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  1. demon_god04
    2008-08-15 13:34
    I'm getting a new computer.

    Well as I said all you need is just the new game file you are still doing everything yourself. Or you can beat the game and save the game right before the final boss and make the new game save file on another file so you can check out the second mystic artes for all the characters using your old file.

    That is basically the party I use, I switch Jade with Anise form time to time though.

    Yes he uses his artes with more frequency and his Mystic arte more then once. He doesn't really get much faster though atleast not to me.

    I am not too fond of Swallow Fury, I like the shadow fury but too long for the animation and dependant on staggering. I also would not use raging blast in normal fights other then to steal as it is a fairly useless skill that knocks down your opponent which is actually bad as they are protected from staggering when they get back up and it breaks your combo. Light Spear Cannon is basically your bread and butter.

    And the concept of controlling MS with your mind is pretty cool as well. making a Newtype an army unto himself. Double X was not really an upgrade as it is a whole new suit. Well the Satellite Cannon cannot be used continuously. So it had too much limitations but the thing can shoot down colonies which is what it was made for.

    I agree which is why I loved the Domon and Master Asia battles. Don't forget the Sphinx Gundam

    Well Tifa had a rather traumatic past though being a newtype so it is understandable. She warmed up to Garod because she foresaw her fate intertwined with his.
  2. demon_god04
    2008-08-15 09:38
    That has happened to me before. My connection gets tempermental at times, I think it might be my crappy comp.

    Yeah Brilliant Overlord is second playthrough. Strictly speaking though it is not just second playthrough. All you need is a game complete file on your memory card, so if you can get one from a friend or something you can do all the second game stuff right now.

    you need Tear, Natalia and Anise in the party at the same time for that one. What is your usual party?

    He was hell on Unknown. tough but managable on Very Hard. The toughest thing about fighting on harder difficulties is more often then not the enemies can use their Mystic Artes multiple times.

    Then it is the last one. What Artes do you usually use with Luke?

    Bit suits are controlled by the newtype directly from the cockpit so it is like having ace pilots inside each and every one of them. Actually yeah that is the upgraded GX's X Divider. The GX gets upgraded before Garod gets the Double X. The Satellite cannon was replaced with extra thrusters and the shield/thruster/harmonica cannon. Reason being that while the Satellite cannon is powerful, you can only use it when there is a moon and it can only be shot once.

    I liked the Domon and Master Asia fight in the highlands and also their final one obviously, hell their first fight was pretty good too. Damnit I like them all. Yeah the trace system is a cool idea and really fits the whole marital arts feel of the gundams as well. The only thing I have to complain about that series really is the dumb designs on some of the gundams. Viking gundam, Zebra gundam and windmill gundam.... Althought there is something to be said about an army of windmills taking off to fight a giant head....

    Tiffa gets more open with the others especially Garod. Don't worry they all undergo character development. I loved the episode with Robea and Witz going back to their homes, it was a nice episode.

    Ah that happens to me sometimes at home as well.
  3. Jeffry2009
    2008-08-15 04:40
    yeah, maybe i should try to calm myself bcoz of too obsessed watching my favourite anime series instead of others (like doraemon or shin chan series)

    edit:- i think this is not the guy that i've been looking for bcoz i've just got his humillitating private message bcoz of my feelings. i should report this as moderator due the problematic. that's bcoz i can't get those images out of my head these days then i'm getting the little freak out.
  4. demon_god04
    2008-08-14 19:19
    Well it is up to you. It is only weaker by around a hundred or so point to the best weapon Guy has which is the coliseum weapon. I never notice that small drop so it is worth it for me because I love the look of the weapon and Brilliant Overlord is one of the best looking Mystic Artes in my opinion and great for damage.

    Wait until you get the Abyssal rangers outfits those are awomse. Love the swinsuit after battle chats too, Tear says she is about to pop out and Anise wishes she had something to pop out.

    If all else fails just do what I said, taunt and Innocent Shine. Works wonders.

    Sync is not that hard that you need to over level, wait till you get to Very Hard.

    You are pretty far then, have you been keeping up with the subquest for Luke's books? you should have Light Spear Cannon I think.

