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  1. KrimzonStriker
    2015-05-26 10:31
    You're probably right, though I do worry this one is too much of a rehash of Road Warrior but I'll take your word for it that it was good. Same, an expansion on the cast certainly wouldn't hurt either. Cool, though honestly movie-based video games have had a bad track record so be careful before you invest and have Tales in your back-pocket but good luck then and let me know what your thoughts are if you do play Mad Max. That's fine, Ori isn't going anywhere and just based on everything I've seen it'll be well worth it when you do finally get to sit down and enjoy it. Yup, might as well just watch the cutscenes on youtube for a short film if single-player is the only thing that matters to you. I hope so, it's not a priority for me given how early it still is but it would be nice to see for all the KH lovers out there.

    Huh, have to put that on the watch list at some point. Didn't know about an update and the timing works out perfectly so it makes sense, anything major they're adding like magic etc or is this just small glitch fixes?

    Yeah well, their last few works haven't left me with a ton of confidence so I'll be holding my breath until December in the meantime. Dang straight and it'd be good to see them change things up with that if they have to bring in dooms day weapons at all. My greater fear is that they cut Fett and the Mandalorians out completely though, and boy do I miss the Chiss already by the way. True, but you often came up with gems from authors who created Thrawn along the way. Yeah, it doesn't happen a lot but I could see it occurring like in the early part of the month as well, we'll see. Of course but after Dragon Age they could really use a non-fantasy work to change things up again.

    In most cases yeah, and especially when the involved parties would normally get hurt and jealous, I mean I'm not going to judge people if a harem if it's an actual option and all parties are okay with it/involved but just plain cheating is stupid to me. Oh yeah that's the individual scene but I'm talking about like the group valentine at the school with everyone, it gets SUPER awkward between all the competing girls and if/when you have to turn them down for that beach scene with the selected girl.

    As I said between Thedas and Ice and fire I'll be here if you have any more questions. And yeah I had to do some searches on the wiki to find out which war table missions involved her. Does make a lot more sense how she got a hold of that jewel thing back in DA2 though...
  2. KrimzonStriker
    2015-05-25 16:45
    Based on this latest chapter they seem to basically be saying they're extremely busy with their research and furthering their cooking knowledge, so they'd rather be focused on increasing their standing and perks versus anything else, kind of like professors at college who'd rather do research instead of teaching classes. You were actually very close with that suggestion, which leads me to wonder what Soma is actually planning for the festival in order to prove he's better then them in one aspect of cooking, it's an interesting way to have a Shokugeki like competition without the actual Shokugeki. Well, that Kuga guy is talking so much he might be asking for it now, even though I do want to see Soma and Eizan facing off after all their build-up. Yup, he was the 1st seat, he's a bit different then what I was expecting but he seems like a very deep and philosophical person as well dedicated in his pursuit of knowledge.

    Very good episode this week I must say, they really upped the quality and effects department and I generally liked the flow of everything with the introduction of the Aldini's. I am with you there, I'm actually somewhat okay if they end at a decent arc point since some series just don't have the budget etc to keep going but that should always be kept in mind for every adaptation so they don't just cut off mid-way in an awkward transition, makes me wish people had more sense like the creators of Babylon 5 who didn't have the best ratings but kept things well under cost to ride the series out to its full conclusion. Yeah, Tatsuya is basically hit or miss for people, I like him and Mahouka in general mostly for the world-building and the fact that I prefer cool-headed mature male leads so I don't mind him as much, but as I said you can judge for yourself. The artist is the same one for FMA but the story is adapted from the works of the author who did LOGH so hey, two geniuses in one work with Arslan this season

    It'll be interesting to see if all these last two arcs will make it into the next season and if/when they'll continue beyond it, guess we'll know/get an idea with this next chapter anyway.

    I hope so, on both those scores, but we'll see depending with the new DMC announcement hopefully. Hah, true that, and at least this wasn't only a year or so after the original release, people HATE shelling out money for the same thing they bought before only to get a little more extra, ESPECIALLY if it feels like it's delaying a sequel, lord knows the release of BlazBlue CP Extend will have people grinding their teeth because of that. I'll take your word on it, haven't really checked Dragon's Dogma out because of said issues and you know, lack of a personality for the main character.

