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  1. KrimzonStriker
    2014-11-25 14:14
    Saw what the investigative question "I'm surprised" during the initial Cassandra romance yields, it ends up forcing your selection choices so skip that. So it's "Should I stop?", "Why is it impossible?" and "I can try". And of course just follow my previous post on the actual romance scene afterwards.

    Edit: Okay, this is new info but given our general path I say we support Leliana as the new Divine versus Cassandra (our love interest who hates politics anyway) and Vivenne (all about the status quo with her <_<) Apparently our actions/suggestions end up pushing the direction of that one way or the other so I thought I'd give you a heads up on that, hopefully the guide gives you the exact road-map on how to do that with minimal fuss/hassle on yourself.

    Edit for the previous Edit: Okay, I'm torn on this approach with Leliana being tehe Divine, do we support diplomatic/compassionate Leliana or ruthless but effectively Leliana? I've only seen the ruthless slide so far, and she's definitely effective, but I am curious how diplomatic one pans out and if it's equally successful in its approach.

    New Edit: Okay, I've just seen Iron Bulls mission. It's a tough call I'll give you that, let me know if/when you get close to it and we'll go over options.
  2. KrimzonStriker
    2014-11-24 21:39
    Oh, then maybe a bit of room for some before the fall OVA's
  3. KrimzonStriker
    2014-11-23 20:44
    Okay, I looked at some videos, that response to Mother Giselle after the battle at Haven seems to determine your speech for when you're Inquisitor. Go the "We need more then faith" option after all so you can get the "Fight for order, not faith" option, less controversial in terms of approval ratings from the looks of it. Trust me when I say things get really murky religion wise going forward and we don't want your character getting too obnoxious/fixated on it.
  4. KrimzonStriker
    2014-11-22 23:33
    Gah! The generic conversation changes when you talk to with Cassandra right after the initial one. Follow my previous roadmap for that btw. Anyway check this video at the 26:16 Mark, still go with the 'home is wherever I am' response unlike this guy in the video btw. But when you ask her about herself as you can see she opens up more, including about her brother. Something to keep in mind.

    Edit. Oh, err quick request but during Leliana's second conversation immediately after your first dialogue with her when an agent comes up to report a man named Butler betrayed them and got one of her men killed try not to go too powder puffy when intervening to save his life, at least treat it pragmatically when Leliana confronts you on it by saying 'killing him would be a waste' I mean I want you to be as compassionate as you can but there's no reason to just hand guys get out of jail free cards either and not at least work to make up for their offenses. Your main focus is order and trying to strengthen the Inquisition to be that vehicle of order so that you can help/protect the people who need it.

    Newest Edit: Found some Cole videos from his personal quest. One to make him more human and the other to make him more like a spirit. I"m a bit torn honestly, and can see the merits to both, though I lean more towards making him human (only so much help could do as one spirit after all and I feel like making them forget the pain to relieve it seems... wrong, he can still sense and still help even though it will be harder) If you do go the more human route follow this video for the ending conversation of the quest, it maximizes the amount of approval you get from Cole.

    Edit: More dialogue videos up, now including Iron Bull's company and Blackwall among others. Minor changes here and there from how this guy does it, for one go "Well, as long is it works" with Sera. As you can see going "What would be the point" gets you slight approval from Solas, though the "Dorian seems certain" could get an interesting response. Saying Cassandra's the leader gets slight approval from Iron Bull as well though really besides avoiding hitting "Do we need one" the Leliana, Cullen, or you answer could net approval as well, experiment if possible. Oh and if Varric suggests a part to celebrate obviously do so Anyway take a look and analyze what you think the best path is, especially since this dud keeps flirting with Dorian we'll have to feel our way through on how to get approval without going that route, start with "It's nice to know" for this conversation at least <_<

    Edit: Huh, 17:06 mark in the previous video link, I wonder what Blackwall is referring too regarding a mission searching for stuff involving the Wardens, he seems salty he didn't see/go though, try making sure you take him on every mission regarding the Wardens in any event.
  5. KrimzonStriker
    2014-11-22 22:56
    Well between the lyrium to close the breach with the underground perk, the option to recruit Alexius with the magic perk, or reason with the Grey Wardens with the scholar perk try securing them all asap before progressing to the next part of the main story.

