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  1. KrimzonStriker
    2014-07-04 02:17
    Yeah, I fully expect to learn more about the titan shifters first before we get into his mystery, layers upon layers with this onion... <_< Keep that in mind when you prioritize your schedule. If there's one or two major events or even just some minor events along that same time frame you wouldn't normally be interested in then you also might want to try to get on line early, though once again I'd only do that for something I REALLY wanted to see. The good thing from what I've seen is that if you buy a multi-day pass most of the good events are packed in front and any that are left get spread out quite a bit, so at least for the last day I get a lot of time to check out booths and merchandise shops in between the few events I still want to see. Don't get lax though, I ended up missing the Tales of and RWBY event on the last hour of the last day of last years comic-con because I was caught up with the Starcraft tournament, so always anticipate which show will have a long line and plan accordingly to get there early enough You got me, I've seen the CGI Titans on a commerical and they look okay, though how well they'll be able to combine that with 3D manuver gear scenes is more then I can say. Given how depressed I was over the second half of GL now I'm even more determined to see this movie If would be thrilling if they did, the Battle for Shiganshina amidst a ruin filled with Titans trying to eat both parties and everyone would be are the edge of their seats only to get trolled at the last minute to find out the main cast lost out and we don't get to see what's in the basement until the next arc, thus spinning the mystery even more Gah, I know the series has been all about reinforcing the need to make harsh, even cruel decisions for the greater good, but even now it seems a step too far and I actually hope Annie stays locked up long enough for them to avoid contemplating that scenario despite all the questions we still have, the former 104th might just mentally collapse if it ever gets that bad. I'm honestly hoping the conspiracy has an alternative available since they at least seem to know the origins of how the Walls were first constructed in the first place.

    New spoilers out, and I should have figured Subaru is a copy-cat. Logically, if they make the same dish, and all Subaru has to do is make a slight modification to make it better, then there is absolutely no way for him to lose in any matchup since they'd be even plus whatever he adds to finish it up. Souma's gonna need to dig deep in his unpredictability bag to throw off this guys stalking habits. Eh, for now we'll just focus on the Election itself, because I'd honestly would rather the next arc involve Erina in a major capacity finally.
  2. KrimzonStriker
    2014-07-02 00:14
    Edit: Getting better but still going to work on cutting out some more stuff in the next replies and move on from finished topics.

    And I'm okay with that, but like with rushed products delayed ones like say XV peeve me off based on when they actually announced it, especially with no projected release dates, those are the worse. Usually one or two years should be the limit to me from that point otherwise why bother letting people know when they can't reasonably expect it? Indeed. Enjoy, let me know what you think and if you'd like to discuss on any specific points or what it might mean in Inquisition later. Wish it was more complete sometimes though, Netflix is missing seasons for some series here and there, but moving on from Dragons until they actually show the release... Gah, they're going that far with it? I can't believe they'd cut Thrawn out, he was one of the only things I've liked along the same lines of the original movies and Old Republic stuff <_<

    Moving on then, yeah if I wasn't so adamant about not watching until they address that mess then from what I hear it's pretty interesting so far. And Season 2 just made it more awkward, Season 1 was choppy but I would have been fine with it if I felt they were more properly invested in the relationship going forward instead of the constant back and forth. True that, some small blessings, but moving on cause I'm gonna blow a gas-git otherwise, I will eventually watch the whole thing but until I hear word they've dealt with Mako and Korra to a satisfactory conclusion I'm saving it for one big run through when it's over, and on a streaming site. Hah! Don't remind me, I can't believe the Dai Li managed to return to power after what they did.... you can see the consequence of not taking care of personal matters like raising a better daughter with Kuei, and how the cycle outlasts you when you're gone unless you build on your legacy.
  3. KrimzonStriker
    2014-07-02 00:12
    I'm not talking literally godlike or anything, more of the answer to all the big problems facing this world. At the same time I have no idea what the Beast Titan will do with that 3D manuver gear even if he does figure out how it works given his size and everything, that could throw a wrench into beating him. Let me know what you think when you do watch it then. The key is to have backup plans, you likely won't see all the really big events so depending on the location and timing mark down some smaller events you might be interested in that you can rush back to if it doesn't work out. Other then that Live Action version they've got planned for 2015 they've been pretty quiet. I'll check it out if nothing else to see any differences and maybe upgraded graphics. Gurren Lagann did eh, I'll mark that down on my watch list then Well, at least they don't tease you when they can't finish like High School of the Dead <_< Right now information like that is beyond their grasp, but if they can squeeze the conspiracy they'll likely also get more info on the shifters as well I imagine. I imagine taking Wall Maria back will be another Arc in and of itself, if they win as imagined it'll be nice seeing the Survey Corp with full backing and resources to pull it off. One thing I'm concerned about with this eating for power thing is if Eren can't figure out hardening, do they try to crack open Annie and have him eat her to get it? That would be the kind of moral dilemma the series has been prodding and I'm a little worried what it might do to them if they have to, look at Hange already.

