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  1. KrimzonStriker
    2014-07-30 12:38
    That was my thinking as well. I know I've been frustrated with series that ended too quickly, and stable so far among the remaining companies, though they're being coy on what series they license now. Given that it's Viz publishing Shokugeki though I'm hopeful they'll be okay. That is definitely a plus and one of the good things with having a weekly series. Oh, and looking at the recent translation of Souma I wonder if that knife retrieval mission of his might finally get him some damn popularity in Tootsuki after how he peeved off everyone back during the opening ceremonies

    It'll be interesting to see who wields the other summons in any event. I'm hoping there's something more to the train, compared to the other summons it seems a little bland for the main character's summon, but we'll see how it all works out I suppose. I'm looking forward more to their story and history in general but it would be a useful segue in that case. Well, final fantasy has generally never gone that deep though, it has its tragic moments of course, but I hope by the end they stick to that part of the legacy and lead to a generally satisfying conclusion.

    Oh I've never played it either, but you hear enough people talk or make references about it even among the other big game developers you have to wonder if they have any choice given how much of a cash cow they could be giving up if they don't, same with Baldur, don't it really doesn't matter one way or another to me, I just brought up Baldur for something Bioware might be able to focus on. I just hope it doesn't fall flat on their face because of that original novelty aspect, but we'll see more at Gamescon. Well it's still pretty limited from what I've seen so far, I'm sure they're wise enough to change up the scenery when some deeper missions open up. Just nice to have him around in general giving narration.

    Alright, I'll give you that one, but regardless they have no choice BUT to hope it succeeds now. I admit, despite the unresolved Makorra issues I feel the same way so far, lot of new and interesting dynamics being thrown out now. As I said, as far as the White Fang go I'm only interested in seeing Adam make a return, he was always among my favorite in terms of combat styles given it reminds me of Vergil from DMC. I can only speculate at this point, the spirituality Zaheer has going makes him unpredictable in terms of motivation and ability, so it should be fun seeing what's in store this week.

    Eh, so long as they have an interesting romance, and asaris, I'll give it a look over. If they had to go an MMO route though they should have done it with this game instead of TOR along those Destiny model lines we were talking about. I don't know how much leeway they can give on what seems like key-plot points, but hopefully yeah, overall there seems like a ton of replay value with Inquisition. I hope so, though like I said I'm only waiting on Vivienne, and given the limited female romances for my male Inquisitor I hope there's enough diversity between her, Cassandra, and Josephine to do that.

    Oh I'm sure they'll be embellishment in some places, but overall the setup they have so far leaves me to think it'll work. I'm not going to discount that and it would be interesting, but given Celebrimbor's sad history I'd rather he and Tallion make one last noble sacrifice instead. A nice change considering we've only ever had him in eye form, him actually doing something himself would be a welcome addition, and boy do I want to fight him so badly. Quite a lot of fun to be had, and I wonder if this might be some new precedent that revolutionizes the gaming world as other companies see the possibility Nemeses brings and applies to their own games, certainly it'll be a leg up from all the generic grunts of the past.
  2. KrimzonStriker
    2014-07-28 23:17
    It'll be more manageable for me since I'll be focusing on just Shokugeki for the time being, I'm only praying it's popular enough where they don't discontinue it midway of something and I have a self full of useless volumes. Of the current volumes though it'll still be 16 months until they get to volume 8's recent release in japan according to their current publishing schedule though.

    Given Stella's fiery summon background I wouldn't be surprised if that's the one. I still have to see it summoned and in action before I can actually wrap my head around a Train as a major summon... It was really sweet seeing them as kids btw, I hope things work out between those too, and not in the tragic Shakesperean way this game is supposed to be inspired by...

