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  1. demon_god04
    2008-07-31 14:53
    Right, most villians are stopped long before they actually accomplishes anything and it just makes Kefka that much cooler.

    Yeah I didn't mind the mp thing as much as the level thing.

    Ah yeah, I went to the boards to get my Lucifer/Satan with Victory cry back. yes I like to cheese it I went there to get help on the Orpheus Kai as well, to get what abilities I wanted and Elizabeth strategies. But alot of people on the P3 boards just seem to hate Yukari and that is just something that annoys me.

    Yeah I heard that as well, I wouldn't have minded if Basch was the main character. I don't see how Vaan was the main character, if anyone was the main character it was Ashe more so then Vaan. He and Penelo were just along for the ride so to speak.

    Yeah the gameplay elements in 10-2 weren't bad, it was just the execution of it that was shaky.

    And Cloud and Sephiroth are like one of the most popular yaoi pairings around. -.- They are just too popular to leave out. Not that I dislike Terra but I really wish they would put Celes in there, I loved her and Locke together.

    Yeah Tear has an obsession with cute things, even Anises' Tokunaga. Tear is also one of my favourite characters to use because her secret mystic arte move Fortune's Arc damages enemies as well as fully healing and reviving all your party members plus it looks awsome and I love the incantation to it. "O light that rains down on heaven and earth, bring my enemies to their destined annihilation! Fortune's Arc! And grant us the divine protection of thine brilliance!". But my favourite overall character has to be Colonel Jade Curtis. That guy is made of pure win. And I love his mystic arte, "I, who stand in the full light of the heavens command thee, who opens the gates of hell, come forth divine lightning! This ends now! Indignation!". Jade also has some great lines during after battle bits.

    ANISE: "Colonel, what's your secret for being so strong?"
    JADE: "Simple. I drink people's blood."
    ANISE: "Huh?"
    JADE: "It's so difficult when people take me seriously."

    LUKE: "Our weapons and status."
    JADE: "Scheming."
    ANISE: "Playing dirty."
    GUY: "That's awful."

    I am not sure I sort of stopped watching Symphona after Sheena made her entrance, I just wanted to see her in her animated splendor.
  2. demon_god04
    2008-07-31 09:23
    You forgot his laugh too And it was not just the motives but also that Kefka basically acomplished his goal and became almost like a god. He was brought down at the height of his power and glory. Sephiroth didn't even get past the first stage of his plan.

    Yeah that was my major gameplay turn off for 8 for me. Not so much that I like to grind persay but it is wierd that such a thing is something that the game discourages you to do and there are no rewards for doing so.

    I liked most of the characters in 10 except for Lulu. She wasn't really much of a character except for fanservice.

    True, but there are alot of good tips and such on the boards so it is not exactly avoidable, like easier way to make that 2hander sword I forgot the name of. I agree with the story for 12, but most people want clear cut villians it seems, not a story that makes you think. I don't really think I can actually name a villian just antagonists. Everyone had good reasons and while some goals are self serving in the long run some are just not that bad. Balthier did steal the show and Vaan never really got much development, which was a failing in 12 as the character development lagged abit less then halfway through. Although I guess that could be attributed to the director change during the development.

    One thing about 10-2 though is that I liked that they brought back the class changes, the gameplay is actually solid for that game.

    Hm interesting, I'd rather they have Tifa or Yuffie rather then Cloud but it is doubtful. I wonder who they will get for FF6. Likely Terra as she had more of a connection to Kefka's plot moreso then the other characters imo.

    C.C has some Tsundere traits but I'd classify her more as cold and less cold rather then cold and hot. Tear's feelings are more apparent even though she tries to hide them they come out during emotional moments or when she is surprised.

    Symphonia only got an ova that was like 6 episodes? I am not holding my breath but I can hope.

