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  1. KrimzonStriker
    2015-07-17 13:31
    I wish crunchyroll good fortune in that endeavor, certainly I need to pitch/recommend some other projects to them that no one else is doing, and get enough money to subscribe to them at some point once they do start expanding their archives a bit

    Oh, I knew that, though it's still based off his original work while also needing him to sign off on any changes made, I remember comments made about the whole switching when Jaburo and Dakar happened, along with the need to move Garma's location to intercept the White Base because of it etc. None of which was officially cannonized unlike the original Mobile Suit Gundam movies, Zeta's timeline with the whole coma thing (which also filled Char with such rage at the Earth that he went forward with the events of CC, basically became intact once Unicorn confirmed the events of ZZ in my opinion, Kamille needed to be in the coma to justify recruiting Juda and his crew etc.

    So my thought on the Iron-Blooded Orphans so far are optimistic, for one thing I like how the combat seems very grounded with these mobile tanks starting the action off first, that the main character seems more mature and seasoned due to being a child soldier, and that we're on the side of an independence movement on MARS (which should have been a setting in Gundam WELL before now in my opinion) which is a welcome change to always helping a corrupt Federation-esque orgainization in the beginning. AND it's going to come out in October of this year, which is a welcome bit of news if only furthering our previous discussion on just how much time they usually leave between announcements and actual releases again. Still I'm looking forward to this in the fall, you're own thoughts? Oh and thank GOD Gundam Barbatos gets upgraded as battles progress and stuff, that seems such an obvious mechanic to integrate while also explaining why it seems so frail, it's only the frame that they build around right now. But anyway this and the second movie for Gundam Origins along with New York Comic-Con AND my birthday means a very active October for me No I can understand why you'd feel that way given the change-up and almost completely new cast from the first season of SAO. That and seasons generally don't seem to last as long as they used too, way too many 13 episode seasons in my view which whenever they DO get a second season only add another 12 or so to it. I mean at one point 52 episodes wasn't an unreasonable expectation for older anime series, so I too am always pleasantly surprised if anime's ever go past 24 in total now. Not a LOT I'm interested in unless they add a Season 3 to the main Telltale Walking Dead series with Clementine, so looks like the Game of Thrones releases are the only things I really have to watch out for right now. Right, which is why I'm praying Winds of Winter manages to get things back into gear and maybe salvage the main TV series while it's at it hopefully.
  2. KrimzonStriker
    2015-07-16 21:33
    Those are some pretty strong credentials they're bringing to their team, I feel good after hearing all those names, and yeah Gurrellia deserves a chance to break out of Killzones shadow. I'm very interested in learning more details in any event about how the open world and interactive society will work like the hub city areas or how the salvage mechanics ultimately works, should be fun in any event.

    The new Zelda cannot got here soon enough for Nintendo... and Star Fox could have used a console release instead of a handheld one but we'll see if they recoup anything. But we can't be mulling over Nintendo's fate until they do something to change it, so moving on.

    Those codes for console or PC? Because I don't have ready access to a next gen console at this time, but I can see about a gaming desktop, maybe. If previous open-world stuff by Ubisoft is anything to go by they shouldn't fall too short of that aspect anyway, given the size of the proposed New York environment and the number of side-quests/dungeons that look to be available, though sustaining it over the long term is as you say the big deciding factor. Hopefully the listen to that feedback then. Too bad, and yeah I saw their latest DLC releases, don't know if it'll be enough though, and I suppose I'll just check out the Pixel movie for Dinklage then

    Yup, the terrain's a bit too flat/confined on the maps to really see it in effect though, so hopefully wide open spaces and high platforms will add to the experience. That will be a big question, heck whether or not they add new classes will also be a consideration, we'll have to wait and see whenever more news for Andromeda comes out. But whether a macro/colonization gameplay aspect is in effect is my main concern going forward given we'll literally have to build the Andromeda society from the ground up after all.

    Semi-shared experience amongst the entire party would be a big help, that was one of the more annoying aspects with FFVII whenever new members came on board. Well, I'll welcome any change Nomura introduces that manages to actually deliver on that 'more immersive' comment. Well I think that much was a given, however much nostalgia they want to cater they also want to have it be distinct as well, so we'll see just how much they decide to tweak it anyway. Guess we'll leave it at that until new info arrives.

    Something to think about... OR you could just wait for the Remake so everything feels fresh when you do play it Either way if you can manage it on your schedule then go for it, but don't push yourself

    Yeah, that's the most important thing regarding XV at this junction, I'm still a bit sad while trying to remain optimistic regarding Luna, but if they produce a good overall single-player story I'll live with it as well , here's hoping for more news on XV as well now.

