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  1. KrimzonStriker
    2009-08-03 01:16
    No prob, I'm just surfing the net to kill times these days

    I don't disagree with you on that, I do enjoy just good old fashioned comedies and emotional drama as well. On the other hand I can understand why people like action series, though I've begun to broaden that these days when there are more intelligent thinking involved now, I guess Code Geass spoiled me or something, that and I got tired of Gundams just tearing everything apart all the time and making strategy irrelevant, though 00 did do a better job with Sumeragi. I suppose, though as we're starting to explore his character more and more it does seem like the author wants to make him more sympathetic. I'm just pointing out the hints she left about what was to come, that the decisions Negi made and will make later on will likely have consequences for her and perhaps the world. Hmm, that's a thought though given how we don't know what the extent of the drawbacks are it might likely be that he won't be in a state to do even that much. Eh, plenty of characters to come in and save him if it does. I guess I can kind of see your point on that, I did chuckle that time she ended up switching once she fell in that hole and Nagi dumped all kinds of anti-vampire stuff on her.

    Well, it would be cool if each Averruncus was of a different element, though of the Earth could have applied to all of them as we didn't see what the others could really do in the film. It's a theory to keep in mind I suppose, and more its also possible the 'fourth' could have been destroyed or still be 'asleep' as you put it. I'm pretty keen to learn more from the next chapters as well. Funny thing is he also contradicts himself a bit because he often compares others, and himself in such a manner as well. Probably speaks to his 'nihilism' in his perspective that the world is devoid of meaning or something, but unlike others with similar attitudes he seems to be frustrated with that circumstance instead of willing to accept it, hence these small acts of defiance like his creating a name for himself.

    Ah alright, I'll have to look it up later myself. I don't think so, at least I've read no examples where it seems that way. She's a skilled exorcist with a lot of specialized guns, but there are people with powers beyond pacitos Dann. Who was Takamichi again? Well I suppose, though after all this time I kind of wonder, plus Chachamaru can handle herself well enough without an artifact so the compulsion to try and get one coupled with the 'she's a robot' thing might cause the opportunity to be skipped. What they heck... wait I think I might remember something. Did they go down to meet him after wards? Or did the dragon guarding it keep preventing them? :cofnused:

    Wow, we still had so much for the series left? Ah well, i just think it's good closure to finally get it all done after all this time myself It just won't be the same without him, even if I still like Hei. I really do wonder what they're gonna do now in the sequel with so many of the former cast getting offed. I have confidence so long as the producers and directors follow through with the general content.

    Really? The answers to your question on Sakura staying out shouldn't appear for until at least the next arc, but alright. Ah well, I'll wait to see how it grows then. I'm having a lot of issues with clamp these days though after Tsubasa Resevoir Chronicles. Those women from Clamp just like to mess with my mind way too much

    Really? I did more greek and western mythology myself versus the eastern stuff until I started up Manga and anime, though I still don't know half of what they refer too a lot of the times, much of it just seems too local for me to have learned prior to reading about it...

    Well of course, got to have the content to go with the conclusion, journey's often prove to be more important then then end as well. Still like good endings though

    Her names v-13, though we often pronounce and call her Nu, she's a android clone that serves as the main boss, but in terms of main antagonist she's more of the 'terminate and destroy' type of robot then the sneaky planny person. So yeah, no need to worry about Hazama, well actually all the reason to worry about Hazama now
  2. KrimzonStriker
    2009-08-02 00:55
    Officially his name is Hazama, he's an intelligence officer for the Librarium and is assisting in Noel's mission to retrieve Jin. Unofficially... well let's just say that any suspicions that might have been aroused in you based on what you saw in the trailer I can safely say are confirmed. He plays a much bigger role lets just say >_>
  3. KrimzonStriker
    2009-08-02 00:51
    It's cool man, this kind of thing can wait

    That's basically my opinion of it, though of course a series with absolutely no action in it would tend to get dry. Even Lelouch and Light had resources and means to go with their plans to spice things up. Oh cool, I'll check it out right now, thanks a lot Dann. Actually... hmm since you've had me thinking for quite a while there might be a strong likelihood that it is Negi that may end up causing her Chao's tragedy, along with parts that I could gleam from Fate in the latest chapter. He doesn't really need too, he has his overwhelming power nowadays that it'd be a bit of a waste. Eh, Eva acts the same no matter what form she takes to be honest <_<

