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  1. KrimzonStriker
    2015-07-05 10:54
    Hey, translators got to eat too so more money in their pockets

    Yeah, like Alexander and Hephaestion, it's undertones are more pronounced in the novels apparently. But I prefer the animes take on the purity of their brotherhood instead, plus I feel it sullys the relationship between Sieg and Annerose on the one hand and Reinhard and Hildegard on the other, Sieg and Reinhards relationship was a purity of friendship wholly seperate from romantic tendencies, or that's how I viewed it anyway. Here's to whenever they get around to making the remake version btw.

    Cool, looking forward to it then. It'll either be a new franchise which will give them a clean slate or more U.C and you can never go wrong with more U.C
  2. KrimzonStriker
    2015-07-04 16:50
    FINALLY regarding LOGH' s anime at least. Can't do much about the light novels on my end though, no interest on my end without a full commitment and I dislike the added undertones regarding Reinhard and Siegfried in those versions. Looking forward to the Gundam reveal, it should be something more serious then AGE or even Build and hopefully redeem the Reconguista fiasco.
  3. KrimzonStriker
    2015-06-22 14:21
    Well at least they got that right but definitely shouldn't have made a big deal about an FFVII HD version on such a big platform. I'll be really disappointed in that case if BlazBlue doesn't get a major sequel announcement within the next year or two given the current time-frame, updates certainly shouldn't be THAT hard for them to churn out, and based on their past release dates they SHOULD have a sequel out about a year after any update releases.... True, hopefully Bioware keeps doing so with Andromeda.

    Something to come back too from time to time. If you've got a walkthrough for reference on-hand I think Witcher 3 would make a good series for your channel at some point, I for one would like to see how some preferred paths/endings are supposed to play out personally (Nobody wants to make Ciri Empress it seems <_<). Just didn't get enough from them I think once 3 came out, honestly it felt like only Ashley, James, and Javik, really got any character development out of your actual part members in 3 and Ashley doesn't feel very unique given she shares her storyline with Kaiden. Liara a smidge as well if you bring her to Thessia I guess. I never liked how it Renegade could end up hurting you more often then not in the actual game, a lot of it was just self-defeating actions that made things harder. A cool, pragmatic ruthlessness to deserving a-holes and limited collateral damage was always more my preference if a more edgy response was necessary. Well, alot of them WILL back-stab you if they get the chance, but characters like Roche, and even Emhyr, if you can get past the ruthless ambition, are generally honorable in their conduct. Be pragmatic and find your own way in Witcher 3 is all I'll say, even when it comes to working with absolute a-holes for the greater good and what not. That'd depend on the import feature right? If the character in Andromeda will carry over to whatever ME game comes next? Otherwise I'd be good with 9, precisely because I think it'd give the best balance to introducing both old and new races possibly to your squad.

    Cool, I'll make a note though it'll be taking a back seat to Inside Out and Minions this summer flick fest Oh snap, really? They pulled this stunt with Vesperia and that took awhile . Damn Microsoft and their grace period exclusivity nonsense... I wonder how they like getting delayed with FFVII's remake now, hah! Was there any news on said new Tales game regarding that at E3 actually? Overall I think this was still one of the best conferences I've ever seen, though Sony really stole the show.

    I can understand that, but my curiosity often gets the better of me, plus sometimes trailers can be way too cool to pass up looking at It'd be a chance to move things forward then if the Force was more prominent, but we'll see in December. Yeah, but it's a little too small scale, being part of the Mandalorians gave Fett Galactic importance at times. And we never will unfortunately, damn Lucas, give me back my Thrawn! <_<

    Hah, I hear that! Depends on how big the scales of the conflict move past thievery in P5, once we get into the supernatural aspect you'll need a bigger gang to confront it most likely. Cool, anything new pop up yet then?

    I certainly think so, though admittedly there's still a lot of existing Thedas we still haven't seen as well. 3-4 years seems to be the standard it feels like.

