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  1. KrimzonStriker
    2014-08-08 21:02
    Korra and Attack on Titan were released today Dann, did you get a chance to check them out? Let me know so I don't get into spoiler territory in my next reply.
  2. KrimzonStriker
    2014-08-06 23:40
    Cool, let me know how you like it. Oh, any recommendations for me on a series you liked? Heh, I remember when I was just a kid, I had no interest in cooking until one day my family stumbled on the original Iron Chef, and we were glued ever since. Which are always great premises, plus it's nice to have a more mature/confidence protagonist leading the way like Souma. Oh I agree which is my point about creating sufficient depth, long animes have a tendency to go through arcs and chapters rather quickly, which ends up with some ridiculous fillers, still Shokugeki seems like one of those series that can withstand it and actually prosper with fillers given the rapid pace between competitions, but for most other series I'd rather have little break in between arcs, much as Attack on Titan's delay is rather trying there comes a point where they just stretch too much.

    That's what I suspect too, it might be the transitions to 3D models, not to say Unicorn wasn't worth it but it'd explain a lot I imagine. I'm with you, it'd be so much simpler if they just stick to what worked with a regular scheduled series. Part of me just wonders if they're trying too hard creating separate AU's, they've turned down some really intriguing stories in exchange with what feels like a bunch of kiddy shows.

    Eh, we'll see how it all works out in due time, hopefully they add it in a preview at some point. I'm sure officially they'll squash it but it'll transition into rumors that has the populace all antsy, more likely this'll give enough popular support to smooth the transition over to Historia or even pressure to install her provided everything works out. I'm not worried about him, it's not like Erwin is meeting the person who actually makes the decisions, heck the fake king might even be convinced to help given how dejected he looked in that last image we saw him. Yeah, here's to answers in the next chapter though in the meantime I also hope this chapter had enough action with the HQ take-down to keep some of the more impatient fans sated.

    I wonder where in the middle of that Ironwood will make his unveil of his new mechs from back in the trailer, and when Penny will pop up again. Oh well, we'll talk about it after tomorrows episode. Hopefully the tie-in aspects manage to establish some consistency when we wrap things up for next season, we'll see. Oh I don't doubt that, when two enemies are fighting that's generally the perfect time for our heroes to turn the tables an emerge the ultimate winner, should be fun regardless and I can't wait to see them stick it to Ho-Teng and the Dai Li. I also wonder what/how the Air Nomads will get involved, perhaps if they escape Korra will venture to the Northern Air Temple to find out more about Laghima from Tenzin. In any event it's a little early to be talking about a new comic series, the Rift Part 3 is out on November so we'll see how that ends before coming to any conclusions about the next one. I'm already hopeful about one thing in the future of the series, Fire Nation time and maybe Mako making some character/ability growths like Bolin has in the Earth Kingdom. Speaking of I really hope he metal-bends by the end of Book 3 btw.

    Sweet, I'll take a look then. I'm curious to see how each of the outposts differ from one another as well depending on what field we have them focus on, like if the Intelligence outposts will have ninja's training instead Well, I'm sure we'll get some hints depending on what they ask us during the Keep, I for one would squee if they gave us the option to get Tegan married like in that one epilogue to the sister of that boy we rescued, it'd be one of those nice little touches to add. We can only hope at this point, going forward though and based on those novels I will be looking forward to exploring/interacting with those characters we've read about, it'll be interesting to see how they're taking all these news changes in Thedas since we last read up on them. Some more INFO would be appreciated though on Bioware's part right about now <_<

    And may it spark further innovations like it going forward, Tolkein or otherwise. Cool, let me know if you catch anything interesting or new, some of them are pretty long and I may have missed things here or there. And put in some good replay value as you mentioned earlier, ah I can't wait now Ah well, at least football season is coming up soon along with basketball season at the end of October to keep me occupied, did I ever ask if you followed any professional sports Dann? Being from Illinois I imagine it would have been as difficult these last few years as it has been for New Yorkers like myself sports wise Cool, are you enjoying it so far, and any opinions on specific characters/instances you might have liked? Spikes surprisingly been my favorite of the series with Twilight, Luna, Rarity, Celestia and Applejack in that order.
  3. KrimzonStriker
    2014-08-06 13:01
    It's pretty fun, you should watch the anime at some point or another. I'm actually more surprised it's taken that long, being an avid food-network watcher and after seeing so many cooking competition shows I know how diverse the field can be. Got my hand on a copy, the translations are okay for the most part, too early to tell but it looks pretty good so far, I'll be waiting until we get another volume or two to look at before I commit just yet though. I think Shokugeki has the potential to be among those type of long anime series, depending on the reception of course. Production and time as well no doubt, it's not something you organize on the fly and like I said sufficient depth of manga material to draw upon I imagine, when we get to 100 chapters I'll be starting to ask questions on that front in any event. Can't wait for the spoilers.

