mine now. Unless that was just a figure of speech. I was just using C.C. living lonely as an example, I doubt it'll really happen...and I don't want a F/SN ending either. That's a good observation, but there a few candidates for such a reunion now...we might even get several at the same time, not just one.

    I think Lelouch is much safer than Kallen, really, but okay. I guess that's one way to put don't mind streams but their usual content, rather. It's 4 AM for me, in other words...even worse. I suppose that's fine. Not much I can say about Var, really.

    The sunflowers showing up again would be nice attention to detail. In some ways we are already in a similar situation, with Suzaku and Lelouch being observed by C.C. Even though she's doing it out of her own will and not at Marianne's request, IIRC. That fits nicely with an immortal Lelouch, I'd agree. Can't say I mind Diethard's death much either...

    I suppose it would, wouldn't it? Not much else to say.

    I understand tragedies being overcome, as a form of character development, but we go right back to the point: how far does the Okouchi - Taniguchi duo want to go this time? We did get some "fake" deaths in, say, GunxSword, from what I recall, but also a few real ones. If Kallen wasn't a potential love interest for Lelouch I'd say her chances of survival would be higher, ironically, in spite of still being in dangerous situations as a pilot. Yes, IR did show plenty of character growth for a cast of that size...and had a nice epilogue-ish ending.

    You're right though...and Tomino was apparently quite prone to mood swings, among other things. that's one of those endings so infamous you immediately "get" without even watching the show. True, C.C. does look like the type of person who would receive a particularly generous reward, happiness in exchange for her suffering. Again, I'd also hope Lelouch doesn't just fade away into loneliness and does meet C.C. or even some of his previous friends at some point.

    My current avatar? It's from Area 88 (OVA). It's a pretty good show, for its time, with aerial combat action and good drama, but let me tell's full of angst and thus not for the weak of heart (which includes myself, technically). There's a newer TV series, which I haven't seen, but it's a little different and uses CG for the planes, instead of the hand drawn animation I liked from the original.
  8. Narona
    2008-09-16 21:54
    I wasn't comparing people
  9. Narona
    2008-09-16 21:47
    Good evening

    I'm fine but i will go to bed :O

    Yeah, I said to him that I will make a sig for him. I like to talk with him, he's not biased and is very nice :O
  10. Ring
    2008-09-16 20:38
    Eh, it irritates you?

    One of my guesses was that Lelouch saying something nice after her gum line, but her facial expression was serious before smiling, so maybe not. Maybe she is the one who asks the question "Lelouch, you don't hate me?" and Lelouch responds positively? I can't think of anything else more specific with what we have to work with.

    Yeah, I think so as well since this is where the gum lines (most important/impressive lines) are likely to come in.

    I suppose if they wanted to, they could always choose the route of them being enemies all the way until the Zero Requiem is accomplished and then everyone learns the truth, but that would mean they didn't play the Diethard card.

    For the latter scenario, if Lelouch is going to be presumed to be missing/dead after this, the question is how it occurs with Lelouch as a mortal. Shinkirou disappears but he escapes on something else which makes everyone think he's gone? I wonder why Lelouch would want to stay behind by choice though. If it's something that needs to be used inside, I would expect it to have a timer that allows for an escape.

    Koshimizu posted in the spoilers thread. We have no new info except the TV station mag saying that the Zero Requiem will be begin in Ep. 25. Looks like it'll be Suzaku instead of the other characters for Ep. 24. That's interesting. We know that one of the summaries says he confronts Kallen, but will this battle play a significant role or is it just a spotlight of the episode? Maybe C.C. not being on there is a good thing since Ep. 13 had Shirley and we know what happened to her. :\

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