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  1. KrimzonStriker
    2009-08-16 15:54
    Same here man.

    Indeed, though if Mao doesn't come back it'd be good for another character to take that role up as well. Limits on the Gate are the writers imagination at this point I'd say. That and the budget to pull off the effects Well I hope so, though running for his life might have side-tracked any major experimentation and I don't expect to see anything new from Hei until later. Actually, what do the meteor fragments do in general? I'm pretty sure they had some special quality related to the Gates, the powers etc. but that's about it from what i recall and it'd give some indication as to what Hei might be planning

    We'll all the more to gather allies from the loyalist of MI6 I would imagine and all the more incentive for them to work together. Hoping for the best for April anyway, and from the looks of it the new speedster guy's survival rate doesn't look too good at the moment, but it'll be fun to see him for however long he lasts.

    Bah, I hate waiting but whatever, on the OVA's anyway. Or because the game is so straightforward the anime gets side-tracked a lot to fill in spaces. Exactly, but ah it's not up to me least I give him a role in every anime so let's stop discussing his career prospects and hope for the best. Honestly, none of even the serious roles managed to capture Lelouch for me... Lelouch is just, the emotion, the flair and reverberations in his voice and the variety of his tone from one moment to the next... I don't know but Jun's voicing of him was just something on another level I felt, and I hope he manages to get another gig that manages to put himself on that level again. I mean, I certainly managed to stop looking at Setsuna as Light or anything with Mamoru. Yeah, here it is, it's a nice pic. I agree and I see your point, well its good that he's got work heading his way in anycase. Ah I see, well no bigy then. That guys a veteran, a real pro and someone to look up to in the VA industry, I look forward to his future projects as well in the sequel to BlazBlue, Tetsuya as well for Jin to represent the up and comers, along with the VA for Noel who I was impressed with as a new VA and hope to hear more from. Those were good roles for her to demonstrate her skills, and yeah I heard that Sound Episode, it was a hilarious mix-up in tone there, Phantom Pizza girl indeed, I wonder if we'll ever hear that pitch from her again though I'm mainly just focused on seeing her in more roles Tell me how it goes then and maybe I'll do that same. Really? The first time you've heard of the manhwa? Korean manga's been around for awhile now Dann, I've been going through quite a few now and I definitely recommend WitchHunter in any case

    That's a stretch in any case, and if they didn't elaborate enough to make it indicate that it indeed happened I'm not getting into it, nor do I look forward to any of the alternative girls either, so yeah let's not get into that anymore.


    Doesn't sound like the headstrong Natsu I know, nor does it explain why he suddenly thanked her for whatever reason so I wonder if they'll ever elaborate on that in terms of the NatsuXLucy relationship, I think the intro of Aries just knocked out Loki in any case. I always thought that was more instinct in terms of tactics whenever he did that myself, so I just thought it'd be interesting to see him plan stuff out in a diabolical way instead of the usual smash things first. I anticipate so as well, Markov's son Ivan should be an interseting opponent as well though, plus there's that whole Anima thing mentioned by Mistgun... and yes that was Mistgun that found and escorted Wendy if you ask me anyway. That's kind of the pattern I've noticed with all the former opponent's now that you mention it He was exiled from Fairy Tail, always possible to join another Guild and come back anyway.
  2. KrimzonStriker
    2009-08-16 14:25
    Obviously those two will have a role to play along with everyone else. Eh, I think Billy and Graham to an extent along with everyone else has basically come to an understanding with the CB so it should work out okay. Probably, they're too much of a military advantage and too widespread already to pass up whatever the effects. Sure hope they don't wait longer in any case. I wouldn't put it past them to renew a character design, but what with all those clones of the Red-haired Innovator Ribbons pulled out near the end I'd say its a possibility, it'll be interesting if that is the case and what Neil will say to that if he ever meets her, probably know how Feldt was feeling seeing him I suppose. It's as good a theory as any other I'd say, may very well be the key to world and possibly universal peace if aliens do show up. Eh we'll see about that, they didn't go into too much detail about Setsuna either so... The designs also fascinated me as well, plus the action of course, though I never disliked Treize even when he was the 'badguy' probably because I never liked Woo Fei or however you call him, I always found him annoying in comparison to the other pilots. Oh, alright then, I got the time generally right. I know right!? I swear the producers were one something after that... Must as I liked DBZ to an extent in its early days I too could only take so many of those marathons. Yeah, I don't think people appreciated IGPX enough, but it was a good watch regardless. If that's the case then the guys in Adult swim are a bunch of idiots, Big O was one of my favorites at least the first season anyway and their comedy shows that are decades over the hill can go... well you know where anyway, I find the comedy in anime to be better anyway and less stereotypical. They do alright, I never get enough time though to catch their anime Monday specials, as for Evangalion yeah lets not go into that series anymore. It's mostly online anime for me now to get my fix these days. SD was it? Yeah strangely enough it took me awhile as well to figure that out. To be honest she always freaked me out with that. Awesome, but they've promised stuff before so I'll believe it when I see it. He died? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, his evil VA was the best!!! I found it nice to kick back and watch a less serious series like Hamtaro, helped me relax. I suppose you've got a point, and yeah the melon song was just hilarious, in both versions Be my guest, it looked interesting anyway so if I ever have the time I'll check it out as well.