    I certainly think so if Unicorn is anything to judge by, might be budget/time constraints with other projects, I'm not sure, but Sunrise would be better served putting out more OVA adaptations for some of their other spin-off series from U.C still going forward. Ecole du Ciel could certainly use a manga, and as I said before 0081 has all the makings, plus the animation and VA's in place to justify one as well.

    On a VERY limited scale though if I recall, in comparison to the giant towering body of the serpent we saw in the trailers. Oh, new spoilers out for Attack on Titan, things are getting more intriguing and it looks like the conspiracy is getting its legs knocked out from under it surprisingly from Reeve's son of all people. But boy do I wish they'd tell us what was going on with Historia and Eren right about now <_<

    Well, those are all problems for another time once Book 3 is closed, moving on. Yeah, we've got most of the characters done now, I'm curious what most of their personalities and weapons/fighting styles are like, lord knows we haven't seen much from anyone on that front besides RWBY and JNPR for the most part. Okay, I'll give you that, but these shortened seasons probably had a lot to do with that I imagine, it was still a pretty epic battle for the most part plus I felt Unalaq and Korra served as sufficient avatars, pun intended, for the differences on their views in any event, but the real debate will likely be coming between Korra and the Red Lotus more then anyone I imagine. We'll see in the next few episodes, for now as I said I'm looking forward to seeing our two enemy factions in the Red Lotus and the Earth Queen clashing this week, is it bad I'm rooting for the Red Lotus in this instance? I think it'd make sense for the next series once this book has been wrapped up, they've been pretty good on trying to tie in each novel to their respective series for the most part.

    Baldur's gate had stuff like that? I've got to look more into that series now. In any event I'm very much looking forward to that aspect as well, plus the fortresses themselves are real living environments with buildings, shops and NPCS, along with your standard 'war table' as they're calling it. I think a decade is sufficient time to see what has or hasn't changed by this point, though I'm more interested in seeing how the political situation and how the people have changed for the most part. True, but I hope it isn't casualties of people we've barely gotten to see or even know in the games, people who haven't read the books won't understand the significance as well as those who have, we'll see how it goes I might be exaggerating until we get more details. I'm not arguing against that, it only makes sense respectively and I'm all for taking on that challenge if it enriches the gameplay and I can walk away satisfied that I did everything I could.

    No doubt and I respect that, but especially with a work like Tolkien's now that he's gone, it makes all the sense in the world to also try to enrich and add to the legacy of what he inspired, and quite frankly Shadow of Mordor will probably be the first game to really do that which I'm glad for. They've got quite a few more, and pretty lengthy ones if you just make sure to search for 20+ minute long videos whenever you get the chance, some fascinating gameplay and reveals there. Well, sometimes you've got to take a direct approach, like confronting a specifically hard to get at warlord, the Nemeses system by and large offers a variety of ways on how to approach the problem in any event. Speaking of new potential besides this and Destiny were there any other new releases we should be paying attention to this year? Oh and any chance you've managed to watch some MLP recently?
  4. KrimzonStriker
    2014-08-05 15:23
    Actually the first thing that got me into this kind of genre was the anime Yakitate Japan, fun show about bread-making btw. Well first up the first volume should be release now, so I'm going to take a look and see how well they did with the translation today hopefully. And yeah, I think it'll transition well to an anime form, I think maybe after this election is over they'll hopefully have enough to justify an announcement for an anime next year hopefully, anime's eat up shounen chapters quite quickly, but rather then some of the more action based series Shokugeki I think would lend itself well to filler arcs if it comes to that, provided it becomes as big as I think it can rather then some 13 to 26 long series. After reading the next translation it FEELS so far like it would lend itself to some character development/interaction this coming week given the newspaper investigation profile of it, fully justifies a more informal and exploratory setting these next few chapters hopefully.

