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  1. KrimzonStriker
    2013-05-02 15:03
    Thanks Dann, I really appreciate it. Right now it feels like I might have to do the same part-time thing even if I graduate on time too. Trying to figure out what my long-term options are at this point :/

    That being said I'd prefer not to end our conversation on a dour note, so I'd like to know if you've been reading a manga called Gunka no Baltzar recently. It's last chapter has me very excited right now
  2. KrimzonStriker
    2013-05-02 12:12
    Hey Dann, sorry I've been away, had to deal with some depressing issues, like a delay on my graduation. Hope you're well and that we can keep chatting again. Also, happy belated birthday, I wish I had known earlier or I would have said it then
  3. Cream
    2013-04-22 15:01
    Happy birthday!
  4. sarnagon
    2013-04-22 09:48
    Happy Birthday Dann of Thursday
  5. KrimzonStriker
    2012-05-31 13:36
    Couple of solutions, carpooling with colleagues is one, getting used to the transit system another, or getting your own car. I guess cabs are an option but daily use of those really start to hit the wallet... But yeah, there really has to be a better way. Anyway, I'll burn that bridge when I come across it anyway, first is getting my license, that or managing to secure a job right off the bat which would be nice but I find unlikely without higher education....

    Two apparently. Originally it was slated for 6 but Bandai announced they're wrapping it up with a sevent episode this time.

    Well, Toonami isn't really doing much more then what Adult Swim originally did anyway, its just a host formatting show to begin with, but yeah hopefully they manage to rebuilt and come back better then ever. Well that was nice of them, I'm glad especially given how good some of those are and how much I appreciated Toonami really getting me into and introducing me to anime in the first place. Yeah, I guess SD would be a bit too childish... though maybe G Gundam might still have a chance Yeah, I'd feel the same way which is why I haven't bothered until now. Though if you have the opportunity ask if they might put up Baccano! on there Oh, never heard of it before, that was nice of them to bring a more under the radar game to the forefront like that.

    Ah the good old days... took me awhile to realize it was him afterwards once I started to see more series. Bah, they should establish income threshold limits so that high-payed workers with other sources of revenue can recuse themselves of wages they don't need. Well that's alright I guess, better then most had reason to expect, especially for something so low budget to begin with, plenty of room to grow like you said. Really now, any recommendations, I'm interested in branching out but I haven't found many good stand-alone movies that interested me before. Good, good, I thought you'd like it, the story was really dramatic but subtle in its execution which I really liked as well.
  6. KrimzonStriker
    2012-05-29 20:45
    Oh yeah, definitely, and the distance would start to become a real pain during work hours because of the summer and you'd have to dress in formal wear all the time while walking.

    Hmm, well I expect it to be around the end of the year/fall like the last few they've had so it shouldn't be too bad at least.

    I guess, and I'm glad its doing alright but I'm just really peeved about the cliffhanger they left us at in that one mostly. Also a lot of other series are wrapping up, like Thundercats while I don't know how long it'll be before the second half of Green Lantern returns. At least I'll have Young Justice... Oh and Korra for the next few weeks anyway until the end of its Season 1

    Oh yeah, definitely agree with you on that score after that last incarnation.... And yeah I suppose so, but I can hold out hope for some of the other stuff like Outlaw Star, Big O, and Trigun as you said. Would be nice to see some Gundam episodes like 0081, including the un-aired episode. Hmm, that makes me finally want to start up a twitter finally... Oh, do you know which game they reviewed?

    Yeah, it kind of figures since I think that was the first time/break I ever heard his voice to be honest... well I'm glad for all his support, it really means a lot that he managed to bring this back as he did. And yeah, after everything he and the fans did to bring it back I hope it does well again and we can re-expand the franchise once more. Maybe bring back the some movie specials, I would love to see Sword of the Stranger up there... btw did you ever manage to see that movie? It really is one of the best animated action flicks I've ever seen.
  7. KrimzonStriker
    2012-05-29 13:08
    Heh, that sounds a bit more convenient and healthier then what I have to endure, though cab fare is n option I don't really know how widespread/extensive it is outside of NYC to be honest so it might not be one for me. Even then I'd still need a car to get back into the city and see my family or just have fun in general.

