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  1. KrimzonStriker
    2009-07-28 14:38
    I know right? And seriously, Eva Braun, the Nazi's make about as many appearances in a series as the Vatican does at least As for Mafuyu, I tend to think it might jsust be a huge hint about the 'relationship' and love aspect of it all in terms of her connection with Sasha personally, which according to the one-eyed orthodox priest is supposed to be a very rare feeling to extract from Soma.

    And I almost missed that bit about Ootori until I went back and read the editors notes about Nautrium being Latin for Sodium
  2. KrimzonStriker
    2009-07-28 14:29
    The point of introducing her? Eh, completes the array of personalities that are competing for his attention, the childhood friend is a must in any harem series Yeah, lets put Eva aside, I think she genuinely does care for Negi but she's just not serious enough and is so nonchalant in her attitude that I can't really picture anything with her. Well that's the thing, after such a big event everything just swept it under the rug and the moment with Nodoka was lost. If Negi was really serious about it he would have found time to address it already, but if he's distracted you have to wonder how much it really means in the end. Eh, it was an interesting aspect of the story, and I appreciated the theme and setting even if we don't really develope all the characters, it gives off a nice atmosphere. As for Negi when he becomes an adult? Why, he'll be an English gentleman of course Dann, he's too honest to be anything else

    Technically, with all these big air-ships and everything there does seem to be a bit of a mix in technology and magic, which is technically what Chisamae's power is in essence. As for Yue, of course she's going to return to the harem- I mean group.

    Well, check it out, it's pretty friendly for the casual players in terms of controls and move execution and we can have something else to talk about later on. Final Fantasy XIII and versus XIII look like interesting discussions as well Yeah, pain no good so lets leave the goth loli dominatrix's aside for now <_< Anyway, we'll just have to see where the author takes it and be ready for come what may

    Oh right that, well whatever, I always found the point man more interesting because they were the ones who got things done? Do people remember Palpatine more then Darth Vader or something? Or heck Boba Fett to Darth Vader? Of course not, the right hand man was always more intriguing for me, still mysterious but with a lot more exposure and interaction

    Bah, I still think the age thing is a non-issue until it becomes one, the years aren't so off for me to make a big deal out of it.

    Meh, I think its a good indicator regardless, and if anything it'll be a plus for all my favorites anyway in terms of closing the rank gap after all these various interactions and conclusions for some relationships, like now the Nagi has been discovered as being Negi and such

    Hey, that's often life Dann, especially when it's being played out in fiction. If it wasn't' a bit disturbing it wouldn't be as intriguing.

    Yeah, and we get an indication of who he is, the Qwaser of Sodium, pay attention to that in chapter 15 Dann

    Bah, no interesting twist won't make it interesting, having them cut out Ran would be great drama, and I like Haibara so much better anyway, I think a lot of fans do

    Well, just move on to the next series Dann, and try and put it behind you

    Yeah maybe, Japanese schools are weird but I'll stick to my estimates that Mafuyu and the rest are 2-3 years older then Sasha <_<
  3. KrimzonStriker
    2009-07-28 13:37
    Yo Dann, latest chapter for Qwaser is out on onemanga, I just read it. The beginning was cute, and the origins of the Mercury Qwaser was an interesting twist I must say. Now Sasha be rolling out his big guns in his arsenal it would seem, and it's something I can actually understand on how it works as well, how cool is that?

    BTW, how old are you as a first year middle-school student in japan exactly? Maybe they mis-translated the kanji, since I thought you had to be fifteen to be in your first year of high-school? I've seen that happen for other manga series I suppose, because really that would put Mafuyu and everyone on the same age as Sasha even though it was clearly said he skipped a few grades...

    Still, I must say, Sasha has an interesting new cover now, I had no idea that the Spetsnaz were accepting the underage now

    And Ootori makes an entrance to help out as well it would seem
  4. KrimzonStriker
    2009-07-27 23:55
    Guess we'll just have to wait until more info comes around, put it in the back of your mind for now Dann. And You know most groups never actually consider their own goals to ever actually be bad generally

    Oh right, the childhood friend, yeah, I don't think that's ever going to go anywhere given how little exposure she gets in this series for the most part. I like Yue in terms of most suitable girl for him at his height, Eva kind of scares everyone including Negi and the whole 'she's in love with his dad thing' is a bit of a sticking point. At the same time, even though Nodoka confessed and everything, its been so long afterward that I REALLY think her chance has passed and minimized at this point. Hah, yeah, that is quite the luxury when you're at that age and in this kind of series so it might not be such a bad thing to look down on, quite frankly Negi's reached the spring of his youth much earlier then most without all the rather more annoying aspects to go with it.

