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  1. Narona
    2008-09-23 06:49
    Sorry to bother again, but do you have a working link to that nicer cover image? The link Koshimizu put up doesn't seem to work.

    Hi Narona. I'm curious, would you ever change your avatar if say there was a scene in 25 involving Viletta and her baby (with Ougi too I hope)? Odd question I know.

    Yep, maybe.

    And I heard the idea that "Arethia" from Lelouch's "Apate Arethia" plan (clever name actually) could potentially be C.C.'s name. It fits the 4 syllables and is also capable of being pronounced oddly. Might be nothing though.

    na, it's not, it's a mispelling by the sub groups. It's Alethia, and it's someone/something from the greek mythology which means "Truth".

    Sorry for bothering you.

    Baka Instead of saying stupid sthings, go watch World Destruction and join the Toppi fanclub
  2. Guilford
    2008-09-23 05:51
    That was the name for the "mission" Sayoko, Lloyd and Cecile started once Lelouch left them (The whole free the hostages and pretend to be on their side)
  3. Airi
    2008-09-23 05:16
    Wait, are you analysing my dream!?!?!?!?

    I doubt they will be killed or anything silly like that

    I hope so! Let's cross our fingers!
  4. Airi
    2008-09-23 05:05
    This week is going to be hell waiting for it...

    You know... I'm so worried about the end of Code Geass that last night I dreamed about it!!! °_°
    There were Lelouch and Suzaku sitting on a staircase and C.C. was running towards them...and she had the same dress as Marianne (the orange dress)...
    Don't ask me anything... I know this dream doesn't make sense °_°

    OMG ... I hope Sunrise will spare their lives....
  5. Airi
    2008-09-23 04:47
    Well... Maybe yes maybe not

    I'm beginning to think that we'll never know her true name...
  6. Airi
    2008-09-23 04:32
    I searched the web for info and I found this:

    1) Apate is the Greek goddess that personifies deceit and fraud
    2)The Name Arethia is a girl's name. It means virtuous.

    Ok, it doesn't have anything to do with truth and lie.... Kang was wrong

    Can you explain to me why it is so important ??
    Maybe I missed a scene of ep 24 where Lelouch talked about it...
  7. Airi
    2008-09-23 04:16
    The Greek gods of lie and truth... Kang Seung Jae said it should be true
  8. Kusaja
    2008-09-23 02:45
    And back after a delay again... This was a pretty uneven day for me, for reasons unrelated to R2 and such.

    I know, but there's also the fact that anime doesn't need to use the English language or Western terms and writing correctly, by any means. Indeed, there are many words that woudl also apply. But the whole "reply" angle could mean that, for example, someone is narrating and writing a letter about the events which have occurred during the series.

    At the time, yes, and I'd find it hard to believe if she still meant to die or something along those lines. I suppose the escape pod could stay afloat..or else she'll use the same method that saved her last time.

    Killing Suzaku? Not necessarily...they might just tie or she could even lose, technically, and still get to Lelouch if she ejects or something. At the very least, we have mutual confirmation that both Lelouch and C.C. care for each other, and the scene was romantic enough to set a certain mood. Not sure either, but resolving this with one less angry Kallen would at least stop the haters and give the story one less hanging plot thread, in one strike.

    Sad, but it could work if it's absolutely necessary to go ahead with Zero Requiem, which Nunnally may not accept even if she finally understands her own brother.

    I suppose I agree there as well. The mean "Apate Arethia" or the key line for 25? That mission seems to involve painting Lelouch as evil, but at the same time it has to have some positive twist to it.

    Yes, I hope so too. That's why I think we'll either have no Codes or two Codes, at the end of all this. Just don't ask me about the details....

    I'm ambivalent about Gino in general, but I don't particularly see what else could he do, other than sacrifice himself. I'd be open to a GxK ending if they had spent a little more time on that and less on KxL, to be honest...right now, it feels too artificial. Yup, the official site confirmed it...and apparently Tristan Twin's actually "Tristan Divider" now. Neither do I.

    No, I wouldn't like any of them to be alone at the end either, nor for Lelouch's promise to go unfulfilled...and the Code Transfer does seemingly require both of them to be near, so I suppose C.C. needs to come back and get on it, if that's what she wants.

    There's speculation that Guilford might not be blind after all, but just undercover. Hard to say...but yes, it is annoying.

    Charles used Geass on Nunnally to make her believe she saw Marianne die, which traumatized her into she really only overcame the psychological block that resulted from those fake memories, not the Geass itself. Note that this is still different from Lelouch's commands. It was implied her blidness was psychological anyways, earlier in the show.

    Or even Kallen, if you want to go even more into association. I'd hope Ougi survives, but actually gets the chance to realize the truth as well. Turn 25 was an interesting and exciting episode, but it could have been polished a little bit around the edges to make it all work better. I actually liked to see Nina's arc come to an end, in a way, though I was never fond of her. And naturally, C.C. stole the show, literally, this time around. Yes, but I guess the lack of explanations and details is all due to the rush.

    I wonder if that won't just be a flashback, but we'll see. Talking to him via the World of C might be interesting though...but killing C.C.? I doubt it, especially through Charles. Maybe, but I think the director put those moments here for a reason, not just to jump right back to KxL as the final would be a little too twisty, but you never know.
  9. Asleep
    2008-09-23 02:34
    Wasn't it obvious what would have happened?

    She will interact with Lelouch. That is inevitable. But when she interacts is important here. Will it be early in the ep and be done with, or is it so important it will come in the end?
  10. Asleep
    2008-09-23 02:24
    Something that worries me is C.C.'s reaction to Kallen asking her if she loved Lelouch.
    Why? I thought was very typical of C.C. She has always been like this. At least she didn't outright deny it.

    You know I find one thing strange about Kallen's line after what she said to C.C. in the recent epi. When she asked if C.C. loved Lelouch, she used the word suki, her gum line on the other hand has aishiteru . If it was about herself why would she use a more stronger word? What gives her the impression Lelouch loves her? I think it's said to someone else, or at least to someone else.

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