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  1. KrimzonStriker
    2010-04-06 23:12
    Hey, no rush dann, oh and another Negima chapter was recently updated in case you were wondering
  2. KrimzonStriker
    2010-04-01 01:19
    Woah Dann, big revelation from Negima just now, latest chapter is on onemanga. Some of it I already figured out, some of it was an interesting revelation that helped fill in all the missing pieces, and the rest actually did catch me off guard. Tell me what you think when you get a chance to read it.
  3. KrimzonStriker
    2010-03-29 20:43
    Well, I won't spoil it for you, but lets just say the whole two Yin's thing at the end of Gemini is starting to make a lot more sense. And Hei's not seriously going to let Yin die, if we didn't see it then it didn't happen and we won't know if it did until they announce season 3 at some point, if ever.

    No problem, my vacation kicked in so I've got all the time now

    Ah yeah, end of an era, I've got to branch out a lot now for quality reviews, I managed to pick out a few, but I doubt any will come close to Omni for some time. That reminds me, got to hook up to divine's mirror site soon so I can retain some parting gift.
  4. KrimzonStriker
    2010-03-28 12:25
    Yo Dann, just checking in, wanted to remind you that Darker than Black: Gaiden episode 2 is up if you didn't already know, get back to me whenever you get some free time and check it out
  5. KrimzonStriker
    2010-03-13 17:29
    Same here, I mostly look through video playthroughs of others now to speed up the process, though that has its draw backs for the various decision making RPGS since you can't always see the full range of options for each decision. I don't know, I think FFXIII's new modifications in that regard are pretty interesting and has reached an impressive balance with the turn based system and real-time combat aspects. Good games from what I've heard though I've only ever gone through the shadow hearts games myself. Yeah, those are really the things that keep drawing you back and make you want to explore every aspect of a game, invoking the imagination and understanding to their highest potential. Some of them are, but I give them credence and respect for the ground-work they set, some have been admittedly hit and miss but there are quite a few gems as well, my biggest anticipation is versusXIII actually. Damn you Namco, though admittedly the only Tales games I got into was Vesperia which I checked a long time ago, still have see whether or not I'll look into Eternal Sonata as well... but yeah, I'm thinking of branching out a bit in the JRPG field with the upcoming Resonance of Fate game now. I can see the appeal with wide decision making in the Mass effect series now having seen first-hand, but I still tend to prefer linear style role-playing games now just for more closure on various things. Dragon Age is good from what I've seen, it has its quirks but it's a solid series to be sure. True true, meh you can't get them all I suppose. I've heard the same thing, can't wait to see it play it when it comes to America, not as big a fan of the KH series as with FF but Birth By Sleep is one I'm really looking forward too now. It's bound to be announced in at least a few years, and the teams that worked on Versus was a separate one, that said I'll gladly wait for KH3 if it means Versus comes out sooner. Good to hear, I'm excited for the next big announcement concerning versus, especially with XIII out now and with Versus going to be the next big thing to look forward too.

    Hah hah, good call, I often twiddled away on a DS when playing The World Ends with You or the Ace Attorney series during my breaks at work or college. That is convenient now that you mention it, though I'm currently only on the look out for the next Golden Sun game in regards to the DS now, but Infinite Space looks interesting now that you mention it. Aha, yeah, it really is amazing, I think the hardcore fan base and addicting quality might help, Pokemon was one of those series I guess that just endures, Yugioh does that to some extent as well.

    Ditto on all counts for me too, action-adventure is good for the soul especially after Uncharted 2, and I'm really starting to get more into the third person shooter experience now since Gears of War, but yeah I only pay scant attention to First-persons's myself unless they really stand out. I've played around with the GTA franchise, if nothing but to appreciate their contribution to the free-roaming world concept, L.A Noire... never heard of it but I'll check it out.

    No no, it was nice to talk to you about this kind of stuff, good to branch out once in a while. Whew, finally done with that anyway. Speaking of branching out the we haven't discussed Negima for awhile, and with the recent chapters there is quite a bit to discuss
  6. KrimzonStriker
    2010-03-13 17:25
    Arrggh, sorry once again for the delay, things have been a bit hectic

    That might be true, it still made it feel all too off and disruptive for the pacing in general though. Probably not, since the main stick seemed to be about how you create lies for good purposes. Admittedly Tamaki did get a chuckle out of me once in a while, but yes, they inflated a few too many roles even though they knew and we knew nothing was going to come of those characters anyway. Bah, executive meddling should only ever be reserved for technocrats and experts of the field, not a suit whose supposed to manage the real world operations in regards to the fictional universe instead of managing the fiction to suit reality, this has been the death of many a great series hampered by far too conservative minds <_<

    It was just recently revealed that CS will be released in Japan on July 1. No idea about the North American one just yet though

    So have you been updated yet on those new chapters? Indeed it does explain a great many things, but that'll have to be put aside after some recent developments that have taken place are resolved in Qwaser.

