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  1. Jeffry2009
    2008-07-06 09:19
    Excuse me what was i said? sorry about this comment, (come on guys, This isn't my flaming comment). but i don't know why i've got snapped after i watched the episode (i mean i can't wait what's gonna happen in the next episode. That was...... Speechless..)

    * i don't know, i shouldn't blame myself bcoz of my reaction of an unexpected twist.... although this is a TV show not real life*

    i mean come on, what were you thinkin, ROLO!? Are you kidding me? please! somebody help me.....

    And that short douchebag V.V, He will Going to HELL Soon!! FUCK HIM!!

    *logs off and cries*
  2. Dann of Thursday
    2008-07-05 00:21
    Dann of Thursday
    I'm going to take a break for a while. At least from the CG forum. I'm sure enough will be happy about that.
  3. Jeffry2009
    2008-06-30 19:59
    I mean did you notice the jealous look of Rollo's face (see episode 8 & something i forgot)? maybe he has a own plan. Rollo backfire lulu and join the dark side with that spoiled bastard V.V. (GOD his face makes me kinda pissed off i mean i can't wait to see lulu with go face 2 face between him). Guys what do you expect of other than that? (sorry about my anxiety bcoz i've felt anxiously wait for the next episode this sunday till couldn't concentrate my studies.)
  4. demon_god04
    2008-06-29 23:55
    I see your point, with Kallen gone it also means that her relationship with Lelouch is still unresolved. If she was rescued and her feelings were resolved in the next few episodes I can see C.C happening. But with C.C and Kallen gone I suppose this is Shirley's time in the sun. I still say it is a toss up since events in Code Geass tend to happy fast.

    True, Rin plus I guess in Rin's case because you can sometimes hear your inner thoughts it is less frustrating. With C.C one of the things that annoys me is that while the whole mysterious character is interesting at first, at some point you expect some answers. In C.C's case they left it hanging for so long it is just annoying me.

    Well Shirou's ideal is extremely naive, but in UBW you hear him admit that it is an unrealistic ideal. He knew he was being unrealistic but was still moving on, his problem was that as Rin said, he sought to give others happiness and would seek none himself. In UBW you see him evolve but in Fate it wasn't explored at all.

    True enough, it would be an interesting short story or something though. Shirou evolving into or surpassing Archer. I always thought that atleast it would be interesting to read a story of how Shirou became Archer.

    I liked how they consistently portrayed Gilgamesh too. In most of the times Gilgamesh was defeated, it was because of his ego that he lost. Against Saber and Shirou had he taken them seriously from the get go he would have won. But it is part of his character. I also thought Lancer was cool, I loved his final scene in UBW and his exchange with Rin too.
  5. Jeffry2009
    2008-06-29 23:36
    Shirley's Memories are back!!

    Thanks to orange-kun!! Yeah, THANKS A LOT, V.V. You've done it again. Lulu will be big trouble soon.

    i mean COME ON!! I CAN'T WAIT WHAT's GONNA HAPPEN NEXT EPISODE!! I've Felt Anxiously wait about the truth of the stories........

    And i also Can't Wait lelouch will go Face to Face with the nemesis V.V. but i'm afraid in the future episodes Rollo will betray Lelouch!!! Guys, You never know what's gonna happen. Trust me.
  6. Yorae_paladin1
    2008-06-29 11:45
    I don't bash Kalulu I just don't think it'll work. If it happens it happens if not cool too
  7. Lolipopo
    2008-06-29 04:18
    Kalulu's bashing is happening in some of important french community
    At the end of season 1, there were a lot of "ahahahaha you stupid Kallen's fan, Lelouch will be never interested in her" and others stupiude things when we didn't even said a bad word about the CluClu moments -_- To tell you the trust, it was really REALLY irritating -_-

    CC and Lulu were the favourite couple of the season 1, and there was a lot of kallen's bashing in forums I knew; with season 2, those extrems just stay quiet and some even became Kallen fans; And the worst are still trying to bash her but they are now minor; But even, Cluclu stays the most appreciate couple in those forums, but Kallen's fans are most active, cause finally she finally made some points since the start of R2.
    To my part, I like CC, but I' not able to see her as a lover to Lulu, I can't help but think their relationship is different; Of course the show can show me something else, I'm totally open, but now, the only thing I expects is that if we have a pairing with Lulu in the end, it will be with a good development; CC and Lelouch already had devellopment in season 1, after all it's really possible to made of their accoplices feelings some romantic feelings but until now, we must adit that we didn't see something like this.

