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  1. KrimzonStriker
    2011-04-01 21:34
    Indeed, well putting stuff we can't control aside...

    From everything I've heard it sounds pretty awesome if they stick to the novels, horrifying, but awesome nonetheless so I'm really hyped right now for this one. Well I hope they'll at least have a name soon, perhaps a preview with an insert from Bright will help abate the waiting. I'm not a hundred percent quite sure if the progress so far will leave a movie open just, its hard to measure but titles alone, but yeah I do hope they take more time and care with it if they do indeed have that kind of fall back.

    True that, god I can't believe how much I've missed this timeline after such a long absence, I didn't even know I was such a fan of it until now. Damn straight, something this polished and fleshed out in its story telling of the UC timeline in general should more then be enough to get people familiar and pique their interest, I really hope this somehow translates into a truly worthy alternate timeline when this is done.

    154 episodes, by far I think my favorite of the 3 so far, I even kind of liked the dubs (horrible censors and scripts aside as is typical of 4kids) I had such hopes after all the teasing though, they really can't do that to loyal fans, especially if they want any to return for the new one, which looks ridiculous by the way. Eh, I'm laying low on anime for now (and likely for longer if the spring line-up is any indication) Finished Avatar:The Last Airbender awhile ago, good series, you should check it out if you haven't and ready, so I'm mostly keeping track of the gaming scene right now.
  2. KrimzonStriker
    2011-03-31 16:47
    Thanks Dann, appreciate it, I also need to start focusing on the issue at hand as well. For now I'm kind of unwinding, just a little anyway. True that, hopefully by the time I get out things will be better here at home (and the rest of the world, things are really crazy out there eh?), but that's for then I suppose.

    Yeah, about the only downside, which is why I'm hoping the payoff will be big and they do extend the length for episode 4, should be awesome to watch in any event. Whoever it is they'll have their work cutout for them, I'm quite sure, but so far I've been pretty impressed with the VA cast and the series in general so I'm not too worried just yet. I think so, chronologically I think it can work, but we'll see, hopefully they'll do right by it regardless.

    That's mainly the vibe I'm getting generally, mostly from the old schoolers who are UC die-hards, but it definitely appeals across the generations I'm thinking.

    A bit sad just recently though, Yugioh 5D's finally ended, I raged somewhat at the ending for a lack of romantic conclusion somewhat though I kind of expected it given that its Yugioh and everything <_<
  3. KrimzonStriker
    2011-03-31 12:01
    Nah, just trying to sort out what to do in the future. Economies scaring the hell out of me, might try graduate school after all.

    I saw a preview image actually, here's a link Includes an image of the Shambolo and Bright (wonder who'll they bring in as his VA?) Rumors are that because of the length of Dakar they might extend episode 4 to 90 minutes, and that they'll wrap up the finale after the first 6 OVA's have aired with a movie. Rumors for now, but interesting nonetheless and they'd go a long way to alleviating my time length concerns.
  4. KrimzonStriker
    2011-03-30 22:40
    No no Dann, I'm sorry I haven't gotten back recently

    So, how's everything and have you gotten the new ME2 DLC? Also, thoughts on Gundam Unicorn 3 now that it's subbed?
  5. KrimzonStriker
    2011-03-11 20:10
    Just checking in Dann, how are you finding Dragon Age II so far? Seems pretty sweet all in all in my opinion, though I do hope they elaborate more with some kind of sequel and or DLC soon
  6. KrimzonStriker
    2011-02-26 22:12
    Finally, we get some news. This should be good, thanks for the heads up Dann, will try to get in a response tomorrow Demo's out for Dragon Age 2 btw, from what I've seen on youtube I'm really liking the fast action of the Rogue. That and the snarky neutral comments of Hawke

    Edit: Woot, 8 minute preview for Gundam Unicorn episode 3, you can check it out here
  7. KrimzonStriker
    2011-02-11 16:21
    True, shouldn't count our chickens just yet I suppose.

    Demo might be pushing it, I'd count on the trailers, the big question is the release date though. Hah, no surprise, and I'm one of those people . I don't know, I don't think I even want to know what they were thinking honestly <_<

    I'm hopeful that he will, so far from what we've seen anyway. True, but a lot of them can end up falling into their stereotypical cardboard cut outs at times, is all I'm saying, so I'm thankful this wasn't one of those times. True, true, they could do more to boost their campaigns, maybe add some additional DLC if possible (like Dragon Age and ME), though I do understand why they want additional re playability for their games, multi-player being one of them. I guess, but character interaction/development felt a little weak in my opinion for 12, which kind of hindered translating the story over to me, and the end felt a little obscure.