    Edit: Oh, remember what I said, be a believer without being arrogant of a zealot, don't ever fully agree with the notion of being the Herald. Like I said in my previous post go it's unnerving when Cullen asks you how you feel about the notion among and just say I don't know to anyone asks if you are the Herald, as you probably already suspect you don't want to get too far ahead with that notion later on and whined up with egg on your face even as the Inquisitor still believes in his faith overall. In any event I covered it all in previous posts so just look those over and you should be fine on that front at least.
  6. KrimzonStriker
    2014-11-22 22:02
    I'm cool with it, I much rather a complete run through showing all the secrets. Take your time in any event, I'll scout out more dialogue traps/benefits in the meantime. Remember to look at my post on different knowledge perks opening up dialogue options before you get too far ahead btw
  7. KrimzonStriker
    2014-11-22 11:41
    Edit: Okay, looks like details regarding Bianca are coming out, at least a little, during Varric's personal mission. Here's the video, along with a follow up conversation here but don't look until you actually get the mission though. Feel free to ask Varric about the crossbow after all in your generic conversations. Stay away from the Orsino option still though

    Let's see, of course ask the investigative questions of course, then select "It's a pleasure." After the second wheel of course investigate again, but after you finish immediately accept the mission to get Varric's approval. In the third wheel after more investigative questions go "Hope you know how to fight" which has some funny dialogue . Next dialogue another question to ask and then go "You've been waiting to do that" for more approval. Huh, next dialogue wheel looks like you can say anything though the "Varric?" option I've now already heard and doesn't net any approval or disapproval so maybe select one of the other two to see what happens. The next one, go "Did you?" the other options look like they cut through extra dialogue so stick with the conventional answer. After that ask the set of new investigation questions, though the final response "You put this on us" gets you slight approval I've already seen it and "It wasn't really your fault" might be interesting, I'll leave that up to you. Errr, this next one is a bit tricky, "She's right' does get a slight approval from Varric, though going 'Varric's right' might also get you more, I don't know and once again I'll leave that up to you. Alright this next one, either go "Nobody is" or "Talk your way out of it", not sure which one will get you approval so choose what you feel is appropriate though the latter might be funny to watch In the final conversation though definitely go "No you wouldn't" which is surefire great approval and feels the most natural response, though I am curious what "She did you a favor" says though... maybe you can do a stop and save beforehand to see what he say to that?

    Okay, in your follow up conversation go back to talk to him and then hit the 'special' option to ask about Bianca again, fun information.

    More Edits!: Okay, forgot to mention but of course after the whole Cassandra book reveal go speak to Varric, hit the special option, and of course hit 'Cassandra wants a book". In the next dialogue say "She's a big fan" to get some approval. After that go "Cassandra seems to like it" and then of course go "Fine" for the last one. Afterwards head over to Cassandra, do either "I thought you'd like it" or "None other" whichever, and finally "Thank Varric" (already saw that one but it seems wrong not to give him credit).
  8. KrimzonStriker
    2014-11-21 20:57
    Okay, I've settled on some more dialogue choices like in Cassandra's romance scene after seeing a few more. Go "This is what you wanted" then "You're so picky" then "What do you believe" and really I've heard all three of these choices and they're pretty much the same, I'm disinclined to go with "I love you" since she doesn't say it back and this all is still rather abrupt in terms of the length of the relationship which she note. I guess if I had to choose it'd be "I believe it" but its reply is really abrupt and "You might not have a choice" feels like the one with the most elaborate answer. My opinion though, it's up to you on that last one.

    Oh and in case I didn't say it before then after the mage recruitment in your second major conversation with Cassandra select "Is there a problem?" then go "I hope it will work out" and finish up with "Flatterer". Honestly, given some of these hidden dialog scenes I keep running into like Dorian commenting about how he and the human noble might be distantly related you should probably constantly check to see if your companions/councilors/minor character have something new to say or some update whenever you're in Skyhold after even minor missions and definitely in between each main mission.

    Edit: Gah, forgot to include the first conversation with her. Go "Your impressive", ask the investigative questions, then go... hmm, try "It's too late to turn back now" I haven't heard that one yet and the 'you had to do it' one doesn't net any approval or disapproval, then finally "You had cause" and lastly of course go "Yes" on the question of your faith.

    Second Edit: Ah, new footage of a conversation with Cassandra after some Grey Warden missions bits in Adamant fortress (make sure to take her with you from the looks of it). Go "Love Poetry I take it?", "That's a good idea", ask the question "You think it's possible?" and then select "I believe it was her".
  9. KrimzonStriker
    2014-11-21 08:49
    Oh hey, I figured out where that special dialog about getting lyrium for the ritual after you recruit your side to close the breach. It's a perk increasing your knowledge of the criminal underground. Does the guide say anything about it? Cause there seem to be other dialogue perks like knowledge of the arcane or knowledge about politics. These could open up a lot of benefits and options...

    Edit: Hey, now that I think about it maybe that magic knowledge perk opens up the dialogue option to recruit Alexius maybe?