    What?? I could have sworn I already discussed/introduced you to Utawarerumono before now! Dann, you need to like bump this up on your top 3 must watch list. It combines typical rpg fantasy aspect with the politics/warfare of things like LOGH or Code Geass so seamlessly that I've yet to ever see it matched. You will not regret it, trust me
  4. KrimzonStriker
    2015-06-22 02:02
    Based on the latest chapters and some research on the forums Soma's on a good track to dealing with his production issues with that pot. Yeah, I think he's only going to get a moral victory, whether he actually gets the Shokugeki I have no idea but I don't picture him beating Kuga just yet either. I could actually see that happening, taking a rain-check with the Shokugeki, I hope it does if he can manage to pull off a victory in the festival. I thought so anyway, I felt this scenario wold tie everything together especially in terms of reigniting the feud between Soma and Eizan. Yeah, after these latest chapters I think that slowly but surely she's accepted she's just not going to be able to get rid of him so she's learning to barely tolerate his presence at this point, probably subconsciously I think she would find it strange if he suddenly was gone That and Hisako's more positive attitude towards him, though I'm sure she still wouldn't mind seeing him humbled at the very least

    Let's just call it a pleasant surprise then But yeah, these last few episodes really captured the emotional aspect of everything very well. Yup, especially true for detailed/in-depth world building series, Madan Vanadis faced a lot of those problems as well transitioning into an anime. Huh, did not know that, something to watch out for whenever I get around to watching Dungeon now. Essentially, the amount of engineering detail to go along with how magic works is pretty absurd sometimes, which is why I make Ghost in the Shell comparisons even though this isn't THAT deep. I don't think he's THAT far off from it but yeah, a little more awkward dancing around the matter on his part would help. Other Mayumi fans share your fears unfortunately, but she's probably had the most developed relationship with Tatsuya among serious female contenders outside of his sister, with a lot of incidents in the future and other hijinks that I THINK she might have a chance. Ironically his lack of strong emotion that prevents him from developing feelings of romantic love are also what's stopping him from really committing to Miyuki, so honestly I think it's up in the air which way he eventually goes still, depending on if/how he ever breaks through that, but I'll let you know how that plays out in the end. As I said, I tend to just visualize her as an object... while skipping through a lot of the scenes with just the two of them by themselves, other characters being present help put a small damper on that nonsense at least Oh, you'll see, or HAVE seen in any event, what the issue between her and Erika is, it actually goes back to a previous comment by Tatsuya when he first talks to Mari during the student council meeting inviting the siblings into the group Well if they had to end it it probably should have been that point, it's not so abrupt but it leaves things wide open for the future which is probably for the best until a new season is ever announced. I'm glad you're enjoying that aspect at least. Hah! I'm not surprised, many of the characters have a great basis for a fighting game

    Yup, good conclusions and then future set up all around from AoT this time I think. If she ever got serious yeah, but for now it was played for laughs so I laugh for now though at some point someones gotta get it into Eren's thick head that he get around to realizing he and Mikasa need to clear the air regarding their relationship. But yeah, good on him and Historia, she'll need his support I think It's one of those 'In case of emergency break glass' kind of thing and hopefully no one goes mindless from it... hopefully. Yeah, I always thought that was going to be an issue after they plugged up Wall Maria given that hundreds/thousands of Titans are already inside the walls as is and it would take a tremendous military effort to exterminate them otherwise, this is a nice,expedient solution to clear them out now. Well Shadis established the connection to Grisha back when Eren managed to succeed in using 3d gear, so I was always wondering when we'd ever get back around to that, glad to finally see it happen now and hopefully some freaking answers come from it. Most people are noting a similarity to him and Grisha, some even claiming it is him though I don't buy that going off the light/blondish hair among other things even if they wear the same glasses, plus the guy sounded like he'd never seen 3d maneuver gear before when he was first introduced. I wouldn't be surprised if he was RELATED to Grisha and by extension to Erina however, if Grisha came from beyond the walls as a defector or something his anger at the lack of a response by the royal family/government would have a lot more context, but we'll see. That he did, I kind of figured he could based on what he's demonstrated so far, we'll see what exactly the range of his abilities are soon enough I imagine.

    Okay, gonna stop for the night here, will finish up tomorrow hopefully.
  5. KrimzonStriker
    2015-06-22 00:14
    Yup, pretty soon it's all going to be about apps and mobile devices, crunchyroll is probably the one moving the furthest in that direction with their manga division so hopefully other companies and comic industries take notice as well. Hopefully the sequel will improve dramatically on that revenge aspect with real-living digital cities/fortresses as well, a commerce system wouldn't be out of the question for something like Shadows now that I think about it but we'll see.