    It's still kind of disturbing how she has that happy face all the time even in the most graphic situations. I don't know, him just having that kind of personality seems more likely to me, he had weird and relaxed postures while talking to the Prime Minister so it seemed like he acted that way all the time. Technically despite Sakura's obvious attachment to the C:B I would say she is rather neutral herself as she doesn't agree with their methods either, but yeah the President likely did it because she's like him, that and the fact that he is neutral is probably the only way he managed to negotiate with "that guy". Yeah I hope Heike keeps it up anyway now that the key has been revealed. Ha ha, I do too though I expect most sane people would react similarly, though I also find his cowering to beserker Yuuki also fun as well. Anti-climatic moment to say the least, but I suppose that gets one thing out of the way and lets us deal with everything else. At this point I wouldn't be surprised if the key did indeed do that, but I hope this allows us to move to the main crux of the story in any event. Basically how I saw it as well after that promise.

    Not an exact adaptation though, if you will recall the beginning of the new anime diverged quite a bit even from the manga.

    No problem man, sorry it took so long for me to do this one. The other might be awhile as well
  3. KrimzonStriker
    2009-08-15 15:58
    Well Mao always had a wisdom and advisory role to him so if they do bring it back I'm sure that function would be enough. The Gate has mysterious powers Dann, talking to the dead shouldn't be beyond its capability anyway. Enemies usually do, I don't expect it to be easy for Hei however they play his powers in any case. Yeah sounds about right, so as long as thy stay in the shadows we might not have to worry about it for awhile. Yeah, and the nature of the Gate itself while they're at it.

    Hoping for the best indeed. Oh yeah... well as you say it probably won't matter, typically most of the contractors have a different power or variation of powers anyway so I don't think you'll have to worry about repeaters too much.

    The battle with Anderson subsequently in that scene will be awesome as well. Oh yeah her... I'm sure there's plenty of talent to draw from for that scene. Yeah I hope so, he's had a lot of past success and it'd be a shame if they don't use him more. Yeah generally they aren't, why I usually prefer to keep the industries separate, I think it has to do with anime budgets and time restrictions. I hope so too, I think with that kind of voice he should be able to secure a role to match Lelouch at some point, though that of course depends on what kind of series and character he plays. It'd still be nice to see anyway, I'm sure it'll help boraden his resume at the very least, now that I recall there was a crossover pic once of Lelouch and C.C as the lead role for that series Not like Mamoru doesn't deserve it, he's a great VA no doubt. Oh yeah, I forgot he did Inuyasha, as for Shinichi I also forgot to consider that he still does the thought voices for Conan and it isn't all the little kid is it? Sorry, I just usually watched the dub for that series. Yeah, actually a lot of VA's I admire have been able to do that, like the guy who plays Kyon for the Haruhi series, but at the same time can switch up to play Ragna the Blood Edge. Yuuchi has really impressed me as well in that regard, going from Tomoya to Graham like that, Yukana to an extent, and the VA for Milley Ashford and then to Selvaria and now she'll do Erza. Don't know, never checked it out, seemed too complicated and melodramatic for my taste. If you're interested in more Manga I'd recommed a manwha called WitchHunter that features Tasha Godspell and the Kurosagi series if they ever start updating it more regularly.