    They're wasting an opportunity if that's the case, Baldur's Gate is up there with Half-Life for most wanted sequels in gaming if what I've read on forums and comments are to be believed. Honestly I wouldn't be surprised to see them doing it right now given that news about the new IP, lord knows the general failure of TOR should have made that message clear. Speaking of said models Destiny's looking pretty good from the bits of the beta I've seen so far though I'll be thankful when we get to see the rest of the solar system, also nice to hear Peter Dinklage in the game

    Then let us pray and watch for their success and prove the internet works, look no further then RWBY itself Nick, so you best not be doing anything rash with the series!! God knows the series deserves it after all it's been through <_< Or getting all the new characters introduced, I can work with that one as well, the guy in white coat alongside Penny is of particular interest in terms of motivations. I doubt it's kill her directly from the looks of it, he could have done that initially during the kidnapping and it'd be kind of pointless given the avatar cycle, so it has to be something deeper then that. Well, a guy who likes philosophy so much is bound to have some intriguing goal behind what he's doing I imagine.

    Co-current? I don't know how that'll work, I'm kinda tired of the Reapers and might have preferred an outright prequel to be honest. I do to sometimes, but they wrapped it up rather nicely for the most part. Probably will happen on occasion with our CURRENT companions if that Leira torture scene is an indication, just got to be careful is all, or buy the guide, whichever Only Solas, Varric, and Blackwall are among the eligible so far, and going off popularity alone along with a very deep love back-story I'd place my bet on Varric personally, Blackwall seems too job and self-sacrifice oriented while Solas seems to have hsi head up in the Fade to pay attention to trivial mortal concerns like romance. Which is a real shame to be quite honest, more often then not it only becomes worthwhile when you've got a decent group of people to share the exploration experience with you.

    They've been pretty resolute they'll make it work and integrate it seamlessly so I have faith, and yeah I wouldn't be surprised if their is some argument between the two on the matter, though whether that goes full-borne conflict or ends up some kind of redemption story where they weaken Sauron to give the rest of Middle-Earth time to counterattack is up in the air at this point. Should be fun seeing Blum in such a role, along with the chance to see more of Mordor like this Corsair culture and how the survived in that environment. More time to focus on Comic-con for me though Same here, and I like how unique the farm system is, where in one demo you end up trying to promote your pawn in other ways like helping out in some hunt, heck you could deliberately have them kill you in order to possess them later when they're higher ranked because of it. It'll be really interesting to play around and build your army like that in such an organic way.
  3. KrimzonStriker
    2014-07-27 14:35
    Just going to have to wait now then. Maybe, I hope so but I don't mind buying the volumes now that I have an income for now. Yup, beginning of August, it'll be frustrating to wait for them to catch up in the meantime so hopefully those side-chapters are spread out nicely.

    True that... Oh, that is interesting, Stella's country's summon mentioned among them, though a Doom Train always struck me as an odd thing to summon... Well, that's one down, several more to go... Oh I already speculated as much, I'm more curious as to how the power works and what it actually does though. That too.

    I figured it would but it still seems rather pointless if they can't even get the game out. I can work with that, like I said TOR would have been better served if they had followed that model instead. I just don't know enough at this point to figure if the concept works or not but I'll trust in Bioware to make something out of it. Ah, well glad they changed their minds, but best not to worry about it now until they get back to it.

    Everything I've heard so far leads me not to panic, so hopefully the move helps vindicate that feeling, I know I'll be watching on the site now to show my support. Same, anything to help the franchise finish up the story. I know I will, keeping to the schedule was hectic sometimes and I often missed the first few minutes a sometimes. I'm sure in some later episode he'll start tapping into his abilities. A good starting episodes all things considered, hopefully the next one builds on that and gives us a bit more meat to work with. Indeed, and it looks like we'll be getting some answers in that regard next week.

    In any event it doesn't look like we got that much on ME4 anyway. Some romances do get favoritism though regardless, so why not a harem scene, they did it in Jade Empire kind of... it leaves me curious now on who else we'll be seeing from the previous games along our journey, I wouldn't look forward to fighting Warden Hawke siblings or Nathaniel Howe along with Warden Alistair among others if say those preview trailers of conflict with the Wardens come to fruition. Yeah, and they can start by finally revealing the last two romances so I can stop worrying about Vivienne already. Same, though more like I just don't have the opportunities to check out New York like I want, I'm still puzzling over an opportunity to visit Harlem at some point.