    Yeah, I have to really start thinking about adding more vitamin supplements as well now that you mention it. Shouldn't be long then before they complete the series, I wonder if Tomino will move on to Zeta or not at some point now... If they stick primarily to the prequel material then I don't imagine the Origin movies will have any problems on that front. Indeed, and that's basically what I often do at Barnes and Noble now a days, read Origin among other series, though I'll have to think of something whenever they rotate them off the shelves at some point. Certainly would help ME if someone ever thought about moving this series into an online version <_< I think so, and we'll see soon enough when Tears of Artesia come out Ironic that we're talking about Akito being in development hell after all these rebooted game releases. Yeah, the VA's was also a concern of mine as well and likely a big part of why Funimation had been standing pat all this time, honestly they should probably just sell the rights back or something before resorting to a new VA measure, especially considering how long they've stood pat with the franchise as is.

    Gundam seems to have a big anniversary thing but that's already past, so yeah, I usually only have about a half a years notice at most whenever they announce something's confirmed for a specific year/season with animes. Possibly, though I really don't know how well Sidonia's first season did to be honest in terms of whether that would justify going with a second season for something established instead of something new, but hey I have no complaints especially with series that still have continuing manga/light novel story arcs. And it would again no doubt so let's hope whatever new projects they have they're some that are U.C related still. Hmm? SAO 2 was pretty different in comparison to the previous Season 1 stuff so why doesn't that count exactly? You mean Telltale? I have to check but I'm not really aware of any new projects on there part yet. But the sixth season would be several months into 2016, so a full release for Book would/should be possible if they work at it for early next year before Season 6 begins, or that's what I'm hoping for anyway. I don't think they really accomplished that now that Season 5 is ending,just felt very clunky by the conclusion so they're going to have to seriously do some damage repair regarding those they left behind in Season 6 I think, we''ll see if they succeed.
  6. KrimzonStriker
    2015-06-21 23:16
    Cool! Let me know how that works out. I hope not, Ubisoft did say they were including a deeper mystery/main story about the origins of the virus etc, and it'll be way more interactive then Destiny was at least, with more game-play options/customization features at least, so here's hoping. I wish them luck, and more Peter Dinklage hopefully

    Oh I'm pretty sure they can/will fit that in easy after it's already appeared in the ME3 multiplayer. Should be fun to see in action I'm sure.

    If they do then they'll have to switch to the Star Ocean/FFXII-XV of roaming monster NPCS, which wouldn't be a bad thing I suppose. And yeah, I can't imagine they'd deviate TOO much from that formula, it's still a solid system all around, enough to have been a staple for many iterations, and some tweaks like in X-2 would really be all it needs I imagine. I wouldn't be opposed if they go down that path but it'd be a risk given the nostalgia factor they're trying to cater too here while also possibly detracting from XV as well. Hmm, that could add some interesting twists, but let's wait until the next announcements on the matter before we start delving too far ahead in speculation until said battle-system is confirmed. That's good to hear at least, certainly more then we got during the wait for Versus/XV etc.

    EDIT: Gonna add in our previous FFXV discussions as well. I think it'd be a mistake if they removed all that from Luna, especially the combat aspect, the comparisons to Stella are just going to dog them every step of the way if the character can't answer back in her own right but we'll see.

    And I don't know, I think FFXIII really hurt them enough that they want to tread carefully, so I hope they pay attention to that in how they handle FFXV.

    I did say we'd get something regarding the KHIII progress, I mean it HAS been 2 years since its announcement after all . And I thought it looked fantastic, keeping the integral parts of the franchise while also making some serious updates as well. True, though it basically confirms 2016 is out the window so a 2017-2018 time-frame is a more likely expectation at this time.

    That's always good to hear, and something positive to take away regarding a projects process, when the person in charge is enjoying their work.

    Last Guardian, and Horizon seem to be on the must have list out of confirmed 2016 dates from E3. The Division is also a go now. And you did seem to be turning over Dishonored 2 in your brain as well. Andromeda is stated to be in the Q4 of 2016 so that gives you some time at least. I know there are rumblings about a few games with potential releases in 2016 but is there anything else that's confirmed you had your eye on?

    Also, all this talk about Shenmue makes me think I should really start looking up this series more based on how fondly people speak of it. And For Honor looked pretty cool even though it really isn't my thing personally I'm sure it'll be fun to watch others whenever it comes out, that and it's always good to get a new IP, especially one that manages to combine such cool culture clashes
  7. KrimzonStriker
    2015-06-21 22:52
    Okay, I'm gonna comment on the game stuff now, but I'd also like to get back to our previous anime discussions as well after that because there are some issues there I want to talk about.