    Oh really? Reuniting eh? Well that's the game, anime stole that away unfortunately and I was sad at hearing about that <_< Never liked companies like that, which is why I stayed away from companies and series like that for the most part, didn't want to get attached and then get disappointed.

    I'll check it out when I get the time, looking forward to it.

    That's generally how I saw it as well, though it wouldn't hurt for them to elaborate that scene where he said thank you, it was really out of the blue which is why I wondered if he was struggling there or he was just slow and wanted to thank her for saving him on the raft. But yeah, Dark Natsu would be cool thoug I've only ever seen them go in a berserk rage so it'd be interesting if a dark mind and intelligence could be developed from it as well, a smart evil Natsu would be pretty cool to see Probably, but their time will come I expect, them and Raven Tail so I'll be looking forward to how both those arcs play out. Yeah, he's got the worst luck, it's probably some unforseen circumstances in the past which will probably be elaborated on, and speaking of Luxus I wonder how things will go for him as well and what role he'll play later.
  4. KrimzonStriker
    2009-08-15 14:10
    Well I'm just saying that Earth isn't likely to fad out of the movie and it all takes place on Jupiter or something, Celestial Being still needs supplies and all that plus a couple of members are still back there. Yeah hopefully, could be awhile like until January or something thought. Indeed, but for the time being I'll think Tieria and Veda will be pretty safe... maybe Regene depending on how they play him out since he's stuck in there too. Well I guess they did seem awkward at time, they were certainly bulkier to house the beam barrels anyway but I could see how they worked anyway. Exactly, after the big deal they made out of that place in the second season I will be shocked if we never get more of an elaboration on it in the movie and a clarification as to its purpose. I see your point, though it could be taping into some kind of collective psychic unconscious or something so it might not totally be magic or anything like that. I was around the same age as well, and I didn't fully appreciate him until much later or the story in general since much of it was rather complicated but I always admired him even back then. I 'm pretty sure it was around to mid to late 90's if I'm not mistaken. Ah Toonami, you will always have a special place in my heart, at least your past self anyway, after the third incarnation of Tom I never really bothered with it until like IGPX came and then afterwards it was just all down hill. What a waste really since I think it could have gone a long while longer with the popularity of anime in general, I suppose Adult swim did take over for the most part though, Scifi's also started to pick up more anime as well though most of the series are just weird and ones I've never heard of anyway. Yeah good times good times, always nice to reminisce about those old Gundam series. Reboot was awesome for the most part, even if I think it was dragging a bit at certain points I always kept track of it. Yeah that's her name, she ended up saving the entire net as well. Kind of wondered why the web looked so freaking dangerious as well If they do a continuation that'd be great, I regret never seeing the end for that series... along with Hamtaro now that I think about it, Zatch Bell too though I can find and watch that anywhere now. Yeah Igloo is pretty cool from what I've heard, it's a 3-d realistic rendition as well, less anime feature in it but supposedly very interesting and impact-ful to watch.

    Same here, it was pretty peculiar at the beginning but when I realized what happened I let out a chuckle, that girl is so childish really. Well since he's creepy those kind of actions could just be normal for him I suppose. I suppose, though it'd seem kind of disconnecting if we don't find a motive for the deal. I'm glad they're starting to include Heike more, he seemed so standoffish even compared to the others that its good to see a bit more interaction on his part, plus he adds a great sense of sadistic and sophisticated humor into the cast. Was still funny to see him so out of it though while in class, I mean he still had an IV tube taped to his wrist along with those pajamas's, I mean couldn't he have skipped one day of school to recover? I think the author just wanted to tease us on those stereotypical moments, though it seemed like a nice bit of character development on the type of relationship they all have to each other and reinforced a sense of comrade-re. I doubt a regular storage locker would keep anyone out so that they'd need a key, it could be well-hidden too, but more then likely whatever the key opens it should be impressive. Ah right, well I suppose the event may have traumatized her to a large degree that she didn't open up until later.

