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  1. KrimzonStriker
    2009-11-07 01:19
    Hey it's cool Dann. Good to finally hear from you. I've been waiting for subs so I haven't seen episode 5 just yet either. I'll get back to you once I have
  2. KrimzonStriker
    2009-10-28 22:53
    Aha, I thought I forgot something! Here's the link to the new Seikon no Qwaser trailer! Opens in January, can't wait to see
  3. KrimzonStriker
    2009-10-28 05:08
    Sorry to interrupt Dann, but check out the latest trailer for the Gundam 00 movie!! Here's the link.
  4. KrimzonStriker
    2009-10-26 09:30
    Yo Dann, just wanted to say chapter 62 for Code: Breaker is out now, I recommend reading it asap.

    Oh and we have more screenshots from the Gundam 00 movie, here's a link and let me know what you think about what you're seeing, because so far I'm fairly impressed by what we have so far.
  5. KrimzonStriker
    2009-10-25 01:47
    Nah, cold and rational people can still be bitches Dann, even if they think nothing of it... probably because they think nothing of it. I think it has some significance, that she let him go, signals some remaining attachment though I don't imagine it'll be enough to save her whether she manages to redeem herself or now, you murder an innocent friend in front of the protagonist they you're likely to end up dead in the final conflict. I think it will be better off if he's dead Dann, that much blood and no one likely to care about his well being afterward while being devoured by bugs... yeah I'm pretty sure he's dead at least since i find it hard to see how he'll recover or what the point would be if he did.

    I actually do think it is more of a conscious effort Dann, it's probably easier for most to just let themselves go in their overly rational minds rather then overcome it though some do. I don't think there really is any possible explanation, as there would be no rational reason for them to try to act normal at all when they don't have to in that case.

    Yeah I'm suspecting that July's reason was Suou as well, but we'll just have to wait and see how that develops. Still, I am glad to have him on board, he'll be a useful addition to the team.

    Probably the events from the first season caused a demotion for some weird reason or another. But yeah, hoping she'll be alright, I imagine it's because of her suspicions that she joined up with them to find out more from the inside. Should be interesting anyway to see how she deals with it in the side parts of the story.

    I have my suspicions that it isn't Yin either, but since we don't know what exactly happened to Yin we can't rule out the possibility Hei did mean her. I mean, it could be exactly like Amber all over again now that you mention it. But yeah, my suspicions are mostly concerning whoever he's working for actually, since there seems to be only one 'her' if the translation is correct. which for the time being leads me to think it's whoever is currently employing him (I'm leaning towards the Madam right now)

    Well I understand your concerns Dann, but hopefully given Bones experience and production power they'll manage well enough, that or they could just be waiting to announcing the second half of this Season yet still Oh come now Dann, if we apply that logic the whole human race should be made extinct by now by simply grouping together. And damn straight I think most of it was because of their being used by other organizations, though I'll admit their rational mentality makes it easier for them to adjust to the idea. Still I think there's far too much potential for them and benefit for man kind in the end to have them wiped out like that.

    Eh, like I said it's cool Dann
  6. KrimzonStriker
    2009-10-25 01:33
    Nah it's cool Dann. Let's discuss then

    Was PANDORA specifically a UN agency, because part of me always felt it was too centered around the Japanese government, though it is possible this Section 35 or whatever its called may span over several different agencies and not function as just the new Japanese espionage group.

    I actually suspect that as well, which can be interesting if we look at Suou now as the throwback to Hei's sister Pai. The particle manipulation ability probably did simply manifest in its most useful way for the user if that is the case, since it seems the fragment looked back into Suou's memory before she concentrated on the rifle she saw back at the club house. But yeah, honestly I was not surprised at the fragments abilities thus far, it had space time alteration potential written all over it, especially given their connection to Hell's Gate.

    Well that is the mystery isn't it Dann? I think if we do stick to our theory about the fragment/Pai's power transfer they may just be hinting at the particle manipulation power finally manifesting as it should unlike with Hei. There were some conversations about how special Pai/Hei's abilities were after all. Or it could just be just the fragment manifesting itself that caught their attention, I don't honestly think is was Suou herself, she just seems to have been the one to bring it out, whatever 'it' is that the Dolls and the Madam are talking about. At the same time the Doll's seem to have some sort of extremely powerful sixth sense about them, so I don't find it strange they have this display of awareness when something big has happened in the mysterious powers that are at work here. Hei (and probably Mao) seem to have some idea of what's going on I think though, they hint at that in their conversations together along with Hei's interest in reaching Japan again. That and his reaction to everything when Suou manifested her powers, how he seemed calm and in control while letting July tag along to boot.

    Oh geez, I just started to think about that now.... Hei needs some new gear now I guess, doesn't look like he'll be getting any of those back. I'm sad now, though the retractable wire staying is some measure of comfort, means we'll see more acrobatics at least. And yeah, I'm looking forward to seeing more of Hei displaying those skills of his from South America now.

    Well, point is he didn't die from the initial shock. Anyway, that stuffs not important anymore, he's gone and he's not likely to leave any lasting significance now so best let the character rest in peace I say. Geez though, the Japanese Intelligence people were a lot more ruthless then I had imagined... I'm not liking the look of them now or their overall agenda, hope Misaki will be alright... <_<

    I honestly wouldn't have been surprised if he didn't have any suspicions about the squirrel to begin with... I'm more surprised I didn't see it earlier myself, guess I'm too used to other anime's where animals are smarter then they should be, at least I have an explanation in this series as to why though But Yeah, I expect they'd still be on good terms, no reason they shouldn't. That's basically how I took their whole conversation about Mao's memory, I mean you could say his whole ability was just like a computer download/transfer anyway, his remuneration could indeed be a reason as well. I hadn't considered the ME's before, but yeah within that context his return is starting to make more sense now. I'm highly suspicious of the Syndicate as well, though my suspicions are also starting to fall on that Madam lady as well too, though they could both be the same thing I suppose... hell it sounds like Hei might still be working for them too, or whoever 'she' is. Depends really on what happened with in between the two years now. Well think about it in this way, a back-up isn't technically the original, it's a duplicate copy you pull out when the original dies. I think Pecha is more of a copy of Mao then actually him in that context.

