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  1. KrimzonStriker
    2014-08-22 22:00
    Conventions are the best place to get that info, everyone there is connected so if you can ever go be sure to talk to them on how where to find it at that price. Well, after the second-half they made it seem rather final, so depending on the budget and success it's still an open question which novel they'll end the series at, but here's hoping they get that far. Hey, if that's the only origin story they give I'm all for it as a quick nod. I think so as well, but I'm on board if he ever decides to summon some Leviathans to invade the mainland No, I agree with you about Thor, but let's be honest Aquaman basically is the Thor of the group, in terms of his alieness and personality with the otheres, but if it's still as successful as Thor's movies I'll be satisfied. He has to be a big part, I mean even as a youngster and non-main character he's the biggest name and draw for the series. Well, let's just see if this has enough seasons to get that far.

    I won't complain if it happens A good way to show she has a more human side to her, plus I wonder what kind of level up Hisako will get upon her return. Indeed, and also hilarious since it seems that discovery is what unintentionally blackmails her. But hey whatever works in bringing her more into the story and involved with Souma Gah ,don't remind me, if Jochiro really is a judge I hope Subaru has an apoplexy after missing such a crucial bit of info given his obsessions <_<

    Same, but it's certainly a better way of filling the off weeks so I give cudos to RT for that. It would certainly make sense given her eyes glowing at times, and her dress might have Dust weaved into it as well. Oh, I hadn't even thought of that, the rose dispensations makes more sense in that context though if that is the case I wonder what the point would be Yeah, I remember the angst some of my friends who were big fans of the series early on had over that break between the two halves of Book 3 Fire. Hooo, boy, just finished it actually, at the very least though the main cast managed to make it through even if Korra's down for now Still, a good lead up to Book 4 to help her recover which Bryke NEED to do now after an ending like that. Also, kudos to the twist by Bolin there, a little disconcerting to see but a great power up I hope he expands on with practice and experience going forward. And with that now more then ever I hope Mako get's that power boost we've been talking about and starts shooting Blue Flames in the next book. Don't know if the Red Lotus will still be the main threat after this, but the world's gotten far more interesting along with dangerous now. Great ceremony though for Jinora, hope she grows some hair back though even if the nostalgia was great, and I can't wait to see the Air Nations growth and expansion moving forward.

    If that's the case then they learned well from their previous mistakes, I just hope it also applies to ME 4, especially since their lead developer for the ME series left. But perhaps in the next game they'll take it one step further and we can actively lead and direct our troops in a wider strategic gaming aspect. Oh, it hasn't convinced me to go out and get Unity either but I am going to give it a look over now that to see how the drama unfolds on youtube unlike with AC3 and regurgitated 4 and after that debacle don't feel pressured to pick up this one, it'll still be there if it proves to be any good <_< Well, only another month until we see for ourselves, for now I suppose I'll gorge on Destiny footage in between that time. Now THAT would be a welcome change and the strongest suggestion that FFXV is developing nicely, but we'll see, a story cinematic and a demo both would be nice at TGS like other companies have done That's what I'm hoping for, so many places further north sound fascinating to see, and on Dragons would take the cake Oh good lord I hope not for DA's sake, isn't this new Shadowrealms idea good enough for Bioware on that front I think they do have an overall storyline, like the Naga, remaining Old Gods, and the Burning Legion they'll want to eventually get around to, but if a fun idea seems to strike them then Blizzard's going to go for it, after something as unexpected as Warlords I don't think they put any limits on themselves now. In which case the non-disclosure lockdown will finally lift and we can see the complete thing in action hopefully, I'm still a bit perturbed Bioware's doing that with Keep btw, it doesn't look like it warrants this amount of secrecy given its straightforward approach. Yeah, good thing I've always been fine with the default faces, but they really need to consider the fact that their personal design mods just aren't good enough to match when they render faces with more complicated software. Ah well, they will or they won't, makes no difference to me and worst comes to I'm sure someone will mod that ability sooner or later like they did for DA 2.
  2. KrimzonStriker
    2014-08-21 23:02
    Yeah, I'll always be more invested in the serious and intricate dramas but stuff like New Century is always good to break up the routine. Yeah, looks like it from the standard online sources, I googled a few that had both versions around to $20 range, might be better for you to try to find a retailer honestly, some anime shops might give you better deals, I had a ton of cards from the New York Comic-con when I was shopping. Dang straight, that peeved me off so much in the second half. Indeed, well let's just enjoy the new series now that it's in animated form, who knows how long this might continue if the series keeps being successful. Yup, we should enjoy them while they last, which will still be several years to come I imagine. I don't mind either way honestly, I'll treat Red-Hood like he's a separate character if he ever does show up. Dang straight, plus I generally side with him whenever they come in conflict with the main land, a missed opportunity but what can we do? I do as well, even if it's like the Avengers version of Thor It'll be fun regardless, in this case Bruce will have to rely more on his wealth along with his wit more then his martial prowess Depends on how long it goes, the actors by themselves will grow regardless, though I imagine they'll substitute with a more appropriate adult actor if we ever get that far.