    I know right? She really grew on me, she has a lot of the traits in Asuna that I admire, but she's also a bit smarter then Asuna as well (along with a fun and quirky habit involving cosplay) which I appreciate and why she eeks her out in terms of being in my top three. Oh yeah, I really hope they bring Yue back soon so we can get this all resolved, her time in that magic knight squad was pretty interesting though. And BlazBlue is also for XBOX 360 Dann, you should get it if you have the system, from everything I've heard and seen its very much awesome and the story line has me intrigued. And no not exactly, I mean if seems people end up suffering alot at there hands if they get too close to those types of characters, dominatrix's are not for everyone Dann, even... no ESPECIALLY if they're little loli's and I'm particularly squeamish when it comes to pain unfortunately Yeah, Asuna's nice but this just seems like an intriguing mix to the story that I would be interested in seeing if she was out of the running due to a blood relation with Negi. As for who we would choose, we wouldn't Negi would of course it won't matter one bit about what we think when it all settles, we'd just have to live with it whatever the outcome <_<

    Well, I'll look forward to what happens in the party and the fight regardless. Life Maker? Was he the cloaked final boss or something I can't recall. I still think it's probably Fates show at this point, and I'll enjoy it while he's still in charge

    Oh, that's a very good theory and one I hadn't thought of, though I'm inclined to think that from what I read it is believed Asuna's powers were a natural occurrence of birth for the most part.

    Oh, thanks Dann, I'll go read it now. And yeah, at least some of them should be alright once the dust clears on who Negi ends up with anyway. I think that particular love ranking was just to show/indicate the depth of their feelings with him, which given that Nodoka has been the only one to confess to him is really not surprising at her ranking. I mean, I just checked wikipedia again and at the bottom of that box of statistics for some of the characters like Asuna, whose currently at a total of 56 points and tied with the same amount from Yue at first place in the ranking. Chisame is 11th unfortunately, though surprisingly Makie is at 5th, though I tend to think that' during the time she thought he was Nagi. and Ayaka, the rich rival to Asuna is at 4th, though given her obsession that's also not surprising, still she does view him more as a brother so that little bit can be taken care of easily. The most surprising thing I found though was that Yue was tied at first with Asuna, that's a good sign for me if Asuna gets kicked out of the running via being Negi's aunt

    Yeah hopefully, don't want to have to go back through all those chapters again...

    Awesome, please enjoy

    Hah, I'll take that job if I ever become a monk for the Vatican then Ah Walter, you were the best of all of us, die well friend, and die in a blaze of glory as it should be And yes, according to wikipedia at least that is indeed his weapon of choice even if we haven't seen it. Of curse, if you've spoiled yourself that much Dann then I wonder if you've realized his significance due to the which Qwaser Ootori is. If not go backs to chapter 8 and it should come to you

    Well, that's what adds its own appeal as well, that theoretically if one was capable enough they could simulate it in real life as well. Plus all the thinking helps ones own processing thoughts, I often think I got smarter in terms of my analysis and planning abilities after reading Death Note Yeah, I hope Detective Conan goes out well though. And seriously, bring on Haibara, she's a far more interesting partner for Conan/Shinchi in my opinon then Ran.

    Yeah, always got to keep yourself busy. I'm not doing that anymore though, I mean the waiting for R2 thing. All those arguments on the forums made my head spin
  5. KrimzonStriker
    2009-07-27 20:09
    We'll see, if its true then things can only get more and more interesting. I suppose one member of Nagi's group had to betray him at some point

    Well, its about a five year age difference, and they are girls, so it actually works out alright if you think about it. Still, I think he needs someone at his height for the time being to be quite honest. And my whole mention of Negi's age and everything was more to the fact that he gets away with a lot more in comparison to other male harem leads who often times get beaten up in response to the ecchi moments of a series.

