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  1. KrimzonStriker
    2016-04-09 23:17
    It'd be pretty cool if Tai actually could train Yang to fight with only one arm for awhile, I want her to get a cybernetic one eventually but it'd be interesting to see what kind of combat scene the RT team could make under those circumstances I think so as well but after getting barely any mention last season and all the stuff they need to get to next season I'm gonna keep my expectations in check regarding Raven. I'm hoping they reserve about an episode's worth for the villains development like in V3, given all the questions regarding them as well as our heroes. Yeah, though that might be difficult with Ozpin missing, maybe Haven's headmaster can help with the exposition, Qrow as well since he'll be around.

    Well, we'll all find out at some point in any event I'm just saying she's rather devoted and I don't see just food or shelter being the main motivators for that, I see a sense of purpose. And I think that'd be stupid of Adam not to have any reservations regarding how/why they can, like he had previously about their motivations. So, pretty much wait and see, as always Yeah, I hope a lot of the side characters aren't pushed to the side and get more exploration overtime. Which is why I very much hope this was all planned regarding Adam, but we'll have to wait for more info in the next volumes.

    Well as I said, most people were expecting something special regarding Ruby, I think it goes back to the opening narration regarding a more honest soul, and why so many speculated/were expecting something mystical from her like being one of the maidens herself. It'll be a sad meeting if it happens And they'll be better teammates for her than Ciel Err.... if it's only about being there on time there's always driving there and finding a nearby parking spot the night before and sleeping in your car until morning, it's a more extreme version of what I do while waiting for Shakespeare in the Park tickets

    We'll have to wait until next month to find out if such a tactic would work I guess, given the focus of this latest chapter on the Beast Titan, I expected Erwin wasn't going to make it but this is even sadder than I had imagined. I also hope a certain new recruit with a bowl haircut makes it at least

    It's what I keep telling myself. Ah, forgot those were so close to release, though I'm feeling Civil War and BvS vibes all over again where I have faith in the former while not knowing what to expect from the latter <_< And if you don't find time this year there's always the option of waiting until Season 3 of DD comes out The power of a brand name used for the wrong things >_> Well, I like the insertion of the wild card in Durotan, breaks up some of the predictability and stereotypes of Orcs vs Humans. Nostalgia also probably plays a factor in creating a bias I wager, but I always appreciated those dubs' sometimes over the top earnestness as more honest/authentic than recent re-releases Wish they'd finished 5D's instead Eh, that still depends on technology advancing to make it easier to produce and allow production to overlap demand, the market prices should reflect accordingly if that happens.

    I was thinking Poker or Gin rummy or Uno actually, what older FF card games are you referring to? That's too bad, but at least it's something and gives you a rough idea of what to expect at least. I enjoyed episode 1, though nothing much was revealed, mostly just setup right now. Let me know what you thought when you do I'd be REALLY disappointed if there wasn't some skirmishing on Noct and co's part during the invasion before fleeing, I can't imagine them just quietly standing by if they witnessed it first hand and there have to be SOME scenes in order to fill in the blanks for those who don't watch Kingsglaive. That'll depend on how well it sells the movie I guess. What do you mean by not coming up with the song? Is there some story behind how they got/selected it as XV's theme? Appreciate it, I got excited seeing that katana move by the captain of the guard in the trailer when he's in Noct's party so I look forward to seeing you wield it in action yourself That'd be neat, wouldn't mind the Gunblade personally given we'll all see the Buster Sword again anyway Hopefully Bioware gives us something more recent soon. Can't wait for Oswald's trailer, and I've definitely liked what I've seen, if you pick it up let me know your thoughts I'll probably pick up a hard copy on a magazine rack in B&N, thanks for the heads up.
  2. KrimzonStriker
    2016-04-09 01:56
    Just try to keep in touch while getting to know new people, and worst case scenario I'll still be around to listen Pfft, doubt that'll do much but I'll keep it in mind if it turns out to be true. Same, was such a shame for Ben, glad both he and DD were redeemed. Hah! Well, at least the animated DC movies are still promising, need to watch JL vs Teen Titans actually. I'm not saying go wild but if you're in a new location you might as well take advantage of it, I'm sure there are guides online for the best BBQ areas or Austin attractions. I don't drink much either but it wouldn't hurt to take a night off to experiment with the local flavors, maybe use it as a way to get to know you co-workers, it's how I ended up going to most bars/clubs actually. My sister's also a wine fan so I've been through a couple of vineyards/wine tastings, even picked up a few bottles, mostly dessert wines

    Probably, as well as to give more insight into Banagher. Wish they'd kept/adapted those ending songs from the OVA's as well, though it was interesting to see an animated intro and ending to begin with.