    Eh, the stealth options of Metal Gear give SOME variety to the gameplay but it's both pretty linear in terms of missions/environments and dependent on cut-scenes to carry much of it so you might be right.

    I know right? When was the last time they ever even made a serious game featuring Unicorn anyway? War for Cybertron was well received, Fall of Cybertron was a bit more mixed and hodgepodge.

    Indeed, well we can only hope for the best, like maybe being able to exchange their old game for HD remakes maybe? Wishful thinking given the money to be made I know but still...

    Was this statement from Sony then? Cause I know they gave them E3 but doesn't Square have their own event near the end of the year and shouldn't they save any FFVII Remake news for that? Dann, you have to be a little realistic here, I mean they're probably not going to depict stuff like Cloud in the public bath with a bunch of naked men among other things, they just wouldn't fit, but I do agree in your hopes they can keep the feel of the characters regardless. That IS essentially what people have been clamoring for ever since AC first came out, so it is only natural that some adaptation will have to be made. I know, and I'm hoping for the best as well, but I'm still excited regardless at the new possibilities offered.

    Indeed, well we'll get an updated soon on XV at least when Gamescon roles around.

    I think they might have fiddled around with the idea during and after the Compilation, plenty of fans were raising the possibility up back then, but if I had to guess on what would have pushed them to go forward it would probably be after down slide from XIII and then reinforced by the delays from XV, in that order.

    It'd be a very cool thing if they could. I definitely think at least a year of development was the most likely timeline given that it would coincide around the same time with Nomura's own departure from XV.

    True that, especially when we compare it to XV which went through similar development hell. I do think they probably just wanted to finish it at this point. And there's still a year for LG to clean things up in any event. As I said hopefully overall experience like with Ico and Shadow of the Colossus comes in to play in order to make up for it.

    Oh I definetely agree, but there does need to be some kind of familiar basis/supporting cast or it just won't feel like Mass Effect, plus I'm really curious to see the reactions of some of the main species to the new Galaxy as well, and of course to any new species they meet in the process. I'm just saying that limitation DID piss quite a few people off, myself included, because of lack of diversity/options and I'm thinking there's got to be at least 1 straight, one bi, and maybe one gay like in ME3 and DAI, but we'll see. I hope so, memories of resource gathering is going to be one of those things people will be eyeing warily whenever this game roles around. Still, no gameplay of MEA from E3 was disappointing, even if the release date for 2016 was good to hear I do hope we get some in-game footage going THIS year as well.

    I'm mostly just curious if the two character options also means two different campaigns as well though, which I think would be pretty cool, but I suppose we'll get more info about that soon enough. Ah, gotcha, well Dishonored was pretty straightforward all things considered so I don't think you need to be too dissuaded whenever 2 gets here. Indeed, and I like the new interactive features, makes me hope to one day get into this myself now. Same, it is still pretty cool though so I'm just going to make do with whatever people upload online.

    Some new gameplay demo was shown on IGN, introducing a new stealth aspect to combat now, but overall seems to still be solidly built around the previous iterations, so XCOM 2 should be alright I think. It shouldn't be hard to search for on youtube etc. but if you need a link just ask.

    Yup, with all sorts of different means you can approach a give situation based on web articles I've read, along with city-hub locations, with hopefully some trading/purchasing aspects maybe along with where missions/side-quests can be dished out, though that's not confirmed yet. Boy I'm looking forward to more information whenever that comes.

    Yeah, that was disappointing other then a small mention about what game system it would be on, Nintendo just got completely overshadowed by Sony unfortunately. I'll move the Square Stuff to the next post.
  8. KrimzonStriker
    2015-06-15 23:47
    Probably for the best.

    True, well it'll keep the franchise going for a little while longer, so hopefully they use the time wisely for something really big. Like Unicron-ish big.

    I honestly wouldn't be opposed if they used some kind of add-on/adapter to the hardware if it comes to it myself. Yeah I heard about that, but compared to what Xbox is doing it won't hold up, so hopefully they push things along on that end.

    If they don't follow up on E3, which seems unlikely, then hopefully Gamescon will have something for us. The cross-dressing scene is iconic, they can't edit that out, though I'm pretty sure they'll have update it to not be AS cartoonish what with body-sized digital models instead of sprite based avatars, we'll see how they make it work I guess, and same here, especially when he reclaims his memories regarding Zack etc, it'd be nice to give his parents closure finally. They can't go wrong with it I don't think, it's been pretty standard across a lot of the games of the franchise, so beyond maybe a few extra gimmicks/upgrades I don't IMAGINE it'll radically deviate from the formula.

