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  1. KrimzonStriker
    2009-12-05 16:28
    Oh, it's just that I usually make it a habit of checking more frequently then I did with this one.

    Indeed, though like I said before I hope the build-up will lead toward another season being green lite soon, there just seems to be so much to deal with now that I think it leaves the perfect groundwork for it. Mayhaps its for the best until they can somehow find a way to control her powers, though I'm not really all that comforted with whatever objective Section 3 is working towards and what they plan for her. It's possible, possible indeed, for now we'll just have to wait until more info arrives about Suou and her connection with the Dolls.

    True that, can't wait to see where this all leads to. With what Shion is currently doing I imagine his plans go much further then that, the recent 'revival' of his 'father' lends some credibility in this direction as well in my opinion. So yeah, I think whatever he's doing I don't imagine it's from the good of his heart. I think we got hints of that during the OVA preview as well near the end, but still... and in any event, maybe it was a boon that Hei lost his powers after all since she only seems to effect contractors so far.

    Well, hopefully after the traumatic reveal and the preview indicating that Suou has run away on her own, I'd imagine their reunion will need to speed up now since Hei's probably the only one she can turn to for help now. Well I wouldn't go that far, some humans can be far more rational then some contractors, take Hei for example or that head of Russian intelligence during their discussion on the train. I think this franchise has a lot more potential now and I'd think Bones would be foolish to miss this opportunity and continue forward with it. Good eye for spotting that in any event. the OVA seems to be the one that mostly deals with the Syndicate, and Section 3 seems to be much more then its stated intentions of wiping out its remnants and are starting to shape up as the real villains alongside Shion. Madam Orellie could be a wild card and throw things for a loop as well. Hopefully Suou manages to snap out of the shock by the end of the next episode in any event. I think we can pretty much confirm it since Shion left the rifle on the roof, so its still a big question mark as to what his powers are exactly just yet, glad they didn't go for a cop out like "He can just make a rifle appear as well" thankfully. Good to see him kicking lots more butt as well, and I thought he did have a coat when he revealed his stash of extra blades as well Maybe we'll hold off on the powers until we get things with Yin resolved.

    Well it should be an interesting interrogation scene, along with revealing what it is Hei's planning to do with her. Mostly because everyone keeps their cards so close to their chest and a lack of information. I must say, Amber's appearance really caught me off guard, I wasn't expecting to see her again like that, but its made things certainly more intriguing. Also I found it funny when Misaki called him Li in that one scene, though I guess he never did tell her his real name, did he? I can't remember now.

    True that, looking forward to the next chapter in any case.
  2. KrimzonStriker
    2009-12-05 02:47
    That's a strength I'm glad that BlazBlue has stuck by in order to give the series a more unique vintage compared to other fighting games. You mean you went through Calamity Trigger? Say, you mind filling me in on what happened during this supposed Jin-Haku-men encouter during Jin's story mode, I've been curious to see their reactions if they two were to meet. As for Continuum Shift, I've read some stuff on the storyline from the dustloop forums and videos from the arcade story as well, things are really starting to come into focus now and setting up for a grand confrontation soon. Well, in any case, he's proving to be the new beast in the series after the nerfs on the other characters. I thought it was fairly balanced as is and while I understand the need for tweaks I really think they took things too far, especially with Rachel, though I'm pleased with the buffs they've added as well for the most part.

    Something new to look forward to in any case as summer draws closer and the movie nears its release

    Well I certainly hope so in any event, I think people can see that despite the misgivings about the description the series proves to be very solid overall. It's refreshing, while also being familiar, which makes it a unique read in my opinion. Dance of the Vampire Bund is an... interesting manga and certainly very different from the type I'm used to reading, but overall I was pleasantly surprised at how engaging it could be. It's not for everyone, but if you ever get curious and find the time I'd say give it a shot.
  3. KrimzonStriker
    2009-12-05 02:34
    Sorry, Just saw this now Dann, I'll apologize as well

    I expect that will be the likely story as well, and Hei may or may not have felt compelled to kill her in order to stop her or as a form of mercy, possibly both. More then likely I think she's more worried about the implications of her powers and how they will be used by others, but yes we do see a modicum of control, though her ghost still seems to have the same restriction of needing water or something water based in any case. I imagine her mind seems to be fairly intact, it's more then likely she just can't control the full extent of her powers, just my guess any way. Still, it certainly is a step up since they seem to have an awareness beyond the physical in terms of important events, I can't imagine what their motivation could be though at this point other then being inexplicably drawn to Suou for some reason.

    True, his contractor nature may have warped his nature, but I imagine some events took place which shaped his motivation and objectives, as the mystery seems to grow after episode 9 concerning Suou. I think we pretty much can confirm it after episode 8 and Genma's report over a mass suicide of a group of contractors which Yin was involved in, hence the flashback scene in any case.