    Personally I hope Takumi gets the upset, but I'll be okay with Souma avenging him. Souma will be fine, his specialty is catching others off guard and whatever Subaru thinks he knows he likely doesn't suspect nearly the truth about Souma's background at this point If he does get that far I'm expecting some training arc to get ready in between then and a confrontation of that magnitude.

    True, and I'm thankful for that but until they change it'll only be a one hit wonder. Hah, I always had to bite my lip to keep myself from going gold too early because of that I think that was just a shout-out about the conflicting names when they did it in the 3D version. Huh, that'd be a nice change if true. Indeed, well they do tell us something best to move on from that front. My point exactly, with the way technology was moving in FF on other fronts it was just long past time in my view as I looked at KH among other Square games. As I said, I imagine his character's gone through a dramatic change now that he's made peace with himself and his place in the world. Now Sephiroth was interesting to see talk normally, but he still had the pompous air of a douche to me from having everything handed to him unlike the other two Check the wiki for the news paper clippings, some walkthroughs just skip right by item drops like that. I was glad for CC doing him and his relationship with Aerith justice. Gah, put Guardian out of our minds until it actually does resurface then All that's left is to see how they turned out, which reminds me that I have to check out Transistor at some point given how much I liked its predecessor Bastion. Yeah, it's just an engine really to let gamers create and share their products, some of the examples they used were pretty cool looking though, and just going to have to wait on Scalebound, especially with no actual gameplay in sight still. Oh they did? That explains a lot... thanks for telling me then. I'll look into those once I have the time and money to get one or both then, for now still stuck on PC games, maybe once I get my own place I can think about it more. The small scale and lack of specific roles helps I feel, don't feel like I have to attend some huge guild meeting. Oh, now it makes sense, well it looks good so far so I'm optimistic in any event, mostly cause I always wanted to see a batman-ironman combo like the arkham knight in action
  4. KrimzonStriker
    2014-06-30 23:32
    Edit: Gah, over again, will try to cut out more fat next time Dann

