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  1. Theron
    2008-10-08 02:42
    Now on the other matter. What are your thoughts on Marina and Setsuna as characters by themselves outside of any shipping?

    Marina annoyed me a bit in the first season. The ever-so-upset-and-tragic princess was pathetic all the time. I really can't describe it any other way. She volunteered for that position and yet she was borderline depressed all the time. I honestly thought she'll commit suicide after every appearance of hers. Has she improved as a person, became stronger? At least I would certainly like if she stopped make this tragic-on-the-verge-of-crying face. Maybe without Shirin as her nanny she'll take things in her own hands?

    As for Setsuna, that's tricky. There are a lot of things that dwell upon him. I mean, to be brainwashed as a kid into killing his parents, losing his brother and almost loosing himself in a pointless religious war, finding meaning to one existence literally in a Gundam, becoming a pilot and witnessing how even giving it his all the world still stays the same - that’s a lot to take. Any person would most certainly get a psychological trauma out of it for the rest of his life. Setsuna had such a trauma and because of that I bet he didn’t even thought for a single moment about trying to setup some part of normal life for himself. Noooo, he's Gundam.

    I'm unsure of how Setsuna can deal with it all. On one hand he's determined to proceed with Aeolia's grand design, on the other hand remember how he reacts to Ali Al-Saachez. I wonder what he was doing all that time - 4 years can hold a lot of possibilities.

    Oh, and also don’t you think that Graham’s mask looks really like those of Kabuki actors? I just find it hilarious. ^^
  2. Asleep
    2008-10-08 01:50
    It doesn't matter how women view things. They focused on the bleeding on her ring finger. Then there was a focus on her band-aided finger. And again in the next episode too. Why the ring finger and why make us take notice? The cut could have been anywhere else easily. I thought something would come of it but it just got ignored. And no C.C. didn't think the band-aid was a ring (that is what they were saying the spoilers meant), that was clear when she wants to use it to heal Lelouch in ep 19.

    What about the "She is my, she is my?!" from ep 15. That wasn't addressed to either. And nothing came of the interruption in ep 24 either. When C.C. interrupted Kallen and Lelouch in ep 7, they eventually got a kiss; what did CxL get? Nothing that was shown on screen. There was the big promise, and that was it? We didn't even get her name in the end.

    They wrapped up her character badly. We were left to our imagination and that disappoints me to be honest. They should have made it clear Lelouch was alive. If he is dead the last episode makes no sense in relation to whatever happened before. At least they didn't confirm his death. So the only logical way is for me to think he kept his promise and returned to her, which is why she is smiling in the end.
  3. Narona
    2008-10-08 01:11
    What precisely is the meaning of Koshimizu's last mention of Yukana's blog? That Yukana is not authorized to tell us the name or something?

    That it can have a romantic meaning, but that in reality she also said this because Taniguchi said to her to NOT say what is c.c.'s name.
  4. Narona
    2008-10-08 00:59
    ^^ it was not really sad................................ that's not as if someone died XD. That's just that we are very close to our parents. It is the same after each holidays. But till now, my little sister lived with them, but this year she enters university, so she came to live with me and our big sister. So now our parents are alone

    Don't be sorry! I will just have to do a lot of household chores + the cooking + going to school................. XD I see that as my training to improve my housewife skills One day I will become the perfect housewife, same as lelouch
  5. Narona
    2008-10-08 00:38
    How did the moving go?

    It was a very nice day. My sisters and me spent all the day in paris with our parents. We even did go to a great restaurant before going at our apartment. Then our parents left us and everyone was crying. My mother cried a lot ^^, I don't blame her, she loves us very much. I cried too ^^

    Now I will not have a lot of free time. I will not stay up all the night like today . Plus, the internet connection here is not really good.....
  6. Kusaja
    2008-10-08 00:35
    Nice to know that. I guess so. When more information comes out about the interview we may have a little bit more to discuss. I'd hope he gets a chance to speak of the events leading up to Zero Requiem too, since I imagine he doesn't want to spend too much time on the ending per se, given its ambiguity.

    I want to see more of C.C., Shirley *and* Kallen in the Picture Dramas, to tell you the truth...the slave girl C.C. would make for a pretty funny one though. Yet one centered around C.C. herself, as whole, might be interesting on another level as well...say, one about her time in the World of C? The other possibility I had considered was one with C.C. before she departed in the epilogue.

    Oh, I agree there. The start of the second season was great, I was speaking about the show in general. Not enough similarities to say 00 is copying all of Zeta, but enough to say that's where their inspiration came from. The A-Laws remind me of the Titans, and Kataron would be the AEUG. It's just too similar on that note, if you also add in the political and factional intrigue. Of course, I expect some modifications, so hopefully it's less depressing than Zeta itself was (though the compilation movies change that a bit, with mixed results). However...I think we may still get a lot of angst in the process, especially with Louise and Saji, but the interesting thing would be finding a credible yet positive way out.
  7. Asleep
    2008-10-08 00:23
    *sigh* the band-aid scene. And there I thought it was some sort of foreshadowing. Why did they even put it on the ring finger!
  8. Asleep
    2008-10-08 00:14
    See this

    Oh yeah. Totally. If nothing else they'd do it for fanservice. How many picture books are there going to be? I want one LxC one for the last arc. Since Kallen interrupted them nothing happened.
  9. Theron
    2008-10-08 00:09
    Well, 10 years difference is somewhat appropriate. 20 and more - not so much. NB: it’s not my personal opinion, it what people in charge think.

    That is entirely possible. He knew Somas real name - Maria - after all. And it wasn’t explained where those kids came from, I mean the ones who became Super Soldiers.

    Maybe I misspelled it. ^^ Anyways you get what I'm trying to say. SEED provided a rare now absence of shipping wars and different camps. There simply was no choice. So everyone fell in love with one pairing and enjoyed the series together. Why do authors these days just need to screw it up with tons of potential LI's whether protagonist male or female? At least in romance oriented anime it gets resolves one way or another, but when romance is just a side plot there very well could be not enough screen time to wrap things up.

    Way to go Taniguchi! He deserves some applause at least on my part.
  10. Asleep
    2008-10-08 00:00
    I heard they have done it before. I'd like some real answers from the source though.

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