    Given how much background info we're getting I'm kind of worried now about the movie trilogy, these last two volumes with all the background info could eat up one movie by itself honestly.

    I'd certainly be smiling while doing so

    True enough, and they did that for awhile, personally I don't blame them for stopping given the long wait period Book 4 will take once this season is done. I would be cool with that as well, I just wish them to deal with it while we're waiting for the series end, it's a glaring eyesore for me every time like when I saw Mako carrying Korra to Naga, as I said I wouldn't have so much of a problem if we didn't still have so much of the series left to finish and we constantly have to have the issue hovering over it. Well, the only other thing I can honestly think of that we'd naturally progress to would be the Vytal Festival itself at this point, that seems like the key event everyone is converging on at this point, should be a fun way to introduce more characters going forward as well. Well I thought of it as he left his mark/impression by getting Korra to keep the portals open like they originally wanted, not to mention the overlap with the Red Lotus now. I think that's probably the most important lesson we can take from this when it comes to the message of maintaining balance. I hope we actually get a flashback of that period, it'd be a great storytelling device versus all the exposition we're getting so far. Heh, maybe we'll see the Red Lotus and their founder Xia Bau in an upcoming Avatar comic now that I think about it

    No doubt, should be a fun experience getting involved and dealing with all these various factions and interests groups, surprisingly I'm curious as to what's been going on in Ferelden and look forward to revisiting the area as much as I am about exploring new places like in Orlais. Yeah, people are already speculating the Divine might have been caught up in that blast along with Wynne's son given the presence of Cole, I certainly hope not in any case but we'll see, and hey the Inquisition will hopefully be able to deal with those issues in their place given our formation is due to the breach event in the first place. I think the same, might be some tricky navigation but I'm sure we'll be able to balance out the differing opinions (or even change a few) well enough like in the past

    No I get it, but to me this is why I always jump on board with an expansion on a story versus just straight up adaptations, cause they do push the boundaries without needing to outright contradict the original lore, and a spiritual battle against Sauron I'm willing to jump on board with. I've been tracking down and heard this news on a few interview/demo videos up on youtube they've had out, fascinating stuff. Same, beyond what we'd know I'd appreciate being able to summon my minions and their warriors to my aid among other abilities, but we'll see how it works out. All they'll need to justify it is a commercial success and it'll push itself I'm sure, here's hoping all those good-vibes that prompted the early release prove well-founded then.
  5. KrimzonStriker
    2014-08-03 21:46
    There have been a FEW successful food manga series here, and if anyone can push interest on it it would be Viz, generally the story and the characters themselves should be appealing enough so long as people become aware of it. Just makes him overconfident I think, which can be just as bad, but I'm sure that mostly stems from confidence to find out whatever Souma is doing regardless, still a lot can happen in a week and I hope they explore that these next few chapters rather then throw us right back into things, I'd really like to see the aftermaths for some of the losers and some potential interaction with characters who haven't gotten the spotlight for awhile *cough* Erina *cough*

    Oh, I also read the latest volume of Gundam: Origins, very intriguing backstory for the events and characters that led up to the One Year War, also Dozle comes off as sweet in how he first met Zenna, while Char goes on proving he was always the U.C's resident troll even back then.

    In terms of graphic cutscenes and ESPECIALLY the battle-system itself, it'd be a little unreasonable to expect that size when/if we can summon them I imagine. Alright, then let's just hope for the best in terms of story and wait for more info.

    Still have 4 more weeks of dragging this out for me though, along with maybe months of debate and speculation of whether the series will even continue much less fix the Mako Korra dynamic finally, I'll be glad to see Book 4's trailer next year if it does come just to know one way of the other. And wrap things up, don't forget that, honestly I'd let this thing about Makorra go if there weren't 2 seasons after that to let it stew like it has for me<_< Still, I hope this next one throws in some action for the antsy fans, I think the tension has been built up enough don't you think? True, but being straightforward and on the level doesn't necessarily mean he and the rest of the cast will get along even if they are technically on the same side, as for Cinder I don't expect any major reveals her way for a while, so I'm just going to look forward to character interaction at this point from the villains side now that they're there. For all Unalaq's raving though he did make Vaatu seem a bit less outright evil, I doubt even he would condone human extinction even if he was willing to level quite a bit of destruction to solidify his extinction unlike with past Harmonic Convergences. In many ways i compare the Raava and Vaatu comparison to the argument between Zaheer and Korra about order versus chaos, after all if we're going natural order then the freedom of chaos and survival of the fittest motif does make sense in a Darwinist way. Not saying that it's fit for humans now that we've developed so far forward at this point and need institutions to reign in those natural vices to survive period though. Still, it makes for an interesting debate and argument going further down the line, this Guru Laghima Zaheer keeps talking about has definitely piqued my interest as to what exactly his philosophy is and why it seems to differ from traditional Air Nomad ways.

