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  1. C.C.
    2008-08-31 07:36
    I won't give up the same, I don't care about that moment in the preview. At least, Lelouch protected C.C. from Charles, and it means something to me, though it was disappointing and depressing...
  2. Narona
    2008-08-31 04:50
    Good night dann ^^
  3. Narona
    2008-08-31 04:43
    No C.C. wa snot evil at all, but she sticked with Lelouch while Charles wanted to make a happy world (guilford's translation) so... why? Because she loves him...........
  4. Narona
    2008-08-31 04:32

    So, hmm do you really think that there will be any romance in the end? I mean, we have 4 episodes left and Lelouch still hasn't shown much that would provide love towards C.C or Kallen, I think the end will be more like him dying^^

    But C.C is still alive, YAY^^

    I don't know about the line ^^
  5. Narona
    2008-08-31 04:20
    I was down, but Guilford says something nice to me. Now I want to believe in it again!!!

    Cheer up my friend
  6. Narona
    2008-08-31 04:16
    Don't say that. The fact is that Lelouch must save her now
  7. Narona
    2008-08-31 04:12
    I don't know. Can we stop to talk about kallen please?

    Var said that marianne said to C.C. "she live a borrowed time". What do you think of it? It sound slike she will die by ep 25.
  8. Guilford
    2008-08-31 04:12
    There has been one month between Lelouch and the emperor disappearing and his claiming of the throne. Who knows what happened in that time and I just don't see how he would spent it thinking about Kallen instead of preparing for an upcoming war^^
  9. Guilford
    2008-08-31 04:04
    How do you think she will die? She should still have her code, I haven't focused on that but she should have it. In my opinion, there won't be any romance in the end, I mean they even have a one month time skip who knows what happened in that time, this all looks more like they are going to have Lelouch fighting Schneizel with both dying in the end...
  10. Narona
    2008-08-31 03:50
    It seems so. I'm done with it. I think that Kallen has won. I'm sorry Dann.

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