    I HOPE it's an experience they learn from and then quickly forget at this point, the move with the Unreal 4 for KHIII is a good sign of that hopefully.

    Bah, given Squares previous delays getting info on time DOES seem disconcerting. I'm sure it'll be good whatever they decide, though I wouldn't mind drive forms again. They had damn well better NOT finish before XV <_< That'd be a welcome change from previous game developers, waiting until we're actually within striking distance of a release.

    Heh, maybe companies ARE finally learning, I think a year to a year and a half is a good enough timeframe for most release date announcements myself.

    Same, enjoying ones work and being satisfied with the final product is one of the few true pleasures.

    Good selections though some of those maybes are still unknown, and stuff like Tomb Raider, Dishonored 2, Uncharted etc can fly by pretty quickly if you just have one free day available. I think it's manageable so long as you get them done within a good time-frame between each release/mark an extended period in the year for you to get through them.

    Yeah, I heard the same thing, sounds pretty incredible actually and there's a user on youtube whose a big fan so I'll try to go through the Shenmue at some point once word that real progress for III is being made. Same, but should make for interesting views on youtube and it's always good to have a new IP, the battle-system alone is intriguing enough for me to be on the watch anyway, wonder what For Honor's single-player story will be like, a Titanfall like campaign format might work best for something like this I think.
  3. KrimzonStriker
    2015-07-16 20:29
    Cool, I'll add that to my full response later. Also, check out the new Attack on Titan chapter on mangastream. Not a WHOLE lot revealed but interesting character development. I'll add my thoughts on that in my full response later as well.
  4. KrimzonStriker
    2015-07-13 20:51
    True in most cases, but untangling Metal Gears story will eat any time you save, trust me <_< So yeah, maybe wait until it gets a reduction in price even, depending on reviews.

    I honestly have no idea, certainly not recently if they ever did, and yeah the set up of a Unicron Boss fight should be apparent in its appeal. What a waste, especially with the lull in the Transformers franchise right now, they were one of the factors that helped update/retcon the story into its modern iteration too.

    I don't either if they keep charging for them anyway. And yeah, it wouldn't be very special if they did remakes for every older generation game, it'd lose the magic after awhile. I think we've exhausted the conversation on these last three conversations so let's move on from them.

    Good , looking forward to any additional details from Square before the year is out. Bonus if Sony does do something then. They're probably right, VII is as iconic over there, and if it allows them to push for newer games in the future once console sales go through then all to the good. Because it would get a bit too graphic with real life models instead of cartoon avatars for one thing? Some stuff you can get away with but that bath scene might make people a bit too uncomfortable Dann... I'm fine with that generally speaking, though it'd be remiss if they didn't do ANY follow-up for the anticipated sequel to wrap the Compilation up finally since Crisis Core was finished, it would break up the predictability factor as well.

    Well I'm looking forward to seeing that in effect then, it'll bring a smile knowing that we're finally bringing this long and arduous process to a close Indeed, that is always something to watch out for. Well, that and Type-0's release but I take your point, so the closing months of this year should be interesting.

    Well yeah, so we have at least the basis of ground work and the story itself IS already there, only creative adaptation for a more modern setting need to be added. 2014 sounds about right, especially timing it with Nomura coming on board, so maybe sometime in 2017 at the earliest hopefully? 2018 is probably more realistic, albeit early 2018.

    I doubt they'd go that old, ever since 10 they've had at least the basis of a formula when it comes to environment rendering and gameplay for awhile and I'm expecting since it's a remake that they'll go for a more modern and updated take on how they present it. You can only go all the way forward I think at this point, not resort to half-measure depictions otherwise it becomes a rehash rather then a full remake.

    Very nice, I hope we hear more from Nomura before the year is out as well. He seemed to suggest they're actually pretty far along, so that was good to read.

    I just hope they smooth out some displays here and there, try to integrate/make everything flow a bit more seamlessly you know, but we'll see, I'm still looking forward to Last Guardian regardless. True that, though 2016 is still something anyway. Ah, I might see the appeal but that one feels like a quick rental depending on what the Uncharted story is this time around.

    Certain characters can't be interesting without being of specific races though, a lot of what made those characters was how they were a microcosm on explaining/expanding on their society/species as a whole, I mean the Krogan inclusion from the survey is evident of that, so I'm looking forward to some familiar faces along with the new ones of course. Yeah, that sounds likely, though once again it doesn't seem like we'll be getting any follow-up news until more likely around the end of this year, even from exposes like Gameinformer, but I'll be on the lookout whenever I visit the magazine racks at Barnes and Noble. Well, it'll be two years instead soon enough so once again I'm hoping dearly we get an actual look at Andromeda before 2015 is out at some point.

