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  1. KrimzonStriker
    2015-10-18 00:20
    Well, that kind of atmosphere only added to Twilight Princess' charm and helped differentiate it from the rest of the franchise. Yeah, though it wouldn't have taken much to beat out her competition given Midna actually had a personality... Man, I wanted to get better with Smash as well but once again never got enough time to actually practice... I always thought so, I didn't have a lot of games as a kid but boy was there a lot of gorgeous replay value for a Sega system that's considered antiquated these days. Oh, what did garner your interest in video games in general then? Super Mario opened my eyes but I'll admit Warcraft/Starcraft/Blizzard were the ones to really hook me before Final Fantasy opened me up to console RPG's. Well they need to do something more to turn things around then just handhelds... but I digress.

    Won't be much longer until we do with the Divison Beta thankfully. Eh, you're probably right though I suppose Ralph could use his own significant other..., but we'll see.

    Given it's running straight to console I think something in between Type-0 and XV will probably work for the Remake in terms of balancing character diversity with greater mechanical depth. Yeah, let's taper down just a little bit with Platinum, say maybe Kingdom Hearts level of gameplay if we want a maximum emergence threshold for the Remake

    Well, nothing to be done about Ace Attorney anyway. As for Fire Emblem I only mention it because the Fate version of the game is likely to come out over to the U.S so it might be a good idea for you to use what free time you have on it, especially given the portable nature once again. In any event I never did care about the stats anyway, and if I ever do get handhelds I'll just go with my ideal pairings. But moving on.

    Ah, that's too bad. Well let me know what if anything I can do to help. But in the meantime I'll leet you deal with whatever's come up for you, so moving on.

    True that, For Honor is definitely something for us to keep any eye on.

    And with that I think I'll bring both these two previous threads to a close. If there are any other issues you want to discuss then please do so Dann, but as I've said we've pretty much exhausted these topics so I'll end it here and prepare to get the rest up tomorrow now that we're entering manga/anime territory.
  2. KrimzonStriker
    2015-10-17 20:11
    Okay, I know I said I'd cut the game discussions out but I did want to get in a few closing statements. One, I don't play the 40K games much either but I do love the lore and on top of reading the books I also download copies of the rule-book publications and such as well since they also have a ton of lore and are often depicted as historical texts. That being said I think Battle Fleet Gothic and Total War: Warhammer are definitely two of the more interesting games to come from the franchise and something to watch out for. Sounds like a good plan, if it makes things easier on your time and wallet then go for it. And okay, I'll definitely file Gravity Rush away to look up in the future.

    Yeah, it's more for practical reasons I look to the Vita on my part, consoles are a no-no until I get a full-time salary, but I won't dictate which version you want to get and won't blame you if seeing Odin Sphere on the big screen is really appealing since you actually can do it. Huh, sounds interesting, I'll file 13 Sentinals away as something to look out for as well, let me know if anything new comes up. That's too bad, I thought that Demon Blade spiritual sequel was kind of interesting not to mention my BlazBlue fanboying, plus Atlus and Arksystem seem to work so well together I kind of throw in the Persona series among others into that equation. Regardless you picked a good one in Odin Sphere to try and I'm sure this Remake will bring back some enjoyable memories along with new experiences. But moving on again.

    Guess that wraps up XV and Remake until more news arrives.

    I think they're just rendering pictures of actual dishes Dann, not animating the food from scratch Well, it's only speculation until/unless something is announced so we'll leave the release date announcement for XV there for now. Huh, the XV Duscae Demo isn't giving an indication of individual damage spreads depending on what body part is hit? Well, suppose all we can do is look forward to those events, moving on then.

    Intersting, you're probably right then that 2.8 indicates III might be awhile longer, though early 2018 instead of late 2017 at the LATEST hopefully. But we can only see if more info pops up, moving on.

    You're probably right, well we'll know by next year, so let's just hope for the best with Last Guardian. I'd recommend the youtube route with Uncharted 3 definitely.