    Hah, yeah, Chisame probably grew the most on me out of any of them surprisingly, probably because I think she got the most character development out of anyone personally and went through the most changes as the series progressed. Yue just because I admire that more quiet and supportive personality that makes me feel like she should get a turn in the spotlight at some point as well, and Chachamaru because well, she's Chachamaru as you point out. Hah Eva, a part of me does like the superiority of these gothic loli's, Ekata from Qwaser, and Rachel Alucard from BalzBlue. But in all honesty though, I kind of really want to keep my distance away from them, it seems too painful whenever they get close. As for my regards towards Asuna, I do like her actually, she's the up-beat tom boy, whose down to earth, and has a forceful personality with a more simple but purer perspective of things that can often be needed to breath in some air in order to clear away all these complicated questions. The fact that she's too obvious though does make me less enthusiastic though, and given the wide variety of my other favorites I wouldn't mind an avenue out for her as his aunt, just to make things more interesting.

    Oh, fifteen chapters for that entire arc? I say that might be a fair estimate, though I kind of am afraid they like to speed up all the good parts to be honest. Like the epic Fate/Rakan match will actually end rather quickly in order to display Fate's dominance or something to surprise us.

    Technically though, the beginning of the movie was a bit before they met Arika and Asuna so it could still work out in terms of the time frame I think. As for Chachmaru, honestly out of all the serious contenders I think she could probably best handle the more likely outcomes which don't involve her getting picked, but at the same time make the most out of the feelings she has and allow her to grow in her humanity and character. What chapter was that wind-up scene again? I want to re-read it now I do think the author has demonstrated a history of playing favorites though, and after all this drama someones got to end up with Negi in the end or the fans will explode. I mean, how are they going to create Chao if he doesn't pick someone?

    But isn't Nagi... the mage of this equation?? I guess I don't really follow, so many things to keep track of in regards to all these details, and we haven't revisited the whole issue of the full-time guardian thing and how that works out for awhile now <_<

    Oh yeah, check it out, I think you'll really like it, it has a lot of themes I think you'll be interested in, great action, and plenty of laughs to go with the dark atmosphere at times. Code: Breaker is a very good manga in my opinion, plus its relatively long in its brief publication which is always a good thing, means regular updates and a high popularity to keep it going

    I don't quite know if the Vatican watches anime to be quite honest, it would surprise me if they ever did <_< Oh yeah, I want me some more young Walter Dann, from both this OVA and the Dawn if it comes out!! Walter FTW, Dental Floss of doom!!

    Yeah, I'm glad for it now, makes things more interesting and people can be semi-bound to a more realistic approach that I can actually understand!! Well, relatively speaking each case could be done in a matter of hours, so even several hundred chapters could just add up to a year of two. I have heard the author is eventually planning to wind it down though

    Yeah, me neither, I never like the waiting periods for anime. I remember how hard it was to endure waiting for R2 <_<
  6. KrimzonStriker
    2009-07-27 13:32
    Or they could be completely unrelated and the author just rehashed artwork Dann, you might just be over thinking this you know

    Well, I guess we'll have to just see how it all plays out. Overall I don't think it'll create too big a detour in terms of the overall plot anyway so we'll leave it on that note

    It's alright, you could say it was the pioneer of just about every comedic romance harem series out there so I appreciate the series for that at least, though I do prefer stronger male leads of course which makes me like Negi more. Plus he's got child defense so no one can actually hit him when the ecchi stuff occurs, AND he's their teacher to boot, Hooyra

    I have three favorites myself, which I think I already told you, them being Yue, Chachamaru, and the cosplay queen Chisame. Eva may or may not enter the list at some point, but being that old is a bit strange so I stick with the above three mentioned for now.

    Yeah, speculations about all we can do so lets put that aside for now until more information comes about.