    Yeah, it'll be a great opportunity to see how it ties in with the current story along with the ancient past of Middle-Earth and was that Steve Blum's Starscream voice for disguised Sauron? Definitely, especially since they actually moved the release date up. Exactly, it'll be extremely fun to see how we can mess around in the sandbox of the orc power structure.
  4. KrimzonStriker
    2014-07-26 18:20
    Holy... Dann, they just revealed who the Wraith is in Shadow of Mordor, I can't believe they pulled someone that far back and such a major figure in Tolkien's lore...

    Check out the video and let me know what you're thinking for this game, now I'm SUPER hyped for this one instead of just mildly intrigued
  5. KrimzonStriker
    2014-07-25 20:31
    Much as I'm looking forward to seeing how Souma pulls it off my main draw will still be Ryo versus Akira, that's the one I'm putting my money on being the only spot for a major upset at this point in the tournament. That's too bad, the scanlators haven't been doing side-chapters for awhile though the chinese raws I've seen of them have made me very curious, suppose I'll have to settle for the english volume releases at this rate, we'll see.

    Guess all that's left to do is wait then. Right? All these years and we're STILL not sure who the villains actually are, and do you recall what that person guessed exactly? Pretty boss I would imagine, between him and Stella they've hinted at some pretty dark secrets involved behind their special abilities and I can't wait to see more, hopefully by next year. Well, only thing we can do is move on, and it's good if it wasn't full Luminous, hopefully the next gen upgrades will help to compensate regardless. Eh, I'll hunt it down on youtube and get back to you on that at some point, might be awhile as Captain Planet WAS pretty long.

    Ah you're right, well if they don't then whoever does have the rights needs to sell them back to Bioware right now given all the delays involved with that series. If they do they do, if they don't then eh, whatever happens it's going to have to be a whole new setting/groups of characters now that the age of Revan has passed on. I'd almost count TOR as more or a single-player game trying to be a MMO then anything else so it's been pretty fulfilling in that regard, though yeah hopefully Bioware learned its lesson and sticks to what it knows. This new IP recent teaser of theirs leaves me a bit confused, but I did like the movie Inception so I'm willing to wait and see. I'm guessing new IP, it wouldn't be so hard to get out if it was some continuation, my opinion, and I doubt the MMO front given how much they're invested and still need to finish up with WoW. Amen to that.

    Yeah well, this recent news makes me a lot more nervous now, though given they did order the series and Bryke are currently working on Book 4 I think it's fine, compared to the T.V raitings I think it's smart to move it online especially as it'll offset pirating sites and allow people to catch it when it's convenient for them. Hasn't as of the latest episode but Bolin DID step up, so he's making progress. Not too much, but a fun little episode to get back into things, I'm sure you'll like it. All in all though the plot certainly has thickened as it seems the Red Lotus speculation is starting to show some signs as Zaheer's group seems to extend beyond his initial gang now.

    Well I'll first have to actually see and play Inquisition to know if they've got everything right there before placing too much hopes for ME4 just yet in that regard No, you're not the only one to have noticed, though the harem option always seems impolite to actually ask for even if it is something everyone secretly wants... It is what it is, and hey, always the magic of youtube and wikia entries to put the pieces together for that fanfiction I said I was writing in my head I'm sure that'll be what generally happens but at the same time I wouldn't be surprised if Bioware puts a troll option where we DO cause his death in one scenario in Inquisition <_< Well, I'm not their marketing team, so we'll just have to trust in them to keep us up to date until November and that they're smart enough to release the non-disclosure clause on all the beta testers soon. New York's made me lucky in that regard, chain wise you'd be hard pressed not to find at least one set up in the City, but In and Out Burger's reign of being out of my reach WILL end some day!
  6. KrimzonStriker
    2014-07-23 19:37
    Just read them and I have to say I'm looking forward to the second match and even though conventional manga wisdom is against him I personally hope Ryo pulls it out. Also, it'll be fun to delve deeper into the past and get a better impression of what dorm life was like back then.

    I got how that worked in a limited space, more deliberate pace, and grounded game like Star Oceans but they never did try to implement switching in a more free-flowing 3-D combat system like in Kingdom Hearts, so I wonder how well they mesh in such a fast-paced and more open-world setting. You're probably right, but my point still stands in that it would be nice if the revealed who makes up the oppositions cast and what their motivations are exactly in this next preview, I've seen how hackz Noctis is, time to build up his opponents now I think. You're right, best to worry about that possibility if/when it comes up Damn it all, I hope they're far enough along that they won't need to worry about that come release time, it LOOKED like they were in any event. Was he proven right in the end on that one though, if so that could be one of those rare moments of vindication.