    Lol, I've seen this in NF >_<" Kallen is the best choice cause she is hot and a badass pilot -_-''
    Well everyone his reason To my part, there are others reason, usually to me, guys are hot, I've no interets in girls But Kallen is my favourite characters, then she certainly made others points with me ^^

    I've never thought Kallen will be certain, but as I told you before, to me, all those little signs were obviously there to something; But don't misunderstand me; Shirley's crush was too here for something, and CC's strange relationship with Lulu too; To me those signs were obvious to shows that Kallen was a serious possibility; It was a sort of answer to those bakashi from frenchs forums who were bashing every Kallen/Lulu interactions or others -_-' I can't support this sort of people, just like those Code Geass haters who are coming in some forums just to bash everytime, with every episode (In french forums we have a lot of people like this -_-'); I mean, why always repeat things just to irritate fans of pairings or series >_< Always always and always -_-'

    I can't understand the fact that you have a bad feeling about your pairing since I'm feeling exactly the same about macross frontier -_-' I don't know if you are watching but even If I knew my girl will be certainly the looser...; Anyway as long as the show doesn't end up I think it's useless to proclam things are fixed; You seen it, there are fans who doesn't want to loose hope, and they are right, we still have a lot of time (and at this point I still dn't see my pairing as a win -_-) and I think that if you like a pairing, even if things aren't happening in good way to this, you must still continue to support your opinion; Just look how much people are appreciating your post when you are simply talking about you reason to appreciate CluClu and wish for this pairing; I think that even for you, it's better than always depressing about how Kallen and Lelouch is inevitable (and this is an insult to us ! )
    After all, even if in Zegapain or in every other macross, my pairing wasn't the good, it's still my favourite, and I will never say that the other was inevitable or better =p If I loved those pairing it was for good reason then no, those are still ma favourite !
    Then try stop to bash CC and CluClu, seriously, you are only hurting youself and others fans, and after all, it's a forum, there is no need to be depressed about this, just enjoy your pairing and if you really forgot why you loved this pairing, then return watch season 1

    Big post...u_u'
  8. demon_god04
    2008-06-28 11:21
    Well, the way I see it is that if any romance is to happen with C.C, it will likely happen within the geass plotline. The only thing I see that really hurts her chances is that Lelouch has shown a desire to go back to Ashford, or rather a "normal" life after everything is settled. Since C.C isn't involved in that aspect of his life her chances of an ending doesn't look too good at the moment, where as Kallen is the only character so far that plays a role in both sides of Lelouch's life. It is also one of the reasons I don't really see Shirley as much of an option, she just doesn't see or understand the real Lelouch and is in love with the facade of "Lelouch Lamperouge" much like how Kallen was in season one with Zero.

    C.C a large part of why I think that is because they are both Tsundere types. Saber's a naturally warm person outside of battle and shows alot of care for Shirou, even in UBW when her contract with Shirou was gone. C.C and Rin though both tend to hide their true feelings over a facade, they both bury their true feelings to show a "tougher" persona to others.

    Yeah, if I had one complaint about Fate is that they did not delve too deep into Shirou's character, which in turn is a major reason why he was misunderstood and hated in the anime. I still think they should have brought some UBW elements into the anime in terms of Shirou's development rather then have the Caster arc which served no purpose really then to have Sakura fanservice.

    Well Hero Emiya might not come to exist, but it was alluded that UBW Shirou has the ability to surpass Archer. Shirou would still look like Archer when he is older, just that he will likely not go down the same path Hero Emiya did and end up a Heroic Spirit.

    In regards to Shinji though, I can sort of understand his attitude and pity him even. When his grandfather adopted Sakura from the Tohsakas, Shinji basically lost his status as the heir to the family. Kinda like how Sakura saw Rin as someone who stole everything from her, Shinji in turn saw Sakura as the one that took everything from him. Ofcourse that does not excuse all the things he has done and I still hate him with a passion, but I think understanding his reasons go a long way too.