    Everything else seems pretty much said, so moving on.
  3. KrimzonStriker
    2015-10-17 19:37
    I did see, and I'd heard talk about it but RT hadn't confirmed it last I checked, though I'll look into it. Sounds pretty good, but I'd hold our horses about a 2D anime given how it might compete with the actual 3D series. Anyway, gonna start working on responses tonight, hopefully I get them done by tomorrow, there's a lot to talk about after all.
  4. KrimzonStriker
    2015-10-12 21:56
    Yeah, but I really need to still be more on point next year, I did much better last year with panels even though I cut way down on my exhibition touring to wait the necessary amount of time. And I was really peeved on Sunday when the Namco&Bandai RPG panel was full the moment the convention center opened its doors, I know you would have appreciated more news about Tales of Zestria and some of their other projects. Anyway, I'm going to hold off on any big responses for a little while, feeling a little sick right now, but note that aside from a few mentions of what I saw at Deus Ex I'm probably going to cut out the video game discussions until we get more news later in the year.
  5. KrimzonStriker
    2015-10-11 09:57
    Bah, I'm getting outmuscled, I lost out on Aniplex, Funimation and Namco RPG panels. I'll fill you in on what I did do later I guess, but I definitely need to be more dedicated to panels next year. Short of Kara aka Weiss coming next year, or Aryn aka Blake for just the Volume 3 poster, I hopefully shouldn't lose out like I did this time waiting for signings.
  6. KrimzonStriker
    2015-10-09 21:56
    I was at that panel when they announced it actually. The big news was the Tiger & Bunny live action movie though. But I immediately thought of you as they were going through all the planned Gundam series with disc releases Also Volume 3,World of Remnant 1 is out. Feel the hype with me Dann.

    Also, there's a AoT anthology series with Western Comic book artists doing a bunch of short stories. Vertical Comics are also coming out with light novel audio books, including the ones for AoT, while they will also be adding a Mikasa and Annie Light novel to their overall lineup, and I also suggested they pick up Return of Johnny Ridden now that Origins manga is about to finish but we'll see, I'll probably have to pester them more before they male s up their minds. But overall I was pleased with a lot of the new lineup announcements for the manga publisher panels I went to. Oh, and I saw the Deus Ex : Mankind Divided panel, along with Adam Jensen' s VA. Will keep you posted when I try and get into Yen Press, Aniplex, and Funimation tomorrow.
  7. KrimzonStriker
    2015-10-08 23:22
    I saw all those, mostly cause I'm scouring for info after missing the RWBY panel today because Sean Bean took so long to come out for his panel for Legends so I could take a picture.

    Well, Blake's VA was Annie for AoT, Weiss' VA was Sakura from Code:Breaker among others including the Sendawa twins from Shokugeki recently, and Ruby' s was among many others Sachi (chick who died in the dungeon that scarred Kiroto mentally ever since) from SAO. I'll see if I can't dig up any news at the Rooster Teeth booth when I go visit again, gotta finish getting stuff signed anyway.

    Edit: This article basically summarized everything at the panel. Lot off details but no new content beyond stills for the first episode so at least I didn't miss out there. Oh, and be sure to vote with me on the 14th to get the RWBY game on steam, link is in the article.
  8. KrimzonStriker
    2015-10-08 07:43
    Dann, to save space could you edit your Orphans comments into your previous post? I made some brief remarks about that in the second paragraph of my very last post along with my own impressions briefly, and a link to the Orphans opening. But I'd like to move it into the Sunrise post discussion to help consolidate/keep track of things. And please feel free to add more details then I did since I wanted to avoid spoilers.
  9. KrimzonStriker
    2015-10-04 13:01
    Should be fun to see them again in any event whenever this dang LOGH's remake comes out, until then though I think we'll end the conversation here, unless you want to talk about how they're finally doing a sub release for the series here in the U.S, you thinking about getting it as well? I honestly hope they do the original version instead of the updated one, the inconsistency of the footage from the old and new is just off putting.

    Cool, but let's move on to discussing about Orphans itself now that it's been released. Include that in our dedicated Gundam post will you? I'll just say I thought it was really solid and showed off its potential, and once you've confirmed that you've seen it as well we'll go into the details in the PREVIOUS dedicated Sunrise/Gundam post, so yeah, moving on right now.

    Edit: Oh, here's a link to the opening of Orphans as well that didn't air with this first episode. Some interesting details, let me know what you think

    Bah, nothing we can do about it now, though at least they keep releasing teasers for Rebels, but until it and other series actually do resume let's move on.