    Be pleasantly surprised at the least when you do see it though, it was quite interesting when I first witnessed a certain someones hair growth

    I hope you have by now anyway, I've recently managed to see it and it... was.... AWESOME!! I want to discuss as soon as possible, so give me your thoughts on it when you have the chance That often becomes the appeal for taking sides, even if you lose you tend to get more enjoyment, but really the main thing is striking a balance with how much you care to how much you simply observe to maximize the entertainment value for yourself.

    I think some series and companies embody certain aspects of that, like blood pumping action and visuals but seem to fall apart when it comes to things like the story, BONES being a recent example we talked about.

    Indeed, something to look for when the second episode comes. Unfortunately it also means we get a lot more questions as well that come with these recent revelations, be prepared when you get back up to date with C:B Well, let's see if this illusion contractor manages to spice things up even more in any event. Ah, okay then.
  7. KrimzonStriker
    2010-03-08 00:54
    No, I can understand that, and it's true of just about any other one element you try to integrate into a story. Too bad others can't see or learn from that, because in that way they could still please certain cliques and fans, while not ruining the overall experience. Basically it felt forced and out of place, like your previous grievance with the philosophical elements am I right? CG season 1 definitely handled the philosophy better as well in that regard. Guess we'll move on from there. Well yeah, time management it another benefit as well in that regard, if you get one day free you can manage to compress a whole series instead of splitting it up week after week. Oh yeah, those are the ones where you need to test it out to see how the transition works, just to see if it lives up to the overall concepts their based off of. Basically the butchered it to please her fans while messing up the overall flow of the story, which I suppose wasn't really Kallen's fault, but still... Personally, I always thought she was upfront about it even if she did leave a lot of things out, Lelouch was smart enough to know something was up and it added to their relationship and how they built up trust to overcome those initial suspicions, so in that respect I viewed it as a mutual exchange. Don't get me wrong, I music works just as well with me, especially in combination with a story which is why I like OST tracks so much now. Good to hear, the Tomoyo version was also quite good in that department as well and made me open up to her in a way I hadn't though of before, you should check that out soon as well. I think the closest thing I could match it too was an elephant in the room/un-funny trope with how well Cheese-kun went over really, because C.C was always so dead-pan when asking or holding it, which just added to her seeming cute and hilarious at the same time. We're making good progress then if you've gotten that far, and overall I think it makes it easier to appreciate bitter sweet series in that sense if you also hold onto what may have been from the brief glimpses you see, like I felt when watching Casshern Sins and any other morally conflicting series with lots of conflict and war involved.

    Anyway, sorry I cut this up Dann, I'll see to getting the second part in tomorrow.
  8. KrimzonStriker
    2010-03-08 00:45
    Sorry once again that this took so long, wasn't expecting to get such an early reply Great, wonderful, stupendous and then some. Went Sentinel first, wanted the versatility, then I jumped onto the Vanguard given how everyone was hyping it up, which it totally lived up too. Legion? Damn straight I did, Legion's my best robot buddy Oh I had the same problem, I can't count how many crashes I went through with my piece of junk, so I only rented it for a few weeks, still totally worth it though. Yeah, and it isn't just Bioware, but budget cutbacks have basically dashed my hopes to afford a PC any high quality games... ah well, always video walkthroughs to fall back on. True that, I've gotten a bit of respite but the assignments are sure to pile up soon enough.

    Just goes to show how short-sighted people are when someone deviates from the status-quo, people are just too secure within a specific comfort zone to branch out in general. Luckily this hasn't happened for the video-game industry just yet, I'm glad their still pushing themselves in their innovation and concepts, and I hope they manage to keep that up for a good long while. Yeah those sound familiar, all very good, never got into Animaniac's though, personally preferred Hysteria and Tiny Toons when I was a kid for the laughs department. Also agree with the more recent series, especially Samurai Jack, though admittedly even those series could be considered byproducts or a long gone age. Makes me admire their audacity for being able to tell it straight too my face though. It's the humorous annotations they add too it, I can't believe how many times I choked on a drink reading some of the descriptions there Exactly, I have as much respect for those character's as I do the ambitious main ones, both have this tremendous amount of dedication in their own rights.

    Luckily I have now myself gone through my first batch of tests, though I have assignments and essay's to think about now as well, but it's given me time to catch up on various series, manga and anime. Basically it just comes to how blinded people are about profit and how far they can milk something rather then properly express it, though thankfully some brands like the Gundam series have such strong foundations to work off of that manages to endure in that respect, and the respect they garner from the others who work on them. But yeah, I personally think any reservations about animation should be overlooked for a series like LoGH, the artistic concepts deserve more then enough merit to warrent consideration in my view, look at WoW, it doesn't have nearly the best graphics compared to other MMORPG's but it beats them out through sheer imagination and stellar concepts.

    I know, that kid-stuff left a lot of deep impressions on me when I was growing up. My thoughts exactly, artistically C:B's extremely sharp and production needs to be able to match that in an anime version. Really? Thay've done action series with mythical powers and concepts before, FMA and DtB just being recent examples, and among them being several moral questions involved. Too bad, I think it shouldn't take too long to breeze through them if you manage to spare an hour or two once in awhile. EXACTLY, arggh I wish people would understand that it's not just their skins involved, it's the author and the publishers, and most importantly the series itself too!
  9. KrimzonStriker
    2010-02-28 23:37
    I'm just saying you should get used to it soon enough, LoGH is LONG and you're going to see certain characters go through that same phase of maturity once you get through a couple of seasons.

