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  1. KrimzonStriker
    2010-01-09 22:39
    Sounds like a win win in my book.

    My point being with Q was his ability to basically warp reality, as was a lot of cases in Star Trek so it's a bit easier for me to believe in reality warping plot devices myself, as was the case with DTB... though now that I think about it, were you originally referring to the moon/new earth or the hover cars when asking about how they stood afloat I hardly see it on Spike myself anymore, it's always CSI these days <_< Well they transferred over, so I don't imagine it counts as a death so much, though perhaps a 'rebirth' would be an appropriate label. That sounds plausible anyway. Yeah, until next time, otherwise it's mere speculation as to where Yin and Hei are right now. Yes, this world is quite unforgiving I've noticed. Okay, end scene until perhaps the OVA's roll around then.

    Oh, I see, I only watched a two to three episode stint of the old series where Doctor Who became President of the Time Lords. Okay, that makes more sense then, and yeah I do suppose it has its interesting aspects, but I couldn't keep up honestly since hey kept reincarnating him like that with all new characters. Same, though I do worry about the overall performance of my computer now, I think I've worn it down too much. I always appreciated them for that, especially with a series and universe this wide-spread. Glad I could help. You should be getting the sense and motivation soon enough once you delve deeper into the story. Not to say profit or convictions are necessarily a bad thing, you simply need the right wisdom to decide how much to apply, as was the case with Reinhard who incorporated a lot of enlightened thinking but also wasn't willing to suffer the notions of fools and the corrupt who would stand in his way. Oh yeah, you get a LOT of those so be on alert. Still, it's main function is to provide the strategic concept for the war, logistics and all, you understand? Glad to hear it. There are mentions of frontier worlds in development along the way, expansion and resources are also necessary to help support fighting a war after all.

    Something like that, even in a break-up or a failed relationship there is something to be learned and it'll help make you stronger along the way as you move on, in my mind anyway. If it's just a one-sided lose then yes, but if something comes out of it, well look to my previous line, but I just feel like an indecisive harem situation cheapens everything more then anything else, even a broken relationship can have more value in my opinion and allow a person to grow from the experience, while this situation feels like it's just confining everyone and hurts everyone even more, realistically anyway. But yes, I much prefer a single LI/relationship myself, a couple of intermissions to test it notwithstanding as is the case with Kimi no Todoki, but you can see what I mean about growth and maturity right? In the manga yes, it just finished recently, was a very good one with a lot of drama and progress that strengthens my resolve concerning the above mentioned opinions I have.

    Glad it piqued your curiosity then. Is that right? I might decide to wait and see how it all ends then to make sure I'm not wasting my time. I will chime in though to see the animation eventually.

    Ohhh, a prophetic birthday gift then I guess your right, I'll disregard that for now until something comes of it. Well, let's give it a chance first Dann, this could be Sunrises chance to make up for some of the flaws from the previous season. I'm confused by what you mean, if it's a continuation wouldn't that also lend to a high possibility Lelouch makes his return? Yeah I heard the same thing, and well it'll depend in my view on what such a remake would entail, and not just those sketchy summaries I've already heard, but real concrete details and concepts.

    Oh, nice find, I like it

    Shows how strong fan support is for the couple then, otherwise they wouldn't go out of their way to appeal to them so much. Gives me hope we'll see the full transition. And while it's possible that it's a possessive look, the positioning of Suzaku lends images of a bodyguard shielding their master, so perhaps unexpected danger appeared and Lelouch is pulling her to safety with Suzaku covering them?