    True, but they just rehashed all the old stages instead of presenting something really new and unique. Don't get me wrong I loved the nostalgia, but they ran out of ideas after that. Going Super Sonic was always worth it though . A difference between the NA and JAP releases I believe, Eggman is his nickname and Robotnik is his real last name, they eventually just gave way to the Japanese name of Eggman after awhile. Fat chance of that I imagine, ah well, maybe they'll release an art book to give us the details at least <_< I just think it was past due myself, if only one time I wanted to see an ARPG finally take flight in a full FF game. Bah, to them, if they don't get with the future they'll fall with the past. I felt much the same way other then when he was quoting LOVELESS, but then I got to reading the excerpts about his childhood and I realized it all stemmed from a desire to emulate Sephiroth. As I felt sympathy for Angeal, by extension his origins being shared with Sephiroth and Genesis also made me feel sympathetic on how Shinra and their scientist used them like that, but where they all differed was their reaction to it. Exactly, just look at how everyone was gushing over Dissidia because of the nostalgia of seeing all the main characters in 3D and voiced, along with justifying the ARPG aspect I might add, the money would be flowing in with the remake and they can use that to revitalize finishing the story. For Genesis, I chalked up his bravado to being a charade in a genuine attempt to impress his hero, who denied him the one thing he sought with his recognition, and I feel his redemption was him finally recognizing himself and his own worth, symbolized by being content to sharing an apple with his SOLDIER comrades rather then Sephiroth. Gah, I'm still peeved about what they've done with the Last Guardian, I just arrghh..... And that they prove you just need great illustration and creativity if you want your game to have any soul to it, 3D or no. Huh, that does look rather fun. Me too, so I'll wait and see how Dust plays out so I can get a feel for the premise. Sparks is interesting if only for the sheer ability to create any game, and yeah I admit the Kamiya aspect piqued my curiosity as well. Entwined reminds me of this one old game I saw at a videogame musuem where you play as the wind carrying flower petals. Oh is that the case? Well, I'm still partial to that graphics engine as I said before, and I generally prefer its exclusives myself. Same here, though as I said before I'm really digging the Division. I'm hoping that's the case, Origins was a little sluggish for me I have to say.

    They've been doing that a lot, the Order received the same treatment, but what can you do? Eh, much as I'm peeved about them not including DLC's right away I would have still had to pay for it if I bought them individually, so in a trilogy set I'll at least get some for my money right off that bat either way. Done, let me know if the file comes out okay. It's what it said on the wiki last I checked, but yeah I did a few double takes after reading that. I feel for the guy, I really do, they were such good works too... And I'm done with Star Wars unless it's the prequel Bioware stuff or the Legacy comics maybe, the current storylines from the Anakin to Luke era feels like it's playing itself out.

    Well I hope you enjoy them, I'm strictly RWBY myself but I will give this movie project a shot at least. Moving on from Rooster Teeth are you following Season 3 of Legend of Korra? I'm still peeved on the whole Mako-Korra thing hanging in the air but I am reading the summaries for the storylines to keep current until they do finally resolve that mess.
  5. KrimzonStriker
    2014-06-30 23:31
    Cool then, and also no point in going further on RWBY until PAX comes and is over with.

    I'm putting him into the deus ex machina category until someone starts clarifying, personally I feel like he's supposed to become some anti-beast Titan given their competing abilities to control Titans. They're up to episode 10 I think.... Like I said no rush, plenty of streaming sites for you if it's too inconvenient. They're energetic, exciting, and you'll geekgasm on an hourly basis (I saw Whoopie Goldberg in the last one, and met Monty, Miles, and Arryn, it was how I got their signatures). But it's also FRANTIC, because you have to manage your time well in order to see the events you want too, which means missing out on others you might be interested in or finding the especially popular ones already full when you arrive. It can be a real rush going back and forth to the locations you want, along with making time to check out the booths and merchandise areas to shop around. But the memories are worth it, incidentally always have a camera and a notepad on you to record said moments of tidbits that are revealed. True, the thing that kills it is the lack of news. BTW you going to take a look at those movie compilation for the first half of season 1 they plan to release this year? Ah I get you, lack of proper development or structure where the characters are basically reduced to red shits, yeah that's been a problem with a lot of monster-horror flicks. I thought because of resolving his issue again Annie it was easier for Eren to go off and Reiner and Bernholdt later, plus it was a more personal betrayal on Reiner and Bert's part since he was closer to them versus how he admired Annie more from afar. I doubt it on the Wall Cult front, the flashbacks showed how Annie was sneaking about and listening in on the Wall Cults conversations to locate and obtain Historia. As for taking advantage, given communication lags I doubt they'd be aware enough with the secrecy of everything to do so at this point.