    Well yeah, I am suspicious of her as well, and she's my prime candidate after Yin as to who Hei wanted to 'kill' but yeah, let's consider that that Syndicate wasn't exactly portrayed as good protagonist despite the fact that Hei worked for them, as well as the confusion with how to regard Amber and her group. DtB has a lot of shifting alliances, and a lot of moral ambiguity, and it really often comes down to the individuals rather then the organizations who you have to consider. But yeah, rarely is it that simple, though I imagine some form of leadership is there in the Syndicate(or the ones who run them and everyone else) if they choose to bring them out Dann.
  7. KrimzonStriker
    2009-10-24 01:02
    Nah, it's cool. I have to say it was awesome and it adds to a lot of development so I hope you enjoy
  8. KrimzonStriker
    2009-10-23 20:03
    Dann you there? Have you seen the latest episode of DtB2 yet? Tis awesome, and I wish to discuss!!
  9. KrimzonStriker
    2009-10-18 13:03
    That doesn't sound like much of a villain, they have to have personality to go with it Dann, a presence. Ah Char, sometimes I think he can be a real bastard, but in the end he's just too cool to really hate for me

    Dann, she's a confused little girl suddenly thrust into the world of espionage, her friends don't know who she is, one of them is being held by the FPS, her fathers dead, her brothers gone and he looked insane when he was going and she's being targeted in his place. I think Hei would do wonders for her at this point, to reinforce my previous statement. Oh I'm sure that would be a given, her being wary of him, but all in all I believe there relationship will improve leaps and bounds as the season progresses. Honestly, I don't think Hei did it, certainly doesn't sound like Hei and he has no reason to lie about it to the CIA, not like they would care. The real question is whether or not he sticks with the CIA if/when Shion and him work together and whether they would allow it to begin with. Well that's basically what I'm hoping for, it'd be an injustice to the series for it to be so short in my opinion and I hope this is a fake out where they announce a second season after this one when it ends and leaves us at a cliff-hanger or something. I think they featured Yin too prominently to ignore her side of the story, so I wouldn't worry about her being left out Dann, just everything in due time is all. Hah, well we'll see what happens with July and August as the story progresses, July at least doesn't seem to be going anywhere. I've seen rifles disassembled into very compact pieces before Dann, I'm fairly certain it would be possible to fit it in a case of that size.

    Well people have gotten up from getting struck by lightening, so its not out of the realm of possibility for a person to be able to absorb the shock, some people do die I admit though depending on the amount of voltage they get shocked with, it seems a conductor is often the best way to do it though, like a toaster in a bath tub. I'll have to go back and see, though I could have sworn Hei's used his electricity to disable people rather then kill on occasion. See, now you're seeing the logic of drama Dann. Oh well, not like he wasn't trying to kill him before anyway

    I guess we'll see then, things look to be picking up pretty fast anyway. I'm sure there will probably be more relevant and immediate scenarios then to deal with that will keep our interest I think anyway. I would think so in any case, or else they'd be real cruel to tease us with her presence like that, still given all the links and hints I do expect we'll return at some point. If he's alive at all then something funky is going on with his abilities to begin with, still I expect he'll be presented throughout the series as Pecha if it is indeed Mao. Yeah Hei's reaction would be priceless, if he doesn't know already that is, but we'll see.
  10. KrimzonStriker
    2009-10-18 01:17
    True, but it really is hard to picture anyone else playing the role of the antagonist until we get more info. But yeah, Char was pretty awesome

    We'll see, I think they could both do wonders for each other personally. Technically even though the Syndicates (or the ones really pulling the strings) reach is pretty deep, all of the intelligence agencies are trying to hunt them down so it would help Hei to some extent in protecting himself and providing him with resources he wouldn't otherwise have. I hope so too, though my greatest hope is that they're just using the first 13 episodes to test the waters and add another season after this one if ratings and support is good. Eh we'll see, plenty of other things to deal with besides Yin at the moment, like getting out of their current sticky situation. Possibility, but we'll just have to wait and see, Yin's a pretty big mystery at this point. I guess he wasn't, still there's possibility in August characters, it'd be sad for July to lose all his partners so soon though. Well I'm glad you're starting to see the upside in all this Dann, regular Hei can finally show off his real skills now, but yes I too expect given how important they are that Hei's powers will come back, that is if he loses them at all. I was under the impression that rifles could be disassembled and reassembled Dann, maybe that's why she was lugging a suitcase in the opening after all

    Oh I doubt it's that complicated, plus I've seen Hei shock and not kill people before, it probably just wasn't enough or the coat absorbed some of it, but I doubt they'd put in the whole dramatic scene of Suou trying to stop him if August was already dead.

    Hmm, still hoping for another season after this one then if the producers can get the go ahead and ratings are good since it's only four. Eh all in due time, like I said the immediate situation takes precedent so Yin can wait for now. Ah well, maybe we'll see more about her mother if they end up heading to Japan after this. Hah, I nearly slapped my head red when I read the comment on Omni's blog, so don't feel too bad, obviously they're trying to hide the fact that Mao is Pecha, if that is the case. Ha ha, yeah I think this is a pretty solid theory and it'd be nice to see if it is true in any case.

    You're close Dann, but I'll just leave it at that. You'll have to see for yourself in any event

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