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  1. KrimzonStriker
    2016-06-14 22:43
    Yo, manged to track down some Persona 5 gameplay footage from E3 in case you haven't seen it already here. For some dang reason the atmosphere makes me think of The World Ends With You
  2. KrimzonStriker
    2016-06-14 15:35
    Sounds mostly like bugs and tweaking in terms of his main concerns, did you get that sense as well in the demos' regarding the parry/dodge stuff? The AI thing is concerning though, but I did get the impression based on all the trailers and stuff that we'll be able to initiate combos and at least certain commands with our teammates so I'm hopeful that just wasn't fully realized/taught anymore than the magic system was for this guy in his playthrough of the first chapter and it'll be introduced in the full game.
  3. KrimzonStriker
    2016-06-14 08:40
    Oh no, I wasn't talking about the live demonstration at E3, clearly that was a pretty poor showing, I'm talking about the gameplay in general for FFXV that we've seen (and some have tried) first hand so far that doesn't suggest it's nearly as poor as what was on Xbox. Even if there's some basis for the claims on certain sections FFXV is a big game, I'm finding it hard to believe it's a complete, even just a majority of a train wreck. But we'll get into that during your next round of posts.
  4. KrimzonStriker
    2016-06-14 00:56
    I don't get the sense it was nearly that badly received nor looked that bad in the demo's so I think it's fine honestly. And 3 weeks is a long time as well to be calling out gameplay footage that just aired now, live.
  5. KrimzonStriker
    2016-06-13 19:40
    Cool, looking forward to it. And bah, never had much faith the Xbox was going to be able to handle this game or all other FF games going back to when FFXIII was announced it was going multi-platform.
  6. KrimzonStriker
    2016-06-11 19:05
    Gah, went over, hopefully we can squeeze this back down in the next round of posts now that I've got all these links and recommendations out of the way

    Getting to your Warcraft stuff I'm glad you at least found it interesting, and I'll try to do my best to see it soon, hopefully be the end of this upcoming week. Given how many iterations the series has undergone I recommend immediately diving into the World of Warcraft Chronicles: Volume 1, which is an encyclopedia detailing Warcrafts beginnings much as World of Ice and Fire does for ASOIAF/GoT (now that I think about it I'll see if I can't send you the digital file I have for the books) along with checking out the single player campaigns for the Warcraft strategy game series Warcraft I-III and all their expansions, especially III's, afterwards. But I can then recommend a few books to you once you're up to speed with the general story. I'd also recommend this guy named Nobbel's youtube channel here, since he does a lot of indepth summaries and explores the story in the World of Warcraft MMO, which neither of us have access to, along with a few book summaries and reviews. As for Illidan I enjoyed it quite a lot, both for the visceral action and how it clarified events surrounding my favorite character in the series. Speaking of Blizzard books a description of Zhan's new Starcraft novel came out here awhile ago, totally slipped my mind to mention it, my bad

    I imagine besides different graphics and voice acting that any cutscenes of the attack will be more disjointed/incomplete, but we'll see when XV comes out soon enough. Nice, though it reminds me to ask you something I forgot, do we as Noctis still (or ever) get to drive the car if we want or is no longer/never part of the game? Cause I really want to fly around in that thing Cool, can't wait to see.

    Yeah, I'm enjoying how fluid everything looks in OS now based on the youtube footage I'm seeing. Right, forgot you had season 1, fair warning though, streaming for live action tv shows is an even bigger pain in the butt then animes I've come to find, which is why I'm going to be more punctual and make use of my own cable to catch The Last Ship and Tyrant when they air soon <_< I don't think it will so long as you're dedicated in your spare time, they're actually very fast and enticing reads once you get into a groove.
  7. KrimzonStriker
    2016-06-11 19:04
    But I feel like I remember a lot of these same discussions/complaints following how disjointed the first season was, maybe I'm wrong but I also don't feel like their current formula for Volume 2 and 3 needs to be messed with, but as you say we'll see in a month from now. Well, I hope not ALL of the various storylines hit a cliffhanger, it feels like we had enough of that last Volume Exactly, plus it'll give Sage and Scarlet an excuse for more screen time given how little they appeared in Volume 3, but really I hope to see new and more interesting characters. And it would make sense since they don't have a tournament which they're forced to fill in with filler fight scenes like last Volume. Given Miles and Kerry were the ones who hammered out the story with Monty I think that's a safe bet

    If no new info comes I'll see if I can't ask RT personally provided they come to NY Comic-Con again this year. It FEELS like they're approaching the end with Central Fiction though every time I turn around some new twist happens that throws that awry, so we'll have to see. Bah, Guilty Gears story, such as I could make sense of it, felt rather overly comical and disjointed for me to care very much about the series <_<

    Exactly, and honestly Chibi's probably the only thing I'm absolutely sure you could fit into your ever cluttered schedule Oh, and episode 6 had some new characters I think you'll want to see when it goes public

    Suppose you're right, we'll worry about RTX then but right now our main focus will be what's coming out from E3, for this month at least.

