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  1. KrimzonStriker
    2009-08-19 15:35
    I would hope so after taking a year off after the end of Season 2 anyway, not like they'll have a cramped schedule as and excuse I don't believe. Ah Heero, probably my favorite among the Gundam pilots for his non-nonchalant and dedicated attitude, that and his skill of course, that was indeed an impressive line. I hope that is the case as well, I've started to enjoy many of the alternative worlds now, barring SEED of course, so hopefully Unicorn doesn't disappoint in the U.C return or be a permanent one either. Guys stealing Haro's now? Interesting but yeah, I think the twin drive is just too important to ignore anyway so I expect it to make a return. Good point, and a good policy so I'll look for that in case 00 comes back. Heavy Arms came in second for me after Wing Zero in that category, I don't know why but I think the barrage of firepower always strikes a chord with me, though the fact that it always seem o run out of ammo before too long annoyed me, but it was like some sort of devastating but beautiful symphony that makes one horrified but also enraptured with war. Gundam's, striking fear into the hearts of all, but that's why you love them and I'm sure it was as good a last moment as that pilot could have asked for before getting blown out of the sky. Oh trust me, the monotone moaning of "Gundam" never gets old, either in English or Japanese, it's what makes Setsuna stand out from his predecessors in other Gundam incarnations in terms of his belief and attachment to the machines, you always get the feeling that the main character pilots tended to hate their Gundams for some reason . I suppose... oh yeah now that I remember I believe Yuri's doing Simon for Gurren Lagann now as well, interesting switch up there.

    Same here, and yeah that movie was really an awesome way to end the series, though I did appreciate the cameo appearance of the series at the end of one of the Justice League Unlimited seasons I believe where we found out the truth about Terry's origins. Ah the joker, whether it's Heath Ledger or Mark Hamil that insane personality always seems to shine, and I'm glad to hear Mark is doing a couple of anime roles. Oh please don't make me remember how good shows like spider-man and Gargoyle's got the can, those were just amazing series I know!! The Real Adventures was just spectacular with the addition of a female cast member and that whole virtual reality world the series was just.... arggh, and now I'm remembering other cool cartoon series from the old channel nine that I used to wake up for, the mummies alive with these power ranger like mummies was one of them, Starship Troopers the CG graphic depiction, and this one series called Roswell I believe with a special team dedicated to fighting aliens and the like. What happened to American television Dann!?? It's pretty easy to look up, heck youtube advertises you to watch it sometimes on the side of the homepaga screen. Just type in Bandai then click on the user name that sames BandaiEntertainment, they should have it on the playlist. Speaking of which I found a guy who posted all the Reboot episodes, check out the playlists here Hah hah, like an english Wakamoto now? Oh, I was just remembering Samurai Jack, that's all.

    Really now, I always garnered that it was all too real and people often turned a blind eye to how vicious and malicious children could be depending on how they act and where their feelings are channeled anyway. Either that or he just really commands a lot of respect, which is a good irony if he is lower then the rest of them. Yeah most likely, you don't likely get to be top dog unless you have the strength to back it up. I checked out the raw, pace is about average but they just keep leaving you hanging at the end as always. Eh, most of the time they still kind of wanted to kill the person in the end though, so I don't think it changed their mindset too much, though it might have affected on how they view themselves at the very least which I do think it the most dramatic contribution she's made. Guess we'll find out later in any event, I do think it probably does have to do with the key as well. Could start using some back up from the other Code:Breakers as well since that's most likely the case.
  2. KrimzonStriker
    2009-08-18 18:17
    Yeah I think so too for the most part, any help from possible allies would be nice, though like I said I expect him to take on the mentor advice with the new kids. Eh, then I hope they manage to wrap up the story well enough to go along with it. I'm always impressed by the depth of imagination and knowledge, along with the dedication writers and authors who can do such things put into it. It was one of my favorite books growing up as a kid, I ran into the picture version of it early and got an eyeful of a wondrous world and society.

    And trailers, trailers are nice too.

    And often times they fail... Eh I see your point as well, the anime cutscene incorporation could be incorporated better, still we at least have actual anime to fall back on. Isn't much of a compliment for our side, but its a good quality to have in the industry. I hope so, I want to hear her sweet condescending voice again like when she was demanding Pizza . Really now? We should do an investigation into Korean anime if it's there. At this pace? Not likely, I don't think this has been a high priority for the translation groups, a shame really, it's a very good series from what I've read so far.