    Heh, I'm still not going to put it past them but we'll see. Like everything else with the series Moving on then.

    Oh, I hadn't even thought about that but it would be an interesting twist to introduce to the wider audience, I wonder how Erina will react in that scenario Yeah, bit disappointed we didn't see but at least Erina seemed alright with the loss and didn't treat her like Ikumi, plus it removed an obstacle for Souma to close in on Erina

    Too bad it's a historical clip this week, but at least it was interesting and I'm looking forward to the future episodes, they said in a livestream Q&A their are two more, one after episode 7 and another after 10 which works given there are 12 episodes in total this volume. Hah! You and me both, good thing I didn't get into Avatar until after all three seasons were done, the release wait would have killed me

    Well, I'll worry less about that and more about Inquisition along with World of Ice and fire, it's still more then half a year away.

    Kind of wish they'd done that back in 3 though, that felt more like a perfect opportunity. Same, Feburary is a long wait. Speaking of upcoming games though I was surprised at this new twist in the latest Assassin's Creed Unity trailer here, now I'm MUCH more intrigued at that story line. Yeah Caragor, they look related to those hyena Warg creatures the Orcs ride I believe, will be fun striding across them but I really can't wait until we get to possess and ride trolls I'd certainly sign up for a preview like that, though I wouldn't mind more story reveals like the enemy characters in FFXV as we've talked about before. I'll be looking forward to where they'll take us once this story arc is over, as I said I'd REALLY like to see what's going on in Northern Thedas to change things up a bit. Yeah, a new short story they released just added an additional wrinkle to this time fic they've got going on, I'll enjoy the ride regardless though, the expansion looks amazing and I haven't been this excited about WoW for a long time. Hopefully this pushed back release date helps in that regard. Oh, but its not like this takes up a long time for the general public to play with, maybe a week prior to DA:I's launch or the beginning of November I think. That'd make the most sense, though a big knock on DA:2 and Origins was the inability to make changes based on the default appearances and all the new faces looked like trash because it was too simplified, so it's not like Bioware hasn't slipped up on that front, guess we'll see if/when they finally release that no-disclosure clause of theirs.
  3. KrimzonStriker
    2014-08-21 01:56
    I can believe that, well for what it was it was pretty good and it was also what drew me into Zoids in the first place so I'll give it that. Maybe it's in some kind of limbo and someone just needs to refile for it, nothing we can do though, so just have to turn to good old pirating and streaming It's strange that it would still be expensive online for you though, it's several years old by now. Exactly, if they're going to do a new world story they HAVE to make sure it has it's own distinct flavor. I hear you, though to be fair he was starting out early and likely had no idea how big this would get when he published, the completely new arcs suggests so. It happens with every industry, all we can do is hope the next generation steps up. Me neither, but Appleseed is considered a classic so I kept an eye on it. I wouldn't tie in whoever Joker was to who he eventually becomes, he's his own distinct entity by then, and it's not like they've never played with his origin story at times looking back on the Red Hood among others. To me though he became the first definitive anti-hero to the bright examples of the others. Not surprised, if they'd show off what Atlantis was like then I'd think they'd get more interest but that would likely take more then most producers budgets would allow. Exactly, I don't expect Gordon to run into the super-powered freaks generally and he'll have only his wits and his badge to back him so it should be fun.

    Over the top is never something I've disregarded with Titan I recall that scene, but you can get sad over a lot of other things besides eating your dad, like realizing he's leaving you and you might never see him again. Just have to wait and see until then though.