    Second Edit: I'm right! I looked at the symbol and it is the magical knowledge perk trait symbol. Be sure to get those in your upgrades before continuing on the main questline if you can/ Here's a video with the details

    Third Edit: Oh, something interesting, its the aftermath of Cassandra's personal quest. Let's see, I think you should go "You seem upset", "Is that what the book says", "The rebellion was needless", click on the Investigate options of course (Maybe click the 'I don't know' option along the way) and finally finish up with "Make the Seekers better", that one is crucial to upping her approval majorly.

    Next Edit: Well well well, there's an interesting alternative way to start the Dorian romance apparently, a conversation where Mother Giselle gives him a stern talking too about his intentions towards you. You think this might be available for the other romances like Cassandra mayhaps?

    Another interesting tidbit, and one I think you're already aware of but make sure to A. Recruit everyone you possibly can between each major story mission, and B. Talk to everyone after each major story mission, otherwise we could miss out of interesting dialogues that will be skipped over. Like this discussions with Morrigan, she seems to need to be recruited and talked too before the main quest Grey Warden mission is complete, otherwise some interesting dialogs on how to deal with the Elder One gets segwayed into talks of her relationship with the Warden like in that last video I showed you. So in order of this updated version of the conversation anyway go "Will his father be joining us?", "He seems a bit odd", "You know about Skyhold", then "I'm rather fond of it", and "Thank You". In the generic conversation questions right afterwards on "Thoughts on the Inquisition" go "The Inquisition will continue" (You have strong convictions remember ) On the "What are you working on" questions and after you ask all your investigation questions click that special dialogue option "He thinks I'm a rival" and afterwards click either "Yes. If I could" or "I don't know how", whichever works for you since I can't decide what suits you better as a believer, I'd prefer Yes. If I could but I wouldn't want that to come off as actual aspirations for godhood versus just wanting to explore, see, and maybe reclaim the throne for the Maker.

    Edit: Oh cool, you can contact the Warden after your dialog with Morrigan it seems through a Leliana mission. He sends you and Morrigan a letter, after you read yours go directly to talk to Morrigan afterwards to get her response
  10. KrimzonStriker
    2014-11-20 22:34
    I figured, but that's not what I meant. I literally mean the option to recruit him was not there in this one persons video here, at the 27:00 mark unlike in the others I've seen (like this one) when he did the sentencing. Maybe it's just a bug, or you need to do more side-quests/recruit more people, who knows....

    Fourth Edit: Just to be on the safe side try being reasonable/assure you people you can save and show mercy towards Alexius in all your dialog options.

    Cool cool, also make sure that not just the major companions but that you talk to all the available NPC characters. Fiona for one of course, but Mother Giselle seems to have some fascinating dialog information. Huh, something weird I just noted in this video but a quest dialog and other questions disappear if you ask her "How are the people" at the 2:31 mark. Maybe if you exit the conversation and try talking to her again you'll get them back? Something to watch out for and maybe ask her at the very end because 1. you want that quest and 2. I really want to know some information like who will be the next Divine etc.

    Edit: New request regarding when you ask Cassandra about the Seekers and why they rebelled and then note she disagreed with it and after she recounts what happened at Kirkwall choose the option "You care deeply about it". I know saying "I agree" will net approval but I'd like to see extra dialog since Cassandra just devolves into the generic merged dialog all the responses get eventually right away rather then elaborating with more info.

    Second Edit: In regards to that first point do NOT make the same mistakes this person does, he cuts off his dialog tree by asking new questions mid-way before finishing the whole conversation in asking the question that appears on the upper left side of the wheel. Check my comments below to see which ones I'm talking about, I'm Cptigris125.

    Third Edit: Oh cool, beginning of the Cassandra romance is out. Am not digging the Worf american voice though. Let's see go with "Should I stop?", "Why is it impossible?", ask the question "I'm surprised", and then finish up with "I'd like to try".

    Gah more edits Edit: On the immediate follow-up dialogue before you ask for some 'private time' go with the "Why so incredulous?' choice if you could and then... well I haven't heard the "I like challenges" option but the "I care for you" one does feel more natural AND I know it gives you approval. I'll leave it up to you though the challenges one might be funny to watch we might still need that approval given some of the decisions will be going against with her

    Fifth Edit: Okay, I'm reviewing the video with the culmination of the Cassandra romance again. Before you hit "I'd like to talk privately" button There's also an "About us" one as well, click on it and see what it's about, if it's just giving you the option to break up then go back but I am curious if there's any extra dialog before you finally cement the relationship. Oh and apparently there's an "I'd like to ask your advice" about something button too, no idea if that's just another way to invite her to 'private time' but if it is please push that one

    Who knows Edit: Scratch the "About Us" dialogue choice, it's just the breakup option <_<

    Sixth edit: Huh, there's also a "special" button and a follow-up question on the cure of tranquility with Cassandra, wonder what this is all about...

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