    Council's been suspended since the Gerard incident Dann Helps that I like the style as well I think it's likely, they're not gonna leave the incident on that note, plus it almost seems natural that Lucy get all the keys for the constellations. The Gerard thing is a long shot, but he does technically have all the qualifications being formerly one of the ten great Holy Mages, but it was just a thought anyway, no way of knowing what he does after this arc is over much less whether he'll be able to join Fairy Tail. Yeah, I think Mistgun's reappearance is overdue and we could use the opportunity to get more clarification on him. Seems likely, we'll leave Luxus on that note until something happens then.

    It's fine on Negima Dann, I can wait. Read the new chapter, things are progressing a bit slower then I expected but it's fine if they focus on action. And yeah, it's not that I don't want to hear about it, I'd just want to hold off until we're sure there's a regular schedule for it.
  3. KrimzonStriker
    2009-08-18 13:02
    I see, well I hope you manage to get that fixed soon.

    I suppose that sounds like a reasonable time line. It wouldn't be Gundam without those of course Yeah, that's generally what I thought happened to Wing Zero at the end as well. That's why I've kind of grown to detest most of the spin-offs for the Universal Century series, because it makes you wonder if it'll ever end for them or something, like I said Zeon's a freaking cockroach and the Federation is just so weak... I don't imagine it needs to be overly complicated and side-track from the rest of the movie, just a tiny explanation and lead up is fine so long as the get another drive, that and a Gundam to hold two of them of course, depending on whether they salvaged 00 that is. I always got so excited when he split the rile into two beams and just spin-fired everything, that and when he used the shoulder mounted chain guns. Well in the end I'm glad ultimately Treize did win the war, in a way I suppose everyone won as well though. Yeah we'll lets drop it at that, thinking about those suicide moments gives me a headache. Oh well now you do, he does a pretty good job from what I've seen, it's fun seeing Setsuna mouth off "Gundam" all the time in English. Ah yeah, I guess they do suit each other, I also think I might have seen a promo with Yuri doing that voice for the .hack movie a couple of comic-cons ago.

    Ah man, now I want to watch Batman Beyond and the old Batman and Robin series as well. I know, they're was always a sophisticated element to the old cartoons since they usually talked you had to figure it out from what you just saw, it was simple but elegant. I'm not sure either, I've watched some of it at other places but it was usually those old series like Johnny Quest... oh now I yearn to watch The Real Adventures of Johnny Quest too .... Birdman, etc though it was good to see old shows like the smurfs and those Underwater guys as well, I think the Snorks they were called? All in all I think both seasons had their moments and it was a good series that could have brought Toonami back, but they just didn't follow up well enough afterward. Like I said it's not bad, I'm sure there are some Youtube clips of the dub you can watch, Bandi also airs the series on youtube as well from what I recall. Roger Dann, good hunting Aku eh? That was pretty good now that I think about it.

    Meh, evil doesn't have an age limit Dann nor does it limit the day anyone dies either. Well it isn't confirmed though I do get the impression that despite that implication he seems very much in charge and acts as 'that guys' right hand man regardless, and I do get the feeling he is much stronger then he lets on. Might be sooner then we think now that things seem to be picking up thanks to the key, more info on Ogami would be nice to hear as well. Basically how I feel for the most part as well, the world is not so kind as to permit naive dreamers to dream unfortunately. Just went through the translation myself, things seem to be rather ominous now depending exactly on what the President bargained away to 'that guy'. Pending events indeed, I wonder how all this will go down now that the key has been revealed. Exactly, the mans already tricky enough to deal with and we still don't know enough about him to be sure if that's all either. All in all we should be looking forward to seeing where this all leads to for all the characters.
  4. KrimzonStriker
    2009-08-17 23:08
    Indeed, though like I said I hope it does happen at some point, though Hei being more independent and self-sufficient wouldn't be bad either, since he'll likely have to take care of the female twin at least. Anyway, praying for an explanation that makes sense on the Gates in any case. Generally yeah that's how it works, you get to make up whatever when you're dealing with something already breaking the realistic barrier, though I must say there are authors and writers that manage to somehow break down their fiction like it was a real science or something, like the writing in Dinotopia, so props to them. Anyway clarification likely come when the season roles in on October.