    Was going to mention being a sequel but was never clear on how popular SEED was. Same here, gundam wikia came up empty when I searched, but hopefully they'll reveal its source soon. Please do so, would love to get your thoughts and it's worth watching

    Yeah, but if I ever went through the effort I'll want the really cool and probably really expensive models Color me surprised as well whenever I see western animated characters like from DC or Marvel made into Kai models as well, it's really impressive some of the renditions/adaptations they've done to their appearances. Err, you'll have to see the ending for yourself but I will say they could have ended it there, even though there is still plenty left to explore in the Post Disaster universe.

    I figured those two would have a meeting/moment with one another given Eishi is the big white whale as the first seat. And as of the latest chapter the interlude is over and the situation is moving at full throttle I can already foresee the incoming result but I have no idea what happens after in terms of dealing with the consequence, good on the author for keeping me us on our toes. I think so as well. Yeah, they did seem to have a flashback moment to Subaru's intro in the trailer (with Ryo inserted there as well interestingly) so it'll be interesting how they elaborate on that. Btw the OVA for the missing side chapter story is out (with some interesting adaptation additions it looks like), let's just say summer is here

    Eh, I thought it was a nice change of pace to more leisurely absorb its content when I read through it. Yeah, I've been disappointed that there's been no follow-up season for a lot of these adaptations myself despite some of them being well-received. Same here, and when there's no alternative I often have to resort to forums or wikias to make sense of the LN's I do read now, Mahouka and Madan being a few examples. Yeah, that attitude just gets tiring after awhile, maybe if I saw/read more of Hestia's backstory I'd be able to deal with it better. I always enjoy seeing creative application of a heroes power in these circumstances, keeps you on your toes on what to expect. Well, volume 3 is out right now, I'd say probably close to volume 6 we'd be caught up, at least based on what the scanlators have released anyway. I also heard they did Akatsuki no Yona which was well received, as of the first episode of Twin Stars the animation is actually solid but the pacing feels off and I'm worried that'll get worst since I heard they're going to add filler material/original elements as well so definitely focus on the manga Tell me especially when you start reading Kono Oto, they actually have some videos of the music being played in the manga you can listen to that I can forward. Heh, it's more recent with me, only started to read it after seeing it on the shelves but man am I loving it, and I'm glad it's Celtic mythology, it's something new to learn about. Yup, here's a link, it's pretty beautiful

    I'll keep that in mind. I can and will safety say after the first episode that Kabaneri the Iron Fortress (its english name) is on its way to being one of my all time favorites, there's a lot of similarity to AoT but also very distinct differences befitting an original series and I recommend it as a must watch for this season Dann Right now I'm looking for stuff that's new to break the monotony, I'll probably give Hero Acadamia a try once its further along (haven't read the manga yet) but I think along with Kabaneri I'll be looking at Netoge no Yome for a nice, lighthearted romcom to relax with after some of these heavier/intense series.
  3. KrimzonStriker
    2016-04-08 21:05
    Well, my gamestop store only had one 3DS in stock so you might be right on the version, in which case I'll stick to my original plan of waiting till winter.

    Nah, I get it, we've all got these quirks regarding games and life in general, some people like a challenge, others just don't want to admit they can't handle what's considered 'normal difficulty' even while having no interest in nightmare etc. Just play the game and do what feels right for you ultimately. Well hopefully for me it won't be that long to have said resources by the time I play at the end of this year, or any of the PC games I hope to get once my new desktop comes in Don't sweat it, games are supposed to be played at one's leisure. Eh, Fates will be the first real game I'll have had a chance to play in a while, and possibly for a while longer yet, so I'm gonna try to milk what I can out of the experience.