    I saw, very nice though it seems like they're only scratching the surface of what we wanted to see which was real development, I hope the break and interactions continue into next week which it should since Souma doesn't seem to have reached his answer yet. Man, I can't wait to see the translation of how he got her to help, one of the more interesting twists to have occurred thus far

    I wouldn't be surprised if it's another slow episode tonight considering RT must have focused a lot of their action budget into the last one. A very good point, though Aang always had a continuous story arc, but not something to rule out in any event. Well, two more days until we get our answers.

    There was a brief mention before the Nevarran Accords were signed and the original Inquisition was broken up. Not a lot of information about the specific groups though interestingly enough, perhaps along with updated details on what we do know they also feature all non-governmental agencies, like our own Inquisition or the enemy factions we face such as the Red Templars and Venatori among others.

    And bump our enemies if they think to threaten the fruits of our labors that like in the first demo with Crestwood. Not at all, once you get a feel for the initial setting, which is why I recommend watching Season 1, everything else starts to fall into place as the books fill in your initial details, so let me know what you think when you get to them. I think so as well, which is why it feels like they've been holding back with showing just Lycans, should be fun regardless as I'm just as interested in figuring out this revolution. Here's a new demo from IGN, it shows off the map for Nurn at least and it's pretty sizable from the looks of things. Should be a good way to break up the lull until the next year's releases in any event. Last I looked it left on a pretty big cliffhanger so I'm guessing one more episode left. I hope you're wrong on that count especially with the tentative expectation of a 2015 release, but hopefully TGS helps shed more light on the issue. Yeah, despite how ominous and world-ending Inquisition seems like Dragon Age just feels like a series that can always keep going, possibly helped by new main characters each game, unlike how final it felt in ME with Shepard and the Reapers. Indeed, though I am curious as to what the end-game will be once the expansion finishes, should be a fun ride until then though.

    You're right, I shouldn't panic, and as I said stuff probably got cut off depending on previous choices you selected, like killing Loghain cut off Alistair's marriage option to Anora, so we'll see when the finished product comes out. Especially since they still haven't figured how to import form previous Dragon Age games, I have to figure they'd be pretty comprehensive on whatever would be relevant to what they intended, like how they rewrote Anders whole story and all his options among others. I thought so as well though it started off with a default menu in the corner, so I'm unsure and perhaps they'll give you either a simple slap-dash editor or a series of defaults to choose from, either way I just want the originals for both when I get it <_<
  4. KrimzonStriker
    2014-08-19 22:54
    Actually the timing works rather well as they'd be adding all the new info from Inquisition. How much new information there is can be debated but I'm excited to see it's on the way.

    Yeah, past games never give you a real chance to revel in the power you accumulate or see any tangible/immediate benefits after all the work you put into acquiring them. Not in a noticeable way or degree, in many instances the younger characters in the book act older then they are so the aged up bit actually works quite well. I think so as well, though personally I won't be all that surprised if they're saving them for some sequel for the future should the Order meed their projected success levels. I think we might need a more detailed map and some exploration of areas beyond Nurn so we can get a scale of just how big Mordor really is. I know, I'm liking this cast now and I can't wait to find out more about her and her people. It is part of the appeal for the horror genre, not my favorite aspect but you need some surprises and confusion to add to the tension, should be fun to see in Evil Within regardless though, always love blowing up monsters. Huh, well it's not a priority either way, we'll table Walking Dead for now, I mean they haven't even finished Tell Tales version yet. Same, I think it's been long enough since the last preview and to be fair they haven't done that in these recent trailers, I mean FFXV DOES look close to completion. More importantly in my view though, given how close it'll be to release date I NEED them to announce the final two romances already I wouldn't be surprised if DLC's were enroute even as we speak, Bioware's operated on that modius for awhile now so we shouldn't lack for content regardless of how well any multiplayer aspect ultimately works. Well as you said they've still got one other project so maybe that'll be a more intriguing prospect for us. As far as I know based on spoilers from the beta this already IS an alternate timeline, Garrosh didn't create a new one since some places and certain events already differed from the history we know in Warcraft even before he got there, more similarities then not though so I wouldn't worry too much about repercussions on that front at least.