    See, fits contractor mentality perfectly. I'm sure we'll get more of an indication of a time slot as the season comes closer, you almost always do.

    You might have a point, though for companies that do try it I wish they'd do a better job in any case. Well there are some games that have anime cut scenes like that, but yeah most of the stuff takes place in game since I imagine it saves money, and if they have that kind of budget they usually go for the CG graphic displays which are nice as well I suppose. You do have a point, generally though I still find the Japanese to be more capable though in terms of being able to do a broader array of roles, it's very rare to see in their English counterparts. I get that I do, that and you can't have a big series all the time either, still it would be nice after such a long hiatus to see her take center stage again. Well I certainly would stand-up and pay attention if it happens, maybe the Korean's do it amongst themselves already or something, haven't looked at them too much beyond professional Starcraft. WitchHunter? The translators are just slow with the series Dann, this one has like 9 volumes already or something like that anyway.

    I do wonder if they'll play on this more in the future, in a subtle way as always of course, but something to keep note of anyway. I wasn't all that aware of the need for a fashion change myself, but now that I look at them it is rather refreshing to see. Yeah, though since he takes off clothes anyway it wouldn't really matter to give him new ones, so it might happen. She's pretty knocked out though, and it'd be such a waster, hopefully the computer guy manages to swipe them since he does have a bit of an issue with her anyway so it'd be a good payback to give them to Lucy from him. Anyway, it'll be interesting to see how all those issues play out, Ivan, Luxus, and the succession of course. On that last note I'm either of the opinion it'll be Mirajane who takes over, Gildartz comes back... or on the long shot Gerard comes into Fairy Tail and ends up taking over in a weird twist of events, like I said long shot but it would be cool to see Mind you its not true until it's confirmed, but I think it's pretty obvious that it was Mistgun in any case. Yeah, the similar faces and that while "Anima" thing he mentioned would be interesting to get an elaboration on I feel, we should get some answers probably after this arc I would imagine. Given his changed nature I doubt Luxus will go after his father right now, at this point he seems like he's on a journey to find himself after losing Fairy Tail so I him being active like that seems unlikely until he completes that journey.
  5. KrimzonStriker
    2009-08-17 22:25
    Sorry this is so late Dann, lost track of time with stuff

    Woah woah Dann that seems a little too far into the future honestly, the whole thing could just take place right after the epilogue you know? Yeah, generally I expect the new enemy or whatever to be the main obstacle and they'll work things out amongst each other when he arrives. Oh lord, I always found that annoying after the Gundam Wing's OVA ending <_< Eh, the Gundam series in general have actually done a good job for the most part in bringing about the universal peace bit of their endings for the most part. I suppose we could indeed see some initial steps in any case when the movie comes. A second drive with no follow-up as to how it happened would seem rather inconsitent given how hugely important it is. It was certainly different in comparison to other Gundam designs I remembered, though yeah bit of a mix up I meant to say Wing Zero actually because since Gundam was so new to me I kind of reveled in the initial mass destruction it caused, was very flashy to watch Yeah I'm glad too, that prick needed to get a lesson about these things honestly, I take small comfort in that and the fact the Treize died in peace knowing peace would await after his death. Seriously confused me most of the time when that happened, I mean he goes and wipes a battalion of mobile suits then starts handing a gun to someone so that they could shoot him or something ridiculous like that, it always felt disconcerting to me. You do know he also voices Setsuna in 00 now as well right? Lucky Bosch managed to get the role of Kiba or this guy might be considered a stalker for Mamoru roles

    Uggh thinking about contemporary American television is giving me a migraine, I watch nothing but anime now online to fill the gaps. Oh man don't make me yearn for what it was like in the 90's Dann, all those shows were my favorites as well and Static Shock was pretty decent too now the I remember Man I used to stay up late watching Bugs and daffy go at it at times, the original Duck Dodgers was one of my favorites, along with Tom and Jerry too. Boomerang might still have them though if I recall Which team didn't mess with them Dann, though if it was Season 2 you're probably thinking Team White Snow, but they turned out alright in the end, I especially liked Max myself, but I can see your appeal to the first season as well. Hah, that scene was funny now that you bring it up. Okay yeah, but honestly that's not saying much given how as you mentioned way screwed up Eva was. Oh your right he did do Duo... yeah it's a bit strange watching Ali with such a deep and serious voice but honestly it works out alright from what I can see. Eh I see your point, moving on then. Games use up gigs after all, it made interesting sense though of course the sprites and Bob were in the end the real protagonist and the viruses the antagonist, the user was usually a rather neither good or bad kind of god in that world. Too bad then, I'll see what I can turn up on my own in that case. Always nice to reminisce about better days while you still can. Indeed, and yeah I think we'll be good for the most part on our VA, though I do hope new talent does come and add to the roster. Sorry, who was Mako again? I did the same generally, it was always good to relieve stress through them for me. Mmm, we'll have fun with it anyway.