    Gah, that sucks, well its not like episode 6 is around the corner or anything. I'll still hold off until like a month or two before the finale just in case someone finally pulls through on that score.

    Sure, hold up a second, I'll PM the link to you. Fair warning, whenever I get on the site for this one it tends to freeze up for a few seconds so don't panic if that happens to you, just wait it out for a little while and then it should be fine. And yeah, Prime is great, though I'm a bit worried now because my schedule doesn't show any new episodes for Season 2, so I'm worried they're having a long break/hiatus, and they just ended it on a cliffhanger too

    Hmm, I'll consider it I suppose....

    Little bummed on that one, I like Tom 2 and Solid lineup, and I'm thankful for the inclusion of Casshern Sins... still I'm going to miss some of the lighter shows they had. I was actually starting to get into Hamtaro for a bit among others. That and some western shows like Reboot

    Wow, can't believe I missed out on that, I didn't hear about Toonami coming back until the middle of April. I'm also sad they didn't bring a few of those series back like Outlaw Star, Trigun, and Big O which generally fit with the Adult Swim lineup pretty well. Maybe Kenshin and Cyborg 009 while they were at it. Nice little addition for the video game review though, I rather liked those in the old Toonami as well.

    That's really great of him, and I'm really glad since he's got so much other work now and they'll likely do repeat cuts anyway it wouldn't be a big deal for him anyway. Still, I wonder if it means they got SARA's VA back as well, probably not though, which is a bit of a bummer since I rather liked her and am sad we won't see anything new from her now. But anyway yeah, really nice of Steve to take some time out and give back to the fans on this one. Oh and thanks for the links!
  8. KrimzonStriker
    2012-05-28 23:36
    Nah, its cool, especially given how I've been.

    Yup, mostly transit, thanks to the good old Big Apple's system I'm a bit too spoiled. Thanks in any event, we'll just take it one at a time and see how it goes. Maybe if I live in queens it won't be so bad depending on the bus availability.

    Damn, I'll hold off then, I generally don't care too much for the dub, its adequate I suppose but I've really fallen in love with the Japanese VA's for this one.

    I chalked it up to just wanting to milk more money out of it honestly. Well, there's always internet streaming sites for your convenience. I know one that does all of them, even the Green Lantern series which I thought was actually pretty good honestly, and Transformers Prime! Let me know if you want a sneak peak, I generally think its fine for you if you're planning to get the whole series anyway at some point, just to catch up in general.

    Sounds good then, we'll compare notes on it later then I suppose. As for Castle of Cagliostro I generally feel bad about going into the movies when I haven't followed the series its based on, but I'll try to make time to check it out later if you say its that good.

    Oh yeah, I heard about that as well, and I hope they bring back Tom's old designs as well. Don't suppose they could do another mini-series like Intruder, Lockdown, and Virus though. But the main thing is what kind of anime roster it'll be bringing back for it, because I wouldn't mind some of the older series from back then like just for nostalgic purposes, along with some new series as well of course.
  9. KrimzonStriker
    2012-05-27 14:07
    Dann, everything okay on your end?
  10. KrimzonStriker
    2012-05-24 23:05
    Its the damn budget cuts, though it really depends on the area. I hear the suburban places just outside of the major cities are always hiring because of how remote they are. Though that would mean I'd need to learn how to drive.... ah, I'll sort that one out when I graduate.

    Aha, I thought so. I'll actually wait another day or two before tracking down a subbed version until you catch it as well. Give me a chance to brush up on my Japanese again since I'm taking courses for it now

    So continuing off from our last conversation, are you really waiting for the DVD releases before watching/catching up on them? If they don't have whole season collections then I generally never think its worth it to buying them, though I watch them on tv whenever I can to show my support. Its not like getting a movie, which btw I'm thinking of securing The Secret of Arrietty so I can finally watch that. Have you seen that yourself, I'm really interested and wondering if its as good as I think it looks of if that's my Miyazaki bias talking

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