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  1. Elicit
    2008-12-02 21:38
  2. incorrupts
    2008-12-02 21:37
    Lawl, i meant like the one you got in your profile and the latest one you posted? You said they were from the same artist.
  3. incorrupts
    2008-12-02 20:48
    Can you give me the link to this site you find your C.C pics? The artist really got talent.
  4. incorrupts
    2008-11-20 22:16
    Same here. ^^
  5. Frostfire
    2008-11-20 22:15
    Its not the best of news. From what I've gathered from people's interpretations of what is written, is that C.C.'s real happiness begins after Lelouch because he gave her hope of being treated as a person. So she'll find that love she is looking for some day.
  6. incorrupts
    2008-11-20 22:08
    Probably. XD
  7. incorrupts
    2008-11-20 19:15

    Yeah, in b4 i realize i'm an idiot and i have already commented. "^^
  8. incorrupts
    2008-11-20 19:11
    Haha, really? Interesting.

    Hmm, you have pretty much the same as me, 100+. And yeah, same here but i need to cut off some comms cause there are times they take whole pages of my f-list. :/

    Lawl, you still young, plenty of room to improve. //going to check now
  9. Frostfire
    2008-11-20 19:08
    For the first time skip, its all about Suzaku and Lelouch. C.C. was, like after the time skip, in the background and never really involved. This was when ZR was hatched. From what I understood, during this time, she hardly interacted with either of them for several reasons. (One is mentioned in the series when she asks Lelouch if he hates her.)

    The second time skip shoots down just about every fantasy, unfortunately. Lelouch was alone during that time, doing everything he had to do to prepare the world for his death. He died a virgin and alone. (Rather sad, but he still got what he wanted.)

    C.C.'s profile updates also say that she got her smile from Lelouch seeing her as a person. From his promise. But he never actually kept the promise. He made her think of herself as a human again, and as someone who could find happiness. She would continue to look over Lelouch's world.

    I think that's mostly all that's been released on C.C.. There's not actually been all that much on her being said. There's some negatives too from Okouchi, that say she didn't actually understand Lelouch all that well. Only Suzaku really knew Lelouch.
  10. incorrupts
    2008-11-20 19:04
    You really like C.C that much? Well, i worship Lulu more than anyone. And then Suzaku i guess. So each one on his own but i'm not sure i would like to find out that the original plan was NOT to kill Lulu.

    Oh no i meant, there are TONS of stuff everyday on LJ and i wonder how people with bigger f-lists than mine manage to post all the time and stuff. "^^

    I will look for it now that you mentioned it though. Your art i mean. CC-tag you said?

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