    Oh, and my arcade finally updated to BB: Continuum Shift finally, I just got to play and I think I'm getting a better hang of the game now, I'm still planning to main Jin but I'm moving my sub to Tsubaki I think. It's pretty fun, plus I finally learned how to to decipher the move instructions on dustloop now, so I'm getting a better idea of what does what
  2. KrimzonStriker
    2010-01-08 18:12
    Well Dann, we have lift off, it seems we are indeed due for an animated project for CG, to be announced/arrive in april 23rd, here's an image for you to chew on until we get a proper picture of what's going on, the exact details of what this project is about exactly has been yet to be determined... though I'm going to go on a limb and say that the Zero in the background kind of looks a little slender for a guy, I'm just saying
  3. KrimzonStriker
    2010-01-05 23:12
    Ah, school, of course, that's always a good place to relax as well when you have the spare time anyway, as for net-cafe's, I don't know any in my area either to be honest

    I thought you would have since it was Q's fault the Federation met the Borg in the first place. Now that you mention it, I haven't seen many either, but I used to go on marathon's watching a lot of the old episodes, TNG and DS9 as well, not too much Voyager, but yeah the Borg were a real threat back then, till Voyager watered them down anyway. Wouldn't make sense to me, because I feel overall that that would cause far too many deaths for First Earth to handle, even if we minus the ones already dead who were copied. It really depends on Hei and Yin's situation for me to say for sure honestly, what kind of state of being they are in right now for one. The convenient thing about the intelligence field is that poor and incompetents services or personnel don't really last very long Alright, then I guess we'll end it on that note.

    Indeed, oh you watched the old Doctor Who? A friend of mine is a big fan of the series and he introduced me to it, certainly one of the more unique series I've come across but I wasn't able to get into it as much. One I happily exploit when I can anyway. Ah, I see, I try to avoid it as I said before, I get too nervous waiting for something to go wrong myself. They tend to be a bit hard to miss as the narrator likes to go into lengthy explanations and flashbacks when going into detail about the history and stuff. Ah well, good luck, switch to the link I gave you when you watch episode 19, they have the series nicely set up with a wider viewing screen and no commercials there. No problem. Oh, it's a simple enough explanation really, the Alliance leaders extol democracy and oppose dictatorship while the Empire sees the Alliance as a bunch of breakaway border rebels originally part of the Empire (since in their eyes the Empire is the only legitimate governing body of all humanity). Their prejudiced leaders generally keep them from reaching an agreement, and Phezzan meddles to make sure the war and their profits keep going. Be on the look out for it though, a lot of things tend of get inserted and thrown out there sometimes so you have to pay attention, though things do tend of get repeated enough for you to catch on I suppose. They have a good dynamic between them though which keeps the story interesting. Faster then light drives are expected, there just seems to be something about the outer reaches or space that seems unstable. Here's a map for you to get a better picture They seem confined to the 'arms' of the milky way galaxy which contains all the planets and stars.

    Just like everything else in life basically . Depends on what you mean by choose, I especially despise endings where a character will quote 'choose' everyone more then anything, if they make a clean break or use it for a dramatic tragedy then I can actually tolerate it to an extent, otherwise it just doesn't seem fair to any of the characters to be playing around like that. Glad it worked out then . Yeah that is true, it hasn't quite gotten that far with me though with the English translations so I'll have to wait and see, at the rate we're going we might be able to cover the Ryou-Yano arc at the very least

    Ah yes, Dance of the Vampire Bund is rather... interesting to say the least, but I'll save the details until it finally shows
  4. KrimzonStriker
    2010-01-05 11:44
    Nah, I get that you're busy and stuff. But hey, if all else fails, there is always the library, though I'd prefer to just go to a net cafe myself

    You don't need to go beyond TNG to find many examples, my primary one being Q who rewrite reality on a whim (I understand your fear of Borg Picard, I avoided watching that episode myself until I was older ) I expect most of them are copies myself going by Suou's parents, like I said it seems more of a refuge for only a certain few willing to start over with a normal life. We'll just have to see when they get here. Another answer for another time I suppose. Oh same here, I'm always rooting for Hei's well being and Yin's too of course . Good to know at least some things remain consistent . I would be shocked if any intellgence service, let along MI6, failed to do so. Hopefully her friends are living out good lives in any event. Ah, I remember that as well, that was nice, made me quite nostalgic. Anyway, I think that's enough with Darker than Black, we won't be getting much more now until at least the OVA's are out, let alone whether a new season will be there to follow up, so if you have any last minute remarks I'm all ears.