    Definitely in some critical moment cases, we won't be able to unlock areas without playing around with the Inquisition tablet's, that much was already confirmed. Sounds about right, mind you I plan to work as hard as possible to avoid having to make hard decisions but I will if it comes to that, Lord knows I suffered through it with Behlen back in Origins. Agreed, this is just feeding on itself and both sides need to come to a compromise, one understanding that what they're doing is just causing the problem they're trying to fight, and the other understanding why people might fear them and the responsibility to do what they can to change that outlook. Indeed, and given that she's pro-circle and that if I had to sympathize it would be with the mages should be a bonus to me even if I'm going to be open-minded on reform and getting input from Solas and Dorian.

    I'd sign on board with that, some people are crying foul on Sauron being a final boss for the game but I'm all for it, lord knows it'll be the most he's done personally then in any of the other Lotr media outlets. And the people there, I'm especially intrigued by these Nuron sidequests confirmed for the Tribesmen that old crone/queen runs to add diversity to the mission, story and world, it'll be a nice break-up after seeing too many orc faces after awhile. I doubt it given you'll likely need to dominate pawns and regions to a certain level before they allow you to progress, at least that's how I took it given the story is and has to be linear even if it's open-world. Exactly, and what path they take given how this one's a bit different compared to some of their other games like F.E.A.R according to their wiki, hopefully it'll be a successful branch out that'll push them into other fields like it in the future, especially if the nemeses system gets carried over.
  6. KrimzonStriker
    2014-08-01 23:48
    A shame, some really good series are just flailing in the wind now because of them. Yeah, hopefully it'll turn out to be a good bet for my money, literally, that they carry Soma through, we'll see, the main driving force will be that it's SUCCESSFUL in sales over here though. Maybe, but why bring up Hinako-senpai from the alumni then I wonder... I wouldn't be shock, but for now I rather doubt it, at least this point given there seems little point in the ruse and Subaru doesn't seem like the type to garner that kind of service for others, just my take but we'll see.

    Same, the game looks good enough so far battle wise to warrant that in any summon hunt I imagine. Oh, that sounds promising, and that it'll look stunning all the same time. Ah, same old same old with Square I see, let's table the discussion until they DO start talking about them finally. Until the SEQUEL Dann, given that track record despite how dark Nomura wants the story the ending still has to be satisfying for the vast number of teen's who'll be buying this game, so I have faith based on that tradition things will work out one way or another.

    True, but it won't go away for some time either unless another decade or so passes, even then I imagine when it does become apparent they're not continuing the series the backlash will likely still occur regardless. One would expect so, I'm sure they'll be able to come up with plenty of interesting scenarios if it comes to it, I didn't expect them to bring in something like the Inquisition the first time around, and as I said there's plenty of places in northern Thedas for us to explore afterwards if they want to revisit DA for a later game. THe possibilities are good, provided by the end of this game you do manage to throw back the Darkness and restore the Traveler, interstellar travel to go on a crusade and liberate other worlds would be an option they could explore.

    I can fully understand that sentiment, believe me. I think so too, so for now I'm not going to panic on the matter and just enjoy it as it comes until further notice. I imagine Monty has a good idea of what he wants to bring about, and the support he's getting should bolster his ability to do so. Good setup episode this week as well btw, all the pieces are starting to come into place, now to see what direction they're going between Ironwood and Cinder, also nice that Monty stated in a follow-up interview that Blake gave the okay to tell JNPR about herself even if Jaune is a bit of a blabbermouth Vaatu and Unalaq, and in Vaatu's case I thought he was sufficently menacing for what he represented, he at least talks more then Sauron But yeah, called it on Zaheer, total anarchist, though what he plans for Korra is still quite puzzling at this point. Still will be interesting to see our two villain's collide next week, they seem to do that a lot btw even if Varrick didn't stay a villain.