    Picking off from our pairings discussion on the PMs now that we have some room I will say great minds think alike regarding Corrin's older sisters for Birthright and Conquest. For the maid I'm thinking of going the classic pairing of her and our butler Jakob, at least for my first Birthright playthrough anyway. And that just leaves Azura... who I'm probably going to have to pair with Leo and Takumi respectively, though I hate doing that to them knowing she won't make it through those routes And thanks, keep me posted on what you find as you play through the game.

    Cool cool, I'll need to look at proper guides to be ready to take advantage of that then. Also good to know, I'll likely be focusing a lot of attention on those given all my pairing plans. Thanks in advance for what you send over in the future and thanks for this link for right now

    Hah! I almost always had heart attacks listening to the groans on mine, or dealing with frequent lag/freeze ups <_< I even had to do a clean out just yesterday of misceleanous data from my labtop to get any responsiveness from the internet Yeah, money and time are what most things come down to these days. Thanks, same to you.

    Surviving is not the same as prospering though, Nintendo's history won't provide the road map that allows them to contribute to gaming with box office titles or innovative new systems in the future, thus slowly pushing them further into irrelevance. And time really isn't on their side, they really haven't done anything since they first introduced motion/action controls in the Wii and DS. Blueray VR head sets might be interesting, hopefully it all works out for them in any event. That has seemed like a problem with other dual versions of games for the next and last gen consoles as well. I really do think LO getting a remastered version might be the way to go if they really want to bring it over to the Xbox One after all now. I wish Nintendo the best on securing those titles then, like I said before I'd want them if for nothing else to push more hand held releases now that I've settled on the 3DS

    No doubt. That's not a bad idea given we knew so little about them, would help reinforce the Plate collapse loss even more, speaking of which they might also include Denzel or Reeves mom from the OVAs as well. But I wanted to SEE it after all that build up throughout VIII <_<

    Oh, oh, I would love if they could release a Central Park expansion, it'd be a pretty cool environment to fight in while adding a change of scenery and some foliage color to contrast all the gray concrete buildings I suppose, let me know your thoughts once you've had a chance to review what's been planned. Well, as I said I liked the first three missions of Covert Ops, it basically settled Starcraft II as my first PC game for when I get my desktop anyway, though I hope it doesn't actually take them until Dec 1st (which they announced as the potential maximum timeline) to release all the missions.

    Edit: Oh Snap, I forgot Quantum Break came out, have to take a look at that soon.
  4. KrimzonStriker
    2016-04-04 20:37
    And I'm also looking forward to seeing Tai in action alongside that Still hope to see more of Raven next season regardless. That's what I thought but we'll have see if any more light is shed on Cinder and Salem's relationship to be sure of anything. I thought the opposite personally, that the other maidens wasn't something they were either worried about or can't be worried about (possibly because they don't know as you said) given all the focus on Amber.

    Well Emerald got a view of something involving the Grimm when she was inducted so I suspect she's a real convert. I can't imagine Adam knows the full story though given how they 'recruited' him. Obsessive stalkers always strike me as one-dimensional, he just made it WAY too personal for a man who supposedly believes in a bigger cause. I do hope to learn more about his character and what happened after Blake left. Exactly! That's the kind of character I would have loved from Adam, a multi-dimensional anti-hero/villain with his own goals/motivations versus some punch-clock subordinate out for trivial revenge.

    Well in real life the laws that govern our world versus Remnant are less elastic, so I think, in that context, Qrow was implying those tales can be taken a little more literally given the Maidens and Silver-eyed warriors. Well that's done unfortunately, so I wonder what influence Pyhrra will leave behind in Season 4 now. It's why I've always found tragedies hard to deal with, even the good ones, and why I avoid them. Which makes me wonder if Penny might take Pyhrra's place as the P of team JNPR provided she does come back, once everything's been sorted out of course. No need, just something to keep in mind in the future, if you're living in Texas might as well take advantage when you can. Like no state income tax Anyway, Chibi-Rwby looks cute and I'm looking forward to seeing it next month.

