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  1. Ring
    2008-08-29 01:38

    For Kallen, here are perhaps some 'reaching' type of speculations since it's vague:

    If it's "If you say something like 'I love you,' I won't forgive you":

    1) Lelouch is going somewhere that is likely to lead to his demise and she knows it too, but she understands it must be done. When he's about to give his parting words, she says this because it would be too much to bear knowing his fate or she isn't sure if it would be genuine.
    2) She finds Lelouch who is dying and doesn't want him to say this line as it would be too much to bear or she isn't sure if it would be genuine.
    3) After meeting Lelouch for the first time since they separated, she once again raises the question from Ep. 19 of what she means to him and why did he say to 'live on' after saying those hurtful words. She will not take this answer from Lelouch as a satisfactory one for some reason.
    4) Kallen is dying and Lelouch is by her side. While talking, she says this because even if he did say those lines, she isn't sure if it's something genuine or it would be too sad to hear because it would make her want to live when she cannot.
    5) Lelouch angers her again in some way and she wonders if she should follow/continue to follow him this time. She demands a reason why she should and won't take this line as a satisfactory answer because she wouldn't believe it.

    If it's "If you say something like 'I love (someone),' I won't forgive you":

    6) Lelouch tells Kallen that he will go and retrieve C.C. and during this conversation, she says this because she senses that their relationship has gotten closer and can't readily process and accept it, so she blurts this line out.
    7) Kallen overhears C.C.'s line with Lelouch. She eventually confronts Lelouch and asks what C.C. means to him and during their conversation, she says this. This could also be reversed by having Kallen confronting C.C. and asking what Lelouch means to her with this line eventually popping up in their conversation.
    8) This one isn't about Lelouch. Kallen confronts and asks Ougi why he is willing to go so far with whatever he's doing and says this line (Viletta).
  2. demon_god04
    2008-08-28 23:29
    Yeah, and the main character's name is Yuri Lowel, I'd laugh if he is voiced by Yuri Lowenhal(sp?). I gotta say the challenge is abit harder then TotA but TotA drew me into the game alot better in my opinion. But I guess I will have to see. It is kind of weird to me though since the healer in the party is also a melee character... Reminds me abit of Rutie.

    I like driving but gas prices are a killer so I don't drive unless it is really more convenient to do so.
  3. demon_god04
    2008-08-28 20:45
    I just got around to playing Tales of Vesperia, THEY VOICED THE SKITS!!! lol They never had voiced skits for the American releases!!!!!

    I know what you mean, I try to drive as little as possible and carpool to and from work
  4. Ring
    2008-08-28 18:07
    Both routes seem to fit her personality. C.C. expecting Lelouch to come back to fulfill his promise is very much like her. Doing it to protect him is also like her, but it would be bittersweet for C.C.. I suppose the 2nd scenario has somewhat of the upper hand, but if the flags for Ep. 21 are overcome, it would be quite a boost for the 1st route.

    I'm curious as well of Lelouch's thoughts leading up to these lines.

    I think that may be the case.

    That's true. The opinion that she will be gone is the overwhelming favorite. Perhaps the show will do something that's unexpected or at least not favored again though.

    A member named Baixinho posted this in the speculation thread. I think we can narrow it down to Lelouch to be the one this line is directed to if this is the case.
  5. Narona
    2008-08-28 17:24
    Well, these lines can be interpreted in a number of ways and it also depends on which episode they appear in. Was C.C.'s confirmed for episode 21?

    Anyway, it's making it sound like she will wait till he comes back to her. I don't exactly think Lelouch would go off and end up with Kallen and just leave C.C. waiting. He'd be a real jerk that way. If it's 21, then I would basically think that C.C. has to remain in the World of C for whatever reason (this was actually among the scenarios I envisioned). Perhaps Schneizal starts attacking the place or something and C.C. needs to stay in order to make sure Lelouch can escape. The only real way we are completely screwed is if it's not possible for C.C. to make contact with Lelouch ever again and she ends up dying or something with the whole line being some sort of lie from her. And if that happens then this is all absolute BS. As far as I am concerned though, that's damn romantic to me.