    Indeed, but regardless I'll look forward to revisiting that world and seeing what kind of trouble Corvo and Emily can get into. I guess, so long as they interact/play a role in either of their campaigns I guess I'm fine with that, getting to hear Corvo talk finally would be nice for one thing. That is certainly a pain and one Dishonored and a LOT of games could correct/make the experience more enjoyable, games like Splinter Cell managed to get non-lethal play styles right with a real variety of options/mechanics. Indeed. From what I recall from Bethusda I believe the whole base defense thing for Fallout 4 was optional, so I doubt much maintenance would be required, we'll see though.

    I think so and I'm looking forward to seeing Xcom 2's new environments of the occupied and updated cities among other things, being on the attack will be fun in any event and seeing where the story goes in this version, that's what I'm looking forward too the most. Should be good in any event. Moving on then.
  5. KrimzonStriker
    2015-07-12 21:06
    Damn these Light Novels sneaking up on me like this! New character pops up and I had no idea he'd already been previewed in other material before now

    Edit: Getting late on my end Dann, gonna try and post tomorrow instead. Will include more thoughts about BB then.
  6. KrimzonStriker
    2015-07-11 14:32
    Too bad, some remake aspects would have been nice. Like cell phones for one thing

    Whatever they choose to go with by the end, I hope it's one that's more grounded in terms of combat. Unicorn should have shown them the way back hopefully. I did enjoy some of them too, but it just got way too overpowered and unrealistic, Ace Units should be more strategic and deliberate in their application, not have all the enemy mooks just run into their lasers it seems. Indeed, so if they go that route I'm fine with competitive gundam series, though I do wonder if it's too soon with Try 2 already finished and the need to make up for Reconguista once again.

    Never watched Guilty Crown but I take your point, still I'm never one to condemn a person for one bad series, especially when he returns to a genre he was successful with by way of mecha anime's, we'll see. That DOES seem unlikely after the debacle there, I do hope he makes a come back though, he deserves a shot at redeeming things with a brand new start.

    You can see it on KissCartoon whenever you get a shot, I do urge it and you'll have plenty of time since they seem to be holding back on anymore episodes beyond said premier for Rebels.

    I think that was rumored before now, but happy to hear you're excited about it. Those titles were long overdue for a release here in the states.

    Anyway, I will try to FINALLY get in a full response for everything tomorrow Dann, so hold off on a response to this message until after Sunday at least.
  7. KrimzonStriker
    2015-07-08 21:56
    Nah, they clarified that they would keep the story essentially the same but updated graphically, I read that during my recent search after your reminder during this conversation.

    Not really, Seed was also about colonies versus earth as well but added racial aspects with the whole genetically modified humans, but they still lived in space. The crazy fights and telling were so distracting in Seed though, pretty soon the a mount of random beam spamming that hit everything got to ridiculous. You need an active tournament where progress looks like it's being made, much in the way of Try.

    If the rumor is true I just have to do a Darth Vader moment and go NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

    Btw, I totally forgot Star Wars Rebels season two's premier was two weeks ago, good to see Vader in an animated fashion finally.
  8. KrimzonStriker
    2015-07-06 19:03
    Hoping for the best, on the import and on the remastered version

    That's basically the only conflict worth mentioning though other then the Gryps Conflict, which I wouldn't mind an Ecole du Ciel adaptation of, but as I said I certainly would appreciate 0081 getting an anime at some point still. Does a G Gundam sequel count as being a serious drama though?
  9. KrimzonStriker
    2015-07-06 00:54
    True that, I'm holding out hope for a 2016 LOGH remake release for now but if not I'm going to have serious concerns.

    Okay, yeah it could end up being another ZZ stain on the U.C timeline but when they mention serious I hope they actually mean it, if so any U.C should be fine. Huh,I'm looking at it now, and the head resembles Zaku based samurai helmets then the usual Gundam realistic sized heads, should be an interesting reveal.
  10. KrimzonStriker
    2015-07-05 10:54
    Hey, translators got to eat too so more money in their pockets

    Yeah, like Alexander and Hephaestion, it's undertones are more pronounced in the novels apparently. But I prefer the animes take on the purity of their brotherhood instead, plus I feel it sullys the relationship between Sieg and Annerose on the one hand and Reinhard and Hildegard on the other, Sieg and Reinhards relationship was a purity of friendship wholly seperate from romantic tendencies, or that's how I viewed it anyway. Here's to whenever they get around to making the remake version btw.

    Cool, looking forward to it then. It'll either be a new franchise which will give them a clean slate or more U.C and you can never go wrong with more U.C

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