    I don't think so, Gundam X was the first gundam series to use Bit mobile suits I believe. shield cannon? You mean the upgraded GX's divider?

    Yeah the Domon and Master Asia fight was one of the best ones, I like the Shuffle Doumei Ken though XD

    Ah, your comp died or something or the connection in your room died?
  5. Ketro
    2008-08-13 23:49
    Hmm, I havent seen you post in the Code Geass forums lately, you took a break or something?
  6. demon_god04
    2008-08-13 21:23
    I forget that for Guy you also need the Jewel of Gardios to use his second Mystic Arte. You get that if you have been following the scenes with the sword that is hanging on the Pillar in Luke's house and one of the coolest swords in the game if not the coolest one in my opinion. I agree that Luke's is too selective in the conditions, I usually heal myself long before I reach the red as leaving a character in that state will kill him in the harder difficulties. It is more of a novelty then any use. It is a cool looking Mystic Arte, I'd say on par with Guy's Brilliant Overloard.

    What are you stuck on with Tear? Don't use Tear's Artes they are not worth the time, she takes some work to get through especially the birds. You have to be very careful and be constantly on the move to dodge their dive. Learn the timing of their attacks. Depending on your level as well, Innocent Shine can take out a good number of them as well. Just remember to target the middle of a flock right before you caste an advanced fonic arte to trigger it. With Tear I liked to do the cowards way, which is run to the other side of the map and taunt and repeat until I can use innocent shine and repeat. Sure way of wining if you are careful. The exception is ofcourse the birds. Go into that fight with a full gauge.

    Did you see Van's yet? He has a really cool one as well. By the way did you win your first fight against Asche, that one on one in Yulia City? Oh and Asche's Rending Saber is also pretty cool.

    The idea that rather then just remote control cannons they are like remote controlled moblesuits that fight like you and are controlled with your mind. I mean that was a cool scene in the begining of ep one with the bit suits of the GX, Airmaster and Leopard fighting.

    Yeah that fight was just so well done especially when you can feel the emotions coming off the master and student.

    Hate you? is your connection frizzing out?
  7. demon_god04
    2008-08-13 16:45
    I don't either.

    Yeah, number of times an arte is used can be carried over if you buy that option from the Grade shop. I'd suggest you do that now so you don't have to worry about it in the second playthrough. Guy also has one his is Southern Cross. Natalia's Noble Roar is unlocked with her Piercing line and having the Elven bow which is gotten from Dinn's shop. Anise is Lucky, the one where she throws dice out. Luke doesn't have one his second Mystic Arte is Lost Fon Drive which is gained when you get the completed Key of Lorelei and you use it by having his HP in the red.

    That is the best time to attack and really your staple for running through the coliseum battles. With Tear, just taunt to raise her overlimit bar until he gets close then run to the other side and repeat. It is the safest way to fight as unless you are overleveled the Golem can put her down with his spinning attack. By the way you are invincible during Mystic Arte animations so don't worry if the golem hits you during it.

    And the enemies have some pretty cool looking mystic artes, seen Sync's yet?

    I loved the bit mobile suits. I always loved that idea of them.

    Nonono not to me you must beg for forgivness in front of the shrine of awsomeness to Master Asia. The man caught bullets from mobile suits with his bare hands and took them out with a piece of cloth!
  8. demon_god04
    2008-08-13 11:31
    Np they usually come out with one every week right? but well sometimes they take longer which is understandable as the new series is pretty detailed and longer.

    Fortune's Arc and Noble Roar are the new Mystic Arcs in the north american version and you get them in the second playthrough. Fortune's Arc needs you to use Tear's Judgement like 200 times as well. Jade's Indignation is also a second Mystic Arte and requires you to use Thunder sword like 200 times. It is either 200 or 250 I forget which.

    The golem is a hard one in that half the time he doesn't stagger and his counter could kill you. Don't use arts on it if he is not staggered. But the main reason with Tear I like to spam her Mystic arte is because the Golem is weak to light element attacks. So he is actually weak against Tear's Innocent Shine. I also like to hit him with Jade's light element spell forgot what it was called. But don't try that unless you are sure to get it off before he gets close to you, and use the manual targetting for the Spell's AOE to aim abit ahead of the golem.