    Yeah, at this rate I won't be surprised if we hear about Baldurs Gate before they think about taking up the Old Republic universe again, likely parceling out new patched content every few months to keep the fans at bay. Oh no, you got me there, I've had quite enough of the Clone Wars and Anakin and all the rest, Old Republic from now till the end of time for me. Either way I'm simply happy they didn't outright cancel either series, so still some hope left for Project Titan which we still have no idea what it's about btw Well for one thing, how about an actual REWARD instead of generic stuff I can replace by the next mission, something concrete gained for one thing like map data, food stuffs, an outpost etc, making it an integrated playing experience.

    Cynical me says they may just do that given how much it trainwrecked, but I'm hopeful you're right. Moving on from the old cast though I'm also looking forward to seeing some new moves for our main cast, c'mon metal-bending Bolin Certainly going to brighten my day even if I'm not expecting much this first episode just yet. Not going to disagree, but the track record so far these last 2 books has been good in keeping most of the cast alive, so we'll see.

    Hopefully that's answered in the next couple of days then. I just wish the areas themselves were more interesting to explore is what I'm really getting at, Inquisition's worlds so far really gel for me given how much effort they're trying to make even the innocuous areas feel alive with that whole hunting creatures into extinction aspect. You're probably right, but it would be something for Bioware to think about if they wanted to appease certain fans, myself included We certainly did that a few times in Origins if I recall looking back on Oghren and Alistair, which made it a drag in II when I couldn't pair either of Hawke's siblings with Merril or Sebastian despite how obvious their affections were, which btw made it more of a drag given how I think having both Carver and Bethany would have made the story more intriguing and in the fanfiction of my mind is what happened with my rogue Hawke I can't remember, but like I said it's generally fine with me so long as they don't take an entire quarter off like all too many companies do with their releases. Which is a sigh of relief for me, I like Alistair and want him to live and lead for as long as possible. I hope not, the beta for Keep is the only major hook they've got left to keep people up to date now that they have to wait even longer. Same here, and lord does that grate thanks to my sister who loves to rub in how delicious the burgers are ever since her own trip to San Francisco <_< Don't forget anime news as well
  7. KrimzonStriker
    2014-07-22 22:13
    Generally it seems like they do a bit of a break chapter between each arc so I imagine it'll be a chapter or two before we even get to the semi-final in any event. For now, time to see that aftermath, like Takumi and Hisako

    While it looks fantastic I am still a bit confused how they'll blending the free-style combat and switching aspects together so it'll be good to see how it all works exactly. Well when I mean plot I mostly meant the characters we still don't know much about, especially those on the opposing side, and I'd like to understand Stella's motivation for opposing the main cast given how in one preview it says Nielfheim conquered her country. Amen to that, ah well hope for the best and that we won't be complaining about it a year afterwards if they DO come out with a remix. I think it was mostly on him pointing out obvious/direct solutions that appeared right on the surface but I'll have to go back and look at some point. Plus it keeps things fresh and the plotlines a surprise since you won't know what to expect going in.

    We'll see, it'll be awhile which is why I'm counting more on them wrapping up Old Republic's storyline before I go expecting a single-player release at this point. No I agree, which is why I prefer the prequel stuff to anything after the original series, the retrospective outlook keeps things fresh in a weird way by exploring the origins and giving us a better understanding rather then throwing some new curve ball out of nowhere. FFXV is a perfect atestment to that... God I hate those, at least have the decency to give me a story and some real characters if they make those requests, hopefully less of those going forward in Destiny and Division.