    Ha ha, that'd certainly be an irony to watch out for, depending on how far the anime itself runs anyway.
  5. KrimzonStriker
    2009-08-14 17:09
    With so many old ones gone I think they'll be fine too. I imagine it won't be easy but I'm sure the twins will have some importance to him and the story as a whole. We're in murky territory with that so it's really up to the staff to decide whether Mao comes back or not, it'd be nice but I can live without it so we'll leave it at that, it was just a thought anyway. Okay, the dead in general then. Ohhh, hadn't that about that consequence but I'm sure Hei will be resilient enough to deal with it anyway. I suppose, we'll see what they do with it anyway and whether some interesting situations will pop up for it to be tested. Very probable that you're right, I still figure the intelligence agencies will probably cover any cases that pop up until it becomes too many to control but it doesn't seem to have reached that point yet. Good thought, in which case the world could get very interesting when/if that is realized. Just one other though, and there's nothing to say they wouldn't have appeared from just that gate, but I take your point that the entire sky being fake anyway.

    Bah, we already had a lot of old contractors die, him filling in for November 11 should be enough. Generally speaking they all had different powers from what I saw, since I do believe that other guys powers were just electricity in comparison to Hei who does have much more.

    Yeah, Alucard's been pretty absent for awhile now so it'll be good to see him return soon, I'm also looking forward to seeing if they'll change Walters voice around when he gets younger. I'm curious to see how they portray the characters in FT, so it should be fun. Yeah well, I can't help but be worried about him since he hasn't shown up for awhile. Eh, that anime isn't all that great, I really want her to get something big after C.C now. I doubt he will too, but its a real shame if that remains his only memorable accomplishment in comparison to the Mamoru who I consider his de facto rival in the industry. I know, really that guys career took off more then anyone after just one memoriable performance as Light. Speaking of DN I wish the voice for L would come back into prominence, I only know he's playing Cheshire Cat in Pandora Hearts and that's about it, which seems like such a shame.

    I spoiled myself with the ending, didn't like it so I never got into it. I know right? I was actually looking forward to the series because of her but after the ending well... couldn't do it. I've been meaning to check out Baccano, and i saw a preview for the dub at comic-con and it really does look good even in comparison to the original VA.

    Ahhh that would have been cool... actually now that I think about it Natsu did look a little angry before while looking at the light before sighing and then turning around to thank Lucy for some reason, so I wonder if that had anything to do with it. Or the Dark Guild that's reviving him from Grimore Heart, they seem to be aware of what's going on even if they are just letting it all play out.
  6. KrimzonStriker
    2009-08-14 16:36
    Same here whenever I stop off at Chicago

    Well it should be interesting whatever kind of meeting it is. God I hope not, the whole 4 years later thing kind of wigged me out already from the last season, that and it really didn't feel like 4 years to me. I imagine this will have enough significance the eventually they will return to earth in any event, but I guess it isn't too likely that he'll suffer a direct attack for the time being. Eh, Tieria seemed to be able to handle Ribbons well enough from what I saw so it'd have to be someone else probably if it happens. I suppose I may have watched too much Final Fantasy and their gun-blades then since it seemed fine to me. Oh c'mon, what's more important then this limbo land/astral plane? I'm sure that place has enough significance to amount to that much least the 00 drive wouldn't be so important. Ah Trieze, you made the series in my book. Really? It was mine too. as well. Yeah G Gundam was hilarious now that you mention it Let's not talk about Seed anymore, the series just nauseates me now >_> One thing I regret from my childhood days was that I never did get to finish Reboot after Megabite came back as a Trojan virus and had trapped everyone into the dome like thing so that he could hunt them. Same here, I just read the reviews by Kaio on it but I never had the time or patience to check it out since it kept coming in increments but from what I heard it was good as it was a 3d graphic representation of the beginning of the one year war before gundams and mobile suits were available to the Federation.