    Oh well, can't do anything about it now, just have to hope for the best, but moving on from ME4. Given that they ARE investing two of the advisers as romances I imagine we'll be spending a lot of time on it, so I'm not worried about sufficient content on that front. Well, tell me how you'll play your Inquisitor then and maybe we can see what fits, I'm going to have mine start off as a bit naive but incredibly smart and capable of learning to make the hard decisions as he goes and becomes more comfortable with being the Inquisitor, he won't say no to power but he'll try to come through it the right way with minimal collateral damage if possible, which should be an interesting clash with Vivienne's survival of the fittest motif, but I got through it with Morrigan and Isabela I can get through it with her.

    Well, however it goes down I hope they take as many orcs and minions of Sauron down with them along with a chunk of the big bad if possible. Well, regardless it'll be interesting to see the variety of the place and an area of Middle-Earth that we've known but never really explored thus far. I can't wait to see how the army shapes up at the end btw, it'll be epic to have this huge horde at our back as we lead it against Barad-dûr. Oh sure, but those are relatively easy, I always try to give more credit for developers that step out of the established canon of other media's to do something new with and add to the story, it takes some real courage to do so and Monolith certainly one of the biggest settings to try it on.
  7. KrimzonStriker
    2014-07-30 21:05
    The Stellar Six of Gingacho was one series I really wished they'd imported before Tokyo Pop went under, or for another company to take up. But yeah, I'm not entirely happy about the state of the manga industry for any English licenses but if there is one company left that I would bet on it is Viz, so I'll take a chance with my wallet on this one. If we're going by the new spoiler that does seem the case, the Japanese sure take their school newspapers seriously, wonder what some of those other articles are saying though.

    I'm imagining something along the lines of FFX based on that description, but we'll see. Oh that should be fun, sounds like FFVII's hunt for summon materia all over again Oh, that's almost comical in terms of picture, though we'd still need to see how the summons actually work in general for FFXV in any case. Uggh, all these mysteries makes me ask if you know when the date of Square's presentation actually is Dann? Well Darker in terms of the overall story which the edge of realpolitik they have going on certainly does, and which I appreciate, but even Nomura's not going to build up the relationship between those two just to have it tear out our own hearts, that's never happened between any of the outright love stories we've had despite how close FFX came.

    10 years is a long time though, honestly I don't care either way I just wish they'd announce definitively if they are or aren't going to take up a sequel and let the fans off the hook and the rest of us in peace. I'll give them a look so long as DA doesn't get the shaft, it still has quite a bit of story I think to tell, considering how much of Thedas we have yet to explore. I'm sure things will improve once Mars and Venus and any of the other planets open up. And to be reassuring in those dark corridor moments And despite what little we've seen I'm actually curious as to the story of the that universe, like what this battle between the Traveler and the Darkness is all about among other things, some interesting mysteries to be uncovered.

    Certainly would for me considering how much more time I spend on the computer compared to watching T.V. EXACTLY, given how well the narration is working so far I hope Bryke doesn't lose heart over this latest development and continue to improve so that we can bring the series to a grand conclusion despite all the haters. Not expecting him for a few more episodes if at all, but I'm looking forward to tomorrow to see what new reveals we WILL get in RWBY. Which also makes him more dangerous and unpredictable as well, in a lot of ways he's got a very V for Vendetta feel to him.

    A shame, and after their attempt at Horde-multiplayer with all the other playable races you'd think Bioware would have been able to take the plunge but alas, we'll just have to deal with whatever they give us. Good setup so far, and I can't wait to get my hands on running the organization, affecting Thedas on a wide scale, this advisory system should be its own fun little aspect of the overall game as we get to know those three as well. So who are you leaning towards in terms of a romance so far Dann?