    Bah Sakura's had problems with lots of people dying, who you know kind of still ended up dying, if it needs doing then let it be done I say. Oh yeah, she could be a lot scarier in that case but I don't see Yukihina going down for a good long while personally. I'm sure this won't be the last we see 'that guy' so I'm sure they'll be more opportunity to get an indication as to his character and manner of doing things. Well she's technically a rare kind so harming her isn't much of an option, and I do think they just regard it as amusing more then anything though you may be right that her arguments do make a point with them, though like I said before it hasn't really proved too bad in stopping them from doing what they have to. We'll I hope you're right otherwise I'm mailing in a complaint to the translation group doing this one Makes sense to me anyway, not like they did a good job protecting themselves much less the key before like I said at the time 'that guy' infiltrated them. Don't know if he figured he should, some limits on to his powers like whether he can read animals as well would be helpful though, plus it looks like he needs to make eye contact to do it I think. That could be a factor, though seriously I'm willing to risk it to hear his add-on the code of Hammurabi, plus his rage outburst seem within some degree of his control, Toki is still alive after all I do hope Ogami provides other sources of comedy as well though. That's most likely what will happen I think, we'll see when we get more info on her past anyway.
  6. KrimzonStriker
    2009-08-16 20:22
    Yeah, I don't think Hei's had much spare time to find a guru up to this point, but we'll see and I think at this point he'll need all the advice and help he can get. Crazy can work I guess but more often then not it just drives me crazy trying to make sense of it <_< I look forward to seeing it on display then. Well I do hope so, can't always play defense, if you want to win you have to go on offense eventually. Interesting thought, but it's too uncertain at this point to say so we'll have to wait and see, maybe it's simpler and he wants to bargain with them or something, but all explanations in there due time.

    I would almost expect it personally if they all share a common enemy then it only makes sense. Ehhh, nope, only October is indicated unfortunately

    Anyway, unless a marked improvement comes about in the transitions I'll stick to treating games and anime separately for the most part. Well anyway I hope he and Jun have the best of luck in any future roles. There was something special about him as Lelouch I must say, something different that I hope he manages to eventually one day rival again at some point. Yeah I think so too which is why I'm not worried about him and look forward to his future roles. No problem. Only reason I'm worried about her is because it's been while now. Glad you like it, and I'm not sure myself since they're technically Korean though I suppose an anime company could license it if they want, not sure though.

    No offense taken, let's just move on.