    True, but it also limits Takumi in some respects since I believe a lot of Italian desserts revolves around pastries and theirs a noted lack of those available I believe due to preparation and keeping preserved for suitable tasting. Like I said, with his skills Mimasaka is only limited in the information he has on hand, which doesn't seem to be much, and he has the precision to pull off things like measurement and timing flawlessly. I really hope that if Souma wins this election the prize is he gets to challenge for an Elite Ten seat so he can take it to Eizan without the whole equal compensation required in a Shokugeki.
  6. KrimzonStriker
    2014-06-29 13:18
    Journalism, reading, writing, etc. I've had secretarial/inventory/social work experience with political offices, and have interest in acquiring a teachers license at some point if nothing else pans out. I'm cool with a desk job basically, human resources or marketing most likely. Tour guide or working for an art gallery/museum works for me as well. True that, I just really want to see what the new characters bring to the table most of all at this point, oh and what Jaune can be closer to his full potential with all that Aura of his.

    Yeah, more then Historia I really want to know how it ties into Erin personally. Oh, then if you're not too tired you could probably make it and go to bed around 11:00 then. From what I've seen Bryce has done a pretty good job with the role so far. Like I said, DVD release additions, I'll probably end up buying the first season at comic-con this year at any rate. True that, it just depends to me on how long they want to wait is all, one more year at the max or people really will start to lose interest with no new content. Oh I'm with you, some series just swamp the story based solely on the zombie action which gets old fast, Walking Dead has been one of those pleasant exceptions for me, which btw you can watch up to season 3 on Netflix if you so choose He's been on the slippery slope of that for awhile, but I expect him to remain true to his convictions no matter how conflicted he may feel, whatever their intentions the system is flawed if it's willing to self-destruct like this. They're knee deep in the conspiracy in my view, I doubt they'll escape the internal purge the Survey Corp will have to perform if they manage to establish Historia in power.

    The thing is a desserts battle favors Mimasaka, because it depends on precise measurements and science, something that appeals to his attention to detail so Takumi's got a bit of a hole to climb out of. Oh that'd work quite well, though in exchange I fully expect Eizan to have Mimasaka get Souma expelled or for him to submit to his faction.

    Never was able to go back and try again, makes me sad seeing all those classics go by and all we currently have left is stupid Sonic 3D <_< I managed to get 2 Chaos Emeralds at most when I was a kid, my sister did get all of them once in one playthrough though, back when we could call the boss Dr. Robotnik . I get it, though I'm still hungry for some news regardless of what setbacks they've incurred, they can't keep people dangling the wind for years on end with no idea what's going on. One good news, and I always felt FF needed to get into the full on combat system at some point like Kingdom Hearts and Star Ocean have. I'd agree if they had left the series well enough alone though, but they brought it back and if I feel anyone should do when they start something is finish it. Really? I got really intrigued at the thought the Genesis was actually a good guy after Crisis Core and am curious to see what threat he could be responding to, plus I like how he keeps quoting LOVELESS all the time . Amen on that front, if it flops just say it flops dang it, don't give people false hope <_< Yeah, all these 2d platformers are bringing back my nostalgia. Oh yeah, Phantom Dust is definitely on my radar as well. I'm also curious on Project Sparks if only for variety's sake, along with Scalebound if only to see the relationship with the Dragon, oh and finally Entwined if only because it seems very pretty. Gah, I know XBox is more popular but those online fees peeve me off and I've always been parcel to PS4's controllers and graphic engines. Yeah, hopefully it brings about a good continuation/conclusion to the series, it's been a fun ride with this universe anyway and I'm curious to see the new D.C movie based in that universe as well in light of that.

    Oh, what exactly did you have planned for October? I'm only interested in World of Ice and Fire, plus Inquisition though I'm going to wait a bit to see if I can't save up for a proper gaming P.C and if they release a collectors edition for all three Dragon Ages in one set. I could try sending you the file via e-mail if you want, give me your address if you're interested. Guess we'll just have to wait and see what they have planned for Season 3, and if it'll even come to the states, I've only heard it'll be available on netflix and Australia! Yes, well, granted I hope they don't take too long on the front, but still, his animated movie did pretty well so I'm optimistic on that front. Gah, don't remind me about Young Justice, I've been pretty disappointed in general on the lack of news on many new animated projects in the future from them.