    I agree but lets face it the english VA market isn't that big with alot of good talents. You work with the best you can get.
  3. Narona
    2008-07-30 23:30
    That was a good read . I will reply to you later, now I'm going to sleep XD

    Good night. Oh one thing, Taniguchi didn't say anything about the C.c. scenes in the first season, but if i take the line "there is no romance in R1" as really really true in any ways, then those scenes had another purpose.

    But I can be wrong So don't worry for now.
  4. demon_god04
    2008-07-30 21:17
    Yep that was the one with Kefka, the best villian in FF. Way better then Sephiroth. My main grip with FF8 was how the enemie's conform to your level, which at first seems like a good idea but is just weird when one of the best strategies is to not level up so the bosses would be easier. 10 was also fun in that the sphere grid made the characters very customizable so you are not forced to use a character you didn't like. I loved Rikku so she was one of my frontliners with Yuna and Titus.

    Be thankful then, Gamefaqs are full of idiots hence I don't most there. I just go there to look at some of the helpful tips and such. Alot of people complained about the story for 12 and I agree with you that it was actually more involved and deeper then most of the more recent ones. *looks at FF10-2* The only complaint is that it would be nice if they did more character development for the caste.

    Hm I have never heard of Dissidia is it like a fighting game or something?

    Yeah the design for Tear is similar I believe Koshimisu made a post about that awhile ago with comparison pictures. Tear is very business like and fits the mold of Tsundere alot more then C.C I'd say but still fairly similar.

    Depends on how many episodes they have, I want a full series if possible. Abyss desires that much XD

    Crispin Freeman did the voice for Albedo in Xenosaga right? But well I agree that it was abit tiring to hear him over and over even though he is a good VA. He did a pretty good job with Haseo in .Hack//GU
  5. Narona
    2008-07-30 20:49
    "And it's unlikely the Sound Episodes and such will detail anything other than things within the series. I would love if they did some sort of little Epilogue with it, though for some reason I wonder if Lelouch would be there in the end. And I suppose it's essentially the same way with me."

    Yes, It could be a good thing.

    "How important is the question though and it's not like it was all some gradual development for her. It was sort of contained within those one instances and then she'd go back to normal. I guess the cave scene is important, but that was sort of all we had for a lot of the time in comparison to others. How does 15 make her name important? And is there any real point to keeping that secret any longer? Can't they just tell us what it is already?
    Well, for the most part. I sort of agreed with what he was saying in 15, but the masks made some good points as well like how he seems to fear letting others know the real him. The thing with Rolo wasn't a lie just for his own purpose then? Shirley seemed to be taking it rather well after that little scare before her death. It also had Lelouch saying how he doesn't want to lose anyone else, which contributes to what happened in 15 as well. It doesn't have to mean he loved her."

    I don't know about the name, but we can see that he doesn't call her C.C. anymore. In fact, we never see him saying her real name while I'm sure he calls her by her name. Taniguchi hides it, I don't know why.

    Lelouch did lie, yes, but he always takes the responsibilities. He will say (if the korean blabla is true) to kallen that he killed shirley. He prefers to takes everything on himself. Lying = no good, that's right, but what the emperor is doing is not good too. Even schneizel seems to not agree with his father.

    "And is that what your subs say?"

    I'm too lazy to check it XD

    ""Chi"? She can't very well be around him all the time like in battle and such. When he's at the base and such though, I suppose he'll keep her near him for her own safety as well as not to attract any attention to her change in personality. Considering he's the only person she knows right now, she might be too scared to be around anyone else. I keep imagining Kallen meeting her though which would be interesting. I also think that back then, he knew she liked to be on her own and do things, which suited him just fine as long as she wasn't in the way. And they aren't guaranteed a lot of screentime really.

    Tonight will be our first look, though I hope it doesn't turn out as bad as I fear."

    Var calls her Chi all the time . And come on, I don't want to talk about Kallen meeting C.C. anymore. I'm tired to read awful speculation about that.