    Meh, depends on what kind of character it is and how they act that will determine their importance in the story, no matter who it is even the most ordinary of people can tip the scale in some series by being who they are. Indeed it was Dann. I guess so, btw did you laugh like I did after it was over to discover the female Re:C had lighted up like that after seeing the President? Yeah, or 'that guy' could just have weird fetishes and stuff, or mayhaps he's just curious because Ogami seems attached to her. Yeah now I'm begging for a translation to see what exactly the President said to get her back after one conversation and why 'that guy' had any reason to agree I laughed at both those moments, I guess it still hasn't been 24 hours for Heike and Ogami... well he's got to sort out his issues concerning Sakura anyway. Yeah that was really anti-climatic, I mean when they all started to gather together it looked like it was building up to those huge brotherhood moments where they were gonna help Ogami and then... well this would probably be the moment I comedically fall on my head in an anime Eh, I just hope it proves helpful in resolve all of their respective issues by being together like that, and whatever Eden's precautions I believe it'll serve them well whatever path they choose to follow together in the end. I rather doubt Eden would allow that, I thought they'd have whatever the key went too under lockdown or something. It's only speculation, and since the issue has already past we might have to wait a little longer to see if anything turns up about their pasts. I wouldn't imagine so, it could provide more motivation as well to some extent but I'm sure it'll work out whatever the truth is. You mean where she dropped to her knees and stuff? Yeah that was kind of fun to see, make me really curious to know what was said though.

    Eh I'll hold off until then most likely.
  7. KrimzonStriker
    2009-08-14 11:13
    Right, we'll that can be good too I suppose depending on how they choose to develop the new characters. Oh I certainly hope not either, I don't think she will since she'll tag along with him according to the description anyway. It's not technically death, he's just had his mind taken over by the cat's instinct so I think if there was ever a situation it would be possible. And didn't they bring all the dead contractors back for a moment at the end or something? I don't know, Hei probably never realized it enough to try though he always did have weird reactions when he went to the gate, still I do hope he makes an earnest effort to harness it at some point now that he's being hunted since he'll probably need to up his game if he wants to survive. Yeah I thought the reverse could have been true as well, it'd be interesting though if they're an enemy death might just be quicker and easier for him to dish out Not enough at the moment to have caused a huge enough ruckus until now any, nor too many that couldn't be procured under the control of the intelligence agencies. It'll depend on how many more appear now though, thousands would still pale in comparison to the billions here so it should be manageable until the sky grows even more. Beyond say just Tokyo. I thought it was just Tokyo though? Its the impression I got due to the effect of the Hells Gate though I haven't seen enough of the world to know if that's the case. Well I'm sure the Syndicate will make their presence felt eventually, and Amber was still a bit antagonistic anyway even if you could understand and sympathize to an extent with her. Uhh that makes my head spin now... I'm not going to worry about it until it becomes an issue in the series now.

    Yeah, I'll be sad if she goes now I think she can still do a lot more. I have been wondering about the kid, I mean it makes sense that he would stay behind generally since he is a doll and doesn't have much in the way of fighting capability. I think he was a boy anyway Dann, and I doubt that will happen since the kid is still a part of MI6. Amber already did time stop so I imagine speed is more likely given they portrayal of him so far.

    We'll see how it all plays out for Qwaser in the end anyway, I doubt Lizzy will fade away from the story whatever happens with Ootomi.

    Oh she did those did she? Then she's alright I guess. Alucard's more sadistic I think, so he definitely shines in that role in any case, plus the character is much cooler. I think so too, and I'm happy for them along with wishing them all the best in their endeavor with the series and hope they go far with it. It's been awhile since they've announced any roles for him though since Rolo, so I'm getting a bit worried now. I mean, he did good work as the star role in Bartender and RomeoXJuliet so I hope he manages to continue getting some prominent roles. It'd be a shame if she didn't in my mind, she played a strong role then and I think she has all the potential to be part of a main cast again and not just these constant supporting leads. We'll I'm glad for, not her biggest fan but I will say she does a good job anyway. And Jun we'll, he's Jun so I'm not worried about him too much, just whether or not I'll ever get to see him in such a prominent character again like with Lelouch. I mean, Mamoru Miyano managed to bounce back fairly well with Setsuna after death note ended and everything along with his support roles and less spectacular main characters.