    Maybe freeze Bert's leg with his hardening ability? Oh no, I meant about motivation to win in general, that there's really no option but to move forward however painful because the alternative is extinction. But we'll see once the next chapter comes out next week.

    Still feels a way off, especially to wash away the BvS disappointment I'm feeling Not the worst plan, and DD Season 2 definitely makes it worthwhile from what I've seen so far. Those are my preferred versions of L&O, wish they'd move on from SV personally. But yeah you should definitely try and see Vincent as Kingpin, definitely a multi-faceted character that suits his talents. Same, but we can only wait and see how Warcraft does now. I'm referring more to making/deciding what kind of story to tell back in that past, VII followed a more established storyline than TOR. Yeah, its a good thing I actually LIKE most of the dubs from back then Here's hoping for if/when gets built and nobody screws it up along the way

    Good stuff regarding FFXV, the interview stuff was very enlightening (nice to see Cid). Everything looks very fluid now, environments are beautiful, mini-games are always fun (looking forward to the card games in the hotel room too) and I squeed seeing the car transformation Have you had a chance to try the Platinum Demo to compare? Even if its not representative of the final game I imagine it'll at least give you a better taste of what's to come and hey, they fixed the HUD which I heard was a complaint from Duscae. Watched the first episode of the anime and I enjoyed it, can't wait to learn more about everyone. As for Kingsglaive I'm sure they'll at least show some scenes from Insomnia's downfall since not everyone will see the movie and I can't imagine Noctis sitting quiet while the capital falls provided he was still close by. Also the VA thing sounds like a promotion stunt by getting big name stars to play the role, it'll be nice to hear them but like you I think it's unnecessary since they won't be in the game. Stand By Me is a great classic and very suitable since it feels like a message to the fans who waited for this game for so long and it was cool to see Florence + the Machines do the cover. Not going to hold it against you for passing on the Collectors edition, though do you think you can do a playthrough of XV on youtube when you get it? Would love to see that Masamune DLC weapon in action. I think I've seen the Andromeda thing before, and it likely won't look like that given it was from 2014 but nice to see the jet pack in action as you said, moving on though, have you seen the latest Odin Sphere Leifthrasir trailers? They're starting to unveil the individual character trailers and boy do they look pretty (and tasty!), can't wait to see it in June.
  5. KrimzonStriker
    2016-04-03 21:12
    I'm glad to here things are working out, just take things one step at a time and you'll be fine. Yeah, given the suddenness of the move family would be a welcome presence. About what I expected, guess I'll check it out from the library eventually. I'm glad to hear he got past the stigma from the Daredevil fiasco. Fascinating like a car wreck you mean? Eh, just use your own past experience and see if the hype about Texas BBQ is real or not. Ah, best enjoy that before summer hits then Okay, that's good, it might be more conducive then to check out the Austin night life if it's not too cold.

    Not necessarily new footage but how they'll edit it is what I'm curious about given all those points you said about the transition from movies. But I'll see soon enough since 0096 episode 1 just came out

    Not surprised, Destiny had at least flashy action and I suppose stuff like internet reviews/boards were less prevalent then. They often do that, it's how people know Johnny Ridden despite him not being in any mainstream media outlet, is the Astraroth from a manga or OVA though? Yeah I'll save a response regarding the show until you've seen the last episodes of Orphans, let's just say it was a roller coaster

    As I said let's hold off until you've caught up, though I definitely think we can reflect on your previous comments once you've seen for yourself. Appreciate it, I'll never get into Gundam modeling but I do like them and wouldn't mind owning a few, those Kai figurines for various franchises like Final Fantasy as well. I'm somewhat apprehensive that Season 2 is supposed to come out this fall actually, given there were apparently no plans for it initially so I hope they have enough time to do it right, but given the good work already done I'm still looking forward to it.

