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  1. KrimzonStriker
    2010-11-07 19:13
    A good point, though if any one listens is another matter entirely. Yeah it was the movie, the tv series, which I got, was broadcasted on FoxKids way back in the day. Was alright, I guess, rather wish they'd resolved things a bit better though. Sword of the Stranger was fantastic though, every bit as good as the reviews/bloggers made it out to be in regards to what you should watch if you want stylish sword fighting. Well, one good thing is that kind of monotony does eventually encourage a backlash and a revolution in the industry, which keeps things going for the most part. True, always the exceptions in every case, the ones you mentioned and other like Quantic Dream or Naughty Dog. I still have hopes that Squarie Enix finally gets out of its own rut when Final Fantasy versus XIII comes out. Same here, its nice having company some of the time, but I just really want to imerse myself in the game universe more then anything else. Trust me, if you can avoid doing that then you should be commended, I have so many bags under my eyes thanks to it Oh yeah, that was a bit of a hassle, though overall if was a really rich experience for me, so I do hope a likely sequel for RoF manages to polish out those flaws.

    Same here, I've got some bad habits but I know I'm definitely not making that one of them. Hah, now if only the production companies started realizing that before they tear themselves apart because of it. True, incendiary fans often only make the matter worst, too bad you can't always block them in order to teach them a lesson before they arbitarily bash something. Damn straight, also hits home just how important the individuals and events in the past were to avoid a repeat of those catastraphoes. Hmm, you should send me notes, though generally my lapses when I get involved with something usually only last for a few days, fortunately and unfortunately. Budget limitations I imagine, lot of the low-key stuff is just thrown out to see if anyone bites, so they often don't have as much invested in them unforunately.

    Same, though its likely popped up in other series before given the relevance. Hmm, good point, forgot he did that actually. Yup, and it only gets even weirder after the recent chapters if you've read them anyway. Agreed, rather fitting though I guess that was the point. Oh I expect we'll see them show up eventually, rather hope Rei manages to pull through alright this time now, he got off rather lucky thanks to Yuki though I'm still curious if Yuki's now lost his power in turn... Gah I know, its really all about getting there own schedules through with no consideration for the students <_<

    Mostly manga and games for me, though I am starting to get back into anime a litte bit, just re-watched Utawarerumono for example. True, though I think I'll try to make some time in the next week to see if I can't manage at least the first episode, especially after reading the latest chapters from the Break Blade manga now. All true, sometimes I wish more animators took a look back when they're trying to find inspiration, maybe one day I guess. I thought you would, LOGH just has that effect I think, so I hope you manage to find more time to treat yourself whenever you can, I'm always here if you have anything interesting you want to discuss about it later. I managed to find it on, don't know how long it'll last since its on Veoh so I'm trying to get as much out of it as I can now. Hah, same here, that always did confuse me (I think it was established as taking part in the future) but I generally treat most of the Zoid series as seperate for the most part, I think I have to go back and see what the latest version (which was supposed to mirror the original more) was all about. Indeed it is, I'd often just go back and rewatch a scene so I could listen to a specific verse.
  2. KrimzonStriker
    2010-11-07 18:28
    Yes, I rather believe that was the sentiment that V.V could also commmunicate to her from there as well, likely a simple connection that links them through the World of C. Depends on how you view it, many villains come across as having noble goals you can emphasize with even if they've done horrible things in the process. Yeah, rather creepy, reminds me of the Nemo mech from Knightmare of Nunnally, should provide for some interesting backstory though. If you think about it all of them are rather hypnotic in a different sense, since they primarily affect a person's mind. Oh I always wanted to get more of the backstory of that timeline myself, was a fascinating take on everything and made it more... real for me I guess, when you see all the parallels versus the simply projection of what you think the future will be in like say, the Gundam franchise. Can't all be bad, at least during this particular period, I mean we know the future takes place and if they are their ancestors we at least know they'll be around long enough to procreate... I think If we're talking about Carla and the look-alike, then I'm still on a 50/50 hunch as to whether the introduction took place before or after the current events myself. Well, likely C.C's parents weren't of particular note, so I don't really seeing much more exploration on that front personally. Oh, I don't doubt we'll be seeing more people involved as time goes on, how and to what capacity being a different question. Eh, got to take what we can get Dann, if you're lucky maybe you'll get the next best thing from the look-alike I generally expect nothing less when it comes to prequels myself. Err, I don't imagine she died or anything, she's ultimately still a part of C.C's psyche through and through. Ehh, there were a lot of things going on at the time, rather important ones as well, so I'll cut them some slack for skipping it. Well, I do try to work with what I'm given the best I can anyway All likely sentiments I think. Hah, amusing indeed, rather think it was a bit more serious then that though. Ahh, I think the Sword wasn't meant for that kind of purpose persay, and Charles more or less twisted it around to suit his purpose, since "God" was simply the combinied counciousness of humanity and he just wanted to destroy the barriers between each individual. Looking at how old the Gate is, I'd say its pretty ancient myself, specially since he didn't have complete control over it given how Lelouch managed to bend it to his will as well. Err, no, unfortunately, at most you get the impression of a very ancient race that ruled the world long ago with whatever powers they derived from their knowledge of the World of C.