    I'll live with it if that's the case, but if I don't hear anything that says they WILL deal with it in the final book I will be peeved Yeah, as far as a rush job goes this was adequate in the world-building aspect which I always like. I won't be shocked if Toph's still able but like I said Katara will probably have to sit this one out in the healing hut if it comes to that. Well, between getting those answers and RWBY I'm looking forward to the end of this week now. Generally I don't think so, but I won't be shocked either, though most of the new characters have been quite likable and I'll be sad if that is the case so I'm hoping not

    That or just a basic idea of what the story will be, I'll appreciate it if they can give us that much. I do as well, I'd just rather they have side-quests in more interesting and unique locations with actual characters involved, while giving us reasons to revisit main hub worlds and the like instead of going to barren rockfields over and over again. It's why it's generally easier on me with Dragon Age, new character so it makes sense to have a new romance and move on, my Shepard was dying inside a few times with how tempting one romance was while the other one didn't provide enough content, and I'm too good a person to cheat unfortunately, how I wish a harem option was open sometimes... <_< Oh in that case Cassandra's fair game for me if Vivinne doesn't work out, but if he is alive I'll generally take the option of encouraging that NPC romance, I don't like using main character plot power to intervene in true love which is why I was happy for people like Garrus and Tali when they got together. I'm sure they'd have it built into the a certain scenario if he is married and if they wanted, the existence or non-existence of the gold-child's conception gives me hope on that front, perhaps only hardened Alistair who wins Anora's respect will manage it, though given Alistair's mother his likely inherited immunity to the taint may help as well, we'll see. Now that you've told me they've pushed it back, which is actually okay with me since it isn't into next year like so many other games, I think it's possible they throw us a bone on that front, I'm sure we'll get SOMETHING before the launch in any event. Yeah, that'll be fun, I'm looking forward to whatever bits from the beta come out now. If you do then you can pay In and Out Burger whenever we get there Until then we'll just have to watch out for any announcements coming out of THIS year's comic-con.
  8. KrimzonStriker
    2014-07-21 19:19
    By any COOKING method necessary is still different from something like outright sabotage. In any event with the new release your original guess was right, Subaru anticipated the whole thing. It is going to be difficult reading what happens in the next chapter for Takumi after getting outplayed like that

    In that regard I'm hoping for some spectacular in-game footage to demonstrate said upgrades for both games, though I wouldn't mind story info as well for FFXV, I'm SUPER curious as to how that is all going to work out plot wise. DLC's are just the lesser of two evils in this case from my standpoint He can't have ALWAYS been wrong... can he? In any event they just wanted to play up to the stereotypes I imagine, was still a good series all in all and I think most if not all the episodes are on youtube if I'm not mistaken. Ah the classics, still I'm generally trying to catch new series so that I won't have to go a bazillion volumes back to understand for the most part.

    Like I said, they're kind of stuck in a hole they dug and can't get out of now, Bioware won't be able to continue with the Old Republic storyline until they wrap up all those loose ends I mentioned. I was never too in to that, the politics and the philosophies between the Sith and the Jedi were generally enough to keep my interests, that and the Mandalorians . That could be it as well, given how long it's been on this project they likely want to update with some of the newest advances to bring the game along. It really depends on how they build the world, give real personality to the NPCS and various quests and the like in order to create a setting that conduces to that and get people's minds off of 'phat lootz' for a minute <_<

    Hey, I am absolutely rooting for Bolin here, I did say the romance was endearing, and I wish him nothing but happiness going forward, I'm just saying I can simply look across the pond as it were and still see the train-wreck of Mako and Korra, so I hope and PRAY you are right about them learning by example and listening to each others opinion (which I argued for months during season 2 that they should have been doing). Given how fast the series is going I'm resigning my hope the address Korra and Mako's relationship issues at least around Book 4 though Admittedly it was a bit convenient for acupuncture to be the deus machina in resolving it, but whatever works I suppose. Oh, if they ever go that route I see it happening in Book 4, though Katara doesn't seem as spry anymore so it might be expecting too much for her to break out the water-skins again... Next episode hopefully gives us some of those answers in any event. Which is why it's on my must watch list when it does roll around I was thinking the same thing, especially given how philosophical Zaheer is, but it still doesn't answer much in terms of purpose, still something ominous to look forward to in the finale

    No prob, let me know how you like it, oh and if it doesn't get really going until episode 31 for obvious reasons so be patient if it seems a little slow.

