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  1. KrimzonStriker
    2014-11-26 23:54
    No problem, take your time. I recommend putting them in a word document personally. One for those in order of events and another with subcategories for each character. The Cullen one itself was a minor one and 'I don't know' would have been as acceptable as 'it's unnerving' since all I wanted was for the character to be uncertain of being the Herald though still a believer overall, albeit a progressive one willing to think critically on the doctrines of his faith and being open to new ideas to better it and the world in general (trust me you will save a lot of egg on the Inquisitor's face later on regarding the bit about the Herald <_<)
  2. KrimzonStriker
    2014-11-26 12:25
    Personally I'm leaning toward saving the Chargers. There's a dialogue option from the underworld perk that will minimize any war table losses. And honestly we both know an alliance with the Qunari is always going to be temporary, compared to having Bull fully in our service from now on, so there's a practical reason for doing it as well as just trying to be a nice guy. Lord knows we'll need a new spymaster after Leliana becomes Divine
  3. KrimzonStriker
    2014-11-26 00:30
    Oh, just saw that there's a dialogue scene with Cassandra after your discover her book fetish and before you go up to meet Hawke, be sure to get that, slight approval when you do the romance dialogue questions for it as you ask the questions availabe

    Edit: Gah, new addition I need to add to the dialogue selections after you do Cassandra's companion mission and start up the conversation with her at Skyhold. Choose "You can do anything" for the very last dialogue choice instead of 'make the seekers better', it's the romance dialogue AND it earns you extra approval.
  4. KrimzonStriker
    2014-11-26 00:18
    Yeah, just saw the cutscene. He only lives if you intervene. Do the reconciliation thing with Celene and Briala instead, screw Gaspard, he really was a crook whatever his honorable notions back in Masked Empire were and he certainly won't keep faith with the mercy given to him based on the epilogue scene.

    Edit: Huh, you can team with Briala and have Gaspard under her thumb but that almost instantly starts talk of rebellion.... Honestly I think that given Celene and Briala's past relationship they might be able to make this work the best with a true reconciliation rather then an alliance of convienince

    After Edit: Good god, it's as bad if not even worse if Gaspard is dead and Briala is in exile plotting against Celene, I really hope this reconciliation between them works out, and I damn well hope Celene (with Briala) remembers the favor they owe us....

    Apparently many little things factor into the decision. Whether you chose the mages over the Templars, whether you gave the mages freedom or not. Then an emissary from the Chantry comes later to ask for either Leliana or Cassandra to come back with them, along with talking to all three candidates directly on the matter. Generally it looks like we're on the path though. There's also a war table option to support them as well. Nothings set in stone but those seem like the big things, just follow the path and play it by ear as best you can to nudge it in that direction. Also since I think we're basically going with Leliana which route do you want, diplomatic might be riskier for her reign but I also haven't seen the slide for it yet so it could be interesting.

    Edit: Ah, finally seen Leliana's diplomatic slide. It's good, though the caveat of 'for now' is inserted. On the other hand there's no 'the cathedrals run red' compared to her ruthless addition. I'm leaning diplomatic but I'll leave it up to you on how you want to approach it with her.
  5. KrimzonStriker
    2014-11-25 22:58
    Found Iron Bull dialogue here, it's... interesting to say the least. The only definite response I'd like to see is after you ask about growing up under the Qun, at the 7:51 mark ask "So no families?". I'm also morbidly curious as to his reaction if you ask him about sex under the Qun and he replies how matter of fact it is, asking at the 6:13 mark "You don't know true passion". That'd be the ONLY time I'd probably flirt with him, just to find out his thoughts on their concept of emotional attachment within the Qun.

    Edit: Saw an epilogue slide where Celene rules but Gaspard lived and still caused problems in Orlais... is there a way in the guide to... remove him permanently you think?

    Edit Edited: Also, I probably don't need to tell you this but of course get all the dialogue perks available, and whenever the opportunity comes (minus special companion dialogues though maybe not even then) use them, I really am curious to see what kind of doors and effects they'll have.
  6. KrimzonStriker
    2014-11-25 14:14
    Saw what the investigative question "I'm surprised" during the initial Cassandra romance yields, it ends up forcing your selection choices so skip that. So it's "Should I stop?", "Why is it impossible?" and "I can try". And of course just follow my previous post on the actual romance scene afterwards.