    True, I really should have seen that they would split up sooner as it makes sense to develop their differing agenda's a bit, nevertheless I look forward to their reunion at some point in the end after they've both matured/recovered (Suou being the former and Hei the latter) I do imagine that is the case, which also proves a point a few other contractors have shown by demonstrating that retaining ones humanity can be done to an extent, though I think it requires strong mental fortitude from what I've seen anyway. True, though I'm really hoping with the success the second season seems to have had they are green lite for another season after this one because of it, though admittedly things now seem to be picking up pace. Oh, that's a good point, I'm surprised I hadn't seen that kind of connection between her and July before hand now. True, I think a mix does seem most likely, one door closing and another one likely still open given the time constraints. For the moment, I think we'll put aside the shooting part as she seems to have much bigger issues to deal with after the recent episodes revelation. True that, but I expect it was a manufactured replica to screw everyone's minds with then it actually meaning he has the exact same power as her. Good to see that we have old Hei back now

    That and she's fairly brilliant, which is a huge plus, I wonder how this will play out now after episode 9... Good for suspense in either event, guess its conspiracies like that which gives the series its strength. Eh, I imagine it might still happen at some point.

    Okay, forget what I said before, the recent Negima's chapter just blew away all my previous assumptions, I recommend reading it as soon as you can
  4. KrimzonStriker
    2009-11-23 23:48
    Yeah, I'm excited for the expansion of the story, and the two new characters are good enough anyway, BlazBlue's made a point of trying to maintain a small but variable cast for the most part and that's been more a strength than a weakness. But yeah, hazama should be awesome, and if he was especially fast I'd imagine it'd get a little unbalanced Dann. Speaking of which I'm a bit worried about that actually, I think they're going way too far in the tweaks to Rachel, from what I've heard of them anyway and wish they'd leave her generally in tact as is, it doesn't serve to water her down given her power scale in the series

    On another note, I read on a blog post review the latest trailer, which seems to suggest the Qunatro Gundam only has one drive system, but it's apparently sporting something called a GN Overdrive which could serve as a way to balance out the loss of the twin drive from 00.

    Also on another note, people are really bashing Seikon no Qwaser, I think the trailer so far indicate a good anime even if it may be a bit graphic so I wish people would give it more of a chance without getting so turned off about the breast milk thing already... <_< I'm also pleasantly surprised that Dance of the Vampire Bund was also getting an anime, and from what I've read so far of the manga it's an interesting enough series to make me check it out come Winter time.
  5. KrimzonStriker
    2009-11-23 23:44
    Good to see you Dann, and yeah Thanksgiving Breaks are great to see. I hope to talk more as well. BTW, you got an IM address? Maybe we can talk live sometime if we catch one another and it'll make things easier?

    Yeah, I'd imagine that would probably be the case, given the recent promos for the OVA I get the impression Yin's power might have exploded or something to cause that scene, which is why she left and subsequently seems to have been turned into a new weapon, but we'll see. Eh, it might still mean something, expressionless or not I think its safe to say that the Dolls in general seem to have a very acute awareness of things that aren't apparent to the naked eye. I don't imagine Darker than Black is one of those types of series, true it can be downright morbid and pile on the corpses compared to other series, but generally I think they try to end it on a good note for the most part with hope for the future. Yeah, I wish those tow the best of luck as well.

    Ehh, too generic I think, though I do imagine both her and Shion each hold important halfs to the mystery, subsequently it looks as if Shion seems to be wanting his half back, I knew that kid was up to no good <_< I suppose, still I think it more interesting if it was her reversing the contractors powers against them, it would hold a lot more potential and follow most of my speculation as to where this is all headed.

    Regardless, it'll be an interesting progression and element to the story anyway, the relationship with her and Hei I mean. Ah, I see your point, but it really isn't too bad in all honesty, I think its mainly because they introduced fanservice at all which is disconcerting, but I feel its been applied in a reasonable amount to appeal to those who might like that type of stuff while still focusing heavily on the story. At least we can say they aren't solely bias to one side since the introduction of some July fanservice here now Yeah, I'm actually liking the way they're going about fleshing her character and her progress through these interactions, from Hei to July now, additionally they brought in more of the clash with her contractor side during the glass shard throwing scene. Just wish their were more episodes which is making me highly suspicious from the generally popularity of the season despite mild complaints that it gives me some hope we'll see an additional season after this. Glad you agree, and I think it's because it makes that makes it relate able and believable that on the whole I find the new direction in how she regards Hei appealing. I wonder how it'll play out in any case, I know she'll use the rifle, I just wonder if it'll be of any use since this new rule is in place, from her tendencies I find it more likely she'll stick to the deal with Hei for the most part. We'll see how it goes anyway, hopefully it'll be put to some use in the next episode.

    We'll, to be fair we are starting off with a semi-new cast after all in this season while the OVA's are going back and relying on material from the last. You need a link? It should be on youtube and easy enough to find, they even have subs now for them. But in anycase, her powers seem more designed to cripple, possibly manipulate the target's body or something, so it isn't like Amber's and I don't imagine that it means it is Amber. I have faith he'll reverse the situation in any event

    Perhaps keeping up that portrayl is part of her function or job I suppose, you probably need a more level-headed individual to calm the group down and present serve as your 'spokesman' as it were in regards to Misaki's case, but yeah, I should have guessed she wouldn't be all that benign given how Section 3 functions. Well in regards to the mystifying personalities unlike with Misaki, Genma just upped his role a bit this episode with the offer to collude with her, things are certainly setting up to be interesting behind the scenes as Hei and Co. plow on. Oh you and me both Dann, and I still don't think anything will come of it even if it is the case given Yin and even Suou now being closer to Hei then she is.

