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  1. Narona
    2008-08-21 11:07
    Ok, what's this about a picture drama? Did the picture drama just make LXK more canon?

    Can you stop being an idiot for a second XD?

    There is nothing about LxK on that pic, nor about CxL.
  2. Ring
    2008-08-21 04:42
    I suppose the bloody black king with C.C.'s blood is something that some people believe as foreshadowing this, but I'm not sure of her dying at this point. In her memory lost state, it would be like Milly dying and that seems unnecessary now. I thought an early plausible scenario would be if she regains her memories, her powers would come back as well hinting that Charles' attempt with the Code transfer failed or was incomplete in Ep. 15. She would have likely had another confrontation with Charles if that was the case. But since the two magazines said that Charles already has her code, that no longer makes sense. It looks like it'll be Lelouch and Suzaku trying to get to him at this point. Since she doesn't have her Code anymore, if she somehow regains her memories and remains mortal, she's just a normal person.

    Other possibilities include it simply symbolizing Lelouch being stained with blood and not necessarily hers. Well, only way to find out is to continue watching and reflect back on this after the episodes air.

    Suzaku has been getting gradually darker from R1 to now. Gino mentioned that Suzaku doesn't smile like he does in the pictures. He has moments of his positive self, but overall he hasn't been the same after Euphie. He needs to catch a break but I'm not sure if they'll allow him to get one.

    Just out of curiosity Dann. What if the pairing you want does happen (LxC)? How would you feel about it? Happy? Vindicated?
  3. Guilford
    2008-08-21 02:58
    I don't know about the Kallen thing, he could have just shafted C.C aside and focus on Kallen til now to complete her "story" and show that she is ready to go where Lelouch wants to go, even if it means going against the OotBK. And once this is shown they can find some way to switch back to the "real" pairing and have something happen with C.C and Lelouch. I have no idea how exactly it will happen but I'm sure it CAN happen and wouldn't completely be bull**** storywise.

    About the Sunrise bugging Taniguchi, it was more of a joke, I don't think we'll ever know which pairing he himself prefers since I don't think he will have some big interview after the series in which he tells everyone what exactly was messed up by Sunrise, but it would be fun to read I guess^^
  4. Narona
    2008-08-20 22:30
    He has also another option .

    To stay single
  5. Narona
    2008-08-20 22:24
    So, you wrote another depressed post
  6. demon_god04
    2008-08-20 21:17
    Basically that is what I did, and since the battles were fairly easy I did not really feel much of a need to level much until later. the Asche fight put me into a scare of needing to level.

    It is actually, plus it is a fun looking Mystic Arte. Just don't spam it and use it after you analyse the ep of the enemy. Make sure you kill with it and you will not lose any gald.

    I see, I might check it out but I havn't really had much inclination to. I figured I'd wait for all the movies to be out. Well Rei was like a clone of Shinji's mom and the first Angel but I always thought their relationship was closer. I liked them together and when Rei realised she wanted to be with Shinji right before she blew herself up to save him just fustrated me so.

    Yeah, and Louise and Siesta actually went to Albion to look for him. I agree and that is why anime Louise feels like such a different character and why I hate her in the anime. I found it funny when Saito was going to molest or have his way with Louise when she was sleeping and had this whole conversion with Derflinger to justify it and Derf was egging him on. Novel Saito does ask for it alot of the times.

    The ending isn't bitter sweet. Well to a certain extent some stories in Kara no Kyoukai does have the nihilistic tone but it is fitting in what Nasu wanted to portray.

    Basically yeah because of Fukuda's wife Morosawa, now there is one instance where you can say that someone actually got the job because she is boning the director...

    Well GSD may as well be a thinnly disguised super robot show. Mwu said it himself in the final battle, all they have are numbers and it doesn't count for anything. One of the things I liked about the gundams in Seed was that they were built for a role, like buster for fire support and so on. Same with 00.

    I liked how they went deeper into Riza's background and her relationship with Mustang. I am liking the characterization in the manga alot more actually. Just because of all the things the anime didn't have. I am a Ling and Ran fan as well XD. I am dling the more recent chapters because I want to know what happens. I am still going to buy the volumes though, I have literally a wall filled with manga.

    Yeah but I guess they wanted to tell the story without having people wanting to have the old caste take center stage.

    Well there is nothing smart about being a Kallen fan, it is just a matter of taste right? I like Kallen and you like C.C so what?

    ahh I loved that place, Namco Bandai Island. it was such a blantant plug.
  7. Narona
    2008-08-20 19:14
    "You mean Var isn't pure Evil? I sometimes wonder myself. Well, as long as you are on the same side as him he is fine I suppose."

    Tssssssss, what I mean is that you can't judge someone to be Evil just because he has not the same tastes as you

    Hmm, well something weird is going on with Anya right now. Some sort of residual effect from encountering C.C. seemed to occur in 18. She appears to have been Geassed though from what I have heard so we may run into issues there. The conditions would need to be specific though for those two to meet. It seems like big stretch.

    Schneizel might ask the OotBK to give him C.C.. And the only KoR who is also in the Ikaruga at the moment is Anya.

    Well, to me I could see why one could view things with her as romantic. I don't think it compares at all to what we have seen with C.C. or Shirley though. The relationship doesn't seem to have much to it and seems sort of tacked on to me at least. Still, she is getting development as shallow as it seems to me and she is really the only one getting any. This doesn't leave much room for argument unfortunately. I wish I knew what the hell was going on with C.C..

