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  1. Deliberation
    2008-10-04 13:32
    Hello! Thanks for the friend request. Adding back ^^;. Hey fellow CluClu fan!
  2. C.C.
    2008-10-04 07:36
    I simply hate Nunnally because she needed to give a chance more to her brother. Ok, for her the power of Geass was mean... was she good when she pushed the button for Fleija? And she understood what Lelouch had done just when he was about dying... That scene is really bloodcurdling. If she really loved him, she had to trust his brother, although he continued to lied.

    One could say that she put her own feelings behind that of a feeling to do what in her eyes was justice though you think she would have at least tried to see why Lelouch was acting the way he did.

    I'm sure that if Lelouch told to Kallen that he loved her when the Black Knights betrayed him, she would continue her path with him, even if he would take hostages or not. Sometimes people can't control their feelings, and I think that this is an example.

    That drama is absolutely cute!! *-* If you're still looking for it, I'll send you a PM with a link for the download! *-*
  3. KrimzonStriker
    2008-10-03 23:40
    Well we didn't see that, so we can't say that was the case, but she sure as hell wasn't smiling afterward from what I saw concerning Zero Requiem. Plus, along with a number of rather odd tidbits here and there I tend to think a more-roundabout ending would work out better, thus I think they want us to lean in on the possibility he is alive anyway. Well, we're talking about in circles now, so I'll leave it at that and say night Dann
  4. KrimzonStriker
    2008-10-03 23:26
    He has a lot of weight on his shoulders Dann, a lot of responsibilities as a result of his actions in the beginning, and after all of that I think he just couldn't let it all be for nothing, oh and that I think he came to believe in the world and its ability to achieve tomorrow as well. Still, I don't think Lelouch is the type of make promises he knows he can't keep, sure he hasn't had to break a few but that was due to unforeseen and unescapable development, but what his promise to C.C to return and give her a smile, I still am not sure how that could have happen given how much she was not smiling in the church on that matter. Why bother in the end if they both knew he couldn't actually fulfill it himself as was entailed in that sentence concerning his return. It just fits better for him to still be alive afterward covers all of the bases I think. Anyway, he's a man that places the burden of others on his shoulders, because he cares for their sake more then his own I feel.
  5. KrimzonStriker
    2008-10-03 23:01
    Eh, its all good so long as the open ending is one in which leans toward a more positive inclination... unlike say a horror movie type of open ending for example. I would not be as keen to stay on the forums if Lelouch had expressly died, I'll tell you that much Dann, after witnessing everyone else build off of his sacrifice it'd seem too bitter sweet to not see him witness this world, especially when everyone who passed away in his struggle to achieve it most of all I feel would have wanted him to stay and live on, much like how say he suggested the same for C.C in my view. Anyway, its true that it provokes some creative discussion amongst people, but at the same time as you may have heard it develops into quite a bit of trolling right now, so meh. Personally, as I said before, I think him being alive just rounds it off a lot better, I really do, I feel it covers more bases and issues then the other possibility, and it would be a missed opportunity I feel if Taniguichi ruined that. I don't think he will anyway, he seems to have a habit of liking to see the fan base squirm on the issue so an open ending seems best from what I can garner on his perspective anyway
  6. KrimzonStriker
    2008-10-03 22:44
    Continuing on from where we started in the PM's Dann, I feel they could have left it on a more definitive note that he was indeed dead Dann, but the way they went about it I seriously consider the possibility that they wanted to invite doubt on the whole matter, and as I said it suits both Sunrises and Taniguichi's style. Hell, if they bring back Orange-kun and Guilford, then I don't see anything stopping them from bringing him back and every incentive to do so. More likely then not though, I think the ambiguity and current debate is one in which they seem to thrive on, and as such I presume they will continue it on that note. Which works into our favor more then anything else I think
  7. Kusaja
    2008-10-03 21:53
    This is probably going to be the most debated ending though...can't imagine that many people following, say, all of his other works to be honest...maybe even combined. I'd hope he gives a reasonable response, even if it's just "make of it what you will" in intent and content...not avoiding the question entirely.

    I suppose that' make sense...and heck, Baccano! is a great show, one that ends on a mostly positive note too, while we're at it. That's a good comparison, but unfortunately we have no canon "legend" to accompany Lelouch's disappearance...only the one we fans create. Lelouch could very well accept that role as part of his eternal atonement.
  8. Ring
    2008-10-03 19:58
    True. Besides C.C.'s name, I'm particularly interested in Sayako's fate. I hope she's on the orange grove with Jeremiah.

    I think it's the same castle. Look at this and this. To Lelouch? Hm, that's a possible interpretation.

    Yeah, that's also true. I like this one as well since it reflects C.C.'s transformation.

    If they show it somewhere in the picture dramas, that would be interesting.

    Yep, it's pretty much an open ending unless they decide do something in the future. If she said that line, it would have definitely been the strongest one she said in R2 and I guess that's why they originally chose it. However, I can see why they wouldn't like it because that would have been a plus for LXC if they used it in that scene. It was Narona's speculation for Kallen to say her line to C.C. coincidentally as well.

    I PMed you a link. Yes, FMP, not FMA. C'mon, you would. You watched Fumoffu as well right? A Code Geass one would be just as funny. The recent sound episode and others like when C.C. and Kallen busted into a cosmetics factory fits the theme. An Ashford version where everyone is alive would be funny, but looking at the epilogue, stories after it would be funny as well.
  9. Narona
    2008-10-03 19:38
    Ah, but I don't believe that 100% and I still want to believe my interpretation of what we have and that is that he ended up living through it.

    I understand ^^.

    If he is dead that is. And that is one of the reasons I prefer to think he is alive with her since otherwise the whole Geass cycle will just start up again and I don't think that seems like a very good ending for her at all. So I'm going to believe he is with her, though it isn't simply for the purpose of C.C.'s happiness. I think that Lelouch could be seen as a guardian of what he created and he can watch over everything.

    That's the point. If he died, then someday, the geass cycle will start again. Even if c.c. seems happy right now, she will become again the c.c. she was before meeting lelouch. Like the snow which is white because it forgot its color, she will forget him and she will try to find someone because she will want to die. That's the part of the ending who made me cry the most. She could have forced the code on him, but she didn't. She sacrificed her only chance in 600 years to die. She did it because she loves him. For the sake of a better world, he died and she "died" again in a way. That made me cry a lot because c.c.'s future will be full of sadness.
  10. Narona
    2008-10-03 19:13
    Yeah, perhaps not. I think we may get some details from interviews, but I also worry that they'll go and confirm Lelouch's death or something of the sort among other things that would make me sad.

    What would change, since you seem to think that the true ending is that he actually died.

    At least, I am happy that C.C. is still alive. But the future is not so bright. Because the day will come that she will forget him with the flow of time. A time will come when she will sink in sdaness again. The only thing she has right now is her memories of him. But what will happen when she will begin to forget lelouch, his appearance, his voice etc. Nothing good. So if he indeed died, then it's not a happy ending for c.c..

    This is indeed his most popular show, but I would rather he leave the ending open as it is. Answer a few questions like C.C.'s name and the like, but leave other things open like Lelouch's ultimate fate.

    I guess it's the best, but as I told you, I am not the kind of persons who likes to write the end of a story which is not mine.

    Anyway, I don't regret anything. I really liked this story. I read a lot of books in my life (not watched a lot of movies) and it makes me laugh to think that one of my favourite stories so far is from an anime.

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