    Alright, that makes sense I suppose in terms of timeline. Oh, it was a special designation concerning the elements? He does like to use the stone spell a lot I guess. I don't quite think so as he was there during the time of the first one wasn't he? You know we might just be I don't know, over thinking this a bit and until something comes up I don't think we have enough to really accuse that kid of anything. Though now that you mention it apparently Fate's real name is 'the third' as well so now I'm not so sure... anyway, it might be an indication of how much he dislikes being a doll which adds to his cynicism about everything which is why he changed his name. He seems like a surprising optimist though, for being one with a nihilistic manner. Perhaps Negi has piqued his interest after all their encounters, it happens when you get to know each other well-enough. A lot of humans are Nihilist Dann, still I'm encouraged with this recent development, it suggests Fate is a much deeper character that we can explore now

    That's a theory, keep it in storage in any case. A part of me is starting to think that what happens now will be the affect on what happens with Chao now that I recall her heavy reliance on technology and that she had some 'issues' with magic that may have resulted in those scars and tattos. A part of me is starting to wonder if they were artificially grafted into her or something. <_< Almost sounds like he's doing a reverse Chao here though, instead of exposing the world of magic to solve the problem Fate's decided to destroy it. Yeah, Fate's always a laugh just because he never does it, it was funny to me that he didn't quite understand the insult either Eh, we're still trying to work on the Father-Son Reunion here Dann, don't you think you're getting a little too far ahead until we know more about what happened with her?

    Eh, I haven't seen much of them either during this summer as well. I came across a few of them when I was reading up on Square Enix on wiki, though I knew about the Star Ocean series a while ago, it was a pretty popular series with its characterization more focused on scifi aspects compared to the FF branch. I've found a few of the better series through looking at the companies with a history of solid games now as well and I eagerly monitor their releases.

    All in all good for Kotarou. Ah, thanks for clarifying that part, what did his artifact do exactly btw? I personally think he's pretty much done at this point except for the two that you mentioned. Oh wait, we still have that sniper exorcist named Mana as well, though I haven't seen much reason to think she'll get one. Like I said before, Chachamaru is a robot so I don't know if the pactio will apply with her. He's stuck at the school? If he's in the school why hasn't anybody manage to met him beforehand? That'd be nice for Eva.

    Oh that sounds promising then. Ah, I suppose you do have a point on the length. We'll find out, could just be a retelling of the story entirely, but there's a lot of opportunity now. I'm gonna miss November 11 though Same here on Fairy Tail, I'm serious that I think it has a shot to rival Bleach and One Piece though etc. it has all the dynamics in my opinion.

    Right, well just in case I'll fill you in on the whole staying out bit when you get into the later chapters, just in case you miss it. Eh, Clamp doesn't usually do tragedies, and Kobato's been out for awhile now. Heck they're releasing the anime this fall for it. I couldn't really get into it myself currently despite how cute it was if there wasn't a guy in the series to appreciate it which I didn't read about in the summary.

    Oh, I'm not really referring to the common terms, I can understand those after awhile as well, just like you know specific references in jokes or some historical citations and stuff from Japanese culture.

    Still, while series with just good old fashioned fun are also nice a few hints of real loss, conflict, doubt and the like help empathize with a series, though of course I agree it has to be worth it in the end to make up for everything that happens, happy endings are always the best
  4. KrimzonStriker
    2009-08-01 14:13
    Here's to the OVA having better success then the other Negima animes anyway. True, though I am glad they finally decided to finish up the series after all this time at all anyway. Well, I liked the original series for the most part anyway so I'm looking forward to this sequel, it was a good series in my mind that can definitely do better now. Same here, Fairy Tail has everything I think it takes to be rivals with the main shonuen jump series like Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece and I think it'll only get better as time goes on.

    Couple of arcs into it and you'll see soon enough. I'll talk to you about it once you catch up all the way to the latest chapters anyway.

    Eh, I've seen some of those, and as you point out they are rare though, for another thing it kind of disrupts the flow of the story then the editors notes right on that page, when I have to go all the way to the back to look up a term or phrase or something.