    Good attitude to have. Well, I'm not so much in love with original things as I am with something that simply works well, period. Here's hoping. Maintain that pace, video games are something meant to be fun after all. Not really, it's been stated that it might not ever be possible to reverse the damage to their immune system, even with the Geth's help it'd take decades and at most a whole new generation before they got stopped needing the suits, even in the case of non-death it's still incredibly inconvienent and she still suffered from quite a few symptoms I think after her romance in ME3, not to mention the whole Dextro-chemistry issues. Same, Garrus deserves a pet on his head after being our bro through all this mess. Yeah well, full renegade never actually makes much sense for anyone I'll grant you that, but as I said I think Shepard just needed more support/encouragement versus having to hold everyones hands all the freaking time and honestly I don't think Tali had all that much anyway for ME3 given how late she is to the party. Yup, Citadel helped a little but not enough to make up the disappointment for having less stuff to work with my favorite girl, which is largely why I think I've come to terms with and settled with Liara as the next best option after Miranda. AND with more options for every gender/sexual orientation, DA:I really felt like they boxed in people with its limited 2 person per grouping/category, but we'll see how they do with sort-of fresh start and I really want to see some Asari again, it's been too long Well, have fun with whatever you decide.
  3. KrimzonStriker
    2015-05-24 23:02
    No problem, take care of what you need to before anything.

    Yeah, I haven't tried but I THINK that comics and mangas come in picture based formats like PDF's though which is why it works on them, not epubs or mobis anyway. Well I'm glad to hear it, ME should have a different overrall feel in the end. We'll know soon enough, about another month to go before E3 after all. Oh I understand, I just find it more annoying you CAN'T really interact with them in general cause they never move around and at least in AC you can grab the npcs or use them as cover etc. Well, yes and no, plenty of NPCS weren't important enough for them to stand in place all the time, certainly it'd help the lounge room feel more like a lounge if they hung out in there more often or something like that. But we'll have to see, I do think it will be good regardless and it'll be nice to reexplore the ME universe in general.

    Ah, that could be it, some stimulants would help like tea or sports drinks etc. Hey, I understand that completely, it's tough to adjust things on the fly but you try and manage, the important thing is to remember to take things one at a time and work your way through them steadily and with pace. Yeah, just one or two of those volumes based on the rate of progress the Origin movies are on right now. Eh, just got to enjoy the ride when dealing with prequels Dann, it'll be an interesting one watching Char and Garma interact with one another for the first time regardless. Smart plan, and yeah I'll probably try to space it out that way as well if it comes to it, I'm in no rush to blow what little money I have on them anyway so long as I can keep reading them for free at the stories for the time being. Not too long from now though, I think the latest release here in the U.S has them before the Battle of Solomon so we're winding down on that front. I honestly don't know, the latest trailer had Mirai in it along with Amuro and I don't recall her appearing in the prequel story of the manga.... I don't know if it'll get that far, we'll likely only see schematics/skeleton of the Gundam as Amuro's sortie was the first time it was used in battle, for now we'll just have to let Zeon enjoy doing that to the Federation first with the Zaku. Yeah, and good for Akito I guess though I'm really not going to pay much attention to it until it finally finishes, I'm really not interested in keeping track of it after all this time and will just let it come when it comes.

    Well, just have to hope they listen and see what they put out for said next Gundam. Good point, honestly all this talk of FMA makes me want to point you to take a look at Arlsan to give me your impressions on that one as well Yup, which is why I've been hanging back on Knights of Sidonia until I think I have too, my eyes would start to spin too much with how flashy they're being sometimes <_< Which is why I say they need a new main series in the U.C again, Unicorn and Origin are probably the only recently successful serious Gundam dramas and for good reason. Basically yeah, it made sense for Telltale to do it when they did, give them some space while Season 5 is rolling along. Basically since the beginning, they changed a lot of paths for different characters so it kind of had to happen that way so for now I really don't know what to expect even with a basic idea of the framework they're working with. Oh I hope so, this Season's been very controversial as it is so they really can't afford to be making this up on the fly. Same here, it always makes things easier when trying to learn/understand such large spanning franchises so as I said I'll be here whenever you get around to it.
  4. KrimzonStriker
    2015-05-18 22:46
    Mad Max seems like a quick-one-off based on the reviews I hear so it shouldn't be a big investment. Yeah, not going to hold Atlus to that on P5, early 2016 seems more realistic but we'll see. I'd hang back with the Mad Max game myself and see how it looks for a little while, get some realtive info on things like length and mechanics before taking the plunge, Tales is probably the safer bet as you'll likely get more for your buck. Yeah, those still seem a bit a ways away, guess we'll have to see if something new pops up Oh and don't forget to give Ori a whirl at some point! Yeah, FPS' usually should go on the back burner if you're not a competitive Multi-player. Rainbow Six Siege though does keep piquing my interest. Not going to really even think about Black-Ops III btw unless they make some more seriously reveals, otherwise I'll wait for Deus Ex based on current storylines thanks. I guess, a storyline cutscene trailer for KHIII couldn't hurt though.