    No big deal. True, true, I will admit overall it was a pretty good series. BTW speaking of mech series Gundam Unicorn's first episode finally came out. Have to make time to go watch that myself. Well, hopefully some type of reformation will happen someday, everybody has their up and down periods. That said being indecisive can get REALLY frustrating because then you'll just have to endure a good chunk of the entire story without trying to feel anything.

    Guess I'll leave it at that then. Exactly, they just dumb everything down into predictable monotony, you need daring and dynamic energy to get the blood pumping in the audience.

    Saw it, good stuff, and like I said before as well Gundam Unicorn also came out if you haven't heard. Anyway, I liked those moments as well, just as I like the previously mentioned updates for Qwaser... and the new chapters from Code:Breaker, things are REALLY starting to come into perspective now for C:B especially. Not like I don't understand why she felt that way in any event, should be interesting seeing what comes next. What raws are we talking about again?

    I basically love JRPG's and role-playing games in general, and Real time strategy games as well. Mostly because of the expansive and impressive stories behind each game universe. The Final Fantasy series come to mind. Like I said in the beginning, I've just now gotten into the mass effect universe as well, before that Dragon Age Origins had me hooked too. I eagerly await the latest Kingdom Hearts games. Things like that for the most part. You?
  10. KrimzonStriker
    2010-02-28 19:56
    God, I'm sorry that took so long Dann, been on a major mass effect 2 drive since the game came out alongside a lot of school things

    Pioneers are never appreciated in their time, as the saying goes. Yeah, I mourn those days heavily now, it's why I turn to video games which seem to have picked up the slack in that department. Indeed, argghh how I miss those days, have the names of those series btw? Always nice to have a polite enemy, my personal preference, and don't get me started on tvtrope, I've been through that site quite a few times now Mad respect for the loyal man-servants, so long as their masters are worthy anyway, kind of like with Kircheis and Reinhard

    Too bad, well hopefully you'll be able to manage the time and appreciate it fully soon, good luck with all that. Bah, they could have at least brought it with full subs to DVD's or something and marketed it from there, it should be much easier now that the series is complete.

    You do that Dann. I suppose nobody cares about cartoons or animation anymore over here. Yeah same here, real shame too, I used to watch stuff like Cat-dog and Hey Arnold which had good moments. Argghh, don't remind me about what happened with CN <_< Exactly, it's a civilized modification for our most basic instinct and drives when it comes to violence. Arrgghh, quit reminding me how my favorite series have fallen already! Exactly, so my only real worries are what kind of production value an anime for C:B will get most of all if it happens anyway, makes me wish BONES or Madhouse would be the ones to pick it up. The manga material seems to be working towards a more complete conclusion so I can understand that. I suppose doing justice to the series was the original attention, but people need to check if they have the skills and resources to pull it off before they try.

    No, no I see where you're coming from, that type of thing needs to be handled delicately, it's more like an art form then anything else, what a lot of series lack in that regard is the consistency to match the philosophy with all the other aspects of a series to make it seamless rather then out of place. Exactly, my point, if one is say, trying to create a comedy element to relieve tension then I'm all for that but there has to be a greater purpose woven into it, CG season 1 did that quite well in my view. That's true, I suppose we'll just have to wait and see like always to see how everything works out with the project as a whole, C.C included. Usually I just take a wait and see approach with everything, try to find something with an interesting concept, let it run for awhile and see how everyone else rates it then check it out and make my own judgement, it spoils a few things but I figure it if it's worth watching then it doesn't matter. I'll hold off on making guesses until we get something more concrete about the whole project for now. Heh, you've got that right, liked her much more in Season 1 where she filled in an important role but wasn't made out to be more important then she really was. No no, I completely understand, I have had that problem on quite a number of occasions myself, some things really can capture you, for some it's art, others music, for us it's a well-told story. Yes well, all that more reason to check those one-shot OVA's out since it wouldn't take too long to get through, have you checked it out now btw? No no that's me too, though I must admit Cheese-kun managed to become a soft-spot for me in that regard, probably once again due to the fact that they worked it into the story as an element rather then something altogether separate and make it feel too out of place Like I said it's fine Dann, probably a healthier to want good things anyway

    True, it really did seem artificial at that point, we did have some good times with the Order on occasion, mainly Tamaki but then he started taking up too much space at that point. What I appreciated most about Season 1 was the subtlety I think.

    I can say with complete honesty that my mouth has dropped a few times watching certain vids. But let's move on for now, least until the console version for CS comes out.

    Basically the set-up for capitalism, that and human nature. Yeah, the new chapters for Qwaser appeared on onemanga if you haven't seen them, some interesting developments occurred anyway, seems mafuyu and Tomoe have split the 'power' which I think is some kind of key needed to find or use that portrait of Mary. Teresha's fine from what I can tell, don't know where she is though, best not think too much about the raws until the translation catch up anyway.

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