    That's just a rip, and why the digital transition needs to happen sooner rather then later, and DVD/Blue-Ray should move exclusively to Collector Edition status and be treated as such given what they're charging. Hmmph, it's conceited if they do think this model of overcharging is fine, more then one anime import company thought the same thing until it was too late. I think they do actually, at least I heard that was the case with Shokugeki when they bundled the DVD's with new manga volume releases or something to that effect, honestly that doesn't peeve me off so much for JAPAN where they have daily access and deflation going on at least. GundamInfo? You might be right since I noticed it's connected to the Bandai, Sunrise, and Funimation channels as well, though they have taken down videos before, the seven minute dub preview for Origin's I comes to mind, but hey, I'll take any news we can get however I can. Basically my thinking, either that or an online access purchase anyway, either one would work so long as they don't keep doing these unnecessary extraneous processes to deliver the content.

    I heard they were though I haven't really had a chance to do any research on the RWBY Japanese VA's to know how talented they actually are.

    Oh man, you really need to clear some time up and watch it yourself or with family members, the first 4 Rocky films at least really pump you up in any event and it'd help you appreciate Creed more if you do. Should be interesting to see that transition with him in Pan, along with who the actual villain of that movie is and where he came from. Guess we'll shelve any further discussions unless something new comes up, I'll let you know if that happens with Dawn at NY Comic-con this week anyway.

    Hah, someone uploaded footage of that RWBY preview from RTX on youtube, quite hilarious seeing Blake out like that But yeah, I've always been curious what's going on in Weiss' background given the prominence of her family in Remnant, so it'll be interesting to see. True, likely we'll get more of a glimpse of the plan as the tournament proceeds, maybe even catch Team Cinder participating in a match or two.

    Well, guess we'll leave it there until RT does, I'll try to let you know if anything new for RWBY pops up at their panel in NYCC as well though I expect it to be popular/packed so we'll see.
  10. KrimzonStriker
    2015-10-04 12:16
    True, and I'm not saying it didn't, but it was really cool/refreshing to have a system that could actually change/impact the overall world, if they can take that to the next level with interactive battles between war-bands or outright control of armies to seize territory/win battles or prevent Sauron from doing the same to you. Stuff like that would finally deliver on that 'organic' feel so many open world games promise. You're probably right, I could pinpoint a couple of other examples but then it'd get too long so moving on from MSG finally.

    Pretty much, that was always kind of weird/disconcerting honestly but a big part of that with Citadel had to do with the ending, etc. Oh that I'm pretty sure we can book that based on the ending for Trespassers, and hopefully they will do the same for our Warden/Hawke, especially the Warden. Will do.

    I've only been able to look up a few pieces from the Moana movie myself but you are right about that. Pretty much, so we'll leave off both Moana and the Remake discussions until said news updates do happen.

    Okay, cool, hopefully I can track that and the other two novels from the Thrawn Trilogy down soon. And yeah I knew about that. Speaking of Zhan's works did you hear about the new deal between Blizzard and Random House? Zhan's going to be doing a Starcraft novel, and it's supposedly set to take place AFTER the Starcraft II trilogy ends in order to move on to the next chapter of the franchise! Good on him after LucasArts/Disney basically kicked his trilogy to the curve. Oh, and my favorite Warcraft character Illidan is also getting his own novel on March 10 next year! It's good to be a reading fan Dann You might be right but I wouldn't hold my breathe when it comes to Disney/Marvel, guess we'll see if they do branch out, for now it's all about Batman v Superman next year for me. I don't dislike the lack of teasers either actually, especially not with the movie this close to a release date, but that also might be because I'm still apprehensive about the whole notion of continuing off from the original Star Wars trilogy.

    Which was why I was glad they did come out with Golden and even the Arena games in the meantime, honestly the PS3 feels more and more like a stop gap generation then anything now. Pretty much, I hope based on the fact that the P5 MC seems to have more of a personality with his whole phantom thief identity that if they do adapt this to an anime it'll be a bit more consistent. True, and it looks like they'll have even more time to speculate with the delayed release. I do hope they're are more characters then that recent intro trailer for P5 indicated, only one new guy showed up in that one.

    Oh yeah, trust me on this youtube has saved me from pulling my hair out trying to recall things like old vintage games I could never play now among other things. Heck, I've even gotten to see the levels I could never get to as a kid from Sonic 3 or Earthworm Jim, etc.

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