    I can't tell honestly, he guards his reactions pretty well for me to get a proper read on any possible changes he might have gone through. Eh, the first trailer isn't the greatest test gauge, since you never know what can change overtime. I rather think the formal event meeting where they were conversing signaled they had only known each other only recently, but I figure Noctis and Stella probably share a deep bond nonetheless. Errr, I'm not gonna do any cross-overs just yet, the whole connection with 13 leaves me confused enough as it is <_<

    Wow, you're right, I was just going over finalfantasywikia to confirm. Well good for him, I think he'll be well-suited for the role, I also liked that they summarized the dialog from the trailer thankfully. True, ah well there's always youtube while we wait for the import, so that'll have to suffice I suppose.

    Which is why I really hope they don't cut it, both for the awesome scene and the overall impact and emotions it'll envoke. Yeah, apparently Riddhe and Banagher are dispatched to deal with the Shambolo during the attack. They can't penetrate its defenses though, and have to watch it rampage across Dakar, but no spoilers on how it ends Dann, you'll have to see for yourself if it happens.

    Gah, wait wouldn't Conrad show up at the very least then? Otherwise boo to no cameo appearances from Shiala and what's her name from Terra Nova. Good point, well still plenty of time for Bioware to listen and fix it I suppose. Good to hear, and I guess you're right, though she looks a bit more armored, which was the point of this appearance pack I think. From what I've heard yeah, and apparently their are supposed to be two more bridge DLC on the way. Well that's good, I'll be keeping an eye out for it then myself. Eh, Tali's cool, but I just think she was too... easy, fangirls are us and all, Miranda challenges Shepard, she... is treated more like an equal then a kid sister which I see Tali as through Shepard's eyes. But good idea, get all or as much of a perspective for everything as you can. Cool, any recommendations on what I can replace my Dell with then? Heh, well while we're on the subject have you heard anything about the new Tales game yet?

    Nothing's definite, and they could always do something unexpected in terms of how they'd incorporate C.C, if she shows up, for now I guess we'll just have to wait but I am somewhat interested in seeing how the Akito OVA's play out now. True, true, I 'm looking forward to what the future holds for him now. Errr, yeah, and the Break Blade manga's pretty far along from the OVA's, even in terms of scanlation, you want a link to read at some point?

    That was my take on it too, I've been really impressed on all the upgrades on top of maintaining some of the core fundamentals at the same time. Same here, and bah to them, you have to learn and evolve if you want to survive. Sounds good, I'm sure it'll be well worth it, I'm going to probably be following its progress all the way to release date and beyond. I also just heard they're release a demo later this month, so that should wet the appetite. True, I'll have to keep my ears open to catch anything interesting when they arrive.
  8. KrimzonStriker
    2011-02-09 13:40
    You know, just to mix things up a bit more I wanted to make some comments of Dragon Age Origins II. I looks like they've made combat far more fluid and visceral, which is all to the good, while streamlining the character customization a little, which helps keep the story focused in my opinion. Looking forward to seeing it in action when it comes out, you getting it by the way?
  9. KrimzonStriker
    2011-02-08 23:52
    Oh I know we'll get something then, I just hope it'll be good news is all. I wasn't worried about it not getting here though, too much hype about how different Versus was going to be to not push through. I'm more surprised at the sudden change of the title for the PSP game myself, seemed pretty random to me.

    And according to early comments by Nomura when it was first announced. Well, not tragedy just yet, but it was guaranteed to be the darkest story to come out yet for the series. Yeah, that seemed apparent, but Noctis looks like he'll be the most interesting still in terms of character. Seems like everyones looking to these days, but its not necessarily a bad thing in my opinion, look at ME2 for instance. Nah, at least with Turn Based it feels more like a strategy session then anything else, I was never comfortable with having to dodge attacks will in the middle of waiting for my bar to charge in 12.

    Agreed, probably the best looking game of the series yet in my opinion. Yeah, that's a relief, like I said his characters interesting, putting on a cool facade while being rather shy seems like a nice change of pace in terms of development lines. And it raises Stella's importance since she's more open and outspoken.