    Well, certainly there's always more room to explore in such a massive universe. Uhmm, it shares one aspect of that on a more galaxy wide-scale, but there is more to it then just that. Well hope you enjoy, I have a few graphic novels and the latest codex which provides a nice summary of all the background info which makes it a good introduction to the WH40K universe even if I don't particularly play it. There are quite a few, like Paradise lost for example, so don't get too bog-down before getting into the meat of it. Have fun with it then, Cain's novels are perhaps the most light-hearted ones from what I've heard. Ah, Gaunt's Ghosts, that's the epithamy of showing the microcosim herorism of an Imperial Guard unit fighting against the horrors of the univerese with nothing but a las-rifle and a flap jacket, kind of like you're typical Band of Brothers scenario. True true, I'm just glad they're doing a different take on things now. Oh, its not like I couldn't get through it, just never liked that kind of setting in general to be honest. Oh, which scene was that? I just never liked those damn giants on the military island where you needed a heat scope to kill. Best hurry, Dead Space 2 is coming closer and closer I hear, I might check that one out myself.
  3. KrimzonStriker
    2010-11-05 23:33
    Well, overrall I'm rather curious to know whether or not that particular scene will be featured in the animated version myself now, as horrible as it sounds it also seems like a very powerful moment as well, plus more unique mecha action is always good. Ah, don't get me started, I've often had a real love hate relationship with the UC universe, but still the Unicorn mythos (baring cheesy music about being with you ) has me optimistic, what can I say? First Neo-Zeon War had a substitute, and the main antagonist for the series involving Operation Star-dust was mentioned as being an ardent follower of Gihren Zabi, but that's about it I think. Oh, I'll be ready for them when that happens, but I imagine that at least some if not most of the main characters will make it through anyway. Gundam's always managed to do that, but I think more-so in the UC, I've got sympathies for both sides and especially the third one which Bangaher, Riddhe, and Mineva are forming. Hey, you don't get the nickname "White Devil" and not have it mean something after awhile

    Hah, I hear that, even if Bangaher did technically steal it in the first place

    I'm somewhat under the impression that this series in particular will resolve at least that specific conflict, we'll have to see I guess. Still optimistic that the God in Humanity can still yet triumph!

    Hah, same here! I remember how much I raged at Hathaway after he blew up Chen like that and turned it off in disgust. I regret not seeing Amuro and Char's final duel now though...

    Yup, yup, one that I'm really impressed by is how much they've retained the core mechanics while still managing to reinvent them and the next ones look like they'll also be bigger in scale so I'm especially excited for that. I'm still iffy on whether the captain will ever stand out myself, but given Riddhe's background I'm not surprised how development he's gotten. True that, though I'm already really impressed with what I've seen so far, even that reserved stature of her's had a lot of admirable qualities in the face of all that adversity and responsibility she feels. True, though as this series is only 6 episodes long I shan't think it'll be TOO long before they reconnect eventually

    Anyway, I'll try to get the main responses out by tomorrow, so we'll incorporate this discussion after you respond to this message, will be looking forward to it.
  4. KrimzonStriker
    2010-11-05 12:51
    Uh yes actually, how did you know? Oh, I don't think that after all this time to introduce Mineva they'd kill her off now, I think you're just going back to your depression mode anyway, out of the UC series I think this one is perhaps the most optimistic given the UC mythos.

    I noticed that as well, didn't think much of it, might be true if when he activated it the first time is spelled L, might want to go back to episode 1 to see if that's the case.

    Personally I'm hoping they just ignore that entirely, or make it more like a dormant thing that mankind will realize in time. I think the main aspect about Unicorn is that it won't likely fix all the problems in the Universal Century, but at the very least put humanity back on 'the correct path' as it said before.

    Well, more Zechs then Treize, but they did share a lot in common as well. Have fun watching in any event, I haven't seen Char's Counterattack in so long now...
  5. KrimzonStriker
    2010-11-04 22:57
    I rather liked the version I watched on the stream site I linked you too if you want a better version anyway. There's some discussion on the forums where knowledgeable people give certain excerpts, and I discovered a rather... interesting segment on my own. I'm not sure if it'll appear in the anime series, but the event in question apparently matches the colony drop in terms of horror scale. That being said I'm actually optimistic myself that Banagher, Unicorn Gundam, and whatever Laplace's Box actually is might be able to pull through in the end and unlock that lost 'possibility' in humanity, which has been mired since the beginning of the Universal Century.
  6. KrimzonStriker
    2010-11-04 16:54
    Hah, Just had to go through the same thing last week. Well whenever you get to it, will be waiting.
  7. KrimzonStriker
    2010-11-04 00:25
    Dann, managed to get a chance to watch the episode yet?
  8. KrimzonStriker
    2010-11-02 10:44
    Yeah, uh, I'd check an anime-streaming site if you can't find a download for the subbed one.Try this one if you need it . Ah, hadn't realized that, which is good, hopefully the next one after that will only be 2 then

    Uh, I found a few downloads for Macross though they seem to take forever, so I just went to the hassle of watching it on Stagevu. You'll need a divx and be prepared for serious frustration. Though for the time being I'd watch the Unicorn episode first, much less of a hassle.
  9. KrimzonStriker
    2010-11-01 16:27
    Dann. Go. Watch. Gundam. Unicorn. Episode.2. NOW!!!

    I seriously think I was giggling like a fan girl when I saw Full Frontal appeared, it was just awesome. Will be posting a reply tonight, will want to discuss the latest episode so get up to speed. Send me a reply for this message though so that I know you read it.
  10. KrimzonStriker
    2010-10-26 10:29
    Thought I'd check in Dann, I just watched the Marcross Frontier Movie (took forever to watch on Divx though) but I have to say it was well worth it, and I'm looking forward to when the sequel movie comes out if its still in the books anyway, if you can I'd definitely recommend checking it out!

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