    Gotta love the Borsch scenes, it's good for him to have a lighter side anyway. Most of the series like that that I know of fit into the tragedy aspect for the most part, plays out the drama of sacrifice, loss and betrayal, injustice of life or some stuff like that anyway. I mostly avoid them though... unless they're like a Code Geass ending maybe with something meaningful and good transpiring at the end of the series anyway. Also the people who are left behind after that have to be worth it as well, I don't like series where all the characters who were jerks get all the benefits in the end. Like the metamorphosis for example. Shakespeare might be depressing some times with his tragedy, but at least a positive lesson is learned by the end of it all >_>
  5. KrimzonStriker
    2009-08-01 14:12
    Strangely enough that was the series I was thinking about when we were discussing this topic. I got tired of that pretty fast actually. Well, just having intelligence in my opinion is probably enough to keep from being stale, even if it is preferable to have both, but with intelligence you always have to think of new ways and adapt to new situations to really come out on top. Yeah hopefully he starts using his head a little more to make up for having to ration that power a bit. Oh no doubt it gets results, I just find it more predictable these days and what it comes down to in the end is just whose outright stronger. Hmm, I'm going to have to go page hunting I guess, I'm sure that occured because it was a pretty vivid memory now that I recall.... might have been even before that now.... maybe during the time skip thing with Chao during the festival. Ah, this is going to be a pain to find ;>_>

    Maybe, Rakan seems to indicate that those Fate's were completely different Fate's even if they came from the same mold, like his clones I guess you can say. What I found interesting is that Rakan seems to indicate that the original evil master from before is probably dead or destroyed as well and that Fate might actually be simply doing this all because he really believes in what the group is trying to accomplish, despite these rather contradictory statements on his personality being a cynic, nihilist, or maybe its because of them, who knows? It's surprising really that just as we were talking about it all the issues involved seemed to be coming to a head, greater development of Fate's character and the reasons his minions choose to follow him. Maybe we simply read his instead? Technically this fight came as a bit of a surprise to Fate, but I'm sure he'll have something up his sleeve to get out of this situation in any case. As for Arika, maybe, though a part of me kind of doubts it to a degree because no one talks about her current status despite being all up and about on finding Nagi, we'll find out more later I guess <_<

    That makes sense I suppose. Nah, I borrow from a friends PS3, like you said its just way too expensive right now. I do have a DS though while he has a PSP, while I generally have more PC games then he does. Meh, they do have other series (Star Ocean, Mana series etc) but with a legacy like Final Fantasy its hard not be drawn to it as a stable part of their industry. Yeah, Bioware's been alright, one of the better companies anyway.

    Well I'm sure he'll get it, he has become a part of the main cast anyway. Meh, fan girls are a double edged sword and it doesn't really matter since we'll probably never know their names or faces anyway. Meh, I'll stick to the assumption that they can't either for now since it doesn't look like it happened this time as well. Really? I was always under the impression that the Colonel's impersonation of Nagi was a spell anyway before this conversation. I can't say which artifact is the best personally, they all have their unique functions though I like the little electric internet mice of Chisamae for practical purposes, Yue's great encyclopedia is really useful as well, as is Nodoka and the mind reading things, newspaper reported girl also has a spy camera or something like that right? I suppose it might be the artist girls artifact that could come close to that category though, since anything she draws comes to life which offers a lot of variety. That's what makes their interactions so interesting Dann! As for her Nagi obsession moments, well I guess they were pretty cute, but eventually its gotta hit the wall with the reality that it was never going to go anywhere >_>
  6. KrimzonStriker
    2009-07-31 17:17
    Sorry I took so long on a reply, animesuki was down for awhile apparently <_<

    And after a while I kind of got board of guys just going at it with absolutely no thought after all. And hey, Lelouch managed even when we was a weakling, do you remember how much stuff he blew up along the way? Light too now that I think about it. But yeah, I can see your point about combining both to an extent with Negi. Bah, Negi doesn't get much of an opportunity to come up with fall backs these days, i think he's letting that dark power stuff go to his head and it feels at times as if he's overdependent on it. Oh you mean like that whole time clock management thing during his battle with Chao? Yeah that was a nice surprise I must say... probably after because I was fairly certain that Eva had them over just before they left for England and the Magic world.

    Yeah to the first two, I think and hope the odds are high concerning greater development on Fate and his minions, they could be such an interesting cast to read about. I guess we'll have to end it there on the booths, for now the mainstream technique is probably still kissing. And I would expect we should get more info on Arika, there's still a lot of things that are unclear about concerning the past.

    Oh, well that might be a good idea I guess. Yeah, the videos have been my life-blood in terms of access. Yeah, the companies done very well in remaking itself and leading the way in terms of graphic design and I think that will cement them for a good long while. NO need to apologize, its not really anything important, I just didn't see what the hype was about that's all concerning Mass Effect.

