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  1. Theron
    2009-04-05 12:10
    Nah, it's just that all Gundam shows had a bad habit of wrapping everything around a space station at the end. And not only Gundam shows did that. It's not really a cliché, rather a bad tone I would say. I mean, couldn't they came up with something a little bit more original? Especially when in the first season they had such a great idea - putting Veda directly on the Moon or should I say in the Moon? ^~ That was a great idea, it summed up the size of that thing right away - I don't know how others got, but I thought it was implied that Veda was located at the core of the Moon and was absolutely huge. Now they retconned this supercomputer to a laptop compared to the previous version. And that's right here is bad storytelling.

    In my opinion, the most disappointing thing about overall plot is that it ended up totally inconsistent. On one hand they show all the atrocities that A-Laws committed, concentrate on the horrors of war and oppression and everything that's so diabolical about this world and than on the other hand the only way how to get things better that they offered was literally holding hands and singing a song. There is absolutely no justification to that kind of handling a story that you yourself gave so much depth. No reasonable viewer will believe that the world - not individual characters, but the world for witch they fought (I hope ^~) will be any better afterwards. From where I'm standing none of the more important questions and problems second season raised were ever addressed. I simply can't get how the authors could just live it at that.

    What I wanted to do by mentioning what happened to different characters was to show how many people here don't get how much did 00 actually fail. I mean, okay characters and what happened to them are important, but who cares about characters when the conclusion of the main story is practically nonexistent?! Characters alone won't cut it. Yes, Setsuna became god-like (so what? it's not like we hadn't saw that coming), Marina and children sang (that's just WTF over and over again), Tieria became a living computer (someone call John Connor!), Sumeragi and Billi made up (witch completely nullified his character development), Patrick and Kati got married (the only good thing) and so on. So what? Do any of these things affect the fate of the world or the people living in it? Who is going to take care of this whole mess? There's a ton more questions like that witch simple were ignored. Even if the movie is to wrap these things up it still not good enough of an excuse for dropping the main point 00 was all about from the start - changing the world for the better.

    Oh, yeah quarzilisation or whatever that turning-into-particles-thing is called. That was a great mechanic that should have been the main power for 00. Instead of cosmic sized beam swords and all other crap. We talked about it before.

    I totally recommend checking Xam'd out. I was thinking about trying out Tytania - it looks really interesting, but I don't have enough time for it anymore.

    Yeah, I got hooked up on Toradora! manga and partially novels way before anime was even announced. The writing is great, that's for sure. Sadly though I couldn't watch the anime. VA's sounded differently from what I envisioned and I didn't really liked Ruuji's design. Maybe I'll give it one more try later on. And I surely try to catch FMA on weekends. I'm not sure that it could end even with 10 or 15 chapters, but we'll see soon enough.

    Thanks, you too.
  2. Theron
    2009-04-04 15:54
    Hey, sorry for jest disappearing like that. I've started my qualification course so I was quite busy and still am. Probably will be loaded with stuff till august. -_-'

    Anyways concerning 00 all I did was read Omni's summaries. I've lost all will to watch how it will end, especially after seeing that friggin' space station. In my opinion the whole ending including at least 5 on the latest episodes has failed. From the storytelling point of view the whole thing just fell apart. The thing I'm most displeased with was the abandonment of the style that was present all through out second season. You know the things we've talked about. The extreme realistically delivery of this universe' situation. The authors pressed in through the whole season and than didn't had the guts (as I suspect) to finish what they started. For me the whole purpose element of this season's story became nonexistent. I mean, what exactly were they trying to say with all this shit? First season was sharp and clear as a sword - the main thought was that if you try hard enough you could actually change the world. Obviously that kind of moral would work only in fictional medium, but it was clear, fun and, witch is most important, it was masterfully build in the story progression. Second season failed to deliver this same kind of integration. I can't even see anything major that can be described as this shows main thought, moral of idea.

    I guess, I will watch the episodes I haven't watched, but not now. Maybe later. I don't even quite understand how to talk about this show. If the only positive thing to say is "the fights were good" than its not a show I'd even want to talk about. Fights alone and even good scenes won't cut it. If a show fails to delivers a strong overall story while promising to do a good job at it - there's just nothing to discuss anymore. I peaked at 00 discussion threads and there are some really weird discuss going on. Like how everybody is still going crazy about Setsuna becoming an Innovator and how Tieria ended up being Veda and - one of the most ridiculous - how Sumeragi and Billi made up. Who cares about that stuff when the main plot ended up in shambles?! Well, I guess some people are just blinded by their beloved characters and don't see the big picture. I don't get it.

    In any case, I'll probably go back to 00 after some time has passed to look at it with a fresh eye. Let's just leave it alone for now.