    I think he's fine too, just wondering what all that was about. I read that omake as well, surprised nobody put it up on mangafox or one manga though <_< Virgo kind of weighed in a little on that if you recall, that and the matching outfits which I hope they keep since they look awesome, I suppose Grey could use some as well if he manages to keep from taking them off anyway I hope so too, maybe the keys will do a Virgo and either happy or the Blue Pegasus guy with the magic computer will remember to grab them. Depends on how they play Nirvana in this ark anyway, I'm sure we'll get some interesting cases to say the least. He's probably very strong as most evil bosses are, oh and seeing Gildartz evenutally as well would be nice, we only ever got a look at his back during Markov's pondering about a successor though the translator screwed up and used Luxu's name again for some reason when Markov said it was not possible for Gildartz to succeed him for whatever reason. and I was talking about that flashback Wendy had when she met 'Gerard' who if you have any ounce of sense is probably Mistgun, I mean the staff, the wandering around at the time, the BEING NICE thing to boot. Eh I doubt that'll happen, I'm mainly thinking he'll join another guild and come out to help eventually with his new friends.
  7. KrimzonStriker
    2009-08-16 19:29
    I think we got enough of an indication in the epilogue on the last episode. I'm sure things are generally fine, though of course the official policy as Kati stated at the end was that they were to be hunted down as terrorist and the like, even if I think that smile of her's and of the other members on the Earth Federations side are more sympathetic to the CB. Might be an issue that'll come up in the movie, we'll see in any case, eventually it may cause a demilitarization of the units hopefully. Indeed, well nothing to say it actually will happen but something to watch out for just in case. It's usually how series like this end, though of course it's never actually that easy and they'll have to keep working hard to maintain it. Key word is Long-term, it'll likely be a while before humanities ready to make that final leap. Oh yeah, that was cool, and I'd like to see that again, of course that depends if he manages to get a second drive in any case. Oh yeah, I always liked those two Gundams rather darker and edgier designs in comparison to the others, though Wing Gundam grew on me after awhile just be the sheer destruction it ditched out and versatility. Ah Treize, you died a sublime and beautiful death but it seemed like such a waste at the same time, I know I felt a pang in my heart when he died, but I mean honestly way too many of the characters had a death wish, I can't believe how many times I got a migrane when Heero or some other person was doing a suicidal bent of some kind. Arrggh, let's not talk about that annoying prick anymore. Yeah they blew it quite frankly, most of Cartoon Network has gone down hill to be honest, it saddens me that we don't have networks solely dedicated to anime here in the U.S. I hear that, only so many times you can rehash a series no matter how good it was. I found the second season to be appealing though when they explored Liz and Takeshi's relationship. Oh the second season for Big O was alright, but like you said it got a little weird at the end. It only confused me more Dann, let's not talk about it now, same with Eva <_< I've seen a couple of episodes of the dub 00, it's alright, nothing too remarkable but it gets the job done and works well enough. I was rather interesting to see the VA for Wolverine and Koga from Inuyasha as the VA for Ali Al-Saachez though, he's a bit more serious then his laid-back counterpart. Oh right, right I remember that one, it was rather funny though if I recall. It seems weird now that I think about my old clunky model computers I had back then. Got any sites for that? I'd like to reminisce, send it to me VIA PM's. I suppose it wouldn't be too bad if I see it again now anyway. Ah man, rest in peace my friend, you were truly one of the greats for the english VA industry. Could do with a rewatch of those now, some animes can just make you stressed out with how serious they are Eh, soon as Alice and Wonderland come into play you know it'll get weird, and weird series confuse me and leave me feeling rather conflicted as to how I should regard it hence why I do not get into them.

    Well, hopefully she gets what's coming to her in the end. We'll probably get a better indication if he's just like that or if their was a deeper meaning to his antics later. Active third-party... fits her rather well now that you mention it. The whole situation intrigues me as to what transpired between them, that I hope the translations start coming out soon, it's a bit late now that I look at it. Indeed, and I doubt they'll do that much in any case, Eden probably isn't safe either after that last visit by 'that guy' and since he's cleared Sakura off his list as to having it then it might be safer for all of them to hold onto it. Oh I hope so, I'm curious to see what part of the Code of Hammurabi he adds to his motto and he only seems to say it when he's in that red state. Once was enough, I think for everyone in his class as well, though it was hilarious while it lasted. Yes indeed, if the translators pick up the same pace as the story has anyway Eh, Sakura's been through a lot, I think she'll be strong enough to overcome her past eventually should it become an issue.

    I suppose, we'll have to wait and see the final result in any case.
  8. KrimzonStriker
    2009-08-16 15:54
    Same here man.

    Indeed, though if Mao doesn't come back it'd be good for another character to take that role up as well. Limits on the Gate are the writers imagination at this point I'd say. That and the budget to pull off the effects Well I hope so, though running for his life might have side-tracked any major experimentation and I don't expect to see anything new from Hei until later. Actually, what do the meteor fragments do in general? I'm pretty sure they had some special quality related to the Gates, the powers etc. but that's about it from what i recall and it'd give some indication as to what Hei might be planning

    We'll all the more to gather allies from the loyalist of MI6 I would imagine and all the more incentive for them to work together. Hoping for the best for April anyway, and from the looks of it the new speedster guy's survival rate doesn't look too good at the moment, but it'll be fun to see him for however long he lasts.