    Looking forward to seeing how it all plays out at the part, oh and the Rakan Fate match of course. And I do imagine that a lot of inter-character relationships will get some development as well hopefully

    Yeah, like I said this author likes to rehash art here and there from his other works so don't think too much into it. As for the aunt thing, and whether or not it actually counts I do hope that gets resolved soon so everyone knows and we can finally either put Asuna in the game for Negi or not at this point. As for the other girls, I don't know, I think there are a lot of strong contenders at this point, the two girls besides Chachamaru who might close the gap at some point if they put in more development to build on the whole jungle and the wind-up toy scene, Eva perhaps, and Nodoka being the top contenders at this point. As for Arika and Nagi... that would certainly make sense to a large degree now that I think about it

    Oh I think everyone was the same starting off, it was all we knew back then really. But then the world got more complicated and one had to broaden ones interest to understand it, though even if I do appreciate the grey lines on several matters I still manage to find some kind of anchor in the series I could rely on and root for, for the most part anyway.

    Might I recommend a similar manga series that is updated more regularly? I mentioned it before, but its called Code:Breaker which I really enjoy right now, you should check it out when you have the time. Ah the Vatican, for a boring lot they always seem to play an exciting role in any series. Anyway, as for the OVA's nothing happened much beyond the attack by the scythe wielding lieutenant on Hellsing HQ, and the prepared arrival of the crusader army from Maxwell. Alucard's still chugging along as well with the wrecked ship though he hasn't docked yet.

    Ah the plot thickens, looking forward to how it all works out and hopefully everyone will come off better when this is all over finally as the next episodes roll on.

    Hah, yeah, but just the mere possibility of it occuring was enough to keep me interested, the same could have been said during the various plots and schemes in Death Note as well even if the whole shinigami and notebooks that kill people threw in a couple of wrenches here and there the planning and logical deductions were intriguing to follow. As for Detective Conan, yeah both the manga and the anime are still going strong at this point. Got a couple hundred chapters and episodes to both their names at this point

    Yup, well all in all it makes for interesting avenues to advance the plot, Tomo's fate as well, so I hope the anime does a good follow-up of the series.
  7. KrimzonStriker
    2009-07-27 02:06
    Eh, like I said best not to delve too deep into Ekata with so little info available we can't really make any judgment beyond possible connection to the royal family in terms of her origins. As for the Vatican, well I never really know what to make of them at times, especially as I just finished up the RAW for Hellsing OVA 6. Generally speaking from most versions I see they don't often like to play with others, and given the main side is the East Orthodoxy church I'd put them as possible rivals at this point if not outright antagonist

    Lawrence is the bad guy why exactly? That's weak-sauce if I ever heard it. Knowing the full story Amati whose easily susceptible to emotions and doesn't know what he's getting into, and just comes off as an immature brat that needs a dose of reality, its for his own good I say! I think his admiration and spirit is to be admired, but seriously that type of dedication without proper reasoning after all his buddy-buddy with Lawrence beforehand is duplicitous in my view, especially after using the method you just mentioned in order to coerce Lawrence into the whole contract thing.

    A good thing about this series is that because of the powers we can actually get a some-what scientific measurement of all their data, though of course we have to tweak here and there like we do with say Alchemy in FMA. That surprisingly adds a bit more realism into the whole series, weirdly enough, and allows me to better associate with a 'wow, I could actually replicate that in real life maybe' whenever I think of my chemistry classes. Kind of like when I read Detective Conan or mayhaps even Death Note despite the odd anime throw ins like impossible gadgets and killer notebooks

    As for the president, eh, given how inconspicuous she is and school life general from the Qwaser battles I tend to think this'll be the only danger she's involved directly, and likely serve as part of the side-story in terms of the main casts inter-relationship development.

    The real question of course, if what exactly do they want to do with it in the end, and on that note I think we'll leave the subject concerning the Icon at that until further information is gained from the series.

    Sorry I had to break this post up into two parts, hope it makes sense
  8. KrimzonStriker
    2009-07-27 02:05
    Don't know, we'll have to see I suppose. He could just be using candy like everyone else, though honestly I'm not even sure how human Fate is (I think there was some mention concerning the reading of his memories on how he might be an artificial construct perhaps?) so its possible his form and age don't really mean anything for him. Ehh, which member are we talking about exactly? Was it the little boy perhaps? Because I can't recall him and Fate's connection, other then I thought he looked a little like Fate in some respects <_<

    If that's the case I suppose they're just not paying attention and actively searching for the signal in their group, which given the logical choice they wouldn't really need to under normal circumstances. I suppose Fate simply wasn't aware of their existence, it happens from time to time, he might seem wise but if he was all knowing that would just be unfair.