    Yeah, but in the meantime I guess I'll just be content with RWBY and whatever comes out of the Lazer Team Project though I don't expect that one anytime soon until funding has been secured.
  7. KrimzonStriker
    2014-06-28 22:37
    Forward anything you might find that could fit my job criteria. E-mail is if I haven't told you before. Honestly all I need is a position there and my license and I'd be good to go with my startup money on hand. I'm looking forward and dreading that cause I really won't be able to keep away from spoilers while waiting on the web premier.

    I'd go with the grandparents, and while I'm still inclined to think she's her mother I'm willing to entertain an older sister or an aunt possibly... Now that sucks, how late are you working to exactly on Saturdays, I'd think you'd be able to make the 10:30 time before going to bed at 11 instead. But don't push yourself, at the very least you can just stream the dub yourself and see what I'm getting at. Yeah, I've seen, it's pretty good except for the part where even that doesn't have the updated animation cuts I was talking about. I think so too, but I'm getting angsty about season 2 and hope that by mid-next year we get an upcoming announcement for it because by then the Uprising Arc should be done and they should have enough, and in the meantime sprinkle 2015 with OVA's from the prequel stuff. That we'll see animation for those city-fight scenes only makes me more hopeful on that timeline Damn straight, I keep telling that to my sister whose averse to watching the walking dead because of zombies, but far be it for her to listen to me <_< True that, some people complain but anything that adds to the world building is always a plus to my tastes. Gah, the next chapter can't get here fast enough, even if its only a little bit I damn well want to hear what Rod has to to say about all this. I don't imagine that will be the case, as the Reeves exec said Levi's a good guy underneath trying to do what's best for everyone, Historia included and I imagine he'd respect her throne so long as she respects herself enough to earnestly try and fulfill her duties.

    True, but that the same time I like how he doesn't approach it from a stereotypical villain's perspective, I always enjoy characters who use their mind more then their muscle to get what they want. I'm of the opinion Mimasaka will go through Hayama as I think Jun would present an ample target for him and Souma gets Ryo he has no real mental flaws he could exploit given his bipolar personality.

    Amen to that, I never made it past most of the early levels, things came way too fast for me to keep up when I was young, but my sister got through to the bosses once or twice and it was always a thrilling ride along the way. Huh, you put it like that it almost makes me thankful XV is taking so long so they can get it right this time then. Hah, VII is where a remake would really make them money in my view, they've hinted at that so many times and with Crisis Core leaving still so many questions I damn well hope they revisit that universe at some point. I thought that might have been the case, but either one should be an interesting vantage point story wise from what little I've seen of XV as well. You wouldn't, nobody knows anything about it at this point. Amen, can't wait to get more info on it going forward. I've heard on No Man's Sky, Hyper Light Drifter I didn't know of but looks interesting, and Galak-Z seems a little too overplayed with the fighter-shooter aspect. For me, continuing on the 2D trend I'm liking 'Ori and the Blind Forest' the most, it's got vivid illustrations and could have some dynamic play for a 2d game.

    Comes out around the end of October, so get your wallet ready, I recently downloaded the World of Thedas book for Dragon myself and found it quite endearing Gah I wish they wouldn't then, I'd be super peeved to have missed out on dragons in the modern world no matter what happens. Yeah I know, I'll watch if only to see Astrid and Hiccups relationship progress and to hopefully see some more remembering of Stoic Yeah I do, and I consider Damion's situation a minor setback, he's pretty popular I believe, and this IS D.C. Dann, just look at Jason Todd.... True, well hopefully the distance with Superman dealing with Doomsday in his head can help with that problem, personally I in turn abhor the lack of animation of the relationship in any of the planned D.C movies later on. Speaking of, any hopes/thoughts on Arkham Knight? Feel free to put this particular topic in the video game portion of our discussion.

