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  1. Airi
    2008-09-27 10:56
    Um, why would I want to kill you?

    Because you are saying it so cruelly that it seems you are doing it to hurt me... on purpose!
  2. C.C.
    2008-09-27 10:41
    I know that you don't write the script xD but I wanted to know your opinion.
    I think that Kallen always loved Lelouch (or Zero, it's the same), but her love begun just because she needed someone to count on, she had to find someone to support, and it was him. Maybe the figure of a leader (as her brother was) let her felt in love with him.
    The fact that she loves him is more than sure -.- but Lelouch doesn't love her and this is sure too. I don't really see a point that they can share together. They don't share nothing. Then, I don't want to convince you, this is my opinion.

    I find it funny when I hear so many say this is their favorite series for some reason.

    You know, when a series make you laugh, cry, go crazy, argue and you have to talk about it all the day or search something in the net because you're curious and want to know spoilers or just something more about... Code GEASS for me means a lot, I know it's just an anime, but I really enjoyed these years with it!<3 So, I hope that the ending will be at least... good! XD
  3. Airi
    2008-09-27 10:26
    and Suzaku's death (sorry)

    This is what you think!! >_< It's not sure!!!

    Do you want to kill me!?
  4. C.C.
    2008-09-27 10:08
    W-What? __ Why should Lelouch be in love with Kallen? XD He never showed something similar in 49 episodes... He can be in love with her just if his brain will be manipulated in some ways. >__>

    Bah, at the end, I hope that this episode will be pleasant. I can't think of something that would leave me unsatisfied, since Code GEASS is my favourite series.
  5. C.C.
    2008-09-27 09:47
    My view is that LXK will be canon because he will say he loves her when that gum line comes up.

    This is the best phrase of the day! :thumb: And I don't care that fact that it is canon or not, it is my favourite couple and I will always support them, I always supported them and I want a happy ending with them together, or I will be disappointed! XD

    I don't want a dropped end... but I think it can't be helped. Then the fact that probably Charles will show up... Maybe in a memory of Nunnally?
  6. C.C.
    2008-09-27 09:37
    As things are now, I think that the most probable ending will be with Lelouch and C.C. together (I think I wrote it here too many times, you know how I feel for them since the begin of the series!), but I'm still asking myself, how can all be solved in just one episode... too many things to do!
  7. Airi
    2008-09-27 09:32

    Why are you in such a bad mood today?? >_<
    I'm trying to think positively (and you should do the same)....
    You can't tell me such a sad thing!!! _
  8. C.C.
    2008-09-27 09:23
    I feel the same as you, there are too many things that should be explained, but if the ending will be a Lelouch x C.C. one, I'll be happy the same!
  9. Guilford
    2008-09-27 03:32
    I call this complete BS to be honest^^ The song has neither the name Kallen nor C.C in it, so EVERYTHING you think you hear in it is your own fear about what will happen. Continued story speaks about a seperation and the hope for another meeting, which is more or less a typical theme for an ending song, and even if you want to look at it from the "Lelouch is the one being gone"- angle, it doesn't say that he will meet those persons again, only that there is the chance (and it doesn't say that it's only one person being gone)

    I could go working myself up about why people should stop thinking about things being confirmed through the lyrics of songs, but since the ep is near, let's just wait and see. If I'm wrong, well, my bad, but I stay with my "Lelouch won't end with Kallen"-position. If I'm right, come hear and apologize! (Just a joke ;-))
  10. Jeffry2009
    2008-09-27 00:20
    Then just do something else like reading or something of the sort. I do that often enough.

    I meant i couldn't study, eating & sleep all because of that due to overthinking & mentally unstable. Yeah, I've just did that before. Don't worry about my mentally feelings here because i've been looking for some answers all the time in this forum since the final episode of CG will be aired this sunday.

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