    Yeah, that and the recent recent chapters which allowed us to catch up with Fate and Rankan. But as for the governor, I think the point is that they're not trying to portray him as a bad guy at all, even if I think that his goals and Negi's still don't necessarily fall in sync at the moment.
  6. KrimzonStriker
    2009-11-14 13:15
    Well, it always seems like he never particularly wanted too, just that circumstances always made him have to, but I'm under the impression it could be a 50/50 thing if this ends similarly with Amber, the important thing to note is that Yin seems to be manipulated in all this were as Amber did it all of her own free will to help contractor kind. I would imagine very much that it implies she is a prisoner, along with the whole eliminate Michiru thing going on. Well obviously I think they did something to her, her doll has become like super-powered now and she's supposed to be some sort of new anti-contractor weapon I think?

    Indeed. That and her counter-part in Suou/Shion as Izanagi will only reinforce that I imagine. I'm leaning toward the latter as well, though that fact that her original doll ability focused on the water I imagine the former is still possible. Ah I see what you mean, though I'd say this is more of an artificial catalyst rather then the natural progression of Code:End.

    I also doubt anything will come of it either, I just think this was simply a means of furthering Suou's perspective as she grows up and has all these messed up feelings like other pre-teens/teens when they reach that age. I think she's just projecting a lot of things on to Hei right now as he's basically the person she has to rely on, a mix between elements of associating with your kidnapper/person who screwed up your life, finding a father figure to look up to, and attraction I suppose. I doubt it will go well either, which makes me rather sad Suou's been restricted in shooting people now, it would have come in handy if she confronts Tanya again and requires her to finish her off this time.

    I was quite a nice scene, that and all the fighting looked spectacular. I don't think it was Amber myself, this person's hair seemed more blond, and her remuneration looked to be connected to plucking that flower. Ah, I see your point, well, we'll see what comes out of it, Hei's managed to get out of worse situations before.

    Oh yeah, that scene set my alarm bells ringing, though I was really caught off guard when I heard her say that "I don't think you should regard us as comrades" line, it seemed so out of character from what I expected of her. The unwilling antagonist I suppose? The dissenter among enemy ranks? Well everyone else seems to think its because she's attracted to him, I suppose she's just using her unanswered questions bit as an excuse, though I do think it might also be part of a grander investigation on her part as to the nature of contractors in general and the mystery surrounding them.

    BTW, Negima's chapter 270 finally came out. The ending bit is what caught my attention the most, needless to say I found that part unexpected when I saw that last image and it puts a certain character in a different light from what I imagined
  7. KrimzonStriker
    2009-11-14 02:20
    Good to see you Dann. My thoughts? Yeah, Hei's pretty screwed, funny thing is he also seems to have a penchant with wanting to kill them as well initially. BTW, I guess my reserving judgment and calling it were correct this time since he did initially seem intent on killing Yin after all, though that quickly faded when he was confronted with the choice. Good thing though, he never actually succeeds in doing so.

    Yeah, I'm getting very suspicious, that and to what means they plan to manipulate Yin as an anti-contractor weapon as well, or what their designs are for Suou/Shion as the Izanagi. Weird connection, like what exactly?

    My last thoughts are... I don't know if I like where things are going with the relationship Suou is projecting onto Hei here, it's nice they've gotten closer but... well, anyway I can't say it isn't interesting to say the least, and I suppose we'll see where things go next week. Also, I imagine Tanya will make a return soon since the Russian director guy appeared in the preview. One last thing, I saw the previews for the OVA series with Hei and Yin, they are awesome though I noticed a subtle change in the artwork somewhat... they seemed thinner on occasion, but it was still very good. Want a link? Oh, and that glasses girl from Section 3 is a lot scarier then I had originally thought
  8. KrimzonStriker
    2009-11-07 19:33
    Just saw it. And whatever sub group puts out a translation first. I mainly visit anime video streaming sites. Some of them get removed pretty fast but a couple are using formats that don't seem to have the problem.Just saw the new episode anyway. Good character development from what I'm seeing, though hoping for some more action. Your thoughts?

    Code:Breaker updated again today btw. They seem to all be getting along nicely now, though I have seen the raws for chapter 65 and things get a bit weird to say the least
  9. KrimzonStriker
    2009-11-07 01:19
    Hey it's cool Dann. Good to finally hear from you. I've been waiting for subs so I haven't seen episode 5 just yet either. I'll get back to you once I have
  10. KrimzonStriker
    2009-10-28 22:53
    Aha, I thought I forgot something! Here's the link to the new Seikon no Qwaser trailer! Opens in January, can't wait to see

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