    Welp, newest chapter of AoT came out and our fears on what would happen given the author's predication's were well founded unfortunately, and was saddened by the cover page reminding us of what we've already lost with images of what's going on back home with all those panels of people waiting from Historia to Hitch Anyway, spoilers now, Glad to know my guess that Hanji made it out okay was true, if she'd died too the Survey Corp would have been really screwed in the future. I'm still not sure they can recover with both Erwin and potentially Armin now dead and no potential strategist to replace them, so I'm HOPING Armin's still alive enough, despite the horrific burns, for Levi to potentially get there in time and inject him with the Titan serum. Anyway, thanks to Armin's sacrifice we've got our shifter prisoner to spill the beans, along with the other hopefully having been taken out at last. And if my hopes pan out and Armin is revived why he's got a nice shifter snack in case he needs to snap out of being a mindless Titan. I'm greatly anticipating the next chapter now for that and to hopefully, finally see what's in the basement.

    They do? The only movies I can recall which used these kinds of effects are Inception and the Matrix which were anything but safe concept wise which seemed to make them less predictable to me Exactly, though most of all I hope with Red Skull's potential return that Arnon Zola could come back as well, felt they didn't get enough out of him in Winter Soldier and I could potentially have seen Zola making a backup of himself that could be activated by Shmidt. I know, but like I said it just made Zemo less compelling and I'm hoping he undergoes some kind of character transformation to get closer to something like the villain version of himself in Earth's Mightiest Heroes which I absolutely loved. But without the whole conflict with the Skrulls to contrast his actions and motivations Ronan just feels way too stock-villainy for me to care whether he survived or not, something I hope Zemo manages to avoid in the future. Bah, it's a waste, Fox has never even used the Skrulls in their F4 stuff as far as I can recall. Well as I enjoy the X-men a bit more (going back to its animated series I watched as a kid) so I'll probably give it a try at some point regardless of the movie reviews which I'm having less and less faith in anyway.
  8. KrimzonStriker
    2016-06-11 00:02
    True, though my cooking ability is underdeveloped to say the least, so I worry about feeding myself normally, much less making proper dietary meals But weird when I see her walking up and down the hallway at night <_< Time's pretty much everyone's number one problem when it comes to staying in shape, that and bad habits/laziness. Between timing and cost I think it's probably better to just setup your own workout schedule and stick to it as best you can rather than rely on a trainer, probably not worth it unless you pay them full time to run your entire health life. Well Bartender at least is something for you to keep in mind if you just want to chill, it's probably the most relaxing anime series I've seen yet.

    These preview images seem to indicate it's basically confirmed, very excited now for that next year My thoughts exactly, especially since Char will likely be getting his date with destiny *cough* Amuro *cough* at Side 7 by the end Well now I'm in the same boat as you, at least where Thunderbolt 4 is concerned, hopefully we'll reconvene on the subject soon and have our wrap up thoughts, maybe in the next round or two of post exchanges?

    Yeah, I was glad to see Mineva's mother was made of as stern a stuff as her father anyway, will be nice to see their whole romance in the next episode. Well here's a link for whenever you do find an opportunity to check it out, all in all most of the VA's work so I look forward to seeing this dub to its conclusion Oh I don't doubt we'll be dipping in moral gray with the Orphans quite a bit in Season 2 but I have faith that their true character will shine through in the end.

    Interesting regarding Build, and I hope you're right about Try, though I'm doubtful about it appearing on Toonami given it's more tame atmosphere which doesn't actually fit with the Adult Swim theme unlike when Toonami was in the afternoon back in the day.

    Definitely will do I'm somewhat surprised Texas supports the anime/comic/cartoon/otaku community down there so well, and am once again happy to hear you're not having any problems on that end. Ah, my bad don't know why I remembered it as Houston but thanks for the correction. Well no, that was my point in that we don't have any indications for any new Gundam next year beyond the Loum Arc stuff and that hopefully they'll have something new to announce when Sunrise's Gundam anniversary hits this year (still hoping for 0081 even after all these years <_<).