    I'm not going to deny that, and it'd be fun regardless, but as we've agreed all told I'd rather they both find some kind of peace, it's the least Middle-Earth owes them after all the sacrifices and torment they went through. It KIND of look liked they did in the trailer, though more along the lines of a spirit-world boss battle I imagine given both Celebrimbor and Sauron have no mortal bodies persay, I just want to see an epic clash between those two after all these years and their checkered history together, and to see Sauron's eye bug out when he realizes whose messing with his army It'll also be cool to see what Mordor was like before all the fire and brimstone started to cover it, I kind of figured not even the Orcs could sustain themselves if that was ALL there was to cultivate food on. Yeah, I think it isn't too much of a stretch to say this will probably be the greatest and most defining game of the Lotr franchise thus far, at least that's what I'm hoping for.
  8. KrimzonStriker
    2014-07-30 12:38
    That was my thinking as well. I know I've been frustrated with series that ended too quickly, and stable so far among the remaining companies, though they're being coy on what series they license now. Given that it's Viz publishing Shokugeki though I'm hopeful they'll be okay. That is definitely a plus and one of the good things with having a weekly series. Oh, and looking at the recent translation of Souma I wonder if that knife retrieval mission of his might finally get him some damn popularity in Tootsuki after how he peeved off everyone back during the opening ceremonies

    It'll be interesting to see who wields the other summons in any event. I'm hoping there's something more to the train, compared to the other summons it seems a little bland for the main character's summon, but we'll see how it all works out I suppose. I'm looking forward more to their story and history in general but it would be a useful segue in that case. Well, final fantasy has generally never gone that deep though, it has its tragic moments of course, but I hope by the end they stick to that part of the legacy and lead to a generally satisfying conclusion.

    Oh I've never played it either, but you hear enough people talk or make references about it even among the other big game developers you have to wonder if they have any choice given how much of a cash cow they could be giving up if they don't, same with Baldur, don't it really doesn't matter one way or another to me, I just brought up Baldur for something Bioware might be able to focus on. I just hope it doesn't fall flat on their face because of that original novelty aspect, but we'll see more at Gamescon. Well it's still pretty limited from what I've seen so far, I'm sure they're wise enough to change up the scenery when some deeper missions open up. Just nice to have him around in general giving narration.

    Alright, I'll give you that one, but regardless they have no choice BUT to hope it succeeds now. I admit, despite the unresolved Makorra issues I feel the same way so far, lot of new and interesting dynamics being thrown out now. As I said, as far as the White Fang go I'm only interested in seeing Adam make a return, he was always among my favorite in terms of combat styles given it reminds me of Vergil from DMC. I can only speculate at this point, the spirituality Zaheer has going makes him unpredictable in terms of motivation and ability, so it should be fun seeing what's in store this week.

    Eh, so long as they have an interesting romance, and asaris, I'll give it a look over. If they had to go an MMO route though they should have done it with this game instead of TOR along those Destiny model lines we were talking about. I don't know how much leeway they can give on what seems like key-plot points, but hopefully yeah, overall there seems like a ton of replay value with Inquisition. I hope so, though like I said I'm only waiting on Vivienne, and given the limited female romances for my male Inquisitor I hope there's enough diversity between her, Cassandra, and Josephine to do that.

    Oh I'm sure they'll be embellishment in some places, but overall the setup they have so far leaves me to think it'll work. I'm not going to discount that and it would be interesting, but given Celebrimbor's sad history I'd rather he and Tallion make one last noble sacrifice instead. A nice change considering we've only ever had him in eye form, him actually doing something himself would be a welcome addition, and boy do I want to fight him so badly. Quite a lot of fun to be had, and I wonder if this might be some new precedent that revolutionizes the gaming world as other companies see the possibility Nemeses brings and applies to their own games, certainly it'll be a leg up from all the generic grunts of the past.
  9. KrimzonStriker
    2014-07-28 23:17
    It'll be more manageable for me since I'll be focusing on just Shokugeki for the time being, I'm only praying it's popular enough where they don't discontinue it midway of something and I have a self full of useless volumes. Of the current volumes though it'll still be 16 months until they get to volume 8's recent release in japan according to their current publishing schedule though.

    Given Stella's fiery summon background I wouldn't be surprised if that's the one. I still have to see it summoned and in action before I can actually wrap my head around a Train as a major summon... It was really sweet seeing them as kids btw, I hope things work out between those too, and not in the tragic Shakesperean way this game is supposed to be inspired by...

