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Here's Honny!

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  1. Last Sinner
    2016-01-05 09:53
    Last Sinner
    Thanks, he sends me a lot. Since I know he isn't trying to get me to like idols and he generally has good taste in images, I let him send stuff.

    The previous night he showed me an image of his LL shrine at his workplace. Amazed he gets to work somewhere where all his fellow employees let him have that and treat it with care/don't steal anything. That said, Rin from the newer round of Idolmaster is his true love. I don't even want to think about how much he spent on a doll of her and all the outfits.

    In regards to Delta, it's just the overall package. When Macross was a more balanced composition of mechs and idols, it was what I was into, particularly the DYRL movie. Lynn Minmay's songs are pretty iconic and I do listen to them fairly regularly. It just gets weird when now the idols are essentially the whole show and the mechs are almost non-existent. But I guess that's anime in 2016.
  2. Last Sinner
    2016-01-05 05:06
    Last Sinner
    Thought you might like this Love Live gif my Hong Kong friend just linked me.
  3. Kotohono
    2016-01-04 14:40
    This is from my phone on break for a minute at work and I don't have Skype on here, so it'll have to wait until I get home later today, sorry.
  4. night_sentinel
    2016-01-03 01:12
    Very very good. I managed to catch up in a few series I'm looking at. ^^
  5. Dr. Casey
    2016-01-02 23:52
    Dr. Casey
    How's the VN so far?

    Tales of Zestiria is great. I'm holding off on playing too much of it until my controller comes in in a few days (Action RPGs like Tales just don't work well with a keyboard), but it's a really good game.
  6. Tempester
    2016-01-02 06:29
    Well, the first time I watched the Love Live movie was in a noisy theater full of obnoxious fans in September, so that did damper my enjoyment of the film a bit. I decided after you messaged me that my single experience of the film wasn't enough to judge it properly so I rewatched it, and unfortunately my fears and suspicions about the movie were simply proven.

    Spoiler for rather long talk on Love Live's S2 and movie, with some spoilers:

    It's not only that, lately I feel that I've become more cynical towards LL in general. I think they're pulling the plug on μ's too fast. The TV series and the movie are their own universe and giving them a snappy closure is fine, but did they really have to stop making μ's PVs too? I love the PVs, I always felt like the PVs were set in their own special universe that was separate from the TV anime, but apparently Sunrise and Lantis don't see it that way and would rather retcon the PVs to be part of the anime continuity, thus ending both things with the movie as a finale. I really wanted to see a 7th or 8th PV with Rin as center, but that's an impossibility now, especially with how we're getting the hot and new Aqours pushed in our face while simultaneously being told that we have to accept μ's departure. And speaking of Aqours, do we really need a 1:1 Honoka clone for the leader, copying her unique genki mannerisms down almost to the letter? Or a girl who looks and acts like the bastard child of Umi and Maki, following the Honoka clone around with the exact same dynamic that Honoka and Umi did? I can only hope that the dynamics involving those two will be better and more unique in the future, but from what I've seen so far I'm not optimistic.
  7. night_sentinel
    2016-01-02 02:10
    Happy new year!
  8. Kazu-kun
    2016-01-01 20:48
    Happy Holidays for you too.
  9. Haak
    2016-01-01 11:26
    They're completely eligible for everything else (which is slightly controversial in itself but we've not had too many complaints).

    Happy New year
  10. Tempester
    2016-01-01 11:13
    Thanks for the reminder, but the LL movie was literally the only movie I saw in that list. Some of the other titles such as Rakuen Tsuihou and Uchuu Senkan Yamato 2199 look like genuinely fantastic movies and as much as I like Love Live, I feel it would be overly unfair for me to just vote for a flavor anime like LL against them without seeing them first.

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