    End of story

    "Yet Mao did. Of course, I think she knew she could never get him to kill her and he may have lacked something else as well. Why would he get her immortality when he already is immortal? And why are Kallen fans upset with that theory? At least that one theory is dead I suppose to some degree. Not all of them were though."

    To be the only one immortal in the world and because C.C. has/d some specials powers that V.V. didn't have.

    "Well, maybe. I'm still confused with this whole Gods thing. Sometimes, I think he means Gods in a metaphorical and other times as literal. Maybe something dealing with that fire and wreckage we saw when they made the contract. We'll probably get the whole story when we get the whole picture on Marianne. I don't think she's like Marianne either to be honest and if that were the case, I would find it sort of creepy."

    IMO the world could be a machine. The real question is, if that's the case, who built that thing?

    "He seems the shy type to me to be honest as well as the type with low confidence and self-esteem."

    True .

    "Well, yes I know life is short. Especially with everything going on these days. I'm just not sure what's going to happen with my life. Sometimes, I feel as though 18 is a whole lot older than it actually is for some reason."

    Don't be so anxious. You're only 18.

    "Oh, I know, but that is something I care about since I always like a nice romance. I can't watch romance only animes though for some reason. There always needs to be some other element present.

    Why so serious? I suppose that would be a good question for me."

    I love romantic animes/movies/books

    You know it's good to laught sometimes XD

    "That was quite sad and even made me feel a little like I was supporting a pairing not as deep as that for some reason. I couldn't even imagine him being with anyone else after that. We'll have to see what they both do. I realize they essentially pulled the same thing that they did with Shirley though, which is sort of annoying."

    They won't do the same thing as they did to shirley. Use your brain. What will be the point? It would be annoying and prove that the plot is crap. Seriously, shirley dies, meaning that C.C. will not die because of her memory problem (she could die, but not as Moe C.C.)

    "Yeah, but for some reason I can't imagine him rejecting someone. And I sort of think he's the type that doesn't know who he loves. I do think they'll kiss though and depending on how that goes could mean a lot."

    He did reject shirley you know :/ <__< When it's about kallen, you're not rational at all >_>

    "Ugh, I hate the very idea of that scenario. The scenario where Kallen is the big sister who is being supported by C.C. to get with Lelouch is another one I dislike."

    It will not happen, that would be a too idiotic ending. Code Geass is not a crap show. C.C. is not a crap character. That will not happen. Why are we still talking about those this...

    "There's a lot of irony in that. Here Lelouch could make her hate Cheese-kun and Pizza forever, but now he may be the one who gets her to like it. We'll know more soon enough about that.

    CONNECT. It's the new song for the first R2 Sound Episode. I'll PM you the lyrics."

    She actually likes pizza again, and got her cheese kun with her in the preview .

    Thanks a lot

    "Oh, I see. I suppose I'm just worried about alienating someone else"

    Don't worry. I can't be alienated, at least not so easily.

    "What is the obsession with that dance anyway? It's cute I guess, but watching those videos gives me a headache after a while."

    It's funny to watch and dance :O

    "I told you nothing good could happen. The ring means nothing, C.C. is scared of him and just wants to be friends. That's it. Nothing else. Kallen wins.

    Heh, I'm actually feeling ill right now."

    I laughed so hard, can't help it. You wrote that before reading a proper translation... Seriously, don't do that again.

    "Damn, it looks like it did happen. The one shot we had for a really emotional, romantic moment and it's gone and wasted. I'd considered that the ring bit might mean a lot given what you said about it, but I guess it doesn't matter now. That band aid will be gone soon enough and they're not making much progress either.

    "Stay with me" could be something I suppose, but it depends on when it occurs, the context in which the line occurs, and the way the relationship has gone with Lelouch and C.C.. By itself, the line doesn't need to mean much. With that ring it could have been very meaningful. It can easily be viewed by her as a command as his slave.