    Sounds good then. I know, I was geeking so hard seeing them dance moves, made me look up the music video animations Monty did for dead fantasy later. True, not going to fault him for that but at some point I hope he does decide to finish that project, forlorn I know but still, at least I hope he gets that Rikku/Ayane fight he had previews of up >_>
  8. KrimzonStriker
    2014-06-28 11:42
    Sorry I'm late, trying to adjust to the new job right now. Still on probation period so I have to get rid of these kinks soon to get a permanent position. Keep the texas option open though, especially if you hear of any writing/journalism/media job down there Right, Austin my bad. I heard about the movie, it's fan-sponsored in terms of a good chunk of their funding, though there recent promotions have been very successful last I heard.

    I was on the fence about that until I started to look at her behavior with Rod, she was incredibly distant from him as well and despite making efforts to save Historia he did not put much effort in doing the same for his beloved 'mistress', coupled with keeping them hidden in the first place makes me think he forced that woman to be a decoy. That's just me though combined with their similar features I'm feeling pretty good about the speculation with that woman. It's on a Saturday though Dann, does your job demand that much from you even on the weekends? Like I said, I hope they include this stuff in the proper DVD releases once I get secure enough financially to purchase them (and when season 2 is announced to justify it long term) Well it was mostly intrigue and talking beforehand, so they do need to start balancing it out with action, I heard complaints by some readers that it was moving too slow and immature stuff of 'when are we fighting Titans again' like they don't even care about the story itself. Right on, I am tired of these secrets and I want some dang explanations finally! On another note I'm looking forward to the change in political landscape with Historia as Queen being able to support the Survey Corp with the necessary resources to finally make a move to retake Wall Maria when/if it finally happens.

    Better put a hold on that Shokugeki cut off cause things got somewhat more interesting according to the latest spoilers. I can't imagine what will become of Takumi emotionally if he loses something so precious to him...

    It was great when I was a kid, that gameplay was repetitve but that stages and designs they took you to gave me hours and hours of fun, it was also harder because I had to start over from the beginning after losing a set number of lives so that was frustrating but it provided hours of long gameplay. Sorry I corrected it as XIII in any event, and sucks if that's the case, what's with American companies that import Japan games and yet AREN'T importing those games eh? I understand, that story can get kind of hard to follow after awhile, especially since they dump you in it right away with no explanation, I learned most of this scouring the Witcher wiki. Ah alright the, I think the company is also working on some kind of post-apocalyptic game called 'everybody goes to rapture' though no real info on it at this point. Gah, enough about my complaints on non-english translation games, nothing for it until they actually come out and I can see for myself on youtube. Last thing I'll say on the Order is I simply hope this generates more interest going forward for steampunk in games and in general if it becomes as big as I hope. Yeah, I'm scouring the net for footage of Valiant Heart right now, something about the 2D illustration that takes me back to my old sega days, where art and illustration made up a lot for technical graphics which I feel are being used as too much of a crutch and hampering creative designs in games now a days. Indeed, any other games coming out that's caught your interest from E3 Dann?

    Bah, I'll subsist myself with stuff they can't cover like the recent background information. I'm becoming a fan of this one historical character, Daemon Targaryean myself, and I can't wait for the encyclopedia for Ice and Fire to come out around next year based on the little excerpts recently released. I hoped not, I always considered HTYD's universe to be separate from ours. Gah, not going to think about it, it'd be easier on me if 2 was the end honestly and I could just move on, minus an prequel episodes from the main cartoon series, though I'll watch season 3 even if it continues off of HTYD2 Eh, I only check in when I visit the comic book store, and only to see how Damion is doing and or the Wonder Woman/Superman relationship since I never minded that pairing personally.

