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  1. Sakanaka Shouko
    2012-08-04 15:06
    Sakanaka Shouko
    Kokoro connect latest episode really surprised me.
    This series is getting bettter and better.
  2. Guardian Enzo
    2012-08-03 17:51
    Guardian Enzo
    Well, it could be argued that Watchmen is a direct descendant of Edgar Rice Burroughs, if you want to go back far enough. But even among Moore's own work, it's important to note that V is for Vendetta predates Watchmen by several years. He was also dealing with a lot of complex and dark stuff with Swamp Thing (hugely underrated when he was writing it). There's also Miller's work with Daredevil, which was very noir and stylistically shares a lot with Watchmen. Miller generally did a lot of dark superhero material in the early 80's.

    What I will say is that Watchmen is probably the one singular work that brought this style to the forefront of the comics industry, and even to the fringe of general public consciousness. It was for Watchmen that the term "graphic novel" was coined.
  3. Eater of All
    2012-08-03 12:11
    Eater of All
    Thanks for the add. Glad you don't mind my occasional outbursts.
  4. K-Lynnette
    2012-08-02 20:19
    I think that it's good so far.The latest episode is especially well done and I have a feeling that wakana will be the most hated character on the show just like Hiromi from TT .Though I don't hate any of the characters so far.
  5. K-Lynnette
    2012-08-02 14:15
    Hello Triple_R
    Just Wanted to say thank you for adding me to your friends list and sorry I haven't been able to answer earlier .
  6. Dr. Casey
    2012-08-02 08:20
    Dr. Casey
    Thanks, Triple! Lucky Star characters are the best. I wish that as a birthday present someone would have reviewed the newest chapter of PPPL, I'm super curious what everyone thinks. >_>
  7. Last Sinner
    2012-08-02 04:31
    Last Sinner
    A statement I made was considered spoilerish. Even though as usual, I was restraining myself.

    Yes. I haven't enjoyed a single thing here for quite a while. This place is not doing me any good at present. I don't understand or appreciate the perspectives or what people talk about anymore. The SAO talk is just making me even more furious than F/Z did - Ep3 whinging/finger-pointing/righteousness was a joke. SAO has become the rage topic of the year and the forums here are helping fuel it - as is any online community.

    I'm an anime fan to enjoy the medium. If I'm going to go to a forums, it's for the point of worthwhile, overall positive discussion. As far as I'm concerned, discussion had become very bland and too self-pandering. Positivism is being championed and honesty/substantiated argumentatitve discussion is being demonised.

    I refuse to be a part of that anymore. It's not AS itself that is a problem. It's that modern negatives within anime fandom are being nurtured out of control. And AS has become a breeding ground. Unless that changes, I'm not just withdrawing from AS. I'm withdrawing from everywhere. I'm more than ready to live this hobby alone. As Crispin Freeman said to me when I interviewed him, the anime culture has become a self-pandering one that is little risk/innovation and catering to those already within the medium. It's getting harder and harder to present a group of non-anime fans a title they can appreciate or at least have heard of.

    I'm also angry about the formation of Hanabee - I found out from Siren's people at AVCon what the real deal was and it's pretty disturbing. I don't wish Hanabee any success at all. Their head honcho is scum and did some pretty dastardly things leading up to him leaving Siren.

    The first bti of fun I've had talking about anime in months was at a panel I did at AVCon. Only 25 people due to an ill-timed slot we were assigned, but the atmosphere there was great. Everyone got in on the chat as we talked about titles and it was just a really fun hour that was EXACTLY what I want to experience in discussing anime. I'll have a recording of it sometime soon. And talking to Crispin Freeman and going to his Mythology Panel - what a champ. The guy knows A LOT and isn't arrogant about it. He is so willing to explain what people in his position normally don't. He has a very open and honest view about the medium. I wish there were more like him.

    Either way, I just need time away from it all. I haven't been able to watch anime in months. I need some time to enjoy it once again. Online discussion, IRL discussion, AVCon, society in general - it's all becoming a major pain and a burden that one shouldn't have to bear. So I'm chilling for as long as I need. And if I never come back, so be it.

    If you want to keep in contact via other means/places, more than happy to.
  8. Last Sinner
    2012-08-02 02:59
    Last Sinner
    Farewell for now.
  9. Archon_Wing
    2012-08-01 00:54
    So I am watching Char's Counterattack and Char is his usual suave self

  10. Dr. Casey
    2012-07-31 08:58
    Dr. Casey

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