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Freyja Fan, Canadian

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  1. Requiem-x
    2016-09-03 11:42
    I see. Thanks.

    Well, to be fair, Muse never did that kind of flexions during their exercises. And we did get spared from Dia ranting about them.

    At last you join, and just in time for their ship to be confirmed. Yeah, yeah, semantics, whatever, but what else can I call that? And it really was a sweet moment. I don't have a favorite in terms of comedy yet, but when it comes to genuine heart, Chika and Riko win by a landslide. And of course, I'm sure you noticed the "I must let my friend do this thing even if it potentially means her taking a different path" plot makes perfect sense and was properly built up.

    Now, comes the biggest challenge for sunshine: Not make You look like a colossal moron and ruin everything. Honestly, I do have some hopes for that, since the series has managed to do drama pretty well so far, and You does have a potential argument to throw against Chika while making sense: Putting too much attention on Riko instead of Aqours as a whole.

    To add, I'm already looking forward to all the ChikaRiko material that will be made. Same for Mari and Kanan.
  2. Requiem-x
    2016-09-03 11:23
    Uh, it seems someone forgot to make/ask for the LL episode thread this week, so figured I'd ask for your thoughts in here.
  3. night_sentinel
    2016-09-02 03:14
    .... Maki is my favorite muse. lol
    Though, I don't actually classify Maki as anywhere near "edgy". Well, compared to most anime characters at least. ^^ But, I do agree that she is one of the darker muse characters.

    Well, I suppose, I'll watch the first three episodes then.

  4. Tempester
    2016-09-01 19:10
    So, uh, it turns out that Saki (yes, *that* Saki) is getting a live-action adaptation. I don't even watch or read it, but something tells me this probably won't work.
  5. Tempester
    2016-09-01 11:24
    I'm not sure when I'll watch the GuP movie, but please tell me - Does it come right after the 12-episode TV series? In other words, is there anything else I need to watch before watching the GuP movie? Like some GuP OVA episode or anything like that?
    Yes, you should watch the Anzio OVA (Kore ga Hontou no Anzio-sen Desu!) before the movie. It's an essential part of the GuP anime as it introduces some characters who appear in the movie. Not to mention it's a really awesome episode in it's own right and the Anzio girls' imitation of Italians is very fun to watch.
  6. Tempester
    2016-09-01 11:23
    Sweet, I almost knew you'd enjoy Girls und Panzer and I'm glad to read your thoughts on it.

    Spoiler for GuP comments:
  7. night_sentinel
    2016-09-01 01:54
    Yo! Triple_R, I was going through the lovelive android game and saw you active in the lovelive sunshine episode forum. I didn't bother checking it out yet. Is sunshine actually fine to check out?
  8. SPARTAN 119
    2016-08-30 05:46
    SPARTAN 119
    I've noticed the RRRound Table has become rather quiet lately- simply lack of time to post on the part of mostly of members I take it? Here's hoping things pick up again.

    Shame, I have some interesting comments and questions on your Moe Drama thread with regard to where "Dark Moe" (involving a character with a moe look going through genuine suffering, i.e. Madoka Magica) fits in to this whole thing.

    Then again, has anything involving moe ever had a simple, concrete, easy-to-understand definition?! XD
  9. Nork22
    2016-08-30 01:07
    Admittedly I also acknowledge that there were some parts of her that were genki thanks to the audio dramas.

    Zuramaru though, she's getting lots of brownie points from me because of naivety of anything electronical.
  10. blakstealth
    2016-08-28 19:16
    Yeah, of course. I recently did a moderate google search, but couldn't find anything. But like I mentioned in the thread, I wonder what the intended audience, the Japanese, think of LL Sunshine. Everyone else overseas is just secondary.

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