    Thanks man, ah well not like I'm not used to it. Everybody gets a turn eventually, it just as a bit of a wait for some more then others, so just be patient. I'll be on the look out for that, especially since I still don't know when the premier will be after the showing in PAX. Having a weapon built in with no ammo limitations has its advantages. I enjoyed it, since it made the music video at the end possible Rewatch them then, there should be a compilation on youtube for all 6 of them, and if that was the last Dead Fantasy Monty makes it was both an exhilarating way to go and extremely frustrating since it ends on such a big build-up/tease
  9. KrimzonStriker
    2014-06-23 11:45
    Thanks, and let me know how that goes, if it's as fruitful as they say maybe I can get down there for something that pays better, cost of living down there is tempting enough as is. Ah, I remember their headquaters was in Houston now, am I correct? Good luck with that, if you meet Monty and the gang see if you can't get the VA's for Weiss and Ruby to sign this poster of mine since I already managed to get Blake and Yang's VA's signatures on it so that I can get the whole set

    I have some thoughts on that. I'm not sure how she's related to Eren, but it might be in relation to Grisha because I do believe the woman is somehow connected to the government conspiracy. Remember what Erwin's father said about how everyone with information on the outside world 100 years ago seemed to forget, which is why no stories were passed down? That sounds familiar given her display of power on Historia don't you think? Also, I think she's her true mother given Eren's comments on how they look similar and how Historia's 'mother' was so distant and claimed she wasn't her daughter. I thought it was 1 hour backwards from the East Coast in Central Time? Its on at 11:30pm Starudays over here, though adult swim hasn't caught up to the DVD release I've watched on streaming sites. In episode 8 for example they added some animation flashes of the cadets saying their respective lines during the still shot of them walking down the stairs. And in 13 they show a brief flash after Levi rescues the trio from a pair of Titans with them showing Armin asking if it was Mikasa, and Mikasa coming down next to him asking who Levi is.

    I figured that would be the case after all his obsessive profiling ability was shown off, and given he's Eizan's lackey his nice guy routine was obviously an act. Okay then, I think we've exhausted Shokugeki for now until new info appears.

    Heh, mine was the sega genesis, with me playing Sonic the Hedgehog. I'll probably frustrate myself to no end all over again looking to connect those scenes together in Inquisition XIII really set them back though, and given its previous iteration you can see why I'm worried about XV. I'm looking forward to seeing how it plays out regardless though given the Nilfheim invasion, part of me supports the Empire over the petty kingdoms of the North honestly, though I don't really care either way. Then it'd make it things too disconnected with the player if they have nothing to relate the civilization to I think. Oh, that's good to hear then. They're working on the Order as well I believe. Yeah, Square's been copyrighting the Vita cut-scenes so I hoping the console version might be able to bypass that when it comes out. I know, and VK 3 has such an interesting and compelling cast which I really like about the series. Ah well, I'll count the blessing we have and consider myself luck the Order's even coming out, the thermite rifle idea is already giving me inspiration. I looked at an image for it, it seems rather cheesy in terms of graphic design and not as serious story wise given how I'm swooning over the Valiant Hearts game from Ubisoft, and that was what I like about Fire Emblem. Mostly it had to do with people feeling that games were just becoming cinematic movies now a days, so I hope the Order provides the blueprint to other developers on that score.

    Yeah, I wouldn't go beyond 6 people max myself for that kind of game, it'd get pretty clunky tactically with any more space wise, 4 is a good solid number in my opinion though.

    Gah, then I'm not going to watch beyond it, the series still isn't as good as the books in my view even if I appreciate the visual display and style. Being the chief now will no doubt add to the drama. Lord knows I won't take anything away from them, but damn I wish it hadn't come to that, it bordered on cruel after 20 years without his wife only to miss the chance to make up for it, I wish they'd killed off one of hiccups friends instead, or Gobber (not Astride of course). Don't remind me, it's why I generally only pop in once in a while to stay current about the universes and characters I like such as X-23, Winter Soldier, and Hank and Tigra's relationship, but never get really in depth on the day to day story-lines.