    Alice has always been a personal favorite as has Kurokiba so I'm glad they got to shine a bit, hope to see more of them though I understand we'll need to move on to the other characters now that they've won. This latest chapter was a nice break/segway into that with the reintroduction of Eishi and I wonder what the consequences of his offer to Soma will be even though I can already guess the immediate outcome. Oh, and just fyi a new PV came out for Season 2, check it out! I'm still curious how they're going to introduce Mimasaka given him being cut out last season and if that cooking class with the kids chapter will still be there. Also we've pretty much confirmed where Season 2 will end with this PV

    I wouldn't say it expanded it by that much but the pacing was definitely better/spread out as far as I could tell. Same, though the spin-off is currently shorter then the main series it probably won't mean anything for a transition into a 12-13 episode season. Also very true, large dialogue sections like in LN often get lost in translation when trying to relate it to western sensibilities among other factors. It's very much a character driven story since like the girls I really do root for Bell and his underdog status, and yes that does sound hopeful regarding Bell and Ais but I also know based on the wikia that volume 8 saw progress for the goddess, so nothings decided just yet. Heh, I think its great personally since that IS the most logical outcome given the typical naivete of classic knight heroes. Only thing that's holding me back is that I have to get the 12 volumes of Bloody Cross eventually, partially because it's not picked up by any scanlators whereas Shield currently is. They've had SOME success stories, and unfortunately I'm too big a Twin Stars fan not to give the anime a try, but let me know how you like the manga anyway, I definitely think you won't be disappointed Kay, first off Kono Oto Tomare! which is what I wanted Lies in April to actually be for my music manga needs, Shiro no Koukoku Monogatari another reincarnation fantasy series with more politics involved, and Mahou Tsukai no Yome -which has an english publication by Seven Seas if you're interested in picking up a volume- I find it a very different but pleasant series with an engaging cast of characters and a fascinating world (with a 3 episode OVA coming out to boot!)

    Yeah, I think I'm going to put Utawarerumono off for a while, maybe until Season 3 comes out, I'm going to be a bit busy these next few weeks with my folks out of town and I have other series I'd like to see especially as the Spring season kicks off to add to my backlog, though I've only settled on two new series so far, one being Twin Stars and the other the steam punk series Koutetsujou no Kabaneri, gonna wait on some others like Marcross Delta for when I get more free time and seen how they turn out.
  6. KrimzonStriker
    2016-04-03 16:55
    Funny, they said the price drop already happened for the 3DS and it went down to about $120 after tax on my end, that sound right to you?

    Pretty much, as I've said the main thing for me when playing games is to enjoy the experience/story so making things easier on myself isn't as big a deal to me. They are hard to plan for (speaking of please get back to me on my question about said kids in my PM) but as you say we'll likely just have to get used to it. Yeah, videos are slowly trickling out but it'll be awhile before all of them are up on youtube to compare and contrast, which is why I'm just going to go with my gut and what I've read on the wikia for the most part in my pairing choices. Now I just have to finalize my list for Conquest and Birthright Eh, not doing the kids pairing options is going to bother me, though I will cut some out of that loop depending on the male to female ratio and what answer you can give me on my PM question.

    Has been sent, let me know what you think and any insight on those questions I have.

    Doesn't have to be DLC, just if there's some kind of arena place I can grind out experience and relationship progress, I'm worrying about whether I can distribute and get to everyone's pairings in time. Huh, sounds interesting, have to look into those. When you feel comfortable enough to do it then, adjusting the levels is only supposed to make the game more manageable but if you don't feel the need just yet then don't push yourself. Send me a few links for said guides when I finally play as well

    Yeah, that worries becoming more prelevant with me as I notice a slow down on this thing, plus my internet connectivity was always spotty with this laptop but I was just too lazy to ever get it fully fixed. Sounds like the right procedure given how I recall my brother-in-law explained it though he/I have also been too lazy to ever get that done as well. Really need to start taking care of those issues by the end of the year when I get my new PC

    Sega and a number of other companies, it happens to the best of them unfortunately and I worry about history repeating itself with Nintendo soon, if nothing else then because of what it'd do to its handhelds. Yeah, I'd also like to see how a few of these VR titles do as well and whether or not the tech can prove its worth it in the first place. It didn't have to be like a full sequel but set within the same universe or something with a similar gameplay system and what have you, LO seemed like a franchise with a lot of potential that could have been further explored is all I or others have said. Suppose you're right, I'll hope for the best regardless and not just for LO but for other last gen titles facing similar hurdles as well. That's something at least, hopefully it goes well because they really won't be able to compete without the heavy hitter game publishers giving them a share of the market.