    We had a lot of discussions about Kallen, I don't know what to add.

    He did? Why the hell did they not let him? Do you really think C.C.'s treatment this season could likely be attributed to Taniguchi not being able to do what he wanted? What possible gain could there have been from doing that?

    Why? IMO, that's because they wanted Code Geass tu use the Doroku/nichigo slot. And it was not possible to do it 6 months only after the end of the first season. So the main reason : "money".

    About C.C., We can only do assumptions. I really don't know.

    I feel that things were just a bit different back than and that directors may have had more control than they do now. Or I'm just crazy. Not sure.

    I used this Goodle translation feature. It worked pretty well actually.

    I see =p
  8. Narona
    2008-08-20 17:16
    Hmm, the cast and staff seem to often comment that Taniguchi is evil though I can't be sure if they are serious or joking. I know he is a stickler for detail and once made Fukuyama say a one word line about 12 times until it was just the way he wanted it. I hope it's more the latter I guess.

    They are not serious, I think XD. It's like when I'm saying that Var is Evil. He is not a bad person, I just tease him.

    Well, it would certainly be a letdown if the whole thing was just finished like that. I can't see what the point of several things with Kallen and C.C. after that would be though if it was simply over, but I could always see it being possible that it is over now and that he won't move on past her. I want something to come up concerning C.C. after how much she was shafted this season. She's a good character and she needs closure. Not through dying though.

    Now I think that Anya could help. If Anya meets C.C. again, something will happen, as in China. So, maybe C.C. will get some flashbacks or parts of her memories back.

    Well, I think they have done a good job with making that quite clear. She is essentially the only member of the Order who can probably still be considered loyal. I personally don't quite get the idea of them actually being in love nor do I get the impression of such a thing though I can see why some view what has happened with them as romantic development. Maybe they are even right.

    I never said that I'm right. I could be wrong. That's what I thought about her "relationship" towards Lelouch. But it could be something romantic. We will see.

    Hmm, I find such a thing a very disappointing revelation.To me it sort of takes away whatever happens in the episodes from now on since it's not what the main staff truly wanted. We don't even know how exactly events as they are came to pass. Sunrise may have interfered or something. I hope that they have at least tried with "this" R2 to make something good even if it was not what they originally wanted.

    I was talking with Guilford about it. Taniguchi wanted to begin R2 only 6 months after the end of the first season.

    Thanks for the infos about NGE

    For some reason, I have this feeling that it is quite hard for a director to really get their vision across anymore without interference occuring. I miss the anime of the 90s and even the 80s to some degree.


    This may seem odd, but I enjoy reading the conversations between different users such as you and Guildford for example. I hope that doesn't offend you or anything as an invasion of privacy. The ones with Kusa-san are interesting for me though since I have absolutely no idea how to read French, but am trying to despite that hinderance. No luck so far. Incoherent rambling aside, I hope you are doing well today.

    Read all you want . When I want to talk about something personal, I wrote PMs

    Mister Kusa has some difficulties to write in english. That's why he prefers to talk in french. But since you don't understand french, how can you say that our posts are interesting?

    I feel good today, because I slept well XD
  9. demon_god04
    2008-08-20 13:51
    Yeah I was not really buying much until after that and I haven't really went out of my way to level either.

    Yep not sure of the exact figure but you do lose a substantial amount. It is a very damaging skill though. I like her Final Fury and it's extension though.

    Are all the movies out? And are they good? I wanted Shinji to end up with Rei, did they develop the romance aspect at all?

    Oh god that was horrible. Louise was supposed to be very depressed about that and everything and in the novels Siesta was the one that brought her out of it by saying she is going to Albion to look for Saito. The anime had a giant reset and her going back to her stupid tsundere attitude after that huge depression? I want to kill the writters and make sure they never work on another anime ever again. I hated the anime Louise and what they made her into.

    It is a rather well written piece though, Shiki and Kokuto's relationship is very well defined so you don't really have much to debate about in terms of romance. It is just that the story tends to go into the philosophical about the darker parts of human nature and pathos and things like that. The ending is not really depressing, just some might find that the subject to be so.

    Yeah it is pointless having a recap episode not much more then ten episode apart....

    I believe they have some of the same staff but rather that Fukuda and his wife are no longer involved. Kira was actually not that bad in Seed, he was more of a robot in GSD though. Lacus is the one that is too perfect with no flaws.

    Basically yeah, I got all the volumes I could find. Nice anime store that has alot of manga stocked. I read them all now and I love alot of the Winry and Ed interactions. Ling is pretty cool too I like his bodyguard Ran fan was it?

    Yeah the manga is three volumes long called Gundam X under the moonlight. I'd have liked to see Garod and Tifa as well as some of the old cast like Robea and Witz and Enil as well.

    Yeah it might have been better if they had left Ashford sooner. With C.C I was expecting something less anti climatic considering how long we had to wait. Basically they gave us a recap episode of her life and called it quits. I'd rather have had her past been slowly revealed as things to develop her character rather then keep her static throughout R2.

    How far are you in TotA? But it really depends on the pacing, they need to keep a high pace with the anime unless they change the story. Which I hope they do not. They can leave out some stuff though so we will see how it ends up.
  10. LastOrder
    2008-08-20 11:19
    Hey there Dann, haven't seen you in a while.

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