    Heh, maybe I should join you, my sister just denied me access yesterday. Back to pirating streams I suppose <_< Keep watching, you'll see Luna's progression going forward in one episode of Season 2. True that, can't wait for news this coming PAX on July 6, hopefully the web premier won't be much more longer then another week after that or at least the end of July, the new sneaks peeks already have me drooling in anticipation. Let me know what you think, along with any Dead Fantasy you may have missed. You saw the last one with Kairi fighting by herself right?
  10. KrimzonStriker
    2014-06-21 14:58
    No prob. Good news on my end, I got a job at a jewlery company to inventory their stock and act as a courier. Pays not great but its better then nothing at this point. :P

    I'm actually caught up with the latest chapters of Attack on Titan, so want to speculate on any questions you might have at this point? And have you noticed they added extra animations in the English dub Dann? I also estimate that they'll need at least 9 more chapters before they can do another season. Levi's manga is almost done if they stick to the light novel version and could fit three ova episodes if they expand on Levi's criminal activities prior to meeting Erwin

    Yeah, I'm actually more worried as to what will happen with Hisako given Erina's track record with her representatives that fail her. And boy, things between Isami and Subaru heated up fast... Will be fun to find out when we do in any event. Trust me, you aren't the only one. I would give Shun a slight edge of making it a little more then I would Zenji to be honest. Plus with so many other powerhouses seats are likely to be filled up quick in any event, not a lot of room for the other Polar Star members in my view. Dang straight, ah well, until we actually SEE more of Erina the speculation is rather moot at this point.

    Will file it away for later then.

    I stopped with Nintendo consoles back during the 64 era, only handheld Fire Emblems for me. Can't help it myself, I have to find out the alternative paths and romances for those types of games, its so interesting to compare the decisions you've made. I'd certainly appreciate it on Square's part if the did, God I hope this doesn't flop, I want it so badly to succeed. That they do. Huh, Witcher looked fairly similar to 2 to me, I'll have to look over that again. Can't imagine what kind of advanced civilization would be around those areas of the world to warrant the explanation but we'll see I suppose. Especially on next gen, I'm hoping for major technical improvement for this Uncharted. That's certainly nice to hear. Vita seems closer in technological comparison comparatively so I'm optimistic about the transfer, especially since they've announced it it puts pressure to have it out in time to capitalize on the interest. Feh, guess I'm stuck with waiting for a fan translation on all the nice extra dlc content then. Me too, we don't see nearly as much steampunk as we should given how wide ranging the concept is. That's been a gripe that they want to address though, given how people complain about the length of cutscenes or how its disconnected with the gameplay.

    No, I saw the trailer again, there are 4 opposing players crouched behind cover attacking the group we follow. True that, but its a given under the circumstances of that world, and I appreciate the touch on Ubisofts part to really make it immersive.

    Good luck then.

    I did notice that, though lets move on from L&O now. Gah, don't jinx it! True, though lord I hope they won't need to use it, it'd be a shame not to get the printed version first. Will do. Indeed, currently though i'm reading through the Powder Mage and Long Price Quartet series right now so Magic Engineer will have to wait. Hmmph, I don't blame you for forgetting, ah well at least with the new on the Horizon I won't lack for warcraft content. I know right? I don't know how they'll top it in the next movie, though lord I was sad about Stoic after just reuniting with Valka and will miss him going forward That's what I'm thinking as well, lord knows the issue of mutants seems entirely separate from the Avengers comics more often then not unless Wolverine is involved Hah, you and me both, at least the visual action will be flashy...

    I can't do Crossbone, Zeon will always be the heart of the U.C universe for me. I know right? American production studios are idiots, they do have a summary for the last two episodes though on wikipedia if you want to read, its not much but it at least feels like it would have been a great conclusion, and I bet Dizzy died in the end like all her other iterations. Can't you just have her log you in and not need to look at her account/password? She could make you a guest profile I think. I'm glad you like it, and there's plenty more on the way. And agreed on the Luna, but she just needs to appreciate the role she plays and she'll be fine. It would make sense though, and hopefully now that he's used to it things will be cleaned up for volume 2. Hah, I watched a panel of theirs talking about making a gun-gun weapon Ah well it's awesome to look at in any event Yeah it is and do that, Haloid is what got me into Monty in the first place. He also had an original animation called Icarus which reminded me a lot of the movie Equilibrium personally.

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