    I know, these are some pretty minute details they've thrown in here, I'm a little bit worried on the lack of details for some of the companion side-quests though, like did Isabela get a ship, did Fenris spare his sister, did we get to harden Alistair and did Sebastian want to become a Prince again? I might be overly concerned I suppose, perhaps Bioware didn't think those important enough to add either way and the course was set regardless, but I really hope in Alistair's case as King he isn't a pansy. On the otherhand it could be explained with some of the choices that person locked in, like having his warden marry Anora and Alistair execute Loghain or having Ander's still alive which would have made Alistair and Sebastian's attitudes non-issues and already set. Also interesting is from the looks of that one question about Varric's initial depiction of Hawke to Cassandra we might be able to change our default characters after all, though I don't plan on that so long as that portrait of Aedan Cousland can go back to the original default from Origins.
  5. KrimzonStriker
    2014-08-19 20:29
    Yeah, and New Century was cool but it just didn't carry the same drama for me. I do remember seeing some DVD's up for sale on Amazon, but a lot of them were sold out, according to their description though it says Viz produced them. True, true, ah well, no sense in going over all those grievances now I guess, what's done is done. Very much the same policy on my part as well. I think I got it for $20 at comic-con myself, some vendors are a little less of a pain on these matters. I think so as well, it has a much more casual attitude which means I'm not getting as worked up as I did last season with SAO where the execution of the second half failed to deliver on what they were attempting story wise. I thought it was fine, for its length anyway, it covered a variety of areas within a short time and at the very least I liked the character development overall. That does happen with age unfortunately, but we'll always have their past works. Speaking of I should put Appleseed in that eventually watch category now that we're on the cyberpunk theme. I certainly hope not, if it's a prequel then it needs its own story to really stand out, especially since you just pointed out that its not technically connected to the main stories canon wise, it's a unique opportunity to put their own stamp and they should take it. Yes, and for me the added caveat of young Bruce and seeing the origins of all the villains is an extremely interesting wrinkle thrown in as well. I'll hope for the best, Batman's always stood out to me as that one superhero who breaks the mold. Hadn't heard about a Flash series, personally I don't think Aquaman gets enough love for the King of Atlantis. True, but like I said if I thought any hero and setting could make it work, this is probably the one, I mean Smallville's no Gotham let's be honest, the amount of diversity and characters available to draw from is world's apart.

    Not holding my breath on that one given this series past way of doing things That IS a possibility but I've come to expect the most gruesome option in this series more often then not, but either will work, we'll just have to see. Not personally no, for one it'd be anti-climatic, two they'd have done it inside the Walls and I'm pretty certain a Titan Eren appearing would have drawn attention, I think his father's just hiding somewhere, which is a no brainier given the governments attitude I think. Other then that, I think we've exhausted this topic on AoT, just have to sit tight for next month's issue now.