    Kallen's I can't really say since it's not clear whether it's "you", "her", "him" or something like that. I seriously won't be able to buy something like Lelouch saying he loves her after what happens with C.C. no matter what happens. It could be something like her asking him to not lie to her or something of the sort. Can't really say, but I don't really think Lelouch will suddenly realize feelings for her.

    C.C. will appear in 21, that's obvious. I don't konw what to add to what you already said....

    And thank you.

    I hope the pictures don't look too bad, I'm not good at taking pictures... XD As I said it to you, I will send you more pictures later, and during christmas (paris is beautiful at christmas).

    Feel free to tell me what you think of the place where I work and about Gertrude XD
  6. Guilford
    2008-08-28 11:58
    The C.C quote leaves more or less three outcomes:

    1. C.C has to stay in the world of C or whereever exactly but Lelouch will come back to her in the end
    2. C.C has to stay there/dies but lies to him
    3. C.C gets out of there WITH her memories and says that some time later when he perhaps goes to face Schneizel and leaves her somewhere (onboard the OotBK flag ship or I don't know where)

    The second one, I don't see how the writers would be able to make Lelouch stupid enough to take that lie...
    The first one would be nice, the third one would be kind of strange...

    Since 2 out of those 3 choices are rather positive I think it will be option 4 and some kind of mindrape for the C.C/Lelouch fans^^ I tend to get pessimistic when there's so suddenly some easily misinterpretable quote to raise my I guess she dies this Sunday^^

    The Kallen quote is even stranger, I don't have a really good speculation in which situation that would make much sense...We'll see, I can't wait for Sunday
  7. Ring
    2008-08-28 09:28
    Nah, I think that's just a title they chose for that page. Nothing more, nothing less.


    I agree with your points again. We'll see when this occurs and which of the routes you described they decide to take:

    1) She'll stay alive, but has to stay in the World of C or elsewhere (perhaps the real world depending when/where this is said) waiting for Lelouch when he goes off to make plans to deal with Schneizel. She wants Lelouch to come back in one piece and keep his word.
    2) In order to make Lelouch leave thus saving him, she says this but dies or becomes unreachable to Lelouch. Lelouch doesn't realize this though.

    I also think this would mean Lelouch doesn't hate her after knowing the truth. This certainly makes Ep. 21 an even more anticipated episode.

    Kallen's line is much more vague. Hard to draw some kind of conclusion for her.

    Looking the forums, both sides has their share of worries.
  8. demon_god04
    2008-08-28 09:00
    Nah, just that he is in everything.

    Students rarely do have the money or time.

    Sorry didn't notice I posted on my own profile again.... -.-
  9. C.C.
    2008-08-28 08:09
    I knew about them, yesterday I started to make romance in my mind, since C.C.'s sentence is really romantic. At this rate, I really think she won't die. It is sure she will protect Lelouch, but if she said "Hurry up and go. And then come back." it means, as you said, that she will wait for him, and it will be really depressing if it is just a way to say goodbye, or a way to convince him to go. The last You said you will make me smile. is something I really want to hope that hints to their future... I think the first part is as "C.C. is going to save Lelouch" but the second is the contrary, is Lelouch who's going to save C.C. making her smile. I want to believe this, because there's no hint to death, nothing.
    I can't understand Kallen's phrase, but I think it's obviously said to Lelouch. Maybe is refered to "If you say something like you love her" and the person is C.C.? Maybe she's just jealous... If Lelouch is going to say to Kallen that he's in love with her, I'll go crazy, because this will mean the end of Code GEASS for me. I don't think that Lelouch is the kind of guy who will let someone who's related with (as C.C.) to stay with Kallen (with whom he never did something). I want to believe that C.C. and Lelouch will be together, C.C.'s sentence suggests that! ;__;
  10. Narona
    2008-08-28 07:36
    I'm ok, don't worry. I leave now XD. Or my Boss will get mad at me again. See ya

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