    Hah, that'd be something to see One of those redeeming factors I so love about them

    Makes it more of a pain to find though, I'll tell you that, though quite worth it once you do. I quite understand why you feel like that, though me propensity to try and avoid downloads to minimize virus exposures leads me to visit video sites for the most part, unreliable as they are. You know any good download sites for anime yourself Dann? Probably because the whole series took ten years to finish, so they needed to refresh people's memory by showing their names over and over, thankfully this follows through for the entire series. Oh, you still haven't been told why that is yet? How far are you exactly? I guess I'll spoil this part since it isn't that big a deal, the Empire is actually older then the Alliance, it was founded by Rudolph Goldenbaum on the ashes of the Galactic Republic after he assumed political power during a time of upheaval and replaced the Republic's Universal Calendar with his Imperial Calendar. After he engaged in a massive purge/genocide within the empire, a man named Al Henissen engaged on a massive exodus that took 50 years along with a few hundred million refugees and made there way to the territory or what would become the Free Planet Alliance which he founded and would revive the Universal Calendar as a symbol of the restoration of democracy. It would be a few hundred years before the Empire and Alliance rediscover each other and engage in a 150 year long war up to this date. Oh, Yang can be quite studious if he applies himself though getting him to that part takes some work, and yes I would imagine so since he never wanted to become a soldier in the first place, you'll laugh at his reasons why he chose to join the military though . I wouldn't say their problems and issues within their respective nations are less then each others, it's simply a difference between their personal philosophies on how they handle it. Yeah, basically, luckily that'll hold true for the rest of the series, though for Reinhard's part it becomes something of an obsession partly because of his pride and partly because he needs a worthy adversary. I think it's simply a matter of not having the technology yet, though in terms of going past it there are other ways, since there are two corridors, and that benefits Phezzan who remains neutral between the two powers and acts as an intermediary for trade between them. I don't know if we'll get to see much more (depends on how far along you are) though I do promise you'll see more of the fortress yourself soon enough.

    One of those rare silver linings thankfully. Oh, those always depend on the situation for me and how it's used, like it it's done to bring out romantic attraction, and if it doesn't ruin the moment by being ecchi for example, I know of one scene I really liked such as that when I read Hoshi wa Utau (written by the same author of Fruit Basket) or the latest chapter of Nyan Koi! Yeah, that's often one of the more irritating consequences, I dislike the wide use of it though if it creates an interesting dynamic I'll allow it, versus pointless harems where the hero just chooses all of them or something like that. It's meant to bug you, can't be wrong unless you see why it's wrong after all There are like 50 chapters with about 30-40 pages on each of them in Japan Dann, sides I doubt the anime will actually finish the whole series and probably end it at a certain arc. Yes I've heard of it, I never picked it up though since it had a cliff-hanger ending which would be revisited later with a couple of movies. I recommend only picking it up when that happens, but keep it in mind.

    Yeah, I heard about that awhile ago, I thought I mentioned that too you as well
  5. KrimzonStriker
    2010-01-01 06:12
    No problem Dann, I'll look forward to reading it when it gets here
  6. KrimzonStriker
    2010-01-01 06:08
    Well I watched a lot of Star Trek, so having the laws of reality completely rewritten isn't a new concept for me. I assumed they were the souls Yin took just going by Suou and July's transfer, though copies are a possibility, the whole thing still has me a bit confused to be honest, but maybe the OVA will shed some light. As for the kid, skies the limit to what he can do with those souls after what Yin just pulled. Would be a logical conclusion since she'd just be a regular officer and not get involved in all the special contractor cases. You have a point, which I'll keep in mind, though regarding Hei his status literally puts him in limbo for me for the time being One answer obtained, a billion more questions to go with it I figure they probably rolled with the punches or had a back up in case August lost, I'm assuming anyway. Well, if you'll observe Suou's living in Tokyo on second earth, her friends were all back in Vladivostok in Russia, so that could be why we don't see them anyway.

    Depends if they ever revisit or tie in Second Earth to the rest of the story I suppose. Well, issues with Bones aside they usually put up good work so I'll look forward to whatever they decide to push, though I am hopeful since they left the door open to revisit DtB at some point.