    Bah, I hate waiting but whatever, on the OVA's anyway. Or because the game is so straightforward the anime gets side-tracked a lot to fill in spaces. Exactly, but ah it's not up to me least I give him a role in every anime so let's stop discussing his career prospects and hope for the best. Honestly, none of even the serious roles managed to capture Lelouch for me... Lelouch is just, the emotion, the flair and reverberations in his voice and the variety of his tone from one moment to the next... I don't know but Jun's voicing of him was just something on another level I felt, and I hope he manages to get another gig that manages to put himself on that level again. I mean, I certainly managed to stop looking at Setsuna as Light or anything with Mamoru. Yeah, here it is, it's a nice pic. I agree and I see your point, well its good that he's got work heading his way in anycase. Ah I see, well no bigy then. That guys a veteran, a real pro and someone to look up to in the VA industry, I look forward to his future projects as well in the sequel to BlazBlue, Tetsuya as well for Jin to represent the up and comers, along with the VA for Noel who I was impressed with as a new VA and hope to hear more from. Those were good roles for her to demonstrate her skills, and yeah I heard that Sound Episode, it was a hilarious mix-up in tone there, Phantom Pizza girl indeed, I wonder if we'll ever hear that pitch from her again though I'm mainly just focused on seeing her in more roles Tell me how it goes then and maybe I'll do that same. Really? The first time you've heard of the manhwa? Korean manga's been around for awhile now Dann, I've been going through quite a few now and I definitely recommend WitchHunter in any case

    That's a stretch in any case, and if they didn't elaborate enough to make it indicate that it indeed happened I'm not getting into it, nor do I look forward to any of the alternative girls either, so yeah let's not get into that anymore.


    Doesn't sound like the headstrong Natsu I know, nor does it explain why he suddenly thanked her for whatever reason so I wonder if they'll ever elaborate on that in terms of the NatsuXLucy relationship, I think the intro of Aries just knocked out Loki in any case. I always thought that was more instinct in terms of tactics whenever he did that myself, so I just thought it'd be interesting to see him plan stuff out in a diabolical way instead of the usual smash things first. I anticipate so as well, Markov's son Ivan should be an interseting opponent as well though, plus there's that whole Anima thing mentioned by Mistgun... and yes that was Mistgun that found and escorted Wendy if you ask me anyway. That's kind of the pattern I've noticed with all the former opponent's now that you mention it He was exiled from Fairy Tail, always possible to join another Guild and come back anyway.
  9. KrimzonStriker
    2009-08-16 14:25
    Obviously those two will have a role to play along with everyone else. Eh, I think Billy and Graham to an extent along with everyone else has basically come to an understanding with the CB so it should work out okay. Probably, they're too much of a military advantage and too widespread already to pass up whatever the effects. Sure hope they don't wait longer in any case. I wouldn't put it past them to renew a character design, but what with all those clones of the Red-haired Innovator Ribbons pulled out near the end I'd say its a possibility, it'll be interesting if that is the case and what Neil will say to that if he ever meets her, probably know how Feldt was feeling seeing him I suppose. It's as good a theory as any other I'd say, may very well be the key to world and possibly universal peace if aliens do show up. Eh we'll see about that, they didn't go into too much detail about Setsuna either so... The designs also fascinated me as well, plus the action of course, though I never disliked Treize even when he was the 'badguy' probably because I never liked Woo Fei or however you call him, I always found him annoying in comparison to the other pilots. Oh, alright then, I got the time generally right. I know right!? I swear the producers were one something after that... Must as I liked DBZ to an extent in its early days I too could only take so many of those marathons. Yeah, I don't think people appreciated IGPX enough, but it was a good watch regardless. If that's the case then the guys in Adult swim are a bunch of idiots, Big O was one of my favorites at least the first season anyway and their comedy shows that are decades over the hill can go... well you know where anyway, I find the comedy in anime to be better anyway and less stereotypical. They do alright, I never get enough time though to catch their anime Monday specials, as for Evangalion yeah lets not go into that series anymore. It's mostly online anime for me now to get my fix these days. SD was it? Yeah strangely enough it took me awhile as well to figure that out. To be honest she always freaked me out with that. Awesome, but they've promised stuff before so I'll believe it when I see it. He died? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, his evil VA was the best!!! I found it nice to kick back and watch a less serious series like Hamtaro, helped me relax. I suppose you've got a point, and yeah the melon song was just hilarious, in both versions Be my guest, it looked interesting anyway so if I ever have the time I'll check it out as well.