    Edit: Okay, this is new info but given our general path I say we support Leliana as the new Divine versus Cassandra (our love interest who hates politics anyway) and Vivenne (all about the status quo with her <_<) Apparently our actions/suggestions end up pushing the direction of that one way or the other so I thought I'd give you a heads up on that, hopefully the guide gives you the exact road-map on how to do that with minimal fuss/hassle on yourself.

    Edit for the previous Edit: Okay, I'm torn on this approach with Leliana being tehe Divine, do we support diplomatic/compassionate Leliana or ruthless but effectively Leliana? I've only seen the ruthless slide so far, and she's definitely effective, but I am curious how diplomatic one pans out and if it's equally successful in its approach.

    New Edit: Okay, I've just seen Iron Bulls mission. It's a tough call I'll give you that, let me know if/when you get close to it and we'll go over options.
  7. KrimzonStriker
    2014-11-24 21:39
    Oh, then maybe a bit of room for some before the fall OVA's
  8. KrimzonStriker
    2014-11-23 20:44
    Okay, I looked at some videos, that response to Mother Giselle after the battle at Haven seems to determine your speech for when you're Inquisitor. Go the "We need more then faith" option after all so you can get the "Fight for order, not faith" option, less controversial in terms of approval ratings from the looks of it. Trust me when I say things get really murky religion wise going forward and we don't want your character getting too obnoxious/fixated on it.
  9. KrimzonStriker
    2014-11-22 23:33
    Gah! The generic conversation changes when you talk to with Cassandra right after the initial one. Follow my previous roadmap for that btw. Anyway check this video at the 26:16 Mark, still go with the 'home is wherever I am' response unlike this guy in the video btw. But when you ask her about herself as you can see she opens up more, including about her brother. Something to keep in mind.

    Edit. Oh, err quick request but during Leliana's second conversation immediately after your first dialogue with her when an agent comes up to report a man named Butler betrayed them and got one of her men killed try not to go too powder puffy when intervening to save his life, at least treat it pragmatically when Leliana confronts you on it by saying 'killing him would be a waste' I mean I want you to be as compassionate as you can but there's no reason to just hand guys get out of jail free cards either and not at least work to make up for their offenses. Your main focus is order and trying to strengthen the Inquisition to be that vehicle of order so that you can help/protect the people who need it.

    Newest Edit: Found some Cole videos from his personal quest. One to make him more human and the other to make him more like a spirit. I"m a bit torn honestly, and can see the merits to both, though I lean more towards making him human (only so much help could do as one spirit after all and I feel like making them forget the pain to relieve it seems... wrong, he can still sense and still help even though it will be harder) If you do go the more human route follow this video for the ending conversation of the quest, it maximizes the amount of approval you get from Cole.

    Edit: More dialogue videos up, now including Iron Bull's company and Blackwall among others. Minor changes here and there from how this guy does it, for one go "Well, as long is it works" with Sera. As you can see going "What would be the point" gets you slight approval from Solas, though the "Dorian seems certain" could get an interesting response. Saying Cassandra's the leader gets slight approval from Iron Bull as well though really besides avoiding hitting "Do we need one" the Leliana, Cullen, or you answer could net approval as well, experiment if possible. Oh and if Varric suggests a part to celebrate obviously do so Anyway take a look and analyze what you think the best path is, especially since this dud keeps flirting with Dorian we'll have to feel our way through on how to get approval without going that route, start with "It's nice to know" for this conversation at least <_<

    Edit: Huh, 17:06 mark in the previous video link, I wonder what Blackwall is referring too regarding a mission searching for stuff involving the Wardens, he seems salty he didn't see/go though, try making sure you take him on every mission regarding the Wardens in any event.
  10. KrimzonStriker
    2014-11-22 22:56
    Well between the lyrium to close the breach with the underground perk, the option to recruit Alexius with the magic perk, or reason with the Grey Wardens with the scholar perk try securing them all asap before progressing to the next part of the main story.

    Edit: Oh, remember what I said, be a believer without being arrogant of a zealot, don't ever fully agree with the notion of being the Herald. Like I said in my previous post go it's unnerving when Cullen asks you how you feel about the notion among and just say I don't know to anyone asks if you are the Herald, as you probably already suspect you don't want to get too far ahead with that notion later on and whined up with egg on your face even as the Inquisitor still believes in his faith overall. In any event I covered it all in previous posts so just look those over and you should be fine on that front at least.

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