    Most of the monster bosses are pushovers for that reason. Big and slow. Plus the human enemies are the ones with mystic artes and those will screw over your day. Well pretty much Van has to look cool.

    The ending for Gundam X is a happy ending so don't worry. there was a nice epilogue at the end too.

    It was a given but sacrilegious to the ultimate awsomeness that is Master Asia if you do not mention it.
  9. demon_god04
    2008-08-13 09:24
    New episode is out, Griff and Sarg fighting for command.

    Sarge: Simmons keep firing!

    Simmons: Yes sir!

    Griff: And get some grenades out there.

    Simmons: Yes sir!

    Sarge: Hey I am calling the shots in battle you are not ready for a command!

    Griff: I can do what I want we are the same rank!

    Simmons: Uh Sir?

    Sarge and Griff: WHAT??!!

    Simmons: Nevermind.

    Yeah Legretta is a real bitch because she is so fast, Largo's attacks are stronger but slow so if you are paying attention you can move characters out of the way to bait him. Legratta has range and speed. Which is why at the start of that fight I like to spam Mystic Artes from all my characters at Arietta. Last time I fought her I nailed her with a Noble Roar, Indignation and Lukes Radiant Howl and when she did big bang I switched to Tear to use Fortune's Arc. Fortune's Arc's extention fully heals resurrects and buffs all party members as well as damaging the enemies. Also I forgot but big bang lets you run around before activating right? run to the edge and use guardian to lessen the damage. time it right with Guardian and you can shield yourself when the damage goes off.

    Dude I told you to use Jade's Mystic cage on those birds a few posts ago There is no reason not to use mystic artes as they give you grade bonuses and the overlimit bar drops down to half if you don't use it for five battles. In Very Hard on colesium I have managed to trigger like 3 Mystic Arts or more on some enemies. I hit that damned golem with three Innocent Shines and a Fortune's Arc. Fun times. Taunt until he comes close then run to the other side and taunt again. fun fun.

    It is also a nice change of pace from other RPGs with monster bosses. TotA's bosses are not just huge monsters which is actually easier to fight but a good deal of them are humans like your party members that are quick and maneuver around you. Makes battles more fun and hectic. I think the Organ was likely originally down there and Yulia likely used it for her grand fonic hymn or something. I think the scene was just to make Van look cool.

    Lorelei is the aggregate sentient of the seventh fonon as such it has no gender. Lorelei is basically just a huge mass of seventh fonon in the center of the planet that the planet storm draws fonons from and releases into the fon belt to power spells and machines.

    Which is a shame because X was alot better then Wing and deserved the full run. Even though it was cut short though it was still a hell of alot better then Wing. The ending does feel a bit rushed though but that is understandable.

    G was awsome in that regards. And how dare you not mention Master Asia's death scene! "The School of the Undefeated of the East! The Winds of the King! Zenshin! Keiretsu! Tempa Kyouran! Look! The East is burning red!" *sunset: the red light shines down on Master Asia and Domon as they look on and Master Asia breaths his last* Beautiful scene.
  10. demon_god04
    2008-08-12 17:25
    Until Simmons turned the chaingun on them. "Suck it blues!"

    Arietta uses it more on the harder difficulties. Which is why she annoys me so much. It is not much of a threat in of itself but when the weakened characters get attacked by Legretta and Largo it makes things abit more hectic.

    Guy is actually easier to use and get used to then Luke because his moves are fast and he has center. Just play like you did with Luke and you should be fine. If you are still having trouble you can do what I do, if you know the targeting of the Mystic Artes then use them on the flock of birds. You can atleast take out half the flock with a well timed Rising Pheonix and then spaming Severing Wind when they surround you. You can likely kill most of the flock with Tear's Innocent Shine and Natalia's Astral Rain. Actually those birds start coming at you all at once on Very Hard but otherwise you should be fine.

    Van is pretty fun to fight, I love fighting the human enemies because of their arts and stuff. Music does play a pretty big part in TotA. But it still weirded me out

    It was cancelled mainly because it was after a succession of Gundam series so really it was not it's fault. The story was good and the concept was interesting. And Garod is awsome. G was great for what it was, a super robot show. I enjoyed the series alot especially those over the top moments.

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