    Which I'm thankful for anyway, I think expired shows that ended a while ago should be exempt from such removal, not like the animators are making much money off them anymore. Oh this stuff was uploaded a while ago, back when veoh was the refuge when youtube went banana's with removals. One thing I appreciated was that they always posted the name of the individual everytime, some of the secondary characters will become more prominent soon enough, the rest become easier to remember through association with the main characters. The calender difference isn't too big of a deal either, it's just to denote the contrast and difference of the two sides for the most part. Yeah, the person I'm referring too in particular really does come in the pinch for Yang so you'll like him when you meet him, and yeah Yang will get his promotion and his fame, though you'll soon see he doesn't quite appreciate, even if it does come in handy it'll also come with quite a few strings. You basically hit the nail on the head in regards to Reinhard and Yang, though Yang can be forceful when he wants to be he still ends up conceding to the restrictions placed on him. I mainly point out their character's because it plays an important role in showing each of their philosophies and ideals which become very relevant later on. You're talking about the corridors right? Yeah, that's the basic gist to them for the most part, which highlights they're tactical importance. Ah yes, the liquid metal coating, that was quite cool when I first saw it as well, one of the more unique applications for a feature I rarely see ever being used, though a giant planetary fortress with a really big energy canon has been done before, still very cool to see anyway, especially the firing mechanism for the Thor Hammer.

    Same here, I don't mind it in moderation for comedic effect now and again or even dramatically awkward moments, it just can't rule the story for me. Glad to hear they like it anyway, and glad to hear you think so too. I'm with you on that, the triangles just get mad annoying and weaken characters who I normally value for having greater conviction and decisiveness so I can do without those anyway. Well, you have to accept some necessary evil's Dann, Kurumi being one of them, but yeah, things will work out for the best generally. Glad I could help in that regard, everyone needs to relax from the more intensive series now and again
  7. KrimzonStriker
    2010-01-01 00:05
    Don't mind if I check in to wish you a Happy New Year Dann. May this year prove just as good and even better then the last
  8. KrimzonStriker
    2009-12-29 10:55
    Oh I hear you on that part. Probably as many and even more then what's on regular earth, from what I can tell Shion imagined/copied a world that followed a different path from one of first earth without gates and contractors and what have you. Basically, Suou's mom would prove that case, though I'm speculating those who had their souls transferred like Suou and July to Yin were transferred to second earth given their semi-awareness. Possibly, yes there might indeed be an alternate Misaki. Well it seems it's the norm after all, hey at least it's good for the environment Possible, I think it would be likely, it seems the stars still have some importance as well given Suou's focus on one in particular. Oh I take your point on that, I think there are too many things left unanswered to make much sense of the puzzle, but at the very least we resolved what exactly was Shion's objective in any event, I suppose everyone might desire the same thing he did somewhere in themselves. That does seem possible now that you mention it, though August 7 seems to have come off it well enough so I'd say that at least planned his part, Genma might have helped since he was secretly working for the CIA as well... I think it nice to at least hold out the possibility that was the case, though some people do seem to be left out, namely Shion himself for one thing though that could have been on purpose, but you never know... still, it's quite possible they'd be there as well I suppose.

    I take your point on a break, which they can get in an intermission, but I'd say their story be far from over given how they tie into so many things that are still left. I suppose that gives them plenty of room to be creative then on what kind of season they'll plan out next. Perhaps, ah guess we'll just have to wait and see if anything new ever comes about again.

    Ah, too bad, hope you manage to find more time to enjoy it at your leisure, though these days I'm worried if sites like veoh will find some stupid reason to take them down, they shouldn't for this series at least since they never imported Legend of Galactic Heroes here, but you never know. They certainly don't, and things only get bumpier from here really, and if you have any difficulties with that then feel free to ask, for the most part I prioritize the main characters and the people who are closest to them on a daily basis. Each of the character's have their own unique attributes that stand out, so it gets easier to recognize them as you get to know them more. Ah, I take your point, no not all of them even though a lot of them are but you'll meet one whose in charge who both you and Yang will like for sure, Yang will rise to be a commander soon enough as well though he'll still be dogged by an incompetent command chain. You'll notice the contrast in how he and Reinhard deals with them in that regard, where they both face similar problems but take radically different approaches.