    Eh, just a thought in case we see something along those lines concerning her and Kotarou in the future. Hmm, I've always wondered whether the girls could somehow summon themselves through the cards now. I guess we'll find out when the translation comes out on which one it was. Seemed a little different I thought, for one the impostor can't use Asuna's powers. Oh, too bad about that though something might happen to change it mayhaps. Eva appearing at the lake to save the day during that academy incident is a good example, even if I feel bad for the principal on having to stamp all those excuse notes I hope they have more scenes like that between them, might help distract her from Nagi already, I mean seriously the guy had a son I think she needs to get over him <_<

    I'm sure they won't fight each other per say, but I expect that Negi will start getting a lot more stressed on the issue at some point when it comes to a head. Yeah that would have been nice, I've dissapointed with what I've heard about the Negima animes so I mainly stay away, though I hope things work out for the OVA. speaking of anime I say a list of the new ones coming out in the fall. There are quite a lot of sequels, Darker the Black and Inuyasha are getting one and apparently Fairy Tail is going to make its debut soon as well

    Yeah... Sakura's parents, lets just say they're interesting enough that they've been cool with it, up to a point anyway. You'll see soon enough

    It's why I appreciate the Editors notes so much in comparison to the official translators, they're so helpful when they're there

    Hey, a cat on the shoulder is always something to enjoy whatever the series and circumstances I always say Yeah I've actually seen series like that in one form or another, I didn't like it and thankfully I don't think that'll be happening today
  7. KrimzonStriker
    2009-07-30 23:39
    Yeah I'm pretty much with you there on all those points, especially the Itachi gift part, though I kind of hope he burns Sasuke a little as well in some black fire personally. But 'll leave it at that with Naruto. I generally do prefer it when the main character uses their brains more often then not, I felt that aspect was just so under appreciated in other series until Death Note came along anyway to show just how dangerous intelligence can be. Yeah those tricks were pretty nice though I doubt Fate will fall for it again, not like it really fazed or hurt him the first time as well. Eh, part of me wants Negi to put in his own twist on a super spell, like giant ball of plasma as hot as the sun or something instead! You really can't remember? That' was a memory that was pretty vivid for me anyway, though more because I found that style to be kind of cool, and I've seen one or two series that might have used it before which was interesting to watch. And if you recall I was the one who originally asked which chapter that was myself so I don't think I'm in the best position to tell you

    Well since we do know he's definitely destroying the world at this point as he said so himself I think I'll stick with that until more info pops up later on how that's supposed to be a good thing in his mind. Eh, we might get a couple of flashbacks depending how all things play out, especially with the impostor chick if we're lucky. This all depends if the author wants to explore Fate's character more of course or if he just wants to make him the typical villain. Did they have to kiss in that one? Because if they didn't then I don't much rather see a point in paying for a booth when you can just do a magic circle instead or something. Eh, I get the feeling its not that difficult to draw a circle Dann, its just more convenient because Ermines are smaller and can do it without being noticed Who knows, Arika could have been the independent type mayhaps? Would be interesting to see if it happened, but for now we'll just have to wait until we get some more info about what happened in the past.

    Yeah, I totally didn't follow what you were saying there about the PS3 so lets just leave it at that for now alright? When Square Enix goes out of buisness most likely, but if they keep up to this level then I don't think that's happen for a long time I've seen some videos of others who have played it, the different choices and paths were interesting but I didn't personally get what was so great about it to be honest >_>

    Well, I suppose Fate did need to replace Kotarou after he switched sides, that's if they actually ever worked together of course. Still, this sets things up with a possible new rival for our dear wolf boy Or they could have just acted on impulse and jumped in when Fate didn't ask them too, I can kind of see that happening given his personality and theirs, of what members of his group I've seen anyway. I knew he used something, but I didn't quite think it was a biography, I mean can you read it or something or does someone have to 'wear' it in this case? Who knows, if things get hectic it might present an opportunity to invite himself back in. I still kind of wonder if the Colonel and Eva might ever get together, just because I laughed a lot whenever they interacted. He especially won my respect when he tried to dress her up in those frilly looking clothes

    Eh, let's just hope it works out for the best then. And I sometimes feel though that they're kind of just building everything up on everyone's ends in terms of the romantic feelings the girls have and worry it might some day explode in Negi's face when he isn't looking, which he basically does whenever it comes to romance, not pay attention or notice it I mean

    She's strange in a good way. And trust me when I say you'll meet stranger people along the way

    A lot of the puns and stuff kind of grew on me after a while and got me more interested in Japanese culture afterward, and I will say I've probably laughed more when it comes to anime and manga then anything else in my life probably Oh, I suppose its not really a side chapter per-say, its a real chapter that continues from the last one though it does detour from the main story in any case.