    Yeah, I think the author's going to have to pull a Love Hina here as just settle this once and for all. They'll eventually move on with their lives hopefully, and turn those feelings into sweet memories to make them better people in the end, like say that normal student girl who liked the Nagi grown-up version of him. I hope. I think its 50/50 things could work out for the impostor at the moment though

    I don't know, he didn't seem to say anything about a time-paradox, but from what I could gather I thought he was saying he was forming a theory on Fate's overall plan or something.

    Depends, everything he says has been honest so far though of course manipulating it to his own advantage in the end. Things will be interesting at the part to say the least.

    Seriously, if Asuna really is Negi's aunt the whole field will just blow up that I don't know who to pick to win him in the end, even if I still think Asuna will still be chosen as his full-time guardian in the end. Most of his other contractors powers aren't really up to being protectors, more supporters then anything so Asuna seems like the only other viable candidate with Setsuna doing her protect oujo-sama thing likely afterward.

    Lyle's love interest was Anew Returner Dann Oh, so she's a ground to earth-type of person who likes clear lines eh? A bit surprising she didn't like ANY of the characters, given the wide cast, but CG was pretty heavy. Still, despite not being perfect I thought Lelouch at least represented the clear side to choose. Ah well, to each their own. I'm actually starting to get more of a feel for her tastes now, she seems to like more generic series if what you said was true, good guys and bad guys generally on the same side, though also enjoying the various intricate character drama's and plot devices so long as they remained in those parameters at least and never really crossed that line unless it only served to pull them back. A more straight-forward and clear cut type of individual, who prefers a more simplistic type of anime, with lots of just straight-up butt kicking and who doesn't want to get bogged down into more complicated themes and ideas. Meh, that's fine as well. Everybody has their own tastes.
  9. KrimzonStriker
    2009-07-26 21:28
    Eh, he was polite but at the same time he does still remind everyone that he regards the others as lower then him like with Negi during their fight bouts even when he was small, he just does it in a more mannerly way. And doesn't that happen with every hero that gets their hand on some dangerous abilities?

    Really? I would have assumed they took the tracking badge after Asuna was kidnapped, and given that this is the magical world you'd usually just chalk it up to some unknown miss-hap. Not like they got a measuring rod to read negation power levels or doctors that could give a prognosis on what is even by magic standards an unusual power. We'll see, I doubt they put this whole scenario up for her without intending to make use of it at some point, who knows it might work out for the best in some aspects, those types of situation have happened before in other series.

    Well, generally speaking I think the whole age thing just about rounds out about right so I'm not totally convinced there's a time paradox between the two worlds just yet. Hopefully things will start to clear up in in any event.

    His manner just struck me as similar to Fate's in many ways, so that we my impression of him anyway. That and he liked to torment Negi a bit with those details on his life, and trying to arrest him of course >_>

    Well, I'll just let Negi take his own time on the matter, though mayhaps some viewers will remind the author on the matter in case he forgot. We'll see what happens anyway

    Oh, more of a down to earth girl, I see. There was a bit more in terms of romance as well in the second season, and I do know of other posters that have complained about too many of these super gundam pilot individuals. She might have appreciated the more vulnerable and human weaknesses of the gundams during the first season, which did garner a lot of admiration among fans who got tired of just seeing the gundams one-sidedly take out whole armies, there was a bit more depth in terms of tactics and strategy during the first season. She seems more like the type to skip the overly perfect characters I guess, which might be why Code Geass turned her off despite the in depth and intriguing struggles similar to the other series.

    Eh, he's hasn't really done anything yet to really demonstrate that, I think you're just confusing those lines with that his goals are more in line with the adepts even if he disapproves of their methods. Ah yes, being the Imperial Queen of Russia and the consort of Nicholas II seemed a bit off, so we'll leave that as that until we see further proof. For now I'm inclined to point to a link to the Royal family in any case given all the hints. Just a quick note though is exactly what role the Vatican is going to play in all of this with their brief introduction, and a part of me wonders if the priest might have a connection given that is well, Catholic. Things are getting very interesting indeed as more and more new players make an appearance into the equation.