    I honestly can't see them killing her at all."

    Two possibilities:

    - The band aid is the ring thing, but it seems important to C.C.. I say that because of what we can see in the preview, we will see what will happen next sunday... And Lelouch could say that line later. This spoilers is not in the same part as the ring spoiler.

    - The band aid is not the ring.

    "Yeah, it was sort of cute but it just seemed more sad and I'm uncomfortable with seeing her like this. She was very sad though when she was hurt though. That bit with Lelouch is really scaring me though since he can't seem to keep any of his promises. I don't think he'll be able to make her smile either now.

    Yeah, it's bad. It's very bad. It's just like what they did with Shirley. I think they plan to get them both out of the way for Kallen. Or it could have just been to illustrate the moment and how things are going to get bad for Lelouch.

    First I've seen of it. I wouldn't say it is important to her, but she simply seems curious about it and perhaps that Lelouch did that for her.

    Maybe, but I've just got all these overwhelming bad vibes."

    She could die. Live with it.

    "Yeah, I know. And then I bet they'll have Kallen there to comfort Lelouch. C.C. and Lelouch are going to suffer for sure and I think C.C. will suffer the most. Damn."

    -___- Don't jump the gun

    "Well, I meant that it was funny since it sort of came out of no where. I didn't really like her beating him up since he just took it like that. "

    Suzaku did atrocious things (For instance, he killed his father), but Lelouch did the same thing (Euphemia etc.). Seriously, I still can't understand the hate. If at least Suzaku was an annoying guy who doesn't care at all about what he did, but no, he is worried and sad all the time. And he knows what love feelings are. Lelouch doesn't love anyone because he doesn't understand what that means, but suzaku did really love someone and he lost that person. I feel sad for him, and I don't hate him.

    "Maybe not, but should her memories return and such she is pretty much guaranteed to die while saving Lelouch and with a smile on her face when she finally happens. She may have experiences true love in that short time and be content with it. Man, that will piss me off though. But it pretty much has to happen."


    "I don't think he'll go that far. He can be serious and nice. I think she might escape in the chaos or maybe Nunnally sets her free."

    We will see, but Gino seems to be a nice guy. I think he will switch side. Don't ask me why, I don't know.

    "For some reason, I'm very sad about that given how depressing the spoilers were. I can't imagine Lelouch getting any sort of good ending with all that happening and everyone trying to kill him. Even the bit with C.C., should it happen, seems rather shallow since it seems to happen after Lelouch decides to go all crazy after he thinks Suzaku betrayed him."

    Have faith in Taniguchi. Lelouch will win... in some ways... And Lelouch will be aware soon that Suzaku didn't betray him. I think that schneizel will say it to lelouch.

    "Then there's that damn scene with Kallen and Nunnally[...]

    Aww, who are we kidding? [...] Man, I just feel sick about all this."

    Don't include Var in your frenzy , please. I don't know what to reply to this wall of text. You went totally overboard again.

    "Well, she's third behind Millay and Marianne so of course she is. I think both of them are fine to be honest. Just perfect. Maybe Shirley a bit more, but they are fine."

    They are both beautiful. But the most himarious thing is that Lelouch doesn't care at all. . I love that side of him. Talking in the same room with a man that the girl knows he doesn't plan to jump on her is great I suppose

    "See her on a bed? What pic are you speaking of? Were there new magazines scans or something? Anyway, I suppose that is true to some degree. What's C.C. now then? Shirley was essentially the only normal girl so of course she was like that. C.C. is still cute and feminine, but she lost a lot of her intelligence (she may learn eventually though) and lost all of her confidence. You know, I sometimes wonder if Shirley dying was some sort of sign he would never have a successful romance with someone. I still want C.C. to live, be happy, and have her real wish fufilled and I think Lelouch can be the one to help her with all that. He could use her as well I think. I'm not feeling very confident about her though. I think she either is going to die or simply not be around Lelouch anymore. I have to wonder what the purpose of doing this to her though since I just don't get it. It makes me think they only kept her around because of her popularity with fans, which essentially makes her a pathetic character living on borrowed time when she should have died.."