    It's still kind of disturbing how she has that happy face all the time even in the most graphic situations. I don't know, him just having that kind of personality seems more likely to me, he had weird and relaxed postures while talking to the Prime Minister so it seemed like he acted that way all the time. Technically despite Sakura's obvious attachment to the C:B I would say she is rather neutral herself as she doesn't agree with their methods either, but yeah the President likely did it because she's like him, that and the fact that he is neutral is probably the only way he managed to negotiate with "that guy". Yeah I hope Heike keeps it up anyway now that the key has been revealed. Ha ha, I do too though I expect most sane people would react similarly, though I also find his cowering to beserker Yuuki also fun as well. Anti-climatic moment to say the least, but I suppose that gets one thing out of the way and lets us deal with everything else. At this point I wouldn't be surprised if the key did indeed do that, but I hope this allows us to move to the main crux of the story in any event. Basically how I saw it as well after that promise.

    Not an exact adaptation though, if you will recall the beginning of the new anime diverged quite a bit even from the manga.

    No problem man, sorry it took so long for me to do this one. The other might be awhile as well
  10. KrimzonStriker
    2009-08-15 15:58
    Well Mao always had a wisdom and advisory role to him so if they do bring it back I'm sure that function would be enough. The Gate has mysterious powers Dann, talking to the dead shouldn't be beyond its capability anyway. Enemies usually do, I don't expect it to be easy for Hei however they play his powers in any case. Yeah sounds about right, so as long as thy stay in the shadows we might not have to worry about it for awhile. Yeah, and the nature of the Gate itself while they're at it.

    Hoping for the best indeed. Oh yeah... well as you say it probably won't matter, typically most of the contractors have a different power or variation of powers anyway so I don't think you'll have to worry about repeaters too much.

    The battle with Anderson subsequently in that scene will be awesome as well. Oh yeah her... I'm sure there's plenty of talent to draw from for that scene. Yeah I hope so, he's had a lot of past success and it'd be a shame if they don't use him more. Yeah generally they aren't, why I usually prefer to keep the industries separate, I think it has to do with anime budgets and time restrictions. I hope so too, I think with that kind of voice he should be able to secure a role to match Lelouch at some point, though that of course depends on what kind of series and character he plays. It'd still be nice to see anyway, I'm sure it'll help boraden his resume at the very least, now that I recall there was a crossover pic once of Lelouch and C.C as the lead role for that series Not like Mamoru doesn't deserve it, he's a great VA no doubt. Oh yeah, I forgot he did Inuyasha, as for Shinichi I also forgot to consider that he still does the thought voices for Conan and it isn't all the little kid is it? Sorry, I just usually watched the dub for that series. Yeah, actually a lot of VA's I admire have been able to do that, like the guy who plays Kyon for the Haruhi series, but at the same time can switch up to play Ragna the Blood Edge. Yuuchi has really impressed me as well in that regard, going from Tomoya to Graham like that, Yukana to an extent, and the VA for Milley Ashford and then to Selvaria and now she'll do Erza. Don't know, never checked it out, seemed too complicated and melodramatic for my taste. If you're interested in more Manga I'd recommed a manwha called WitchHunter that features Tasha Godspell and the Kurosagi series if they ever start updating it more regularly.

    Oh really? Reuniting eh? Well that's the game, anime stole that away unfortunately and I was sad at hearing about that <_< Never liked companies like that, which is why I stayed away from companies and series like that for the most part, didn't want to get attached and then get disappointed.

    I'll check it out when I get the time, looking forward to it.

    That's generally how I saw it as well, though it wouldn't hurt for them to elaborate that scene where he said thank you, it was really out of the blue which is why I wondered if he was struggling there or he was just slow and wanted to thank her for saving him on the raft. But yeah, Dark Natsu would be cool thoug I've only ever seen them go in a berserk rage so it'd be interesting if a dark mind and intelligence could be developed from it as well, a smart evil Natsu would be pretty cool to see Probably, but their time will come I expect, them and Raven Tail so I'll be looking forward to how both those arcs play out. Yeah, he's got the worst luck, it's probably some unforseen circumstances in the past which will probably be elaborated on, and speaking of Luxus I wonder how things will go for him as well and what role he'll play later.

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