    Well Nirvana isn't fully working yet but from what I gathered from what the Blue Pegasus guy said that is the likeliest outcome once a person manages to control and manipulate it. Obviously the process can be stopped, but how much damage it does before them could be devastating, not to mention what they'd do if it becomes permanent. It'll likely get destroyed by the end of the arc I would imagine, way to dangerous at this point to be up for a long time, though I suppose if anything survives from it they could make use of it later.
  8. KrimzonStriker
    2009-08-14 10:44
    Eh it can still be a pain, but the system is so huge it basically covers the entire city fairly well at least compared to other cities around the same scale.

    Did he now? Very interesting, seems like things will be picking up fast from there then. Well the super computer mainframe itself could be a worrisome target though so he's not completely out of the woods, and someone might hack in and crash his systems possibly too. They both had there ups I guess then, I did like the gunblades better if nothing more then for the sheer firepower though I agree aesthetically Exia's blade did look sleeker. That's also something I want them to answer by bringing the drives back, what exactly was it doing and causing all of them during those limbo like periods exactly? An elaboration on that would be nice. That was always a shame in my opinion, I think out of all of them Gundam wing did the best on that score with a wider variety and production of mobile suits for the water. Probably why I always preferred the other Gundam universes personally. You recall all of them actually Dann? Wing, Seed, 00 now... and what else? Seed blew it in my opinion, played out way too many of the same themes and it had such potential too... Oh really? We'll I'm not likely to go back and watch those series now after all this time, I don't wanna get to into the Universal Century version any more then I have to with Unicorn, though I did find the Gundam Igloo OVA interesting from what I read of the reviews from Kaio on it.

    I'm not saying its not possible, if the story goes on for a bit longer it might be nice to throw in a new addition to shake things up like they did now with the President. Well I imagine they will now since... I'm not going to spoil it actually. Just so you know I kind of got impatient and took a look at the RAW for chapter 54 and things get... strange to say the least. Should be a good character development session for all of them anyway, both the C:B and the Re:C. I don't see it as much of a factor if it is at all, they all seem rather attached to Sakura now to an extent. For individuals that had such a distant relationship she really seems to have managed to bring them together bit by bit like a kind of family now. Eh... I think this is fine to spoil in any event, yes Puppy does make the big reveal in the next chapter anyway, so it'll be an interesting dynamic as to how that plays out. I don't know why but it often seems like Sakura has a past relation to just about everyone anyway, so I wouldn't be surprised is she and 'him' and a past connection. Oh that'd be a blow... though that little flash back with Sakura leads me to wonder if she herself might have done something as well... we'll see in any event. Yeah she's probably going to be a lot slower then Ogami on the uptake at this point but it should be good for some laughs anyway. Ehhh.... not spoiling it Dann, let's just say it gets interesting

    Oh yeah, she got the short end of the stick what with both her husband and her son now, but I'll leave it at that anyway. I will at least look forward to what kind of pwnage Wrath brings in the later chapter at any event.
  9. KrimzonStriker
    2009-08-13 19:34
    Okay I'm back now.

    I suppose that would be useful but depending on how far away he is Hei might not make it in time to help her if he has to, that and I think her ability would be more useful in helping to avoid their pursuers. If there was ever a time for that rule to apply, it usually occurs in series where they've already crossed the line in terms of reality with people running around having mysterious powers. Seriously though, if it was Yin then at the very least he could become a good house cat for them. Ohohoho!! That's a big boost... though I don't see Hei actually doing that for for just anyone really, and unless circumstances forced it or something, still gives a lot of possibility now in terms of his ability and what else he might be able to do. Eh, if it happens it happens, I might be over blowing it though, it could take years before there are enough contractors for that to be taken into consideration like that and in the mean time the rest will likely stick to being recruited. I guess that's a though, maybe they'll elaborate on the motive now that they've become the enemy in Season 2. I imagine they'll be a little bit in character about it anyway, it'll depend on a lot of things though so we'll wait and see.

    I searched for it on youtube after you told, it's good to see her back now though I hope it isn't only to kill her off right after >_> It looked pretty good from what I saw as well, I do hope they don't focus on the contemporary lifestyle of her's for more then the beginning episode anyway, it looks like she'll be getting a lot of development anyway and I wonder how she'll add to the cast along with her brother.

    Eh, we'll see, still hoping to get a good picture of the fight though but I'll move on from that point anyway.