    It could be true that he will not have a successful romance. But don't get overboard again please. I don't know what to reply when you're doing that.

    Here the pic:

    "She may have won the popular vote, but no telling if she'll win in the end and live."

    I know it. But Polls are funny

    "I'm curious, do you think there is a way the ring scene could be a bad thing? Or that it could end up backfiring? And why do you think they did this with C.C.'s character anyway?"

    Good thing. Because she will regain her memory and she will remind all what Lelouch did for her when she was Moe. Many men would have already abused of her you know. Lelouch will never do that. Maybe you can't understand because you are a boy, but a girl doesn't want to be seen as a sexual object or "used" as a maid.

    "And some seem to think that LXC could only happen with her having her memories back. I don't agree, but what about you?"

    I agree but I desagree too XD. I think she needs to retreive at least some part of her memory. Then she will not be a 10 years old girl anymore in her head. But she doens't need to recall everything. Just that she is a "woman" and that she already knows that man named Lelouch.

    "And what to you even looks like it gives good weight to LXC happening over Kallen?"

    I don't understand the question, what do you mean?

    "And I know what you have said about this matter before, but do you really think that spending all that time first season on her falling for Zero, then having her start falling for Lelouch even during the year and get her so jealous of C.C., then develop her with Lelouch just so she won't betray him? Doesn't that seem excessive? It seems like a done deal when I compare the little evidence of LXC to all that."

    She didn't have so much scenes with lelouch in R2 to begin with. And also, they did the same thing with C.C. the last season. Everyone thought those scenes were romantic and Taniguchi said No because they had another purpose. It could be the same thing here. I say that often but people (even you) don't even read me. That's frustrating

    "Sorry for all the questions. I value your opinion though. Again, I'm sorry if I'm bothering you."

    I know you're not trying to annoy me.

    "Few more though. Does the wording of the spoiler about the ring make it sound more like he's doing it because he feels responsible and guilty over her memory loss or could it be because he truly cares about her that much? It even says right before the part about the ring that he feels responsible about her losing her memories. Doesn't that seem sudden at all for him to do that if he isn't simply doing it out of a feeling of responsibility? I'd think something big would have to happen between them to bring about him having deep enough feelings for something like that to happen."

    The spoilers are too vague. Even about kallen, it could be everything and not juste love feeling. I think that if he really goes to say "stay with me", then that means he loves her or values her as a friend. But that whole ring thing makes me thing that he loves her. I think the man who wrote the korean spoiler read the sktechs. And beside the sketch there are always some texts. I thing he read them. So I guess the ring thing is real.

    "And what would we say C.C.'s feelings in regards to Lelouch really were? They never seemed to be pushing a romance with her, at least not on the level that they have with Kallen and to a lesser extent Shirley."

    I already answered that some days ago.

    "And why would C.C. fall for him now in a way that were true feelings over Kallen's? Why exactly do you think Kallen feels the way she does?"

    I really don't know. We don't know so much thing and people go overboard all the time with wild speculations while in fact, we have not a bunch of real infos.

    "And I truly hope they don't kill her off in the end. I mean, they essentially gave her a clean slate and normal life where she could finally live a happy life (which could hopefully be made happier by Lelouch). And I want that name damn it!!!"

    I don't want her to die either but It could happen. The korean spoilers didn't mentioned the name, so I guess we will not learn it till episode 22 at least.

    "And god I getting so sick of .................................................t o fans."


    "This may sound odd, but do the spoilers give any sort of indication of where we may be going with things in this regard? I mean info besides the Korean spoilers."