    Well Fate's version of the Athurian legend isn't really the same. There are alot of cool ones, Gilgamesh's Enuma Elish's "Star of Creation that Split Heaven and Earth" was pretty cool too.
  9. demon_god04
    2008-06-28 09:12
    Well, will see at the end whether that is true or not

    Well Rin and C.C both hide alot of their true emotions and feelings, and I'd say they both like to tease people. In Rin's case though it was mentioned that her true personality is more like that of a bully and Shirou mused that he might have fought her for the peace of the playground when they were little. Personality wise C.C is closer to Rin, the one similarity I see with C.C and Saber is that they are bound to someone by a contract.

    Well, I wouldn't say poor Shirou, the epilogue in the True End really sums up their relationship nicely and I just love their relationship. Shirou was not a bad character either, I remember back when the anime was running there were still quite a few people that hated him. I think it was a matter that in Fate, you really didn't understand too much about Shirou's motivations but in UBW you learn alot more about him. He's a flawed character, and even Rin says as much, that he is broken and that something is fundamentally wrong with his ideal. But I agree Archer is a very interesting character, I find that his character was that much better because of his interactions with Rin and Shirou.

    Their reality marble really illustrates how different they are even though at the core they are essentially the same person. I really loved the scene at the end when Rin was saying goodbye to Archer, and Archer tells Rin to look after Shirou, that if someone like her stays by his side, then the Hero Emiya might not come into existence. And it was just a great scene how he tells her that he has found his answer and that he will try his best from now on and smiles at her looking more like the old Shirou.

    Heh, well I know what you mean. I put Saber on a pedestal, no other character comes close to being my favourite. But yeah, there are just alot of great characters in Fate/stay night. The only one I hate is Shinji, but really that was the way he was written, you were meant to hate his guts.

    Remember the legend of King Arthur? it was the magic of the sword that kept her from aging and Avalon protected her. basically when she drew the sword from the stone she stopped aging completely. By the way I liked the little quotes they did with each of the noble phantasm, especially Avalon's "All is a distant Utopia."
  10. demon_god04
    2008-06-28 00:17
    I'd just report them when they show up, not sure if it warrants a ban but atleast the mods will know and maybe do something about it. Well you can consider it a taste of the lynching you'd get if Lelouch does end up with C.C I suppose.

    I'm not sure if C.C fits in with Saber all that well, I'd say she and Kallen are both more like Rin, Shirley I'd say doesn't really fit with Sakura. Sakura's character is just too different overall and alot deeper then what Shirley has been portrayed so far.

    Well you can think of the good ending of UBW as the loophole, but in that route Shirou is basically Rin's property...

    Well Rin's romance was well done as well, I loved alot of the conversations she had with Shirou and her resolve as well. In some ways I thought Rin's romance was done a bit better then Saber's, but it is really only a matter of personal opinion.

    I also loved the way Archer and Shirou's UBW chant differs and how their reality marble manifests. Archer's with the gears and darker cloudier sky while Shirou's has a clear and bright sky. Another thing I thought was done very well was Rin's thoughts on Archer's life when she saw it through her dreams. One of my favourite lines were "The boy who stated he just doesn't want to see anyone cry... ...Could only see crying humans forever." And I thought this really shows you Rin's character:

    "I'm so mad that I have to hit him and scold him.

    I, Tohsaka Rin, have never had any hardships in my life.
    So I might not have the right to say it, but I believe in working hard and going though pain. It's wrong not to be compensated for your fights.

    That's why I'm angry at his uncompensated life, and most of all---I can't leave him be because he ended up cursing his life.

    'You're my Servant, so I'm only going to do what I believe is right.
    I'm not as loose as Emiya Shirou, but I do have some things I cannot give up.
    I won't give it up no matter who's telling me so---'

    ...That's right.
    That's why I decided...
    That as long as I'm his Master, I will believe in my path like he used to do.

    That's about all I can show to him.
    That's the only way I can repay him.

    It might have been meaningless, but still...
    I do it so that Archer, the one who lost his own past, can realize that his life was something he can be proud of----"

    From what I remember, Saber was 16 when she pulled Caliburn from the stone, after that she stopped aging. I don't recall if they specifially stated how long her reign as king was.

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