    Wait, is this a documentary about Final Fantasy in general then? Well we'll know soon enough, I'll look forward to whatever we can get at E3 on FFXV at this point regardless. WE had that after Prime though so I'm a bit perturbed this was all they could come out with, so until something significant happens I think we'll move on from Transfomers now.

    That's my biggest fear really, but we'll see. Oh lord, and there were so many interesting doomsday devices in the Extended Universe novels if they REALLY needed to use something like that. Yeah, but in that sense I appreciated the prequel in trying to create distinctions and clear evolutionary patterns for the technology at least. True, but we never really dig into the Mandolorian culture and just focus on the Fett's bounty hunter aspect where they're not even really developed as characters. Pfft, he was a throw in given how young he was, much like Anakin was just along for the ride in episode I really. Oh man, the Extended Universe just expanded so much on Boba's history and that of the Mandolorians which helps endear him to everyone, you get the sense of that in the Old Republic games as well what drives his character. Tch, wouldn't surprise me if they did to capitalize on Star Wars fever. Maybe a bit after the release then once the hype has died down but interest is still high? Yeah, probably, but it'll have to be on the shelf again unless this new IP can boost Biowares scific section a bit.

    Oh they just want to get the feeling of having a Harem even if it does happen, the jerks <_< I've found only Chie and Yukiko as of this moment and ONE solo Rise scene. Well yes, you can technically select her but scenes change depending on relationship status, like I said with the Valentines thing AND if you take a solo romance to New Years you get a different fortune when picking the unclean one which is much happier instead of a sarcastic comment about the MC being a philanderer if he is in multiple relationships. But as nothing else can be done let's move on.

    So let me know how you're finding all the material I sent you. I'm running into a few surprises as I read through Thedas, didn't even notice Hawke's cousin was part of the Red Jenny's for one or even in Inquisition. And if there's anything from World of Ice and Fire you need clarified let me know.
  5. KrimzonStriker
    2015-05-18 22:26
    No cover spread for the elite ten but here's a link to color pages for the chapter. Nope, now we'll see if it's enough for him to hand with the Ten though how he rouses them into a conflict I have no idea, for now I'm interested in just getting to know more about these characters. Honestly I think Soma's best shot right now is for one of the higher seat third years to be bored enough to indulge him, maybe even pretty boy whose suspected to be the 1st seat by the fandom.

    Good wrap up all around this week but man am I stoked for the training camp arc, that'll be the meat of this season. True, though some try to bank on animes for obscure series in order to promote the main content. Give me a list so I can file it away, I might have missed a few series THat's what I think though the more interesting aspects are how people in turn react to him. And Yeah, that's not a problem with Tatsuya, he's surprisingly mature and it's his LACK of emotional response to anything that's the focal point of his character development. But he IS way overpowered even compared to other examples though, I will admit, as he's basically a magical incarnation of the Hindu God Shiva. Well, check it out for yourself and you'll see, it's all on kissanime. Also I got to set some time for Arslan, I'm hoping for the best with that series that it extends beyond the reported 24 episodes as well, even IF the creator is taking his sweet time completing the series since 1984, I mean writing Legend of the Galactic Heroes can't be a good excuse for him now

    I thought the author had set a specific volume number before? Like 25-35 or something? Ah we'll see, let's just enjoy the ride while it lasts, I mean second season for next year and all

    *Groan* I would be happy just skipping the repeat thank you very much Capcom. Hope so, and I'd sign up for that if the alternative is never getting past it <_< They could have gotten it down to 20 if they're REALLY making you do the repeat missions with the same character... but I won't complain too much.