    Oh I highly doubt that's gonna happen anyway, and he seems to be satisfied with what he has so I see little point in him doing that and putting Lizzy in that situation, though I do wonder where she goes from here after the battle reaches its conclusion.

    I do hope so, I'm looking forward to those two, Kimi No Todoke and maybe a couple of other series depending how their first few episodes go. Did you see the lineup for them BTW? Here's a link Yeah I think that sounds about right so hopefully we'll see a good rendition when they return and maybe a few more contracts for Vic afterward. I've heard of the former, and maybe the latter and yeah they've sounded pretty strong. Really? Diethard and Alucard are both kind of insane in a way though with obvious distinctions I suppose. Indeed you know me well Dann, so let us move on from that series shall we? I suppose, I do wish they'd give newcomers from other series more limelight though, there's a lot of potential in them which is why I'm so excited to see Tetsuya get the role of Natsu, and Yuuichi for Grey is starting to come into his own as well now. I'm still waiting on the VA for Rolo to make an appearance soon, and I hope Yukana comes back eventually as well to play more prominent roles among other VA's I'd like to hear from again

    Likely turn people against one another and cripple the whole magical community, the country, even the world! Heck, they could go a super evil recruiting spree if they wanted too probably. It's kind of what I'm picturing when they keep talking about a new world anyway, literally building a new society of some sort possibly with everyone's hearts now turned.
  10. KrimzonStriker
    2009-08-13 16:08
    I'll keep those places in mind then. New York? Loud, Rambunctious, Bright and Glitzy, wide variety from the diverse cultures which reside in different subsections of the city, expensive as hell to live in if you want to actually enjoy it. Transportation is top notch though so I can get anywhere I want easily enough.

    That's basically want Kaio identified in his review anyway. I really couldn't say since I don't know what its like to be living in a super-computer, testing his new existence or something, he seemed to just be wandering around and examining everything from what I saw. Sounds about right, it'd be cool to see if he could still fight in that form anyway. I kind of see it yeah, Exia did seem to be a bit sleeker. That's basically what happened, so I'm worried about what kind of disadvantage it would be or how they'd cope since the double drive system seemed so important to the overall plan what with the astral-projections and everything. I guess it is good to mix it up, I also found the underwater battles an interesting change of pace as well. It just felt so disconnected from the main series though, which was always my main problem with them alot of the time, while overusing so many themes over and over in each version. If I don't ever see another Zaku model again it'll be too soon. Really? I didn't watch most of the other series with the newtypes, I think the only one I ever went all the way to the end was 8th MS really which didn't play to that aspect.

    Well technically they only know of two rare kinds right now and that's about it. But still I think there's a relation at least to them and the powers of the C:B in some way, so the key might tie all those things together, about the only thing I think that's worth exploring and fighting over between 'him' and Eden. I get the impression that was most likely the case with Shigure anyway, Yukihina and Ogami just seemed to develop a rivalry along the way, still wondering about Heike in any case. That's a big question, one I'm fairly certain Ogami and some of the others will disregard as they go rescue her with or without Eden's approval. I certainly hope he shows somebody the key soon as things have gotten out of hand now the Sakura's been taken. Well that should make some great laughs with Heike in any case, I wonder what they'll come up with if/when that happens again. Should be a good scene and it'll add some interesting dynamics to all the characters when/if the past if revealed during Sakura's incarceration. Yeah she's fairly thick on that matter from what I've seen. I'm not surprised, she's a pretty butch and tough character generally and one who can't seem to say no when requested by a friend, and I think she just got used to it after the first time and figured there was no helping it so let Nene do as she pleases. Generally speaking I think it'll all be a bit too fast pace for us to settle into the notion that she's absent from everyone's lives for awhile as the chief focus will be rescuing her.

    Well I just checked the latest chapter simply because you got me curous, but seriously Greed coming back now is weird and I have to wonder how Ling's gonna eventually work this whole thing out with having his body generally being dominated like that. But really, right now I don't want to talk about this issue until this whole thing works out as it seems too complicated right now. Wrath still kicking butt is nice to watch though

    I have to do something Dann so I'm afraid I won't be able to finish the second half of my reply until later, don't respond until then alright?

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