    Yeah, details are often the hardest part of any story though

    Well, things are getting interesting in any event, looking forward to the next episode. At least Spice and Wolf is proving it can be just about anything, including dramatic

    Yeah, I think that was probably my favorite part of the series, and proof that yes given enough time Sasha can find a way to win just about any fight, including against the mighty Atomis. Anyway, things with Mafuyu should get more interesting as the Student President starts to become more open now about her feelings for Sasha after the latest chapter

    Hey, given its parameters is to create 'Miracles' the exact scope of what it can do is a bit broad, so like I said before, sky's the limit in terms of your imagination at this point. I mean, we got breast feeding element manipulating super people running around after all
  10. KrimzonStriker
    2009-07-26 02:08
    Yeah, plenty of things to hopefully look forward to, so I suppose we'll leave it at that with Prototype.

    I suppose he was a bit more arrogant back then, though they do say experience changes ones attitude. And as for his now grown-up appearance, I don't think there's been enough in his actions now in the latest chapters to say he's still the same as back then, I think you're just associating his past self with the image you're seeing right now. And yes, Rakan did say that so Negi best be careful.

    Hah. that'll be interesting to see, though given that she is the enemy posing as a kidnapped Asuna I don't expect many good things to happen for her >_>

    I doubt it was eight years after, she'd never make it within the time frame of Negi being 10 if that was the case. Anyway, we'll just have to see what happens in regards to the past, boy does this series just keep piling on the plot points here

    Kurt's the governor with the glasses who told Negi about his mother right? I don't know, he's a bit of an odd-ball. Since Fate got so dressed up in his grown-up form I'd assume he's heading to the ball as well, so a part of me thinks that this Kurt fellow is more likely Fate's ally.

    I have been wondering about why Negi hasn't said anything on the matter, though I usually just chalk it up to him wanting to keep quiet about it to Asuna until he can properly explain. And 18 years? Okay, yeah there's a major time discrepancy going on in here, I sure hope they manage to clear this up at some point <_<

    Oh, so she's the more clear cut white and black type of viewer? Maybe a shoujo romance drama, or magical girl type of thing more her cup of tea? Well, I can understand that to a degree, girls don't seem to find this type of stuff intriguing anyway, which is why they attract mainly guy viewers for the most part.

    It has to deal with the holy seal he stamped on her for whatever reason. The catholic priest, he's the blonde dude you see when all the adepts shadows are covered after that store clerk who helped Ekata in her fight against Sasha was crucified and even before that was handing out those missing person flyers where he met Sasha and the group, he went to try and convince Ootori to come back to the adepts, and he's the one who holds those playing cards when when he sent out the chlorine gas guy that traumatized Teresa. I think Lizzy and Ootori are basically fine for the most people despite their ambitions, Ootori seemed to disagree with the adepts methods which is why he struck out on his own so I think he's generally a good guy whatever his personal goals may be. As for Ekata, yeah she's quite the character, there's nothing to prove the age thing though she has suggested at times that she might be descended from the Russian Tsar's Royal Family, hence the name Anastasia for the doll maybe. I also read a spoiler in later chapters about a rather bold claim by her on her identity which would make her out to be much much older then she looks, though its unsubstantiated with nothing really to prove such a feat is currently possible for that to happen.

    Yeah, which is why it hasn't really gotten much ground off of it while I try to sort the general plot out >_>

    Yeah, I did, things are certainly getting interesting between Lawrence and Horo, hope they make up soon

    Generally yes, which would put them into the same 'Atomis' category as the Oxygen Qwaser. Keep reading though, there's an interesting twist concerning the twins . And eh, well, the whole Mafuyu/Sasha progression scene was a rather touching one in my opinon, along with establishing an important theme in regards to the feelings one has when transfering Soma, which I feel is a telling sign in those twos relationship

    The Icon according to earlier descriptions is a painting/image of the Virgin Mary Breast-feeding Baby Christ, which given the nature of the Qwaser's has significance for them at least. If you've gotten that far then you'll probably already know that at the very least we have an indication that it can possibly bring back the dead, and who knows what else its 'Miracle' capabilities may posses. With a description like that the sky's really the limit to how much potential power the icon posses.

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