    On the other note I've just recently watched a quite good series. Xam'd: The Lost Memories. I got interested after watching the opening on youtube. I looked it up and the name Furuya Toru was the deciding factor. The episodes yet again turned out to be short - around 25 minutes. What I really liked from the first glance was the setting and all aroung feeling of the world. Its really-really very much Miyazaki-esque. Both in world creation designs and also a little bit in animation. The premise in my opinion is just great, especially in relation with these days' standards. It felt original and fresh, but at the same time there was something very familiar - in a good sense - familiar precisely with Miyazaki-esque world creation techniques.

    The plot and especially character development - those things weren't as great in my eyes at first. Again the first episode introduced the characters perfectly. But I wasn't happy with the character that was pitched as the main villain (witch he wasn't, but the viewers couldn't SEE the main villain - he was only mentioned the first half of the series), but later on I ended up appreciating this character depth and realism. The other annoyance I had with some of the main characters decisions were in regards to this unbelievably stupid idea of recruiting teenagers into military. That is just insane, bat many animes doing it none the less. Asides from that character development was solid and in some cases - father and mother of the main character, captain of the ship - absolutely brilliant. What I find the best thing about this shows characters is that their actions and thoughts are absolutely believable and realistic, except for the military thing I mentioned above.

    There were some minor things in the plot itself that I ended up puzzled about. It's not like those things were bad story telling, more like it distracted my always analyzing mind from the action. In the end, it was a great watch and afterwards I must say I enjoyed these series more than most others this year.

    Okay, I wanted to say something else, but while typing all that stuff about Xam'd I managed to forget all about it. -_-' Oh, well. Sith happens. Anyway, I'll try to be around on the weekends, but otherwise I'm leaded.
  3. Jeffry2009
    2009-03-28 00:45
    Well maybe you should concentrate with your school work first then we can hang up later?

    @narona - Nice to meet you too.
  4. Narona
    2009-03-25 21:28
    So how are you doing, Dann? ^.^

    Gundam will end next sunday. I liked the ep24 a lot
  5. Jeffry2009
  6. Theron
    2009-03-17 18:33
    Its a space station! Its a friggin' SPACE STATION! AGAIN! Do they ever learn?! Grrrr!...

    *sorry, had to take it of my chest, now I can go to sleep -_-'*
  7. Theron
    2009-03-12 12:42
    Meh, I just don't like most things associated with it. And we all are idiots one way or another. Though some people don't get it and don't even try to improve. Even if I admit that I'm an idiot at times that doesn't mean I should tolerate this coming from others. Than again there's all different kinds of stupidity - all preserved differently.

    Yeah, I'm kind of afraid for Hohehheim at this point. He has been releasing his stones in different parts of country so he may not have enough left to survive a serious battle. On the other hand, it might turn out typically for most immortal characters with all that "I'm tired of life and loosing the ones I love and blah-blah-blah" talk. T.T'

    Yeah, all those little things make the story more solid and cohesive. I don't know why some people don't understand why mangakas must take breaks to "gather information". Rather they do understand, but don't appreciate it. Well I guess they haven't ever done any proofreading themselves so it cannot be helped.

    Haha, DA is short from, I was just using it out of habit. My bad. ^^'

    Oh, and another question: have you read manga "The World God Only Knows"? Recently I've got a kick out of it. Mostly because the main character reminds me of Lelouch. In a brilliant parody kind of way. If you imagine this characters lines done by Fukuyama - XD And the story itself isn't bad either.
  8. Jeffry2009
    2009-03-12 09:22

    By the way would you like to saw my new pic?
  9. Theron
    2009-03-11 21:01
    Thank god, I'm already through with school! I hated most of the ones I attended along with most of the people I had to meet there. Man, there's so many things associated with this institution that I hate and despise, it's almost scary coz normally I'm a tolerant person. I can't stand stupidity though.

    Yeah, the clone army with a single appearance made Ribbons & co. look like a cheap circus. And Regenes little rebellion was staged so obviously futile (especially with Ribbons appearing in the preview - oops! ^^') it was ridiculous. Where should all that build up with Regenes rebellious side go now? Not that I hadn't saw that coming... I've lost all faith in these writers coming up with a good twist or at least obvious one, but well executed. Nah, they're out of ideas already. All of this was predictable - in a bad way - that's why I used word 'amusing'.

    Yeah, I loved that too. I really enjoyed how Roy was able to handle all those dolls like nothing as well. No matter what anyone says, he's the most powerful alchemist. With the expectance of Hohenheim, but since I love both of them... ^^" What I also liked was that Mustang motioned the last time he was in that room. At that time he killed Lust and I was waiting for him to remember that first time I saw him entering the room. Though he remembered something different - a really nice Riza moment - but than again I liked this moment as well so it's okay too.

    Hey, something interesting just popped into my head! Do you browse DA?
  10. Theron
    2009-03-11 14:05
    Yo! I'm feeling great again, finally! Also I'm having something like a vacation before I take a specialization course of sorts in a couple of months.

    How are you doing?

    Have to say, it's amusing how G00 progressed exactly how I imagined it would. On the other things, I'm really exited at how things are going with FMA (manga of course). Have you read 93rd chapter?

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