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  1. Coldlight
    2012-06-04 09:04
    Thank you for the compliment on my avatar.

    When I came across those pictures of Sayaka (yes, my avatar and my signature are based on two different pictures), I quickly fell in love with the styles and just had to make a new forum set.
  2. 0utf0xZer0
    2012-06-04 01:34
    I really want to know the genesis of this picture. I mean, it's cute, but at the same time... WTF?
  3. Archon_Wing
    2012-06-02 08:02
    Oh, it was in January, but thanks anyways.

    Also, apparently you were featured in the cutest anime girl thread.
  4. Kirito
    2012-06-01 21:41
    I'm finished with one of part three of the latest Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Pure Pink Pure Lovers scenario updates. To tell you the truth they were all done yesterday, but my comp froze on me and I lost my words and everything, I was fuming as hell when it happened!

    I plan to get it all done tomorrow and it sucks considering that I forgot all I've written off the top of my head, but I don't mind going through and reading them again because they're awesome and I enjoyed it.

    Anyway, I haven't finished Resistance 2 yet because I was up and down all over the place. Parent's can't do a thing without me it seems...-_-. Did you get a chance to watch the Persona 4 videos I've sent you?

    Well, I'm going to leave you alone now. I hope you like my review, until then see you around!
  5. totoum
    2012-06-01 18:05
    Where are you at on nazo no kanojo X btw?I know you had computer problems so I'm not sure you're caught up to everything.
  6. 0utf0xZer0
    2012-05-30 02:29
    You know, for all the attention those purple eyes get, I think the most amazing thing about Eru is how she moves. It's practically a fanservice in and of itself, sometimes flirting with subtle-erotic territory. The way her skirt moves as she lunges around 15:15 in the most recent episode... I think Kyoto may just have stealthily inserted one of the few truly great ass shots in anime.

    Oh, and good assessment of the slow-burn nature of the foreshadowed romance in this show.
  7. Pocari_Sweat
    2012-05-30 02:10
    I know this is unreliable as fuck but still caught me surprised: (NSFW ofc)

    Kyoani being #1 was obvious. Sunrise being ranked #2 isn't surprising considering how big Gundam is over there. Gundam alone is probably bigger than every Kyoani production put together. In fact it will probably be on the same league as Ghibli imo.

    What surprised me were the following:

    1. The absence of ufotable. Didn't KnK and currently F/Z kill everything? I thought F/Z was among the biggest thing next after Madoka last year (and currently the biggest thing this year).

    2. PA Works at #3. The hell. Tbh, it makes me warm and fuzzy inside, but if I look at it realistically, it makes no sense. The only blockbuster hit by them (in terms of sales) was Angel Beats, and their 2nd highest selling title Hanasaku Iroha didn't even break the 10k mark. Unless if we're talking about Professor Layton movie had much higher box office sales than Dissappearance, but it was effectively for a different audience (the mainstream, kids audience rather than typical "otaku") and I doubt any "non-otakus" voted in the poll.

    3. Lack of Gainax. Isn't Evangelion like the most popular otaku anime of all time? FLCL and TTGL were mega its too. I guess though, the other two weren't so hot.
  8. Archon_Wing
    2012-05-29 19:32
    Thanks for commenting on Minko. She's a source of laughter that we will be seeing in half a year I think.

    In other news, I've been collecting a list of anime OP/ED for this year since I am a fan of many anime songs.

    Haven't really thought of any exceptional ending songs though. What would be songs this year on your mind?
  9. Archon_Wing
    2012-05-26 15:00
    Since we haven't talked lately, I came across an interesting post in the HSI thread about our dear angry Minko, so I decided to post my own thoughts. I feel Minko is the epitome of the double edged sword of Okada's more extreme styles, so you might want to read.
  10. Last Sinner
    2012-05-26 10:37
    Last Sinner
    My 'woudln't it be cool' tends to be more along the lines of:

    1. Satoshi Kon and Bill Hicks still being alive and teaming up with Thom Yorke to create an animated version of a Radiohead concert with Bill doing comedy relief in between songs.

    2. Winning the lottery and using part of it to acquire Monster, Kaiji, Minami-ke S1, Cutie Honey and Kimagure Orange Road then give the rights to Siren Visual free of charge.

    3. Utilising Catherine's mindflocking appeal to subvert the male gender in general to wipe out sexual violence while also using her to subvert the female gender into wearing less perfume and wearing jeans more.

    4. A League of Legends live-action team of Miss Fortune, Riven, Ahri, Morgana and Irelia (with Lulu as the honorary mascot and super sub 6th) taking out terrorist organisations.

    5. Adelaide turning into something like Neo Venezia and the cuisine capital of the universe.

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