    Right, you're right, I shouldn't base my expectations on on DA:I, let's just see when a formal preview for ME4 shows up I guess. Hopefully Bioware balances it out, they've done a better job then most, especially if you mostly stick to the main story line like in ME2 and ME3, and they did specifically promise richer environments so we'll have to see. I suppose though that depends on the nature of these specific precursor aliens, lord knows a LOT of space games do this, and there does need to be some kind of endgame objective after all. I have some hope it'll work out after being pleasantly surprised on discovering Leviathan even if it was only a brief glimpse, but again we'll see. Indeed, as shorthand it'll suffice for now. I understand so that's why I'm kind of hoping for a combination of the Citadel and Normandy, you know? You shouldn't rush, once we get to the latter part of this year things should open up for you to dable a bit. That's my preference as well, at least in the beginning but as I watched Shepard get more and more down my affection for Liara grew as she tried to help pick him back up in ME3, especially as she was there almost throughout the whole thing. It was understandable, but her naivety in combination with it left me exasperated a couple of times, the age difference didn't help either in regards to her maturity. Well being dead and not able to enjoy those corrections was what bothered me as I looked at it from Shepard's perspective, all the preparation needed and not even able to show affection outside of physical intimacy just feel very tiring for a guy so very tired as is for avoidable risks given the other romance options. Plus she hooks up with Garrus if you leave those two alone and boy does he need it as much as anyone As I said it's why I prefered Miranda so I normally view Liara like that as well but at the very least Liara feels more natural with how Shepard generally seems to be played, a person who doesn't understand the balancing act he's going through just doesn't seem like the person he'd gravitate towards in this high strung situation which is why highly intelligent and generally mature women like Miranda and Liara just fit better in my view. Oh, boy, I am SO with you there which is why I hope they FIX this when ME4 comes around somehow, whether through the DA one off character system or just freaking carrying them all over whether it be in your party or in a FULL and INTIMATE DLC package like a ramped up LoTSB/Citadel.... I understand, I'd map things out then first in terms of what you want to invest in. Fem characters are never going to be my thing I'm afraid, just can't relate but if you're interested more power to you.
  6. KrimzonStriker
    2015-05-18 01:07
    Not as far as I can tell from my experience, at least with book files. PDF versions are a different matter though. So hopefully one balances out the other in terms of diversity versus a more streamlined process, but we'll just have to see the final format they decide to go with. Well that's mostly cause you were dealing with a world of hostiles, if the environment also blended in things like Assassin's Creed then you could just set back and releax and mingle with the NPCS. I think one of the drawbacks from both ME and DA is the fact that none of the NPC's really move/are all stiff besides lip movement and as such are almost always fixated on the same spot. Doesn't feel as alive or relaxed as it should.

    Probably a signal you should get more sleep or even exercise and then unwind with something not too heavy. Drink some tea/energy booster, read a good book, watch relatively light tv show, maybe check out those Iron Chef videos on youtube. Treat yourself to a good semi-expensive meal etc. Cool, let me if I can help with anything, though honestly the more they keep adding these changes the more I think it'd probably be better for you to read the books before you're contaminated now. Same same, which is why it will be interesting to see how Amuro and the rest of White Base are doing though once again we need to see Char in training which will also be the time his friendship with Garma should start btw and should have it's own interesting twists. Totally recommend that you do, the whole Origin series has been great/nostalgic in its retelling and once I get a job to afford how expensive this would be I fully plan to buy them provided I can't find a download first of course. Indeed, so just be patient, we should even get SOME hints if Amuro is appearing by next episode. It's scheduled for Fall of 2015 I believe so not THAT long in any event like Gundam Unicorn was