    Should be fun to watch, I'm looking forward to seeing how they all fair in the matches and what some of the new characters bring to the table ability wise. Let's leave it at that then until we do get more info. Oh, I'm not counting on it, Avatar's generally always been careful on that score but I'm just not ruling anything out until this season is over. Not that I don't think there's been progression, Bolin's been taking some steps for example, but I really can't wait for Book 4 to round things out finally. I'd rather not be overly paranoid at this point either, and for being Toph's daughter I'll give Su the benefit for now, plus I find her city and society fascinating and would rather that not be tarnished. So for now let's just leave Azula for another day, still got the Rift Part 3 to finish before we speculate on the next comic series among other things. Now's as good a time as any, and that Laghima quote is starting to make a lot more sense from Zaheer's perspective, hope we get a flashback of all this as it'd be really cool to see.
  6. KrimzonStriker
    2014-08-18 20:55
    That was my impression too, plus we'll actually be able to travel and see our handiwork ourselves when we set up camps or fortresses and our troops patrol the area, I know I'll be puffing up my chest as I walk near my soldiers and they all salute "Your Eminence" to me If there's one good thing about video games, you get to start over and try again, like the premise for Edge of Tomorrow, and at the very least you'll get your moneys worth I would actually recommend watching just Season 1 first, just to get a sense for recognizing the characters, and then reading through and finishing the books before continuing with the television series, it can all be a lot to take in at first and television is always an easier medium to introducing things. I won't get my hopes up but we'll see, and regardless I'll enjoy what they do churn out from Tesla. Their wikia said that the half-breeds dominate certain regions, in the case of the Lycans North-Western europe, and if it was only Lycans I would have expected them to just call them that versus a more malleable term like half-breed. Or that could be a game-over fail from a quick-time event, we'll see, I wouldn't be against that kind of twist though. I'm personally looking forward to when we lead our armies against them, I hope the fighting is on as a grand a scale as the nemeses system suggests it could be. Oh, quick note since we were on VA's for Shadow of Mordor, but Claudia Black is apparently the Queen of the Nurn, they're really bringing the big guns for this one. I won't rule it out that it is her, least until we get the game anyway. Ah, no wonder it looked so familiar, okay then I'm definitely going to give it a look when it comes out now. Hey, no shame in admitting your fears, if you can't have fun while playing the game then what's the point? I thought that post-apocalypse zombie theme was big in general, I mean Resident Evil does well over there, but I'll have to check now. True, but after all these years I can't rule out ANOTHER pr disaster with this game, I hope not though and I'll probably be drooling over any new content on FFXV regardless if/when they show it. Well, we'll know in less then a month, if they do go down that route I hope they make it a little more dynamic and less repetitive as I found the ME3 online play after awhile. Right, so it likely won't be my cup of tea, I'll check in on it from time to time but it's not something I'm keen to invest too much into. I'm liking it so far, though I hope that they make the character relationships more dramatic then the standard he's a boss, kill him, the warlords are the titular characters after all, but we'll see when it's all said and done, it'll be a long expansion to dive into when it comes out.
  7. KrimzonStriker
    2014-08-18 20:52
    Well, let's leave Gundam until we get word on Origins then. Oh, it's well worth a rewatch if you ask me, still the best animated series of the franchise in my opinion. That explains it, though they really should have been able to do more with 26 episodes then they did even then, and color me surprise if that was the case, wonder if he could do a more serious series but it would have been intriguing at the very least, but moving on. Ah, well I've always been very pick and choose when it comes to buying the series myself, Sword of the Stranger being will worth an addition from Bandai btw, so I hadn't considered price but you're right, that is something of a hindrance for guys with budgets like ours. Speaking of Aniplex I got to take a peek at SAO Season II to see if the story is any better then the second half of season I. Oh, that's good to hear, I always liked her and I certainly won't mind if that setup is the case, especially after our discussions on Shadow of Mordor and it fitting in timeline wise. Oh I don't either, but anything to do with our standard-bearer superheroes always catches me attention and like you I am extremely intrigued by the concept and will give it a shot when it rolls out. Well D.C/Batman fans in general might provide enough of a base to keep it going, who knows if we could be getting another Smallville in the works success wise.

    Well, I don't expect answers until the Survey Corp has the upper-hand and a sword at the conspiracies throat, so we'll have to stew on their motives a while longer. That's generally how I read their intentions based on Hange's theory anyway, still hoping we can avoid that but I've braced myself to see Reiss chewing on Eren's leg We've got no indication he's capable of that, so we'll have to see, and she still had limits herself as Historia saw her leave after getting her memory wiped and she needed physical contact from the looks of it. I'll be looking forward to that conversation in the next chapter or two, I expect we will get back to Levi's group as they've been the constant throughout this arc it seems.