    Well yes, but the optimal word there is 'soon', at most we might see a cameo/backstory for one of the council members like we did Momo, which wasn't exactly a fountain of information, heck look at how long it too to get more info about Eizan since we first met him. Well chapter's out, and all in all I'm glad they kind of used a version of the oneshot argument (along with a similar dish to the one Soma cooked there and in his entrance exam as you alluded to earlier) from before the main series began in order to wrap things up, for Erina and Soma to an extent though I did notice she still hasn't told him it's delicious yet, so don't know if that'll still be an issue in the future given how tsundere she is Well, hopefully Jou and Gin are doing something in the background to help, and will be back in the story at some point. I get your point, especially about Soma being dense, though my main focus is what Erina's attitude will be now that we've reached said turning point. I also wonder what form Erina's cooking will take in the future now and how that'll impact things in the Advancement Exam Arc.

    Cool, I'll check in with you about your progress (especially Altair's) from time to time as well and will bring up any interesting developments with series we're both already reading like Shield, Migration, or Magus. Btw they freaking came out with a sequel to the Cardcaptor Sakura manga called the Clear Card Arc after all these years.

    I've actually fallen behind the last few episodes with Kabenari but the story does seem to be hitting a turning point where it could go a 12-14 episode route right now, though nothing's still been confirmed just yet, but I wouldn't be surprised that was the case given it seems rather popular, and the series definitely deserves a second half for a complete 24-26 episodes. Yeah, you're list does seem to be getting longer as we keep talking In regards to animes though I'd put Delta on the backburner compared to Kabenari and the latest UC Gundam releases.
  9. KrimzonStriker
    2016-06-10 01:10
    Huh, wasn't aware you played Digimon, good luck on Bravely Second though. Huh, also wasn't aware you had a Vita, thought you were going to get PS4 version of OS, but regardless while you're technically right that you could get through it pretty fast if you wanted I'm worried a completionist like yourself might grind/explore every little facet of the game for hours on end given all the extra content they added Understandable, hopefully you manage to get a break soon though. And definitely not a bad strategy/attitude to take, and one I'll be employing soon enough when I get my desktop/DS finally Hah, true enough though B&W looks like a good cap off for the Witcher series so something to keep in mind when you get a lull in the future. My friend and I used to do that all the time with his copy of RE4 after unlocking all the OP weapons for his save game plus, as I said with my SH: D&W I really enjoy blowing up eldritch horrors Indeed, and I'm not invested enough in Doom to be bothered if I never do get around to it anyway. Btw here's a new trailer/demo for Deus Ex, you sure about holding back on this one for the summer?

    Another good point, though be assured I am looking forward to most of the games we've talked about regardless as I do feel they'll offer enough variety in every aspect to be interesting. Err, but wouldn't that adversely affect your level grinding in BD though for later in the game or is that not in issue in that game either? True, Suppose we'll just have to wait and see what comes from E3 in that case. I imagined you would be relieved if that was the case and I don't blame you, I'm probably going to feel some of that same anxiety to catch up soon enough I'll save the new release date info for later in the post, for now I'm just hoping/looking forward to more info in general about gameplay etc for all those titles at E3 now that we've gotten it out of the way that they're coming early 2017.

    I've known that feeling more then once I can tell you that <_< True, and for better performance too, but yeah definitely pick one or two thumb drives up when you can while I worry about securing an external in the near future to do my own transfers, moving on.

    Pfft, HL3 would probably be the ONLY game that could pull that off I won't complain if they do, it'd be nice to keep my options open in the future if I ever do want to try out the Vita after all.

    Bah, I bet it was mostly either people complaining about the ending or weird purist who didn't want to see FF in full-bodied graphics, anyway it's a little late to be complaining about the game now I think <_< Interesting for you maybe, frustrating is the term I'D use I could do without the whole E3 being a hardware exhibition personally. I think you'll enjoy the reveal when you finish OS I'll just repeat that the two characters managed to finally get something of a definitive ending unlike in the original.

    Well I think there are enough fans who'll be ready if/whenever they do bring over VC3. Here's hoping, moving on from VC then.

    If you're talking about SH: DW then yeah, especially if you can get friends along. If we're talking about Technomancer that seems like a more significant investment in time. Starcraft II definitely, the entire Banner Saga series when 3 comes out, all the Dragon Age and Mass Effect games eventually, and potentially Witcher 2 and 3, TW: Warhammer, the Deus Ex prequels, and the Technomancer, to start with.

    Shame, well when I get the SC trilogy you can send it over to me then. Sounds neat, I'm tempted to give Overwatch a try at some point now. Something to read up on eventually. It sounds cool if someone can pull it off anyway. Yeah, knew all that from back at Blizzcon, it's something I hope they do address in some capacity at some point being the lore junkie that I am.

