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  1. Dr. Casey
    2013-01-26 05:03
    Dr. Casey
  2. 0utf0xZer0
    2013-01-25 04:16
    Archon convinced me to take some time out of my too-busy schedule to finally make a good post (well, VM) about my favourite recent moe stuff. Thought you might be interested, it's on his wall.
  3. Dr. Casey
    2013-01-25 02:40
    Dr. Casey
    Yep, I'm doing quite well these days. I just got back from my nephew's third birthday party (His actual birthday is January 28th, but it's hard to get my family's schedules to align so we made it for the day that has the most people off work). It was a fun time, though I definitely have more scratches and bite marks than when I first went over there. The kid play wrestles way too rough.

    I'll try to review the latest in PPPL soon.
  4. Qilin
    2013-01-22 06:50
    That's the thing. From an existentialist paradigm, freedom and the consequences that arise from it are inseparable. To be free is to be fully responsible for the weight of your own decisions. That is what it means to truly exist an individual. Another thing is that when I say "responsibility", I'm not referring to rewards and punishments for good or bad behavior. I'd say that it's much closer to a function of self-awareness. It is to exist with the full knowledge that you, and only you, are the one responsible for your own decisions. It is that truth that some people willfully choose to ignore.
  5. Qilin
    2013-01-22 04:16
    To answer your question, let me tell you a bit about Jean-Paul Sartre, who I base a good chunk of my ideas on:

    He's essentially a philosopher who believed that humanity is "condemned to be free". It's basically his way of saying that humans are innately granted unlimited freedom to the point where it can exist as something of a curse. This can then potentially reach the point where humans engage in self-deception just to deny that freedom. For example, you have an individual that steals a loaf of bread to feeds his family, who then subsequently claims that he "didn't have a choice". Sarte would argue that the individual did indeed have a choice. To claim otherwise would be to perceive one's self as a mere object of circumstance, relinquishing his identity as a truly free individual. The world is filled with choices and each of these choices carry a corresponding responsibility. It is mainly because of this burden of choice that there are those that choose to limit that freedom.

    For the sake of illustration, there are many individuals that would prefer having a low grade in school due to being sick instead of simply not having studied at all. In the former case, the individual had little to no control over the final outcome. You can often find people justifying their behavior by denying their own freedom of choice. Take a soldier who burns down an entire village ("I was following orders.") or a poorly performing student ("I won't pass anyway even if I start studying."), the world is rife with examples of people denying freedom. The Dominator itself is a powerful tool that encourages this. It takes away the shooter's freedom to choose to judge other human beings ("It's okay to kill this person because Sybil says so."). I thought that episode 11 perfectly illustrated the destructive effects of restoring this freedom so suddenly, which is why I enjoyed that episode so much.

    As for your query on video games, I don't think the analogy fits. In a video game you are not the one making the choices, rather, it's the character you're emulating that's making the choices. And appropriately, it is not the player himself/herself that bears the responsibility for those choices. It's the video game character that must accept the consequences for his/her choices.
  6. karice67
    2013-01-21 02:27
    It's somewhat disconcerting that we can't just click on that little box anymore, huh?

    Thanks to you too - I have enjoyed it immensely myself. Admittedly, half of it comes from me being a moderate cultural relativist and the other half from wanting to play devil's advocate. In essence, though, I don't think we disagree on all that much...
  7. Qilin
    2013-01-20 14:01
    Yep. It's very well designed alright. It wasn't my intention to defend it, but it is a fascinating subject given my interest in the social sciences. I wouldn't want to live under it in any case.
  8. Qilin
    2013-01-20 13:19
    I'm surprised that you actually remember that bloody debate.

    But if I remember correctly, I was arguing for letting language develop organically, that it should evolve naturally alongside changes in the context rather than being dictated by an arbitrary body. The thing to note here is that it wasn't my intention to promote power to the people with my argument. It was more of me expressing distaste towards the practice of actively controlling the development of a language instead of letting it take its natural flow to suit its environment.

    Even so, I look at language and society as two different things. They are interconnected for sure, but it stops there. Another thing about my view of society is that it isn't entirely static. There exists a certain leeway for change as long as it isn't too drastic. Scientific progress is well and good as long as any changes are small and gradual. The introduction of the internet for example, while not nearly significant enough to harm the structure of society, caused such a great paradigm shift that it took legislation a couple of decades to keep up with the changes that came with it.

    So, hm... I don't see a contradiction. It's important for a society to remain stable, but whenever it changes ever so slightly, it's also important for language to change alongside it to suit the new context.
  9. Kimidori
    2013-01-20 11:47
    sorry but I think I will have to delay the release of PPPL, I wanna add a little more

    Section OC3B in chap 6 gave me some headache, I have came up with a solution for it.... hopefully it good enough
  10. Qilin
    2013-01-20 10:54
    I notice that our beliefs regarding society (and possibly human nature) differ on an almost fundamental level, so would it be healthy to keep this going I wonder? On that note, I do hope I'm not being too pushy with my views here.

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