    I figure it'd be along the same lines, though I'd be super-hype for actual game-play if they could... Dang straight, those 'exploration missions' with the Mako or generic N7 side-quests didn't offer much in the way of substance, and I'd have liked the opportunity to add multiple layers of quests so that we have reason to revisit certain locations. Doesn't seem likely given the technology doesn't look as if it's advanced much from the gear the character in the art images was wearing. Well the thing was I always pretty much knew who I wanted to romance in any Bioware game, but Liara really made it tempting and it was harder to let it go since they kind of skimped on the content with Miranda in 3, so I'm hoping I won't have to kill myself on that one again provided every romance gets an even playing field for me to evaluate<_< Which is why I'm still a bit scared with DA:I until I get a confirmation that Vivienne is in play, otherwise I'm gonna be peeved they forced me on Cassandra when she still might have that mage boyfriend of hers somewhere <_< Should be interesting, I'm HOPING things work out with him hardened and gaining her respect so that they both balance each other out while securing the succession with an heir, however remote that last bit might seem. Certainly feels like it since they stopped major announcements even though they were spilling them before. In any event I'm looking forward to reading through Keep, it'll be fun to recap without the strain of having to play through again, along with the ability to tweak some decisions if they don't work out like I had hoped. Nah, like I said before, I still have a bit of debt and I only got my job recently, so its only to be expected I'll need to rebuild my savings before I can think about any trips, still I'm hopeful things will work out in time next year
  9. KrimzonStriker
    2014-07-20 00:09
    Well, we'll know soon enough once the release comes out in any event. I certainly would, it goes against everything that makes up the integrity and pride of being a professional chef. Now that would be interesting to see, though honestly I think it more realistic for Soma to not plan a dish beforehand at all and simply wing it on the spot

    You and me both, let's just wait and see how it plays out in any event. True that, I'm looking forward to any new info coming out on KHIII along with FFXV now. DLC's I would be annoyed with, but I'd be able to live with if it stopped us from needing to buy 10 copies of the same game... <_< I always liked the environmental message of CP myself personally, it's too bad it doesn't seem to have really taken... A good attitude, mainly I've been trying to explore new original comic series these days, I'm liking Mice Templar, Hinterkind, and Turok so far among others and am waiting on the new volume of Ravine.

    They might as well given they don't look to have the story-lines and staying power of others series like WoW at this juncture. But then they got into immortality, and ressurections, and genetic manipulation, it's getting pretty ridiculous to be honest. Not until some of the other games are formally launched I imagine, they had to pull people for other projects so it's likely going to be awhile. I hope they're a success in any event, it'll be cool to see people's adventures up on youtube based on what they've shown so far and how expansive that world seems.

    And wouldn't you know it it's happening exactly like I said it would, they're rubbing a very endearing romantic pairing in our face with Oppal and Bolin every week now <_< Well regardless the stories character development arcs seem to be panning out now while leaving just enough mystery and building anticipation for the main plot. Exactly my point, if her own mother could have gotten over it then Lin should have too, but all's well that ends well I suppose, even if Toph's still nowhere to be found to celebrate this little reunion. I think so, but Zaheer needs to start coming up with suitably horrifying motivations and reasons behind his actions in order to match Amon's level or Unalaq's on that front. Heh, you got that right, lord I hope Bosco survived... though I am a bit hopeful that'll be dealt with given the title for episode 10 being recently released.

    Oh hey, going back off some live action historical fiction dramas, if Game of Thrones interested you then I recommend the Three Kingdoms 2010 series which I found recently uploaded all on youtube, here's a playlist though watch it fast in case it gets taken down, it embellishes the history a bit but the over characterizations are spot on the the thinking process behind the decisions they made are quite intriguing.