    They're wasting an opportunity if that's the case, Baldur's Gate is up there with Half-Life for most wanted sequels in gaming if what I've read on forums and comments are to be believed. Honestly I wouldn't be surprised to see them doing it right now given that news about the new IP, lord knows the general failure of TOR should have made that message clear. Speaking of said models Destiny's looking pretty good from the bits of the beta I've seen so far though I'll be thankful when we get to see the rest of the solar system, also nice to hear Peter Dinklage in the game

    Then let us pray and watch for their success and prove the internet works, look no further then RWBY itself Nick, so you best not be doing anything rash with the series!! God knows the series deserves it after all it's been through <_< Or getting all the new characters introduced, I can work with that one as well, the guy in white coat alongside Penny is of particular interest in terms of motivations. I doubt it's kill her directly from the looks of it, he could have done that initially during the kidnapping and it'd be kind of pointless given the avatar cycle, so it has to be something deeper then that. Well, a guy who likes philosophy so much is bound to have some intriguing goal behind what he's doing I imagine.

    Co-current? I don't know how that'll work, I'm kinda tired of the Reapers and might have preferred an outright prequel to be honest. I do to sometimes, but they wrapped it up rather nicely for the most part. Probably will happen on occasion with our CURRENT companions if that Leira torture scene is an indication, just got to be careful is all, or buy the guide, whichever Only Solas, Varric, and Blackwall are among the eligible so far, and going off popularity alone along with a very deep love back-story I'd place my bet on Varric personally, Blackwall seems too job and self-sacrifice oriented while Solas seems to have hsi head up in the Fade to pay attention to trivial mortal concerns like romance. Which is a real shame to be quite honest, more often then not it only becomes worthwhile when you've got a decent group of people to share the exploration experience with you.

    They've been pretty resolute they'll make it work and integrate it seamlessly so I have faith, and yeah I wouldn't be surprised if their is some argument between the two on the matter, though whether that goes full-borne conflict or ends up some kind of redemption story where they weaken Sauron to give the rest of Middle-Earth time to counterattack is up in the air at this point. Should be fun seeing Blum in such a role, along with the chance to see more of Mordor like this Corsair culture and how the survived in that environment. More time to focus on Comic-con for me though Same here, and I like how unique the farm system is, where in one demo you end up trying to promote your pawn in other ways like helping out in some hunt, heck you could deliberately have them kill you in order to possess them later when they're higher ranked because of it. It'll be really interesting to play around and build your army like that in such an organic way.
  10. KrimzonStriker
    2014-07-27 14:35
    Just going to have to wait now then. Maybe, I hope so but I don't mind buying the volumes now that I have an income for now. Yup, beginning of August, it'll be frustrating to wait for them to catch up in the meantime so hopefully those side-chapters are spread out nicely.

    True that... Oh, that is interesting, Stella's country's summon mentioned among them, though a Doom Train always struck me as an odd thing to summon... Well, that's one down, several more to go... Oh I already speculated as much, I'm more curious as to how the power works and what it actually does though. That too.

    I figured it would but it still seems rather pointless if they can't even get the game out. I can work with that, like I said TOR would have been better served if they had followed that model instead. I just don't know enough at this point to figure if the concept works or not but I'll trust in Bioware to make something out of it. Ah, well glad they changed their minds, but best not to worry about it now until they get back to it.

    Everything I've heard so far leads me not to panic, so hopefully the move helps vindicate that feeling, I know I'll be watching on the site now to show my support. Same, anything to help the franchise finish up the story. I know I will, keeping to the schedule was hectic sometimes and I often missed the first few minutes a sometimes. I'm sure in some later episode he'll start tapping into his abilities. A good starting episodes all things considered, hopefully the next one builds on that and gives us a bit more meat to work with. Indeed, and it looks like we'll be getting some answers in that regard next week.

    In any event it doesn't look like we got that much on ME4 anyway. Some romances do get favoritism though regardless, so why not a harem scene, they did it in Jade Empire kind of... it leaves me curious now on who else we'll be seeing from the previous games along our journey, I wouldn't look forward to fighting Warden Hawke siblings or Nathaniel Howe along with Warden Alistair among others if say those preview trailers of conflict with the Wardens come to fruition. Yeah, and they can start by finally revealing the last two romances so I can stop worrying about Vivienne already. Same, though more like I just don't have the opportunities to check out New York like I want, I'm still puzzling over an opportunity to visit Harlem at some point.

    Yeah, it'll be a great opportunity to see how it ties in with the current story along with the ancient past of Middle-Earth and was that Steve Blum's Starscream voice for disguised Sauron? Definitely, especially since they actually moved the release date up. Exactly, it'll be extremely fun to see how we can mess around in the sandbox of the orc power structure.

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