    I'm glad you like it. And I can understand why you may have an aversion to series like this these, I honestly can given the shallow fanserivice filled ones polluting the area, but there are a few gems out there that make it worthwhile for me to keep checking them out, the emotional drama and character development for this genre can really only be matched by few others. I think it was Fruit Basket which first got me interested, and since then I really couldn't do without some kind of romantic development in any series I watch a lot of the time. Oh I hear you on that, what I most like about this series is how relaxing and down to earth it is as well, makes for a nice change of pace in my view.
  9. KrimzonStriker
    2009-12-26 18:57
    The general idea is usually to create a world of refugee, a place to escape from the tragedies of the previous world, that's how exodus minded people usually see it anyway, for the most part it looks like second earth is pretty darn normal without all the happenings from previous earth. Eh, we got deus-ex machinaed I suppose, I imagine it works similarly to Negima! and the whole mars thing myself. Oh and as for the hover cars, they've been there quite a few times before Dann, episode 9 saw a few, episode 7 had some on the highways. You have to keep a tab on them though And no, from what I can tell they seem pretty unaware for the most part, just going by Suou and everything, most people from first earth are probably unaware as well, other then being confused as to the moon's appearance. It was weird, though it had its high points, I did like it overall if even if the ending was something to be desired. I imagine this was all originally a plan by MI6 and the CIA to track Suou/Hei up till now, so I don't think it was by chance actually, though July seemed to have chosen otherwise. Ahhh, did not recognize that, it certainly would make sense and it would be nice to think that it was him after all, mayhaps this gives up for April as well

    Whatever sequel comes, I'm banking Hei and Yin play an important role, Suou might have taken a lot of focus in this season but Hei and subsequently Yin are the icons, the anchors. C'mon Dann, the CIA/America have taken over Tokyo/Japan, Misaki and crew are on the run fighting as the 'Syndicate' while we have a whole nother world out there as well, don't even get me started on the Yin look-alike that woke up either, and heck the twins say that another 'Gate' has appeared, which reminds me, did Hell's Gate disappear too? Lot's of stuff still out there and I'll look forward to the day they do

    Good to hear, tell me how you like it so far when you get through the first few episodes. I'd love to have some discussions with you about the series

    Yeah, , the whole cast is really strong and diverse, it provides a sweet yet profoundly deep drama and interaction. One of if not among the best romance shoujo series I've ever had the pleasure to read and watch. And yeah, Sawako's great when she does that, but like I said before all the characters have a lot of great points to contribute once you get into the story.
  10. KrimzonStriker
    2009-12-26 16:32
    Shion's copy powers probably, amplified by Yin from what I gather anyway, if this world won't be their paradise might as well create another one... which looks like the moon to everyone else on real earth. Anyway, second earth is the moon, the world they've been on is real earth. It's not exactly unheard of, though not uncommon, you see this theme about finding a safe-haven/paradise in some series, like Wolf's Rain. Well I'd imagine it was, given who he got squashed in a splatter of blood Oh, I did too of course, good to see that him and Suou still get to see each other on second earth anyway

    Oh c'mon, Hei and Yin be the staple of the series, you ain't going anywhere with a sequel without them Oh yeah, definetely needs a follow up, even if it may be awhile. Overall, I do hope BONES works on trying to refine their endings though

    Good luck with that, here's a link for a place that has the entire series listed out. They have mostly veoh videos, which is why I like them, but the beginning ones are from megavideo and they might run for you. Google megastreaming btw, it'll lead you to a site that manages to extend/bypass the megavideo limits, supposedly, because I've actually had it happen to me stil so I don't know if I'm doing it wrong or something

    Ah, good to hear, it's a great series and it deserves every bit of praise it gets. I'm quite confident you'll only continue to like it even more, and if you have time check out the manga version, it's much further along if you get left wanting

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