    That wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing as long as they carried stuff over like with Unicorn. Yeah, it does get a bit surreal which is why I do appreciate these remakes that manage to translate it to a more modern flair while still keeping the nostalgic design elements from the past. I wouldn't be surprised if that was the case, sometimes I think they should do more shadowing to get sharper/edgier features in current animations as well. Lord I hope so, them venturing out there has seriously bit them in the behind too often, time to start from scratch with something safe and recover before experimenting again. Yup, right around the end though now that I think about it you should probably have also finished Season 4 as well because it runs parallel with that timeframe and would spoil certain things for you if you're not aware of them by then. Okay, I'll look into that when it all finishes. Oh know, I get what you mean, trust me after the rolllercoaster I'm going through with this Season 5 I feel tuckered out with the show right now and am asking them to please show/tell me what they're planning already... gonna go back to reading the books now for comfort for awhile I think. That'd certainly make things interesting if that's the case but he does so many twists honestly I doubt we'll notice either way, so let's just take whatever he delivers and hope for the best. We technically they guessed a few things but yeah, I don't expect it to go that far but who knows, these new changes have kind of boxed them in and it's been interesting to see how they've worked around it while trying to maintain the over all story, I have no idea if they'll succeed at this point either. Regardless I think we'll call it quits regarding the tv series, as I said this last episode left me tuckered out but if you have anything you want to discuss about the book series from the material I sent you please feel free, I probably want to talk about that more then anything right now.
  7. KrimzonStriker
    2015-05-11 21:24
    True, I don't know why they feel the need to dig that far deep into the original trilogy when the circumstances would have changed so much in thirty years but maybe we'll get a decent explanation on the context, we'll see. Yeah, the redesigned fighters and stuff were nice to see in terms of paying homage but I'd like some NEW technologies added as well, that this movie actually contribute to the development of the Star Wars universe and not simply be a massive fan wank. Well I've always liked Mandalorians/Boba Fett so I'll care a LITTLE about it though I'd prefer seeing him finally confirmed to be ALIVE 30 years later rather then his origins given how Lucas has thrown everything out and left his survival up in the air. Guess we'll have to be on the look-out during E-3 and the other events this year and see if anything comes out on it. I know it isn't likely, but I wanted to dream a little, this piece-meal stuff they keep updating with isn't leaving me very satisfied with TOR, having a whole immersive galaxy to explore did.

    No I understand and don't worry about it, if it's not possible it's not possible. I also feel exaclty the same way, though there aren't any real consequences like in PE3 with the PE4 harem route other then making you feel REALLY bad on Valentine's day. Glad to hear it, like I said Rise's my preferred choice and it's a bit depressing having not seen her solo scenes yet
  8. KrimzonStriker
    2015-05-11 00:23
    Well there was, we just magnified it a bit And he's not THAT different looking at the newest chapter. Well everything turned out as predicted and FINALLY we're getting ready for the main event, cannot wait for formal introductions of the new characters along with more details on the format. I'm rooting for a Ryo, Soma, Akira team-up hopefully

    Quality suffered a bit this last episode, I don't think they added enough dramatic effect to some of the scenes, other then that not much to say. On the plus side I THINK it's doing well overseas. That being said this is like the third series now where I'm waiting to see if there's a second season for along side Madan Vanadis and after doing another anime binge this weekend for a series I'd been wanting to get to in Mahouka rettousei. I recommend Mahouka to you as well Dann, no matter what the complaints about the main character being OP that really isn't the issue, it's him trying to overcome his emotional restraints more then anything and the reaction of people around him that's the real point. But I digress...

    Good stuff this last chapter AND finally some confirmation on Kenny/Levi's backstory. I'm excited now to see where things go from here.

    We'll just have to wait I guess, maybe they just skip it, who knows. Oh right, that nonsense, yeah hopefully their puzzle making decisions are more on point this next go around. Oh lord YES!! Or just I don't know, skip it, it wasn't THAT important to the story where we couldn't have it as just a bump in Dante's career he swiftly forgets about right? I know, which is why I think it should be an alternate skin just to change things up, there's only so many different colored coats before questioning what the point without some REALLY interesting changes, and fans went gaga when Vergil wore his hair down to remind people he was Dante's twin. The environments might actually be decent I think but without real variety to gameplay like a VERSUS mode killing NPCS without a story is going to get old so I'm not getting my hopes up either. I can understand that, was just curious to see how much variety there is to the maps so we might have an idea of what to expect for ME4. Agreed, if all they can do is put out carbon copy planets I'd rather they just focus on a few good ones and make them as immersive as possible. That awe of the Protheans didn't last long though as we learned about the Reapers after the first mission. True, but neither is Reaper or Leviathan, which to me indicates it's a convenient label the modern mass effect races coming into Andromeda make up and not the Remnants actual name/translation. I'm guessing at least Skyhold big, with less claustrophobic bulkhead filled rooms and more interactive/bigger crews given you're directing colonization efforts from said ship but we'll see. Good luck with it then. Well I understand some of the concerns, I had them too since she gave off a corny goody-goody vibe but until Miranda it was what we were stuck with given narrow-minded bossy Ashley. And after that I think Liara was the second best female romance option given unstable Jack and how Tali combined the WORST traits of Ashley and Liara by being both narrow-minded AND naive not to mention her biology restrictions. And Liara grew on me by ME3 as she developed this calm, intelligent, level-headed maturity that provided comfort for a troubled Shepard, along with probably the most romance material of all the characters. But that was just my take, I'm a sucker for strong/deadly and intelligent women which is why it boils down to Miranda and Liara I assume you're going with Miranda or are you thinking someone else? Dang, you're right, I got to look into whether anything else might be coming up this summer movie/anime/books/game wise. Witcher and Arkham I'm guessing? And what's got your interest that have dates for 2016-2017 etc? Same, I don't mind teasers for what's planned but if they aren't close to a release date I don't see the point in announcing one if it isn't at least within 1 1/2 to 1 year. Bah, not something I'm interested in. I know, but I'd like to see some real game-play stuff if possible just to know what it'll look like at least.