    You mean FFXV? The overrall themes/story still seems intact despite the confirmed changes so I'm not TOO worried yet, but again I'll get into greater detail later. Suffice to say I think it would be a big mistake to turn Luna into a simple powder-puff Princess Peach role because the comparisons with Stella are inevitably going to come up, but we'll see.

    He was heavily involved with the Compilation so I can't imagine he was OPPOSED to the notion. All he said was after CC that they'd take a break and eventually pick up the compilation project at a later time, so I figure this had to be part of that plan, but that's just a guess, any confirmation like that would have been shouted to the high-heavens by the fans long before now after all.

    Amen to that, some people aren't as excited but I expect it'll make things up with those Miyzaki like experiences the studio is known for and capture peoples adoration even if the game-play won't blow anyone away.

    I don't either but I wouldn't be shocked if a delay occur for a few months, we'll see though. Indeed, and as I said before I hope the other main races get confirmed as being present, cause I'm really missing the Asari... btw regarding our previous squadmate conversation I think 7 is too few in regards to romance/non-romance options, to get 3 of each as is typical (and even more pressing to offer as many options for your brand new character and hopefully avoid the bottle-neck from Inquistion) you'd then be stuck with one non-romance partner which seems unfeasible to me, so let's split the difference at an even 8. Same here, though this does feel a LITTLE unfair to the Hammerhead which has had it's detractors as well, hopefully it works out though.

    True that, though with a group that seems to balance both light and dark side I kind of REALLY want to join them, but again we'll see.

    And a different playstyle for both apparently, and I hope with unique campaigns as well, that would increase the variety aspect exponentially. It's not too late, Fallouts been pretty generous overrall when it comes to new players entering their games unlike with MSG so you could probably jump right into 4 without a problem if you decide too. And the app for the game is free, though they compel you to buy downloadable packages for equipment to help you survive, that being said I've always had a soft spot for these resource management community rpg type games.

    I think it'll work out, certainly should be an interesting change from how the games normally operate while still maintaining the core aspect of Xcom but let's wait for more details before deciding anything.

    Yeah I just saw, VERY intriguing set-up and one I could get behind very easily. Reminds me of some interesting scenarios about techno-barbarians and the like, and it'd be really cool to play something like it where you scavenge the remains to survive and develop more tech, though once again we'll have to wait to see how that works game-mechanics wise.

    Indeed, I expect the new Zelda game to get mentioned hopefully among other stuff, talk to you then
  9. KrimzonStriker
    2015-06-15 22:32

    Still pissed he didn't stick around long enough to make sure Stella was implemented correctly, but oh well, I'll get to that in my formal response. But guess whose back baby!!

    And maybe we'll finally get that dang sequel after Dirge/Crisis Core hopefully... maybe.
  10. KrimzonStriker
    2015-06-15 20:36
    Yeah, it'll be an investment of time to work through it all, having watched through a few times I can safely say the story can still be incredibly confusing even after completing the series, but if you've got the patience it can be a fun time sink.

    It looks cute but also short and one-offish, not a game changer for the franchise unfortunately, so looks like we'll be waiting a little while longer for something significant on that front <_<

    I was hoping they would, hopefully the other consoles take notice and do something to allow previous generation console games to have replay ability too.

    I'll be surprised if they do it at E3 if it is true but I won't cry anything but years of joy if I'm wrong, cause they really do need to get back and finish the compilation already once FFXV is finally done.

    Again, nothing but tears of joy if true, that game is the definition of development hell currently.

    EDIT: Sweet Last Guardian confirmed finally. Man this was almost as bad as FFXV but I'm glad to be finally seeing this one out of purgatory as well.

    I saw, good to see progress though be ready of they push the date to early 2017, I never trust an announcement to meet it's release date this far advance projecting toward the end of the year. Not a lot to go on regarding the trailer but fun to see and maybe they have fixed the Mako hopefully.

    Also, pleasantly surprised to hear about the Old Republic expansion, and the introduction of a new faction, would be nice if we could play as them as well though, but we'll see.

    Good to see things moving forward with the Division with the beta announcement. And thank God a new Dishonored is coming out. And they're really pushing the Fallout release with the Shelters game alongside 4, the former looks like it can be really fun.

    Also excited for Xcom 2 while we're talking, looks like they're really giving it a face lift though have to wait for game play, it'll be interesting to see how an alien dominated earth plays like.

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