    Nothing important about Kallen or C.C. at the moment ^^

    "I just keep fearing that if they don't kill her, they'll have her live a life without Lelouch at all while he and Kallen get together. I'm even thinking that the C.C. now might feel bad about Kallen not ending up with him or something and turns over the ring to her or gives it back to Lelouch and he gives it to Kallen instead. Wouldn't that be the ultimate crushing defeat? I bet they would all cheer if that happened."


    Well, on a side note, you're really to anxious about it. Seriously. You did write some awful pessimistic things. I will not complain but we can't have a proper discussion when you are in frenzy mode about kallen/C.C./Lelouch. Calm down
  6. demon_god04
    2008-07-30 15:40
    Oh you should definitely check out FF6 it is a good game. I agree with everything, although to me 8 is probably the worst of the series but I guess that is just my opinion. 9 was a great game really brought back the series for me after 8. I liked the level up system in 10 but it was just so easy to exploit. 12 was a great game definitely a good direction for the series. I just don't get why people still complain about it though. People were complaining about random encounters and now that they got rid of it they start bashing it because the combat system sucks and that you don't have to play because of the gambits. But what those people don't get is that FF12 still uses the active time system just now that the enemies are shown on the map and you can move freely. And you don't have to use gambits it just makes the game flow better. I just set basic gambits and manually control the characters when needed and I kept the character I am using off gambits.

    Yeah FF has some great music, I have a huge music pack with all the music from every FF except for 11 and 12

    Yeah the characters go through alot of development, especially the main character Luke. You will like it, and Tear looks alot like C.C, she is even voiced by Yukana in the Japanese version I believe. Great character as well she is one of my main party members.

    The story is fairly big but we will have to see, I just hope they don't butcher it.

    Yeah... everyone if voiced by him... he does a good job though and I guess he is popular as well.
  7. demon_god04
    2008-07-30 14:37
    Most likely the reason Final Fantasy is the most popular is because of it's launch with Final Fantasy 7 on the PSOne. Most people who sing praises for the game and at the risk of sounding like an elitist but FF6 is still better in my opinion. Most people don't know that FF7 was basically a reworked FF6 they Aeris' theme is actually Celes' theme remixed.

    Yep the gauge fills up during battle and you can save it until you decide to use it. It got annoying for me in Symphonia because Sheena was my favourite character so I use her the most often and her summons are just too dependent on it. I am so glad they brought back the archer in Abyss, and I just love the caste alot more. Not to say that Symphonia had a bad caste but Abyss does a better job fleshing them out.

    Yeah Abyss is the one that is getting an anime.
  8. demon_god04
    2008-07-30 13:51
    Tales is still considered more of a low seller by Bandai's standpoint it does reasonably well but the series is still far from being anything near top sellers that Bandai hopes for. So far in the NA market, Final Fantasy reigns alone at the top.

    Symphonia was good but if you liked it then definately play Abyss, Tales of the Abyss is alot better then Symphonia especially the combat system. I have played Tales of the Abyss so much I can go through the game by heart. I have those over limit special moves, the main complaint I had with Symphonia was that you can't control the over limit times and it is annoying when using Sheena because she can only do summons during those times. Abyss lets you control when you want to enter over limit and with free run you are not stuck on the rail.
  9. demon_god04
    2008-07-30 13:29
    Definitely, Final Fantasy isn't even the best selling series in Japan. That belongs to Dragon Quest, then Final Fantasy and then the Tales of Series if I am not mistaken. It is a shame that the Tales series are not doing as well in North America, most of them are great games.
  10. demon_god04
    2008-07-30 13:12
    Agreed, the original ending to P3 was abit too open ended and FES did provide some much needed closure.

    Well I agree that most final fantasy games were good, but there are also alot of other Japanese rpgs out there just as good, just that they don't have the same production budget. My point being that most gamers nowadays tend to go for the big flashy games while not even sparing a second look at others. I guess it was sort of inevitable as gaming is becoming more and more mainstream.

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