    I think I'll trust in this Uncle guy myself for the time being, at least from what I've seen up tilll now concerning him anyway.

    I think Sasha's coming around, he made really good progress with relationships in general during chapter 15, and like everyone else noticed except those two that they get along really well. Oh well, it wouldn't be worth reading then Dann. Still I think they'll prevail as they have done throughout the series.

    Depends on Ootori then I suppose, and how things eventually end with him anyway. He's not a bad guy per say and he might push things in that direction no matter what might happen on his part between him and Sasha.
  8. KrimzonStriker
    2009-07-30 21:51
    Same here, Naruto really went to hell and a hand basket nowadays. Oh, so I'm not the only one whose dreaming for that day now am I? Meh, Negi's a thinker for the most part, it's what I like about him. His pactios and allies *cough*Kotarou, Asuna*cough* who don't really probe that deeply in terms of strategy can be his 'on the fly' combat assets, some of them have actually proven quite able to do so over the course of the series. Yeah one can only hope, I really do want to see some devastator spells blasting things into the ground again. No no, Eva used it during a bit of practice with Negi right before he left for the magic world I believe it was the chapter where they were in the little snowball dimensional home of her's in a bath house after a dinner where she had him attack her, she used this martial arts style to kind of transfer, redirect, and use his own attack momentum back against him and after he was flat on the ground she kissed him.

    Ha, I had the exact same image when I was trying to picture it! Eh, likely because no matter how powerful he is destroying the whole world sounds like a little more then one person can accomplish. Plus its always cool to have minions to do your dirty work for you Dann Really? You sure that just wasn't a regular booth where they just had the magic chalk circle around it like with all the other girls and Asakura just personally wanted a picture of it later? Hah hah, yeah I don't know if I need to see the Colonel and Rakan's myself personally, as for Arika was it ever confirmed they did form a pactio in the end exactly?

    Yeah sure I would, though since I don't know if you can play it yet on a PS2 I'd hold off for now until the PS3, sides your not getting your moneys worth if you can't play it online. That's what I like to hear, and the Final Fantasy series continues trucking on to revolutionize the gaming industry once more

    Oh so basically just a repeat of the whooping they got last time? Yeah Fate best start stepping in here before they hurt themselves. Albiero had a book about Nagi now? What is this, Rakan as a film documentary and Colonel Sanders has the man's biography? And to answer your question I really wouldn't know, maybe?

    It's like a 30 second to 1 minute scene Dann from about 2-3 pages, it's well worth it in my opinion Yeah, then it would have just gotten really hectic. In terms of the current relationships I think they're fairly manageable for the time being on Negi's end anyway. Eh I guess its fine, I kind of wanted to just give Negi more breathing room on that end.

    He he, yeah those two crack my up, Toki especially though that's partially because I see him more. Good eye on the sister Dann, remember that when you get into the later chapters

    Really? I don't know, I think the sub groups do a very good job in conveying the humor, though I suppose it does damper the flow of the joke when you have to stop and check the little side-notes that define the term or phrase and such. Yeah well, I make sure to move onto the other series myself during those times, though speaking of Qwaser chapter 16 just came out for one manga. It's more of an Ekata side chapter though and doesn't really move the plot very much forward so I'm not sure how much you'll enjoy it, but I just read it for the heck to continue the story along.

    Meh, he seems to be acting separate from them as well if 'Fool's' comments are to be considered. I'm sure he has some connection, though he was technically working for the Orthodox as well when he was the theme so we'll see about him.

    Yeah lets not worry too much about the cards, its probably just their own personal signatures or something. Dang straight its not an issue until it becomes one! Everything is proceeding smoothly in the MafuyuXSasha relationship I say! There, you see Dann, we got all the bases covered so don't worry about it so much, I think despite the series pushing on rather graphic boundaries generally speaking I think the story will work out in the end, for the most part anyway.