    Mayhaps it will turn up more leads, but I'm also guessing the school schedule among other things will also be too pressing to pursue any leads right now and there are still only 8-7 episodes left to fit everything in. Hey, I can always be surprised, but we'll have to wait to get a sense of what Cinder's goals are along with her backstory before we can speculate that far. Oh, I understand that sentiment, Jaune and Pyrrha have the most growth available so they definitely need that focus soon. Oh I'm not worried about that either, not going to rule Tenzin dying at some point but he's basically at their mercy now so I don't see Zaheer wasting a resource when he doesn't have to. Well, only one more week to find out if that's the case, I won't mind either way as I said, I'm just more concerned about character growth like my gripes on Makorra going forward versus who'll be the next villain. I definitely thought that as well. I've tried looking at that picture but I really can't tell honestly, plus my points on the inconsistencies like how they could have gotten to Korra beforehand, or Oppal's departure to the Northern Air Temple among other things doesn't really make the most sense efficency wise if they had Suyin in their pocket, I mean this could all just be a repeat when people were worried about Asami all over again. Maybe, I won't mind but I'll worry until those mental issues of her's are addressed whenever and wherever she pops up. And that leak is very intriguing, mayhaps they want to install someone else's spirit in Korra if it's true, though I can't figure who since it'd be strange for a person just projecting but still has a body themselves being able to to do it, unless Zaheer has a spirit on the other side in his pocket, perhaps Xiao Bau himself if they did have to destroy his body, but we'll see.
  8. KrimzonStriker
    2014-08-16 22:48
    New demo videos for the War Table are up here on IGN, very intriguing scenarios they put up along with what kind of upgrades you procure for your various agencies, it'll be fun to tinker around while also making specific upgrades to our fortresses. Cool, let me know what you think, I'll give you any historical context you need if you have questions on specific events/individuals that get mentioned, it can be quite confusing keeping track at times. Since they didn't we'll leave Tomb Raider for now. Which makes him perfect for the world of the Order, I can't wait to see what other cooky inventions show up, if they get his wall-phasing idea up I'll faint I mean this guy was Jules Verne on a cocktail rainbow of every enhancement drug out there times a 100 I'm also curious what other half-breeds will show up besides the Lycans, vampires are probably a given but after that I'm drawing some blanks, Centaurs maybe? Yeah, we got his cruelty and sadism in the Tower, his deceitful and manipulative nature in the Black Hand, and his wrath and martial presence in the Hammer, they should be fun boss fights in any event. His talent warrants it, that's the most authentic switch between a Texan accent in Joel to an English one in Tallion. And there's a new extended demo on IGN's youtube channel here, it really is extremely intricate and dynamic to go along with everything else. There's a very quick flash that has the Inquisitor walk up to a dragon with a blue light binding them, so I don't think the dragon intervention was coincidence at any event, this makes up for not having griffons if its true, at least for me No, but I'm not rulling it out since Flemmeth has changed designs before and they only just revealed the true form of a full female High Dragon with Inquisition and World of Thedas. Same was true for me in Mass Effect, even though until 3 female Shepard always seemed kind of off, well in any event it makes things simpler for me. Which makes it more like a movie I'm walking in really, though this game Evil Within does have me intrigued even if I am a bit of a chicken to really play it I might watch someone else on youtube give it a shot. Same, way too short but I'll be on the lookout in TGS if they elaborate more on it, so far they've done okay with the franchise. I can't either, which will make it one of those much anticipated dates in September while we still wait on end of the year releases. Should be fun regardless, I won't mind even if has something to do with the War Table and getting us more resources working together online. The look is fine, I'm just thinking the online aspect will make the story wooden and the combat seems too standard, here's looking forward to TGS maybe showcasing this other project then. Oh, and while we're on online games I have to say the new cinematic for WoW: Warlords of Draenor was really well done on Blizzards part, though they always seem to hit it out of the park when it comes to cinematic cut-scenes, I'm pumped to learn more about the story even of the expansion even if I'm not playing myself.

    Heh, Ms. Doubtfire was my families favorite, I might give his dramas a look despite how heavy they can get. But Jumanji, Hook, and all his other comedic movies are definitely first on my list
  9. KrimzonStriker
    2014-08-16 22:46
    Whatever suits you. I like the hammy-ness as they shout out their moves, everyone had such... forthright personalities Putting it on my list, but not before I re-watch Zoids Chaotic Century Yeah, it felt a bit abrupt at the end, I don't think they did enough to realize the series potential. That's be my cash cow if I had to choose which one to keep personally, and it doesn't really matter which company does it to me so long as they do it. I won't lie, it'll be weird to hear other voices for all of them, among the better dubs of any imported series. Oh, well if that's the case then by all means, I really like origin stories and if the younger voices can do their predecessors justice then I'll give them a shot. Speaking of origin stories I'm intrigued with the premise of a pre-teen Bruce Wayne in FOX's new live action series Gotham, any thoughts on the matter?

    Personally I'm thinking it'll be one of those self-serving feel good motives that turn out to be based solely on selfish greed for how the system works for them even if it doesn't for anyone else but that's just me, we'll see. Lord I hope Levi gets there soon, don't want to see a Hannibal reenactment with Reiss on Eren while he watches himself be devoured <_< I found that one of her more admirable traits even if it is excessive, it isn't like she doesn't recognize things other then Eren even if he is the priority, she tried to save lives, valued her comrades, and has been just as protective of Armin as well, plus she vouched for Levi when all the others doubted him.