    They had better after that nothing preview during E3! I'm hopeful they will on that front, this looks to be one of the most expansive games from Bioware I've ever seen quite honestly, leaving a lot of room for many various story-lines and the like. They really painted themselves in a corner with that one... ah well, so long as I get to finally romance an Asari and not feel guilty cause Miranda was always my true love for Shepard in the ME series even though Liara was SO tempting at times... Damn straight, unlike ME DA was always simple for romantic perferences on my end, Morrigan and Isabela all the way, and I'll be damned if I'm not going to see how that pans out in INquisition, also I'm curious to see how Alistair's relationship with Anora developed given that I always prefer him being hardened and married to her and they're both confirmed for Inquisition, so many interesting story-lines to revisit I rather doubt that, they've never not announced the romances or companions for that matter ahead of time, just in case someone mistakenly doesn't know that person could be recruited, now the NPC flirt romance I can see them keeping under wraps So am I, I hope someone from the Beta starts uploading footage on youtube, or if they can't then prior to the release, I've heard it'll be like a storybook-light novel type of thing but we'll have to wait and see. Yeah well, that hasn't been quite an option for me, I'll need to make sure my finances are secure before I can really start thinking about that, but if everything is okay by the end of the year then we can start making those plans hopefully
  10. KrimzonStriker
    2014-07-18 22:16
    I can't believe even a Shokugeki would allow SABOTAGE of all things though... all on you Souma, take him down!! Oh boy, I'm not looking forward to seeing the aftermath of this one when Takumi losses his knife

    That happens a lot in this world I notice... moving on then <_<

    You're telling ME, hmmph, and I still have no clue who else is getting added to Xenahort's true XIII. Well, regardless I'm sure it will be good.... though I could HOPE they add all the content the first time around without needing ten different remixes Hah, well that turned out well I'm sure, idiocy at the highest level even though I did like Captain Planet. I know I know, but it'll probably be years if not a decade before that happens, I only hope they get with the program to fully explore the possibilities.

    I know, I know, but they need to wrap things up with the current storylines at least after all this effort.... I always thought of it as psychic powers myself, not in the same way where they break all the laws of reality.... No they ain't even WoW's taking a hit though i do hope the Warlords of Draenor expac changes things for them, still so many interesting story lines to explore there. And no they don't, it's more personal for one and less dependent on other players, it's good to have them but it feels more like a large interactive coop more then anything else.

    I saw the episode, he hasn't exactly elaborated on that point yet, but I'm sure it's coming, he spouts out enough verbal poems to make me think he's got a manifesto tucked away somewhere Hear that Bryke, make it happen, Varrick for president! Finally watched what happened in english, I get where Lin was disappointed now but 30 years was way too long to let it stew like that after Suyin turned her life around, glad it worked out though (acupuncture, instant psychology cure ) and to see Bolin stepping up to try his hand at metal-bending And good lord Zaheer, casually contemplating assassinating the President like trying to decide lunch!? I can't see it at this point, at least not until I get a sense for what the 4th and last book will be about anyway.

    I for one would appreciate that, though I'd certainly like to know WHAT the next Mass Effect will be exactly... Came out last year, 4 years since the original game was released, Mass effect's had more games and came out 7 years ago, I honestly don't know if it'll be in the works until I get a sense for what the 4th game brings... Background like in II I imagine, this is mostly about the Fade from what I can tell, though I imagine they'll have some side-stories here and there depending on how things go down between the Inquisition and the Wardens. I'm all for that, I might finally get to play a Turian, or a geth though in all likelihood I for one think it'll be a prequel to the original series myself, that ending just causes so many disturbances if they tried a direct sequel in my opinion, Bioware's never ignored an outright ending from what I can tell even if they have rewritten character lore decisions here and there. Sure, if he exists at all anyway, Gaider mentioned that he was only possible to meet in Inquisition if he was conceived though so that puts a bit of a damper on being a player character I imagine and pushing things a bit too far for even the biggest fans to accept, I mean it's one thing to make things canon via books or comics but in the game themselves decisions are almost always respected. Same, but it doesn't stop me from being nervous until they do announce the final two romances Don't see how they can't not have an influence, I for one look forward to seeing if we can't meet Teagan and whether or not him getting married will be mentioned, though I imagine I'll find out if that's a relevant option through Dragon Age Keep. Great, then the dates set for X number of years from now, though realistically I imagine it'd be only until 2016 that I could be comfortable doing something like that, but at the same time if I'm careful 2015 might be possible, I'll let you know depending on how things fall after the new year, we'd also have to be sure to buy tickets early and try to get them for all 4 days and preview night since they got rid of the badges, I'd budget around 2 to 3,000 depending on the hotel and we'll have to jump early if we decide to do this, no pressure until new info comes out for next year though.

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