    Yeah, I actually didn't read what happens to her too much. I expect an epic battle with Sasha at the least but I think the chances that she could come over and join the group are fairly high and it would be nice to see. Specially if we bring in someone to balance out Ekate's rather... provocative nature
  9. KrimzonStriker
    2009-07-30 15:17
    I guess not, he did have a replica it would seem and it seems he's right on the trail what with that whole episode with the Ornament Crsytal Egg thing mentioned in his notes, even if Ootori got it. Yeah, I thought that as well at first and had to do a double take and look up the last name for the guy, and confirmed its the same last name as Tomoe.

    I haven't really seen all that much, they didn't give any of them a titles yet and the cards themselves are custom designed so that I can't recognize them. Could still be about the whole love thing producing a powerful Soma and stuff like the one-eyed priest Yue said, though it does add an interesting dynamic. Oh its fine, they're not actually mother and child and the more familial feelings he has go to Tomoe and Olya. I think its more a comparison of their powers then of their actual relationship, and symbolic imagery doesn't have to translate into a literal one you know. They're making good progress as far as I'm concerned Bah, if we're being literal with the Christ comparisons he'll probably just come back afterward what with the Icon and everything if it does happen, which I don't really see myself

    Yeah, I got the same impression a while ago, though I am getting curious about her back story. As for my catch, I was just reexamining the whole scene for any more clues about Ootori when I discovered he was the one who caused S's burning and I happened to notice after awhile.
  10. KrimzonStriker
    2009-07-30 14:57
    Yeah, I hope they don't do a Naruto on us. I mean, seriously that manga before Shippuden just had crazy number of techniques coming out that astounded me. Now I say, meh, whenever they do anything anymore. When will Naruto and Sasuke learn stuff beyond the Rasengan, the Chidori, the Sharaingan and the Kyuubi already? <_< Well, that's generally why war often proves to be more gruesome then sports Dann, there are no REAL rules in war, only what you allow and don't allow yourself to do, and that often can get thrown out the window as well. Yeah, too bad, I mean I liked it when Negi learned Chinese Kenpo and everything to increase his combat abilities, but I'm starting to miss those times when he would just blast his opponents with every spell he had from afar. Speaking of close-combat, do you recall the fighting style Eva used to make-up for her lack of bodily strength and stamina Dann?

    I don't know, I think it would actually be pretty simplified with Fate acting like a stiff board whenever they did it. Then again he could surprise us and have be a real tiger with his lips, I don't know Booths? I always thought they did it this way because it was a lot quicker, which helped a lot during the life and death scenario scenes now that I remember

    The wonders of budgeting, well I hope people learn well enough across this country what with the recession and all. Yeah, my favorites are probably Jin, Noel, Ragna, and then Rachel in that order. I think so, and an art-book as well now that I think about it. Really, its not the first Final Fantasy that relied on the bar fill-up system before, plus you'll have to manage more then that one character in the demo so it'll seem like its going a lot faster as your options expand. I think its pretty solid myself personally. They came out about a week or two ago, you should check them out.

    Oh? That doesn't sound like Fate to me unless he's got something up his sleeves, he should know how relatively poorly they did against Rakan the last time <_< It always does Dann, Luke wouldn't have come as far as he did without Vader smiting old Ben and such. Well yeah, that's often an unfortunate consequence, though I think it might be alleviated somewhat with the big cast of characters and everything and seem more like a family reunion type of scene as well depending on how they play it afterwards.

    What? NOO, that was one of the best ones in the series! Glad you're feeling more positive on that Dann Well I didn't mean he'd get all of them, just those who are in the romantic harem. I'm actually quite surprised that so many girls didn't get caught up in the romantic aspects of the series, and take comfort that the current relationship debacle with the harem could be a lot worse, even if some of the girls do like to tease into it a few times. I'm also surprised that Kotarou hasn't gotten more girls actually myself

    Oh yeah, Sakura's quirky nature is a rather refreshing part of this series. And yes actually, despite the often serious nature there is quite a bit of comedy involved in this series which I very much appreciate Oh don't worry about her Dann, she has a more subtle influence, along with the whole "rare kind" mystery going on. Yeah, I mean seriously I get eye strain a lot of the time trying to read the font of those images myself

    Exactly, I think official translators just have a hard time comprehending or conveying the jokes a lot of the time. Meh, when you have something that regularly serialzied you're bound to have a dedicated staff to it by now, same goes for the various sub groups on the internet, we get new chapters from 'the big three' (One Piece, Bleach, Naruto) almost the exact day they come out these days in comparison to the more sparsely updated and obscurer titles.

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