    True true, it would have been better to break it up into three shorter parts though given how rushed some of it was after one revelation after the other, but eh all around still a solid point-and-click adventure game. I certainly think so and don't see any point in delaying an announcement till Gamescon if that's the case. Right, ultimately I don't think it'll be that big a deal when the game finally comes out and I'm sure they'll translate the spirit of the group regardless once the English version comes out. I'm certainly not expecting it will be, and it'll be awhile before a proper animated series comes out once Robots In Disguise plays itself out at this rate. Ah well, I'll just focus on other things in the meantime, plenty of those to get too.
  9. KrimzonStriker
    2015-05-09 20:58
    Sorry for the delay Dann, bit tired so I think I'll save a response for after Game of thrones tomorrow night if that's okay.
  10. KrimzonStriker
    2015-05-05 12:18
    You need to send me some links about these apps cause I could use this the next time I get a nook or something. Oh that part, I expect that to be streamlined immensely given the past Mass Effect games, as I said before ME has always been more straight-forward then DA about that type of thing. Empty space is something I won't expect they fix immediately though the environments should still be rich to look at, but yeah I don't know of any open-world game that will ever completely solve that problem given just how much ground they need fill. Generally I'm good if the environment is simply interactive and responsive to you, with some replay-ability but we'll see how this one plays out. If only they could blend Shadow of Mordors Nemesis system with a more varied/ dynamic and colorful environment like in DA we'd probably have the perfect open world no?

    True that, I certainly won't complain if/when ever they make an announcement regardless even if they maintain the current level of quality they have so far with Origin into any reboot. No I understand, I have my general preferences but I like to shake things up as well now and again. Well I'll get to this in a second but I hope you start to catch up on GoT at least now that Martin is pushing the release for Winds of Winter. No, I get that and it would be gorgeous to see, though I was always more of a Char fan so this is good for me for now, even though I'm impatient to see him in the military and really piloting. Well I just paged through the manga again at B&N so if you're looking for more Federation character cameos and actual steps toward the Gundam you likely won't be disappointed once we get to either the 3rd or 4th movie if they continue at their current adaptation pace. Oh well, I rewatched it early last year since it was free on youtube and then worked through Zeta while we were counting down to the last episode of Unicorn so just take my word on it along with what I'm reporting on the original manga depiction, the Federation will get their chance at the spotlight once the initial butt-whooping in the first month of the war subsides. So for now let's let Zeon enjoy their moment on the technical front of things.

    It'd certainly be the safest bet, I mean for pete's sake 0081 had animated cutscenes! How hard would it be to convert from, especially given it's been 5 to 6 years as is since it released. Boy I can't wait to see what they announce next year-ish or so to make up for it then if Tomino is waving the white flag now but yeah, more Build at least hopefully Well I hope you at least get through in watching to the end of Season 3 at some point, that's the ideal time if you do decide to play the Telltales Game of Thrones. I recommend it based on what I've seen so far, it combines a lot of great aspects both from previous Tell-tale and the GoT narrative format. Plus I'd appreciate it cause I'm kind of tired shouting at people across the monitor when they make a critical mistake when it's already too late <_< Oh trust me, you haven't seen anything yet, this current season has taken some very interesting turns to say the least in the liberties of adaptation thus far and more going forward. But they aren't going completely off the rails even then so the same conclusion thing is still likely, we'll have to wait and see. Martin says he's pretty much got everything squared away last I checked though, some aspects things may change but the overall ending seems set and a little too late to alter course now.

    I'll save the rest for the end of this week once Shokugeki comes out, manga and anime. Can't wait to see what's in store

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