    That's good, does that mean already pruchased Xbox Ones can simply be tweaked and nobody has to buy a new version period then? Hope they do, as I am a Sony loyalist for the most part. I'd certainly appreciate that if it can do Blu-Ray, still haven't gotten one of those either <_< Eh, it's all about having options and (if this is the case, correct me if I'm wrong though) not making the older games completely useless in a few more years.

    I think so anyway, would love to see more references to Zack. I'm not going to complain if they do, CC did fine reintroducing Midgar in 3D but that was only a taste and this would be the time to expand upon its foundation. I'm just saying, if anything SHOULD break his veneer it's realizing Laguna was his father and I'd have enjoyed watching that reveal and his reaction personally.

    Eh, the Division did okay in terms of facial changes, clothing options, and color schemes but yeah, XCOM2 allows for a lot more wackier customization and its univere allows that more then the grittier/down to earth setting of the Division. I've only heard stuff about the story and gameplay in the expansions though, not about new areas so here's hoping. Also the first batch of Nova Covert Ops missions are out, only a small amount of story but the missions themselves seemed rather fun anyway.

    EDIT: Will save the FFXV stuff for the third post once I condense everything.
  7. KrimzonStriker
    2016-03-30 21:46
    I don't really have time to look into it right now anyway due to my parents leaving town for a little while, so just save it for your overall replies whenever you get to them (which you can send anytime now since I condensed everything back to three responses just fyi, oh and a reponse to my PM Fates pairing list).
  8. KrimzonStriker
    2016-03-26 23:10
    Exactly, not to mention we've got two new kingdoms to explore as well. I figured Tai would just be part of Yang's recovery story myself while Qrow managed Ruby and co. Eh, don't have high expectation on any Raven sympathy given her last message to Yang. I don't know, Cinder seemed pretty content with her work to me. Oh I expect us digging into the Maidens more, I meant you'd think they'd mention more rogue maidens to Pyrrha given the situation with Cinder and Amber.

    Another thing to keep the fans in suspense That seems doubtful given the scope of Salem's plot so far. True. Well there was no indication during their actual interactions prior to now though, and Adam was still concerned about his men then too. Her not expecting it is kind of my point though, and why I'm wondering what caused the shift. True, but I find a one-dimensional obsessive villain even more flat myself. And I'm not saying he'd be a saint even if he was brainwashed. Agreed, so moving on.

    Qrow did, kind of, when he stated legends and stories have to come from somwhere, as in plural tales aside from the Maidens. Her continuing her support role and getting a full Arkos relationship going for one, but it was not meant to be Hence why I focus on Jaune and Ruby unlocking their full potential soon. I can take losses in the middle of the series, the characters have a chance to recover by then but I hate it ending on that note cause the loss is fresh and hope for a better tomorrow seems far away. Possible, though I keep wondering about her 'plan' to stay in Beacon we never saw, maybe she backed her personality somewhere, we'll see. Ugh, don't mention those, was a Rei shipper myself <_< Yeah, hopefully we see where they go with Emerald soon. Well you can always give them a post-humous reunion since you live closer to RTX now

    I'm invested unfortunately, and I suppose that's why tragedy and comedy are side by side in theater. Hope she shows up soon given Eren's getting the stuffing knocked out of him. Yup, it'll be enough if Eren and co. learn from this to avoid whatever tragedy started this war in the future, but first they have to win that future. I know, I just hope we have a firmer knowledge base to work from, Erwin feels the same way given his recent attitude.