    I doubt it with something that small, I was thinking more like from a control room or as a maintenance crew, but we'll see what role they play going forward. Yeah, the leads have basically dried up at this point even if they have a clearer idea of Roman's means if not his actual goals, nice seeing a new character btw, I'm glad RT can sneak in surprises beyond what they've previewed like that, will keep us all on our toes going forward. For now I'm inclined toward no having another Boss, Cinder seems too forceful at this point for me to picture her submitting to anyone else, at least at this juncture. and for JNPR to get some spotlight, they are the co-stars with RWBY after all. A really awesome fight and a good place to leave off of, just hope he's okay even as help is no doubt on the way It does seem a little too fast on that score, I personally wouldn't mind if they extended these guys into next season, the Red Lotus seems big enough to warrant it but we'll see. I know, but I wonder if we'll get indications in Korra if they don't do a reveal in the comics, suppose we'll see. Fun seeing Iroh again, and Zuko's reaction to hearing about him, I also awed a bit when he was returning to protect his daughter. Yeah, I heard the same thing back even during episode 5, personally don't see it as the Red Lotus could have done a lot more if Suyin was in on it to begin with, Korra was in the middle of her city, I can't see why she wouldn't have capitalized on it then and there, but we'll see. Nice to see Mako and Bolin got their family out, oh and FINALLY some dang indications that the relationship between Mako and Korra are still simmering somewhere, I hope Book 4 is a coming of age story for Mako personally where he finally feels like he can be decisive and make a stand beside Korra, but more then anything he needs a power boost if/when Bolin finally gets metalbending, c'mon Blue Fire
  10. KrimzonStriker
    2014-08-14 13:45
    This one got a bit ahead of me in length

    Given what we've seen thus far I don't think it's too far off especially considering the length of the previous two games and how much more linear their stories were in comparison without the War Table. No, I feel the same way, but it'd something to whittle the time away, moving on from sports though. By and large the series does follow the spirit of the books even now, but they definitely start to veer off in certain directions starting in Season 2, which is why I once again urge you to read the books at least by the first season. I still wished they'd shown something NEW from Rise of the Tomb Raider though. Same, he deserved better, at the very least we can give him greater recognition then he has in medium's like video-games, heck I think he's a perfect fit for the eccentric worlds of video-games Huh, goo to know, I'll file those away for the future, hopefully 2015's release is going to be as strong as the remaining ones of 2014. Yeah, the gaming news sites filled me on that tidbit, well it makes things more interesting and elevates the Captains importance as enemies. Yeah, the three of them are supposed to represent different aspects of Sauron, getting to know him and them in turn. They've got a good cast, Troy, Nolan, and Steve, the trifecta of the video-game community these days. It'll definitely go in among my sleeper successes and probably my favorite of the upcoming 2D's. No idea, could be someone new entirely, I'm sure we'll get clarity going forward but I doubt it since most Bioware canon has Alistair as King and that guy looks too thin. Yeah, still don't know if the Dragon was him or not, but if it is he must be some kind of Super Old God or something along those lines, more importantly going off artworks I can't wait to see if we get to tame our own dragon I certainly won't have a problem, I always liked the default male Human Noble and Hawke over any personal design I've seen. Resident Evil's different for me cause I've put it into the Zombie/Post-Apocalypse theme and action genre, which is important for me cause what I hate about horror is the inability to fight back. Good luck with that, Overkill's new Walking dead has more appeal to me on that score. Well I'll certainly be looking forward to that, even if FFXV (not counting on Last Guardian at ALL) doesn't show up. That'd be interesting but I can't figure how they'd make it work with the setting and combat system, ME yes but DA not so much, I think it lends itself to co-op more then anything. Speaking of Bioware their new game Shadowrealm looks a bit too generic compared to their other works to interest me, especially since it's online, I'm hopeful their other new game they haven't announced will be a bit more intriguing and in depth.

    Edit: Oh, hey Dann, I forgot to ask but you have anything you might want to say with Robert Williams passing? Man, I loved his work, I'm going to be melancholy for awhile watching Aladdin from now on.

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