    Huh, just saw the trailer, wasn't aware there was a Zodiac version, looks a bit more dynamic then when I played XII back in the day, good for them I guess, wonder if our talks or VIII and IX remakes will get any steam now

    Nice new trailer hinting at the larger story in Horizon there, though yeah the conflict sucks for your schedule and that's with Andromeda still being up in the air. You sure you don't want to do Horizon first, seems like it'd be the shorter game?

    Edit: Well, KH 2.8 just got announced for December of this year, are you going for this at all?

    Hah, nice to hear for you, though I'd rather they finally release a new Gihren's Greed with an English version instead (alternate history cutscenes included like the in older versions too).
  10. KrimzonStriker
    2016-06-04 21:05
    That comment feels like it was referring to the aftermath of Volume 1 since they seem to have largely addressed those issues in Volumes 2 and 3, and it seems like they're comfortable with the current formula so I'd only expect minor tweaks in episode lengths. Same, at most I'd expect maybe half the potential issues/storylines we've to be touched on/fully explored next season based on previous volumes. While you might be right about others I think SSSN would be an exception given they are originally based out of Haven and I expect they've returned there like Weiss did to Atlas given the situation. True, it is all about balance, maybe they'll spread fight scenes out a little more in this volume to focus on story and dialogue instead, but we'll see. Well if that's the case I think they've gained enough confidence after all this growing pain, and while Shane's departure hurts for next volume I'm also confident Monty left them enough of a road map to carrying them forward.

    That's good to hear, here's hoping something comes of it between RT and ARC then a la the Persona 4 Arena model. Oh no, that's fine, it's coming out the Winter of this year, I just feel frustrated because it feels like the iterations/chapters in the BB series take so long to come out when they leave us on such cliffhangers <_<

    Well, take a look at a few more episodes when you have the time, there are worst things to watch. And yeah, short length is the key and charm of series like Chibi so as to not let them drag and I feel they've done a good job of maintaining that.

    Indeed, guess we'll both be combing the internet for new info coming out of RTX this July, it'll be a bit of a shame when they cut out some of the early previews from the stream vids like they've done before though. Well they're things for us to check out at some point when things hit a bit of a lull.

    Hopefully, but it is AoT so best be on guard That wouldn't explain the first king's inaction when they first breached the wall though, along with how Grisha seemed to hold them personally responsible. It does feel like that but the shifters definitely have a backstory/history with the people behind the walls given all their knowledge about the First King conspiracy etc. Gah, it's all so confusing in terms of possible motivations given how little context we have about the shifters. Indeed, so here's for some payback with a butt-kicking on the shifters and finally some answers in the next few chapters.

    I did in fact enjoy it but I also see your point about how the many story lines and fast pace might have left things feeling a bit disjointed, but overall I'm satisfied with how things are progressing (hope to see more of Bucky though). If the Strange teaser trailer is any indication it seems they're well on their way That I'm not too worried about, going back once again to Tony's introduction story giving off a similar vibe to this one. Well I kind of lump Red Skull with Hydra, at least for the moment. Well, going back to established Marvel movie villains though I was a bit disappointed in Zemo's backstory, he was definitely competent but I hope they develop his character a bit closer to his comic counter part in the future. But yeah, Red Skull, Mandarin (maybe Ultron?) etc all have great potential for a comeback so here's hoping once Thanos is dealt with in Infinity War. Comic book Ronan maybe but movie Ronan felt a bit cardboard since they took out the whole Kree-Skrull rivalry factor, so I'm not really going to miss him in that case. Yeah, reviews for Apocalypse seem mixed so I'll need to take a look myself at some point. Eh, not the first time the press would have gotten it wrong and since I'm going to see it anyway I'll make up my own mind regarding Warcraft soon enough, but if there is that much footage missing then hopefully the director does succeed in release it as a DC.

    Hah, knew it, the itself wasn't going to make much sense without some context surrounding a big event like the fall of Insomnia. Also wouldn't match up graphics wise giving the quality of the scenes in the movie will be rendered differently from the game, so I imagine they'll build them from scratch for the game with the appropriate voices this time. Cool, got a link to our yellow feathery friends? Oh cool, can't wait to see that in action if that's the case, be sure to try Carbuncle out in your videos. Indeed, and best save Season 2 discussion for the Shokugeki section when it comes out.

    Hah, I knew you'd enjoy it, definitely can't wait to see the full release now, and if I ever get a PS4 I'll probably pick up OS in that case. Wait, you can watch all the GoT episodes on your tv? Well anyway, start with either book one or the World of Ice and Fire, and let me know if you have any questions

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