    Now just have to hope they keep it up till May. That's a shame, you might need to go third party sites then. How soon can you cancel a Netflix account anyway? Might be worth it to binge watch DD within a month. Yeah, loved Vincent D'Onofrio since my L&O binge. He played an intriguing Kingpin so I hope you get to see him in action at some point. Same, was never really interested in the GB franchise anyway. Pretty much my advice for tv Lucifer. Yeah, oh and feel free to ask questions if you need me to fill gaps on the Warcraft lore after the movie. Exactly, storyline and marketing would basically need to start from scratch in a TOR movie, I wouldn't get my hopes too high on it in any event. My family used to but now it's lost, luckily I found a link to the old Totoro dub but one day I'll have to download it. That might explain why I've never seen the Zoid sub on kissanime, or anywhere else really. Not to mention the wear and tear on physical copies, and they might as well make the shift since they're lending out digital books now.
  9. KrimzonStriker
    2016-03-26 20:59
    Just gonna merge both Texas discussions here. Ah I see, hope that goes well, and hey I think you can take it slow while you're still in training/getting familiar with everything, focus more on figuring out how to be comfortable/improve your efficiency, while getting to know your colleagues, etc. Shoot the breeze with the people who've been there before you to gradually learn how/when can you move up in the ranks eventually. Well I took my time with this response so no worries. Once again, no rush, get settled in and maybe save it for when your folks visit you in a few weeks. Sounds like a good place to check out Batman v Superman, be sure to let me know if it was a complete disaster or not Okay, good to hear there's a diverse menu, though try to look up a well-renowned barbeque place and tell me how it compares to the rest of the US will you? Hey, still saves a lot more space in your wardrobe if all it takes is a light jacket, and I'm sure that'll only be more apparent as summer approaches, though be careful about staying out late, desert nights in places like Texas do get quite chilly.

    True, but I'm curious how they'll adapt it all the same since they've only done series to movies before, and it'll be nice to watch Unicorn again

    That's only more prevalent with such long series like Gundam as well. Yeah, most of the time, though I do wonder now how much the crappy shows model sales are affected. And I hope IBO continues that trend, along with new design introductions of course, would like to see more Gundams after all. I think it's more likely Tekkadan/Teiwaz would be responsible for any innovation (like Teiwaz did with the Hyakkuren) since Gjallahorn's resource advantage wouldn't put much pressure yet for them to do so, along with their smug elitist attitude discouraging experimentation because of 'purity' etc. Well after the last episode I hope they actually SAVE some people for next season at the rate they're going, some of the recent possible casualties would be a real shame since we barely got to know much about them.

    That's essentially the gist of it, good for him to get a final boss upgrade but hopefully Mika puts Ein's vengeful/irrational spirit to rest. You should check out the previous episode yourself soon but I'll say that I'll be very surprised if Ein survives the finale give the set up. Garma wasn't all that guilty either IIRC (we'll see more of that in Origin III), but yeah he's pretty much become as big a victim as the orphans now. It's just one of those tragic ironies. Oh, send me a pic if you do get it Well that's why people like Teiwaz are necessary though Fareed could help stir more trouble among the enemies ranks for their advantage. Probably not, it's something to look forward to then, but for now let's put that aside as they use that hatred in this final battle.

    Agreed. Can't wait to see all their growth like with Ryo as well. Latest chapter was a cute look at Erina and Alice's relationship, though hopefully things start moving into the next round soon.

    Will try to fit the all manga stuff here as well. Oh yeah, definitely, it's not caught up with the anime but entire scenes that weren't covered are shown so give it a look. Close enough, hope they do a better job with pacing in the spin-off anime Yeah, the pace often feels disjointed in LN's given how much inner monologue information dumps go on in the characters heads during conversations or action scenes, they lack the right flow many a times. I know, but I think the characters charm is what wins through (I hope Bell gets with his stoic crush and not his goddess though, she's way too clingy) Pretty much goes back to our conversation on the Failure Knight anime, got to cater sometimes unfortunately. Oh yeah, really love the Shield Hero series, it's quite different from a lot of other works but also very realistic, even considering buying the first volume here since the company publishing it seems new. No rush, SM didn't really get past it's current arc and releases are monthly anyway. You should probably read Twin Stars before Tales actually, given the anime is nearly here and I'm nervous you might get a bad impression considering Studio Perriot can be pretty hit or miss animation quality wise. I also have three other manga series I caught up with and quite enjoyed that I can introduce to you whenever you've got time.