    It made seem fun in my opinion, and at least it keeps battles interesting instead of predictable, which it can quickly become after-awhile in other games. Well, you need to take it slowly, but its actually not quite that bad in my opinion and the added potential it hints at makes it all the more worthwhile to check out. I know, after Crisis Core they really nailed it with Dissidia, so here's hoping for the Dueodecim sequel now. I'm glad, I always felt kind of constrained in Kingdom Hearts and to a small degree with FF XIII by having you focus on one character only for the most part. Well, I'm mostly going off the tidbit where he can use guns too, so I'm pretty hopeful in regards to his versatility right now, still really want a showcase of his swordplay though after all the trailers and everything.

    I know, but I was always a little worried because Dakar seemed like a side-event compared to the big picture conflict with Full Frontal and the Sleeves in space. Well that's good anyway, Though they could have added all the little side-quest details as well if they were going to do that much. Also I just saw they recently released a new outfit pack too, the clothes look pretty sweet overall. And still waiting to see what they come out with in terms of the DLC bridging of ME2 to ME3(Btw, who'd you choose for a LI, I was rather fond of Miranda personally). Got to squeeze a bit more out of this system before my family eventually trades it up at some point, so for now its still mostly video walkthroughs for me, aside from a few DS games I guess. Well here's hoping things clear up at some point. True, but that characters are pretty entertaining so if nothing else it'll be a good time sink. Now all they need to do is announce the, but I hope you have fun when it comes out, I'll be keeping tabs on it now anyway. Thanks

    I saw some side jobs, but yeah glad to see them getting some prominent roles again. Kind of hoping Yukana comes back for the Akito OVA, C.C or otherwise. And Kouki's young/up and coming, I'm sure he'll be on to big things in the future, like Miyano, Fukuyama, Daisuke (both of them), and now Tetsuya before him. Unicorn's probably his biggest break after-all, and that's when it starts. Hah, same here, though I did see a brief summary, but right now the manga's enough to keep me occupied.

    Don't worry about it too much, I get caught up as well. Just cut out a few things we've exhausted now and we should be fine.
  10. KrimzonStriker
    2011-02-07 23:03
    I'm not getting my hopes up on that prospect, only Blizzard is more infuriating then Square Enix when its comes to releases.

    Too little info right now to tell, but so far I'm liking the back-story anyway, supposed to be based loosely around the works of Shakespeare, with elements (from what I can tell) of Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, and Macbeth, so that's a pretty solid premise anyway. Yeah, hopefully we'll get more in terms of the other two's identities and the role they play, I must say I'm liking the variation on the gun-play for the blond character though, with the whole targeting specific joints thing. Not sure to be honest, 12 certainly acted like a real-time combat game, though the whole waiting for your bar meter to attack and lack of smooth aerial combat kind of detracted it away from say the Kingdom Hearts series or Crisis Core.

    Ah, it was fantastic (from what I've seen, don't have a PSP unforunately ) Really well done, combined with a fun random slot game with the faces of each character on it. Certainly the game added to the overall story, though many of the implications surrounding it were a bit unsettling to what we thought was established anyway. Fantastic graphic presentation as well to boot, you should check it out, like on a walkthrough video if you don't have a PSP, its well worth it for the added lore alone. I'm sure they will, a lot of what they've already said has me excited as is, and each one seems to have a style that fits perfectly with their character, the gun play mechanic one I mentioned for the blond, and the versatile character of Noctis himself.

    Damn straight, I ain't letting up until we get to see that beautiful and likely potent scene make its way to the animation screen. New patch eh, anything in particular in terms of the contents? Too bad on some of the side missions though, personally I think sticking with the PC version is the happy compromise when you're caught between two systems like that. Heh, same, though I'm almost entirely giving up on anime until the end of the season and focusing on manga. Oh yeah, I heard they were porting Tales of Grace over, I figured they would but I'm eager to see what its like now that the English version will be out. Same, though mostly focusing on trying to find part time work for the weekend.

    To which I'm grateful for, and glad they're finally getting their careers on track, with Yukana having been absent from any major role in a while and Kouki being a newcomer and all. I'm still waiting on Fractale as well, though I'm hopeful that it'll be alright overall.

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