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  1. Dr. Casey
    2012-07-18 11:07
    Dr. Casey

    The General Discussion thread might work!

    I started writing my PPPL review. Got the first seven paragraphs written. Expect it Friday, I think.
  2. 0utf0xZer0
    2012-07-18 02:05
    Got a question for you: What would you say the key personality traits of Yosuga no Sora's Akira are?


    By Madhouse, a 12 episode romcom anime about 0utf0xZer0's love life.
    Amusing in light of my having a cosplaying girlfriend who has her tsundere moments as well as the fact some people I know can't get over the fact I have the e-mail addresses of so many other cute cosplayers too (I use them to send photos).

    By Ufotable, a 14 episode magical girl anime about outfoxzero's time travel adventures.
    So, trap or genderbending? And how many of the guys here would go moe over it?

    By Brains Base, a 2000 episode horror anime about (real named deleted)'s drunk adventures.
    Horrifying boring more like it. I do drink, but it's unusual and I've never actually had enough to get drunk. (Though last weekend I did end up in

    By KyoAni, a 21 episode drama anime about (real name with middle name)'s crossdressing adventures.
    You know what, f**k it. I feel like I'm tempting fate every time I enter another name or alias here.

    Also tried entering some politician's names. Barrack Obama was amusing, Stephen Harper was a pass the brain bleach moment.
  3. Kimidori
    2012-07-17 23:16
    check the status menu, there are 5 command skill slot, press k to equip a skill, everyone but the protagonist have at least one skill from the start, press Q and E to switch character in the status menu btw.

    to learn more skill, you see the mantra menu? each circle in it is a pack of skill called mantra, press k to buy one. after that, fight the familiar to earn exp and fill the progress bar of that mantra, after the Progress bar of that mantra is full, the skill of that mantra can be equipped in the status menu
  4. Kimidori
    2012-07-17 18:33
    here, it was in development before PPPL, i was going to make Charlotte barrier before release the demo but that would take too long, now back working on PPPL
  5. Kimidori
    2012-07-17 18:24
    i did pretty good, now just waiting for them to release the score.

    btw, have you tried my madoka RPG?
  6. Dr. Casey
    2012-07-17 11:08
    Dr. Casey
    That poster was completely right. School Days is such a misrepresented show, I thought it was very carefully and meticulously-written, but people on message boards just make it out to be some mindless dramafest where the characters act only according to the whims of the plot. Ah well...

    And I would definitely be very much interested in reading your review. I'll check it out soon as it's posted.
  7. Coldlight
    2012-07-17 08:59
    Unfortunately, my potential Signature Seven list for Saimoe 2012 has been in the works since May. I do not have a definite final answer for your question yet, except that this short list of mine contains several girls sporting long hair and a Hime Cut hairstyle.

    As I expected, the Saki faction is shaping up to be a powerhouse once again, but I don't expect the kind of total domination that took Saimoe by storm last year courtesy of the now legendary mWo, to happen again.
  8. Kirito
    2012-07-16 20:09
    I finished my review on the current Homura Romance chapter. Sorry, it's late, I've been under the weather lately and I wasn't home for the past couple of days. As for the current update, I enjoyed it to absolutely no end! Well, I hope you like what you'll see. That's pretty much it, I have to catch up on Tari Tari, so until then dude, until then.

    PS. I watched the second episode of Joshiraku, and they were talking about using a McDonald's coupon is a difference between winning the lottery or being poor. I used one today while doing some shopping...does that make me poor...?
  9. Dr. Casey
    2012-07-16 19:36
    Dr. Casey
    Triple! I saw you browsing a few School Days threads earlier. What made you decide to reminisce about the best anime of all time, my friend?
  10. Last Sinner
    2012-07-16 09:45
    Last Sinner
    Sorry for the inactivity but AVCon is on in a couple of weeknds from now and I'm organising two events and helping on a 3rd, so time has not been on my side lately.

    SAO Ep2 was good. Still yet to move into great territory, but all in good time. Kirito-Asuna interaction was at the level I wanted to see. Kirito feigning badass at the end was a good touch. But yeah, I'm king of avoiding that forum due to the amount of people posting spoilers. I noticed you've made a thread about it - sounds like you've been spoiled on it. Fortunately I haven't yet. Seems like RF has taken a very harsh stance on it, which is good.

    I tried Muv-Luv Total Eclipse tonight. Was very underwhelmed. Yep, it's only SAO this season for me. *shrug*

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