    Okay, sounds good, I'll starting watching through it (along with other series this season I've been putting off) next week in preparation for the third season once IBO is done then.
  10. KrimzonStriker
    2016-03-25 23:29
    Thanks again, it picked up my month, now just got to wait till winter to get the DS

    Yup, though I'll get into that later. Hey no rush, I'm still waiting as well and it'll give us a chance to do more research and compare notes Yeah, pretty much what I'm going to do unless there's too big a personality discrepancy or a set story that I really like between existing pairings. True but some pairings I'm just going to avoid cause it might make me do a face slap on myself by how ridiculous some could get Do so, it helps avoid some headaches and second-guessing. Yeah, I've only knocked off one or two pairings for the kids now but I'll hold off my list for them until later.

    Okay, I'll PM it to you since it'd get too big here.

    Are there still arenas and the like you can use for grinding purposes? We got a DLC like that with the special edition? Cause I'm all for it if for no other reason then to get me those S class support levels Not a bad idea, and I definitely think you should adjust the difficulty level if you're determined to do the A rank stuff yourself, at least for these first playthroughs to get familiar/plan out strategies better when you play on the higher difficulties. Don't be afraid to look up guides as well.

    Same, I'll likely ride out he one I'm using even after I get the PC while slowly transferring relevant data (need to borrow an external from my sister eventually). I hope so for mine as well, or that I'll spot the signs in time, I didn't with my last PC and I'm still trying to figure out how to extract the data from my old hard drive 7 odd years after I stopped using it

    I'm not saying they'll be defunct but their relevance will probably evaporate to the point where they might as well be a casual indie company at this rate. True, I'll be among the first to salute them if they do. Ah, thanks for the heads up, it's a ways off given I'm not even thinking about a console system until I get a full time position but something to keep in mind. That's good to hear, though I'll probably sit tight on checking any of those out until Summer Lessons comes out to sate my curiosity. Maybe it's just cause I watch walkthrough videos but the commentators for LO generally really liked the game and said they'd pick up a sequel in a heart beat, plus it's up to the publisher to properly market/attract attention for an LO2, and the franchise won't be received poorly at the very least if they did do it. Yeah that sounds like it'd be difficult, they may really need to do a remastered version after all instead to port LO. That is a big hurdle because the bigger name publishers really don't use the Nintendo console for most of their franchises along with online play, really only their handhelds have any real competitive edge in that respect. Hmm, I haven't been paying much attention to console news so what's Xbox doing exactly or is this just about backwards compatibility?

    Expansions like references to Crisis Core maybe? I'd be interested then if they were to pull off making the Midgard intro a full experience but it'd have to be a lot of additional content, by my measurements it was only half of the first disc. Mayhaps we could end it at them crossing the ocean at Juno, that could be enough potentially if they fill out other things. I know that, you know that, but did we ever see Squall put it together? <_<

    Good, they kept us waiting long enough in any case so no need to delay. Can't wait to get that release date now that we're almost there. Doesn't sound too far off from previous FF game lengths though. Sweet, cannot wait to see the view from on high in that case As for the rumors, it'd be nice if it came to the PC, I'd love a tie-in movie if it plays similar to AC, meh on the phone game, and I hope this new demo addresses all those concerns you had from the last one, along with answering your boss fight question. Ditto on more details. And thankfully the event will give us a lot to talk about in our next conversations Agreed, we've got a lot to look forward to between XV and P5 for this year at least. Definitely with you there, the whole Luna/Stella switch left me dissatisfied cause we won't likely see her physically clash with Noct now, hopefully we get white cloaks identity this week too provided he's still in the game.

    I don't know, I've seen a lot of pretty colorful mod/appearances from characters created by other people and submitted to youtube walkthroughs for XCOM2. Ditto, though it was a fun watch to see what the Pre-historic era was like, but moving on. Yeah, looking forward to these next few expansions, so far so good in any event, I hope they expand the map as well to see more of NYC beyond lower Manhattan.

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